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Welcome Unit p. 2 Unit 1 My World p. 4 Extra Listening: A phone conversation p. 9 Unit 2 My House p. 10 Extra Reading: A house-sitting ad p. 15 Unit 3 Jobs & Sports p. 16 Extra Listening: Five short conversations p. 21 Unit 4 My Life p. 22 Extra Reading: School routine p. 27 Unit 5 Education p. 28 Extra Listening: A particular school p. 33 Unit 6 Food & Drink p. 34 Extra Reading: Slow Food p. 39 Unit 7 Entertainment p. 40 Extra Reading: The girl who loved books p. 45 Unit 8 Travel & Transportation p. 46 Extra Reading: New Guinea p. 51 Unit 9 Fashion p. 52 Extra Reading: Cheaper than ever p. 57 Unit 10 Language p. 58 Extra Listening: Language courses p. 63 Irregular Verbs p. 64 Punctuation & Phonetics p. 66 Wordlist p. 67 Audioscripts p. 73 Elementary 1

World Map

1 Complete the world map with the names of the countries from the box.

South Africa


• The UK

• Australia


• Nigeria

• New Zealand

• Zimbabwe

• Pakistan


• The USA

• The Philippines

• Cameroon

• Canada

2 Now, complete the table of the English-speaking countries: which countries have English as their first language, and which as their second?

English as first language

English as second language

2 Welcome Unit

3 Write the nationalities.

1 Carlos is from Nigeria. He’s .

2 Zaha and Ali are form Delhi. They’re

3 Shona and Maita are from Zimbabwe. They’re

4 Datu is from the Philippines. He’s

5 Ava is from Canada. She’s .

6 Ali is from Guyana. He’s

7 Cindy and Josh are from Australia. They’re

8 Luan is from South Africa. He’s .

9 Amanda is from the USA. She’s

10 Kartika is from Indonesia. She’s

4 Match the capital cities (1-10) with the countries (a-j).

1 Karachi a n Canada

2 Pretoria b n New Zealand

3 Washington, D.C. c n Ghana

4 Canberra d n The UK

5 Ottawa e n Pakistan

6 Manila f n Australia

7 London g n India

8 Wellington h n South Africa

9 Accra i n The USA

10 New Delhi j n The Philippines


My World

Vocabulary: Countries & nationalities

1 Solve the crossword puzzle with the name of the languages.


3 Complete the table with the words from the box.

blue • long • big • green • blonde • red • black


3 I am from Denmark. I speak ...

5 I am from Indonesia. I speak ...

7 They are from Turkey. They speak ...

8 I am from America. I speak ...

10 You are from Spain. You speak ...

12 I am from Brazil. I speak ...

13 She is from Wales. She speaks ...


1 You are from France. You speak ...

2 She is from Vietnam. She speaks ...

4 They are from Poland. They speak ...

6 She is from Germany. She speaks ...

9 We are from China. We speak ...

11 I am from Greece. I speak ...

2 Count the objects and write the numbers. Then add the plural of the words from the box.

baby • flag • watch • woman • child • key

4 Match the pictures (A-F) with the descriptions (1-6).

1 four flags

1 n Alice: curly hair

2 n Richard: short hair and a beard

3 n Lucy: brown hair

4 n Luis: short brown hair

5 n Tara: long, black hair

6 n Ana: freckles and glasses

1 2 4 6 9 11 3 5 7 8 10 12 13
5 6
3 2 4
Appearance length size color
color hair eyes E F A B C D

5 Underline the correct alternative.

My half-brother isn’t tall but he has our father’s amazing blue 1 eyes / hair and his mother’s long, dark 2 hair / skin. I’m 3 tall / long and I have my mother’s 4 green / curly eyes. My uncle Jack has two children, Allie and Jim. They have their father’s 5 red / round hair and their mother’s pale 6 eyes / skin. My grandmother Beth isn’t very 7 tall / short and she has 8 gray / slim hair now. She’s 9 round / old, so she uses 10 braces / glasses to read.


6 1 Complete Jake’s family tree. Then listen and check.

brother • grandmother • father • sister • mother uncle • cousin (x2) • grandfather • aunt

Vocabulary & Functions

7 Complete the sentences about Jake’s family with the words from the box.

sister • brother • grandmother • aunt • father cousins • uncle • grandfather

1 My mother has a sister. She’s my Susan.

2 My is very old. She’s 80.

3 My Chris and Sarah live in Canada.

4 The man with the short brown beard is my Nick.

5 My Mike has short, brown hair.

6 My John has white hair and big blue eyes.

7 My is called Amy. She’s 15.

8 Our little Simon is our superhero! He has our grandfather’s blue eyes.

Functions: Introducing people

8 Complete the conversation with the sentences (a-h).

Adrian Hi, I am Adrian and I am from Austin, Texas. 1 ?

Louise Hi Adrian. 2 . My name is Louise.

Adrian Nice to meet you, too, Louise.



, Mexico.

? Louise

, and you?

Adrian Me too! 7 ?

Louise I’m with Mr Simpson. Adrian 8 . I’m with Ms Thompson.

a How old are you

b We are not

c Nice to meet you

d Are we in the same class

e Where are you from

f I’m form Tijuana

g What’s your name

h I’m fifteen

1 5
Amy Sister Clare Simon Mike Betty John Susan Nick Sarah Chris Jake

Personal pronouns

1 Match the pronouns (1-7) to the sentences (a-g). Use the words in parentheses to help you.

to be – Negative form

4 Complete the sentences with the negative short form of to be.

1 I’ Spanish, I’m Mexican.

2 Joanna my sister. She’s my mom.

3 You from China.

4 Marina at home. She’s at school.

5 Amy and Mike in my class.

6 We’re 14 years old. We 15.

7 They are early. They late.

8 It cloudy. It’s rainy.

to be – Interrogative form & short answers

1 She

2 They

3 He

4 They

5 You

6 It

a n is the capital city of Turkey. (Ankara)

b n is from Algeria. (Fatima)

c n are best friends. (Penny and Leonard)

d n are in the same group. (José and I)

e n isn’t at the university today. (Omar)

f n are different. (the English, Scottish and Welsh flags)

7 We to be – Affirmative form

2 Underline the correct alternative.

1 Raul is / are 29 years old.

2 I are / am in class today.

3 We are / is from Uruguay.

4 Luc and Pedro are / am friends.

5 She are / is Taiwanese.

6 It am / is a red, white and blue flag.

7 You are / am Egyptian.

5 Complete the sentences with the interrogative form of to be. Then write the short answers.

1 ‘ Mae and Ben at home?’ ‘Yes, .’

2 ‘ I late?’ ‘No, .’

3 ‘ this music in your phone?’ ‘Yes, .’

4 ‘ this your ID card?’ ‘No, .’

5 ‘ dolphins mammals?’ ‘Yes, .’

6 ‘ you and your friends at school on Saturdays?’ ‘No, .’

7 ‘ Charlie from New York?’ ‘Yes, .’

8 ‘ we ready?’ ‘No, .’


6 Complete the sentences with the plurals of the words in parentheses.

World Statistics

• There are about 7 billion

1 in the world (person)

• There are almost 200

2 in the world (country)

3 Rewrite the sentences using the subject pronouns and the short form of to be.

1 Carol and Lindsay are American.

g n aren’t on vacation here. (you and your friend) They’re American.

2 My sister and I are students.

3 Sam is British.

4 The students are in the classroom.

5 The cake is delicious.

6 Mr and Mrs Redford are from Dublin.

• There are almost 2 billion

3 in the world under 15 years old (child)

• There are 19 million people with

4 on the same day as you! (birthday)

• There are almost 7 billion

5 (cell phone) in the world

• There are about 4 billion 6 (woman) in the world

• There are 8,600 red 7 (bus) in London

• There are more than 8 (foot) in one meter

6 1 Grammar Lab

Possessive adjectives

7 Complete the sentences with the correct possessive adjective. Use the underlined words to help you.

1 I have a new telephone. This is new number: 343 624 3416.

2 Larry’s sister is very tall. name is Hilda.

3 Jack and Jenny have a new house. new house is in the city.

4 Luke has a lovely cat, but dog is crazy!

5 You have a great sister. sister is my new classmate!

6 You and Ben have big, blue eyes and hair is brown.

7 Michelle, come and meet my sister. name is Trisha.

8 I am from London population is about 8 million people.

Possessive ’s

8 Choose the correct option (A, B or C).

1 mother has brown eyes.

A Justin’s B Justin C Justins

2 Do children have freckles?

A Cesare B Cesares C Cesare and Maria and Marias and Maria’s

3 Does husband have a beard?

A Ginas B Gina’s C Gina

4 parents don’t have a big house.

A Pauls B Paul C Paul’s

5 Rina is daughter.

A Mark B Marks C Mark’s and Jan’s and Jans and Jan

6 Who are children?

A Keith B Keith’s C Keith and Dee’ and Dee and Dee’s


9 Rewrite the sentences using the plural form of the words.

1 This is an English exercise.

2 That is my brother.

3 Is that a new house?

4 This isn’t a big bedroom.

5 Is this your child?

6 What’s that?

10 Now rewrite the sentences using the singular form of the words.

1 Those are Jack’s books.

2 These aren’t my phones.

3 Are these your photos?

4 Those aren’t my sisters.

5 Are those people with you?

6 Are these children your cousins?

Round up

11 Choose the correct option (A, B or C).

Hi! My name is Angelina, I am American and I 1 14. I live in Wichita, Kansas, with 2 family. My father is tall and he has short, brown hair and a 3 . My mother 4 short and thin, with long, blonde hair and green eyes. I have red, 5 hair and freckles. Andrew and David are my little brothers: 6 are twins! Their hair is brown, and they have braces. My 7 sister, Ann, is married to Alan; they’re 8 parents, my 9 10 young man is my uncle; he doesn’t have 11 . He lives with my grandparents but they 12 old – they’re just 60! We go on vacation all together.

Is 13 a bit crazy? Yes, 14 . But I love them!

1 A ’m B have C is

2 A our B my C your

3 A glasses B beard C freckles

4 A have B has C is

5 A curly B thin C plump

6 A we B they C you

7 A mother’s B mother C mothers

8 A Matt’s B Matt’s C Matt and Amy and Amy’s and Amy’s

9 A grandparents B brothers C cousins

10 A That B These C Those

11 A childs B childrens C children

12 A are B aren’t C isn’t

13 A these B this C those

14 A is B isn’t C it is

7 1

Language Skills

Warm up

1 Look at the pictures. Who are these people? What’s their relationship? Where are they?


Hi José,

Thank you for your email and the great pictures of your family. Here are a couple of pictures of my family for you. The first one is a picture of a picnic last summer in a park near our house in Boston.


2 Read the text and check your answers. Put the people in the correct column.

Ayesha • Ayesha’s aunt • Ayesha’s brother

Ayesha’s cousins • Ayesha’s grandparents

Ayesha’s parents • Ayesha’s sister • Ayesha’s uncle

There I am in the front between my mom, Samira, and my little brother, Jay – on top of the picnic! My sister Anya is next to my mom, and my dad, Oscar, is behind us all. He has very blond hair and blue eyes because he’s from Malmö in the south of Sweden.

In the other picture is my mom’s side of the family in Mumbai in India. It’s Diwali - the festival of light, so they all have colorful clothes and lots of presents. My aunt Maya, my mom’s little sister and her husband, my uncle Rohan, are at the back. My little cousins, their kids, are on the couch. Prisha is the cute girl on the left and Arun is the serious boy on the right. My dadi, or Indian grandpa, Daljeet and nani, or Indian grandma, Geetha, are there in the middle with all the presents.

I don’t have any pictures of my dad’s family on my cell phone. But I’m sure he has some of my farmor (Swedish grandma), Alice and farfar (Swedish grandpa) Lucas - so I can scan them next time.

Anyway, I hope you like the pictures, Bye for now! Ayesha

8 1
Picture 1 Picture 2
1 2

3 CERT Read the text again and choose the correct option.

1 Ayesha is from A Boston B Malmö C Mumbai

2 Ayesha’s dad has A black hair B blue eyes C brown eyes

3 In picture 2 it’s A Ayesha’s cousin’s birthday B Ayesha’s aunt and uncle’s wedding C the festival of light

4 Prisha is Ayesha’s . A aunt B cousin C sister

5 Dadi and Nani are Ayesha’s . A Indian B Indian uncle C Swedish grandparents and aunt grandparents

6 Which pictures are not on Ayesha’s phone?

A her American B her Indian C her Swedish family family family


4 2 CERT Listen to Dan describing his best friend, Sofia. Complete her profile.

Name: Sofia

Age: 1

Appearance: 2 with 3

Nationality: American with 4

Good at: 5

Interested in: 6


5 CERT Write an email to your pen pal about your best friend. Write about 100 words. In your email:

● describe your friend.

● say what he or she is good at.

● say what he or she is interested in.

Extra Listening

Speaking and Listening

1 3 Listen to a cell phone conversation and answer these questions.

1 Who phones who?

2 What is the phone call about?

2 3 Listen again and complete the conversation.

Charlie 1 Tilly. It’s Charlie.

Tilly Hey Charlie! 2 ?

Charlie Are you 3 ?

Tilly No, 4 ?

Charlie Wanna come over to 5 to 6 ?

Tilly Cool! 7 ?

Charlie Is 8 OK?

Tilly Sure, 9 ?

Charlie How about 10

Tilly Awesome! 11

Charlie Yeah, see you at eight! And bring 12 !

Learn to Learn Speaking strategies

Phone language

Saying hello: Hi/Hey!

Greetings: What’s up? How are you?

Asking questions: Are you busy? Do you want to…?

Wanna…? What time? What movie?

Making suggestion: Is eight OK? How about…?

Making requests: Bring popcorn!

Responding: Cool! Awesome!

Saying goodbye: Bye/See you (later)

Role play

3 Pairwork Take turns to phone your friend and make a plan. Use the conversation in exercise 2 and the Functions box to help you. Record your conversation and then listen back. Check your pronunciation. Did you use the right functions? Could you think of what to say?

9 1

My House

Vocabulary: Rooms in a house

1 Match the definitions (1-6) to the rooms (a-f) of the house.

1 In this room you sleep.

2 In this room you keep food and cook.

3 In this room you watch the TV.

4 In this room you wash your clothes.

5 In this room you take a shower.

6 In this room you have dinner with your family.

a n kitchen

b n dining room

c n bathroom

d n living room

e n bedroom

f n utility room

2 Choose the correct option (A, B or C).

1 I need a larger mirror in my .

A bathroom B garage C utility room

2 For my birthday I got a new TV for my .

A basement B bedroom C utility room

3 Our is fantastic: there is a double sofa, a large TV and even a little kitchen!

A bathroom B garage C basement

4 My favorite place to relax is the sofa in the

A living room B bathroom C garage

5 Our has the newest electrical appliances!

A kitchen B study C garden

6 We don’t have a big so we keep the washing machine in the garage.

A living room B utility room C study

7 In the summer we usally have breakfast in the .

A terrace B garage C attic

8 There is a table and two chairs for the . A utility room B balcony C bathroom

3 Complete the sentences (1-6) with the words from the box.

hall • attic • basement • corridor • balcony • garage

1 A ‘Where is my old skateboard?’

B ‘Go upstairs in the .’

2 Our new house has a big with many plants.

3 When I am at my grandparents’, I can park my bike in their

4 There is a tall bookcase between the dining room and the

5 The leading to my bedroom is really dark and scary.

6 Tom has a gigantic playroom in the of their house.

Electrical appliances

4 Write the words from the box under the pictures.

dryer • washing machine • iron • blow-dryer vacuum cleaner • dishwasher

1 2 3 4 5 6
In the bathroom
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 1 2 3 4 7 8 6 5
5 Label the picture.

6 Write the name of the kitchen appliances in the crossword puzzle.

Vocabulary & Functions

7 Look at the picture. Complete the text which describes it.

This is the 1 room in our house. It’s not very big, but it’s nice and cozy. There is one 2 , there are two 3 with big white 4 and a 5 with a small plant. Next to the sofa there’s a 6 . On the wall there’s a painting by a modern artist. There’s a very large window with long 7 to protect us from the sun. When it’s too hot, we use the 8 on the ceiling.

Functions: Talking about houses

8 4 Listen to the conversation, then match the questions (1-6) to the answers (a-f).

1 When do you go to the living room?

2 Is there a dining room in your house?

3 Where is your bedroom?

4 What’s a ‘utility room’?

5 Where is the bathroom?

6 Why you and your brother Toby are in the same room?

a n No, there isn’t. We eat in the kitchen.

b n When I want to watch the TV.

c n It’s the same as laundry room.

d n Because don’t have my own room.

e n It’s next to my parents’ bedroom.

f n It’s upstairs.

2 11
6 7
In the kitchen
1 3 5 8 9 11 4 2 10 7 6 10 11 2 4 5 9 3 8 1


1 Write the when necessary, or / if the sentence is correct.

1 ‘...and now Cristiano Ronaldo has ball.’

2 Jeff isn’t at home today.

3 The tennis players are ready on tennis court.

4 The athletes run on track on the left.

5 We don’t study music at our school.

6 Rugby is national sport of New Zealand.

7 ‘Where is your mother?’ ‘She is at work.’

8 Can you see bus?

9 I love to study English!

10 What time does movie start tonight?

2 Underline the correct alternative.

Polo is originally

1 the / a / an Persian sport and it is about 2,600 years old! Each team has four players and each player has various horses.

2 The / A / An horses are very fast and

3 the / a / an players change horses every 15 minutes.

Polo players have 4 the / a / an helmet and use

5 the / a / an special type of bat called

6 the / a / an mallet. There is only one ball.

The object of 7 the / a / an game is to hit

8 the / a / an ball with 9 the / a / an mallet into

10 the / a / an opponents’ goal.

There is, There are

3 Complete the sentences with there is / there are and there isn’t / there aren’t.

1 two oranges in the fridge: there are five oranges.

2 a cat on the sofa: there is a dog.

3 There isn’t mom at the door: your friend at the door.

4 your books in my bag: there are my books.

5 There aren’t four chairs in the kitchen: three chairs in the kitchen.

6 a new movie on TV: there is an old movie.

4 Put the words in the correct order to make questions, then write affirmative (✓) or negative answers (✗).

1 a basement / in / is / there / the house / ? (✓) ?

2 video games / the living room / there / are / in? (✗) ? .

3 a utility room / in / is / your / there / house / ? (✓) ? .

4 in / two chests of drawers / there / are / bedroom / your / ? (✗) ?

5 the / there / a / is / tent / yard / in / ? (✗) ? .

6 are / the / two / there / living room / in / sofas / ? (✓) ?

Prepositions of place

5 Underline the correct alternative.

1 There are four cushions on / between the sofa.

2 The bookcase is between / next to the coffee table.

3 John is helping Dad cutting the grass in / at the yard.

4 Let’s meet at the park near / under the train station.

5 ‘Hurry up! We are in / at the movies waiting for you!’

6 Can you swim behind / under water?

7 The car is in the yard under / in front of the garage.

8 Pfff... I’m bored! There’s nothing interesting at / on the TV tonight.

9 My bedroom is next to / between my parent’s and my sister’s.

10 My grandparents’ house is opposite / between the bus stop.

11 Move the armchair near / behind the window.

12 Help! There is a giant spider on / under the ceiling!

12 2 Grammar Lab

6 Look at the picture and complete the sentences with the prepositions of place from the box.

between • under • in front of • on • in • behind next to

Round up

9 Choose the correct option (A, B or C).

Xanadu 2.0 is 1 name of Bill Gates’ house. It’s a huge house with beautiful views of the city of Seattle and of Lake Washington.

1 The bed is _____________ the nightstands.

2 The sink is _____________ the mirror.

3 The chair is the desk.

4 The pot is _____________ the stove.

5 The plant is the vase.

6 The window is _____________ the curtains.

7 The coat hanger is _____________ the umbrella stand.

Question words

7 Underline the correct alternative.

1 How / Where / Who do you spell your name?

2 Who / What / Why is your favorite popstar?

3 Where / Why / When is your birthday?

4 Why / How / Who are you late?

5 When / Where / Why is Mom?

6 What / When / Who do you have for breakfast?

8 Write the questions for these answers.

1 ? I’m from Australia.

2 ?

My telephone number is 0012986574.

3 ?

My parents are fine, thank you.

4 ? I’m happy because it’s my birthday!

5 ? That girl is Cloe. She’s in my class.

6 ? My birthday is on the 3rd of April.

2 7 bedrooms and 24 bathrooms – that is more than three 3 per bedroom! There are 6 kitchens in different parts of the house. There is an enormous 4 where 24 people can eat, and numerous living rooms with comfy 5 . There is 6 library with lots of books; 7 two bookcases there is a bar! 8 a normal swimming pool: it has an underwater music system, and a glass wall so you can swim from inside to an outdoor 9 . There’s also 10 enormous aquarium with rare marine animals. 11 is the elevator? It’s 12 the 84 steps down from the entrance to the 13 . In the three 14 there is room for 23 cars!

1 A a B the C /

2 A There are B There is C There aren’t

3 A bedrooms B bedroom C bathrooms

4 A dining room B utility rooms C halls

5 A closets B sofas C chests of drawers

6 A a B / C the

7 A on B behind C under

8 A There are B There is C There isn’t

9 A terrace B hall C garage

10 A a B an C the

11 A When B How C Where

12 A near to B between C on

13 A roof B first floor C kitchen

14 A gardens B terraces C garages


10 Translate the sentences into your language.

1 ‘Where is the toaster?’ ‘It’s on the table in the kitchen.’

2 How do you go to school?

3 Is there an armchair in your bedroom?

4 There aren’t new cushions on the chairs.

5 The TV is between the window and the bookcase.

6 The bathroom is upstairs, the kitchen is downstairs.

13 2
4 6 2 5 1 7 3

Language Skills

Warm up

1 Look at the pictures. What’s a smart house?

Lights! Music! Action!

Is your home a smart home? In a smart home there are appliances connected to the internet, if you are home or not. So there are controls for light, temperature, security cameras, doors, music or TV on your cell phone, tablet or other digital devices.


2 Read the text and check your answers. Check (✔) all the things connected to the internet.

n beds n car in the garage

n coffee machine n curtains

n doors n heat

n lights n mirror

n music n security cameras

n shower n stove

n toaster n TV

What time are your family members up, out, home, at the table, or in bed? Not sure? Well, your smart home is! It is very smart! If there’s nobody home, the lights are off. But if there’s somebody up to no good near your house there’s immediately a message to you, or to the police form your smart home. Cool, uh?

For example: there’s a mailman at your front door, but you’re out with the dog. No problem! Just open the app on your smartphone and say: “Please leave the mail in the garage!”

It’s cold and dark, you’re on your way home. You’re tired and hungry. Tell your cell phone, “Close the curtains!”, “Switch on the heat and light”, “Turn on the stove ready for dinner!”

It’s morning. You’re late for work or school. On your way to the shower, say, “Switch on the coffee machine and the toaster!” And there’s breakfast ready for you.

There are lots of good things about smart homes. They are intelligent, green, easy and safe.

But there are also some bad things about them. The smart technology is expensive and there are risks from internet hackers.

3 Read the text again and write if the sentences are true (T) or false (F). Then correct the false ones.

1 Smart homes are only smart when you are home.

2 There are apps for your cell phone, tablet or other devices.

3 Smart homes are not really very smart.

4 Smart homes are able to send messages to the police.

5 Smart homes are good for you and the Earth.

6 There is no security risk from smart technology.



4 5 CERT Listen to Alex talking to his mom on the phone. Choose the correct option (A, B or C).

1 Whose phone is Alex on?

A His friend Joe’s phone.

B His friend’s mother’s phone.

C His mother’s phone.

2 Where is the first place on his mother’s search for the phone?

A In the wardrobe.

B On the table

C Under the bed.

3 Which room is next in the search?

A the bathroom

B the kitchen

C the living room

4 What is Alex’s good idea?

A For his mother to ring him back.

B To ring his own phone.

C To use ‘find my phone’.

5 Where is the phone in the end?

A In Alex’s dad’s car.

B On top of the car

C Near the place the car usually is.


5 CERT Look at the pictures: what is the story they tell? Write about 100 words.

Read the advertisement and complete the home-sitter profile.

Home-sitter with lots of experience

Hello, my name is Rhiannon Lee and I am 21 years old. I’m from Ohio in the USA.

I am a very serious, young student of ancient Greek and Roman history.

(Don’t worry about student parties, as there is a lot of work to do for my final year at university!)

I am interested in home-sitting for one week to three months and I am free to start immediately.

I have a car so there’s no problem about house-sitting in a city, town or in the country (I’m cool with all of them!).

I am very happy with cats and dogs, but not so happy with snakes and spiders! I am very tidy and am good at cleaning, gardening and any little jobs around the house. There are references available from past house-sitting experiences. Please click here or contact me at or call or message me on 017871234567.

Thank you!


Name: 1

Age: 2

Nationality: 3

Job: 4

Period available: 5

Start date: 6

Transport: 7

Type of house-sit considered: 8

Pets considered: 9

Abilities: 10

References: 11

Contact details: 12

15 2 Extra Reading

Jobs & Sports

Vocabulary: Job

1 What’s the job? Write it next to the list of words.

gardener • journalist • mechanic • personal trainer teacher • chef • policewoman • doctor

1 newspaper, magazine, website:

2 trees, flowers, plants:

3 car, van, motorbike:

4 thief, police station, investigation:

5 gym, pilates, crossfit:

6 kitchen, restaurant, menu:

7 patients, hospital, medicines:

8 books, labs, register:

2 Where do you work? Write the jobs from the box under the pictures of places.

sales assistant • cameraman • hairdresser • nurse actor • waiter • receptionist • farmer

3 Match the words (1-8) with the words (a-h) to make jobs collocations.

1 flight a n agent

2 bus b n manager

3 construction c n officer

4 travel d n attendant

5 police e n designer

6 software f n driver

7 social media g n developer

8 graphic h n worker


4 Write the name of the correct sport under the pictures.

1 1 5 5 7 7 3 3 2 2 6 6 8 8 4 4

5 What do you use it for? Write the name of

Vocabulary & Functions


7 6 Listen to a radio programme. Which adjectives does Tom use to describe basketball?

boring • challenging • dangerous • difficult • easy exciting • fun • interesting • relaxing • tiring

8 6 Listen again and choose the correct option (A, B or C).

1 Tom has basketball practice for two hours A before B every C twice school evening a week

2 He sometimes feels tired, but he . A loves B can’t stop C has lots the sport of free time

3 On Saturdays, he often goes with his friends.

A climbing B swimming C cycling

4 At weekends, he also goes

A climbing B swimming C cycling

5 Tom doesn’t like

A football B tennis C martial or tennis or yoga arts or yoga

Functions: Asking about abilities

9 Put the sentences in the correct order to make the conversation.

n Liz Wow, it sounds very exciting! And what can’t you do?

n Liz Wow! What abilities do you need to skydive?

n Liz Are you good at other things too?

n Liz Tom, tell me about your dream job. What can you do?

n Tom Um, I can’t swim very well, and I’m not good at riding a motorbike. But I can learn quickly!

n Tom I love skydiving, so my dream job is to be a skydiving instructor!

n Tom I’m quite good at baking, but I can’t do it often because I have no time. I also love car racing: I can drive very fast –and safely.

n Tom Well, it’s extremely important people can trust you. If you can be brave and adventurous at the same time, that’s it!

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the sport under the pictures. 6 Complete the table with the names of the sports from the box. basketball • gymnastics • running • skiing • karate table tennis • horseback riding • cycling • swimming athletics • football • yoga • baseball • golf Play Do Go

can / can’t

1 Write A (ability) or P (possibility) next to the sentences.

1 My brother Anthony can cook delicious Indian curries.

2 Jackie and Louis can’t ski very well.

3 You can apply for the club membership: it’s free for all the students.

4 Sorry, I can’t come to the match with you tomorrow: I have an exam.

5 They can’t speak Japanese very well: they are beginners.

6 My sister says she can help us with the homework this afternoon.

2 Complete the sentences with can or can’t and the verbs from the box.

cook • drive • go • swim • watch • run • play • do

1 Peter doesn´t want to go to the pool because he .

2 What ball sports you ?

3 James doesn’t have a driving license. He a car.

4 My father is very skilled: he all martial arts!

5 Andrea is an amazing runner: she six miles in half an hour!

6 It’s not snowing: we skiing.

7 We have a cooking class at school: I a yummy risotto!

8 Oh no! Our TV is broken: we The X Factor final!

3 Use the prompts to make questions with the verb can, then write affirmative (✓) or negative (✗) answers.

1 Joseph / drive a car (✗) ‘ ?’ ‘

2 dog / talk (✗) ‘ ?’ ‘

3 Lucy / swim (✓) ‘ ?’ ‘

4 your friends / help me (✓) ‘ ?’ ‘

5 Ben and Mart / act (✓) ‘ ?’ ‘

6 you / paint (✗) ‘ ?’ ‘

Adverbs of manner

4 Underline the correct alternative.

1 Please close the door gentle/gently when you exit the room.

2 You have to train hard/hardly to win the annual race.

3 We did good/well in our tennis match last week, so we won.

4 Loreen is a beginner: she can’t run very fastly/ fast.

5 You’re an excellent player: you can win easily/ easy

6 Wow, it’s snowing very heavily/heavy!

5 Complete the sentences using the adverbs of the adjectives in bold.

1 My father is a skilful driver: he drives

2 Jill and Kate are very polite; they act

3 Tom and Sarah are hard workers: they work very

4 This glass is easy to break: it breaks

5 You speak in a very loud voice: don’t speak so


6 Mart has a very warm smile: he smiles


7 Kevin and Sarah are a cheerful couple: they greet all their friends

8 They apologize for the late arrival of the train. But that train arrives every morning!

6 Complete the sentences with the adverbs of the adjectives from the box. slow • careful • fast • quiet • bad • quick • good • safe

1 The roads are completely icy: drive !

2 To take part in the Grand Prix, pilots have to drive very

3 I can’t skate well, so I go very

4 When he fell in the horseback race, he hurt himself

5 His last ball was very played: he scored 5 point!

6 Before starting your training fasten your helmet

7 Hurry, Mariah! We’re terribly late! Let’s walk

8 Mom is taking a nap; speak , please.

18 3 Grammar Lab

Degrees of ability

7 Write the words from the box in the correct order.

quite / pretty well • very well • well • (not) at all not very well

very well

Round up

10 Choose the correct option (A, B or C).

Ms Lucas Good morning, Ann.

Ann Good morning, Ms Lucas.

Ms Lucas Now, let’s start. 1 you drive?

Ann No, I 2 , but I can ride a motorbike.

Ms Lucas Can you speak any foreign languages?

Ann Yes, I can speak Spanish and French very well, and Chinese 3 , too.

Ms Lucas Excellent! Are you 4 coding?

Object pronouns

8 Complete the sentences with he, him, she, her, we, us, they or them.

1 Where are Anthony and Richard? are really late!

2 Don’t worry, John: Mom can drive home after the match.

3 Leo DiCaprio is my favourite actor: I really love .

4 Today is my twin sisters’ birthday: this present is for .

5 Here are my new jeans: are the latest fashion!

6 Alejandro, your sister is ready! You can take with you.

7 Have you seen my sunglasses? I can’t find anywhere!

8 ‘Is Jane at school?’ ‘Yes, is.’

9 Complete the sentences with the correct object pronouns.

1 Where are my sneakers? I can’t find in the shoe rack.

2 Please, Matthew, pay attention when someone talks to

3 This box is for Janet, don’t open until tomorrow.

4 Ms Fletcher is in the classroom: you can ask about your history test.

5 When the children play in their room, you can hear from the kitchen.

6 Jim wants to go out with tonight; can I go, Mom?

7 Our grandparents come and see every Sunday.

8 This is my present for : happy anniversary, Liz and Andrew!

Ann Yes, of course! I can code 5 ! And I can use computer graphics, too, but 6 . But I know I can learn 7 .

Ms Lucas Can you tell me 8 about your interests, please?

Ann Sure! I 9 lots of sports: I can play 10 , and I 11 yoga and karate. Every morning I go 12 with Sheila, my dog – I love 13 so much!

Ms Lucas You work out really 14 , I see. Now, the last question: are you ready to work with 15 ? You’re hired!

1 A can’t B can C can to

2 A can B can to C can’t

3 A at all B quite well C not very well

4 A good at B bad at C quite good

5 A very well B not very well C at all

6 A at all B not very well C very well

7 A fastly B slowly C fast

8 A well B quickly C fast

9 A play B go C do

10 A cycling B gymnastics C soccer

11 A go B do C play

12 A walking B walk C to walk

13 A she B her C it

14 A quiet B hardly C hard

15 A us B it C we


11 Translate the sentences into your language.

1 ‘Can you play the piano?’ ‘No, I can’t play at all.’

2 I can run fast, but I skate slowly.

3 You can do well in sports if you train hard.

4 They can come to play baseball with us.

5 Laura can do karate quite well.

6 Are you good at swimming?

19 3
1 2 3 4 5

Language Skills

Warm up

1 Look at the pictures. What can each person do?


2 Read the blogs and check your answers. List all the things each person can do well.


This is me in my kitchen. As you can see, I can cook really well – that’s because it’s my job! But what you can’t see is that I can also speak French and Italian –thanks to my time training as a chef in France and Italy. I can’t use the computer very well – as all the staff at the restaurant can tell you. And I can’t sing at all! That’s a bit mean but it’s true. On the other hand, I can dance really well and I can dive a bit (also from my time in Italy) – oh, and I can ride my scooter really carefully to work every day.



Ben Izzy

This is me with my band: “Revolution”. We’re awesome! We can all play different instruments. I can play the guitar quite well and the drums a bit. Oh, and I can sing really well; that’s lucky because I’m the band’s singer. I can also read and write music really well – I love it! I can’t dance very well though – and that’s a bit of a problem in a band. I can’t cook at all according to the band: we have takeaways if it’s my turn to cook! And I’m not very good at sports, but I can ride a bike. It’s great for getting new ideas for songs in my head!

I can only really do one thing well – play video games! I am semi-professional. Oh no, that’s not true! Actually, I can speak a few foreign languages well too: Aramaic because my dad’s family is from Syria, and French, because my mom’s family is from the Ivory Coast. There are lots of things I can’t do: I can’t sing or play an instrument, or dance. I can’t swim very well, and I definitely can’t dive! But I can cook a bit, thanks to my grandma, and I can use a computer really well too, thanks to the gaming.

For each question, write the name of the people from exercise 2. Who…

1 … can cook a bit?

2 … can ride a bike?

3 … can ride a scooter?

4 … can’t dance very well?

5 … can’t dive at all?

6 … can’t sing at all?

20 3


4 7 CERT Listen to Liam and Curtis. Which new triathlon team member do they choose?

Triathlon team member wanted

Can you swim, run and ride a bike well?

Can you transition well (or change activity quickly)?

Can you work well as part of a team?

If the answer is yes, contact Liam for a chat and a trial on

Extra Listening

8 CERT Listen to five short conversations and choose the correct option (A, B, C or D).

1 You hear a woman talking on the phone. What can’t she do today?

A Babysit for the children.

B Go running.

C Wash the car.

D Walk the dog.

2 You hear a teenage boy and his mother talking about university. What can the boy do well?

A history

B math

C science

D physics

3 You hear two friends talking about a soccer player. What do they think about him?

A He can’t play well.

B They don’t like him.

5 7 CERT Listen to Liam and Curtis again. Complete the notes about each candidate.

1 Ali

2 Fred

3 Jermaine

4 Lewis

5 Warren


a n can change activity quickly

b n can do all sports well

c n can swim well

d n can ride a bike very well

e n can run fast

f n can’t change activity quickly

g n can’t run very fast

h n can’t swim very far

6 CERT Read and complete Curtis’s text message with the missing words.

Hey buddy!

Just messaging to say congratulations on joining 1 – welcome to our team!

You can swim and 2 far and fast and you can 3 your bike really well. We love 4 man - you’re awesome! The only thing you 5 do right now is transition very 6 from one activity to another, but you can learn 7 I’m sure!

Can you message 8 back when you read this?

Thanks Bye for now…


C He’s not a nice person.

D They really like him.

4 You hear two school friends talking about languages. Which language can Thomas speak well?

A Chinese

B Polish

C Spanish

D German

5 You hear two friends talking about a band. What do they agree about?

A the music

B the singer

C the words of the songs

D the name of the band

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