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4 Cinema

Max Charles

App attack! The Fantastic Flying Books...


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Poster Sydney Opera House







Zits Jeremy! Telephone!


Jeremy! Telephone!

Why don’t we use “Jeremy! Telephone!” as our ringtone*?

Jeremy! Telephone!

Jeremy! Telephone!




Next day …

What a surprise!

Walter Duncan!

How are you?

Why don’t some people appreciate compliments ???

I haven’t seen you for ages!

I hate it when he does that ...

You could try coming out of your room a little more often you know!



This is the rule



It’s a stupid rule!

And you know something else?!?

*GLOSSARY Unauthorised photocopyng is illegal.


I’m starting to like that idea.

Shall we put a “Room for Rent” sign on the door?

It doesn’t count: it’s not right ringtone: the sound a telephone makes when it rings

Hi there, friends!


Welcome Hi everyone! The holidays are over and it’s time to go back to school, but we can have even more fun right here! We start the year with lots of fun and interesting articles with news from around the English-speaking world with an update about Max Charles’ latest film. There’s also a new article which presents the best and most up-to-date apps. I’m sure you’ll love it! Happy reading!

Cinema Max Charles


App attack! The fantastic flying books of Mr. Morris Lessmore


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Poster Sydney Opera House


Lynn P


Superheroes on the city streets These days you don’t just see superheroes at the cinema; you can see them on the streets of your city too! Fox Fire, for example, is a 30 year old woman who controls the streets of Michigan, wearing a fox mask and a black leather jacket. While Terrifica, with her red cape and cat mask, defends the women of New York from agressive* attacks. They dress like superheroes for the good of mankind and they work to defend the weak against the forces of evil. They are just normal people who dress up as superheroes, but if you pass one in the street you might think they are going to a fancy-dress* party! These superheroes are registered on a website which explains everything about them. Are you curious? Visit: www.!

Match Almost all modern superheroes were created in America, but let’s not forget Cybersix in Argentina, Marvelman in England and Sailon Moon in Japan. Try to match each superhero with the city, real or imaginary*, where they use thei superpowers! 1


a New York City



b Gotham City


Wonder Woman

c Krypton


Capitan America

d Paradise Island

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Tot M@il


Test How shy are you?


Events New York Fashion Week


Games Galore!


Inventions The TV


Hi, I’m Grammy. In this issue you’ll learn about: P personal pronouns P relative pronoun “which” P Can P present simple P present continuous P past simple

*GLOSSARY aggressive: violent immaginary: invented

Answers on page 14


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MAX CHARLES This American child actor is only 10 years old but he has already starred in a number of films with world famous actors, and he has even played* one of his favourite superheroes! Let’s find out more!

A star is born Max Charles was born in Nashville, Tenesee, USA, on 18th August 2003. He has three brothers and, in fact, it is thanks to one of his brothers that he began acting. His brother was on tour in a show and Max asked his mother if he could audition* too. He auditioned with the producer and that was the beginning of his interest in acting!

*GLOSSARY audition: try to get a part in a film or production awsome: incredible, wonderful genius: very intelligent played: (here) acted, starred as

P past simple, relative pronoun “which”, present continuous


Unauthorised photocopyng is illegal.

A family film Since then, he has starred in many successful films and television shows. One of his films was “The Three Stooges”, in which he filmed a scene with all three of his brothers. He says, “In ‘The Three Stooges’ I got to be in a scene with them. And I love my brothers. They’re so awesome*.” Superheroes and aliens When Max was 7 years old, his mum bought him a Spiderman costume to use for Halloween. He was very happy about it but at the time he didn’t know that he would really be Spiderman when he was older! In fact Max starred as the young Peter Parker in The Amazing Spiderman in 2012. It was a very exciting project for Max! He also starred in the very successful American TV show The Neighbours about a family of humans who live in a community of aliens! A new project At the moment Max is starring in an animated film called Mr Peabody and Sherman. The film is in 3D and tells the story of a young boy who travels through time with his genius* dog. Together they begin to change some important moments in history! Max provides the voice of the young boy, Sherman and you can see him in cinemas this autumn!

Max Charles supports an organisation called My Life Power, which helps kids to stop bullying in their schools and encourage good behaviour.

Complete Complete the sentence with the correct form of the verb in the box

live · be · say · can 1 Max Charles ............................... ten years old. 2 Max ............................... , “I love my brothers. They’re so awesome!” 3 The Neighbours is a show about a family of humans who ............................... in a community of aliens. 4 You ............................... see Max at cinemas this autumn. Answers on page 14

App attack!

The Fantastic F lying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore This is a really exceptional* app for the iPad. Some people call it the “story app�, in fact it won an Oscar in 2012 for Best Animated Short Film. A non-film had never won an Oscar ever before!

The main characteristics of the app: the streaming of the animated short story, many games - even hidden ones, beautiful animation, magic tricks and the chance to draw, play the piano and play with food!

It was created by the famous illustrator William Joice, and The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore is a unique interactive narrative experience. It is a very sweet and enjoyable story-game, made for those who love books and everything to do with words. Its images are a mix of the Wizard of Oz, Tim Burton and silent films. The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore will make you laugh and they will make you dream, they will move you and, above all, they will make you love reading with all your heart! 5

\ report

With just one click, everyone in the world can access* universal* knowledge. Welcome to the first ever digital public library, created in the United States! The first online universal encyclopedia The director of Harvard University’s library, which is the largest library in the world (it has 17 million books!), has succeeded in a very difficult project: he has put the texts from many major American libraries online free of charge*. This is how the first digital universal encyclopedia was created, the Digital Public Library of America, which everyone, in every part of the world can access. All you have to do is visit: http://! Freedom of knowledge The chance for everyone to have free access to science and knowledge is called “open science”. In this case the idea of a digital library is


Unauthorised photocopyng is illegal.

Know it all in a click!

inspired by the ancient principals* of freedom of knowledge and the sharing of ideas, the principals which the founders* of the United States of America (eg. Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin) aspired* to. Paper book or E-book? A paper book can survive for 2,000 years while an E-book is old after just 20 years. Why? Because the software and format on

which they are recorded change very quickly and the memory can also deteriorate*. For those super-fans of paper books, who don’t like E-books, there is a very special service offered by some libraries: it’s

In 2004, Google also put a large number of texts online, but because copyright laws were broken the service was blocked and there is now a fee for it. However, today it offers a free reading service; Google Book Search allows you to read some books either completely or in parts.

called Expresso Book Machine. Thanks to this service you can download the original text, print it and bind it in just a few minutes! Clickable curiosities If you go to the website of the world digital library, you can access some very strange and curious things. An example? You can read the secret pages of the diary of Napoleon, you can listen to the French National Anthem, Marseilles, sung live in 1898 and see the first ever film, released in the USA in 1927, The Jazz Singer. The documents are all completely original!

The first library in the world was the library of Alexandria of Egypt. It was very rich, in fact it contained 490,000 rolls of papyrus, but it was destroyed in the fires and wars of ancient times. The first library open to readers was the National French Library, opened in 1692. It was a real novelty!

*GLOSSARY access: use aspired to: wanted, dreamed of bind: put together the pages using a cover for the back and front deteriorate: become broken or ruined founders: people who created something free of charge: without requiring payment principals: ideals, values universal: general, absolute, complete

P introduction to present perfect, “can” for permission and ability

Mirror Use a mirror to see the name of the famous digital encyclopedia which is written and managed by readers and available in 280 languages!

AIDEPIKIW Answer on page 14

Unauthorised photocopyng is illegal.



Sydney Opera House

It is possibly one of the most well-known theatres in the world and certainly one of the most famous landmarks of Australia. Let’s take a visit to this amazing building to find out more! Designed in 1957 by the Danish architect, Jorn Utzon, the Sydney Opera House is one of the most recognised* buildings in the world. It is situated in Sydney Harbour and is close to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Royal Botanic Gardens. It was opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1973. The Opera House is home to around 3000 performances and events every year which are attended by approximately 2 million people. It also provides guided tours to 200,000 tourists every year because it is one of Sydney’s most popular


tourist attractions! Sydney Opera House is also a very important historical site* and is now part of the UNESCO list of World Heritage Buildings. The Concert Hall’s Grand Organ is the largest mechanical organ in the world and it took 10 years to build. It has 10,154 pipes*!

*GLOSSARY pipes: tubes recognised: famous site: place


Secret Code

A = Q In 2007 the Sydney Opera House became a UNESCO C = J World Heritage building. What do UNESCO say about this D = H amazing place? Use the secret code to find out! E = _ 5 8 H . _ 8 D 2 _ Q 0 - F

0 P _

- 4 _ 2 Q

F = F G = D H = P I = Y

P - 1 5 _

Q 2 J P Y 0 _ J 0 1 2 Q 0 K _ . 0 Y _ 0 P


of English

Y = 8 K = M L = , N = .

O = P = 4 R = 2 S = 5

Y 5


T = 0 U = 1 W= K

K - 2 M

J _ . 0 1 2 8 Answer on page 14


Tot M@il

Dear Tot, My name is Luke and I am 12 years old. In a few months my family and I are moving to a new city because my dad has a new job. I’m very unhappy because I’m afraid of losing my friends and schoolmates. What will I do without them? Do you think they will forget me? Luckily I will have my own bedroom and a very big garden. I’m a little scared about this new life ... what advice can you give me so that I don’t lose my old friends?


Hi Luke, Please don’t be sad! You don’t lose friends just because you’re far away! You’ll see that you can write letters and emails to your friends, to hear about how they’re spending their time, and you can call them sometimes, too! Think about how great it will be when you go to see them to spend the weekends together! In your new city, there will be a new school and you’ll make a lot of new friends who will love spending time with you too! You can have a lot of parties in your new garden, and now that you have your own room, maybe you could invite a friend to stay over at your house. Remeber that friendships are like flowers: if you treat them well, you’ll see how well they can grow and how beautiful they become!

The Editor


Unauthorised photocopyng is illegal.


How shy are you? 1 When you go into a shop to buy something… a you wait in silence for the shop assistant* to ask you something b you go straight to the shop assistant and ask for something you saw in the window c you ask the shop assistant to show you everything that is on the shelves* 2 You’re walking along the street when a famous actor walks past you: a you stare at him but you don’t speak

b c

b c

you say hello, but only because he’s one of your favourite actors you go and ask him for his autograph

3 You are going to a special party. What do you wear? a You change your mind often and you’re still not happy with your final choice b Something in your usual style c You wear your most beautiful clothes 4 Whose opinion do you listen to? a Your mum’s

Your teacher’s You best friend’s

5 Your school friends play a joke on you which isn’t very funny. What do you do? a You don’t speak to anyone for the rest of the day b You laugh, but you let them know that you didn’t like the joke c You promise to get revenge* as soon as you can 6 You have to wish happy brthday to someone special. What do you do? a You call him/her b You wish him/her a happy birthday but only if you’re invited to his/her birthday party c You arrive at his/her house with a special present

*GLOSSARY shop assistant: the person who serves you in a shop embarassed: feeling of discomfort or insecurity shelves: the place where clothes are kept in a shop overcome: win against something get revenge: punish someone who has done something to you

Mainly A’s You are very shy and other people understand this. You’re afraid of not being good enough or that people might think negatively about you, but you should understand that you’re as good as everyone else and you need to believe in yourself more! Shyness is not a bad characteristic, in fact shy people are often very sensitive, understanding and ready to listen to their friends.

Mainly B’s You are sociable and you manage your relationships with others well. You understand when someone has a different opinion and you accept that easily. Maybe you have overcome* your own shyness to bring out the best of yourself. You feel embarassed* only when you’re in a very difficult situation. The important thing in that case is not to get too nervous.

P personal pronouns, possessive adjectives

Mainly C’s Your manner is often so extrovert that you can seem agressive, but it’s all because you are really quite shy and you don’t know how to deal with* it very well. You should first accept your weaknesses and not always want to be the best. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t perfect; people will like you anyway! In fact, often people prefer others who are a little shy!

Unauthorised photocopyng is illegal.



With Paris, London and Milan, New York Fashion week makes up the “Big Four” - fashion events which are held twice a year to launch the collections of the biggest, most famous and successful designers from around the world. Let’s find out more! The beginning ... New York Fashion Week began in 1943 during the second World War. At that time French fashion was very popular in America, but because of war conditions fashion journalists and designers could not travel to France to see French fashion shows, so they decided to create an event to highlight* American fashion instead. So Eleanor Lambert, a fashion publicist*, organised 12

Unauthorised photocopyng is illegal.

New York

Fashion Week Press Week and she invited journalists from around the country to see the new collections of American designers. It was a success and fashion magazines like Vogue began to show more and more American fashion. The designers ... Since it began, New York Fashion week has shown the collections of the very biggest names in fashion. American designers Tommy

Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang, Calvin Klein and Gwen Stefani have all successfully shown their newest collections here over the years.

And many famous models began their careers at Fashion Week, too. Famous supermodels Heidi Klum, Kate Moss and Tyra Banks have all walked down New York’s catwalks*, and newer models Cara Delevigne and Nadja Bender were very popular at the last New York event.

There are about 200 shows at New York Fashion week, which need around 30 models per show. Each show lasts* for between just 7 to 20 minutes and each model works in around 4 or 5 shows every day!

*GLOSSARY highlight: show, display publicist: someone who advertises something catwalk: the “stage” where the models walk up and down at a fashion show set the trends: decide the fashions members of the press: a group of journalists

2 shows - 4 seasons Fashion weeks happen twice a year to show the collections for the following season, so every February we see the collections for the following autumn/winter and every September we see the collections for spring/ summer of the next year. Spring/summer 2014 From 5th to 12th September this year we can see the best of American fashion

design on the catwalks of New York. Designers such as Betsy Johnson, Lacoste, Juicy Couture and Project Runaway will show their ideas and creations which will set the trends* for next winter! And they won’t be the only famous people there. The guests usually include not only members of the press*, but stars and celebrities from the world of sport, culture and entertainment.

P past simple regular and irregular verbs

Guess The “Big Four” international fashion weeks always take place in the same order, but do you know the order? Write the numbers 1 – 4 next to the cities. Milan New York

Paris London Answer on page 14

Unauthorised photocopyng is illegal.


J Games Galore! A


Did you enjoy the report about the digilat library? Read ita gain and match the correct parts of the sentences.


The idea of a digital library is inspired ...


A paper book can survive for 2,000 years ...


If you go to the website of the world digital library ...


In 2004, Google …


The first library open to readers …

a while an E-book is old after just 20 years. b also put a large number of texts online. c you can access some very strange and curious things. d was the National French Library, opened in 1692. e by the ancient principals of freedom of knowledge.


True or false?

Read the article about Max Charles again and say of the sentences are true or false

T F 1 Max was born in New York, USA. 2 His brother helped him to start acting. 3 Max only works on TV shows. 4 Max worked with his sisters in The Three Stooges. 5 Max Starred in The Amazing Spiderman in 2012. 6 Max’s latest film is a historical drama. 7 Max supports an organisation which fights against bullying. The answers are at the bottom of the page.

Unauthorised photocopyng is illegal.

Answers P. 3 Match: 1.b; 2.c; 3.d; 4.a. P. 4 Complete: 1. is; 2. says; 3. live; 4. can. P. 6-7 Mirror: Wikipedia. P. 8-9 Secret code: “Sydney Opera House is a great architectural work of the twentieth century!” P. 12-13 Guess: 1. New York; 2. London; 3. Milan; 4. Paris. P. 14 Match: 1.e, 2.a, 3.c, 4.b, 5.d; True or false: 1F, 2T, 3F, 4F, 5T, 6F, 7T. P. 16 Colloquial Eglish: c.


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television One invention, many inventors Television was not invented by one inventor, in fact the idea was developed by many different people around the world over many years until television, as we know it today, evolved. One of these people was the amateur* scientist John Logie Baird. He was responsible for transmitting* the first television image in London. Until then people could only see moving pictures at the cinema, or listen to the radio in their homes! The first television John Logie Baird made his first television in 1924 from boxes, biscuit tins*, sewing needles, card and the motor from an electric fan! After he successfully transmitted the first TV image in 1925, Baird sent pictures from London to Glasgow using his telephone line in 1926 and in 1928 he sent the first TV pictures from England to America! He dreamed of transmitting images in 3D! 16

Unauthorised photocopyng is illegal.

In Great Britain around 92% of households have a digital television. Two thirds of households have 3 televisions and one in every 6 households has 5 televisions!

Colloquial English

*GLOSSARY amateur: not professional household: found in a house tins: boxes made from metal transmitting: showing on television

P past simple

We can describe television in many ways, but which of these words is NOT another word for television? a b c d e

The box The tube The programmer The small screen The telly Answer on page 14

Tot of English N°7 - 2013 - Poste Italiane S.P.A. - Sped. in abb. post. - D.L. 353/2003 (Conv. in L. 27/02/2004 n. 46) Art. 1, comma 1, DCB - Ancona

Tassa Riscossa / Taxe Perçue

This month we look at the invention of a very common household* object: the television. Let’s find out a little more about how it was created!