One Photo, a Thousand Words - Sample

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➊ Do you have a pet? What is it? ➋ Who takes care of it? ➌ Where did you get it from? ➍ What is the best pet to own? Vocabulary • Common pets: dog, cat, horse, hamster, rabbit, guinea pig, goldfish… Unusual/exotic pets: turtle, parrot, snake, iguana, tropical fish, virtual pet… • Where to find a pet: dog/cat rescue centre, dog breeders, the vet, friends.... • Things you do for a pet: feed your pet, take your pet (dog) for a walk, visit the vet with your pet, clean up after your pet, play with your pet… • Pets: need attention, can’t be alone too long, can’t always travel with you...

Discussion topics • What should you consider before getting a pet? • What do you think children can learn from looking after a pet?