Engineered to re-ignite the heritage

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GTO Engineering GTO Engineering are renowned worldwide for the restoration, servicing, engine building of classic Ferrari’s. Along with event suppor t & preparation and an ever growing exper t par ts department, we also manufacture, fabricate and design our own parts. We have customers f rom around the globe, who come to us for our specialist knowledge and skills, knowing that we are at the top of our game of what we do! The craftsmanship and engineers who are trained to the highest standards ensure that your fully restored classic Ferrari not only looks like a masterpiece, but drives flawlessly- perhaps more so than when it was originally made! This exhibition will give you an insight into what we do at GTO engineering and how each different department contributes to this meticulous process. Specialist companies such as ourselves amongst other restoration companies are passionate, vivid and hope to keep the restoration of these beautiful cars going for as long as we possibly can! All these departments at GTO come together to create the f inished product, a beautiful restored classic Ferrari complete to perfection. Dependent on what state a classic Ferrari is brought to us in, for it to be restored to an impeccable standard requires precision, the highest quality and attention to detail. As you will see f rom this exhibition, we do a huge amount in-house. The concept is that we show you a taster of each department at GTO, as if you were having a tour at our premises and create an authentic feel of our passion & purpose. ArtMoorHouse Elisa Martinelli E. T. +447502211914

GTO Engineering T.+4411894011

Engineered to re-ignite the heritage

Sport automotive heritage reflects the history of the

This microcosmic exhibition attempts to showcase the

evolution of extraordinary performance road cars,

elements - still little known widely-of this terrif ic part

characterised by bold design and innovative technical

of our heritage of engineering ingenuity with the many

solutions derived f rom the racing world.

components it involves. This includes the central workshop with all the surrounding support functions of

These irreplaceable cars, which at the time represented

engine and drivetrain building, manufacture and

the perfect synthesis of engineering, technological

fabrication of components, digital inspection, parts

research, craftsmanship and striking creativity, had

supply inf rastructure and operation co-ordination. This

clearly been designed to last over time as icons of

brings the re-engineering phenomenon to f ruition to

excellence of their ĂŠpoque.

the highest level of craftsmanship in total respect of the original standard of excellence and to the pursuit

Most of the cars produced by Ferrari, sometimes oneof-a- kind models, still exist and run today thanks to the care taken by their owners whom have always chosen maintenance services performed by highly skilled technicians. These technicians have the deepest knowledge of the engine and the specif ic features of each automobile.

The integrity of the service is achieved only by an absolute conformity to the very unique technical records of the car so to unequivocally establish conformity with the original design.

of maximal performance.

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