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Hôpital Albert Schweitzer, Lambaréné Elisabeth Real

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View of the hospital premises - employees live on the hospital grounds Driving through the jungle towards Lambaréné Rooster Girls in the lepra village, adjacent to the hospital Terrace of a Lambaréné resident Hospital beds Sink/Hallway At the dentist Lab Salle d‘examen Mother in the lepra village Pediatric ward Premature baby Advice for women with children Pediatric ward Pediatric ward Posters with advice for mothers Mothers who have just given birth Advice for women with children Soccer square on the hospital premises, viewed from the top of the reservoir Santé communautaire: Small practices in the surrounding villages of Lambaréné. Hospital staff checks in with the local doctors once a week to see if everything is going well. The local dotors have been trained by Albert Schweitzer-doctors. Hospital school: The employees‘ kids go to school here. Cafeteria/Corner store Kitchen for the hospital staff Old hospital: This is where Albert Schweitzer first set up his hospital. The current hospital buildings are more uphill, away from the water, and don‘t get flooded anymore during the monsoon.

Assignment for Stiftung Lambaréné-Spital. All pictures © Elisabeth Real/2001. All rights reserved. No part of these pages may be used unless explicitly authorized by the photographer.

Hôpital Albert Schweitzer, Lambaréne, Gabon  

Reportage by Swiss photographer Elisabeth Real about the Albert Schweitzer hospital in Gabon, spring 2001

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