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Learning Objectives • Discuss lighting control terminology g g control • Identifyy the benefits of lighting • Discuss and differentiate between various types of lighting control solutions • Clarify common misconceptions p design g considerations • Explore • Define the value of identifying and working with an Electronic Systems Contractor (ESC)

Lighting Control

Terminology Lighting load – A light and/ or group of lights physically connected, which turn on and off together. Wallbox Dimmer – An in-wall, high voltage, control switch capable of dimming the lighting load connected t d to t it. it Keypad – A low voltage or high voltage control point which cannot have a lighting load attached attached, but which is programmable and/ or capable of controlling lighting loads or other controllable devices. Lighting Module – A high voltage device which is physically connected to, and able to control one or more lighting loads loads. Lighting Control


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Aesthetics Convenience Safety Energy savings Time savings Integration with other controllable systems • Lighting Li hti scenes Photo courtesy of Audio Video Design, Design Inc.

Lighting Control

Benefits: Examples Safety: "The right light at the right time." • Illuminate landscape lights if you hear a noise outside • Flash lights to signal emergency vehicles • Illuminate a dark pathway • Never walk into a dark room again by adding motion sensors

Smart home: "A home that works for you." • Lights gradually come on and shades gradually allow natural light • Have the right light in the morning • Illuminate pathways with the press of a button p lights g turn on automatically y at sunset • Landscape Lighting Control

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Learning Objectives Lighting Control

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