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January 2018

CEVRU Delegates to the National Conference 2017

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NC 2017: A BOLD CALL Eight years ago, during the National Conference 2009, the call to celebrate – as IVCF anticipated a new horizon – reverberated through the hollow of our hearts and minds. And why not, indeed? For over fifty years, God “[has] been faithful to us, and will always be, for all eternity,” as that NC’s theme song perfectly captured and summed up the motive for such merriment.

True enough, we listened. God’s voice wasn’t just still and small, drowned out by the bonebiting breeze in Tagaytay. Instead, it was megaphoned to every heart that only the calloused couldn’t hear. But we did hear, and so we responded. We bent our knees to…

This National Conference, though, has rather more serious and sober tones to it. While it was backdropped by post-Christmas cheers, a wind-chilled venue, and lovewarmed hearts, over four hundred IVCFers responded to the summon of NC 2017, for an unambiguous aim – or aims: to repent, renew, and rebuild. It took such courage to gather our constituents for these particular purpose. For while the sweet sounds of seeing, reminiscing, and reuniting with generations of IVCFers always bring gladness, these became mere whispers to the resounding plea for repentance, renewal, and rebuilding.

REPENT. Ther e ar e few things mor e touching than a person on his/her knees repenting of his/her sins. But for a whole community to bend its collective knees to repent of sins, well, it’s just beyond moving. That could be described of the IVCF family as we humbled ourselves before the Lord, begging for forgiveness for the sins we committed to one another, to the ministry, and to the church as whole. As it were not enough, we saw former staff and graduates who abased themselves, confessing the sins of their generation – sins of pride, of immorality, of others that marred the name of IVCF and ultimately of God. As tears

welled from the eyes, the weight of sins was lifted off from the hearts, and echoes of forgiveness reverberated among contrite spirits. It was just the first step, though. With repentance came the time to‌

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Central and Eastern Visayas Regional Unit Summary of Cash Flow for the months of June 2017- December 2017 (In Philippine Peso)

RENEW. It was more than words uttered to reaffirm some vows. It was a time of waiting on the Lord, soaking in His presence, discerning His voice. God made new our spirits so we could hear Him guiding us. He gave us fresh insights into His person and in his purpose for us as individuals and as a movement. He renewed us from the inside out. And from there, we responded. We renewed our commitment to‌ REBUILD. Equipped not with hammer s and saws and shovels and bluepr ints, we started. We started the rebuilding process, after having received instructions and encouragements from the Architect Himself. We have no construction equipment and supplies, but we have our characters and gifts and skills and willing hearts and ready hands and feet. We see a pile of rubbles now, but the Architect intends to use them and fashion them into a grand IVCF that He envisions. So we start. We start picking up the pieces, asking God where to put which stone to which place so that we will see an outcome not from our own finite and futile imagination but one from His. And for His glory. The call has been broadcast: the rebuilding has begun...

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Central and Eastern Visayas Regional Unit

80-2 Junquera St., Cebu City (032) 253-5875

Category INCOME General Fund Designated Donations Designated Camps & Conferences Bank Interest Facilities Total Income

P 239,478.26 216,650.80 35,529.50 410.17 18,040.00 P 510,108.73

EXPENSES Camp Subsidies & Expenses Designated Donations Travels & Accommodations Meetings, Networking & Rep. Staff Training Development Communications Utilities Love Gifts & Honorarium

80,180.20 40,684.89 83,685.93 46,003.70 1,000.00 4,061.00 100,830.22 7,000.00

Supplies Material Production Special Projects Repairs & Maintenance

6,970.90 1,920.00 101,379.36 2,086.00

Documentations Bank Service Charges TOTAL EXPENSES OVERALL TOTAL Cash in Bank Ending January 16, 2018 Cash on Hand Ending January 16, 2018

371.00 82.03 P 476,255.23 P 33,853.50 P 241,941.75 P 6,300.52

Prepared by: ELEAZAR S. CANONIGO Regional Director CEVRU

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SIBOL CAMPS Tentative Schedules BOHOL Area: April 9-13, 2018 NEGROS ORIENTAL Area: April 23-27, 2018 LEYTE Area: May 14-18, 2018

CEBU Area: (unspecified) For more information, please contact staff-in-charge Laura Pla (0932-198-8516) or administrative assistant Geralyn Romero (0923-613-9194).

CEBU GRADUATES FELLOWSHIP with Christy Jutare, IVCF National Director

GERALYN ROMERO March 10, 2018 4:00-8:00 PM (Venue to be announced)

Save the Date!

Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in English Cebu Normal University Licensed Teacher Student Leader Graduate Team Volunteer



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Steps of Faith

by Faith Harmony Macabenta, Field Staff (Cebu)

Dear Prayer Partners,

Happy New Year to all! Each new year speaks of God's greatness of the past year, and His faithfulness to a brand new year. He is indeed the source of gifts. He is our loving and mighty God! Family Time I was very blessed to spend time with my family last Christmas break. My mom, my younger brother and I went to Zamboanga to attend my grandmother's death anniversary. It was also a time of bonding with my mom's siblings and relatives. Also, last December, my cousin on my father's side got married in Cebu. We had a family gathering on my father's side. I realized the treasure of family, which I didn't value much before. Praise God for the learnings, as well as His grace. National Conference Last December 27-30, 2017 I attended the IVCF National Conference in Tagaytay. The place, sessions, fellowship and food are truly a treat! My small group is a great blessing too. The message of Chief Justice Sereno on the State of our Nation struck me the most. She told of the story of Jesus willing to waste business money on the 6000 pigs just to save one crazy soul in Gennesaret. She said that God is concerned with the poor and neglected in society, and so we must be.

Staff Conference During our January 2018 Staff Conference, we reflected on the message of Haggai and our learnings at the National Conference. It was also my last Staff Con, for I was formally given goodbye by the staff team. I treasure the trainings and wonderful experiences I had in my five-year staff work With my small group during NC 2017 stint. I will end my term this March 2018. I have lots of fears for what lies ahead, and so it's another step of faith in Jesus Christ who goes before me. Please pray for God's best leading. Thank you so much and God bless. In Christ, Faith Harmony

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I have lots of fears for what lies ahead, and so it's another step of faith in Jesus Christ who goes before me.

of whom do not know the Lord. Students who see the brokenness of this world because we know the latest events. Students who seek something greater to live for. Students who aren't afraid to speak their mind, especially on social media. Imagine what a generation of God-fearing, Bibleliterate, missions-minded students – students of integrity, students of strong character, students who regularly practice spiritual disciplines, students with a strong relationship with God -- can do. Imagine what we can do. While we are still students, this is the best time to develop servant leadership. This is the best time even to start giving to IVCF financially. This is our generation; this is our ministry. This is important because sometimes we rely a little too much on our ates and kuyas, our graduates and staff. Yes, they have a very, very important role in our movement, but sometimes we forget that they are not the only leaders of IVCF. We students are also leaders of IVCF. Who better to spread the Gospel to students, who better to be an example of true holistic Christianity to students, than other students? Not because we are students who happen to be Christians, but because this is how we, as student Christians, can take part in the building of God's kingdom and in the rebuilding of our movement. Of course, we students are not in this alone. I have seen in this National Conference how wonderful it is when IVCFers of all generations meet together, fellowship together, work together, and listen to one another. I pray that this will continue. As we discussed kanina sa regional meeting, unity is a priority. Weak relationships make for a weak movement. This is mostly in the hands not of the students, but of the older generations. If IVCF can be compared to a bonfire, we students, with our energy and our passion, may be the fuel that keeps the fire going; but you, our graduates, our pioneers, kayo po ang parang kahoy ng bonfire. You give this movement our structure. You have laid the foundation. Most of the resources for IVCF come from you. At kapag nag kalat-kalat po kayo, the fire smolders, our movement smolders. This fire will burn only if we all work together.

If we don't pass on the leadership of our chapter, if walang bagong leaders sa student ministry, sinong maging bagong leaders ng graduate ministry in the future? If we don't grow in our chapters (grow in character as well as grow in number), what will IVCF look like years from now?

As this conference comes to a close, I pray that the resuming pattern of our everyday lives will not make us forgetful of everything that the Lord has spoken to us about here. Words are cheap, especially in this generation. Sabi ni Kuya Daniel [Daniel Bourdanne], "True repentance leads to visible results." May we truly see visible results in our movement in the following years as we are renewed and as we continue to rebuild. (Liane delivered this speech during the culmination program of NC 2017.)

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AN NC MESSAGE by Liane Angeli Rabuya 3rd year BS ECE

There is an IVCF slogan I'm sure we're all familiar with: "You are not a student who happens to be a Christian, but a Christian who happens to be a student." As I share a little bit about our challenges as a movement and about our role in the rebuilding of our movement, I hope that we can keep this quote in mind. We do not take part in this rebuilding just because we are student, or graduate, or pioneer, members of an organization. No, we do it because we are Christians first and foremost: Christians working for the building of God's kingdom.

Some are just starting their chapters. Some feel pressured and daunted kasi their chapter was big and established before pero back to pioneering na ngayon. Let's not let these problems cripple us. Nasabi na rin ito during the student assembly: we students are the frontliners of IVCF. This is our ministry. If we don't pass on the leadership of our chapter, if walang bagong leaders sa student ministry, sinong maging bagong leaders ng graduate ministry in the future? If we don't grow in our chapters (grow in character as well as grow in number), what will IVCF look like years from now? If we live in the past glory of our chapter and of I don't think I can really say our movement, sinong kikilos ngayon? anything new about our present difficulties. These tasks fall on us students for the most We have all heard from various sessions part. about the problems in our nation, the We have a very unique ministry in challenges in missions, the struggles in our our schools and campuses. Speaking own movement. We also see what is generally, sinong group of people ang happening in our own churches, in our palaging updated sa mga latest happenings campus chapters, and in our workplaces. ng mundo? Students. Sinong palaging nag We students have shared with each other in huhugot about "finding my purpose in life, the assembly yesterday about the finding my place in this world"? Students. challenges we face in our chapters and in Sinong mga taong active and vocal our regions. Some of us are struggling with regarding current issues? Students. You passing on the leadership in our chapters. and me. Our friends and classmates, some

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It’s been 5 years now since I was assigned here as staff in CEVRU. Parang kailan lang pero dugay na diay ko diri. Since then, I’ve seen many students whose lives have been transformed and equipped through our different leadership and discipleship trainings in the campuses and in camps. And I’m glad seeing them serving in their respective churches. My journey here makes me even more dependent on God and my faith grows stronger than ever before. For me, dependency means every second is God. Exercising and expressing my faith in God is not easy in this fast-paced world, but thanks to Him for my various experiences and His very word that always reminds me of who He is. I remember Brennan Manning’s book, “The Signature of Jesus,” where he wrote, “Our religious beliefs are the visible expression of our faith, our personal commitment to the person of Jesus… Faith that will force us to pursue the mind of Christ, to embrace a lifestyle of prayer, unselfishness, goodness, and involvement in building His kingdom, not our own.” All in all, as I sum up my experiences here in the region in one word, it is colorful, just like the above picture here. Sometimes I laugh, cry, rejoice, and even mourn. And those emotions add colors to my life. (The picture was taken during our evaluation after the Cebu IV Day celebration last January 13, 2018. We cried for the movement. We were challenged to do our part faithfully in rebuilding His kingdom.)

by Eleazar Canonigo Regional Director

Sometimes I

laugh, cry,

rejoice, and even mourn. And those emotions add colors to my life.

Praise and Prayer Praise God for the successful National Conference at CCT Tagaytay. I thank God for the opportunity to serve Him in the conference as part of the music and worship committee as a keyboard player. Praise God, too, for forty-two

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delegates from CEVRU.

As we carry the message from NC 2017, please help us pray for God’s work here in CEVRU. Specifically, pray for the revival of our campuses in Cebu and Bohol Areas. Pray that the Holy Spirit will convict His workers to listen and obey as we rebuild His kingdom through our movement. Praise God for the January staff conference. We had a great time together as staff family. We also praise the Lord for the beautiful venue that helps the conference become light and restful. Please pray for the CEVRU staff team (and the whole IVCF staff family) that we will be even more dependent on Him as we obey His will for our movement. Please pray for my upcoming sabbatical leave. Pray for an enjoyable and meaningful rest, guidance and sensitivity for God’s direction after my sabbath. Thank you for praying. God bless you and keep you every day! In Christ,


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Kawayan Camp April 10 - May 7, 2017 Davao School for the Blind Bago Aplaya Davao City #Disipulo #PraySendSupport

Disclaimer: This is a not a report on the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, the government’s recourse in helping the poorest of Filipinos. Proclamation: This is, however , a r ecount of God’s 4Ps for me, documenting His no meager blessings for the past year. Places gone to. Davao. Cebu. Talisay, Cebu. Baguio. Sagada, Mt. Province. Bayawan, Negros Oriental. Bohol. Quezon City. Navotas. Tagaytay. Rizal. Last year, God brought me to these places for the first or the nth time, just once or some repeats. More than the sights and sceneries I was immersed in were the experiences and memories that accompanied them. People bonded with. Staff, graduates, students, studentleaders, friends, a special friend. My 2017 was enriched with relationships which started, developed or deepened. I was blessed to be a part of the staff team again, meeting a mixture of new and seasoned staff, to minister with graduates and student-leaders in the ministry. My journey with a special friend became ever closer. God knows that my relationship skill is still in the elementary level, so He allowed me to connect with more and more people, developing me one person at a time. Provisions received. “God will provide” was more than a cliché for me; God indeed provided for me last year. He has blessed me materially and financially. Like the psalmist, I was a sheep not lacking anything. And because of His blessing, I also became His channel to bless others. Prayers answered. Simple requests, life-changing decisions, and everything in between: one common thing about these prayers is that they were all answered. Resigning from work, entering into staff work, provision, protection, and more – all were prayed for; all were answered. As I document all these, I pause and perpend God’s immense blessings in the past 365 days. He didn't stop with the 4 Ps; He also included all the other letters of the alphabet, blessings that came in many forms and types and sizes. But then God isn’t done with me yet. For as I started this year with His Word, God made this promise: From this day on, I will bless you. I had to read and reread that particular promise to digest what He had done and what He would do. I mean, wasn’t I blessed enough already? In faith, I could only open my palms up, ready to receive from Him.

by Kenny Ebo, Field Staff (Negros Oriental) I started this year with His Word, God made this promise: From this day on, I will bless you. Linker | 11

and ISCF counselors in the different schools in Leyte. Please pray for the students who are considering to attend Kawayan Camp 2018. Pray for parental permission and financial provision. Pray, too, for work for a cause activities and fund raising events.

Lala’s Story

Please pray as well for the upcoming local ISCF Sibol camp in the four different areas in the region. Pray for wisdom and guidance for Angela Villagonza, Geralyn Romero, Frannie Bayron and me as we lead and oversee the ISCF camps. Pray for financial provision. Pray that we will continue to trust God for His provision for all our activities. Pray for churches that will support and partner with us in reaching out to students in Leyte. Pray for wisdom, joy and strength for me. Pray for discipline and good stewardship of my body as I minister to both students and graduates. By His grace,


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There is indeed, no better response than a humble obedience to God, a sincere heart of worship and a life that pleases Him every single minute of it.

by Laura Pla, Field Staff (Leyte)

Dear Praying Partners, The year 2017 ended with God telling me to “STOP and THINK”, to “PAUSE AND REFLECT” on the things He has done in and through me the past year. A posture that signifies humility and wisdom. A lesson I’ve learned all throughout the year and have been reminded of during the National Conference 2017 exposition. Also, He started 2018 by inviting me “to give careful thought to [my] ways” (Haggai 1: 5 &7), as I continually COME to Him in humility, LISTEN to Him attentively, SEEK His face genuinely and OBEY His commands fully. These are valuable lessons I would like to carry and hold on to as I journey with God this 2018. My desire is that I would like to see myself spending more time intentionally reflecting on the events and things God will allow to happen both in the movement and in my personal life. “Giving careful thought in all my ways” has personally challenged me to live a holy life in all I do, say and act every single moment of it as a response to what Christ has accomplished on the cross. In one of my quiet time the past days, reflecting on the grace of God and of Jesus being the atoning sacrifice for all humanity amazed me. There is indeed, no better response than a humble obedience to God, a sincere heart of worship and a life that pleases Him every single minute of it. Please uphold me once again: Please pray for wisdom, guidance, joy and strength for the IVCF students in Leyte as they continue to serve and obey God in the campuses. Pray, too, for passionate students and graduates who will continually have the desire in reaching out to their fellow students and graduates in the workplace. Pray that students and graduates in Leyte would regularly meet for prayer and bible study amidst all the environmental distractions. Pray, too, for students and graduates who will partner with us and will serve as Graduate Team (GT) volunteers (to page 10)

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