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FRANCE Sacré Coeur Hi, My name is Kristell, I'm 17 years old, i was born in Puyricard in France, I have one elder brother. I'd like to go to Science Po. (Institute of Political Studies.). And my Hi, hobbies are playing bass and drums, My name is playing a few video games, I also Charlotte Bouvelot, like rock and metal music in I'm seventeen years, general. and I live in france more precisely in Aix en Provence. My family lives in Paris except my mother and me.. I have a brother 21 years called benjamin. For me, I would be steward because I love to travel, I want to see the other countries. My hobbies are dancing, riding horses, take pictures, listen music !

Hi! I'm Lola ! I'm 16 and I live near Aix, in a little city called La fare les Oliviers. I'm in the Comenius project since last year: A turkish correspondant came at my home: Buse. I'm not really tall, i've got brown eyes and brown hair. Hi! Everybody! I wear glasses. My name is Charlotte I'm forteen year's old. I have a lot of animals: 30 turtles, a cat, I live in Aix en Provence a dog, an hamster. and the name of my school Nice to meet you!

is :"sacré coeur" I've one brother and he is nine years old. I borned in 1998 on september the tenth in Paris. I like horse riding, drawing, shopping and dancing but I don't like the mathematics. My favorite subject at school is English because i love languages. I have two dogs. My mother manager guest house and my father in on engineer.

HI, My name is Elisa Badiali, I am the coordinator of the French Comenius project. This project is a wonderful teaching experience for me; I hope it will be also the same for the students. I ‘m very happy to go in Turkey.

Hi, My first name is Marie Lou and my surname is Chojnacki. I'm french. I'm 13 and I was born on 18th June. I live in a house in Meyrargues next to Aix-enProvence. I have got a brother, his name's Guillaume, he is 12. I have got too two dogs, one cat and six guinea-pigs. I practise basket ball after school, and I like that. I like listening to Rihanna's music. I hate eating fish. I'm shy but endearing to my friends.Good bye, see you soon.

My name is Vincent DESVIGNES. I’m art teatcher in highscool and collège of Sacré Cœur in Aix en Provence. I’ve got 4 childrens : 3 girls and 1 boy. I practice horse riding


Hello, My name is Noé Lizée. I was born in Aix-en-provence where I live with my brother (20 years old) and my sister (19 years old) since 17 years. I'm in my last highschool year and I learn economy and social. I practice squash and I'm pationated by cinema and comics. I often travel around the world (China, California, Spain, Nederland, Deutschland, Italie) but I've never been in Turkey where I'm impatient to be.

My name is Pauline Lapina, I'm seventeen years, I was born september 5, 1995. I live in france to Aix en provence, but I come from Corsica. My familly lives to corsica except my father, my mother and my brother of seventeen years too. My sister have twenty-three years. She lives in Corsican. My Hobbies are swimming pool, playing football too. I don't know what I want to do as job, maybe journalist!

French team for Gaziantep  


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