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Joe Acito Memorial Scholarship Joe Acito, Elder Class of 1963. Joe taught English at Elder for 43 years and had the additional role of Alumni Director the last 16 years of his professional career. He lived Altiora – the higher things - in all that he did – at Elder with his students in the classroom teaching the rhyme scheme of a Shakespearian sonnet or constantly reminding the kids, as he so affectionately referred to anyone younger than him, that reading is fun – encouraging them to read books they enjoy as opposed to assigned novels. He also lived Altiora through his work with the Alumni – organizing reunions and planning feel good events like golf outings, the Sports Stag and the ever popular Alumni Family Picnic at Stricker’s Grove. He made Elder grads feel so very welcome to come back to their alma mater… like they belonged to a most important group where the only requirements for membership are a year of graduation, a friendly smile and a handshake. And last but certainly not least… Joe lived Altiora in his home life, raising a wonderful family with his wife, Fran, his daughters Anne and Gina- Gina’s husband Mike Fieler - an ’88 Elder grad and Joe’s son, Tony – also an ’88 grad and Tony’s wife Jenny. Joe passed away suddenly in March of 2011 and a permanent scholarship was established in his name through memorial donations.

Jack Adam Achievement Scholarship Jack Adam, Elder Class of 1957, founded Mead, Adam & Co. in 1970. At its peak the company had ten employees, managed $400 million and had revenues of $3 million. He sold the company to Johnson Investment Counsel in March of 2009 but continues as a portfolio manager with Johnson. After graduating from Elder, he attended Xavier University where he earned a B.S. degree in physics and then attended Purdue University where he earned a Master’s degree in industrial administration. Jack and his wife Carol reside in Dayton, OH and have four children and eleven grandchildren. Jack began his scholarship for incoming freshmen at Elder in 1984 and continues to encourage academic achievement through this scholarship today.

Dave Allen Scholarship Dave Allen has been directing Elder’s glee club since 1970. He is a founding member of the Seton-Elder Performing Arts Series (formerly the Seton-Elder Series at Eight) and also conducts the Cincinnati Metropolitan Orchestra. In February of 2011, Dave was honored for his 50 years as music director at St. William Parish. At that time, an anonymous Elder benefactor established a scholarship in Dave’s name. His is married to Carol, has 3 children - Colleen Schoenfeld, Kathy Ciarla and Mary Beth Heiland and continues making music for Elder, St. William and the larger Cincinnati community. The scholarship recipients are chosen on the basis of service to their church, the school and the community and involvement in the Elder Glee Club along with academic achievement.

Brad Arling Scholarship Brad Arling, Elder Class of 1989, went to Our Lady of Victory where he received the outstanding boy award at his 8th grade graduation. In August of 1984, just before starting his freshman year at St. Xavier and after receiving that news that he made the freshman soccer team, Brad suffered a brain injury while playing softball at a family picnic. After being in a coma for 2 ½ months, he spent several months in the hospital doing various therapies to aid in his recovery. He continued outpatient therapy for many years. Life was extremely difficult for Brad. A short time after he came home, his mom received a phone call from Principal Fr. Tom Kuhn who said, "What can Elder do for Brad?". The students, staff, and administration accepted Brad and worked with him to help him progress in every area. Brad was involved in the glee club and joined the swim team where he came in last place in every meet however his times improved and Coach John Book worked hard to help Brad improve. Brad went on to receive the Altiora Award at his graduation. Today Brad tells his story to school-aged children and other groups in the hopes that people will “think first” before participating in sports or activities where injuries can occur. Brad’s mom and dad, Rita and Paul, created a scholarship in Brad’s name in June of 2007. Brad lives in Madeira and is an active presenter in the Think First Injury Prevention Program through Tri-Health.

Frank & Sophia Auberger Scholarship Sophia, Elder Class of 1927, and her late husband Frank, Elder Class of 1928, first met as neighbors having grown up in Price Hill together. They both attended Elder but didn’t start dating until the early 1930’s and they were wed in June of 1937 at St. Lawrence Church. Sophie and Frank worked together at a local bank for years and they never had any children. When Frank passed away in 1962 Sophie started a new chapter in her life and went on to live to be 105 years old. Sophie was instrumental in starting the Over 50 Dinner Dance for those Elder alumni who have been out of Elder for 50 years or more. This concept continues today but rather as a Mass and brunch. The Frank & Sophia Auberger Scholarship (originally the Frank Auberger Scholarship) was established in 1985.

Jeff Beck Memorial Scholarship Jeff Beck, Elder Class of 2000, participated in Elder’s Kairos as a leader, and he enjoyed the intramural sports. His passion was inline hockey, which he played for 6 years on a traveling team, which went to Nationals three times during his tenure. He played ice hockey, before Elder had hockey, to stay in shape for inline. He attended Ohio Northern University (ONU) and graduated with a Civil Engineering degree in 2004. While at ONU he came into his own, and credited his years at Elder as the foundation for his success. He was awarded one of four Trustee scholarships. He maintained his scholarship all four years while being a resident assistant, captain of the Ultimate Frisbee team, being active in ASCE (civil engineer society), and working each year on the Concrete canoe team. After graduation he had just begun his career as a project engineer with HGC construction in Cincinnati. As he did each year with fellow class mates from Elder, he went on a camping trip. In Aug of 2004 the trip was to Mammoth Cave and on the way there, the car he was riding in, lost control and hit a tree, instantly killing Jeff and his college roommate, Greg. Each year we have a Golf Outing full of fun, family and friends, Jeff’s three “F”s, around his birthday in May. The proceeds go to the Elder scholarship in his name, but our main goal is just the three “F”s. This scholarship is for any senior(s) attending Ohio Northern University first, and then any senior(s) going to study engineering.

Bill Family Scholarship The Bill Family Scholarship was started in 2012 by Jeff Bill, Elder Class of 1996, to commemorate the 40th wedding anniversary of his parents, Dave and Maureen (Calme) Bill. Dave is also an Elder graduate of the Class of 1966, and Maureen is a Seton graduate from the Class of 1968. In recognition of his parents’ sacrifices to have their children educated in the Catholic school system, and, with an understanding that his Catholic education was an important building block for his life achievements, Jeff committed to funding this need-based general scholarship fund for the Elder endowment. His sister, Allison (Bill) Klocke, Seton Class of 1992, and his brother, Brian Bill, Elder Class of 1994 were supportive of the fund, too. There have been a number of Bill family members who have benefitted from a Catholic education. For Jeff, his grandfather, Herb Bill, was the first to graduate Elder in 1934. Along with his wife, Rita (Mott) Bill, Seton Class of 1934, Herb was instrumental in subsidizing Catholic education for those attending grade school at St. Lawrence. The example that Herb and Rita set also inspired Jeff and his family to start this fund.

Jim Botts Memorial Scholarship Jim Botts, Elder Class of 1969, was active in athletics at Elder and, when not participating, was an avid fan in the stands who wore the purple proudly both in and away from school. The excellent education he received at Elder prepared him well for attaining his degree at UC and for facing future challenges and experiences beyond high school. He developed strong family, work, social, ethical, and moral values that insured success, not only in business career, but in all aspects of family and daily life. Jim and his wife Peggy had two sons, Brent and Christian, who attended LaSalle, another excellent GCL high school. Jim loved golfing and following the Reds, Bengals, UC, Purdue, and professional golf as a spectator. He was an excellent cook and enjoyed preparing meals for his family and friends. He was the ultimate family man and lived life to the fullest until fighting a valiant battle against leukemia. A friend and colleague created a scholarship in Jim’s memory and family and friends support the fund through a golf outing also set up to honor Jim. As a staunch supporter of Catholic education throughout his life, Jim would be honored to know that, in his memory, deserving young men have been given an opportunity to receive the quality education that Elder High School provides in preparing students for future success in life as a recipient of his scholarship.

College Endeavor Scholarship In 1981, an anonymous Elder alumnus and his wife put the wheels in motion on creating a scholarship fund at Elder. Their main aim was not just to get a student through Elder, but also to see that the student was going to go on to college. The donors are very committed to the scholarship, following each student closely for their four years at Elder. The Elder faculty and staff are always so interested in and committed to their students and because of this, one cannot help but be enthusiastic right along with them. Elder is so special to the donors of this scholarship.....always was...and always will be.

Dad’s Club Scholarship Fund The Elder Dads Club is a group of fathers, alumni, and friends of Elder who gather each Tuesday night to socialize. In the fall, the club watches films from the week’s previous football game. Members also volunteer for many school events and fundraisers. Tuesday meetings are open to all men and start at approximately 7 p.m. in Elder’s cafeteria. The scholarship began through memorial donations that came to Elder to honor long-time Dad’s Club member and Elder alumnus, Joe Lind, Class of 1953.

Scott Dannemiller Memorial Scholarship Scott Dannemiller, Elder Class of 1972, played on Elder’s tennis team all four years and was team captain during his senior year. In August of 1986, he was married and had two children but his life was cut short that year due to a freak accident. Scott’s family owned the Dannemiller Electric Co., Inc. and he was performing electrical work for Great American Insurance Companies in their downtown office building when an electrical explosion occurred in a high –voltage vault housing the company’s electrical system. Scott’s mom, Martha Dannemiller, called Elder in October of that same year to create a scholarship in Scott’s name.

Jim and Elaine Day Family Scholarship Jim Day, Elder Class of 1947, is the president, owner and CEO of Esther Price Candies. Jim, along with three other Cincinnati business partners, purchased the Dayton candy company from founder, Esther Price, in 1976. In 2006, he became the sole owner of Esther Price and, more recently, his three daughters and sons-in-laws joined Jim in ownership, making it a family owned and operated company! Prior to owning Esther Price Candies, Jim worked for Day Precision Wall. Jim is married to Elaine, his wife of 63 years. Jim and Elaine created the scholarship in 1997 because they strongly believe in the value of a Catholic education and want more Catholic youths to have that opportunity.

Michael F. Doyle Memorial Scholarship Michael Francis Doyle, Elder Class of 1999, played on Elder’s basketball team all four years and was co-captain during his senior year. He attended the University of Dayton and graduated in 2003 with a degree in finance. In July of 2004, he moved to Chicago where many of his UD friends had relocated. He was an account manager for Lind/Waldock, a futures investment firm. On New Year’s Eve in 2007, he was adjusting a chair on a 3rd-story porch when he fell through the rail and was killed, as a result of a defective metal railing. The next weekend his friends from Elder organized a fund raiser to raise money for the Elder basketball summer league (along with a generous donation from his fellow employees at Lind/Waldock.) In the summer of 2007, his brother Patrick, Class of 1997, organized the 1st Annual Mike Doyle Golf Outing to raise money for the Memorial Scholarship and to continue support for the summer league. The memorial was established in his name that year. The Golf Outing continues each year, through the efforts of his family - parents Jim and Jean Doyle, brother Pat, sister-in-law Kate, and nephews, Matt, Jack, and Charlie Doyle. There is also a fund raiser held each year in Chicago on his February 23rd birthday to contribute to the fund and summer league.

Bob and Rita Driehaus Family Scholarship Bob, Elder Class of 1946, and Rita Driehaus were married for close to 60 years and raised six children in Catholic schools. Bob was Chief Financial Officer for Cincinnati Financial and supported Elder in many ways, including serving on the Principal’s Advisory Board and he also served as leadership for several capital campaigns. He received the Altiora Award in 2005. A scholarship was created in April of 1987 in the Driehaus Family name and that fund is now the Bob and Rita Family Scholarship. Bob passed away in April of 2012 and Rita continues the Driehaus family commitment to Catholic education though her support of their scholarship.

Don Driehaus Family Scholarship Don Driehaus, Elder Class of 1951, was born on Gilsey Avenue behind Elder and claimed that he grew up on the fifty yard line of The Pit. Don and his wife Clare raised eight children. Sons Don ‘77, Steve ‘84, Joe ‘86, Jim ‘87 and Dan ‘90 all graduating from Elder with distinction and daughters Dianne, Denise and Cathy from Seton. Don had a sharp wit and jovial attitude that endeared him to many. He served as a loyal alumnus, supporting Elder as an institution of Christian learning and excellence and remained a lifelong supporter of Elder up until his passing in 2008. The Driehaus family is proud to support Elder in Don’s name and they created this scholarship in 2013. He truly represents the Spirit of Elder’s motto Altiora – To strive for the higher things. In Don’s own words, “Elder is more than an institution---It is a way of life.”

Sonny Edrich Memorial Scholarship Sonny Edrich, Elder Class of 1988, lived life to the fullest in his 32 years on this Earth. In fact he was known to have seen and done more things in those 32 years than most could ever imagine. He had many obstacles growing up with Marfan Syndrome and finally lost his battle with the disease in September of 2002. But he never let physical limitations defeat his unwavering spirit. After graduating from Elder, he went on to Xavier University where he earned two degrees with honors. He worked jobs in the music industry as a Label Rep at EMI and Mammoth Records and later with Tri-State Promotions. He also loved the game of golf and worked at Pebble Creek Golf Course for several years. Charlie and Debe, Sonny’s parents, requested that memorial donations for Sonny come to Elder. A golf outing was started in his memory the following September and through the memorial donations and the successful first golf outing at Pebble Creek, a scholarship was created in his name. The Sonny Memorial Golf Outing continues today and Sonny’s scholarship is awarded each year to a student at Elder who, like Sonny, is physically challenged.

Ellerhorst Family Scholarship Bob Ellerhorst, Elder Class of 1946, and Marian Ellerhorst raised 7 children in Catholic schools with their four boys, Gary, Gregg, Pete, Brian all going through Elder. Bob and Marian created a scholarship in December of 2000. Bob passed away in February of 2008 but through Marian’s and her family’s continued commitment to Catholic education, their family scholarship continues on.

Dan Finley Memorial Scholarship Dan Finley, Elder Class of 1953, was a multi-sport star at Elder. However during his sophomore year and after making varsity football, he contracted polio. He spent a year in the hospital and the following years in and out of therapy and rehab to learn to walk again. Dan had a successful business career and retired at Sherwood Medical in 1991. Though he passed away in 2008, the people he touched are still talking about Dan Finley and his compassion, inspiration and motivation. He will be remembered for his smile and his uncanny ability to remember everyone he ever met. He was a motivator and an inspiration to many and was the subject of a true story in “Chicken Soup for the Soul in the Workplace.” In 2009, he was inducted posthumously into the Price Hill Baseball Old Timers Hall of Fame. His wife Dorothy and children Terry ’76, Kathy ’77 (Seton), Mike ’79 and Danny ’86 (DeLand High School in FL) have raised funds to honor Dan through the Daniel J. Finley “It’s Gotta Be Done” Memorial Fund and created this scholarship in 2013.

Christopher P. Hendy Scholarship Chris Hendy, Elder Class of 1976, has always felt strongly about the importance of participating in extracurricular activities. His son was very active in the mock trial program at St. Xavier (at that time the family lived in Loveland). The experience and confidence gained by that participation helped inspire the current mock trial scholarship program at Elder High School. The scholarship was created in 2011 and the recipients are picked annually by the moderators of the mock trial program. Chris and his wife Connie reside in Florida.

Robert G. and Eleanor Kraft Memorial Scholarship Robert and Eleanor Kraft worked hard to give their six children the benefit of a Catholic education. All four of their sons (Robert Jr. '65; Jim '72; Jack '76; Chuck '78) attended Elder, as well as five grandsons. Robert Sr., a 1941 Purcell High School graduate, served as a member, and ultimately president, of Elder’s Advisory Board, as well as a member of Elder’s 50th and 75th Anniversary committees. He was a longtime Elder football and basketball season ticketholder, with Eleanor often joining him. They were also longtime season ticket holders for Seton & Elder Series at Eight (now called the Seton-Elder Performing Arts Series). Robert and Eleanor's love for Elder and their commitment to make it a place for young men to grow, not just intellectually but also physically, spiritually, culturally and socially, is the reason that their family created this scholarship in Robert’s memory in 1997, adding Eleanor to the scholarship after her death in 2011.

Lautenbach Family Scholarship Ned, Elder Class of 1962 and Terry, Elder Class of 1955, Lautenbach, have always felt strongly about the importance of a solid foundation in education. Both Terry and Ned held senior executive positions with IBM and were extremely successful in their field. They decided to create a scholarship in the Lautenbach name in 1999 and for it to honor their deceased brother, Thom, Elder class of ’55. All three of the Lautenbach brothers – Thom, Terry and Ned – felt that Elder High school was a significant factor in their academic and personal development and helped to change their lives. Terry passed away in 2004 and through memorial donations for Terry upon his death, and the ongoing of support from Ned, the scholarship continues to recognize and encourage academic excellence. Ned and his wife Cindy reside in Florida.

Mitchell McLaughlin Memorial Scholarship Mitchell McLaughlin, Elder Class of 1994, loved his years at Elder. The teachers and friends there all made a deep impression that helped to cement the foundation of integrity and honor that was inherent in him. Those traits served him well until he died in his sleep in February, 2006. He left behind his young wife, a two year old daughter, unborn son and family and friends who still grieve and miss him. On his final day, we decided to honor his memory by creating a perpetual scholarship in his memory. Hopefully, every young man who gets a Mitchell Ryan McLaughlin Scholarship will stop for a moment and realize that he is also being given an opportunity to be guided to become a man of honor and integrity. Even though Mitch's life was short....he made a difference!

Ken Meade Memorial Scholarship Ken Meade, Elder Class of 1980, was the oldest of five Meade boys to attend to Elder. Ken was a confident student and very involved in activities such as the chess club, Risk club, poster club and served on the pep rally committee. He gave much credit to his teachers, administrators and the other students for shaping his outlook on life at a critical time. Elder taught Ken about faith, friendship, responsibility and family and the importance of each. He graduated from UC with a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering and went on to work for the Tennessee Valley Authority in Chattanooga, TN. He got married and had two daughters and enjoyed his family, golfing, boating and fishing. Ken died tragically in a 1996 boating accident at the age of 34 and through the memorials from his funeral, Ken’s family established a scholarship in his name.

Jerome H. and Patricia T. Nymberg Scholarship Fund Jerry and Pat Nymberg raised a family of six children including five sons who all graduated from Elder. Members from Jerry and Pat’s family including children, their spouses and grandchildren announced this scholarship at a brief ceremony held at Elder High School in November of 2012 while some of the family was in town visiting for Thanksgiving.

Tim Peters Family Scholarship Tim Peters, Elder Class of 1980, was an active leader throughout his time at Elder as President of Student Council and captain of the Wrestling team. He completed his college degree at the University of Cincinnati and went on to pursue an extremely successful sales career. Tim’s three sons, Bryan, Nick and Matt also attended Elder and he and his wife, Pam, were actively involved in the Elder community. Tim was known for his contagious laugh and for looking out for his family and friends. He had the ability to bring a smile to every situation. He died unexpectedly in July of 2012 at the age of 50 from heart failure. Tim’s family and friends have established this scholarship in his memory.

Neil J. O’Connor/Gilkey Scholarship Neil J. O’Connor, Elder class of 1935, married Betty Gilkey (Seton ’36) whose four Gilkey brothers all graduated from Elder in early 1940’s. They all went in the Army or the Army Air Core and fortunately they all returned after WII. Neil J. O’Connor, Jr. graduated from Elder in 1960 and his three sons Neil III ‘85, Michael ’87 and Kevin ’ 90 all graduated from Elder. This Scholarship was created to thank Elder, to provide financial help to current Elder students so they can have the same opportunities and to recognize the O’Connor’s and the Gilkey’s who benefited from their Elder education.

Mary Kuhn Preotle Scholarship Fund Mary Kuhn Preotle, mother of former principal Fr. Tom Kuhn, ’81-’88, was always dedicated to all levels of Catholic education from grade school to college. In that spirit, although she lived her whole life in Dayton, she wanted to start a scholarship to help young men attend Elder.

Reis/Albers Scholarship Fund Tony and Regina Reis both learned the lesson of sharing as children. That lesson comes quickly when you grow up in large families. Thirteen siblings in Tony’s family made Regina’s eleven brothers and sisters seem quaint in comparison. Both grew up during the Great Depression and despite being very successful high school students, they were not able to attend college. The financial situation of the depression era combined with the need to help support their numerous younger brothers and sisters, prevented both of them from furthering their education. Both Tony and Regina were especially aware of the value of a Catholic education. The Great Depression taught Tony and Regina many, many lessons and taught America that material goods can come and go seemingly overnight. Tony quickly learned the two things that can never be taken from you regardless of your economic situation are your faith and your education. After their son graduated from Elder, it didn’t take them long to realize that Elder provides their students with both of those priceless gifts. Having struggled through the depression, Tony and Regina wanted to do all they could to make sure that finances would not get in the way of a deserving young man from experiencing the opportunity of a Catholic education. This scholarship fund, created in June of 1986 and named in honor of Tony and Regina’s parents and family, aims to enable young men with the gift of a faith based education and values that can never be taken away. It is one of Elder's earliest scholarships.

Elizabeth & Leslie C. Rogers Memorial Scholarship Tom Rogers, Elder Class of 1956, and his wife Jeanne understand the financial demands placed on parents for a Catholic education. Tom’s parents, Elizabeth and Leslie, sacrificed to send their six sons and two daughters to Elder and Seton. Jeanne’s parents did the same for their four children. Without a quality foundation in the primary and secondary grades it is impossible to compete at the college/university level in today’s world. So Tom and Jeanne created this scholarship.

Don Ruberg Scholarship Don Ruberg, Elder Class of 1947, and his wife Timmy raised a family of five children including five sons who all graduated from Elder. Don served on several committees at Elder including the Elder Classic Golf Committee and was a true leader in organizing class reunions and get togethers for his Elder classmates. 1959 Elder graduate Dennis Casey created this scholarship in 2008 to honor Don who Dennis claimed was instrumental in turning his life around. Don was coaching basketball for Elder in Dennis’ early years as a student and encouraged Dennis to not give up on the sport and try out again for basketball.

Jason Sedler Scholarship Jason Sedler lives in Delhi with his parents Joe and Sue. He has physical disabilities that have presented challenges to him all throughout his life. Joe and Sue created a scholarship in Jason’s name at Elder High School and the fund will be awarded to students who are physically disabled in some way.

Jerry Stautberg Memorial Scholarship Jerry Stautberg and his wife Kathy always said that the best money spent was for tuition to Elder (and Mercy!). When Jerry died unexpectedly during a long awaited liver transplant, many decisions needed to be made quickly. The decision to support Elder High School came easily with the many fond memories of those days with big smiles on their faces. Jerry and Kathy’s sons Mike, Brian, and Greg grew in their four years of high school - not just in wisdom, but in character and personality. Through many generous memorial donations, a scholarship was created in Jerry’s name in 2009 and since then, a car show began in his memory which benefits his scholarship. Jerry was a member of the first graduating class (1964) of LaSalle High School, and he spoke highly and happily of his days there.

Dennis A. Stemler Scholarship Dennis Stemler, was diagnosed with Idiopathic (unknown cause) Epilepsy since age two. He was on many medicines throughout his life and he struggled often with the side effects of the medicines, the after effects of the seizures and the teasing of kids (they did not understand) when having a seizure. He was tested for brain surgery, but unfortunately was not a candidate. Through all of this, Dennis did NOT let his seizures, medicines or others misunderstandings stop him from giving 110% in all he wanted to do in life! He enjoyed playing many sports, including basketball, volleyball and running and he loved to make others laugh and smile. He came to Elder in August of 2002 where he earned academic honors, ran cross country, played intramural basketball, joined glee club and was a member of the corn hole club. Dennis loved the great camaraderie, education, spirit and pride of Elder. In February, 2004, Dennis was trying out for Elder’s JV volleyball team and never found out if he would’ve made it because on February 24th that same year, while typing up a religion assignment at home, he had his last seizure. He passed away from what is called SUDEP (sudden unexplained death from Epilepsy). The odds for this to happen to someone with Epilepsy are ONLY .1%. For some reason, God chose Dennis to go to Heaven early where he is certainly helping out with God’s plans and still giving 110%. Dennis’ parents, Dennis and Debbie, created a scholarship in Dennis’ Memory and recipients are chosen based on their perseverance (working through difficult obstacles), determination (never giving up and always giving 100%) and Christian values (living everyday as a gift from God).

Ernest J. Timperman Scholarship Ernie Timperman, Elder class of 1945, has a soft spot in his heart for Elder. He transferred to Elder his freshman year from Holy Cross High School in Latonia, KY and just recalls having an uplifting experience. He enjoyed math and felt that the teachers at Elder prepared him well going into a demanding engineering program at UC. Fr. Charles Schreibeis and Fr. Paul Kappes in particular were two math teachers with whom Ernie respected greatly. Their command of the subjects they taught while maintaining a high level of discipline made them stand out amongst the other faculty members at that time. Ernie and his wife Phyllis live in the Bridgetown area and Ernie created his scholarship in August of 2007.

John A. Zeiser Family Foundation Scholarship John Zeiser, Elder Class of 1955, was founder and CEO of Zeiser Construction Co. in Price Hill. He started the business in 1978 and worked there nearly all the way up until his death from heart failure in August of 2011. John was dedicated to helping the needy and was a loyal contributor to Elder High School throughout his life. In honor of his memory the Zeiser Family Foundation, which was started by John, is committed to continuing in his tradition of charity and promoting Catholic education to needy individuals through this scholarship. John received Elder’s Altiora Award in 1998.

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