Eliot School Biennial Report 2021-2022: Pathways through Craft

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Carving a path

Abigail & Alison

The Eliot School has carved a path through the pandemic and begun a revival. We’ve resumed meeting in person, masked and vaccinated, eager to make and learn in each other’s company. Teens, adults, elders, neighbors, parents and children are ebbing in our shop, musicians in our schoolyard and children

creation in community. It’s a community that sustains vibrant, ever-evolving place.

Abigail Norman Alison Croney Moses
Making together, in community, brings us joy.”
—Abigail Norman

Our kindergarten students at John F. Kennedy School show off their woodworking designs in progress.



In the 2020–21 school year 1,300 art supply kits to students’

year-long school-day art, tinkering

13 Boston Public Schools

3 .

1,228 young students took partnership classes

We piloted our adult community partnership, in Allston-Brighton.

100 adults participated in these initial adult partnership events

2 |

Schoolhouse Classes

1,510 people took 208 classes in our schoolhouse over the past

Summer Program

animation, comics, LEGO, inventions, visual art,

Scholarship Fund

Our Scholarship Fund allows youth in need to attend schoolhouse classes free of charge. Individual donations support the Fund’s growth each year.


BIENNIAL REPORT 2021–2022 | 3
Joe Stanewick teaches a Basic Woodworking class in the Eliot Schoolhouse.


Teen Bridge leadership skills. Meeting on Saturdays during the Fine Arts, Stonybrook Fine Arts and other city art

programs. The teens progressively help to recruit, graduating classes

15 teens participated


in Residence (AIR)

in Feel the Flow

outside English High School. Their community process centered the theme, Spaces of Belonging

4 |
A Teen Bridge student crafts a design in our Artist in Residence program.

Professional Development

The series supported instructors to help students process the pandemic and ongoing racial 157 instructors attended SPEAC in this period


Salons, Exhibitions, Concerts and Gatherings

2,060 3 continents attended 10 Eliot School Salons.

gathering space. The Eliot Schoolyard Concert Series presented 15

1,410 people


More than 1,000 people attended these events.

BIENNIAL REPORT 2021–2022 | 5
Valeria Lima performs Brazilian forró music with Trio Let’s Vamos at the Eliot Schoolyard Concert Series.

Jerel, Randy & Taylor A path to giving back

By the time the class ended, Jerel’s teaching had an impact he couldn’t have predicted, one

6 |
Jasmine the snail takes her time in Paula Smith’s book, HowtoHurryUp…Slowly .

How to Hurry Up… Slowly

“Paula kept cultivating her natural talent. She Taylor says.

BIENNIAL REPORT 2021–2022 | 7

A path to build skills

kindergartners in Boston’s public schools

The Eliot School’s intervention puts small but real construction tools in their hands.

8 |
A kindergartner learns the craft of woodworking at John F. Kennedy School.

the toy race car he made are among his most Walker’s mothers, Jennie and Maura

—Walker McDonald-Brown and Summer Program participant

School & Community Partnership students

“ I’m a woodworker now.”
He asked his moms to enroll him in our BIENNIAL REPORT 2021–2022 | 9

Camila & Isaac Paths to artistry

at Galatea Fine Art Gallery.

Bridge. She also brought her engaged teaching skills to our School & Community Partnerships and

10 |
Isaac Madera-Cepeda’s photograph of Senegalese dancer Alioune N’Diaye at the Eliot Schoolyard Concert Series.

and others in Teen Bridge. Joined

Boston. This past summer, he could be seen

by Camila, photographing the Eliot Schoolyard Concert
“ We want young people to have a voice and make work they’re passionate about and proud of.”
BIENNIAL REPORT 2021–2022 | 11
—Camila Bohan Insaurralde Teen Bridge Coordinator

Silvina & Dara Paths to wellness

Silvina, a native Spanish speaker, taught an ancient material, helped participants

Silvina says. In a second series, students

programming in our schoolhouse and at

Student ceramics, created at All Bright Community Center.
12 |

pieces in glass and resin.

Silvina combines her skills in painting and the Eliot School through SPEAC, our multiart instructors. SPEAC guides instructors to support their students navigating the trauma

This commitment to community lives on in hands and hearts.

“The practice of self-care that comes from making art helps students nd balance and connect to their inner selves.”
BIENNIAL REPORT 2021–2022 | 13
—Silvina Ibañez Instructor

Paths to mentorship

14 |

as an artist—and a person.

to teach our teens. JB participated in a mural Partnership at his school, English High. keep a budget.

Plain Open Studios. In November, he spoke at the mural’s unveiling celebration. “I’m more

“ My work shows young people that art is a part of who we are.”
BIENNIAL REPORT 2021–2022 | 15
—Luis Taforo, TakeOne

Fi & Eric Paths to leadership

varied routes to serving on the Eliot School’s

16 |

generous trustees bring to their co-leadership couture

“Our classes are an important opportunity to

returned to the Eliot School. She brought thinking, business strategy and innovation Board’s Governance Committee.

Eric manages investments at Moody, Lynn &
“Over the past decade we have become a bigger thought leader in craft education in the U.S. At the same t ime, I’m excited to see us continue to expand and reach people where they are.”
BIENNIAL REPORT 2021–2022 | 17
Trustee and Governance Committee Chair


past the Eliot School, you see

You might be like Fi, entering the taking adult tuition classes and then supports our work in Boston Public Schools

Thank you to our


Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund

Anonymous (1)

Barr Klarman Massachusetts Arts Initiative: Barr Foundation

Klarman Family Foundation

Baltimore Community Foundation:

916 Foundation Fund

The Beker Foundation

The Boston Foundation: Mills Foundation

Sands Family Fund

Shawkemo Family Fund

Boston Cultural Council*

BPS Arts Expansion Fund at EdVestors**

The Phyllis E. & Donald G. Campbell Charitable Foundation

Center for Craft

City of Boston Of ce of Youth Employment & Opportunity

Crafting the Future

Eastern Mass. Guild of Woodworkers

The Episode Foundation

Essex County Community

Foundation: McCoy Family Fund

Joe Kalt & Judy Gans Foundation

John & Robyn Horn Foundation

Linde Family Foundation

Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association

Mass Cultural Council:*

Cultural Investment Portfolio

STARS Grant YouthReach

Mayor’s Of ce of Arts and Culture: Re-open

Creative Boston

MENTOR Foundation

Murray Family Charitable Foundation

National Endowment for the Arts

New England Foundation for the Arts:

Public Art for Spatial Justice

New World Foundation:

September 20 Fund

Deborah M. Noonan Memorial Fund

Plymouth Rock Foundation

Preservation Massachusetts / 1772 Foundation

Private Industry Council

Ratliff Justice Fund

A.C. Ratshesky Foundation

Ress Family Foundation

Adelard & Valeda Lea Roy Family Foundation

David V.N. Taylor Foundation

Windgate Foundation

FL Putnam Investment Management Company

FoMu Ice Cream

Gage Wealth Advisors

Hatoff’s Gas Station

Haystack Mountain School of Crafts

Jamaica Plain Historical Society

Jameson & Thompson Picture


JP Licks

JP Taekwondo

Kevin Cradock Builders

Liberty Mutual

Mann & Rodgers Funeral Home

Mase Construction & Design


Penswick Painting

Polkadog Bakery

Rockland Trust

Sazama Real Estate

Streetcar Wines

Taunton Press

TCB: The Cooperative Bank

The Record Co.

Taunton Press



Amazon Smile

Arborway Auto Service

Benjamin Moore Paint

BLOOM Architecture

Blue Frog Bakery

Boston Trust Walden Company

Centre Cuts

Eastern Bank


Barr Klarman Massachusetts Arts Initiative: Barr Foundation

Klarman Family Foundation

Elizabeth Barringer & John Clark

BPS Arts Expansion Fund at EdVestors

City of Boston Of ce of Youth

Employment & Opportunity

Jennifer Anne & Sean Gavin

Jesse Johnson

Joe Kalt & Judy Gans Foundation

John & Robyn Horn Foundation

Linde Family Foundation

Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association

Mass Cultural Council

Mayor’s Of ce of Arts and Culture: Re-open Creative Boston

Pam & Stuart Mathews

National Endowment for the Arts

New World Foundation:

September 20 Fund

Rebecca Norman

Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund

Windgate Foundation


Baltimore Community Foundation: 916 Foundation Fund

The Beker Foundation

Stella Owen & Geoffrey Chasin

Kevin Cradock Builders

Deirdre & Jamie Day

Murray Family Charitable Foundation

New England Foundation for the Arts

Deborah M. Noonan Memorial Fund

Abigail Norman

Plymouth Rock Foundation

Dana Rashti

Ratliff Justice Fund

20 |
* Funded in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency, and by the Boston Cultural Council, administered by the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture. * * Funded in part by Boston Public Schools (BPS) Arts Expansion, a multi-year effort focusing on access, equity, and quality arts learning for BPS students. The BPS Arts Expansion Fund, managed by EdVestors, is supported by the Barr Foundation, The Boston Foundation, Katie and Paul Buttenwieser, Klarman Family Foundation, Linde Family Foundation, and other foundations and individuals. BPS Arts Expansion is supported in part by an award from the National Endowment for the Arts.
Many thanks to the following organizations and individuals who generously supported the Eliot School with a donation of $100 or more from January 2021 through December 2022. Many more made smaller donations; we are very grateful to them as well.

Mary Smoyer

Joseph Stanewick in honor of the Stanewick Family

Melony Swasey

Taunton Press

Nerine & Eric Warasta


Roberta Apfel & Bennett Simon

Zourab Bebia

JoAnne & James Blakey

Center for Craft

Ann Coles

The Episode Foundation

Pamela Haran & David Godkin in memory of Paula J. Smith

Charlotte & Kurt Hemr

Herbert Jacobs in memory of Neal Widett

Jameson & Thompson

Picture Framers

Mimi & Hylton Jolliffe

Arleen & David Kemler in memory of Neal Widett

Nicole & Terry Murray

Fi le Nguy n

Private Industry Council

A.C. Ratshesky Foundation

Adelard & Valeda Lea Roy Family Foundation

Sazama Real Estate

Joy Silverstein

Paula J. Smith Family in memory of Paula J. Smith


Anonymous (4)

Blue Frog Bakery

Boston Foundation: Mills Foundation

Marikim & Bruce Bunnell in honor of Marilyn Mase

Joanne Zitek & Frank Burns

Sue & Rob Bushman

The Phyllis E. & Donald G. Campbell Charitable Foundation

Neema Chaiban

Katherine Chaurette & Martin Thomson

Miki-Sophia Cloud

Crafting the Future

Kristian Creamer & David Krikorian

Kathy & Bob Cunha

Joanna Damp

Marion Davis

Bonnie Duncan & Dan Milstein

Susan & William Elsbree

Gail English & Andrew Haines

Essex County Community Foundation

McCoy Family Fund

Don Eunson & G. Douglas Evans

Sandy Madden & Ed Forte

Judith Hoos Fox & Charles Fox

Rhonda Frank in memory of Charlie Sandler

Jascha Franklin-Hodge & Kevin Derrick

Anita Fritze

Caroline & Ralph Gakenheimer

Lorna Gibson

Mary Ann Sullivan & Michael Gleason

Elizabeth & Simon Grif ths

Karen Haas & Greg Heins

Deborah & Eric Hall

Hatoff’s Gas Station

Haystack Mountain School of Crafts

Sharon Hessney

Sherry Horn

Herbert Jacobs in memory of Neal Widett

Jennifer Johnston

Steven Kemler in memory of Neal Widett

Janice & Robert Kerwin

Robert King

Barbara Krakow

Jean & Jordan Krasnow

Katina Leodas

Liberty Mutual Employer Matching Grants

Janet Lomartier in memory of Neal Widett

Alice Lorch & Matthew Lesniak

Ling Luo & Gordon Jiang

Stefania & George Mallett

Carole Mathieson & John Iappini

Bonnie McBride

Robert McKee

Barbara & Norman Meltz

MENTOR Foundation

Maureen & David Moses

Steven Muller

Susan Naimark

Lucy Nims-LaFleche & Paul LaFleche

Margaret Norman & Geoff Holton

Roger Pachter

Rebeca Plank

Polkadog Bakery

Nina Reis & Jefferey York

Elizabeth & Wilson Rickerson

Cate & Michael Rioles

Debra Rivkin & Bruce Haggarty

Beverly Heywood Rogers in honor of Joe Stanewick

Tristan Rushton

Antoinette Russell & Louis Bailey

Lois Russell

Andrea Sewall

Joanne Shaughnessy

Ellen Simons

Jonah Spector

Teresa Spillane

Paul Spinale

Janet Spitz

David V.N. Taylor Foundation

TCB-The Cooperative Bank

Arthur Teepe

Patricia Thomas

Naomi & Robert Tuchmann

Janet Veasey

Meredith & Mark Wallace

Jane & Paul Walsh

Elizabeth Wood & Jerry Wheelock

Hugh Wilburn & Michael Rogan

Jae Williams

Elizabeth Wolffe & Philip Gregory

Felice & Henry Yager


Anonymous (3)

Robert Ackman in memory of Neal Widett

Robert Aisner in memory of Neal Widett

Polly Allen

Barbara Altman

Lorrie Anderson

Andrea & Henry Barr in memory of Neal Widett

Scarlet & Sam Batchelor

Erin Bennett

Debra & Peter Berman in memory of Neal Widett

Lisa Bevilaqua

Roberta Blair & L Matthew Freedman in memory of Neal Widett

Wendy Bliss

Judith Boland

Alexander Brodsky

Deborah & David Brooks

Soul Brown

Donald Buchholtz

Holly & Daniel Burnes

Edward Cabitt in memory of Neal Widett

Pramod Chandersekhar

Sally Cheek & Linda Lesyna

Colin Cohan

Janet & Thomas Cohan

Nancy Cornelius

Alison Croney Moses & David Moses

Joan & Will Dunfey

Barbara Dworetzky & Christopher Shanahan

Eastern Mass. Guild of Woodworkers

Andrea & Peter Enzinger

Charles Fiore

Martha Fowlkes & Frank Egloff

Audrey Fishman Franklin & Andrew Franklin

Sarah Freeman

Ann Gabhart & David Friedman

Deborah Kantor Gardner in memory of Paula J. Smith

Catherine Gleeson & Ruben vanLeeuwen

Deborah & William Goldstein in memory of Neal Widett

Eric Greimann

Faeren Hedera Blackwood

Betty Herschman

Hans Hesselein

Andrea Howard

Jessica Jacobs in memory of Neal Widett

Cynthia Johnson & John Wortham

Joanne Kaczowka & Stephen Salk in memory of Neal Widett

Bevin Kenney & Scott Davidson

Barbara & Robert Koppel in memory of Neal Widett

Amanda & Michael Lapham

Toni Loiacano & Matthew Williams

Elena & Ron Loukas

Beth & Kevin Mahar

Laura & Shibly Malouf in memory of Tim Ingles

Roger Matthews in memory of Neal Widett

Caroline & Alan McCoy

Erin McKenna

Marilyn Morrissey in memory of Jim Ryan

BIENNIAL REPORT 2021–2022 | 21
“ It’s so important, the work you are doing to bring art into the public schools. Kids really need this. I’m happy to support it.”

Catherine Mosgo an

Margaret & Charles Norris

Robert Russell O’Haver

Natalie Olsen Hall & Andrew Hall

Laura & Robert Peabody

Margaret & Frank Pettorossi

Carla & Dan Powdermaker

Sue & Bernard Pucker

FL Putnam Investment Management Co.

Ress Family Foundation

Wendy Rist

Martha & Paul Rizzoli

Rockland Trust

Janice Rogovin & Leo Newhouse

Jessica Rosen

Elizabeth Ross

Gail Sarno

Anthony Schwensen

Sheara & Jeffrey Seigal


Shana Alexander

Tish & Henry Allen

Ruth & Myron Allukian

Amazon Smile

Catherine Amory & Charles DeKnatel

Judith Anderson

Emily Anesta & Alex Bourgeois in honor of Joe Stanewick

Nancy Angney

Anonymous (9)

Anonymous in honor of Beau L.W. Kehoe

Anonymous in memory of Paula J. Smith

Evelyn Arana Ortiz

Arborway Auto Service

Cindy Arias & Josiah Oberholtzer

Lauren Arkema & Mathew Montgomery

Martin Becker in memory of Neal Widett

Seymour Beckford

Deborah Beers

Michael Bentinck-Smith

Karen Bergstrand

Barbara & Alan Berns

Suzie Bertisch

Ann Bevan Hollos

Robert Bienkowski in memory of Tim Ingles

Sadie Bliss

BLOOM Architecture

Boston Foundation: SCLL Giving Fund

Phyllis Bluhm

Victoria Bok & DeWitt Jones

Boston Trust Walden Company

Alex Bowers & James Liu

Marshall Brass in memory of Neal Widett

Helen & Andrew Braun

Josh Briggs

James Brosnan

Alice Bukhman

Marianne Bulchis in honor of Joe Stanewick

Nancy Topalian & Daniel Bumagin

Joseph Bynoe & Evan Miller in memory of Paula J. Smith

Eric Campbell

Maggie Carberry Pasquan in memory of Charlie Sandler

Carol Caro

Polly Carpenter

Ed Carter

Priscilla Carty

The Cavanagh/Foleys in memory of Paula J. Smith

Stephanie Cave Centre Cuts

Beth Cratsley in memory of Paula J. Smith

Donna & James W. Currie, Jr.

Elizabeth Dalal Pessala

Patricia Daley

Makhissa Damba

Sharon Daniels Sullivan

Debra Darby

Kate Dare-Winters

Michelle Davis

Luiza deCamargo

Nancy & Dan Dean

Eric Demicco

William J. DiCicco

Nancy Dick-Atkinson

Anne & Robert Diefendorf in memory of Neal Widett

Judith Dillman

Catherine Dooley

Alan Drabkin

Ivan Dremov & Mandy Vincent

Maxwell Dunfey in honor of Marilyn Mase

Rita Dunipace & David Rosen

Johanna Dwyer

John Earley

Janet & Patrick Eastwood

Kathy & Ronald Emanuel in memory of Neal Widett

Kathleen Engel

Lee Englert

Ashley Enochs

Inge Enzinger

Gayle & Michael Epp

Stephen Evans

Jeannine Falino Heath

Lauren Fellion in memory of Paula J. Smith

Kathryn Fenneman

Fabio J. Fernandez & Christine Dunn

Laura Fischman

Anne McHugh & Howard Shrobe

Annie Silverman

Beth Somers Stutzman

Jane Sugarman & Alex Jacobson

Steven Sussman in memory of Neal Widett

Alicia Svenson & Matthew Friese

Marilu Swett & Carl Spector

Joan & Harold Thomas

Paul Tomkavage

John Kevin Tucker in memory of Paula J. Smith

Cynthia Upchurch in memory of Maggie Hill

Wilma & Panagiotis Voukydis

Barbara & John Wicker

Pam Wylie & Kirk Pantos

Janine Zieg & Eric Frank


Shelby Abel-Kilmartin & Patrick

Jane Ashley

Alida Aska in memory of Paula J. Smith

Seeta Badrinath & Jeff Dvorin

Lewis Baer in honor of Joy Silverstein

Craig Bailey

Analese Baraka in memory of Paula J. Smith

Claire Barker

Elaine Barlas

Elissa Barr

Nisha Basu & Ian Whittle

Mary Battenfeld & Bill Perkins

Janet Beaven in honor of Joe Stanewick

Lauren Becker & Derek Bloom

Constance Cervone & Janet Deegan

Harneen Chernow & Susan Moir in memory of Paula J. Smith

Alicia Chick

Mary Childs-Mayer

Cynthia Clark & Marie Broderick

Sara Clugage

Anne Cody & Ben Forman

Lisa & Robert Cohen in memory of Neal Widett

Sharon Cohen in memory of Neal Widett

Stephanie & David Cohen

Steven Cohen & Bruce Withey

Cornell Coley

Katie Connolly

Kathleen & William Conole

Cindy & Dean Conway

Ann & William Covington in honor of Joe Stanewick

David Fitzgerald in memory of Paula J. Smith

Molly Foley

FoMu Ice Cream

Judy & Charlie Fox in honor of Joe Stanewick

Gregory Frank in memory of Charlie Sandler

Joshua Frank in memory of Charlie Sandler

Erika Frank-Cooney in memory of Charlie Sandler

Diane Franklin & John Hodge

Janet Free

Susan Freed

Anne Friend in memory of Paula J. Smith

Julio Fuentes & Wendy Martinez

Barbara Futter

Ann Gabhardt & David Friedman in honor of Joe Stanewick

22 |
“Bravo, Eliot School! You’ve made great strides through the years, ever growing, making a difference in the community and in the lives of so many.”

Tiffany Gall

Brian Gallagher

Melissa Gallin

Linda Garbus

Carol & Steve Gar eld

Paula Georges & Dick Clapp

Susan & Joel Gershenfeld in memory of Paula J. Smith

Jeffrey Hugh Giles

Catherine Gleeson & Ruben

van Leeuwen

Nora Godkin in memory of Paula J. Smith

Lynda Goldberg

Ann & Terry Goodhart in memory of Neal Widett

Jennifer Gray in memory of Paula J. Smith

Donna Greenan

Alison Haight & Paul Schmidt

Susan & Bruce Hampton

Mary & Matt Harman

Karen Hastings

Daniel Hechavarria in memory of Paula J. Smith

Michael Hechavarria in memory of Paula J. Smith

Curdina Hill

Devin Hill

Marilyn Hilliard

Linda Hirsch

Amy Hitchcock & Glen Hawkins

Suzanne Hoffman

Clare Horkan & Kenneth


Lisa Houck

Darcey Howe

Elizabeth Hudson

Helen Hummel

Abigail Hykin & Gordon Hanlon

Carolyn Ingles

Libba Ingram & Natalie Eldridge

Jamaica Plain Historical Society

Deirdre Johari

Cynthia Johnson & John Wortham

Kris Johnson

Christine Johnston

Brenda Jones

Rosemary Jones

Cecilia Joseph

JP Licks

JP Taekwondo

Joseph Judge in honor of Joe Stanewick

Thomas Kane & Susan Richey

Esther Kaplan

Shira Karman

Janet & Charles Kawada

Edward Keane

Barrie Keller & Steven Kaufman

Susan Kent Dole

Christine Keochekian

Thomas Keydel

Elaine Kiley

Theresa Kim

Martha Kirk Richardson

Susan Kooperstein

Stanley Kramer

William Krier & Robert Sharrett

Elizabeth & David Labbe

Iris Lapaix

David Lapin

Ashley Lazonick Harding

Kim Le

Rita Lee

Susan Levin

Robin Levin

Gail Levine

Roselle Levy

Sherilyn & David Levy

Mary Lewis

Shannon & Kerry Lewis in memory of Paula J. Smith

Ellen Lidington

Karen & John Lifford in memory of Paula J. Smith

Ken Lindgren

Jane Lindsey Youkang Liu

Amy Mack

Claire Madden & Christopher DeSisto

Kris Manjapra & Saugato Datta

Nora Manley & Will Jeffers

Mann & Rodgers Funeral Home

Michelle Manzo & David McNeel

Virginia & Keith Marcotte

Adam Mark

Elizabeth Marks & Paul Taylor

Lisa Martel & Emily Benson in memory of Neal Widett

Erin & Rob Martin

Pat & Ramon Martin

Vada & Fred Martin

Maureen Martin Smith

Mase Construction & Design in honor of Marilyn Mase

Donna Mase in honor of Marilyn Mase

Marilyn Mase & Rick Dunfey

Kimberly Mason & Jeff Seo

Lolita & Azim Mayadas

Susan & Robert Mayer

Chuck McAfee in memory of Michele McAfee

Elizabeth McDonald

Stephanie McKay

Martha Merson


Michelle Millar Fisher

Joseph Milligan

Charlie Mitchell

Margaret & Kevin Moloney

Clifton Monteith

Martha Moor

Alexa Moran in memory of Paula J. Smith

Megan Moses

Julia Mullen

Marguerite Murphy

Mary Murphy & James Buggie

Roxanna Myhrum

Elizabeth Nevins & Eric Mongeon

Titilayo Ngwenya

Ann Niederkorn & Esther Leidolf

Tony Nunes

Melina O’Grady & Chris Arnold

Tracy O’Brien & Michele Waters

Mary ONeil in memory of Paula J. Smith

Oyinda Oyelaran

Erika Pabo & Eric WehrenbergKlee

Laura Pabo

Rosales & Partners

Jacinta Palmer in memory of Paula J. Smith

Dan & Vicki Paret

Sandra Parker & Michael Serotta

Rich Parritz

Jonathan Peirce

Tammy Perry

Jane Petro & Carolyn Becker

Amy Pett

John Phillips

Mimi Pichey

Ellen & Samuel Pierce

Patricia Pirone & Orson Moon

Ralph Polillio in memory of Charlie Sandler

Susan Porter

Sarah Poulter & Craig Melzer

Alicia Powell & Marvin Wang

Nancy Powell

Marie Power

Vivian Pratt

Ann-Marie & Fred Pucillo

Danielle Qi

Laura Raisty

Emily & Justin Rathbone

Edie Read

Arden Reamer & Kevin Taback

Veda Reilley & Curtis Henderson

J. Kevin Reilly in memory of January

Chris & Sheera Rhinehart

Ethan Richardson in memory of Paula J. Smith

Kathryn Riley

Russell Riscoe in memory of Neal Widett

Fran Rivkin & Amy Macdonald

Michelle Roach in memory of Paula J. Smith

Katharine Robb

Phyllis Robinson

Kathryn Roosa

Tom Rose

Charlie Rosenberg

Nancy Routh

Ann Ryan

Mitch Ryerson

Marcy & Sean Sacks

Anthony Sammarco in memory of Herbert & Jane Forsell

Lisa Sandler in memory of Charlie Sandler

Christine Schaffer

Robin Schmidlein & James Costillo

Jodi Schmidt & Peter Smith

Karen Sebastian

Vicky Seelen in memory of Paula J. Smith

Jo Seibel

Electia Sevier & Jos Nicolas

Hollis Shackelford

Melissa Shannon & Kerry Dakin

Audrey Battista & Jesse Shaw

Brendan Shea

Julia Shepley & Alan Cohen

Linda Sklar & Dick Moscowitz

Arlene Snyder & Paul Rabin

Donna Springs

Sylvia Stagg Giuliano

JoAnne Steeves

Cathryn Stein & David Sullivan

Lisa Stephens

Marylou Stock in memory of Paula J. Smith

Kenneth Stone

Sandra Storey

Marianne Stravinskas & Liz Page

Streetcar Wines

Larry Sullivan

Mimi Sundstrom

Karen & Robert Sweet

Lisa Talayco & Bruce Graubart

Donna Thagard & Helen Fremont in memory of Neal Widett

Peter Thibeault in memory of Neal Widett

Carylbeth Thomas & Jac Van Loon in honor of Charlie Sandler

Sean Tierney

Christina Tinglof

Jennifer Tjia

Susan Tonkiss in memory of Paula J. Smith

Jayne Trachman, Brett & Emily Litz in honor and in memory of Paula J. Smith

J. Joseph Van Benten in memory of Neal Widett

Susan & Vanni Vannini


Deirdre Visser

Maria Vitagliano

Michael Waddell

BIENNIAL REPORT 2021–2022 | 23

Sally Wang in memory of Paula J. Smith

Bradford Warren

Janet Washington

Lynn Waskelis & Tim Newell

Barbara Watkins

Megan & Clayton Webb

Emma Weiler

Mark Whitlock

Heidi Whitman & Bob Mathews

Kristina Wickman in memory of Paula J. Smith

Mark Wilen

Trevor Wissink-Adams

Eileen Wong & Gregory Tucker

E. Jo-Anne Wyndham & Jeffrey Kaufman

Henry Yager in honor of Joe Stanewick

Tara Young

Beatriz Zapater & Silja Kallenbach

Ellen Zellner

Linda & Jerrold Zindler

Deborah, Phil, Rachel, Zach, Sam & Avery Gardner

Deborah Kanotor Gardner

Susan & Joel Gershenfeld

Lorna Gibson

Nora Godkin

Latifah Gomes

Jennifer Gray

Pamela Haran & David Godkin

Daniel Hechavarria

Michael Hechavarria

Patricia & Roy Hechavarria

Jennifer Herrera Cordones

Rebecca Hines

Laura Ruth Jarrett

Robyn Jellow

Lynne LeNoir

Shannon & Kerry Lewis

Karen & John Lifford

Jennifer Lynn

Susan Manheim

Jennifer Marnik

Ashley Monteiro

Sarah Moore

Alexa Moran

David Nickerson

Joseph Judge

Mary McCusker

Nicole & Terrence Murray

Abigail Norman

Susan Richey & Thomas Kane

Beverly Heywood Rogers

Joseph Stanewick

Henry & Felice Yager

American Craft Council

Anderson Ranch Arts Center

Sadie Bliss

Center for Craft

Center for Art in Wood

Sara Clugage

Craft Alliance Center of Art + Design

Robert Ackman

Robert Aisner

Andrea & Henry Barr

Martin Becker

Debra & Peter Berman

Roberta Blair & L Matthew Freedman

Marshall Brass

Edward Cabitt

Lisa & Robert Cohen

Sharon Cohen

Anne & Robert Diefendorf

Kathy & Ronald Emanuel

Deborah & William Goldstein

Crafting the Future

CraftNOW Philadelphia

Eliot School of Fine & Applied Arts

Michelle Millar Fisher

Glass Art Society


Haystack Mountain School of Crafts

Maine Crafts Association

Mid-Atlantic Fiber Association

North Bennet Street School

Peters Valley School of Craft

Pilchuk Glass School

Pittsburgh Glass Center

Eliot School’s scholarship funds allow people from lowincome households to attend schoolhouse classes free of charge, with an emphasis on youth from our School & Community Partnerships and Teen Bridge. In 2021–22, donors established three named scholarship funds.

Abigail Norman

Mary ONeil

Jacinta Palmer

Maria Ramos

Ann Marie Reynolds Lynch

Ethan Richardson

Michelle Roach

Emily Rodowicz

Maryellen Rossini

Andy Sants

Victoria Seelen

John Shanahan

Paula J. Smith Family

Anonymous (5)

Roberta Apfel & Bennett Simon

Alida Aska

Julie Becker

Theresa & Lorenzo Bradt

Robin Brogan

Joseph Bynoe & Evan Miller

Luis Carreras

The Cavanagh/Foleys

Jacquelyn Centorino

Marsha Charlton

Harneen Chernow

Beth Cratsley

Adrienne Davis

Mary Margaret DiVito

Caitlyn Donovan

Daniel Edwards

Lauren Fellion

David Fitzgerald

Jan Fitzgerald

Tricia Frazier

Anne Friend

Lynda Galbato

Marylou Stock

Colleen Strong

Susan Tonkiss

Stacey Tosado

Jayne Trachman, Brett & Emily Litz

Jennefer Trowers-Smith

John Kevin Tucker

Sally Wang

Kristina Wickman

Ann & Terry Goodhart

Herbert Jacobs

Jessica Jacobs

Joanne Kaczowka & Stephen Salk

Arleen & David Kemler

Steven Kemler

Barbara & Robert Koppel

Janet Lomartire

Lisa Martel & Emily Benson

Roger Matthews

Margaret & Charles Norris

Russell Riscoe

Paula Sullivan

Steven Sussman

Donna Thagard & Helen Fremont

Peter Thibeault

J. Joseph VanBenten

Jennifer Scanlan

Society of North American Goldsmiths (SNAG)

Snow Farm: New England Craft Program

Touchstone Center for Crafts

Deirdre Visser

Watershed Ceramics

Wharton Esherick Museum

In preparing this list, every effort was made to assure that gifts received in 2021 and 2022 were listed accurately. We extend apologies to anyone whose name was inadvertently omitted or misspelled. Please contact us with any inquiries: info@eliotschool.org.

Emily Anesta & Alex Bourgeois

Janet Beaven

Marianne Bulchis

Ann & William Covington

Clayton Curry

Jennifer Edwards

Charles & Judith Fox

Ann Gabhart & David Friedman

24 |
“The Eliot School is a treasure, and we are honored to be able to help support it.”

Melony Swasey, Chair

Unlimited Sotheby’s International Real Estate

Eric Warasta, Treasurer Moody, Lynn & Lieberson, LLC

Edward Forte, Secretary/Clerk Forte Architecture + Design

Jamie Day IDEXX

Betty Herschman Movement Voter Project

Ling Luo Fidelity Investments

Fi le Nguyen Design strategy consultant

Melony Swasey, Chair

Unlimited Sotheby’s International Real Estate

Eric Warasta, Treasurer Moody, Lynn & Lieberson, LLC

Karen Smith McGarity, Secretary/Clerk

Multimedia artist

Neema Chaiban

Goulston & Storrs

Marion Davis

Policy communications strategist

Jamie Day IDEXX

Edward Forte Forte Architecture + Design

Karen Haas

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Farzana Mohamed Adrikani Enterprises, Inc.

Fi le Nguyen Design strategy consultant

Jae Williams

Emerson College

Advisory Council 2022

Henry Allen, Discount Foundation (retired)

Drew Bagdasarian, DRB Associates

Lev Breydo, Villanova University

Charles Widger School of Law

L. Soul Brown, Rhode Island School of Design

Geoff Chasin, Cardinal Logistics

Cornell Coley, Coley Communications

Katie Connolly, Newton-Wellesley Hospital

Deirdre Day, Channel Maven Consulting

Luiza de Camargo, Junior Achievement of Northern New England

Lee Englert, The Steppingstone Foundation

Julio Fuentes, Adams + Beasley Associates; Smoking Goat Arts

Melissa Gallin, Development consultant

Meryl Glassman, Dignity Matters

Devin Hill, J.P. Morgan Securities

Andrea Howard, West End House

Alex Jacobson, Jameson & Thompson Picture Framers

Jesse Johnson, Independent consultant

Janet Kawada, Massachusetts College of Art & Design (retired)

Toni Loiacano, TMLW, LLC

Marisa Luse, Community advocate

Michelle Madera, Cambridge Public Schools

George Mallett, Artists for Humanity (retired)

Kris Manjapra, Dept. of Studies in Race, Colonialism and Diaspora, Tufts University

Lolita Mayadas, National Guild for Community Arts Education (retired)

Matt McArthur, The Record Co.

Michelle Millar Fisher, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Anita Morson-Matra, Urban planner

Nicole Murray, De Novo Center for Justice and Healing

Michael Reiskind, Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council; Jamaica Pond Association

Teresa Rodriguez, Somerville Public Schools

Antoinette Russell, Eaton Vance Investment Counsel

Abigail Satinsky, Tufts University Art Galleries, School of the Museum of Fine Arts

Paul Spinale, Islington Capital Partners

Jan Spitz, Norman B. Leventhal Map and Education Center (retired)

Corey Stallings, South Street Youth Center

Sandra Storey, Jamaica Plain and Mission Hill Gazettes (retired)

Robert Tuchmann, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale & Dorr LLP (retired)

Meredith Olson Wallace, Brigham Health/Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Norman Yu, IMB Partners

Council 2021

Robert Amelio, Emerson College (retired)

Enerio “Tony” Barros, City of Boston

Raquel Cardoso, Artist, educator

James Dorsey

Fabio Fernandez, Greenwich House Pottery

Nicole Fernandez

Curtis Henderson, Boston Neighborhood Network (retired)

William Henderson, Dr. William W. Henderson K–12 Inclusion School (retired)

Jordan Krasnow, Goulston & Storrs, PC

Paul Levy, D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University

Leslie Reid, Madison Park Development Corp.

Molly Rubenstein, Vectis Solutions

Mitch Ryerson, Ryerson Design

Lori Smith Britton, Community Resource Consulting, Inc.

Thomas Welch, Thomas F. Welch and Associates, Inc. (retired)

Bob Cunha, Suffolk Defenders Program

Joanna Damp, Liberty Mutual

Charles Fox, Charles Fox Architect

David Hodes Friedman, MIT Department of Architecture (emeritus)

Curdina Hill, Clearways to Freedom

John Iappini, Marathon Associates, Inc.

Carolyn Ingles, Lemuel Shattuck Hospital (retired)

Aaron Krakow, Krakow, Souris & Landry, LLC

Ramón Martin, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

Marilyn Mase, Artist; Wentworth Institute of Technology

Bonnie McBride, The Sportsmen’s Tennis & Enrichment Center (retired)

Kevin Moloney, Barron & Stadfeld, PC (retired)

Terry Murray, Eliot Street Capital LLC

Dana Rashti, AllWays Health Partners

Joy Silverstein, Fresh Hair Salon (retired)

Mary Smoyer, Boston Public Schools (retired)

Melvin Tutiven, Rockland Trust

Abigail Norman Executive Director

Alison Croney Moses Associate Director

Verónica Ramírez Martell Communications

Dara Cheek, Director of Adult Programs & Engagement

Chanelle John, Director of Youth Engagement

Ian Haines, Teaching Artist and Manager of Youth Engagement

Camila Bohan Insaurralde, Coordinator of Youth Engagement

Emma Green, Artist in Residence Coordinator

Jennifer Turpin, Teaching Artist and Manager of Professional Development

Lillian Webster, Program Support Associate

Merlo Philiossaint, Program Support Associate

Ana Colón, Space Rentals & Events

Elan Suder, AmeriCorps

Revati Vinayak, MassArt Work Study

Jasmanie Gonzalez, Teaching Artist and Facilities Manager

Tyler Bernard, Development & Communications Assistant

Cathy Dooley, Custodian

Iris LaPaix, Development & Communications Assistant

Titi Ngwenya, Director of Development & Communications

Andrew Riiska, Facilities Coordinator

Amber Torres, Youth Programs & Artist in Residence Coordinator

Angela Suk Cooper, AmeriCorps

BIENNIAL REPORT 2021–2022 | 25


COVID-19 forced the closure of our in-person programs. We received life-saving federal, state and city relief. Two Paycheck Protection Program loans and an Economic Injury Disaster loan from the U.S. Small Business Administration allowed us to retain a skeleton staff. Our state and city arts councils, foundations and individuals from our generous community came through with

grants and donations. In the period covered by this Biennial Report, the Eliot School broke even, relying on minimal staff.

At the end of this period, we received PPP loan forgiveness plus federal employee retention tax credits. Our cash on hand at the end of FY22 will allow us to invest in rebuilding staff and programs over the next two years.

26 |
Cash $795,064 Accounts Receivable $28,975 Investments $2,219,417 Prepaid Expenses $18,260 Property & Equipment, net $ 349,842 Accounts Payable $12,589 Sub-lease Deposits $2,030 Accrued Expenses $10,145 Deferred Revenue $123,721 Long-Term Debt $149,741 Total Liabilities $ 298,226 Net Assets Without donor restrictions $2,226,173 With donor restrictions $ 887,159 Total Net Assets $ 3,113,332 Tuition $184,514 Less scholarships given ($33,293) Tuition, net $151,221 Contracts $315,857 Grants $ 668,655 Donations $293,205 Donations In-Kind $2,228 Miscellaneous Income $ 39,221 Interest Income $20,710 Net Assets Released from Restrictions $ — Programs $1,019,512 Management & General $ 340,796 Fundraising $140,114 Change in Net Assets, Operations ($9,325) Non-Operating Activities Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness $ 408,229 Net Investment Return ($240,276) Total Non-Operating Activities $167,953 Change in Net Assets $158,628 Net Assets, Beginning of Year $2,954,704

In this two-year span, we lost and gained. What remains is our gratitude.

We are touched by the support that has poured in from the generous members of our community. We’re grateful to the government at all levels, to foundations and to our many individual donors. We’re grateful to our staff, instructors and students for weathering this tough and ongoing period of pandemic uncertainty. We’re thankful that through the ups and downs, gains and losses, our skilled Board of Trustees have helped us remain on course.

We’ll be here so you can continue to make art in community—one learner, one maker, one class and one gathering at a time. We’ll foster pathways to making. We’ll remain in the public schools to enrich art education. We’ll uplift teens as they create portfolios, develop leadership and engage Artists in Residence. We’ll preserve our schoolhouse as a welcoming space for making and community. We welcome you to join us here and across the city.

As of 6/30/22

Our Investment Reserve comprises a boarddesignated General Reserve and three smaller funds:

• T he Capital Fund accumulates resources for an eventual capital campaign.

• T he Capital Maintenance Fund stores cash for repairs anticipated through our Systems Replacement Plan.

• T he Scholarship Fund contributes 5% of its assets each year to cover Eliot School class tuition for students from low-income households.

BIENNIAL REPORT 2021–2022 | 27
Capital Capital Maintenance Scholarship 19% General 68% 8% 8% Fundraising Management & General Programs 68% 9% 23% Other 4% Tuition 10% Contracts 21% Donations 20% Grants 45% $0 $200,000 $400,000 $600,000 $800,000 $1,000,000 $1,200,000 $1,400,000 $1,600,000 $1,800,000 FY18 FY19 FY20 FY21 FY22 Tuition Contracts Grants Donations Other Total Revenue Total Expense

Stops on

Proud and Prouder


Brighter Schoolhouse

Amelia Peabody Charitable Foundation and

Art Walk

When Samuels & Associates commissioned piece. Their stunning temporary mural brought bustling commercial neighborhoods.


gracing Charles Street’s business district, talent. Paula took the skills and encouragement class to publish a children’s book.

28 |

stayed true to our mission. They delivered art supplies to our BPS students at home, then re-entered mode; completed an outdoor mural during a summer

BIENNIAL REPORT 2021–2022 | 29
Design: Ace Creative Isaac Madera-Cepeda, David Fricke