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Philadelphia Junior Tour

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Bidermann Golf Club August 5, 2019 Boys 16-18 1st Place—Jack Cooley (74) T-2nd Place—Ben Smith (75) T-2nd Place—Christopher Waldmann (75)

T-2nd Place—Ryan McCabe (75) Boys 13-15 1st Place—Jake Shmonov (71) 2nd Place—Henry Stone (75) T-3rd Place—Eli Shah (77) T-3rd Place—Sachin Blake (77) Girls 13-15 1st Place—Ava Svindland (79) 2nd Place—Rhianna Gooneratne (86) 3rd Place—Elle Overly (88) 12 & Under

1st Place—Sean Curran (39) 2nd Place—Declan Conner (41) 3rd Place—Davis Conaway (44)

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Drive, Chip and Putt - ACE Club Boys 14-15 1st Place—Michael Maslanka (173) 2nd Place—Joshua Blakely (133) Girls 14-15 1st Place—Evelyn Wong (136) 2nd Place—Stefania Fedun (128)

Boys 12-13 1st Place—Nicholas Werner (162) 2nd Place—Tyler Fortney (`153) Girls 12-13 1st Place—Hallie Brown (121) 2nd Place—Hannah Rabb (114)

Boys 10-11 1st Place—Jason Mack (142) 2nd Place—Gavin Baker (135) Girls 10-11 1st Place—Adriana Seravalli (128) 2nd Place—Reagan Falconi (123) Boys 7-9 1st Place—Trevor Smith (113) 2nd Place—Kellan Polley (96) Girls 7-9 1st Place—Alaina Carson (112) 2nd Place—Chloe Donohue (98) Click here to view results


August 6, 2019

TOURNAMENT RESULTS—Harry Hammond Invitational - Penn Oaks Golf Club

Harry Hammond Invitational August 6, 2019 Boys 16-18 1st Place—Dylan Gooneratne (70) 2nd Place—Jacob Sokalsky (74) T-3rd Place—Andrew Wallace (75) T-3rd Place—Luke Watson (75) T-3rd Place—David Fitzgerald Jr. (75) Girls 16-18 1st Place—Esther Park (84) 2nd Place—Olivia Strigh (84) 3rd Place—Stefanie Bonini (88)

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JGS Makefield Highlands

Boys 16-18 1st Place—Thomas Butler(143) 2nd Place—Steven Lorenzo(146) T-3rd Place—Brett Ostroski (152) T-3rd Place—Luke Watson (152)

T-3rd Place—Blake Stewart (152) Boys 13-15 1st Place—Eric Morgan (154) T-2nd Place—Kevin Lydon (158) T-2nd Place—Scott Hughes (158) Girls 16-18 1st Place—Olivia Strigh (162) 2nd Place—Stefanie Bonini (173) 3rd Place—Arielle Shultz (191) Girls 13-15 1st Place—Kayla Maletto (153)

2nd Place—Leah Armour (232) 12 & Under 1st Place—Colton Orris (104) College Woman’s 17-24 1st Place—Carolyn Mueller (188) Click here to view results

TOURNAMENT RESULTS—JGS Makefield Highlands Golf Club

August 7-8, 2019

TOURNAMENT RESULTS—12 & Under Championship - Flourtown Country Club

12 & Under Championship August 9, 2019 12 & Under 1st Place—Mark Heinz (80) 2nd Place—Hank Kancher (82) 3rd Place—Joey McGinty (83) T-4th Place—Hunter Probst (89) T-4th Place—Jax Puskar (89) T-6th Place—Ethan Martin (90) T-6th Place—Jake Grossman (90) 8th Place—Frankie Boensch (94) 9th Place—Colin Sarnoski (96)

10th Place—Sean Curran (103) 11th Place—Benjamin Boyanoski (104) 12th Place—JP Klock (107)

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Drive, Chip and Putt - Aronimink Boys 14-15 1st Place—Joey Simonetti (97) 2nd Place—Connor Gherghel (93) Girls 14-15 1st Place—Brooke Oberparleiter (105) 2nd Place—Keira Bartholomew (103) Boys 12-13 1st Place—Ethan Martin (114) 2nd Place—Jax Puskar (109) Girls 12-13 1st Place—Carter Yearley (104) 2nd Place—Rachel Joyce (102)

Boys 10-11 1st Place—Ian Larsen (118) 2nd Place—Cameron Peffel (106) Girls 10-11 1st Place—Sarah Mari Ramson (96) 2nd Place—Jillian Burks (93) Boys 7-9 1st Place—Ian Rotto (112) 2nd Place—Logan McGinn (109) Girls 7-9 1st Place—Bailey Kerrigan (72) 2nd Place—Molly Smith (58) Click here to view results

DRIVE, CHIP AND PUTT RESULTS—Aronimink Golf Club - Sub-Regional

August 12, 2019

TOURNAMENT RESULTS—Paxon Hollow Country Club

Paxon Hollow Country Club August 14, 2019 Boys 16-18 1st Place— Mario Ventresca III (72) 2nd Place— Luke Watson (73) T-3rd Place— Thomas Larkin (76) T-3rd Place— Nicholas Cardow (76) T-3rd Place— Rocco Sanfelice (76) T-3rd Place— Tyler Kipp (76) T-3rd Place— Alec Stern (76) Boys 13-15 1st Place— Eli Shah (72) 2nd Place— Nicholas Ciocca (74) 3rd Place— Robert Dominy (75) Girls 16-18 1st Place— Madison Sauder (126) Girls 13-15 1st Place— Suzie Ahn (101) 2nd Place—Sophia Brubaker (118) 3rd Place—Leah Armour (119) 12 and Under 1st Place— JP Hoban (40) 2nd Place—Samuel Feeney (43) 3rd Place— Nick Linkchorst (45) Click here to view results

August 16, 2019 Boys 16-18 T-1st Place — Logan Hay (76) T-1stPlace — Jack Reid (76) T-1st Place — Christopher Waldmann (76) T-1st Place — Jake Sokalsky (76) Boys 13-15 1st Place — Jack Ross (74) T-2nd Place — Tyler Smith (80) T-2nd Place — Matthew Normand (80) Girls 16-18 1st Place — Olivia Strigh (88) 2nd Place — Julia Ergood (95) 3rd Place — Skye Mada (103) Girls 13-15 1st Place — Kayla Maletto (71) 2nd Place — Rhianna Gooneratne (77)

3rd Place — Curstan Bunch (84) 12 and Under T-1st Place — Tommy Marshall (38) T-1st Place — Samuel Feeney (38) 3rd Place — Ethan Martin (39)

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TOURNAMENT RESULTS—Indian Spring Country Club

Indian Spring Country Club

Junior Tour Championship

TOURNAMENT RESULTS—Junior Tour Championship - Coatesville Country Club

August 19, 2019 Boys 16-18 1st Place — Ryan D’Ariano (73) 2nd Place — Jake Sokalsky (73) 3rd Place — Alec Stern (75) Boys 13-15 T-1st Place — John Olsen (74) T-1st Place — Eli Shah (74) T-3rd Place — Christian Matt (76) T-3rd Place — Scott Hughes (76) Girls 16-18 1st Place — Lauren Jones (78)

T-2nd Place — Christina Carroll (80) T-2nd Place — Amanda Gerrish (80) Girls 13-15 1st Place — Gwendolyn Powell (85) 2nd Place — Stefania Fedun (88) 3rd Place — Rhianna Gooneratne (89)

12 and Under T-1st Place — Reed Krosse (39) T-1st Place — Samuel Feeney (40) T-3rd Place — Hank Kancher (42) T-3rd Place — Ethan Martin (42) Click here to view results

August 21, 2019 Boys 16-18 1st Place — Christian Strohl (77) 2nd Place — Logan Hay (78) 3rd Place — Jack Kearns (79) Boys 13-15

1st Place — Ajeet Bagga (73) 2nd Place — Scott Hughes (75) 3rd Place — Liam Buckley (78) Girls 13-15 1st Place — Rhianna Gooneratne (81) 2nd Place — Chaela Barnett (87)

T-3rd Place — Elle Overly (90) T-3rd Place —Lola Barnett (90) 12 and Under T-1st Place — Frankie Boensch (45) T-1st Place — Jake Grossman (45) 3rd Place — Kiran Bagga (49) Click here to view results


Lulu Country Club

Under Armour Jon M. Pritsch Cup

TOURNAMENT RESULTS—Under Armour - Jon M. Pritsch Cup

August 21, 201

PPGA NJPGA Singles 6 6 Fourball 3 3 Total 9 9

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August 26, 2019 Boys 16-18 1st Place— Patrick Traynor (84) 2nd Place— Christopher Buysse (85) 3rd Place— Keller Mulhern (86)

Boys 13-15 1st Place— Ajeet Bagga (80) T-2nd — Lucas Steinmetz (83) T-2nd—Zachary Sandler (83)

Girls 16-18 1st Place—Kathleen Mark (90) 2nd Place— Stefanie Bonini (95)

Girls 13-15 1st Place— Rhianna Gooneratne (87) 2nd Place— Chaela Barnett (88) 3rd Place— Lola Barnett (93)

12 and Under 1st Place— Mac Traynor (48) 2nd Place— Elliott Evans (54)

3rd Place— Reagan Garnsey (57)

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TOURNAMENT RESULTS—Spring Ford Country Club


Spring Ford Country Club

TOURNAMENT RESULTS—Medford Village Country Club

Medford Village Country Club August 28, 2019 Boys 16-18 1st place— Logan Hay (80) 2nd place— Christopher Waldmann (82) 3rd place— Carl Michael Lim (86) Boys 13-15 1st place— Yili Wang (81) 2nd place— Justin Forman (83) 3rd place— Nathan Guertler (86) Girls 16-18 1st place— Olivia Strigh (85) 2nd place— Gillyoung Koh (95) 3rd place— Zoe Sousa (109) Girls 13-15 1st place— Rhianna Gooneratne (74) 2nd place—Curstan Bunch (91) 3rd place—Hannah Puc (103) 12 and Under 1st place— Ethan Legarda (47) 2nd place—Paul Reilly (48) 3rd place— Savannah Thompson (53)

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Boys 16-18 Luke Watson

Boys 13-15 Eli Shah

Girls 16-18 Esther Park

Girls 13-15 Kayla Maletto

12 & Under Hunter Probst

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2018-2019 Graham Company Play of the Year Results

2018—2019 Graham Company Player’s of the Year

Current Player of the Year Standings

Congrats to fellow PJT Members!

Fellow Philadelphia Junior Tour members Austin Barbin (Elkton, MD) and Nicholas Gross (Downingtown, PA) have had a lot of recent success in their tournaments outside of the Junior Tour.

Austin Barbin (Elkton, MD) recently played in the U.S Amateur qualifying stages in Pinehurst, NC, at the Pinehurst Resort and Golf Course. Barbin shot an outstanding 2 over par on the Monday qualifying round of the U.S Amateur. Nicholas Gross (Downingtown, PA) won the U.S Kids Golf World Championship for the 12 year old division. Gross shot a 69 (-3), 72 (E), and a 68 (-4), for a total of –7 to win the tournament. He had the solo lead after the first two rounds, and made five birdies in his final round. Gross finished the tournament with 13 total birdies! The PJT would like to recognize Barbin and Gross for their outstanding play is very proud of their great accomplishments.

2019 Drive Chip and Putt Schedule

2019 Drive Chip and Putt Schedule

Regional Qualifier Saturday, September 7 2019 — Oakmont Country Club

National Finals Sunday, April 5 2020 — Augusta National Golf Club

September Saturday, September 7—Odessa National Golf Club Sunday, September 8—Greate Bay Country Club Saturday, September 14—Links Golf Club Sunday, September 15—Union League National Golf Club (NJ) Saturday, September 21—Spring Hollow Golf Club Sunday, September 22—Bala Golf Club - Girls 13-18/12 & Under Saturday, September 28—The Bucks Club Sunday, September 29—Linwood Country Club

October Saturday, October 5—Buena Vista Country Club

Sunday, October 6—Deerfield Golf Club Saturday, October 12—Heritage Hills Golf Resort Sunday, October 13—Heidelberg Country Club Saturday, October 19—Foxchase Golf Club Sunday, October 20—Lebanon Country Club Saturday, October 26—Linfield National Golf Club

Saturday, October 26-27—Precision Pro Golf Invite Bustard Memorial Jr. - Old York Country Club

November Saturday, November 2-3—Precision Pro Golf Open - Seaview Golf Resort Saturday, November 9—Bella Vista Golf Course Sunday, November 10—Mainland Golf Course

Upcoming PJT Tournaments

PJT Fall Schedule

Know the Rules 5.6: Unreasonable Delay; Prompt Know the Rules

Pace of Play What’s it all about? Rule 5.6 is in place to be sure that a round of golf is played at a prompt pace. This rule outlines penalties for unreasonable delay of play and also provides recommendations to completing your round on time.

How does it work? Player’s in a tournament have a set amount of time to complete their round. If they complete any hole throughout the round over their set pace and out of position of the group in front of them due to unreasonable delay they are subject to a penalty.

Rule 5.6 In Action: Bryson, Kevin and Ben start their round at 8:00am and have until 12:30 to finish their round. They finish the third hole at 8:48am, three minutes behind pace and one hole behind the group in front of them. A rules official notices this and watches them on the fourth hole. While watching, he notices that Bryson is not walking to his ball until the other players in his group hit and once he gets there is taking more than 40 seconds to play his shot. The official talks to the group after the fourth hole and lets them know that they are three minutes over pace and have until the 7th hole to get back on pace and close the gap between the group in front of them or they are subject to penalty. He also mentions that the players in this group will be timed on all shots in the next three holes. The first bad time will be a one stroke penalty, second will be the general penalty and third will result in a disqualification. The players in the group are receptive to the rules official and close the gap and gain three minutes back by the 7th hole and are not assessed any penalties.

Why is Rule 5.6 is Important? This rule is important because a player’s pace of play is likely to affect how long it will take other players to play their rounds, including both those in the player’s own group and those in following groups.

August 2019, Month of Majors Recap!

The 2019 Harry Hammond Invitational at Penn Oaks Golf Club was won by Dylan Gooneratne (Boys Division) and Esther Park (Girls Division). Gooneratne had the low round of the day shooting an exceptional 1 under par 70. Park earned her victory with a clutch performance on the first hole of a sudden death playoff.

2019 Philadelphia Junior Tour Championship (Coatesville Country Club—Coatesville, PA) 8/19/19—The PJT’s year end event, the Tour Championship, was held at Coatesville CC for the first time. The winners in their respective divisions are as follows: Ryan D’Ariano, Eli Shah, Lauren Jones, Gwendolyn Powell and Reed Krosse. D’Ariano was crowned the low overall boy by winning a sudden death playoff and Jones was the low overall girl. Both players received new push carts courtesy of BagBoy, and etched their names onto The Graham Cup for 2019.

2019 Under Armour Jon M. Pritsch Cup (Saucon Valley Country Club—Bethlehem, PA) 8/23/19— In the 2019 edition of the Jon M. Pritsch Cup at Saucon Valley Country Club—Weyhill, the Philadelphia Section PGA Juniors scored nine points to tie the New Jersey Section PGA in the Ryder Cup style event. The point totals were even in both the singles matches (6) and the foursomes matches (3). Since New Jersey won in 2018 they retained the Jon Pritsch Memorial Challenge Cup.

2019 PJT Major Tournaments

2019 Harry Hammond Invitational (Penn Oaks Golf Club, West Chester, PA) 8/6/19—

PGA Reach Philadelphia

PGA REACH Philadelphia Junior Golf Fundraising Program

The Philadelphia PGA invites you to participate in an online fundraiser where you can earn a FREE personalized Sun Mountain golf bag! Philadelphia PGA REACH is committed to serving our communities and growing the game of golf through our three pillars - Youth, Military, and Diversity & Inclusion.

Help us spread the word about PGA REACH Philadelphia. Friends and family can support the cause by supporting your efforts as a junior golfer. Program details below. Follow These Easy Steps: 1. Fill out the Get Started Form 2. Share the link to your junior’s custom page with family and friends through email, social media, and text. 3. Hit the $300 mark and receive a FREE limited-edition Sun Mountain Golf Bag with your junior’s name and the Philadelphia PGA REACH logo on it.

PGA REACH Philadelphia Leila Mackie, PGA

Philadelphia Junior Tour Diversity Scholarship Deadline is May 15th, 2019!

Junior Golfer Online Contact Jesse Stewart, PGA

For more information and to apply please click here.

Get Started!

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August 2019 Philadelphia Junior Tour Month in Review  

The Philadelphia Junior Tour ended it's summer with 11 tournaments and 2 Sub-regional Drive, Chip & Putt Qualifiers in August. The Month of...

August 2019 Philadelphia Junior Tour Month in Review  

The Philadelphia Junior Tour ended it's summer with 11 tournaments and 2 Sub-regional Drive, Chip & Putt Qualifiers in August. The Month of...

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