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Cris Contini Contemporary AT ArtMoorHouse


Sparks of a Black Fire 5 March - 4 May 2020


Image detail: Il Grande sacrificio, 2017, Oil on wood panel, 108 x 258 cm

LORENZO PUGLISI: Sparks of a Black Fire Ar tMoorHouse in collaboration with Cris Contini Contemporary is proud to present: Sparks of a Black Fire an exhibition of painting by LORENZO PUGLISI

Sparks of a black f ire stems f rom the collaboration between ArtMooreHouse - whose aim is to curate visual experiences that unite creativity and business thanks to the collaboration with emerging and internationally acclaimed artists - and Cris Contini Contemporary, that owns a unique structure as an international art gallery offering an eclectic mix of styles and artworks that exemplify its foremost dedication to the accessibility of art and the global communication it inspires. The exhibition - in Lorenzo Puglisi's own words - is a natural prosecution of ’Shades of Shadow’, the show which was

held during Freeze Art Week 2019 at The Crypt gallery in King’s Cross, London: in perfect coherence with his pictorial path, the paintings go f rom a traditional and ancient place to a modern glass and steel setting of Moor House building designed by Sir Norman Foster. There is also a clear reference to the transition f rom darkness to light as a leitmotiv in Lorenzo Puglisi's artistic journey.

Puglisi’s show at ArtMoorHouse is part of a of a series of exhibitions based on the concept of IdEntity

Def ining one’s identity can be challenging, and discovering a sense of self-reflection in our digitalised era can sometimes take a lifetime.

Identity is not conf ined to tangible characteristics but rather it is the way we perceive and express ourselves. It’s the way we choose to cast light upon darkens revealing each time different f ragments of our self.

Factors that individuals are born with often play a role in def ining one’s identity. Nonetheless, being such a fluid concept, many of its aspects change in a constant flux throughout our physical and digital life. If on one hand our experiences and the places where we live largely contribute in shaping and re-shaping how we see ourselves, on the other hand our identity plays a vital role in how we take

Image:Narcissus, 2019, oil on wood panel, 219x116cm

decisions by influencing all our choices f rom the way we interact with peers or why we adopt certain fashions, to our attitudes towards ideologies and political beliefs.

Can art allow us to correct assumptions and express our identity? Many artists use their work as an alchemical process of discovery or a way to explore and question ideas about identity. All the works on show take aspects of the contemporary experience and in the process of transforming an idea into a physical object, synthesise the artist response to this encounter with the world. Lorenzo Puglisi isolates structural elements and by allowing them emerge f rom the dark background

reveal just

glimpses of his luminous f igures in a sort of f ragmented reconstruction of the real where the artist seem to express a process of identif ication through self determination. The artist is interested in producing a new iconography which,

with references to great pieces of Art History f rom Leonardo da Vinci to Michelangelo and Caravaggio, questions the construction the cultural reference they represent.

The visual experience is uniquely capable of engaging the passerby and in conjunction with the architectural space of M o o r H o u s e B u i l d i n g c rea t i n g a m o m e n t o f v i s u a l stimulation and a happy distraction f rom the everyday.


Giove ed Io, 2019 Oil on wood panel 75 x 55 cm £ 6,730


La Misericordia, 2017 Oil on canvas 70 x 60 cm £ 6,730


Narcisuss, 2018 Oil on wood panel 108 x 95 cm £ 9,250


Matteo e l'angelo, 2018 Oil on wood panel 207 x 157 cm £ 9,840.00


Narcissus, 2019 Oil on wood panel 219 x 116 cm £ 16,820


Nell'orto degli ulivi, 2019 Oil on wood panel 130 x 100 cm £ 10,500


Portrait 031118, 2018 Oil on wood panel 55 x 45 cm £ 9,120.00


Ritratto 070619, 2019 Oil on canvas 200 x 150 cm £ 16,820


Il Grande sacrificio, 2017 Oil on wood panel 108 x 258 cm £ 20,180


Nell'orto degli ulivi, 2017 Oil on canvas 57 x 57 cm £ 5,900


On the Mount of olives, 2018 Oil on wood panel 22 x 22 cm £ 2,100


Nell'orto degli ulivi, 2018 Oil on wood panel 22 x 22 cm £ 2,100


Nell'orto degli ulivi, 2019 Oil on canvas 150 x 100 cm £ 11,340

ABOUT ARTMOORHOUSE Ar tMoorHouse is a unique platform for creating an unsurpassed synergy between creativity and business. Unlike any other gallery, ArtMoorHouse creates bespoke high prof ile exhibitions, relying on a strong network of dedicated professionals to connect artists and designers with people f rom the world of f inance.

ArtMoorHouse Projects organises yearly curated them based exhibitions programs, currently partnering with One Carter Lane Building, London - Cannon Place Building, London - The St. Botolph Building London - St. Peter Square, Manchester

ABOUT CRIS CONTINI CONTEMPORARY Cris Contini Contemporary, owns a unique structure as an international art gallery offering an eclectic mix of styles and artworks that exemplify its foremost dedication to the accessibility of art and the global communication it inspires.

ABOUT THE ARTIST LORENZO PUGLISI Born in Biella (Italy) in 1971, he lives and works in Bologna.   His work has been showed in many solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad, in public and private space, among them the MUDEC in Milan, the CAC La Traverse in Paris, the Pio Monte della Misericordia in Naples, the Historical Museum in Bremen, the Sacristy of Bramante in Milan, the Crypt 

of King's Cross St. Pancras Church in

London. In recent years his artistic research has focused on large canvases related to great masterpieces of the past f iltered by his iconography. Future projects will include an exhibition at the Latvian National Museum of Art in Riga in May 2020 in collaboration with the Uff izi Galleries in Florence

Selected SOLO Exhibitions

2019 Lorenzo Puglisi | Popolo e Memoria, Copernico Torino Garibaldi, curated by Luca Beatrice

Turin, Italy

Shades f rom the Shadow, The Crypt gallery in King’s Cross, London, text by Michele Bonuomo London in collaboration with Cris Contini Contemporary gallery, London, Uk Lorenzo Puglisi | Il Grande Sacrif icio, Bramante’s Sacristy, Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan Lorenzo Puglisi | Pitture di Luce e Tenebra (Paintings of Light and Darkness), Biff i Arte Gallery, Piacenza, Italy Il Grande Sacrif icio, Studio Guastalla Modern and Contemporary Art, Milan

2018 Lorenzo Puglisi per Mario Sironi: una sostituzione, curated by Mari Fratelli, Casa Boschi Di Stefano Museum, Milan Una discesa verso l’alto, Ipogeo Bacile, curated by Toti Carpentieri, Spongano / Lecce Lorenzo Puglisi | Scintille di un fuoco nero, curated by di Martina Cavallarin, Labs Gallery, Bologna, Italy In a Silent Way, Studio Guastalla Modern and Contemporary Art, Milan La Misericordia, with poetry by Davide Rondoni, Chiesa di Santa Caterina, Bologna

2016 Lorenzo Puglisi | L’ignoto che appare, Il Milione Gallery, curated by Roberto Borghi, Milan Lorenzo Puglisi | New Paintings, Galerie Sobering, curated by Mark Gisbourne, Paris

2014 Lorenzo Puglisi, essay by Bruno Corà, Museo del Territorio, Biella 2013 Dimenticare il tempo, curated by Valerio Dehò, Il Milione Gallery, Milan Nero di fondo, introduction by Alberto Zanchetta, Palazzo Monferrato, Alessandria

2011 Presenze, Grossetti Contemporary Art, Milan

2009 Pitture, curated by Emanuele Beluff i, Obraz Gallery, Milan

2008 Lorenzo Puglisi, essay by Valerio Dehò, Piccola Galleria, Asolo Portraits, Palazzo Berva, Cassano d’Adda, Milan

2005 07−06−05, Palazzo della Provincia, Biella

Selected GROUP Exhibitions

2019 Looking for Monna Lisa. Misteri e ironie attorno alla piu’ celebre icona Pop, various venues, Pavia, Italy Preparing for Darkness, Vol. 4: True Romance, Kulhaus Berlin, Berlin

2018 Lorenzo Puglisi: Visioni di luce e tenebra (with Omar Galliani), curated by Maria Fratelli and Raffaella Resch, Church of San Sisto Museum, Milan

2017 Passion, Galerie im Park / The Historical Museum, curated by Uwe Goldenstein, Brema Nero su Nero: Da Fontana e Kounellis, Villa Bardini, curated by Vera Agosti, Florence La pelle dei pittori e il sangue dei poeti, Museo delle culture (MUDEC), Milan St-Art, Strasbourg art fair, Galerie Sobering, Strasbourg, France

2016 Lorenzo Puglisi | Caravaggio, la verità nel buio (with Omar Galliani), curated by Raffaella

2015 Je me souvien: Mounir Fatmi, Jonathan Monk, Pierre Petit, L o r e n z o P u g l i s i , L a w r e n c e We i n e r , Ce n t r e d ’A r t Contemporain La Traverse, Paris Acqua è, Expo Milan 2015, curated by Willy Montini, Venice

2014 Posterity is a Form of the Spectator, Galerie Sobering, Paris Lorenzo Puglisi | Villa Cusani Tittoni, Desio/Milan, essay by Bruno Corà and Valentina Casacchia 2013 Selected for the Artist Pension Trust, London 2012 Lorenzo Puglisi: Zilli, l’Art de vivre (with Carlo Bernardini), Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi, Milan Oltre l’attimo, Grossetti Contemporary Art, Milan 2011 1000+1000+1000, Palazzo Fava, Bologna 2008 Scenography for La spia, a drama by Giorgio Celli, Navile Theater, Bologna 2005 L’arte e il silenzio, Oropa’s Sanctuary, Biella

Selected Monographs and Catalogues

Lorenzo puglisi, essay di Mark Gisbourne, Hatje Cantz, Berlino (2019)

Lorenzo Puglisi, testo di Luca Beatrice, Prearo editions, Milano. La Luce oltre il Nero, testo di Toti Carpentieri, Manf redi Edizioni, Bologna (2019) Il Grande Sacrif icio, testo di G. Gazzaneo, Manf redi Edizioni, Bologna (2019) exh. cat. Il Grande Sacrif icio, Sacrestia del Bramante, Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milano Lorenzo Puglisi 15–18, Prearo Editore, Milano (2018) Lorenzo Puglisi | Caravaggio, la verità nel buio, saggio di Mark Gisbourne, exh. cat. Cappella dell’Incoronazione, Museo Riso, Palerm o / Chiesa del Pio Monte della Misericordia, Napoli (2016-2017) Lorenzo Puglisi: New Paintings, saggio di Mark Gisbourne, exh. cat. Sobering Gallery, Parigi (2016) Lorenzo Puglisi, testo di Bruno Corà, exh. cat. Museo del Territorio, Biella (2014) Dimenticare il tempo, Bollettino della Galleria Il Milione, Milano (2013)

Sparks of a Black Fire an exhibition of painting by LORENZO PUGLISI 5 March 4 May 2020

ArtMoorHouse, Moor House building, 120 London Wall London EC2Y 5ET, UK View by appointment only

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Press information: E. project@ArtMoorHouse.com E. sara@criscontinicontemporary.com Exhibition brochure (here)

Artist on show: LORENZO PUGLISI W. criscontinicontemporary.com E. info@criscontinicontemporary.com

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LORENZO PUGLISI: Sparks of a Black Fire at ArtMoorHouse London - 5 March - 4 May 2020