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Early Childhood Tooth Decay Do!

WHAT IS EARLY CHILDHOOD TOOTH DECAY? Early Childhood Tooth Decay (ECTD), once called “Baby Bottle Tooth Decay,” is a cavity in the tooth of a toddler or baby. A cavity is a rotten hole in the tooth. Cavities can spread to other teeth and cause pain and other serious sicknesses. Healthy baby teeth

Don’t! Put your baby to bed with a bottle. Give a lot of sugary snacks and drinks. Allow your tot to sip on a juice cup all day. Ignore white, brown or black spots on the teeth.

Please call Elgin St. Thomas Public Health for information about free screening & children’s dental programs .

Wipe or brush your baby’s teeth with a soft cloth or tooth brush 2 times a day. Give water in between meals. Have a dental screening at the 1st birthday (by your Dentist or Health Unit). Lift the lip and look at the teeth.



Severe ECTD


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