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Before Reading Activities

Read the text on the back of the cover. It includes these four words.





Write a short definition of each word. Read the chapter titles below.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

The Accident The Japanese Girl Thieves The Top of the World Dead or Alive? The Thieves Escape Home Run!

Read these sentences from two of the chapters. Match them with the correct chapter titles.

A. When Gus sees the old lady he turns the wheel suddenly. The van misses the old lady but it hits the canal bridge. The van is smashed and Gus is hurt. B. They all run to the back of the building. A few seconds later they climb through a window and run away. Match the pictures below with the chapter titles above. A



Chapter 1 The Accident


Camden Town is a popular area in north London. There are lots of shops and restaurants. There is a canal nearby. Some people live on the canal on long boats called houseboats. People often jog along the canal paths and boys fish in the

There is a large market in Camden. People come to Camden Market from all over London. You can buy and sell anything at Camden Market.


popular: lots of people like it

canal: man-made waterway

Gus Mills is driving his van through Camden Town. Ringo, his dog, is in the back of the van. Gus is not thinking about driving. He is thinking about his girlfriend, Bonnie. Gus’s mobile phone rings. He answers it. “Hi! Bonnie. How are you?” Gus does not see the old lady. The old lady does not see Gus’s van. She starts to cross the road. When Gus sees the old lady he turns the wheel suddenly. The van misses the old lady but it hits the canal bridge. The van is smashed and Gus is hurt. An ambulance arrives. Ringo is frightened. He doesn’t like the noise and the blue

smashed: ruined; completely broken hurt: injured

hides: finds a place where no-one can find him 5


Tom Garcia is hungry but he hasn’t got any money. He goes into Art’s Café. Judy, the waitress, gives him some coffee. “You look awful,” she says. “I feel awful,” replies Tom. Tom reads the menu. Eggs, potatoes and coffee are six dollars. Tom orders eggs and potatoes. He drinks some coffee and he feels better. “I’ve a problem, Judy,” Tom says. “Do you want to hear about it?” “No, thanks,” Judy replies. They both laugh. “Why do I like you so much, Judy?” Tom says. “Because I’m friendly and generous and because I’m your older sister,” she replies. “How much do you need?” “How about ten dollars?” Tom replies.


waitress: woman who brings you food in a restaurant

generous: someone who gives a lot to other people

Tom’s phone starts ringing. But Tom ignores it. “Answer your phone, Tom!” Judy shouts. “Hello,” he says. Tom hears a girl’s voice. He doesn’t know who the girl is. “Bonnie?” says Tom. “Bonnie who? . . . You’re calling from London . . . England! Yes, of course I know Gus Mills. He’s my friend,” says Tom. He listens. “You’re Gus’s girlfriend!” Tom shouts to Judy, “Hey, Judy, Gus has a girlfriend in England. Her name’s Bonnie.” After a few moments, Tom turns off his phone. Judy looks at Tom. “What’s the matter?” she asks. “I’ve another problem,” Tom replies “and Gus has a problem too.” ignores: doesn’t listen to what’s the matter?: what’s the problem?



Gus Mills opens his eyes. He sees his girlfriend, Bonnie, but he doesn’t know where he is. “You’re in hospital,” Bonnie says. “You had an accident.” “Ah, yes. My head hurts,” says Gus. “But I don’t remember anything.” “It was Thursday afternoon,” says Bonnie. “In Camden Town. Your van hit the bridge.” “Thursday,” says Gus quietly. “And what day is it today?” “Saturday,” Bonnie replies. “Saturday evening.” “It’s Saturday! And I came here on Thursday!” cried Gus. “Yes. You’re lucky. Your van . . . Well you haven’t got a van any more.” “And Ringo?” asks Gus. “Where’s Ringo? Is he OK?”

had: past of ‘have’ hit: smashed into


came: past of ‘come’

“I looked for Ringo everywhere,” says Bonnie. “But . . .” A woman comes to Gus’s bed. She’s carrying a tray of food. “Hello, sleeping beauty,” she says. “I’m Mary. Now, Gus, you must be hungry. Eat this,” she says. Gus and Bonnie look at the food on the tray. “I think it’s salad and potatoes,” says Bonnie. “I’m not staying here. I’m not eating this food. It’ll kill me. I’ll die in here. Nurse!” he calls. “I want to go home now.” “You can go home tomorrow morning,” the nurse says. “Not before.”

tray: you often carry plates and bowls of food on a tray die: stop living nurse: person who looks after you in hospital



Review of Chapter 1

1. Choose the correct answer.

1. A. B. C.

Camden Town is in: London San Francisco Scotland

2. A. B. C.

Ringo is: Gus’s brother Gus’s friend Gus’s dog

3. A. B. C.

Gus’s accident happened on: Wednesday Thursday Friday

4. A. B. C.

Bonnie is Gus’s: sister girlfriend nurse

2. Match the people to what they said in Chapter 1.


A. “How about ten dollars?”


Tom 10

B. “Ah, yes. My head hurts. But I don’t remember anything.”

3. It is possible for you to answer only one question in each pair. Answer those questions.

1. A. Can Gus drive? B. Can Bonnie drive? 2. A. Has Tom got a sister? B. Has Gus got a sister? 3. A. Is Tom rich? B. Is Tom a student? 4. A. Does Bonnie want to be a nurse? B. Does Gus want to go home from hospital?

Review of Chapter 1

4. Which one small word completes all the captions to these pictures?

3. Gus sees the 1. People come ___ 2. Tom says “I’ve got hospital food and Camden Market from a problem, Judy. Do says you want ____ hear all over London. about it?” “I want ___ go home

5. Think about these questions.

1. What is Gus going to do as soon as he gets out of hospital? 2. Where is Ringo at the end of Chapter 11

You will find out these things in Chapter 2

Make guesses about what you will find out. Look at these scenes from Chapter 2. Try to answer the questions.

Where are they?


1. Why a Japanese girl wants to speak in English. 2. If Ringo is hurt. 3. Where Gus and Bonnie look for Ringo.

What is she doing?

What city are the girls in?


Chapter 2 The Japanese Girl


Sato Kanazawa is Japanese. His friend, Gil Masters, is American. They go to college in London and they often go jogging together along the canal near Camden Town. They jog past two young boys. The boys are fishing and eating big sandwiches. Their skateboards are nearby on the grass. Some small ducks quack as Sato and Gil run past. Sato is thinking about his sister, Miki. She is coming to London tomorrow. Sato can’t wait to see her.


quack: noise that ducks make

can’t wait: excited about something that will happen in the future

Sato and Gil stop jogging and sit on a bench. Gil drinks water from a bottle. Sato looks at his watch. “It’s about five o’clock in the afternoon in Tokyo,” he says. “Miki will be meeting her friends soon.” Something touches Sato’s leg. He looks down. A big, black dog is sitting on his foot. “Hello,” Sato says to the dog. “What’s your name?” “He’s thirsty,” Gil says. The dog drinks water from Gil’s bottle. “He looks hungry, too.” “Perhaps he’s lost,” says Sato. The dog gets up and runs after a duck on the path. “Look,” says Gil. “He can’t run properly. His paw is bleeding.”

bench: wooden or metal seat (often in a park) properly: in the correct way

paw: a dog’s (or cat’s) foot bleeding: blood is coming from its skin



Miki Kanazawa is practising karate. She practises every day from four to five in the afternoon. Afterwards Miki feels great. She has a shower and gets dressed. Then she carefully folds up her karate suit. When Miki comes out of the club her friend is waiting for her. “Hi! Noriko,” Miki says. Noriko replies in Japanese. “We must speak in English this evening,” Miki says. “I must practise my English. I’m going to England tomorrow to see Sato.” “OK,” Noriko replies. “Let’s go.” She grabs Miki’s hand. “I want to buy something for Sato,” Miki says. “Let’s go in here.” The two girls go into a little shop. “How about these?” says Noriko. “Japanese slippers.” practise: do regularly 16

folds up: makes clothes smaller by putting one part over the other

karate: a Japanese martial art grabs: takes

Miki and Noriko come out of the shop. “How long will you be in England?” Noriko asks. “For two weeks,” says Miki. “Then I want at least six postcards,” says Noriko. The two girls walk towards a big station called Shibuya. In the square outside the station there is a famous statue of a dog. The Japanese call it ‘Chuken Hachiko’. People in Tokyo often meet their friends at the statue.

“I want to take your photo,” says Noriko. “Let’s wait until the others arrive,” says Miki. A few minutes later, four other girls arrive. The girls are good friends. They went to junior high school together. They stand beside the statue and smile. “Smile!” says Noriko. “We are smiling!” they all say. at least six: six or more square: open space in a town where people can meet

statue: a large model often of a person or animal went: past of ‘go’



“I looked for Ringo on Thursday evening,” says Bonnie. “And again on Friday and Saturday. There’s no sign of him.” “Let’s look again,” says Gus. “Big dogs don’t disappear. Maybe he’s hurt. Maybe he went down by the canal.” “There’s something I didn’t tell you,” Bonnie says. “Oh, what’s that?” “I phoned your friend in America. Tom Garcia.” “You phoned Tom Garcia!” “Yes,” Bonnie says. “I used your mobile. His number is on it. He was at Art’s Café. I didn’t know what to do. I think he’s coming to England.” Gus looks very surprised. “Tom is coming here? You must be joking!”


no sign of: nowhere to be seen disappear: go out of sight

You must be joking!: You’re joking, aren’t you?

There is an old, empty factory beside the canal. It is dark and wet inside. The windows are broken. There are holes in the roof. The three boys in the factory are thieves. They steal from tourists in London. Sometimes they go to a train station or an airport. But today they are going to Camden Market. “What’s that?” says one of the boys. “I saw something.” “I can’t see anything,” say his friends. “There’s nothing there.” “There it is,” says the first boy. “A big, black thing. It’s a dog.” He stands up but the dog is gone. “It was a dog, I tell you,” he calls to the others.

thieves: plural of ‘thief’ (someone who steals things)

nick: steal; take something that isn’t yours

saw: past of ‘see’

wallets: small cases or bags for holding money


Review of Chapter 2

1. Tick [✔] the correct times for London and Tokyo.



4 o’clock in the morning (4 a.m.)




2. Join the two parts of the sentences.

1. Sato and Gil 2. Miki 3. Miki and her friends Hachiko. 4. One of the thieves Friday

A. sees Ringo in the old factory. B. give some water to Ringo. C. meet at a statue of a dog called D. looked for Ringo on Thursday, and Saturday.

3. True or false? True

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Sato is Miki’s brother. Miki hasn’t got many friends. Gil and Sato never go jogging together. Miki is good at karate. Gus and Bonnie find Ringo. The three boys work in the factory.



4. Which one small word completes all the captions to these pictu-

1. Miki does karate ___ an hour every day.

2. Miki tells Noriko that she will be in London ____ two

weeks. 3. Bonnie tells Gus that she looked for Ringo ___ three

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Review of Chapter 2

5. Read this information from Chapter 2. Two of the sentences are important to the story. Tick [✔] them.

Some ducks quack as Sato and Gil run past on the path. Ringo is alive but he’s injured. Miki folds up her karate suit carefully. The girls smile when Noriko takes a photo. The factory is old. Tom Garcia might come to England.

6. Think about these questions.

1. Why is there a statue of a dog outside a Tokyo station? 2. What time is it where you are now? 21

You will find out these things in Chapter 3

Make guesses about what you will find out. Look at these scenes from Chapter 3. Try to answer the questions.

What do Gus and Bonnie make?


1. Where the thieves go. 2. What the thieves do. 3. How Bonnie and Gus plan to find Ringo.


What is this?

What are Gil and Sato playing? 23

Chapter 3 Thieves


Gus and Bonnie go to a shop and buy some card, some coloured markers and some sticky tape. Then they go to a coffee shop called Zed’s Café. Bonnie writes on the paper in big letters. LOST BIG, BLACK DOG CALLED RINGO. “How many posters do we need?” she asks. “Let’s do about ten. No twenty,” says Gus. “Put my mobile number on them,” he says. “Give me a photo,” says Bonnie. Gus gives Bonnie a photo of Ringo. Bonnie sticks it onto the poster. They both look at the photo. Gus markers: thick pens looks very unhappy. letters: letters of the alphabet


Half an hour later Gus and Bonnie are putting up the posters. They put one on the wall outside Camden Town underground station and one on the bridge.

Then they go to Camden Market. They give some posters to the people on the market stalls. “Don’t worry, Gus,” Bonnie says. “We’ll find Ringo. Come on. Let’s put some posters in Regent’s Park.”

underground station: metro system in London, often called ‘the tube’

stalls: places in a market where people sell things


Dave and his friends climb through a broken window and go over the canal bridge. Their clothes are dirty. They look very aggressive.

They walk along the canal towards Camden Market. Two boys are fishing in the canal. Their skateboards are on the grass nearby.

“Let’s have some fun,” Dave says. He goes up to the young boys and asks “Any fish?” One of the young boys says “No”. “There’s nothing in there,”

says Dave. Dave picks up one of the skateboards and throws it into the canal. “There’s something in there now,” he laughs. Then Dave and his friends walk away


aggressive: ready for a fight; looking for trouble

Dave and his friends steal some chocolate from a shop and run down the road laughing. Dave stops outside the station.

“Hey! Look at this poster!” he says. “You know you can’t read, Dave,” says one of his friends. “Ha! Ha!” says Dave. “Maybe

But his friends are looking at a Japanese girl. Her bag is open. A few minutes later the boys are down by the canal again.

They’ve got a wallet. There is some money inside. The boys take the money and throw the wallet into the

rips: pulls suddenly with no care



Gil and Sato are playing baseball in the park. “When is Miki arriving?” asks Gil. “She leaves Tokyo tomorrow morning,” says Sato. “And she arrives in London in the afternoon at about five o’clock.” “She’ll be very tired.” “No, Miki never gets tired,” says Sato. “Oh, and be careful. She does karate. And she’s very good.” “A black belt? Just like you, Sato. But you never talk about it, do you?” “Here, catch!” says Sato. He throws a baseball at Gil’s head.


“Hey! Look at this poster!” says Sato. “Do you remember that dog this morning, near the canal? The big, black dog that sat on my foot.” “Oh, yes,” says Gil. “He drank all my water and he looked very hungry,” Gil adds. “And he was hurt too. His paw was bleeding.” “This is the same dog,” says Sato. “Write down the telephone number.” “I’ll phone the number right now,” says Gil. sat: past of ‘sit’ drank: past of ‘drink’

right now: immediately


Review of Chapter 3

1. Choose the correct answer.

1. What are the two young boys doing? A. Swimming B. Diving C. Fishing 2. What does Dave throw in the canal? A. A bike B. A skateboard C. A pair of rollerblades 3. When is Miki going to arrive in London? A. Tonight B. Tomorrow morning C. Tomorrow afternoon 4. Where are Gil and Sato? A. Regent’s Park B. Hyde Park C. Green Park 2. Tick [✔] the three questions it is possible for you to answer.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

What do Bonnie and Gus put on the posters? Where does Bonnie live? How old are the boys who are fishing? How far is Regent’s Park from Camden Town? How do Dave and his friends get out of the factory? Which martial art does Sato do?

Now answer the three questions. _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ 30

3. Complete the captions for these pictures with in, at or on.

1. Bonnie and Gus put a poster ___ the wall

outside the there now.” underground station. 2. Dave says “There’s 3. Sato says “Miki is something ____

4. Choose the correct words.

Review of Chapter 3

1. Dave and his friends look very friendly/aggressive when they come out of the factory. 2. Dave’s friends steal a wallet/phone from the Italian/Japanese girl. 3. Dave can/can’t read.

5. Think about these questions.

1. What is Gil going to do at the end of Chapter 3? 2. Why does Dave take the poster off the wall?


You will find out these things in Chapter 4

Make guesses about what you will find out. Look at three scenes from Chapter 4. Try to answer the questions.

What is Gus saying?


1. What Gil and Sato tell Gus about his dog. 2. What Dave does to Ringo. 3. What Tom Garcia does.


Where are Gus and Bonnie running?

Who is this? Where is he?


Chapter 4 The Top of the World


Gus and Bonnie are walking through Camden Market. Gus’s mobile rings. “Hello! . . . Yes, I put a poster in Regent’s Park . . . You saw a big, black dog? . . . Where? . . . Where are you now? . . . Wait there . . . I’ll be there in ten minutes.” Gus turns to Bonnie. “Someone saw a big, black dog this morning. Down by the canal. He said the dog’s paw is hurt. It’s Ringo! I know it’s Ringo! Come on! Let’s go to Regent’s Park.” Gus and Bonnie run through the crowds towards Regent’s said: past of ‘say’ crowds: lots of people



“It was about 8 o’clock this morning,” Gil says. “We gave him some water. His paw is hurt.” Gil tells Gus and Bonnie all about the dog. Then Sato suddenly asks “Where did you last see Ringo?” “At the bridge over the canal,” replies Gus. “Thursday afternoon, about 2 o’clock,” Bonnie adds. “Is he a good dog?” asks Sato. “Yes. He’s loyal and very intelligent,” replies Gus. “Why?” Sato thinks for a moment. “I think he will stay near the bridge. And I think he will go back to the bridge to look for you.”

gave: past of ‘give’ loyal: faithful; a good friend

intelligent: clever 35


“Right, tomorrow we’ll go to the airport,” says Dave. “We always get lots of money there. Hey, look! There’s that dog again.” He jumps up. Ringo runs away. “I’ve got an idea,” says Dave. “Give me that bottle of water.” “Here, dog,” says Dave holding the bottle of water. Ringo is thirsty. He follows Dave. Suddenly Dave slams the door. He traps Ringo in a cold, wet room. Ringo lies down on the cold floor. His paw is bleeding. “Right,” says Dave. “Now let’s make some money.” He takes the poster out of his pocket. “Give me your

slams: closes a door with a loud noise traps: keeps someone or something in a small place



Ringo went back to the bridge every afternoon. But Gus never came. Now Gus is waiting for Ringo. But today Ringo doesn’t come. Ringo is in a cold room in the old factory. He’s hurt and he’s hungry and very thirsty. Gus gets a text message on his phone. I U I I

got dog. want dog? want money. phone l8r.

“Ignore it,” says Bonnie. “It’s from some idiot... a stupid joke!” “Well, it isn’t funny,” Gus says. “Listen. I’ve got an idea,” says Bonnie. “We’ll go on the radio.” “The radio?” says Gus. “That’s a great idea, Bonnie,” says Gil. “Local radio. It’s like a local newspaper. But people listen to it. We can tell everyone about Ringo.” l8r: later (text messaging abbreviation) ignore it: don’t give importance to it

local: very small area; the area where you live 37


It’s early morning in San Francisco. The sun is coming up. San Francisco Bay is very blue. Tom Garcia is at the top of Tenth Avenue. He looks down the hill and feels excited. He takes a skateboard out of his bag. Then he takes out his mobile phone. He presses a button and hears Gus say “hello”. “Hey, Gus,” says Tom. “I spoke to Bonnie . . . Are you still alive? Guess where I am,” he says. Tom hears Gus say “Listen, Tom. I’ve got a problem right now . . .” “I’m in Golden Gate Heights at the top of Tenth Avenue,” Tom says. “It’s the top of the world. You remember, Gus? We rode down this hill every day when we were kids.” Tom hears Gus say “Yeah, and you’re still a kid, Tom.” spoke: past of ‘speak’ rode: past of ‘ride’ (you ‘ride’ a skateboard)

kids: children

“Yeah, you’re right,” says Tom. “But you wish you were here, don’t you? I can see right across San Francisco bay. The sun is coming up. And I’m going down. Here I go!” Tom steps onto the skateboard. Soon he’s flying down Tenth Avenue. “It’s all downhill from here, Gus,” he shouts into the phone.


Review of Chapter 4

1. Join the two parts of the sentences.

1. Gus and Bonnie 2. Gil 3. Dave Regent’s 4. Tom 5. Gus and Tom

A. traps Ringo in a cold, wet room in the factory. B. says he’s on top of the world. C. run from Camden Town to Park. D. tells Bonnie and Gus about Ringo. E. skateboarded down Tenth Avenue together when they were kids.

2. Choose the correct answers.

1. What words does Gus use to describe Ringo? A. Big and gentle B. Good but aggressive C. Loyal and intelligent 2. How does Bonnie describe Dave’s text message? A. It’s frightening. B. It’s a joke. C. It’s a mistake. 3. When did Tom and Gus use to ride down Tenth Avenue? A. Last summer B. A few months ago C. When they were kids 4. Where are Dave and his friends going tomorrow? A. To the airport B. To a train station C. To Camden Market


3. Read this information from Chapter 4. Which one piece of information is important to the story? Tick [✔] it.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Gus runs into three boys. Sato thinks for a moment. Dave gives Ringo a drink. Ringo is alive, but he’s injured. It’s early morning in San Francisco. Tom is at the top of Tenth Avenue.

1. “Let’s go ___local radio,” Bonnie suggests.

2. Dave traps Ringo ___ a cold, wet room.

Review of Chapter 4

4. Complete the captions for these pictures with in, at or on.

3. “We saw Ringo ___ about 8 o’clock this morning,” says Gil.

5. Think about these questions.

1. What do you know about Ringo that Gus, Bonnie, Gil and Sato don’t know? 2. What are Dave and his friends going to do at the airport tomorrow?


You will find out these things in Chapter 5

Make guesses about what you will find out. Look at three scenes from Chapter 5. Try to answer the questions.

What happened to this boy’s skateboard in Chapter 3?


1. How two boys get Ringo out of the factory. 2. Where the boys take Ringo. 3. What Miki packs in her bags for her trip to London.

Where are the two boys ?

Where are they going? 43

Chapter 5 Dead or Alive?


Sam and Ben, are walking home. They see Dave and his friends climbing out of the factory window. “Look! It’s that boy again,” says Sam. “He threw my skateboard into the river.”

Dave throws a bottle into the canal and then all the boys laugh. “They’re going the other way,” says Sam. “Good. I don’t like them,” Ben says.

Sam and Ben hide behind a tree.

“What’s in that old factory?” says Sam. “Let’s go and look.” But Ben is frightened. “I’m not going in there,” he says. Sam isn’t frightened. “I’m going to look in the factory,” he says.


climbing out: going out threw: past of ‘throw’

Ben thinks for a second or two. He doesn’t want to leave his friend. “OK, I’ll come with you. But I don’t like it,” he says. “Don’t worry,” says Sam. “Follow me.” frightened: scared

Sam and Ben climb into the factory. There’s rubbish all over the floor. “It’s horrible in here,” says Ben. “Look! There’s an old radio.” “Listen!” says Sam. “I heard

something.” “Come on, Sam. Let’s go home!” “There it is again,” says Sam. “Let’s look in there.”

Sam opens a door. Ringo is lying on the floor. “Oh, no! Look at this poor dog,” says Sam. “He needs some water.” Ben finds some water in his bag. Ringo drinks. His tail

moves a little. “He’s alive. But he’s badly hurt. Let’s get him out of here,” says Sam. “How?” asks Ben. “We can’t carry him. He’s too big.” “Well he’ll die in here . . .

heard: past of ‘hear’



Nina York locks her office door after a busy day. She is very tired. She often works on Sunday. Now she’s going to meet her friend. And she’s late. She walks quickly towards the station. At the end of the street she passes two young boys. They are pulling an old door on a skateboard. The wheels make a noise on the pavement. “What a strange thing,” Nina thinks. As she passes the boys one of them says “It’s down here somewhere. I brought my rabbit here last year.”

locks: closes a door with a key 46

pavement: path that you walk on next to a road

brought: past of ‘bring’

Nina sees something under the red jacket. “Are you lost?” she asks Sam. “We’re looking for the vet,” says Sam. “We’ve got a dog. It’s hurt,” says Ben. Nina lifts the jacket. “Oh, no! Quick!” she says. “This way.” She runs back to her office and unlocks the door. She goes in and gets a bag. “It’s badly hurt,” Ben says. “We need to find the vet.” “I am the vet,” says Nina. The boys look at each other. Then they look at Ringo. Ringo isn’t moving. His mouth is open. There is blood on his paw. Sam puts his arm round his friend’s shoulder. But it’s too late. Ben is crying. “Is he going to die?” he asks.

lost: when you don’t know where you are vet: animal doctor

shoulder: top of arm 47


Miki Kanazawa is nearly ready. She puts her karate suit into her suitcase. Then her black belt and her present for her brother, Sato. She closes the suitcase. Now she is ready. She carries the heavy bag to the front door. “I’m ready,” she says. She gets into the car beside her father. The sun is rising above the houses.


Soon they are on the motorway. Narita airport is about an hour’s drive. Her plane leaves at 9 o’clock. They drive past small wooden houses. It is early but there are people on the streets. Tokyo comes alive early in the mornings. “What time does your plane arrive?” her father asks in English. Miki likes to hear him speak English. “About 5 o’clock in the afternoon. That’s the time in London.” “Phone when you arrive in London,” he says. “I will,” Miki says. “Don’t worry.”

an hour’s drive: it takes an hour to go there by car

comes alive: gets busy; (here) wakes up


Review of Chapter 5

1. The answers to three of these questions are in Chapter 5. Which three? Tick [✔] them.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

What do Sam and Ben give Ringo to drink? How old is Ben? What job does Nina York do? Where is Miki’s mother? Will Ringo live? What time is it when Miki goes to the airport?

Now answer the three questions. _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ 2. Put these events in the right order.

A. Sam and Ben see Dave and his friends come out of the factory. B. They take Ringo out of the factory on an old door on Ben’s skateboard. C. Sam and Ben climb into the factory. D. They go to the vet. E. They find the dog.


3. Complete the sentences with and , but, because or so.

1. Sam and Ben can’t carry Ringo out of the factory _______ Ringo is too big. 2. Miki can speak English _______ she can’t speak Italian. 3. Sam and Ben need some wheels _______ they use Sam’s skateboard. 4. Ringo is injured _______ he’s thirsty.

1. Ben doesn’t want to go into the factory because he is frightened/frightenin

g. 2. Nina is late so she is walking

Review of Chapter 5

4. Choose the correct words to complete the captions.

quick/quickly. 3. Miki’s father says “Phone when you

5. Which of these words describe Sam and Ben in Chapter 5? foolish lazy boring intelligent

brave clever silly frightened


You will find out these things in Chapter 6

Make guesses about what you will find out. Look at three scenes from Chapter 6. Try to answer the questions.

Where are Gus and Bonnie?


1. How Sam finds out the dog’s name. 2. Who Sam and Ben take to the old factory. 3. What Dave and his friends do.


Who is she listening to on the

Who is Dave going to phone?


Chapter 6 The Thieves Escape


Gus and Bonnie are in a room full of equipment. There’s a big table with lots of controls and shelves with hundreds of CDs. A woman comes into the room. “Hi! I’m Wendy Lane,” she says. “I’m the producer this morning.” Gus and Bonnie follow Wendy into a room with no windows. They sit around a table. There’s a microphone in the middle of the table and a red light. Wendy gives Gus a pair of headphones. “I’ll ask you some questions about Ringo,” she says. “We’ll tell our listeners to look for him. Are you ready?” “I think so,” says Gus.


controls: buttons, etc. that work a machine

microphone: what you speak into to record your voice

producer: someone who makes radio or television programmes

headphones: you use them to listen to music, etc.


“I don’t want any breakfast today, mum,” Sam says. “You’ll get hungry, Sam,” his mum replies. “I’ll be fine.” Sam goes upstairs to get his school jacket.

Sam’s mother turns on the radio. Then she remembers something. “Don’t forget your violin, Sam,” she shouts up the stairs. “You’ve got a lesson today.”

Sam comes downstairs. He hears a woman on the radio. “What was that about, mum? Did you hear?” “Something about a lost dog,” she says. “It’s called Ringo.”

“What radio station is that?” says Sam. “It’s . . . Capital . . . Why?” But Sam is already running down the path. His violin is on the chair.

radio station: radio channel



Sam runs all the way to Ben’s house. He tells Ben about the radio programme. “The dog’s called Ringo,” he says. “Okay,” says Ben. “Let’s phone the radio station and tell them where Ringo is. I’ve got a phone in my room.” “No, Ben. We can’t do that. What if . . . ? Listen, Ben. Maybe Ringo is dead.” “Oh, no! I didn’t think of that.” “Come on,” Sam says. “Let’s run to the vet’s place.”

vet’s place: vet’s office



“I hope you find Ringo,” says Wendy Lane as Gus and Bonnie are leaving. “Thanks,” says Gus. “I’m sure we will,” says Bonnie. “Come back next week. I’ll show you around the studio.” “Yeah, maybe,” says Gus. “He’ll come,” says Bonnie. “He just . . . wants Ringo back.” Gus and Bonnie go out of the building. “That was interesting, wasn’t it?” says Bonnie. But Gus doesn’t answer. “Let’s get some coffee,” Bonnie says. But Gus is looking at Wendy Lane. She’s running towards them. “Hey, Gus! Bonnie! Stop!” she shouts. “Two boys phoned.



Dave and his gang had a bad night last night. They went to Victoria Station. There were a lot of tourists with bags and mobile phones. But there were also a lot of policemen. Dave is kicking rubbish around the floor. He’s not happy. “Right,” he says. “We’ll go to Heathrow Airport this afternoon. We’ll get something there.” “What about that dog, Dave?” says one of his friends. “It’s very quiet. Do you think it’s . . . ?” “Oh, yes,” says Dave. “I forgot. We can get money for the dog. Give me your phone. Now what’s that phone number?” Dave finds the poster and rings Gus’s number.

forgot: past of ‘forget’

Two policemen follow Sam and Ben across the canal bridge. “You can get in through that broken window,” says Sam. Inside the factory Dave hears a noise. “Listen,” he says. “There’s someone outside.” A policeman’s arm comes through the window. “Quick,” says Dave. “Let’s get out of here.” Dave drops the poster and the phone. They all run to the back of the building. A few seconds later they climb through a window and run away. Inside the factory a policeman picks up the phone and the poster. He hears a voice on the phone. “Hello! Hello! Gus Mills here. Is anyone there?”

drops: lets fall


Review of Chapter 6

1. True or false? True


1. Sam remembers his violin. 2. Sam’s mum phones the radio station. 3. Dave and his friends went to Heathrow Airport earlier this morning. 4. Dave and his friends are going to Heathrow Airport later this afternoon. 5. The police catch Dave but his friends escape. 6. The policemen are wearing uniforms.

2. Join the two parts of the sentences.

1. Gus sits in the recording studio

2. Sam runs to Ben’s house 3. Dave grabs a phone

A. and tells him about the radio programme. B. and run away. C. across the canal bridge.

4. Dave and his friends hear a noise D. and dials a number. 5. The policemen follow Sam and Ben E. and speaks into a microphone.


3. Which one word completes the captions to the pictures?

1.“You’ll________ hungry, Sam," his mum says.

2. “We can _______ money for the dog.”

3. “Let’s _______ some coffee,”

Review of Chapter 6

4. Which sentence in these pairs is correct according to the story? Tick [✔].

1. A. We saw Tom Garcia and Miki in Chapter 6. B. We didn’t see Tom Garcia or Miki in Chapter 6. 2. A. Gil and Sato appeared in Chapter 6. B. Gil and Sato didn’t appear in Chapter 6.

5. Think about these questions.

1. Is Ringo alive? 2. Where is Miki now?


You will find out these things in Chapter 7

Make guesses about what you will find out. Look at three scenes from Chapter 7. Try to answer the questions.

Which part of an airport is this? 62

1. What happens to Miki, Tom and Dave at the airport. 2. Who gets a new skateboard. 3. Who sees each other in Regent’s Park.


What happens to Dave?

Where are they? 63

Chapter 7 Home Run!


Gil and Sato are going to meet Miki at Heathrow Airport. But they are late. Miki’s plane arrived early. Miki is now in the baggage reclaim area waiting for her suitcase. A boy is waiting for his rucksack. He’s got a broken arm. It’s Tom Garcia. Tom sees his rucksack. But it’s heavy. He can’t lift it. His arm hurts. “I’ll help you,” says Miki. She lifts Tom’s rucksack onto a trolley. “Thanks,” says Tom. But Miki is not there.

baggage reclaim area: area in an airport where you collect your bags 64

rucksack: bag that goes on your back

trolley: a cart with wheels for carrying bags

Dave and his two friends are also at Heathrow Airport. They are in the arrivals area. They are looking for things to steal. Miki comes through the arrivals gate. She stops and looks for Sato. “Where is he?� she thinks. She gets out her mobile phone and rings her brother. arrivals gate: place in an airport where passengers arrive in the terminal


“Look,” says Dave. “That Japanese girl. You push her and I’ll grab her phone.” But then Dave sees Tom. “No. Wait a minute. Look at him. He’s got a broken arm. We’ll get his rucksack. No problem.” Dave’s friends stand on the left and right of Tom. Then they push him. Dave grabs Tom’s rucksack and he runs past Miki.


As Dave runs past Miki’s arm goes out quickly. Suddenly Dave is on the ground. The side of his body hurts. He can’t get up. His head is spinning. He feels sick. A policeman helps Dave to get up. Then he takes him to a police car and takes him away. “Here’s your rucksack,” Miki says to Tom. Gil and Sato run over. “Miki! Miki!” they shout. “Sorry we’re late. Is everything all right?” “Fine,” she says. “This is . . . Sorry, I don’t know your name.” “Tom Garcia. I’m from . . .” “Pleased to meet you, Tom,” says Sato. “Let’s get a taxi,” says Gil. “Bye,” says Tom. But they’re gone. “Miki,” he says to himself.

his head is spinning: he is confused



“Wow,” says Ben. “Fantastic.” “Take your time,” says Bonnie. “Choose any one.” “What do you think, Sam?” Ben asks. “I like that red one,” Sam replies. “I’ll have the red one,” says Ben. Tom looks at the red skateboard. “This is a good skateboard,” he says. “Really fast. It’s American. Just like me.” “Don’t listen to him,” says Gus. “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He can’t even ride down a little hill in San Francisco!” “Tenth Avenue is not a little hill!” Tom says. “It’s the top of the world!” Gus pulls Tom’s cap down over his eyes.



Gus throws a small ball. “Go, Ringo!” Ringo runs slowly after it. “His paw still hurts,” says Bonnie. “At least it’s not in plaster,” says Tom. “Like this.” He holds up his broken arm. “Look! There’s Gil and Sato,” says Bonnie. She shouts and waves. Gil hits the ball and runs round the plates laughing and waving. Ringo chases the baseball. But a young Japanese girl runs and picks it up. She looks at Tom. “Hello, again!” Miki says and runs off. Gus Bonnie look ataTom. “Hello, again?” both say. plaster:and the hard material round plates: pieces of flat metalthey which broken arm or leg show the positions in baseball “I can explain,” says Tom.


Review of Chapter 7

1. Join the two parts of the sentences.

1. Tom can’t lift his rucksack 2. Dave falls down 3. Sato and Gil apologize to Miki 4. The policeman takes Dave away 5. Ringo can’t run very well

A. B. C. D.

because because because because

they are late. his arm is broken. his paw hurts. Miki hits him.

E. because he’s a thief.

2. Choose the correct answer.


How did Tom break his arm? A. Playing American Football B. Skateboarding down Tenth Avenue C. Getting off the plane


What does Gus buy Sam and Ben? A. New fishing equipment B. New violins C. New skateboards

3. Where do you collect your bags when you arrive at an airport? A. Baggage reclaim B. The arrival’s gate C. The information centre 4.


How do Sato, Gil and Miki travel back from the airport? A. By train B. By taxi C. By bus

3. Choose the correct word to complete the captions.

1. Suddenly Dave is at/on the ground.

2. Miki’s plane arrived twenty minutes since/ago.

3. “He doesn’t know/isn’t knowing what he’s talking about,” says Gus.

Review of Chapter 7

4. What do you think?

1. When Tom says "I can explain" at the end, what can he explain? 2. Where do you think Sato and Gil will take Miki in London? 3. Will Tom see Miki again? 4. What is a ‘home run’?


After Reading Activities

1. Complete the summary of the story with these words.

canal friend







Gus Mills (1) ____________ his van in Camden Town in London. Ringo, his big dog, is in the back of the van. Ringo is (2) ___________ . He gets out of the van and goes under the canal bridge and hides. Several days later two friends, Sato and Gil, are jogging along the (3) ____________ . They see Ringo. They see that Ringo is injured. His paw is bleeding. When Gus wakes up in hospital he is very worried about Ringo. Gus and his (4) ___________, Bonnie, look for Ringo everywhere. Ringo goes to an old factory. But there are three horrible boys in the factory. They are thieves. Dave is the leader. Dave (5) ________ Ringo in a cold, wet room. Ringo can’t get out. He is dying.


But two boys, Sam and Ben, go into the factory. They find Ringo and save his life. They put Ringo on a stretcher that they make from a door and a (6) _________ . Then they take Ringo to a vet. When the police go to the old factory, Dave and his friends escape. They go to Heathrow Airport to try to steal from (7) __________ . But a Japanese girl is also at the airport. She is Miki, Sato’s sister. She’s good at (8) ___________ .

After Reading Activities

When Dave steals a bag Miki hits Dave. Then a policeman takes Dave away in a police car. Miki also meets Tom Garcia at the airport. Tom is Gus’s friend.Everyone meets at the end in London’s Regent’s Park.


After Reading Activities

2. Write short captions for these pictures.

1. ________________________________ __________________________________

2. ________________________________ __________________________________

3. ________________________________ __________________________________ 74

4. ________________________________

5. ________________________________ __________________________________

6. ________________________________ __________________________________


After Reading Activities


3. Look at the information about the characters. Make up one more piece of information about each charac-

He met Bonnie six months ago. Gus

He grew up in San Francisco.

She’s Gus’s girlfriend. She wants to be a clothes designer.

He’s American. He met Sato at college.


Sato is Japanese. He’s got a black belt in karate.

Miki 76

She’s Sato’s sister. She lives with her parents in Tokyo.


Tom has never got any money. Tom

He likes skateboarding and skiing.

He’s learning French at school and Sam

He always beats Sam at chess. He started to play the violin last week.

After Reading Activities


he’s good at the violin.

He’s got a mum, but he doesn’t know anything about his dad. Dave He doesn’t go to school very often.


Ringo is three years old. He goes everywhere with Gus. He loves playing ball.


After Reading Activities

4. Bonnie keeps a diary. Write Bonnie’s diary entries for:

A. The day that Gus crashes his van (page 5). ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________

B. The day Gus and Bonnie go to the recording studio (pages 54 and 57). ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________

C. The last day in the sports shop (page 68). ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 5. When Miki gets to London she phones her father in Tokyo. Write their conversation. ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 6. Write a short e-mail from Tom to his sister Judy in San Francisco. Imagine Tom writes the e-mail a couple of days after he arrives in London. Mention what happened at the airport. ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________


7. Think of a different ending for the story. ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 8. Think of three different titles for the story. ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________

After Reading Activities

9. Rewrite the information on the back of the book. 10. Write a brief letter or postcard to the writer of this story. Tell him what you like about the story and what you don’t like. Say which characters you did and didn’t like. ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________

Send your letter/postcard to the publishers of the book. You never know, you may receive a reply (and a free copy of the next book)! Remember to visit the website: 79


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