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Cinema Suraj Sharma


REPORT Glee: The rhythm of friendship


POSTER Stonehenge


TEST What kind of friend are you?


What’s on?

Saint Andrew’s Festival




Les Musicos

The Road to Success

Stop! Listen!!!

Come on!

This is the road to success, my friends!


Fantastic! Let’s get our instruments and go!!!

Yes! It’s the first step towards victory*…

Here we come!!!



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I have news! We’re making a video! We’re going to be famous!

A video!!! That’s wonderful! We’ll be famous! We’ll be stars!

Imagine… thousands of hysterical* fans … an enormous stage …

Are you ready? Great…

victory: success hysterical: very excited

Hi there, everyone!


How are the first months of school going? Hard work? Don’t worry. This edition of Tot has been designed for you to really have fun… as always! This month there’s an article about a new actor, Suraj Sharma, and there’s also a report about the TV series of the moment, Glee! We’ll also pay a visit to the Saint Andrew’s Day Festival in Scotland. And if that’s not enough, you can enjoy yourselves with the fantastic friendship test on page 11! So, have fun and … happy reading!

Lynn P



Cinema Suraj Sharma Jo’s stories


Report Glee: The rhythm of friendship


Poster Stonehenge


Tot Mail

Test What kind of friend are you?

“Animal” network!


What’s on? Saint Andrew’s Festival




Games Corner 14

Complete the article below with words from the box. BIRDS • THEM • SCIENTISTS’ • EXPERIMENT

The Department of Scientific Engineering at Oxford University has begun a new __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ : the zoologist* Ben Sheldon and the engineer Stephen Roberts have decided to create a special study to try to understand the habits and social behaviour* of __ __ __ __ __ . Thanks to a number of transponders*, all of the birds’ movements have been recorded. The __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ programme has allowed __ __ __ __ to understand why certain birds become “best friends” and why others remain simple acquaintances, just like in a real animal-social network !

Visit Cambridge


Hi, I’m Grammy. In this issue you’ll learn about:


present simple past simple superlative adjectives relative pronouns

*GLOSSARY social behaviour: (here) how animals, in this case birds, behave when together zoologist: scientist who studies animal behaviour transponder: a type of microchip

Answers on page 15.

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Sharma Say hello to Suraj Sharma, the 19 year old, previously unknown, actor from India who stars in the 3D fantasy film Life of Pi¸ at cinemas this December. An average schoolboy … In 2010, Suraj Sharma was a normal schoolboy attending the Sardar Patel Vidyalaya High school in New Dehli, when he decided to audition* for a role in a new film, directed by the award-winning film director Ang Lee. Suraj beat 3000 other actors to win the starring role in the film Life of Pi. Suraj had never acted before but the director said, “he filled the room with emotion, much of which he conveyed* simply through his eyes”.

*GLOSSARY audition: a type of interview for a part in a film or play blockbusters: very successful films conveyed: expressed challenge: a very difficult task furry: covered in hair lifeboat: a boat used for rescuing people sinks: (here) goes down in the water zookeeper: someone who is in charge of a zoo P present simple introduction to present perfect relative pronouns


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An award-winning director… Ang Lee is the director of Life of Pi, which will be in cinemas in December. This well-respected Hollywood director had an impressive career so far. He has directed over sixty films, including blockbusters* such as Sense and Sensibility, The Ice Storm, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and Hulk. This film in particular represents an enormous challenge* for him because it will be in 3D. An even bigger challenge for Lee, however, was finding a way of filming the scenes which take place on a small lifeboat*. These scenes star Suraj as the main character, Pi, with his co-star Richard Parker, a Bengal tiger!

What’s in a name? In the Hindi language the name Suraj means sun. While the surname Sharma is regarded as a very important family name. In the Sanskrit language, it can mean happiness, joy and protection.

... and a Bengal tiger! The film is the story of an Indian boy, Pi Patel, who is the son of a zookeeper*. Pi’s family decides to move to Canada, taking their zoo animals with them. When the ship that they are travelling on sinks*, Pi finds himself alone on a lifeboat with a zebra, a hyena, an orangutan and a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker! The film tells the story of his adventure and survival of months at sea with his furry* friends!

Are the following sentences true or false? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Suraj Sharma is American. Life of Pi is Suraj’s first film. Ang Lee is a Hollywood actor. Richard Parker is a zebra. Pi Patel is the son of a zookeeper.



Answers on page 15


Jo’s Stories

I’m going to the concert!? The day of the concert…


I’ve won a ticket for the concert!! Three hours later…

Oh, no! I have to wait in the queue!!!


Great! It’s starting! SPOTLIGHT



The next day…

Oh, no! It’s starting to rain!

Hi Jo! So? How was the concert?

Wet … Atchooo!!!!

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\ REPORT The first episode was a great success!! Three years later, Glee is still one of most loved teen shows on television.

Glee The rhythm of friendship!!!

The Glee club The only extra-curricular activities that the students of the William McKinley HighSchool follow are football and cheerleading championships*. Will Schuester, the highschool Spanish teacher, hopes to restore the Glee club, the school song and dance group, but initially his idea isn’t a great success. The only people happy to join Schuester’s club are a group of misfits* who are considered “losers” by the others. But these students soon reveal their rich talent* and their enthusiasm. So, with great satisfaction, Professor Schuester starts the new Glee club. Don’t stop believing! The Glee club is not only a chance to sing, dance or play music. It is a place where every member of the group is free to talk about himself and where wonderful friendships are made. Singing, dancing and making music is just an excuse* to teach these young people something more: to rely on each other, be more confident and never stop believing in their dreams. Don’t stop believing!!!


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A social phenomenon In a short time Glee has become a real social phenomenon, with an audience of around eight million viewers per episode. The serious fans call themselves Gleeks; a combination of the word glee (happiness) and geek (clever but clumsy and socially awkward) Quite a few stars have had roles in the television series including the rapper Eve, Olivia Newton John, Britney Spears, Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, Lindsay Lohan, Gwyneth Paltrow and Whoopi Goldberg. Successful... losers! Rechel Barry: She’s the real Glee club star, beautiful talented. She’s also very selfish*. Finn Hudson: Rachel’s fiancé. He’s very good at playing football and....singing. Mercedes Jones: She loves fashion, singing and performing, too. Kurt Hummel: He also loves fashion, and he is a very good soprano* with a magnificent voice. Artie Abrams: He has just one passion, music! He has to use a wheelchair and is often the victim of unkind jokes.

Tina Cohen Chang: She loves heavy metal and emo-core music! And she has a very particular sense of style! Noah Puck Puckerman: Not very nice. He joined the Glee club as a joke. Santana Lopez: She joined the Glee club to try to destroy it. But she finds out that she likes it! Brittany Pierce: She is a very good dancer, but she still persists in singing in the Glee club chorus. Mike Chang: He’s the best Glee club dancer, sweet and quite shy*.

In 2011 the 3D film Glee: the 3D Concert Movie was released. It was a documentary about the fantastic concerts in North America and Europe which starred the cast of Glee!

Mr Schuester comes across a lot of hostility and difficulties from some of his colleagues. In particular from 1 2 3

Lisa Armstrong – the PE teacher Sue Sylvester – the cheerleading coach Mr Shakespeare – the English literature teacher Answer on page 15

*GLOSSARY cheerleading championships: competitions held in the United States between cheerleading teams from different high schools excuse: (here) opportunity misfits: losers, not winners selfish: having no consideration for other people shy: someone who is reserved and doesn’t talk much soprano: a voice which can reach very high notes

P present simple, language for expressing abilities, introduction to the present perfect

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It is one of approximately 900 prehistoric stone monuments which can still be found all around the UK. Let’s take a closer look at Stonehenge.










Find 6 adjectives from the text in the word circle.

Answers on page 15

Welcome to Stonehenge, in the English county of Wiltshire; probably the most famous prehistoric stone circle in the country. It is estimated that construction began on this iconic stone circle around 2200B.C. and that it probably took over one hundred years to build. The circle is made up of over 150 stones, some from the local area and some from as far as Wales! The stones are different sizes, but some of the larger ones weigh more than 4 tonnes (4,000 kilos)! There are many different theories about why Stonehenge was built and how it was used; some of these stories even include wizards and magic spells! However, Stonehenge was probably built and used as a meeting point for religious festivals and celebrations.



of English

Tot Mail

Hi guys, Well, you’ve come to the right people! Our magazine is really great and we have a lot of fun writing it, too! But maybe we’ll disappoint you a little if we tell you that there is no special secret. Passion and creativity are very important in this job, but success depends on many other things, like commitment, consistency and patience. A school newspaper should be fun and it should show everyone that going to that school is really great, in the words of the people who actually go there: the students. You should find a young designer who can help you to make it even better with good photos and original* illustrations.

Dear Tot, Our names are Maggie, Jane and Peter and we’re in the 2nd year at secondary school. Our head-master is trying to raise* money to rennovate the school and he has decided that the school should enter a journalism competition. The school who enters the best school newspaper will win money for its school. The head-master has given us the task of looking after the newspaper this year and he’s sure we can win the competition. We, on the other hand, are terrified of doing it all wrong. Can you share some of your secrets with us?

Maggie, Jane and Peter 10

Unauthorised photocopyng is illegal.

Good luck, “colleagues”!

The Editor

*GLOSSARY raise: (here) to collect money from different places original: new, different


What kind of friend are you?

*GLOSSARY careful: pay attention tease: make fun of

Would you like to spend all your time with your friends or would you like to spend more time on your own? Find out with this quiz!

1 Your pair of friends is: a Shrek and Donkey b Pumba and Timon c Why just two? I prefer a big group! 2 How many text messages do you send and receive in a day? a 10/20 b More than 20 c I don’t count them anymore... I’ve lost my mobile phone!

4 Your best friend is sad and you: a I tease* him to see how he reacts b I spend a nice afternoon with him c I call all our friends and organise a surprise party 5 Choose a colour: a White b Orange c All the colours of the rainbow

3 What animal do you like the most? a Dogs b Cats c All of them! Mainly A’s You are a good friend, but you also like to be on your own, thinking or just listening to the silence. You enjoy being with the others, but sometimes you need your own private space for a little solitude.

Mainly B’s Friendship is very important to you, is a special link between two people, who choose to spend time with each other and share everything. You’re careful* about how you choose your friends and you are loyal to them for the rest of your life.

6 Your perfect afternoon is: a At home, sleeping, listening to music or playing on the computer b Having crazy adventures with my best friend c Home or somewhere else with all my friends 7 It’s your birthday. You decide to spend it: a With my best friend b With a small group of friends c With my schoolmates and my friends

Mainly C’s Friends are never enough! You can never be on your own! You get bored! Your motto is: “The more the merrier!”. You easily make friends because you are an open and happy person.

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What’s on?

The Saint Andrew’s Day Festival

It may be the beginning of winter, but Scotland is celebrating its patron saint* on the streets of Fife!


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Saint Andrew’s Day


Romantic Customs

Saint Andrew is celebrated as Scotland’s patron saint on 30th November; the day is an official public holiday in the Northernmost country of the British Isles. However, it is also an important holiday in many other countries around the world. Saint Andrew is not only the patron saint of Scotland, but also of Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Patras in Greece, Amalfi in Italy, Luqa in Malta, and Esgueira in Portugal, too!

Saint Andrew’s Day is traditionally celebrated all over Scotland on 30th November with parties, Scottish dancing, bagpipe* music and typical Scottish food, including hotch-potch, a traditional soup made with meat and vegetables.

At midnight on 29th November, the day before St Andrew’s Day, it was traditional for girls to pray to St. Andrew for a husband. They would make a wish* and look for a sign that they had been heard. A girl who wanted to get married would:

In the town of Saint Andrews in the Scottish county of Fife, celebrations last for ten days, beginning, this year, on Friday 23rd November and ending on Sunday 2nd December. The festival will host a number of Scottish artists from actors and street performers to dancers and traditional Scottish bagpipe bands! The celebrations also include a food festival, a torch*light parade and a spectacular firework display!

• •

Andrew was a fisherman in Galilee (now part of Israel), along with his brother Simon Peter (Saint Peter). The brothers became followers of Jesus Christ, founder of the Christian religion, and Andrew travelled around the world telling people about his beliefs. He was named as the patron saint of Scotland in the 10th century.

Throw a shoe at a door. If the toe of the shoe pointed in the direction of the exit, then she would marry and leave her parents’ house within a year. Peel* a whole apple without breaking the peel and throw the peel over the shoulder. If the peel formed a letter of the alphabet, then this suggested the name of her future husband.

*GLOSSARY The flag of Scotland is blue with a white cross and is ”. known as the “Saint Andrew’s Complete the crossword with words from the text to find out.


1 P O R 5 F D 7 F 2

4 6

3 P




patron saint: the named saint of a town or country bagpipe: a traditional Scottish musical instrument torch: a small light used to see in the dark wish: something that you would really like to happen peel: (here) take off the outer layer or the skin



Answers on page 15

P past simple present passive introduction to would

Unauthorised photocopyng is illegal.

13 13

J Games Corner A

Did you enjoy the article about Glee this month? Read it again then match the two parts of the sentences. 1 Singing, dancing and making music is just an excuse … 2 Will Schuester, the high-school Spanish teacher, hopes to restore the Glee club, … 3 But these students soon reveal … 4 To rely on each other, be more confident … 5 The only people happy to join Schuester’s club … 6 It is a place where every member of the group is free … 7 The serious fans call themselves Gleeks, … 8 The only extra-curricular activities that the students of the William McKinley High-School follow …

a and never stop believing in their dreams. b the school song and dance group, but initially his idea isn’t a great success. c are football and cheerleading championships. d are a group of misfits who are considered “losers” by the others. e their rich talent and their enthusiasm. f to teach these young people something more. g to talk about himself and where wonderful friendships are made. h a combination of the word glee (happiness) and geek (clever but clumsy and socially awkward)


Read the article about Saint Andrew’s Day again then complete the sentences with the correct word from the box. for • around • of • in • on

1 2 3 4 5


Saint Andrew is the patron saint ______________ Scotland. The festival of Saint Andrew in Fife lasts ______________ ten days. The Festival is ______________ 30th November. Saint Andrew’s Day is an important day ______________ many other countries too. Saint Andrew travelled ______________ the world telling people about his beliefs

Unauthorised photocopyng is illegal.

Answers on page 15


Answers page 3: experiment, birds, scientists’, them. page 4: 1. F; 2. T; 3. F; 4. F; 5. T. pages 6-7: 2 pages 8-9: prehistoric, famous, iconic, local, different, magic pages 12-13: 1. saint; 2. patron, 3. holiday, 4. Portugal, 5. fife, 6. Andrew, 7. festival: SALTIRE page 14: A. 1,f; 2,b; 3,e; 4,a; 5,d; 6,g; 7,h; 8,c; B.1. of; 2. for; 3. on; 4. in; 5. around. page 16: Rachel Weisz


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On Tour


Tassa Riscossa / Taxe Perçue

It’s is one of the most impressive cities in England for education, culture and history. Let’s visit the city of Cambridge! The University of Cambridge, founded in 1209, is one of the most important universities in the world. In fact, the city of Cambridge is dominated* by the university and its many colleges which can be found all around this famous city.

And even if the Royal Prince doesn’t live in the city, Prince William and his wife Catherine now hold the titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, which makes it one of the most prestigious* cities in the country, too!

*GLOSSARY dominated: influenced by the presence of something prestigious: of great cultural importance


Unauthorised photocopyng is illegal.

Did you know? The oldest bookshop in England can be found on 1 Trinity Street in the heart of Cambridge’s city centre. The shop opened in 1581 and has sold books there ever since then. The shop is now owned by the Cambridge University Press.

\ Many famous people attended the University of Cambridge, including many writers, musicians, scientists and actors. Use the code to find the name of the Cambridge graduate who starred in the films The Whistleblower and The Bourne Legacy.

a= c=  e= h= i= l=l r=n s=o w= z= nl o

______ _____ Answer on page 15.

Complemento operativo allegato al volume Team Up 3. Non vendibile separatamente. ELI 2013

The university is not the only attraction in Cambridge. Around 4.6 million visitors come to Cambridge every year come from all over the world to see the city’s museums, art galleries, gardens and visit the many events and festivals which are held there, including the famous music festival Strawberry Fair.

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