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The Top Gifts for HER!

One of the most anticipated days of the year is quickly approaching and there is more than one reason to be excited! The décor, tasty food, sweet pine aroma and of course, the gifts -- are a few of our favorite things! Don’t panic as the shelves quickly become empty and the lines grow extremely long.

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You know The Click for being the fun, entertaining, Bahamian TV show that takes you into the hottest events, behind the scenes at the best parties and up close and personal with your favorite celebs

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Every now and again someone comes on the scene to shake up the game, bring something new and turn heads. With her velvety vocals, badass onstage presence and bold look, Bahamian singer and songwriter Keeya is giving the local music scene just what it needs; a kick in the ass and some new flavor!


The eLIFE 242 photographers were out and about for the last few weeks, capturing some of Nassau’s hottest events.

Waddup w/ Bey Chaino page 19

Over 10 years ago when the eLIFE 242 movement started there was an air of change and the music that was being presented by the artist of the day we thought was the pinnacle. The Hip Hop scene was vibrant and artists like Sosaman, Padrino and Mdeez were just breaking into the game eLIFE 242 Magazine 3

editor’s note \\\\\\\\\\ A time of change is here in The Bahamas and lucklily enough we who are here and alive will get to witness history. For a long time now (aka the past 43 years) we have let those who have run the country from the start to continue with the ideas that initially started it all. The thinking of the younger Bahamian is not one of defiance or disrespect, it is actually one of forward motion. Unfortunately many of the older leaders are unreceptive to change or even the thought of it. Yes we know many of them have made their life’s living from running the country just how they wanted it, making back door deals and recieving kick backs, but the past is the past and we forgive them. What we do want now is a plan for the way forward in the 21st Century, where we can make our dreams happen. Our country is on the edge of being great, there are just so many missed oppurtunities by the ‘government’ (further held back by our style of governance) that now have us in a place of stagnation. Even more infuriating is how our leaders treat us like children, who are only offered information on a ‘needs

to know’ basis. How can you expect for Bahamians to be charged a VAT tax and never told where the money went or is going? There is no way 80 year olds who have retired from government life are being brought back into the public service as if there is no one else qualified to do or learn to do their job.We can no longer stand by and let our prime time as millenials be wasted as our fore fathers struggle with the notion of losing the power they fought so desperately for. There is so much more to do for our country in terms of nation building. Better public transportation, better access to technology and transparency in govenarnce are a few of the things that can be done to assist in pushing to keep our country great. This edition we feature Keeya a step away from the norm when it comes to artists in the country. Some may even consider her a rebel who is turning the music scene on its head, and that’s exactly what we need when conisdering the next leaders of this country. #TIMEFORCHANGE

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Donald Knowles Contributing Writer: Vernique Henfield CONTENT DEVELOPER: Ianthia Smith CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Lamon Bethel DESIGN CONSULTANT: Dahar Butler

Farreno Ferguson | Editor eLIFE 242 Magazine

FOR SALES/ ADVERTISING CALL (242) 454 0264 TWITTER & IG: @elife242


On Black Friday #WeMarch This year Black Friday in The Bahamas took on a whole new meaning. It had nothing to do with sales and shopping, malls and gifts but more about change, accountability and a better way of life for all Bahamians. At first it started out real small, with a group of fed up Bahamians demanding change in the country. Then very soon the #WeMarch protest snowballed into a massive movement with thousands of Bahamians, young and old coming together to voice their concerns, hold the government’s feet to the fire and demand answers. On topics like everything from the fall of Bahamar, the China-Bahamas relationship, crime, poverty, education, the political landscape, croynism, a call for better entrepreneurship opportunities, access to Crown Land, high taxes and so much more Bahamians made sure their voices were heard. The march which started at Araway Cay and ended up at Rawson Square literally blackened that part of Nassau and stretched for miles as thousands of angry Bahamians dressed in black walked for change. Led by Ranard Henfield, the Black Friday 4 eLIFE 242 Magazine


march was said to be non-political but quickly drew the attention of several political organizations and civic groups. Many government officials have blasted the group for their “idle march” calling the silent and peaceful protestors “disruptive.” Minister of Foreign Affairs Fred Mitchell has been the most vocal opponent to the march saying that the march will do nothing to bring about change and accused the organisers of being politically motivated. Despite the he say and she say surrounding the #WeMarch movement, many Bahamians say they are sniffing success and predict the march was the start of a revolution in the country. Many say for the first time since Majority Rule, Bahamians have banded together in a show of support and solidarity to change the course of corruption and oppression in this country. Whether or not the govenrment will address the concerns and cries of the people is left to be seen, but we’re told that marches of this kind will happen again and again until the people of The Bahamas “black out” bad governance.



Two months later and the cleanup after Hurricane Matthew is still ongoing nationwide. The category three storm ripped through The Bahamas in early October and left behind mass devastation, destruction and damage. Residents on New Providence, Grand Bahama and Andros got the brunt of the blow and since then many local and international agencies have banded together to bring some relief. Many families lost everything they had and found themselves without a roof over their heads and without even the basic necessities. But in true 242 fashion, the country came together to find ways to raise funds, bring awareness to the plight many Bahamians are facing and of course send out a call to action for Good Samaritans to pitch in and help. Several events around town have already gotten the ball rolling with a few more scheduled for the coming weeks. eLIFE242 thought it fitting to shine the spotlight on some of the good work being done~

Concert for a Cause

Whenever beauty queens are involved it’s bound to be a great event. Miss World Bahamas Ashley Hamilton partnered with local realtor Ryan Knowles to host the event, which brought together some awesome Bahamian musicians for a concert and party at the Compass Point Beach Resort! Featuring the likes of Novie Pierre, Tebby, Riche Sands and Bodine! 100 per cent of the proceeds were earmarked for organizations in Andros and Grand Bahama to directly aid families and communities most affected.

acts under wraps for now but we’re sure the event will be one you wont wanna miss! It’s scheduled for December 10 at Arawak Cay. We’re keeping our fingers crossed he’s bringing his musical soul mate Ashanti with him!

Cat 4: John Cox Art Exhibition and Hurricane Relief Concert

Two of the country’s hottest music stars headlined the art and music exhibition at the Island House late last month. Featuring the artistic genius of veteran artist John Cox, the event combined two of our favorite pastimes, art and music all for a cause. Cox’s exhibition wowed the crowds while performances from Tebby, eLIFE covergirl Keeya and Nevandria kept the night entertaining. Upcoming

Ja Rule and Friends Bahamas Hurricane Relief Concert

“It’s MURDER!” Ja Rule is coming to town and he’s bringing some friends with him. The New York rapper and long time favorite is hosting his own hurricane relief concert with some other big names in music. Ja Rule is keeping the names of the other music

eLIFE 242 Magazine 5


UNDER THE for him TREE CURATED BY @nikki.jae

What do you get for the guy who already has everything? More things! Guys love getting gifts as well so why not make his unwrapping something to remember? We’ve put together the ultimate 2016 list of things to buy for him. Trust us, he’s gonna love it!

Fit Bit ©

Initially, many may have thought of wearables as a fad; however, their presence has yet to fade. The FitBit watch is the perfect combination of wearable fashion and fitness. If your guy is a gym enthusiast and fitness guru, you may want to get him the sleek, affordable FitBit watch.

Wireless Surround Sound Speakers

This is definitely for the guy who loves music, enjoys sound intensity while playing on his game console or tends to often set the right mood via a song. A set of wireless surround sound speakers is the prime gift for him! You can find this gift at or your local electronics store.

6 eLIFE 242 Magazine

Go Pro ©

We’re living it up in the ‘tech era’ of innovative inventions and tweaks to existing products. This is the perfect gift for a guy that loves adventures, photography or reliving epic moments. The GoPro is easy to use and captures amazing images.

Customized Cuff Links

If your guy is a tailored suit kind of man, a pair of customized cuff links just may be the right gift for him. This will amp up his dapper style while adding a personal touch!

A Drone

Take your guy to new heights with the ultimate toy for most guys at the moment. With the advent of drones a new era of remote controlled vehicles have hit the market. Whether you are using it for racing or for photography, drones are pretty cool and help to pass time on a free day. Some of the brands you may want to check out for your guy are DJI and GoPro, who sell drones sub $1000.

A Toolset

It goes without saying; every man should own a toolset at one point in his life! No matter the size of the toolkit, it’s an essential item for the home. If you’ve recently celebrated the purchase of a new home with your significant other – here’s the ideal gift for him.

YO U R # 1 O N L I N E S O U R C E FOR EVERYTHING BAHAMIAN! @ELIFE242 WWW.ELIFE242.COM i n f o @ e l i f e 2 4 2 . c o m | 2 4 2 .45 4 . 0 2 6 4


WORDS: @iamianthia | IMAGES: @f.dot242

unplugged w/

KEEYA on Music, Tragedy And Activism 8 eLIFE 242 Magazine

Every now and again someone comes on the scene to shake up the game, bring something new and turn heads. With her velvety vocals, badass onstage presence and bold look, Bahamian singer and songwriter Keeya is giving the local music scene just what it needs; a kick in the ass and some new flavor! Her effortless mixture of hip hop, soul, R&B, jazz and even reggae, has put Keeya in a league of her own, carving a pathway that only she is walking on right now. With hints of Queen Bey, Solange and even Frank Ocean infused into her sound, 26-year-old Khia “Keeya” Poitier is truly a melting pot of good, soulful music that simultaneously plunges you back to the 90’s, while dishing out hints of the future. It’s something new to the Bahamian music scene, but something Keeya says she’s committed to making last. The “Faded” crooner credits her musical flair on her love for the arts and being a self-proclaimed “quirky kid.” “I’ve always been a weird kid, always hung around other weird kids, I just like making stuff,” she says. But the bald, ballad beauty admits that making music wasn’t always in the cards for her. She says looking back now, she can see how music was trying to find her, but it was something she was subconsciously running from. “Music has always been in my life,” she says. “I just never took it seriously. I’m blessed to come from an artistic family and I grew up with a piano in the house and when all of us would get together my family would put the kids in front to dance and sing and it was everything from Broadway musicals to jazz to 90’s hip hop, reggae, culture, everything. “Music was never discouraged. I actually thought I was going to go a much more academic route. When I was younger I was the nerd and I just had no fire for music, I had zero. Music was a thing I did after school; I was in guitar lessons and piano lessons. It was encouraged because my family always saw it as a part of learning, my grandmother was an educator and a principle for many years and she always felt like we needed a full education. I was getting straight A’s anyway

so she was like, ‘Let the child go learn about music if she wants to.’” Bold, daring and carefree for years, Keeya says she actually left traditional school after ninth grade and finished her senior years through an online homeschool programme. This freed her up to take the BGSCE national examinations as an independent candidate, while focusing more on the things that mattered to her. Even with the constant push from her family and melodies, harmonization and beats creeping its way into Keeya’s mental, she admits that she never gave, what’s now her true love and passion, the attention it deserved. But like most of us do, she stumbled upon her true purpose in life when tragedy struck. During our interview I noticed the sleeve Keeya has tattooed on her left arm. The middle of it reads, “Mom” and when I asked about it she got visibly emotional. “My mom was amazing, she was a “G,” a single mom and it’s always just been me and her,” Keeya explains. “She passed away in late 2013 when I was home from school on Christmas break. So I had to go back and finish my senior year with all of that on my mind. That was like one of the worst times of my life. “But that’s when I made a lot of decisions. I had to figure out how I was going to finish college. I was away from the rest of my family and that’s when I decided to make a lot of changes. At that point I was just like either I’m going to lie down and just let life happen to me or I do the things that I want to do. And I just knew there was more I wanted to be doing.”

eLIFE 242 Magazine 9


“I feel like this really horrible time in my life kind of birthed all this freedom,” she says almost as if she was having an epiphany. “Here I was, early 20’s with no parents, it was a real moment of WTF! I went through a long depression and had to lean on family I hadn’t leaned on before, friends even. I found the people in my life who really care about me and who really wanted the best for me and I realized the people who didn’t. I found all this freedom in this tragedy. My mom had been sick for over a decade and it wasn’t like a sudden thing, I realized how much of my life revolved around her health and suddenly it was all about me.” Keeya says that’s when she decided to take a chance on her and shed the fear. Upon returning home from school, the singer/songwriter says she committed herself to her craft, the same one she’d

shrugged off for years. “I swear music was always trying to find me,” Keeya says laughing. “It taught me discipline and it was just my way to unwind. It was the way to express myself. I always wrote little stupid songs with my guitar as a teenager like I was India.Arie, but I just couldn’t figure out a future with it, I couldn’t figure out what I was going to do with it.” With memories of her mother a constant source of inspiration and push for her, Keeya says she tapped into her mom’s spirit to find the courage she needed. “I didn’t have time to be afraid anymore and that’s where the tattoos come from,” she adds. “I just like carrying her with me and I like the reminder to keep going. I try to plan out my life so much and all the good things came by accident by doing what I like to do and working hard at it, things just started happening. “When I was in school I met all these amazing people. I joined an acapella group and was singing six

hours a week for free, for fun, because I wanted to. We travelled to other schools and in some ways all of these things just started opening up ways and space for me. “Had I not gone to art school I couldn’t make the kind of music I’m making. The things I learned there, the ideas I was opened up to visually all helped me to create what I’m creating now. We had poetry and it was just more than just a visual experience, I just couldn’t tap into that on my own. It was the most free thinking, progressive environment I could have been in.” Even with this new school of thought to be expressive and open minded, Keeya says she was initially haunted by her own doubts and insecurities.

Her performances are visually colorful, but also laced with F-bombs and sex talk. It’s grown, sexy and everything we need musically right now, but somewhere deep down inside she’s constantly seeking mommy’s approval.

Keeya says her father has never been in her life. So now, just in her early 20’s, she found her self with no parents and feeling alone. Decisions had to be made and a life had to be lived.

I feel like I’m a very strong personality and I’m a lot to take in visually because of the hair, the tattoos the piercings.

“I know that she would be proud but would also kind of hate it,” she says laughing. “My mom was more conservative than I am but I kind of celebrate that. When I realized that this is what I wanted to do I celebrated the fact that I didn’t have the weight of thinking of what is my mom going to think if I say this or if I say that. So it opened me up to this whole side of myself I was afraid to tap into because I was always so worried about what people would think, how it would reflect on my family and I’m just in a real moment of celebrating.”

person doing the alternative R&B. I didn’t know what we were making, I just knew I liked it and I thought it was good. Now that I am getting the attention for it I’m conflicted.” Keeya’s sound is bold but her appearance is even bolder. A shaven head, big tattoos and piercings dominate her look. She says even with dope ass vocals and her putting in the work to demand the respect she deserves, she’s constantly forced to face the realities of being a woman in today’s society.

And Keeya has a lot to celebrate. She’s owning her craft right now and singlehandedly holding down the fort bringing this new sound and new feel to Bahamian music.

“I am always slightly worried that people wont like it,” she says. “I’m always slightly worried that people will be put off by me. I feel like I’m a very strong personality and I’m a lot to take in visually because of the hair, the tattoos, the piercings.

“It’s weird because it’s the one thing I never thought about because I just like making stuff so I’ve been writing songs and playing around with sounds and making things. I didn’t think I was going to be the

“I feel like especially on a woman a lot of people make a lot of assumptions that you’re mean, you’re unladylike or crass. Being a woman in music is tough! Many of the people we play with are men and

10 eLIFE 242 Magazine 10 eLIFE 242 Magazine

they sometimes have a hard time taking direction from a woman. I initially was vey timid and didn’t want people to think I’m a bitch or that I’m mean so I just didn’t speak up. They’re fine getting yelled at by a man, but I don’t even have to yell, all I have to do is open my mouth and they take it another way.

“They also see you as easy prey in this industry. They think I’m interested in sleeping my way to the top. So it’s been frustrating and because of the way I look they think I’m loose or that I won’t mind being propositioned. I feel like other female performers who are cleaner cut don’t get that. People see me as a bad girl, which is confusing to me. It’s been hard to get people to take me seriously and show me respect. I wanted to quit, but I made the decision to stick with it and be unmoved and just put out work so people can respect it. Eventually people started to come around and buy into me and my brand and so I think it took me by surprise that people are actually embracing me now.”

eLIFE 242 Magazine 11


“I love performing because I get to connect with people, But in my private life I really stay to myself so when I’m performing I love to feed off of energy and give energy. With a booming fan base and a growing body of work that will for sure have Keeya’s name in the company of greats for a long time to come. The eternal Sagittarian says while she loves performing for her crowds and fans, but after the lights go out and the mics turn off she retreats to the comforts of home and her own company. “I love performing because I get to connect with people,” she says with so much excitement. “But in my private life I really stay to myself so when I’m performing I love to feed off of energy and give energy. “I just love the fact that I get to work on this. This is the hardest I’ve ever worked on anything! So I’m just having the time of my life but it’s been rewarding to see so many people have a good time. I feel like where we are in the world right now, there’s so much going on, so much on peoples’ minds and to be able to take that away for two hours every week, I’m happy to do it.” One other thing Keeya is also happy to do is use her platform to bring light to some social issues that affect her. “I think I’m going to have to look for ways to make my presence known outside of music,” she adds. “I want people to know that I am concerned about women’s rights in this country and people’s rights in this country and internationally. I am concerned about people’s wellbeing. It’s hard to look at my crowd and realize that some of them are going home to not much after my shows and I’m glad that they find the time to be with me but I think the whole point of this platform is to use it wisely.” It’s something she says she takes from her mom and of which she’d be proud. “My mom wasn’t this sad person, she was a happy person and that’s my goal for the rest of the time I am here: have a good time, treat others well, make sure they have a great time and it’s all from a place of love moving forward.”

12 eLIFE 242 Magazine

eLIFE 242 Magazine 13




The eLIFE 242 photographers were out and about for the last few weeks, capturing some of Nassau’s hottest events. From food to fashion, this edition of Around Town is a tantilizing sample of a socialite’s dream!

Jah Cure & Romain Virgo

Two of the hottest artists on the reggae music scene hit the stage at the newly transformed Kendall G L Isaacs Gymnasium for a night of great music. Romain Virgo and Jah Cure did not disappoint local fans at the Fresh Entertainment presented event. The event was a first for the venue and patrons were excited at the notion of having a comfortable venue for a concert of this genre that is usually regulated to outdoor locations. We give Fresh Entertainment 5 Stars for taking events in the country to the next level.

The 3trilogy presents “Participaint” Stefan Davis, Allan Wallace, and Jamaal Rolle, three of the country’s top Bahamian artists came together and formed the ‘3trilogy’ as a sign of support for the Hurricane Matthew Relief efforts. The trio organized a fundraiser that allowed attendees to create art along with them and at the same time raise money to support the victims of the vicious storm.

Introducing the University of The Bahamas It’s about time! The College of The Bahamas has finally made the full and official transition to the University of The Bahamas. We think every Bahamian was proud on charter day to see the tertiary institution finally make the leap. Everyone was dressed in their “UB” blue as the country signalled a step forward in education!

eLIFE 242 Magazine 15




WORDS: @nikkie.jae | IMAGES: The World Wide Web

In 2016, social media crazes and viral sensations continue to take the digital world by storm. In recent years, we’ve had planking, the ice bucket challenge and much more. From videos to memes, to challenges, here are a few memorable 2016 social media moments below:

1. The mannequin challenge began in a high school

classroom and ended up in corporate offices, public spaces and even The White House! The song titled, ‘Black Beatles’ by Rae Sremmurd ft. Gucci Mane played simultaneously as individuals strike and hold creative poses. Of course, there were failed attempts of the challenge as some people blinked or moved.

2. Days leading up to thanksgiving, another challenge sparked the Internet -- the #YouNameIt Challenge. Thanks to gospel singer, Shirley Caesar, we all wanted beans, greens, potatoes and more on Thanksgiving. A church segment clipping went viral and inspired a viral dance craze.

3. We’ve known Kermit The Frog from The Muppets

for decades; however, in 2014 he became a social media sensation with the “but that’s none of my business” line. Fast-forward to 2016, Kermit The Frog is back with an alter ego and they’re having a quick dialogue. Social media users joined in on the humor by reposting their favorite scenarios.

4. In the midst of post-elections, President Barack Obama and Joe

Biden were featured in a series of comedic memes. The memes circulated the Internet with photos of Obama and Biden having short, funny conversations. Although the United States election erupted an array of negative emotions, some people still found a bit of humor in it.

5. The most recent social media challenge - #DubChallenge, is a mixture

between ‘Transformation Tuesdays’ and ‘Throwback Thursdays’. On Thanksgiving Day, social media was swamped with collages of ‘old me’ versus ‘new me’. It was an expression of one’s “glow up”. Social media users took this as the perfect opportunity to pull out a very old picture and compare it to a recent perfect Instagram photo. As the final month of 2016 approaches, it is expected that more social media crazes and viral sensations will occur. With the peak of the festive season on its way, who knows what will be next?! 14 eLIFE 242 Magazine 16 eLIFE 242 Magazine

THE CLICK Returns with a new host

The hottest local entertainment show is back with a new season, new host and new flavor! You know The Click for being the fun, entertaining, Bahamian TV show that takes you into the hottest events, behind the scenes at the best parties and up close and personal with your favorite celebs and with its fifth season in play, you’re in for a treat. We’re back with parties, people and entertaining interviews with local and international celebrities, trendsetters, innovators and internet sensations.

For four seasons The Click has filled that gap in local entertainment, keeping its viewers in the know with everything happening around town and giving them the inside scoop on everything and everyone! Still your fave quick, easy to watch fun show, The Click is looking to up the ante on local Bahamian TV with its top notch production and pure fire! And this season The Click has a new host!

Meet Nikki Jae! A 24-year-old, Bahamian blogger and budding media personality with a passion for all things entertainment, fashion, pop culture and lifestyle, she’s gotten her feet wet in the game by running her Fab Isle blog and hosting interviews at several red carpet shows around town.

“I’m just excited to bring my spunky personality and take you on a fun journey! I’m looking forward to hitting up some dope events, funfilled activities and talking to the who’s who around town! Most importantly… I’m bringing you with me!!! Season 5 of the super entertainment show is already in full swing featuring local music acts, beauty queens and events. Catch up with The Click on Facebook (“The Click”), Instagram (@theclick242) and Twitter (@theclick_242) and subscribe to the YouTube channel for all the latest episodes!

eLIFE 242 Magazine 17

|||| MUSIC


‘ BEY CHAINO ’ words: @thefdotlife image by: Cloud Entertainment | Darrington Kemp

Over 10 years ago when the eLIFE 242 movement started there was an air of change and the music that was being presented by the artist of the day we thought was the pinnacle. The Hip Hop scene was vibrant and artists like Sosaman, Padrino and Mdeez were just breaking into the game and creating a sound that would inspire generations. Fast forward and today's scene and artists like Bey Chaino and others are creating a new era in the 242 music scene and finding a way to build a fan base and get their music heard. We caught up with Bey Chaino to see how he is charting his ride to the top.

When did you first become interested in hip hop music? Hip-Hop and that culture was apart of me all my life, but I started off writing at 17, like writing intensely I was typing poems and rhymes in my laptop like everyday. Until I got this webcam that recorded audio. And everything progressed from there.

Which artists do you think inspired you the most? Kanye West; He inspired my approach on music itself because, if you know about Kanye he is pretty unorthodox and he showed how open and unique you can be on a track , while still motivating yourself and someone else. I loved The College Dropout Album up to this day it’s still in my top 5. You have a unique style in fashion and flow, tell us about it? Seeing celebs or just scrolling on my social media feeds is how I usually get fashion ideas, and I really like dark colored clothes, which may not be that good walking the streets at night. I got a love for vintage looking clothes and my ‘flat top fade’ which I’m picking every 2 hours. My main thing is I always make sure I’m comfortable. Regarding my flow it’s completely random sometimes , once my lyrics are 100% geared up and I hear that beat, I close my eyes and go in a trans falling into the melodies and pockets of the instrumental. It honestly takes a few takes before I hear the sound I am pleased with.

What has been your most exciting performance to date? It would have to be my performance on ‘ZNS Youth Zone’ this was an amazing experience and the way their cast vibed to my music was humbling. And ‘The House Party’ with ‘the Haeven Band’, the crowd was energetic the band was crazy and I just spazed out on stage. If you could collaborate with any artist right now, who would it be? Well internationally it would have to be Chance The Rapper and locally Judah The Lion. Tell us about your latest single and how it came about? Well this song branched off from a previous single I did called ‘Sprout’ ALL EYE REP was like part 2 of “Sprout”, basically me growing as an artist understanding me and what I represent. With all of the challenges one may face this song reminds me to be myself, a weird artist with high hair. In addition ALL EYE REP is a song anyone can vibe to, with a music video that has ‘trippy’ you need to see. What are your 2017 goals? To create more, stay healthy, inspire more and be even more productive than ever.

eLIFE 242 Magazine 19


UNDER THE for her TREE CURATED BY @nikki.jae

One of the most anticipated days of the year is quickly approaching and there is more than one reason to be excited! The décor, tasty food, sweet pine aroma and of course, the gifts -- are a few of our favorite things! Don’t panic as the shelves quickly become empty and the lines grow extremely long. We know, it’s not that easy to pinpoint the ideal gift for a lady; however, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite things.

Luminous Selfie Phone Case

In a world where social media is evolving and the perfect selfie is becoming one of the top things to do on a daily basis – a luminous selfie phone case is essential. It dismisses the countless attempts of finding the ‘perfect lighting’ or a blurred photo due to horrible night vision. There are more than enough reasons to throw this in a gift bag!

Diamond Earrings

It’s true, diamonds are a lady’s best friend! A simple pair of diamond earrings is suitable for any occasion. Arguably, this is a lady’s go to jewelry item! It is a guarantee that she’ll smile from ear to ear.

Trendy Clutch

For women, a trendy clutch can add the final touch to an outfit! Whether it’s for a night out on the town, intimate dinner date or a girls’ day at the mall – a trendy clutch comes in handy! It’s a must have for a woman’s closet.

20 eLIFE 242 Magazine

Polaroid Cameras

The digital world is taking over; however, this gift is suitable for women of all ages and all interests. Whether it’s a photo of your favorite selfie, food dish or destination -- printing it in a few minutes can create a lasting memory.

Personalized Planner

With the New Year right around the corner, a personalized planner is a great idea! A customized item just for her with the future in mind .. how can you beat that? Be sure to pair it with color-coordinated clips and pens.

Scented Candles

Every woman loves a good scented candle and holiday scents always set the mood! For the office, her house or condo, a beautifully wrapped candle is sure to be a hit. Go for bold holiday scents like cinnamon, apple and pumpkin.

eLIFE 242 Magazine 21

|||| MUSIC

Bahamian Singer Jonathan Farrington Takes “The Shot”

We always knew he could sing, but when local singer and talent Jonathan Farrington placed first runner up in the talent competition “The Shot” he proved to the world that he could saaaang!!! WORDS: @iamianthia | IMAGES:

The Shot is a vocal talent search competition based in Canada, similar to the popular American Idol show and is streamed via their YouTube channel. The show just wrapped up its fourth season and our local musician made history by placing first runner up! The Bahamian music sensation has added another list of accomplishments for the 242 when he, not only made it through the auditions but also made it to the top eight; he’s the only person not from Canada to make the finals! During his audition Jonathan sang his rendition of the old jazz classic, “Summertime” and wowed the judges who unanimously put him through.

were tourists they would always come up to be after my performance and say, “You should totally try out for The Voice or American Idol.” I would always laugh it off and say yea that would be cool but I’m not an American citizen so it would never work. So I randomly searched online for a singing competition in Canada not knowing that “The Shot” would actually come up. To my surprise it was legit, open to all nationalities and about to start its fourth season. eLIFE242: So, what made you muster up the energy and courage to actually audition? Jonathan: Initially I didn’t plan to audition or even be

eLIFE242 caught up Jonathan right before he headed into the final round of competition to get some words on making history and making the 242 proud! eLIFE242: We all know you as the smooth, hearty singer, but tell us about your singing career? Jonathan: My singing career really started off as a genuine love for music and performing. I have always loved music as a kid and loved singing. So if you asked me that typical question you would normally ask a child; what do want to be when you grow up? “A singer,” was always my answer. Though coined as a contemporary gospel artist, I’ve had the opportunity to work with so many other amazing performers and persons in the industry in several different genres. I consider it to be unique and a little bit unorthodox. One day I can be serenading couples on their wedding day, encouraging someone on their birthday with a Sing-A-Gram on the next, singing classical or jazz music for a specialized music project with another artist, while having to lead worship at my church on Sunday Morning. So you see it’s a bit colorful. eLIFE242: How did you learn about The Shot? Jonathan: One day I was at home thinking about how every time I would sing somewhere where there 22 eLIFE 242 Magazine

a part of it especially since I was already doing music here locally. But the thought of entering just wouldn’t leave me alone. I prayed about it for a while until one day my friend and I were talking about it on a lunch break and she was so convinced that this was something I had to do, so she went into her purse and gave me $20 and said I’ll even give you the money to register for the competition, which was only $10.86 in Canadian. She said that’s how much I believe in you. God used her to confirm that I should do it and that really made me smile and inspired me to do it. So I registered and said to myself, “If I’m suppose to do this everything will go well and I would have advanced to the finals,” and here I am. eLIFE242: How did it feel reppin’ the 242 on this stage?

Jonathan: It felt so awesome to rep the 242 on The Shot stage! I’ve actually made history for the show because I’m the very first international contestant. I got to rep my country and showcase what we have to offer in terms of music and artistry and it feels phenomenal. Bahamians have been sharing videos from the competition’s Facebook page, tagging me in encouraging posts and sending me inspirational messages. To know the level of support I have from my own people is a bit overwhelming at times but honestly amazing. eLIFE242: We love to watch these talent shows as well. But, what goes through one’s mind performing on such a big platform? Jonathan: All sorts of stuff went through my mind, especially when I auditioned. I told myself, “Don’t screw it up because the world will be watching!” LOL! I also think about presenting myself in a way, whereas the judges can see an authentic person standing before them. Transparency is my goal and captivating them from the moment I open my mouth to sing or speak. Once they love you then you are well on your way. I’m also very prayerful in those moments. eLIFE242: Of course the ultimate goal was to win, but what did you get from this experience? Jonathan: This entire experience which lasted a month has been one of the best in my entire life. I have made some of the best friendships with people in the competition, I’ve seen strength in myself that I didn’t even know was in me. I’ve had the opportunity to sing before the High Commissioner of the Bahamas in Canada and other delegates, who are all supporting me. I’ve witnessed people back at home support me because they truly believe in me. You can’t pay for stuff like that. I’m grateful and humbled. I want to use this as a platform to encourage and inspire any other person to fulfill whatever dream or destiny they feel that have been called to. I want to push myself to be an even greater musician who now has experience, international influence and intentional impact.

Congratulations to Jonathan for making the 242 proud!

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