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learning objectives • Define the term "user interface" • Discuss the multiple user interfaces available  and the pros and cons of each and the pros and cons of each • Define effective user interfaces and the goals of  utilizing a user interface • List controllable subsystems and the  Li ll bl b d h components involved • Discuss factors in understanding the client g • Define home control vs. home automation • Recognize essential timeline for engaging an  electronic systems professional in the design  l t i t f i l i th d i and build process

common user interfaces

photo courtesy of NTX SA de CV

electronic systems user interfaces

infrared remote  controls

keyp padss

Photo courtesy of Interior Technologies


Photo courtesy of Audio Warehouse ~FM~

Introduction to User Interfaces-Master, PP [Read-Only] [Compatibility Mode]  

learning objectives commonuser interfaces electronic systems user interfaces photo courtesy of NTX SA de CV infrared remote controls control...

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