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EXPERIENCE THE FUTURE Fraport USA I Marketing Playbook

Experience. Engagement. Authenticity.

CORNERSTONES OF THE FRAPORT ADVANTAGE Fraport USA continually transforms the modern airport experience and the way it engages with passengers, crew, employees and stakeholders from every community. Only Fraport USA puts the proven expertise and world-class resources of Fraport’s global innovation marketing team to work in developing a unique, highly experiential environment that authentically showcases a region, reimagines the curb-to-gate experience and reinvents what it means to love air travel.


Experience. Engagement. Authenticity.

Fraport USA’s marketing matrix delivers best-in-class marketing components that create experiential passenger journeys and targeted engagement at multiple audience levels. The Passenger Experience Marketing programs designed to drive new, entertaining and unexpected experiences for passengers, transforming the airport into a destination before the destination. Interactive Engagement Interactive programs that engage with airport audiences and serve their needs. • Passengers Tools and technologies that facilitate and ease the requirements of travel.

• Vendors Business resources, programs and technologies for successful partnerships.

• Stakeholders Information, education and collaboration to generate buy-in and support.

• Employees Recruitment, training, customer service and incentive programs.

• Crew Members Discounts and appreciation programs.


The Passenger Experience

For every age and stage of life, there’s a Fraport Stage that breaks from the ordinary.


The Passenger Experience

Fraport USA wants to give travel back its soul. It’s a philosophy that considers the human experience of travel and looks to remove barriers, improve efficiencies, relieve stresses, ingeniously solve for needs, engage imagination and generate experiences of satisfaction, adventure and enjoyment. Fraport Digital Online Experience, puts the authenticity of the airport and its concessions offerings into exciting, informative, interactive content on the web. Experiential Marketing Events, from active to passive, are designed to surprise and delight passengers and provide them with a memorable experience. Some examples:


Concerts, fashion shows, entertainers and more. For every age and stage of life, there’s a Fraport Stage that breaks from the ordinary and showcases local talent to business, leisure and family audiences.


An integrated marketing program designed to help travelers focus on ways to stay fit and healthy on the go with health and wellness activities, yoga, healthy cooking demonstrations, wellness tips, giveaways and fun walks.


Ease the stress of travel with a retail and food/beverage surprise program from tenants to airport travelers, including special treats and kindness tips. 7

The Passenger Experience

Experiential Marketing Events, from active to passive, are designed to surprise and delight passengers and provide them with a memorable experience. 9

The Passenger Experience

Seasonal Sensations Travelers always see something new and inviting with Fraport’s calendar of seasonal promotions and centered on familiar celebrations such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day as well as fun takes on National Ice Cream Day and other cool sensations. Mega-Media Wall A large-format digital media mecca providing the power of suggestion to passengers for in-terminal food, fashion, music and mixology along with information, support and a sense of uplifting kinetic energy to the space. Living by Fraport – A Vision for the Future Fraport reimagines travel as an armchair sport. Big comfortable chairs, sleek modern couches, overstuffed pillows and a living room environment that is the perfect place to unplug stress and plug into relaxation, entertainment and comfort. Right in the middle of it all. Social Media The Passenger Experience is at the center of Fraport’s robust, energetic social media program. In coordination with the airport authority, Fraport engages travelers and the public with events, information, visual impact and engaging content for the community. Fraport Photozones Social media selfies and post-able content generation areas that endues passengers to use social media and maximize their communities with a journey through the airport. 11

Passenger Engagement


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The shortest distance between two points E N I is an engaged, wellD facilitated pathway. FraportSUSA HOP approachesE N passenger engagement DI with a coordinated network of travel-related P O toolsSH and technologiesE N I that expedite and ease D the journey.




Passenger Engagement

Digital and Duratran Directories Quick, easy access to vital information about airport offerings; food, beverage, and retail locations; restrooms and service; and gate designations. Updated regularly to reflect the latest. Free-Standing Signage Tall, oversized signs placed strategically in high-traffic areas, designed to impart information quickly, use the power of suggestion and aid travelers on the go. DESTINATION: Shop. Dine. & Do. One of the most popular and requested marketing pieces at our airports. Racksize brochures, updated regularly, list all shops and restaurants in the terminal. Includes easy-to-follow maps and incentives, promotions and discounts.


Stakeholder Engagement

Fraport understands stakeholder engagement. Government, business and community leaders need to be informed, advised and consulted regarding one of their region’s most important assets: the airport. Fraport’s marketing initiatives build awareness, create collaboration and generate buy-in.


Stakeholder Engagement

Vision Video

Internal Signage

Influential, high-energy video developed by Fraport USA to present interviews and insights from the Fraport Visionary Advisory Council. The council features key business and industry leaders with the goal of sharing points of view on the airport, its strategic direction and its future.

Designed to provide stakeholders with important visual cues about the pace of development and the changes they can expect to see at the airport. These can take the form of window clings or fullsize barricades with eye-catching visuals, graphics and key marketing messages.

Electronic and Printed Periodicals Timely articles with high visual impact, designed to deliver updates on the concessions program – from openings to innovative concepts, experiential events, awards and more. They include: • Fraport USA Today Quarterly newsletter delivering timely, relevant updates about projects, trends within airport concessions, highlights of new and exciting programs and insight into industry trends.

Comprehensive Media Relations Program An ongoing Fraport initiative that includes proactive media pitching and event planning strategies designed to put the airport favorably into the national, regional, local and trade media. Face-to-Face Regular Meetings with key stakeholders in or near the airport to ensure that they are aware of the progress of the improvements.

• Runway Quick-read magazine fueled by the power of suggestion. Runway relies on compelling visuals for impact and features the many products and merchandise available at the airport.


Vendor Engagement

To maintain a constant flow of information and keep the lines of communication open, Fraport USA holds regular face-to-face engagements with vendors as well as providing a comprehensive business success program.


Vendor Engagement

Tenant meetings that provide tenants with updates on renovations, construction, operational issues, company news, etc. Tenants are also given the opportunity to provide feedback and share concerns. Other meetings with operational personnel (engineers, construction teams, designers, architects, subcontractors, fire/emergency officials, infrastructure/maintenance personnel) to keep abreast of construction progress, future plans, renovations, etc. PriorityOne is a proprietary, comprehensive program with components designed to train for, deliver, monitor and report on exceptional customer experiences in airport concessions.


Vendor Engagement

• WINGS (Welcome Initiative for Nurturing Great Service) is Fraport USA’s customer service training and rewards program designed for front-line concession employees. The program polishes customer interaction, creates a regional ambassador mindset with how to talk about the city and surroundings, and induces participations with robust employee rewards. • PACT (Professional Assistance for Core Tenants) PACT provides tenants with access to professional marketing/advertising consultants, research and review/analysis of product mix, merchandising, layout and presentation.

• Quality of Service Monitor (QSM) Fraport’s proprietary QSM survey engages passengers who have actually shopped at our stores, dined in our restaurants or purchased our services. QSM provides real-time data and insight into passengers’ overall experiences, and the results allow Fraport to sample attitudes, capture trends, understand desires and to make well-informed modifications to the concessions mix.

• Operations Review Monthly operations review to ensure adherence to the standards in Fraport’s Tenant Operations Manual. Fraport USA’s customer experience managers conduct thorough examinations of key performance indicators – staffing, cleanliness, merchandising and a comprehensive health and safety checklist – and post in real time for quick issue identification and resolution.

• Mystery Shopping Program At regular intervals throughout the year, Fraport USA deploys mystery shoppers at all our programs. Mystery shoppers assess customer service, how merchandise is organized, how customers are greeted, how registers and check-out are managed, the presentation of food, the speed and quality of service and more. The result is actionable, qualitative and quantitative data that can be used to change processes and improve the customer experience.

• 1-800-ITS-FAIR Fraport USA empowers customers by providing a toll-free number to report on pricing irregularities or any customer service issues they’ve encountered while traveling through the airport. Issues that come in through the line are quickly resolved and reported back to the customer (along with gift certificates as appropriate) for complete satisfaction.


Employee Engagement

Employees at the airport represent a vital audience that both creates and delivers a responsive environment to the traveling public and, in its own right, becomes a consuming audience for food, beverage, retail and service items at the airport. Fraport programs help vendors recruit, train and recognize good employees while also providing incentives for them to become active consumers at the airport. In addition to signage and the distribution of both traditional and digital newsletters, Fraport uses customized tactics to engage employees: • Frequent shopping/dining programs that offer incentives to employees who frequent the retail, food and beverage concessions. • Welcome Initiative for Nurturing Good Service (WINGS) program, a customer service training and incentive program for all concessions employees.


Crew Member Engagement

Fraport puts a spotlight on crew engagement. From pilots and co-pilots to flight attendants, airline employees are a key constituency at the airport. Fraport maintains a variety of ways to market to them, with a focus on high satisfaction levels, including: • Exclusive incentives, discounts or promotions that are only available to them when they are shopping or dining at the airport. • A gate delivery service that enables them to order food or snacks for the flight and have it delivered to them at the gate before pushback.


Fraport USA P.O. Box 12318 Pittsburgh International Airport Pittsburgh, PA 15231-0318 412.472.5180 FMP - V.2 - 11/27/19

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Fraport USA Aiport Marketing Program Brochure  

Fraport USA Aiport Marketing Program Brochure