Granny Fixit and the Monkey

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Grammar and structures present simple, present continuous there is / are have got (for possession) can for requests like + ing pronouns adjectives to show feelings expressions: Naughty monkey! What now? Oh dear! Be careful! Come here! Sorry! What an adventure

In this funny adventure in a biopark a monkey takes Granny Fixit’s small yellow bag! What does the monkey take out of the bag? And what can Granny Fixit, Lucy and Bill do to get it back? In this reader you will find:

- Games and language activities - An audio recording of the story and the song - A picture dictionary


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Granny Fixit and the Monkey by Jane Cadwallader Illustrated by Gustavo Mazali

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My name is Gustavo. I live in a very big city, Buenos Aires. I have been drawing all my life, ever since I was a child as I didn’t have a TV. I enjoy most of all drawing comic strips and picturing myself and my kids in the illustrations that I create.

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My name is Jane and I live in a beautiful Spanish city, Madrid. I’m an English author of children’s books. I’ve always loved creating stories and songs for children. The best ideas come to me while… I’m jogging!

Jane Cadwallader Granny Fixit and the Monkey

J. Cadwallader Granny Fixit and the Monkey

Vocabulary areas Animals, Family, Clothes

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2 Danny, Lucy and Alex are with mum and dad.

They’re looking at a Viking home. Granny Fixit’s there too! The guide’s talking and talking and talking.

I’m hungry! I’m hungry too!

Where’s the toilet? 2


The children look at the rock with an eye but … is it a rock?

That isn’t a rock! It’s a whale … a baby whale.


And there’s its mother. Oh dear!

What can we do?


Activity Pages 1 Tick the characters who are in this book. Find and write their names.

1 __________

3 __________

4 __________

6 __________

8 __________ 28

2 __________

5 __________

7 __________

9 __________

10 __________

2 Write the lines of the poems under the correct picture.

















We’re Vikings

In my cave.

In our cave .

My Viking way! Strong and brave And sing and play

Our Viking way! Here I dance

I’m a Viking Here we dance

You are welcome

And sing and play

Strong and brave

You are welcome

Doing things

Doing thin gs 29