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682. ODA KAZUMA Oban yoko-e “The Great Bridge at Matsue”. Depicting figures crossing a bridge in snow. 6 mm Watanabe Publisher’s seal lower left. 400/600 683. HIRATSUKA UN’ICHI Chuban “Sukiyabashi”. Depicting a bridge with city buildings. 400/500 685

684. KAWANO KAORU Oban yoko-e, Chuban 1. Mandarin Ducks. Seal marked lower left in image. 2. Love Birds. Signed lower center in pencil. Both unframed. 300/500 685. KAWANO KAORU Girl in a shell, girl with cactus and girl emerging from a cherry tree. All pencil-signed. 686. KAWANO KAORU Two Kittens. Seal marked in image upper left and verso. Framed 15” x 21”.

Three Oban 500/600 Oban yoko-e 250/350

687. KAWANO KAORU Dai Oban tate-e, oban tate-e 1. Dancing Figure (Kamuro). Printed title and signature. 2. Girl with butterflies and flowers. Seal marked in image. Both unframed. 400/600 688. KAWANO KAORU Dai oban tate-e “Shell”. Depicting girl in a shell. Numbered 40/50. Signed in pencil lower right “Kaoru Kawano”. 16.75” x 23.25” sight. Framed 22.75” x 28.875”. 120/160


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