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26th Annual

Saturday-Sunday May 20 & 21 Studios Open 10am - 5pm

2017 Preview Gallery Saturday-Sunday 9am - 5pm 16 Avenida Torreon, Santa Fe

Opening Reception 16 Avenida Torreon Friday, May 19, 5 - 7pm



Studio #

Amtmann, Janet Shaw Arvio, Rachel Barnes, Marlene Beck, Jane Bennett, Peter Bentley, Linda and Kipp Beyeler, Maggie Biordi, Joan Boxwell, Chuck Bramlette, Taz Brown, Barrie Brush, Sharon Burns, Zana Butterworth, Nancy Candelaria, Gilbert Carter, Barbara Cashiola, Chris Christie, Cynde Commerford, Brian Condon, Brooks Congail, Charis Cooper-Mead, Kaye Coyle, Bob Coyle, Lynne Crickard, Kim Dark Mountain, Dawn de EchevarrĂ­a, MarĂ­a Dello-Russo, Patrice Dollard, Rae Fabrello, Patricia Fajman, William Faust, Vincent Fredenburgh, Mary Freer, Ursula Gauthier, Evie Gordon, Dr. Mekah Gray, Kimberly Hackman, Karla Hall, Joretha Hall-Peche, Mary Ann Harrach, Carol Harrison, Nina Henry, Paul Higgins, Cathleen Hockwalt, Al/Nein, Karen Hogan, Zina Gale

35 6 56 51 16 49 1 3 33 32 42 60 59 6 46 28 20 65 41 2 27 34 30 30 19 29 9 62 4 8 24 44 8 31 42 13 42 63 6 7 38 24 27 14 56 17


67 60


Fonda Ct



65 64

Lucero Rd




55 54 38



52 40 41


51 42 49




46 45

Horst, Ken Hurshman, Michael Inson, Cynthia Johansen, Kelli Keibler, Christina Kelley, Diana Klezmer, Deborah Koltes, Kathleen

Kramer, Judy 67 Leech, Tom 52 Levy, Stephanie 33 MacCurdy, Nan 15 Matthews, Mary Ellen 4 McBride, Carla Pennie 55 McCarthy, Jack 55 McGrane, Maria/Allen, Rick 6

18 10 56 40 43 11 64 52



Meyer, Debra Mickelson, Erin Miller, Terri Moodie-Pellegrino, Jill Mooney, Isabel Moore, Jennifer Moore, Shelly Morrow, Nina

44 29 63 45 30 53 36 53

STUDIO TOUR Studio Tour Preview Gallery

From Santa Fe

16 Avenida Torreon


4 Ca

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Teo fa







17 18

Agora Center

Fire Station




El Dorado Community School


Preview Gallery


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Traffic Light


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Traffic Light







Enjoy lunch at one of our Eldorado area restaurant sponsors: 1 1 1

La Plancha de Eldorado Sat 10 am-9 pm; Sun 10 am-2 pm


Core opsis Ct



Avi la




27 29

de Verdad


2 2 2

Oasis Café Sat 11 am-7 pm; Sun 11 am-3 pm

3 3 3

Café Fina Sat-Sun 8 am-3 pm

4 4 4


Upper Crust Pizza Eldorado Sat-Sun 7 am-9 pm

23 Bell Ct

am Pl C


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Murray, Susan Murry, Karen Nein, Cris O’Connor, Patty O’Neal, Janet Onstott, Lee Onstott, Ryan Ortloff, Ann

58 48 65 63 21 39 39 44

Palek, Kris Pascale, Gila Joy Quashnick, Claire Quashnick, Darryl Quinley, Toby Rau, Gretchen Rider, Kelly Root-Michels, Bud

Roundy, Tim Segell, John Serim, Joey Sharon, Andrea J. Siegel, Arlene Sturdevant, Jay Swantner, Emily Swinney, William

42 47 22 22 48 26 6 25


12 37 11 59 23 66 61 8

Truitt, Penny Turner, Roxanne Von Conta, Sally Hayden Weser, Catherine Wickham, Norma Wierwille, Tim Wightman, Marilyn Zanoff, Marna

54 5 35 57 4 68 34 33

About the Tour Welcome to the 26th anniversary of the Eldorado Studio Tour Open Studios • May 20-21, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. This year, the largest studio tour in New Mexico showcases 102 artists in 68 open studios. More than 30 of these artists are new to the Tour. The exhibited work includes painting, ceramics, drawing, glass, jewelry, photography, printmaking, sculpture, and furniture, as well as digital, fiber, wearable, and recycled arts.

Preview Gallery • May 20-21, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. To enhance the enjoyment of your weekend, visit the Preview Gallery at the Max Coll Center, 16 Avenida Torreon, adjacent to the Vista Grande Library, on Saturday and Sunday, May 20-21, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to view a representative piece of each participating artist’s work. You can also pick up a brochure and a map to each artist’s studio. Alternatively, visit to see the artists’ work or download a brochure.

Opening Reception • May 19, 5 - 7 p.m. The weekend kicks off on Friday with an Opening Reception at the Max Coll Center, 16 Avenida Torreon in Eldorado. At the reception, you will be able to meet and talk with the artists, ask them about their inspirations and techniques, and preview their work.

Directions to the Preview Gallery • 16 Avenida Torreon, Santa Fe Eldorado is located 12 miles southeast of Santa Fe on US 285 off I-25 at exit 290. Go south on 285 to the second traffic light and turn right onto Avenida Vista Grande. Follow the signs to the Preview Gallery at the Max Coll Center, 16 Avenida Torreon, adjacent to the Vista Grande Library.

Special Thanks The artists of the Eldorado Studio Tour are grateful to all our sponsors and collectors for their generous support.

Learn more about the Eldorado Studio Tour and the artists at 4

Studio 1 Maggie Mae Beyeler

Studio 4 Mary Ellen Matthews

Functional Ceramics Porcelain Buttons & Jewelry

Mixed Media Assemblage “Always The Queen Bee�

2 Joya Court 505-913-1235

100 Alteza 210-452-1686

Studio 2 Brooks Condon

Studio 4 Norma Wickham

Dream World Art Sculptor Wood Stone Metal

Handmade with Genuine Stones & Sterling Silver

95 Moya Road 505-903-8137

100 Alteza 912-399-8885

Studio 3 Joan Concetta Biordi

Studio 5 Roxanne Turner

Fine Art Photography Landscapes (Color, BW)

Evocative Landscapes and Enchanted Collage

3 Oriente Court 505-466-3919

26 Alteza 503-468-9432

Studio 4 Rae Dollard

Studio 6 Rachel Arvio

Jewelry of Celebration and Whispers of the Past

Britannia Pewter, Resin and Silver Jewelry

100 Alteza 512-787-6565

4 Camino Teofanio 505-670-3978

Learn more about the Eldorado Studio Tour and the artists at 5

Studio 6 Nancy Butterworth

Studio 7 Mary Ann Hall-Peche

Wild Flower Bowl

Landscapes, Still-Life and Flower Arrangements

4 Camino Teofanio 803-348-2561 nkbutterworth@gmail. com

24 Calle Electra 505-466-2885

Studio 6 Joretha Hall

Studio 8 Patricia Fabrello

Clay Figures, Animals and Other Fun Creations

One-of-a-kind Accessories from Re-purposed Materials

4 Camino Teofanio 505-670-1635

49 Calle Electra 505-466-1035

Studio 6 Maria McGrane and Rick Allen Unique, Handcrafted Designs in Glass

Studio 8 Mary Fredenburgh

4 Camino Teofanio 303-898-2336

49 Calle Electra 505-466-1035

Studio 6 Kelly Rider

Studio 8 William Swinney

Intricate Relief Prints and Monotypes

One-of-a-kind Custom & Whimsical Jewelry

4 Camino Teofanio 773-793-4875

49 Calle Electra 505-466-1035

Fun Photographic Images “The Card Lady�

Learn more about the Eldorado Studio Tour and the artists at 6

Contemporary Oil and Acrylic Paintings

Studio 12 Timothy Addison Roundy Bronze Sculpture/ Wood Sculpture

3 Buena Ventura Place 505-466-6693

7 Palacio Road 505-920-2178

Studio 10 Mike Hurshman

Studio 13 Dr. Mekah Gordon

Original Paintings of Figures and Landscapes

Master Gold & Silversmith Handcrafted One-of-a-kind

7 Caliente Road, Unit 9 970-361-7490

22 Juego Road 505-603-8811

Studio 11 Diana Kelley

Studio 14 Cathleen Higgins

Uncommon Wearable Art

Handmade Paper - Mixed Media - Indigo Series

Studio 9 MarĂ­a de EchevarrĂ­a

11 Palacio Road 505-920-5622

6 Juego Court 908-268-1883

Studio 11 Joey Serim

Studio 15 Nan MacCurdy

Decorative and Functional Stoneware and Porcelain

Abstract Oil Paintings Ceramic Sculptures

11 Palacio Road 505-603-5482

4 Valencia Court 505-466-3646

Learn more about the Eldorado Studio Tour and the artists at 7

Studio 16 Peter Bennett

Studio 20 Chris Cashiola

Acrylic,MMedia Paintings & Hand Painted Objects

Oil Landscapes on Canvas

19 Valencia Loop 858-248-0771

5 Altura Road 505-466-3032

Studio 17 Zina Gale Hogan

Studio 21 Janet O’Neal

Watercolor and Photography

Mixed Media Assemblages and Paintings

4 Monte Alto Circle 405-315-6080

4 Cuesta Road 505-466-4251

Studio 18 Ken Horst

Studio 22 Claire Quashnick

Tribal Arts in Wood

Textured and Colorful Scarves and Fiber Art

1 Monte Alto Way 505-490-5571

14 Coreopsis Court 936-933-0575

Studio 19 Kim Crickard

Studio 22 Darryl Quashnick

Oil Paintings etc. Silkscreened Clothing

Colorful Acrylic Painting In a Variety of Styles

13 Descanso Road 619-971-3908

14 Coreopsis Court 936-933-0575

Learn more about the Eldorado Studio Tour and the artists at 8

Studio 23 Arlene Siegel

Studio 26 Gretchen Rau

Clay & Bronze Sculpture Small Tabletop Fountains

Pastel Landscapes and Scenes of Santa Fe

2 Coral Bell Court 505-466-3274

9 Avila Road 505-699-3520

Studio 24 William Fajman

Studio 27 Charis Congail

Playing with Fire Mostly Raku

Traditional Portraiture & Figurative Oil Painting

2 Avila Road 505-603-4815

8 Avila Court 760-832-6879

Studio 24 Nina Harrison

Studio 27 Paul Henry

Functional Handbuilt Micaceous Pottery

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow Photographs of Descent

505-577-3751 2 Avila Road

8 Avila Court 760-567-8491

Studio 25 Bud Root-Michels

Studio 28 Barbara Carter

Oil and Acrylic Paintings Animal Goddess Series

Photomontage and Pastel Painting

6 Avila Road 505-603-8398

24 Condesa Road 505-670-8231

Learn more about the Eldorado Studio Tour and the artists at 9

Studio 29 Dawn Dark Mountain

Studio 30 Isabel Mooney

Native Woodland Watercolors and Prints

Comfy Lap Quilts and Tote Bags

3 Condesa Court (505) 780-8570

12 Cayuse Place 505-466-4357

Studio 29 Erin Mickelson

Studio 31 Ursula Freer

Book Arts

Imaginative Art Paintings, Prints and Cards

3 Condesa Court 505-589-8164

28 Avenida Las Nubes 505-466-1819

Studio 30 Lynne Coyle

Studio 32 Taz Bramlette

Small Framed Weavings

Exploring Inner Beauty of Wood--Live Demos

12 Cayuse Place 505-466-4357

8 Camino de Verdad 505 670-7416

Studio 30 Robert Coyle

Studio 33 Chuck Boxwell

Works in Ceramic and Metal

Stone Sculpture and Underwater Photography

12 Cayuse Place 505-466-4357

28 Monterey Road 505-428-0428

Learn more about the Eldorado Studio Tour and the artists at 10

Studio 33 Stephanie Levy

Studio 35 Janet Shaw Amtmann

Unique Porcelain Jewelry Legend-Inspired Beadwork

Expressionistic Plein Air Pastels of New Mexico

28 Monterey Road 607-279-6557

16 Herrada Road 505-466-3256

Studio 33 Marna Zanoff

Studio 35 Sally Hayden Von Conta

Abstract Paintings & Underwater Photography

Plein Air Pastels

28 Monterey Road 505-428-0428

16 Herrada Road 505-466-3256

Studio 34 Kaye Cooper-Mead

Studio 36 Shelly Moore

Surreal Art Photography and Semi-Precious Jewelry

Photography - Flowers New Mexico Landscapes

6 Herrada Place 818-359-9659

5 Baya Court 505-466-9636

Studio 34 Marilyn Wightman

Studio 37 John Segell

Pastel Landscapes From the Heart

Functional and Decorative Stoneware

6 Herrada Place 505-603-5101

38 Alondra Road 505-466-2749

Learn more about the Eldorado Studio Tour and the artists at 11

Studio 38 Carol Harrach

Studio 41 Brian Commerford

Many Different Types of Bright Colorful Glass Art

Animal Spirits on Canvas, and Metaphysical Jewelry

13 Mimosa Road 509-551-6744

11 Balsa Road 505-920-5316 brian-commerford.

Studio 39 Lee Onstott

Studio 42 Barrie Brown

Micaceous Pottery Tradition - Function

Luminous Glass Landscapes and Unique Glass Jewelry

66 Avenida de Compadres 505-795-5262

11 Jornada Loop 505-819-3442

Studio 39 Ryan Onstott

Studio 42 Evie Gauthier

Backroads New Mexico Photography

Eclectic Jewelry and Free-Range Knitting

66 Avenida de Compadres 505-466-1293

11 Jornada Loop 734-474-0748

Studio 40 Kelli Johansen

Studio 42 Kimberly Gray

When Painting Your Heart Out Becomes a Bit Literal

Wearable Art/Mixed Media: Home and Personal Goods

15 Balsa Road 315-604-1039 polkadotmonsterartstudio.

11 Jornada Loop 216-255-0275

Learn more about the Eldorado Studio Tour and the artists at 12

Studio 42 Kris Palek

Studio 44 Ann Ortloff

Contemporary Custom Furniture

One-of-a-kind Handmade Jewelry from Mixed Metals

11 Jornada Loop 505-819-3442

23 Aventura Road 505-577-7564

Studio 43 Christina Keibler

Studio 45 Jill Moodie-Pellegrino

Wearable Art and Jewelry

Functional Pottery for Your Home and Garden

39 Aventura Road 720-474-3488

15 Aventura Road 717-487-6683

Studio 44 Vincent Faust

Studio 46 Gilbert Candelaria

Bold Steel Sculpture with Powdercoat Finish

Converting Mundane Junk into Whimsical Art

23 Aventura Road 616-706-4355

12 Bonito Road 505-466-1770

Studio 44 Debra Meyer

Studio 47 Gila Joy Pascale

Unique Glass Art Handmade & Marbled Paper

Acrylic, Mixed Media, and Small Sculptures

23 Aventura Road 505-690-5130

18 Bonito Road 505-992-8670

Learn more about the Eldorado Studio Tour and the artists at 13

Studio 48 Karen Murry

Studio 52 Kathleen Koltes

Hand Sashiko/Applique Wall Art and Fiber Art

Functional and Decorative Ceramics

62 Herrada Road 505-699-4376

2 Casa del Oro Loop 505-466-7727

Studio 48 Toby Quinley

Studio 52 Tom Leech

Fantastic, Fun, Fused Glass

Pastel Drawings, Marbled & Handmade Papers

62 Herrada Road 505-699-9537

2 Casa del Oro Loop 505-466-7727

Studio 49 Linda and Kipp Bentley

Studio 53 Jennifer Moore

Wool Rugs Hand-Woven from Pendleton Mill Ends

Elegant Handwoven Silk Scarves and Shawls

7 Estambre Road 505-603-4881

49 Cerrado Loop 505-466-4911

Studio 51 Jane Beck

Studio 53 Nina Morrow

Abstract Paintings in Acrylic and Mixed Media

Contemporary Jewelry Made from Driftwood

44 Estambre Road 505-660-9039

49 Cerrado Loop 505-466-6032

Learn more about the Eldorado Studio Tour and the artists at 14

Studio 56 Al Hockwalt and Karen Nein

Studio 54 Penny Truitt Clay and Steel Sculpture

Functional Birdhouses with Recycled Materials

4 Cerrado Road 505-466-1656

4 Frasco Road 505-490-9198

Studio 55 Carla Pennie McBride

Studio 56 Cynthia Inson

Contemporary Silver & Resin Jewelry

Functional Pottery and Recycled Tin Jewelry

17 Cerrado Loop 505-470-7578

4 Frasco Road 505-470-3672

Studio 55 Jack McCarthy

Studio 57 Catherine Weser

Thought-provoking and Witty Relief Prints

Glass, Mixed Media Mosaic for Your Garden and Home

17 Cerrado Loop 505-466-9601

16 Espira Court 505-466-1071

Studio 56 Marlene Barnes

Studio 58 Susan Murray

Altered Visions - Boldly Re-imagined Photography

Oil & Acrylic Some Real & Some Crazy!

4 Frasco Road 443-631-5382

281 Avenida Vista Grande 505-303-3449

Learn more about the Eldorado Studio Tour and the artists at 15

Studio 59 Zana Burns

Studio 62 Patrice Dello-Russo

Original Woven Mats, Tapestries, Scarves

Original Oil Paintings of Birds and Landscapes

14 Fortuna Road 505-466-8227

25 Alcalde Road 970-250-5882

Studio 59 Andrea J. Sharon

Studio 63 Karla Hackman

Photography/Mixed Media Art Focused on Nature

Sterling Silver with Gold and Gems

14 Fortuna Road 505-466-2585

4 Lucero Road 505-716-1782

Studio 60 Sharon Brush

Studio 63 Terri Miller

Sculptural Ceramic Vessels and Wall Pieces

Fun, Funky, Functional Recycled Tire Art

14 Fonda Court 928-243-8756

4 Lucero Road 505-309-9272

Studio 61 Emily Swantner

Studio 63 Patty O’Connor

Handcrafted Functional Micaceous Pottery

PhotoAlchemy Photomosaics on Canvas

2 Encantado Road 505-690-5983

4 Lucero Road 505-917-6870

Learn more about the Eldorado Studio Tour and the artists at 16

Studio 64 Deborah Klezmer

Studio 66 Jay Sturdevant

Industrial-Chic Jewelry in Silver and Gold

One-of-a-kind Photographic Prints

10 Lucero Road 505-795-8463

37 Camerada Road 505-570-0322

Studio 65 Cynde Christie

Studio 67 Judy Kramer

Colorful Watercolors

Unique Leather Bracelets, Men’s & Women’s Styles

14 Lucero Road 505-795-9621 cyndechristiewatercolors. com

4 Encantado Loop 310-488-0094

Studio 65 Cris Nein

Studio 68 Tim Wierwille

Southwest Wall Art

New Mexico Landscape Inspired Dinnerware

14 Lucero Road 505-204-8962

22 Encantado Circle 505-216-8681 Enjoy lunch at one of our Eldorado area restaurant sponsors during their Studio Tour hours (see map page for location):

In Memorium Since last year’s studio tour, the Eldorado Arts and Crafts Association has lost three members and talented artists: Photographer, Alexander Hale Photographer, Lucien Niemeyer Painted Gourd Artist, Rosemary Sparno We will miss our friends.

1. La Plancha de Eldorado Latin Food 7 Caliente Road Sat 10 am-9 pm; Sun 10 am-2 pm

3. Café Fina Modern American Comfort Food 624 Old Las Vegas Highway Sat-Sun 8 am-3 pm

2. Oasis Café Gyros, Hot Grilled Sandwiches, Fresh Salads 7 Caliente Road, Unit A3 Sat 11 am-7 pm; Sun 11 am-3 pm

4. Upper Crust Pizza Eldorado Specialty Pizza, Sandwiches, Coffee, Beer, Wine 5 Colina Drive Sat-Sun 7 am-9 pm

Learn more about the Eldorado Studio Tour and the artists at 17

The Eldorado Studio Tour Artists and the Eldorado Arts and Crafts Association gratefully acknowledge the sponsors of the 2017 Studio Tour for their generous support. We also are grateful for the artistic support we receive from our wonderful collectors and community. UNDERWRITER

High Desert Arts, John Baker Southwestern Ear, Nose, and Throat Hearing and Balance Center PLATINUM SPONSORS

Ed Schroeder and Rebecca Holland, Associate Brokers, Sotheby’s International Realty Eldorado Living Hilton Homes, Inc. Pecos Valley Medical Center, Inc. Plaza Cafe Southside Santa Fe Properties: Sue Garfitt and Fred Raznick SNIC Design, Kathy Maniscalco GOLD SPONSORS

Artisan Cafe Fina Cameron Veterinary Clinic Carol Hawkins, Associate Broker, Barker Realty Comfort Keepers D Maahs Construction, LLC Eldorado Animal Clinic Eldorado Country Pet Frontier Frames Gary Wallace, Santa Fe Properties

Julia Gelbart, Santa Fe Properties Mike Lara, Capitol Ford Lincoln Passementrie Santa Fe Print & Images / Munsen Graphics Slazer Technologies Statements In Tile/Lighting/Kitchens/Flooring Susan Orth, City Different Realty T.C. Schwab Financial Planning, LLC Tecolote Wayne Steen / State Farm SILVER SPONSORS

Adobe Corp., Robert D.Taylor Armadillo Santa Fe Aroma Coffee of Santa Fe Blue Sky Floor Service Brannen Law Bullseye Glass Co. C.G. Higgins Confections Campbell & Associates, A Private Wealth Advisory Practice

Coronado Paint and Decorating Curtis C. Ortloff, CPA Diversity Makes Us Stronger! Dr. Jeffrey Meyer, LLC - Doctor of Oriental Medicine Drs. Pat Crawford & John Shea, El Dorado Automotive El Gancho Fitness, Swim & Racquet Club Eldorado Living, Bryan Tagas, Publisher 18


Mesa Vista Wellness Mindfulness Coaching School, Ann Marie McKelvey Naprapathic Medicine of New Mexico Pinon Catering Quik Send LLC Razorhead Cuts & Color Rio Grande, Inc. Santa Fe Bite Restaurant Santa Fe Botanical Garden Santa Fe Hemp Santa Fe Jewelers Supply Santa Fe Wadaiko Showhomes of Santa Fe The Golden Eye The Gym at Eldorado The Heart and Soul Animal Sanctuary The O’Connell Group/ Merrill Lynch The Ranch House The Rugman of Santa Fe Tierra De Zia Construction, Inc. (Frank Trujillo) Utopia Wild Hair Studio Yoga For Life - Santa Fe

Eldorado Physical Therapy Eldorado Supermart Eldorado True Value Hardware Emily Garcia, Sotheby’s Emma Fountain Solutions Enchanted Leaf Florist First National Santa Fe Francie Miles, Barker Realty Fresenius Kidney Care - Debbie Turiciano Galpert/Ortega Group of Wells Fargo Advisors Gardensong Hair Santa Fe High Desert Healthcare & Massage J. M. Norris CPA & Associates Jennifer Pendergrass, Santa Fe Realty, ULTD Junk-A-Licious Art Kendra Henington, Broker with Sotheby’s KESHi, The Zuni Connection Kimberly’s Hallmark LA Golden Seal Linda Bramlette, Santa Fe Properties Mary TwoWinds: Young Living Essential Oils Massage Envy (Santa Fe) Merry Beyeler, PA-C, Aspen Medical Center

BRONZE SPONSORS Art.i.fact Consignment Babcock Construction Beadweaver Daniel Quat Photography LLC Darlene L. Streit, Sotheby’s David R. Stevens, DDS Don Juan’s Paint and Body Eldorado Yoga For Every Body Haley Ritchey, D.D.S. Hand Graphics Ihlefeld Tax & Consulting, LLC Image Ratio James Armijo, State Farm James Kallas Jewelers Jeffrey Isaacs, Indoor Cycling at El Gancho Kristin Rowley, CRS, Santa Fe Properties

Mallory Landscape and Design Michael’s Hair Salon Ortiz Printing Pilates Bodies Piñon Community Acupuncture Rosalia Galassi at The Movement Studio Santa Fe Hand Therapy Sarah Magrath / Coldwell Banker Trails West Spin Doc The ChocolateSmith The Cleaning Guy The Gloaming at Santa Fe, LLC Trader Joe’s Whoo’s Donuts Wild Birds Unlimited WriteOut Press 19

Eldorado Arts & Crafts Association A 501(c)(4) educational non-profit association

7 Ave Vista Grande PMB #261 Santa Fe, NM 87508


High Desert Arts John Baker 7511 Mallard Way, Suite C Santa Fe. NM 87507 505-982-9875

Southwestern Ear, Nose, and Throat Hearing and Balance Center Kathleen Weidner, Au.D. 1620 Hospital Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87505 505-946-3947

2017 Eldorado Studio Tour Brochure  

The 26th annual brochure of the Eldorado Arts and Crafts Association Studio Tour. 102 artists in 68 open studios present their work on May...

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