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Teen People

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Common European Framework Intermediate Advanced (B2 – C1)

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Welcome Hello and welcome back to TEEN after the Summer holidays! We start this issue with a report on YouTube, look back at the career of David Beckham, celebrate Black History Month, go underwater, and learn how to turn junk into treasure. We hope you enjoy it. Have fun!

Teen People Carey Mulligan Under… Life Underwater Report YouTube: You’re the Star! UK Today Black History Month Innovation The Repair School Culture and Society David Beckham Playstation

In this issue look out for: • the passive • the future • negatives • time words and phrases • verbs and prepositions • the language of acting; the sea and water • imperatives • constructions with +ing


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Around the World

Philippe Starck

A Bike or A Scooter*? This amazing invention is called a Pibal – and it is the latest way of getting round town! It has been specially created by French designer, Philippe Starck. The Pibal is more flexible than a traditional bicycle because it can also be used as a scooter. It has a basket for carrying

your shopping, and you can even take a child with you – they can stand on the footplate* so there is no need for a special seat. ‘It’s a bit like an eel*,’ says Starck, ‘it can go anywhere. You can ride it like a normal bicycle for longer journeys,

or use it as a scooter on the pavement* with someone walking along next to you. It is beautiful, honest, intelligent and will last forever.’ The Pibal was designed for the French city of Bordeaux where bicycles are a popular way of getting around. The city has been given 6,000 Pibals!

Glossary Odd One Out Which of the following is not a famous designer?

a b c d

Zaha Radid Gio Ponti Ron Arad Steven Spielberg The answer is on page 15

eel: long fish, like a snake footplate: flat part of a scooter you stand on pavement: hard path along the side of a road scooter: vehicle you stand on with one leg and push along with the other


ELI srl, C.P. 6, 62019 Recanati, Tel. (071) 750701, Fax (071) 977851 Direttore responsabile: Lamberto Pigini. Realizzazione testi: Liz Ferretti. Autorizzazione Trib. di Macerata N. 237 del 4 luglio 1984. Realizzazione: Realizzazione: Tecnostampa, Loreto © ELI Italy 2013


Teen People

negatives; time words; language of acting


and Prejudice. She got the part! So in 2004, at the age of 18, Carey began her acting career. When she played Nina in Chekhov’s The Seagull, the Telegraph and Independent thought her performance was “extraordinary”.

Only The Best Will Do Carey is not your typical Hollywood actress, she knows her own mind, and is happy being herself. ‘I don’t want to spend time on roles* that don’t interest me and don’t challenge me,’ says the actress. Carey has given unforgettable performances in a number of films. For example, An Education, where she got her first nomination for the Oscar for Best Actress, and won a Bafta in 2010, and the recent remake of The Great Gatsby where she stars with Leonardo DiCaprio, or as Kathy in Never Let Me Go – a complex part which the director was unsure whether to give to her or Keira Knightly. Kathy is a strong and silent heroine, qualities which you can recognise in Cary herself.


Mulligan Carey Mulligan is a rising star. She chooses challenging roles on screen and on stage, but under that sweet smile she has hidden strengths. Here’s Carey Mulligan! Childhood Carey was born in Westminster, London, on 28 May 1985, to an English father and Welsh mother. When she was young her family moved house often. Her father, Stephen, was the manager of a large chain of hotels, and so the family frequently moved from one hotel to another. ‘My childhood wasn’t as romantic as it sounds,’ she says. ‘In the hotels of Europe where we lived, there were no gardens and we couldn’t keep pets. My brother Owain and I never even had a hamster* – that was no fun at all!’ Luckily, her childhood experiences have given her the ability to live anywhere. ‘Now that I am older, I love being a nomad*. I feel comfortable in hotels, they are like a home for me. When I am

staying in a hotel, I can concentrate on my work and forget everything else.’

Determination Carey did well at school, but when she was six she saw her brother in a school performance and from that moment she knew she wanted to be an actress. She performed* in school plays, but her parents didn’t want her to take up acting as a career – they wanted her to go to university like her brother. This didn’t stop her, though, it made her... it made her more determined than ever, and she continued to go to auditions*.

The Turning Point When Carey was still at school, she wrote to actor and director Kenneth Branagh asking him if he would give her advice on acting. He sent her a polite “no”. She wrote more letters, and applied, in secret, to all the top acting schools, but none of them took her. Then at last she met screenwriter Julian Fellowes when he visited her school to talk about his experiences of writing for TV and film. She wrote a letter to him after that and he wrote back inviting her to audition for a new production of Pride

A Musical Romance Carey was at one time engaged to actor Shia LaBeouf, but in 2012 she married Marcus Mumford, the English singer and guitarist and leader of folk group Mumford & Sons. They had a small wedding in the English countryside with a few special guests, and lots of musicians! Shia, who met Carey when they were acting together in the Oliver Stone movie Wall Street, said. ‘I am really happy for Carey and Marcus. In the end Carey and I were just too different to stay together!’ Carey sang in the Belle and Sebastian track, Write about Love.

What They’re Saying About Her… American magazine Variety has called her ‘the new Audrey Hepburn’. Writer Kazuo Ishiguro says he reminds her of Shirley MacLaine and Isabelle Huppert. English screenwriter Julian Fellowes says Carey is a classic screen heroine. ‘She looks as fragile as a bird, but she has a core of steel. And like all true stars, she is not quite like anyone else.’

Glossary auditions: tests for actors, dancers… to choose them for a film etc hamster: small mammal kept as a pet, like a large mouse nomad: someone who travels around and has no home performed: acted role: part/character in a play or film


Under… In this series we will be looking “under” – underwater, underground, undercover. In the first of our articles we are going underwater.

LIfe Underwater Green Lake, Austria

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldive

Millions of years ago our ancestors climbed out of the water and began to evolve to live on the land. Humans have always loved living near water, and over recent decades*, technology has given us the opportunity to experience water in new and exciting ways. The Restaurant Beneath the Sea The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant lies five metres below the surface of the Indian Ocean, in the Maldives. From this very expensive restaurant you can sit and watch shoals* of fish swimming in and out of the coral reefs*. The colours

Syph – Underwater city of the Future?

are bright in the clear blue water, and you may even be lucky enough to see more spectacular sea life, such as manta rays*. You don’t even have to get wet to enjoy it – all you have to do is climb down a spiral staircase* for this magical experience.

Silent Evolution Just off the the coast of Cancun in Mexico is a sculpture park made up of hundreds of statues. The artist is Jason deCaires Taylor, of British and Guyanese origin. These sculptures are not only beautiful works of art, they also have a serious purpose. They have been designed to take people away from the nearby natural reefs, which were becoming damaged. They are also an artificial reef. After only a few years, underwater plants and animals are already living on and around the sculptures. ‘My work

Jason deCaires Taylor

is an example of successful marine conservation,’ says Jason. ‘I want to encourage environmental awareness* and help people to appreciate the natural beauty of the underwater world.’ http://www.underwatersculpture.com/ index.asp


mixed tenses; future; language of marine life

Green Lake, Austria

A = Q C = J D = H E = _ G = F H = D L = P N = Y P = 8 R = ,

Secret Code In 2012, film director James Cameron dived into the deepest part of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. He wanted to explore a part of our planet we know almost nothing about. What is the name of the place he explored? Use the secret code to find out.

J D Q P P _ Y F _ , H _ _ 8 Underwater sculpture park, Mexico

Austria’s Underwater Park During the winter, the Austrian valley of Tragöss is almost completely dry, but as spring approaches the ice and snow begin to melt in the mountains, and the valley begins to flood. Then the valley becomes a lake. It is known locally as the Green Lake because of its emerald-green water. If you dive under the water here in May or June, you will find yourself in a dream world as you swim past trees, along paths, a park bench and a bridge. The water level begins to fall from July, and the lake returns to a park that you can explore on foot! http://www.gruenersee.at/

Underwater Future We know that global warming* is leading to rising sea levels across the world, but what will our world look like in the future? When the sea rises, land will become incredibly expensive and will almost certainly be needed for agriculture. If

that happens, where will we live? The answer may be on or under the sea. One idea is an ocean city called Syph. Here, skyscrapers become ‘waterscrapers’ that look like jellyfish* and, just like a living creature, they make energy from the natural environment around them. For more ideas on life underwater living: http://webecoist.momtastic. com/2010/08/30/underwater-cities12-sci-fi-visions-real-design-ideas/

Glossary awareness: knowledge, consciousness decades: a period of ten years global warming: the idea that greenhouse gases make temperatures on Earth hotter jellyfish: sea creature with soft, transparent

body and long tentacles manta rays: large flat fish with ‘wings’ reefs: solid structure made by tiny underwater animals shoals: groups of fish spiral staircase: steps which go round a central point

Sayings Here are some common sayings in English to do with water. Can you guess what they mean? 1 TO BE LIKE A FISH OUT OF WATER A To feel uncomfortable where you are B To find it difficult to breathe 2 BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER A Blood is difficult to clean up B Family is more important than anything else 3 THAT’S WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE A When someone has been on a long journey B That is in the past The answers are on page 15.




Jawed Karim

Freddie Wong

You’re the Star! Over a billion people go on* YouTube each month, and the videos they are watching are getting more and more professional... If you are lucky and have a bit of talent, then the world’s most popular video site could make you famous too! In the beginning, YouTube was a site for amateur* video makers and ordinary people to put short films online. Now, the films are just as likely to be made by professionals. YouTube has also turned into* a way of making money for thousands of people. When a video starts getting a large number of views, companies become

interested and will pay “YouTubers” to advertise on their video. Many of these videos were originally uploaded as a bit of fun, but for some of the lucky ones, their hobby has turned into a job.

Who are the “YouTubers”? The videos on YouTube are made by a wide variety of people. British chef, Jamie Oliver, has launched a half-hour, live cooking show on his YouTube channel ‘Foodtube’, which already has millions of viewers. YouTubers are not all famous though, many of them are ordinary people, people who have invented something or come up with* a new idea they want to share. Some of the most popular videos are make-up tutorials by young women like Michelle Phan, who now gets paid by Lancome, or Clio, an Italian girl in New York, who has millions of followers. On YouTube you can learn to play the guitar,

repair a bicycle, or build your own radio. There are even people who teach you to write poetry. YouTube is now entertaining (and instructing*) the whole world. Technology experts are predicting it will soon become even more important than TV, in the same way that digital downloads have almost completely taken over from CDs. Could that really happen?

Watching YouTube Comic duo Smosh are the most watched people on YouTube at the moment. These 26-year-olds from California have ten million subscribers on their channel, and billions of views of their videos. Freddie Wong is another YouTube success story. Based in Seattle, Wong and some of his friends have produced a comedy webseries* called Video Game High School (VGHS). He has millions of subscribers and over 700 hundred million views. Now in its second series, VGHS is set in* the near


verbs and prepositions

YouTube in Numbers • More than one billion unique users visit YouTube each month. • 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every month. • Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube. • 25% of global YouTube viewers come from mobile devices (such as smartphones or iPads).

In 2011, YouTube had more than 1 trillion views, or around 140 views for every person on Earth. YouTube is the third most visited site on the Internet after Google and Facebook. The first video on YouTube was uploaded by Jawed Karim at 20.27 on Saturday 23rd April 2005. It is called Me at the Zoo, lasts 19 seconds, and was filmed in front of the elephants at San Diego zoo. The first video to reach one billion views was Gangnam Style by Korean pop star Psy. Cody Simpson

Can you guess? In 2006, a social movement from Sydney, Australia, spread right round the world after a music video was uploaded onto YouTube. Do you know what it is called?

a b c York and filmed it. When scientists saw his video, they were very happy – not only because they had proof that the ladybird was not extinct, but also because the ladybird is the symbol of New York.

… Videogames! future at a school where students study videogames and nothing else. The friends put the idea on Kickstarter – a site where people can invest in creative projects – and this is how they got enough money to film the first series.

Science… YouTube is becoming an important tool for science. People have been uploading videos of rare animals and even animals or insects that everyone thought were extinct. One species of nine-spotted ladybird, called C. novemnotata, was last seen by scientists 29 years ago, but then Peter Priolo saw one on a sunflower on Long Island, New

You can also learn how to play video and PC games on YouTube. When a new game comes on the market, the first stages of the game are uploaded so that you can see how to play it. It might not sound that interesting to some, but it has been a big success with gamers.

How to Be a YouTube Star If you want to be a success on YouTube, you need to understand your audience and think about the message you are trying to get across*. Are you trying to make people laugh? Do you want to show everyone how talented you are? Do you want to teach people how to do

Hugs and Kisses Free Hugs Smiles For All The answer is on page 15

something you are really good at? Style is important, but you also need to know how to make a video. The best are made up from a few minutes of clips taken from hours of filming, they have a great script and are well edited – in fact they are made just like a full-length film. If you and your video are good enough, and you get enough views, you might get spotted*. Then you could become a singer, or a dancer, go on a talent show, or get an audition for a part in a film, after all, the Australian star, Cody Simpson, started his career on YouTube!

Glossary amateur: not professional come up with: invented get across: communicate go on: (internet) visit instructing: educating, teaching set in: the place or time where a story happens

spotted: (informal) seen by an agent or film director etc turned into: became, developed into webseries: a story on TV or the internet, divided into several parts


UK Today

October is Black History Month and to celebrate we get to know some of the UK’s most successful black people.


History Month

Maggie Aderin-Pocock

Black History Month was started in America in 1926, and it is also held every year in Britain. Black History Month aims* to teach people about black history, culture and heritage*, tell people positive stories about black people, and make black people more confident about their own cultural heritage.

David Adjaye

The Powerlist 2103 Although Britain is known as a multicultural country, people from many ethnic and cultural minorities still often find it difficult to be successful. Many young black men in particular do not do as well at school as they should, and they also suffer from higher levels of unemployment.

The Powerlist 2013 is a list of Britain’s most influential* black people. This publication is a way of telling everyone about the positive stories. The editor who began the Powerlist is Michael Eboda. “The idea was to show there was more to the black community than footballers and entertainers,” he says. “We wanted to help smash* stereotypes.” Here are two of the great people on this year’s list.


used to; present tense

David Adjaye


Obama’s “favourite architect”, David Adjaye, is number one on the Powerlist 2013. David designed the Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo, and is part of a group of architects for the new National Museum of African American History and Culture, which will open in Washington DC in 2015. David believes he can make a positive difference to the world with the buildings he designs. “Don’t just build, change the world,” he says. “Use architecture to make the world better for you and for the people you love.”

Here are some more people from this year’s Powerlist. Do you know why they are famous?

David has a lot of famous fans, including Brad Pitt, who asked him to design some experimental, flood*-resistant houses in New Orleans. David is known for being humble* about his achievements. “It’s great when I get emails from people saying how I have inspired* them. Now that’s wonderful.”

Jessica Ennis

Although Maggie struggled at school, she was encouraged by her father who said, “Work hard and you will be amazed at what you can achieve.” She went to evening classes with him and made her first telescope by herself! Space science, like science in general, is still dominated by men in Britain and the US.


Mo Farah


Idris Elba


Dr John Sentamu


Lewis Hamilton

B. Formula 1 driver Mo Farah

C. 2012 Olympic heptathlon champion D. Archbishop of York

“So, what do you do?” Maggie AderinPocock has always enjoyed the look of surprise on people’s faces when she says, “I’m a space scientist.”

Clangers. It was about some mice who lived on a small planet somewhere in the solar system. She says that because of that, her greatest amibition has always been to travel to Mars!

Jessica Ennis

A. Hollywood star; actor in The Wire

Maggie Aderin-Pocock

Maggie is an inspiring role model for many reasons, and not only because she is black – she found it difficult at school because she is dyslexic*. When she was a little girl, Maggie used to watch an animated TV programme for children called The


E. Olympic Gold Medallist 10,000 metres and 5,000 metres, and current world champion The answers are on page 15.

Idris Elba

At first, the men she was working with did not take her seriously. “Show them you can do something, and they stop seeing your colour or your gender*,” she says. She has worked on a number of important projects, including the James Webb Space Telescope. She presents science programmes on the BBC, and runs a company called Science Innovation Ltd, which aims to get people all over the world interested in space science.

Dr John Sentamu

Glossary aims: wants to make something happen dyslexic: people with dyslexia find it difficult to read words, letters and symbols flood: when water goes above its normal level gender: being male or female heritage: traditions, stories and history that are important to a group of people humble: opposite of arrogant influential: powerful and important inspired: (here) made someone else believe they can do something smash: break (forever)

Lewis Hamilton


Innovations In this series, we will be telling you about some of the latest ideas and innovations in technology, communications and the environment. Let’s find out about them together!

The new rule is: don’t throw things away* when they stop working – repair them! And now there’s a school where you can learn how to fix* almost anything, from computers to domestic appliances*. Let’s find out how. It’s time to stop throwing things away just because they don’t work any more! Many items can be mended and that way you can save money, help protect the environment, and have fun – all at the same time. The Restart Project has been set up by two young people living in London. The project runs Repair Parties where an expert will help you repair electronic devices* or domestic appliances. Their slogan is “Repair, Don’t Despair!” The idea came to the two founders, one English, one Italian, after their experiences working with NGOs* in Africa. “In Kenya, like in many poor countries, they do things very differently from us. They hardly ever throw anything away, and they always try to repair things first. It was while we were in Africa that we realised that

The Repair School


constructions with +ing, imperatives

the Netherlands, and they have even received government funding*. In Australia, people are finding new uses for old jewellery, and in Brooklyn, the Fixers Collective NYC meet once a month to repair high-tech objects. Their slogan is: Working Together to Fix the Things in Our Lives.

Go to www.therestartproject.org for more information, as well as a list of resources to help you. The site has lots of examples, and they might even be able to put you in touch with someone where you live who can repair things for you!

And if it still doesn’t work… Not everything can be repaired, but instead of just throwing it all in the rubbish bin, you could use your imagination to make something new with it! This clever and creative way of recycling things that don’t work any more is called EcoArt. Could you make a unique work of art out of bits of rubbish? How about a pen holder for your desk made from old computer discs? A bedside table out of an old TV, or a necklace made from old microchips. Why don’t you give it a go and see what ideas you can come up with?

Let’s fix it…

80% of the things we throw away could be repaired. By repairing things we would create much less waste and save a lot of money,” say Janet and Ugo, founders of Restart.

Radio not working? Check the batteries, one of them might be dead. Computer slow? You might only need a bit more RAM! MP3 player not playing? Maybe the charger isn’t working? Printer keeps blocking? Download the SSC Service Utility and see if you can repair it yourself. DVD player not reading discs? Often it only needs cleaning. DVD cleaning discs can be bought quite cheaply. Computer overheating? The iFixit site gives plenty of advice on how to solve problems with your PC.

Across the World

Electronic Waste

We all know that our throwaway culture* is not sustainable in the long term. The idea of repairing things rather than simply putting them in the bin is spreading right round the world. The Repair Cafe in Amsterdam has been running for a few years. This is a project in sustainability which aims to reduce waste by repairing everyday objects. The idea is for skilled people to help others mend* things. (www.repaircafe.org). The project, which was the first in the world, has been a big success. It’s not only useful, but people enjoy going there. Today there are more that thirty Repair Cafes in

Bologna in northern Italy is home to Europe’s first intelligent bins. These have been designed to encourage the recycling of electronic waste. Each bin takes different items – lightbulbs, hoovers, mobile phones… Electronic waste is harmful to the environment and it contains many precious metals and other materials that could be used again. Old batteries, mobile phones or computers shouldn’t go into your normal bin, they need to be recycled. It’s good for you and good for the planet!

True or False?



1 It is impossible to regenerate a computer battery. 2 Electronic waste is known by the acronym WEEE. 3 You can make beautiful sculptures out of rubbish. 4 If you leave electronic equipment on stand-by, it doesn’t use electricity. 5 Mobile phones pollute as much as paper. 6 Sweden and Denmark have the highest rates of recycling in the world.

Can you guess? Which of these famous people is a fan of upcycling – the art of transforming old things into new, more useful objects – this is a big fashion among VIPs!

a b c

Natalie Portman Shakira Beyoncé The answer is on page 15

Glossary appliances: cookers, washing machines, irons etc devices: eg smartphones, MP3 players, tablets etc fix: a synonym of mend, repair funding: money (from government or other official organisation) NGO: non-government organisations throw away: put something in the rubbish bin throwaway culture: society where things go straight in the bin when they aren’t wanted

Culture and Society

The Face of Football David Beckham is one of the most successful football players of all time. While he may not be a footballing legend like Argentinian Maradona or Brazilian player Pelé, his list of achievements is impressive. He is the first English player to win league titles in four different countries – England, Spain, USA, and most recently France, when he was playing for Paris Saint-Germain earlier in 2013. He is also the first English player to score goals at three World Cups, and he played for the English squad more times than any other outfield* player.

David Beckham


Fans were surprised when David Beckham announced* his retirement this year after 22 years playing football. For Beckham though, it was the “right time to finish”. In this issue of TEEN, we look back at the career of one of the most famous people in football.


superlatives; language of football

David Beckham has a very famous wife. In 1999 he married popstar Victoria Adams. The couple have four children, three sons – Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, and a young daughter called Harper. They own several houses, the most famous of these is in Hertfordshire, just north of London. This house is often called Beckingham Palace! Bend it Like Beckham

Football Crazy

Beckham True or False

Beckham became famous for taking long, bending* shots, and was brilliant at corners*. Although he has scored a lot of goals, he is best known for his assists*. Assists are when a player passes the ball which helps to score a goal. Beckham has played for some of the best-known teams in the world – Manchester United, Real Madrid, Milan (on loan*), Los Angeles Galaxy, and Paris Saint-Germain. Beckham is famous in the world of football for training a lot and this is probably why he is still a great footballer at the age of 38!

Beckham grew up in a house of Manchester United fans. He and his parents would often travel from their home in East London to watch Manchester United play. David Beckham has played football since he could walk, he joined a youth team and then, when he was 16, his dream came true and he signed a contract to join the Manchester United Youth Team. He became part of a group of successful young players chosen by Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson.

How much do you know about David Beckham? Try and answer the true or false questions below.



1 David and Victoria Beckham are often called “Posh and Becks”. 2 Elton John is godfather to Brooklyn and Romeo England Captain Beckham. One of the greatest dreams of any football 3 David Beckham is the player must be to captain your national first global ambassador team. Beckham first became England captain for Japanese football. in 1996 and played as captain 59 times. 4 David has a large Beckham’s career has not always been easy number of tattoos. though. He has had a number of injuries, and 5 Victoria Beckham he has had some problems with discipline. In was a member of the fact, he was the first England captain to be Pussycat Dolls. sent off* (during a match against Austria in 6 David Beckham insured 2005). This made him extremely unpopular himself for £200 Million. in England for a time. The public forgave* 7 Beckham is a midfield him in the end, because he played such good player. football! 8 According to Google, Beckham is the second Fame and Fortune most famous sports David Beckham has advertised several international products and brands, and he personality in the world. has earned a lot of money by doing that. Now he is so famous that whatever he touches seems to turn to gold. But he is not only interested in money. For example, he donated* the money he earned from Paris Saint-Germain to a local children’s charity, and he has supported UNICEF for many years. He was made a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in 2005. We will not see David Beckham playing professional football, but we will certainly continue to see him on our screens and magazines for many years.

The answers are on page 15

Glossary announced: tell something to the public assist: synonym of to help bend: synonym of curve, not move in a straight line corner: (football) kick the ball on from the corner of the pitch donated: give something away (as a gift) forgave: stopped feeling angry towards someone on loan: borrowed for a short time outfield: (football) all players in a team except the goalkeeper sent off: (football) shown the red card and had to leave the pitch

14 Playstation

Have you read the article on YouTube? Use the clues to help you fill in the crossword! 1. Website which helps fund creative projects. 2. Another name for computer games. 3. Cosmetics, eg lipstick, mascara etc. 4. Famous chef with his own YouTube channel. 5. If you are not a professional you are an ... 6. When you join a YouTube channel. 7. Another name for the internet. 8. Small beetle, the symbol of New York.

Crossword 3








Famous and Black Quiz Can you answer the following questions? Use the names below to help you. 1. Who was the first black woman to win Wimbledon? 2. Who was the first black person to win a Nobel prize? 3. Who was the first black woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize? 4. Who was the first African American astronaut? 5. Who was the first black government minister in the UK? 6. Who is the highest paid African American actor? 7. Who is the richest African American? 8. Which film director made Do The Right Thing, Mo’ Better Blues and Malcolm X? 9. Which popstar is known as the “King of Pop”? 10. Which African American is currently the most powerful person in the world?

Althea Gibson

Lord Paul Boateng

Barack Obama Spike Lee Dr Guion Stewart Bluford

Toni Morrison

Michael Jackson

Wangari Maathai

Oprah Winfrey

Will Smith


Football Wordsearch Can you find these football terms in the wordsearch below? • bench • corner • counterattack • cross • fan • forward • full-back • goal

• • • • • • • •

half-time linesman match net offside pitch referee yellow card


Fill in the gaps

In 1963, Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia gave a speech to the United Nations in New York. This speech has been an inspiration for many people in the world, including Bob Marley. Can you fill in the gaps? CITIZENS • EYES • INFERIOR LASTING • SKIN • SUPERIOR “Until the philosophy which believes one race ........................ .................. and another .......................................... is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned; until there are no longer first-class and second-class .......................................... of any nation; until the colour of a man’s ......................................... is of no more significance than the colour of his ...................... .................... ; …the dreams of .......................................... peace will never be achieved.”

Answers P. 2 Odd One Out: d). P. 4-5 Secret Code: Challenger Deep; Sayings: 1. A; 2. B; 3. B. P. 6-7 Can you guess?: b). P. 8-9 Powerlist quiz: 1. C; 2. E; 3. A; 4. D; 5. B. P. 10-11 True or false: 1. F; 2. V; 3. V; 4. F; 5. F; 6. V. Can you guess?: a). P. 12-13 True or false: 1. T; 2. T; 3. F (Chinese football); 4. T; 5. F (The Spice Girls); 6. £100

The answers are at the bottom of the page.

million (one of the most expensive insurance policies in the world!); 7. T; 8. F (according to Google, he is the most famous). P. 14-15Crossword: 1. Kickstarter; 2. videogames; 3. makeup; 4. Jamie Oliver; 5. amateur; 6. subscribe; 7. web; 8. ladybird. Famous and Black: 1. Althea Gibson (in 1959); 2. Toni Morrison (Literature,

in 1993); 3. Wangari Maathai (in 2004); 4. Dr Guion Stewart Bluford (in 1983); 5. Lord Paul Boateng (in 1997); 6. Will Smith; 7. Oprah Winfrey; 8. Spike Lee; 9. Michael Jackson; 10. Barack Obama. Fill in the gaps: superior; inferior; citizens; skin; eyes; lasting.

The Classics of English Literature Made Easy!

graded readers English • French German • Spanish

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