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Jane Cadwallader

PB3 and the Vegetables An extraterrestrial adventure in which a bully gets more than he expects. When Fred helps a friendly extraterrestrial, PB3, and his robot, Robin, to buy Earth fruit and vegetables he doesn’t know that some sticky substance from outer space will come to his rescue and punish a school bully.

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and the Vegetables

PB3 and the Vegetables by Jane Cadwallader Illustrated by Gustavo Mazali ELI Readers Founder and Series Editors Paola Accattoli, Grazia Ancillani, Daniele Garbuglia (Art Director) Eli Design Department Sergio Elisei

- Games and language activities - An audio recording of the story and the song - A picture dictionary

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Illustrated by Gustavo Mazali with Audio CD


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I live in a very big city, Buenos Aires. I have been drawing all my life, ever since I was a child as I didn’t have a TV. I enjoy most of all drawing comic strips and picturing myself and my kids in the illustrations that I create.

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My name is Jane and I live in a beautiful Spanish city, Madrid. I’m an English author of children’s books. I’ve always loved creating stories and songs for children. The best ideas come to me while… I’m jogging!

Eli Readers is a beautifully illustrated series of timeless classics and specially-written stories for learners of English.


Vocabulary areas Fruit and vegetables, colours

Jane Cadwallader

Stage 2




red is in his bedroom. He has some homework but he’s looking out of the window. It’s raining and very windy. Suddenly Fred sees something in the garden! It’s round and grey. It’s a SPACESHIP! Then he sees a little E.T. and a robot coming down the stairs of the spaceship!




Fred opens the window. The E.T. talks to Fred.

Hello! I’m PB3. I’m from Planet P3. This is my robot Robin.


Hello! My name is Frederick but you can call me Fred.

PB3 sees an apple on Fred’s desk. It’s a red apple. He’s very surprised. On Planet P3 they don’t have apples and they don’t have red things! On Planet P3 the only colours are black, grey, green and white. It’s an apple! You eat it! It’s very beautiful!


They go to the kitchen. Fred shows PB3 and Robin some other fruit. He shows them a pear and some grapes, a banana and an orange. He shows them some vegetables too. There are some potatoes and beans and a bowl of peas. PB3 and Robin are very happy!



On Planet P3 They don’t have apples Potatoes or beans Or even a pea. They don’t have pears. They don’t have grapes. Poor Robin and PB3!


Activity Pages 1 Write the correct word. Match with a picture. Write the number. red . 1 On Planet P3 they don’t have the colour _____ (grey - black - red) 2 PB3 and Robin hide in a __________ . (box - house - bag) 3 Tony says PB3 and Robin are his __________ . (friends - toys - ETs) 4 Robin makes __________ . (a cake - slime - vegetables) 5 PB3’s favourite vegetable is __________ . (carrots - potatoes - onions)



2 Finish the words. Fill the gaps in the song. potatoes

Robin P3







P __ 3 On Planet __ a __ __ __ __ __ , They don’t have __ p __ __ __ __ __ __ __ or __ b __ __ __ __ , __ p __ __ . Or even a __ p __ __ __ __ , They don’t have __ g __ __ __ __ __ . They don’t have __ Poor __ R __ __ __ __ and __ P __ __ .

3 Look for the page. 1 There’s a bowl with peas.


2 There’s a rainbow. 3 The men put the box into a lorry. 4 Fred sees a spaceship. 5 Tony’s mother opens the door.


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