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Fall 2015

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Principal Tom Otten ’64

Elderama Coordinator Mary Beth Meyer

Director of Development, Planned Giving Tom Reiring ’88

Support Staff Amy Iori

Alumni Director Brian Bill ’94 Annual Fund Director Trina Niemer Admissions Director Maura Gettler

Editor Trina Niemer Designer Jeff Fulwiler ’87 Printer Specialty Lithographing Co.

Elder High School Board of Trustees Dan Averbeck ’71 Joe Guck ’86 Nick Hahn ’63 Steve Herbert ’80 Jim Koch ’82 Jill McGrail Tim Meier ’78 Ken Nortmann ’83 Bill Poland ’03 Matt Smith Beth Stacklin Dan Vogelpohl ’88 Jack Walsh ’79 Jay Wertz ’87 Fr. Ralph Westerhoff ’54


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the cover The Elder Glee Club performs at the beautiful Engelberg Abbey in Engelberg, Switzerland. This is one of the many performances on their concert tour this past summer to Switzerland, Austria, and Germany.


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inside spread It’s always an enjoyable last day of school for the seniors as they clean out their lockers, wrap-up graduation preparation, and then hit the links with faculty and staff members at the annual Faculty & Senior Golf Outing!



“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11 I love this verse and think it is appropriate for our graduation and Honor Roll edition. We may not get everything we want – but we will always get God’s best when we seek Him above all else. As we close one school year and begin a new one, we are thankful for the continued support of the Elder Family and confident in God’s plan for our future. Altiora! EDITOR & ANNUAL FUND DIRECTOR


Years Since Tom Otten is retiring in July, 2016, he will be sharing insight into his years at Elder. This is the first of a three part series.


Photo courtesy of Cincinnati Parks Foundation

Dear Members of the Elder Family,

As we prepared this “graduation and honor roll” issue, I found myself reminiscing about my graduation from Elder over five decades ago. The most striking realization is what an incredible adventure our lives are. No matter how carefully we plan, plot and prepare, unexpected opportunities and challenges await all of us. We may not end up where we thought we were headed, but probably where we needed to be. Perhaps it is a person we met, an offer we accepted (or not), a book read, a school attended or some other seemingly insignificant thing that nudged us along a path we never expected. In my life, a rather significant “nudge” happened in 1961, during my sophomore year. Rev. J. Paul Gruber, Elder’s principal, hired me to work after school in the office and so my employment at the corner of Vincent and Regina began.



Years later, I asked Fr. Gruber why he picked me. His answer was simple. He was stationed at St. Teresa, my parish, and knew that I always showed up to serve Mass when I was assigned, even at 6:00 AM. He also knew I was from a large family and probably needed a part-time job. Boy! What a difference his decision made in my life. My high school years flew by, as they do for most of us. In my senior year, I considered my options for college. I decided to enter St. Gregory Seminary; however, after a year of study (and plenty of prayer) I understood that God had other plans for me. I transferred to Thomas More College, majoring in mathematics. Certainly, with a foundation in math, I could land a decent job in any number of exciting industries.

Who could have guessed? Certainly not me, as I was as astounded as everyone else, especially my dad who thought it hilarious that I was now charged with making sure the students kept the rules. Dad would point out that God, indeed, has a sense of humor. My years at Elder have been extremely gratifying as one surprising opportunity led to another. I presumed my new position as a school administrator would be awesome, and as it turned out, I was right! Altiora! Strive for the Higher Things!

Tom Otten ‘64, Principal

administrative assistant

This was about the time my dad’s advice finally caught my attention—

“Find something you love to do, and it will never seem like work. You don’t want to spend the next 40 years at a job you don’t enjoy, no matter how much it pays.” Fortunately, my high school office job at Elder had morphed into a wonderful opportunity to pay my college tuition—I was the evening janitor at Elder! Swabbing locker room floors, cleaning toilets, securing the building and countless other duties filled my evenings while preparing me for new opportunities that would come knocking when I least expected them. I decided to heed my dad’s advice, follow my heart and be a teacher—a math teacher! Graduating in the spring of 1968, I was blessed twice. I married Bonnie, who I had been courting my junior/senior years of college, and I was hired to teach math at Elder. Everything, in my young mind, seemed perfect. Little did I realize that God doesn’t illuminate our life’s path in its entirety, only one brick at a time. My tenure as a teacher was to be short—very short. In 1970, I was appointed administrative assistant and encouraged to enroll in a master degree program at Xavier University for school administration. The next year, I was named assistant principal and business manager at Elder. Amazingly, my stint as evening janitor while in college readied me for the role of business manager, as responsibility for the facilities was a major part of the job.

assistant principal

So here I was, ten years after Fr. Gruber hired me to work in the office—back in the same office, but at a different desk.



Kevin R. Siemer

Jacob K. Bono

David M. Stamper

Evan D. Erpenbeck

Zachary T. Wilkey

Class of

Jordan C. Jacob

Spencer T. Niehaus

Avery R. Madden

Michael P. O’Brien

Spencer T. Niehaus

David C. Stein

Michael P. O’Brien

Julian J. Gregory Jacob C. Humphrey

Computer Science

Ryne A. Poli

David R. Eubanks

Jerry L. Porter

Kyle L. Feist

Colin D. Rodenberg

Adam J. Hughes

Collin T. Schwiers

Benjamin X. Lee


Logan D. Chowning


Anthony M. Robb


Stephen P. Rodgers

Samuel T. Bailey

Nathaniel J. Wehrle

Social Science

Nicholas J. Rolfes


Luke F. Jett

Michael T. Huschart

Harry J. Laiveling II

Benjamin A. James

Nicholas W. Schinkal

Luke F. Jett

Visit to see additional scholarships and awards presented.

World Languages

Gregory E. Cappel


Richard G. Breidenstein

Samuel T. Bailey

Eric R. Huff

Logan D. Chowning


Thomas J. Becker

Joseph E. Keilholz

Nicholas J. Jamison

Brady D. Kraemer

David R. Eubanks

Harry J. Laveling II

Brady D. Kraemer

Michael P. O’Brien

Noah A. Peterson

Nicholas C. Gibbs

Zachary A. Vorherr

Thomas Zachary Sullivan

Riley C. James

Craig L. Mullen Michael P. O’Brien

Industrial Arts

Nicholas S. Pangallo

Jordan C. Jacob


Harry J. Laiveling II

Thomas J. Ruwan

Benjamin J. Merk

David R. Eubanks

Avery R. Madden

Luke F. Jett

Archbishop Elder Memorial Award Elder’s Highest Honor. To the Student who best exemplifies the type of graduate Elder aims to develop: BEN JAMES

Distinguished Service Award To the Student who was outstanding in his service to the Elder Community: AVERY MADDEN

Christian Life Award To the Student who, by his actions, has lived the principles that Jesus taught and to which all of us are called: DAVID STAMPER

Leadership Award To the Student who was outstanding in his positive leadership at Elder: BRAD MURPHY

Memorial - The Reverend Ralph C. Bange To the Student who was outstanding in the use of his talents both in class and in extra-curricular activities: KYLE ORLOFF






















TOP 10

These top ten students have earned over two million dollars in scholarships so far. BACK ROW (left to right): Benjamin Merk - University of Cincinnati Joshua Rhoads - Auburn University David Meyer - The Ohio State University Eric Huff - The Ohio State University FRONT ROW (left to right): David Eubanks - University of Cincinnati Spencer Niehaus - University of Cincinnati Michael O’Brien - University of Notre Dame Harry Laiveling - University of Notre Dame Luke Jett - University of Cincinnati Brady Kraemer - University of Cincinnati

Elder’s Valedictorian was BRADY KRAEMER, son of Julie and Hank ’79 Kraemer. Brady will attend the University of Cincinnati this fall where he is part of the Lindner Honors Plus program. In addition to the Lindner’s scholarship, Brady received the Cincinnatus Century and Provost Scholarships. Elder’s Salutatorian was SPENCER NIEHAUS, son of Patrice and Tim ’82 Niehaus. Spencer will attend the University of Cincinnati. Spencer received the KBS Scholarship and the University Scholarship. Spencer Niehaus pictured left & Brady Kraemer pictured right.


Marcellus Eric Abel

Patrick Clayton Fanning

Kyle James Ackerman^

Samuel Patrick Feeney^

Mark Anthony Adams^

Class of

Bradley Raymond Miller^

Kevin R. Siemer^+*

Brett Charles Mitchell

Eric Ryan Sievers^

Kyle Liam Feist^

Christian Sean Mychal Moore

Jonathon N. Smith^+*

Jose Alexis Almodova

Andrew Joseph Fieler^

Cody Ray Moore

Shane Edward Smith

Daniel M. Armstrong

Andrew J. Finn^

Mitchell Thomas Moorhead^+

Zachary William Smith^

Steven Jacob Ashworth

Joshua Ishmael Flagg-Jackson

Joseph Thomas Morand^

Ian Conner Sonntag^

Samuel Timothy Bailey^

Peter Gibbons Folzenlogen

Patrick Albert Morris, Jr.

Kevin Shayne Spurlock^

Matthew Joseph Balzano

Jacob A. Frey

Daniel Joseph Mueller^

Nicholas Donald Stalf

Benjamin Robert Bartholomew

Jeffrey Paul Frey Jr.

Craig Louis Mullen^+*

David Michael Stamper^

Thomas John Becker^+*

Ryan Nicholas Fricke^

Bradley Jonathon Murphy^+

David Carl Stein^

Nicholas Andrew Bill

Timothy Maguire Garvey

Alexander John Myers^

Ryan David Stewart

Benjamin Joseph Bischof^

Chase Tyler Gaskins

Brett Gregory Neal

Noah Michael Stolze

Jason Patrick Bleh

Jacob Alexander Gerke^

William G. Neiheisel^

Brent William Sullivan

Joshua Edwin Boeckmann^

Nicholas Charles Gibbs^+*

Spencer Timothy Niehaus^+*

Kevin Michael Sullivan

Emmett Ulrich Bold, Jr.

Tyler Jason Gibbs

John Paul Nolan

Thomas Zachary Sullivan^+*

Joshua D. Bonavita^

Jacob Daniel Gilday

Nicholas John Jamison^

Eugene R. O’Brien III

Andrew Michael Taylor^

Jacob Knue Bono

Julian Jonathan Gregory^

Brenton Robert Jansen

Michael Patrick O'Brien^+*

Michael A. Tenbrink

Nicholas Daniel Botuchis^

Steven Michael Guy

Dylan Conner Janszen^

Christopher Steven Ochs^+*

Cole Ignatious Tepe

Richard Gerard Breidenstein^

Maxwell Lee Hammersmith^+*

Luke Francis Jett^+*

Matthew James Olthaus^+*

Samuel Paul Tepe^

Gage Orion Joshua Brock

Jonathan James Harney-Davila

Andrew Joseph Kahny

Kyle Steven Orloff^

Brandon Joron Thomas^

Griffin Loyal Brock

Alexander Dale Harrison^

Evan Christopher Kandra^

Jeffrey Allen Otis Jr.^

Jacob Patrick Tiernan^

William Alan Browning^

Brian Charles Harrison

Kyle Alexander Kayse^

Michael Thomas Palmisano^

Brett Merrifield Tierney^

William Preston Brueggemeyer^+*

Samuel Joseph Hauer^

Joseph Edward Keilholz^

Nicholas S. Pangallo^

Michael Raymond Trotta^+*

John Lewis Bruening III

Joseph Thomas Haverkos^+*

Andrew William Klenk

Noah Joseph Pennekamp

Austin Michael Truitt

Andrew Timothy Buelterman^

Aaron Christian Heileman

Michael Richard Klopp^

Matthew Daniel Peters^

Adam Timothy Vale

Andrew Ryan Burke^

Aaron Douglas Held

J. Maxwell Klug^

Noah August Peterson^+*

Tristan Lane Van Hook

Brian David Caminiti^

Matthew Michael Henke

Zachary James Korte^

Noah Robert Poland

Zachary Allen Vorherr^

Nathaniel Robert Campbell

Matthew Thomas Hennies

Brady Donald Kraemer^+*

Ryne Andrew Poli^

Alexandrew Curtis Walling

John Richard Capannari^

Christopher Charles Henry^

Harry James Laiveling II^+*

Jerry Lester Porter, III^

Andrew Joseph Wanger^

Gregory Edward Cappel^+*

Kyle Lee Hicks

Andrew Joseph Lammers^

Nicholas Michael Rackers^

Liam Doherty Warren

Logan Dean Allen Chowning^

Doyle Linn Higgins Jr.

Benjamin Xavier Lee^+*

Isaac A. Reyes

Nathaniel Jerome Wehrle

Samuel Joseph Coffaro^

Joseph Gabriel Hingsbergen

Ian Daniel Lindsey

Joshua Dean Rhoads^+*

Nickolas David Wells^

Robert Nicholas Conda^+*

Jacob Ramon Hoffbauer

Jordan William Lindsey

Anthony Mario Robb^*

Philip Maxwell Wienkamp^+*

Rawley Joseph Cook^

Alex Michael Hoffman

Jeffrey Dennis Linneman

James Andrew Robb^

Zachary Taylor Wilkey

Stephen Alexander Cox^

Kyle Matthew Hoffman^

Joseph Charles Linneman^

Jacob Allen Roberto

Erick Michael Williams

Sebastian Lee Cunningham^

Grayson Michael Holmes

Andrew Joseph Lovell^

Colin Daniel Rodenberg

Richard Joseph Witte^

Evan F. Deller^

Ryan Jude Huesman^

Diondre Lamont Lowery

Stephen Paul Rodgers^

Zachary Douglas Wright^

Christopher H. Deters^

Eric Robert Huff^+*

Benjamin Joseph Luebbe^+*

Michael Gary Rogers^

Kevin Austin Young

Justin A. Dierig

Adam John Hughes^

Ernst Thomas Macke^

Alexander Michael Rolfes^

Tyler J. Dierig^

Jacob C. Humphrey^+*

Avery Robert Madden^*

Nicholas Joseph Rolfes^

James William Dowd II^

Andrew P. Humphries

Evan Christopher Mallory^

Cody Michael Roseberry^

Samuel David Drinkuth

Michael Thomas Huschart^

Christian Michael Marlman^

Thomas Jacob Ruwan^*

Jordan Christopher Dugan^

Logan Joseph Hutzel

Jason Patrick Martini^

Nicholas Michael Ryan

Nicholas James Duke^+*

John David Igel^+*

Noah Alexander Maurmeier

Nicholas William Schinkal

Randy Lyle DuVall, III^

Thomas Allen Imhoff^+*

Eric Joseph Mazza^

Mitchell Robert Schoener^

Ethan Michael Duwell

Joseph Boyd Isham

Kevin Christopher McCullough

Tyler Matthew Schulte

Nicholas Peter Ellerhorst^

Joseph Anthony Ison

Bradley Mark McKeel

Brady William Schultz

Robert Marion Ellerhorst^

Jordan Christopher Jacob^+*

Nicholas Kenneth Meade^

Collin Thomas Schwiers^+*

Frank Joseph Ellert IV^+*

Austin Jeffrey Jaeger

Mark Timothy Meier^

Ryan Andrew Schwiers^+*

Evan Douglas Erpenbeck^

Adam D. James^

Benjamin Joseph Merk^+*

Charles Robert Sehlhorst

David Robert Eubanks^+*

Benjamin A. James^+*

David Thomas Meyer^+*

Jacob Cain Seithel

Louis Anthony Faillace^

Riley Christopher James^+*

Frankie William Milazzo^

Jacob Henry Sena

This year’s class was offered 453 college scholarships valued in excess of $15.1 million. ^ denotes College Scholarship + denotes Honors Diploma * denotes Honors Program















Guidance Counselor Joe ’86 Driehaus introduced this year’s commencement speaker, STEVE BONO, CLASS OF 1986, as Elder’s own super hero creator. In high school, Steve was an excellent student, Editor in chief of the yearbook, and above all else, an art guy. He won several academic and artistic awards. Steve attended the University of Cincinnati and graduated from the top ranked DAAP program. He went on to become the head of design for Hasbro’s International Action Man line. He previously worked for Kenner (now a Hasbro subsidiary) and personally had a hand in developing a number of Transformers and Action Figures.







Steve closed with these thoughts: “There are only two primary emotions: Love and fear. As we make decisions, the motivation for how we choose is based on one of these two. The bravest and best choices are based on love. Unfortunately, many people choose their path out of fear. This can be disguised as something like practicality, but at the core, decisions based on fear never lead you to what you want. Don’t be afraid to decide your path based on love of who you really are. Take that risk to be you.”

When Tom Otten invited Steve to speak, he was a bit hesitant, as he was a toy designer, not a civic leader as past speakers have been. Tom assured him “Steve, you work in an interesting field. Also, your nephew Jake is in the graduating class, so we would love to have you.” Steve shared interesting stories of colleagues and famous producers he had met, but the biggest message he wanted to stress to the Class of 2015 was to be yourself, don’t be afraid to be creative and find something that you love to do. “It doesn’t matter who they are, people are more likely to respond to you if you are yourself. When you meet and work with various types of artists, be it actors, musicians, or directors, the biggest fallacy is to think that creativity is a gift that some people have, and others do not. I’m here to tell you - that is just not true. Everyone has the capacity for creativity. Everyone here tonight is creative.You were born into this world as the powerful creative force known as a child. An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail. Not only is fear of failure one of the greatest inhibitor to creativity, but it can also inhibit other aspects of your life.”










1. Joey ’15 Ison, cousin Robbie ’05 Nusekabel, brother Christopher ’06 Ison; seated grandpa Robert ’54 Deller, Evan ’15 Deller, Bernie ’05 Nusekabel, brother Andrew ’12 Ison; Stephen’07 Ison 2. Aaron ’15 Held with Grandpa Jerry ’56 Held 3. Ben ’15 Merk with dad Greg ’86 4. Brothers Ian ‘14 with Jake ’15 Seithel and Nolan ’12 5. Ian ’15 Sonntag with dad Eric ’83 6. Steven ’15 Guy with brothers (l to r) Jacob ’09 and Josh ’14

7. Jeff ’87 Schwiers with twin sons Ryan ’15 and Collin ’15 8. Jeff ’86 James with son Ben ’15 9. Brad ’15 Miller with dad John ’88, Brad ’15 Murphy with dad Bill ’88, Andrew ’15 Fieler with dad Mike ’88, and Billy ’15 Browning ’15 with dad Tim ’88 Telger 10. John ’15 Igel with dad Joe ’83 11. Joe ’15 Igel with grandpa Dave ’61 FitzGibbon 12. John ’58 Miller with grandson Brad ’15

13. Josh ’15 Boeckmann with dad Jeff ’82 14. Josh ’15 Bonavita with grandpa Dominic ’06 and dad Don ’84 15. Bob ’62 Gasdorf, Jeff ’78 Jansen with sons Brent ’15, Shane ’13 and Jesse ’17 16. Cousin Kyle Roedersheimer ’05, cousin Joe Moeddel ’96, father Gary Bischof ’82, Mike Moeddel ’96, son Ben Bischof ’15, cousin Rob Moeddel ’94, Mike Roedersheimer ’76 and uncle Jay Bischof ’72

















17. Kevin ’15 McCullough with dad Mike ’82 18. Dad Jeff ’84 Klug and mom Mary Jane with Max ’15 19. Mark ’15 Meier with brother Michael ’12, dad Tim ’78 and sister Michelle 20. Matthew ’15 Balzano with dad Tony ’83 21. Michael ’15 Palmisano with dad Nick ’83 22. Nick ’15 Rolfes with parents Mike ’86 and Sharon

23. Jake ’15 Tiernan with (l to r) uncle Sean ’90 Vogelsang and dad Tim ’83 Tiernan 24. Jim ’80 Huesman with Ryan ’15 25. All in the family: Grandpa Ron ’59 Holtkamp, Nick ’10 Caminiti, Jeff ’11 Caminiti, Brian ’15 Caminiti, dad Mike ’83 Caminiti and grandpa Angelo ’51 Caminiti 26. Uncle Fred ’79 with Jacob ’15 Gerke, Grandpa Jim ’52 and dad Dan ’85







27. Uncle Mark ’03 Schulte with Tyler ’15 Schutte 28. The Orloff Family: Kenny ’10, Keith ’16, dad Darren ’80, Kyle ’15, mom Mary and brother Kevin ’08 29. Christopher ’15 Ochs with Grandpa Ron ’53 and dad Troy ’84 30. Cody ’15 Roseberry with dad Deron ’85 31. Mitch ’15 Moorhead with mom Pam and dad Bill '84. 32. Brady ’15 Kraemer with dad Hank ’79 and brother Alex ’05



Blessed Sacrament Logan Runyan Bridgetown Jr. High Austin Belcher Nathaniel Cirrincione Collin Cox Kayne Gibbs Joshua Kurre Lukas Pyles Francis Sedler Colerain Middle School Nathan Bartel Corryville Catholic Damion Cooley Jr. Karim Spell Jr. Delhi Jr. High Kalib Dailey Tyler Gill Jacob Lane Fairfield Middle School Preston Winner Holy Family Deron Elliott Timothy Foster Michael Frogge Markus Gober David Laycock Daniel Rottenberger Devon Steinriede* Liberty Jr. High Emmanuel Pastoriza* Our Lady of Lourdes Trenton Barrett* Matt Comarata Casey Dirr Brad James* Luke Masminster Sean O'Conner^* Chase Rice Brody Tebbe Ronald Wainscott Gunnar Wall* Joey Ward Our Lady of Victory Spencer Bernard Zachary Bischoff Andrew Brown Ben Burke Benjamin Devine Tommy Doerflein Ryan Duell*

John Eary* Xavier Eilers Robert Evans Jr. Christopher Finn Bradley Gemereth Justin Haas Clayton Hodge Jacob Hofmeyer Jarred Kelley^ Jake Kelly Kyle Klingenbeck Matt Larkin Tyler Lewis Robert Luebbering* Steven Morman Eric Moser Brady Murphy* Michael O’Connor Chad Ostertag Joe Pappas Zeno Perry Michael Schenkel Jacob Schmitt Matthew Schwallie Nick Sievers Maxwell Trotta* Michael Wauligman Jacob Wuebbolt^ Our Lady of Visitation Will Austing Mitchell Bailey* Eric Beck^* Michael Bittner^ David Brown Aidan Byrne Jason Cassidy Gage Coon John Cummings Joe Davis Jonathan Davis Maxwell Deters Dominic DiTullio Timothy Finley Daniel Ginn Brandon Good Ian Hollopeter Trace Jones* John Kaine Jacob Macenko* Tyler Macenko Ryan Marr Freddy Mazza Maxwell Middendorf* Alex Mischell Alex Nagel Nolan Neville Jake O'Brien Zach Rudolf Frankie Sabato

Class of 213 students from 28 different elementary schools comprise the incoming freshman class. Many are receiving scholarships made possible through your generous gifts to the Annual Fund. ^Denotes Honors Program student and scholarship recipient *Denotes recipient of a scholarship based on placement test score

Ryan Saupe* Max Scholtes^* Steven Seger^ Owen Witterstaetter^ Rapid Run Middle School Devin Angelo* Patrick Brogan Gaven Florimonte Parker Niehaus^* Nathan Runyon Patrick Tiernan^* Zach Ward Noah Weidner Resurrection Micah Bohlander William McAfee III Tyler McDonald Sayler Park Elementary Seth Duggins John Horton Springer School & Center Will Duke St. Aloysius on the Ohio Hunter Rollinger

St. Antoninus Matthew Allison Jack Baker Kevin Bengel Nathan Brown Stephen Burger Evan DiSanto John Ellert Tom Feldman Reece Gramke Sam Hargett Anthony Holmes* Zach Martin Daniel Melillo Nicholas Oehler Lucas Palicki^ Zachary Rudemiller Michael Taylor St. Catharine Josh Corbett Daniel Feist Ethan Rao^* Adam Thompson St. Dominic Jack Burgasser Nick Corcoran Ryan Doll Nicholas Gillespie Lucas Herren Jacob Kellard Brady Lindsey Matthew Listermann Ian Martini Eric Meyer Jr. Ryan Niehaus Nicholas Sebastian^* Zach Turner Jeffery Wolf Jr. Sam Wuebbling Alexander Young Timothy Zang St. Ignatius Liam Geiser Shawn Klosterman Chase Lambrinides* Zachary Metzner Michael Newsom^ A.J. Tepe* Jackson Wertz St. Jude Hayden Batchelor Zach Beiersdorfer^* David Bertke Justin Bley Vince Bley Spencer Bono


John Conners Jack Dowling^* Will Feldman^* Dylan Geisen Ben Johnson Trent Jones* Kyle Mardis Ben Mullaney* Tyler Schulten Spencer Seibert Joey Singler Colin Sonntag Kyle Trischler^* Jake Voelkerding* Logan Watts^ St. Lawrence Jacob Hickey* Ernie Long Jr.* Matthew Sweet Ocean Wu^* St. Martin Stephen Metzner Jacob Schmidt Elias Singler Connor Stolzman Michael Sweeney Josef Westfelt St. Teresa of Avila William Bennett Benjamin Brown Heath Deffenbaugh Benjamin Dudley^* Noah Hollenbach John Lauber Collin Phillips Tyler Schutte Andy Sehlhorst Jarod Timmers^* Chase Van Hook St.William Nicholas Hicks Noah Laird Simon McFarren Jared Upton Casey Varney Three Rivers Brett Roth Adam Siry Western Hills Middle School Lamonte Thurmond White Oak Middle School Miles Bush

Prospective Students & Families are Invited to our Fall Admissions Events Grade School Night in The Pit September 25 at 7:00 pm Wear your school spirit wear and get in free! (Seton-Elder Tailgate for 6th-8th graders only. 5:30 pm kickoff. RSVP required. 513.921.3427)

Panther Nights September 30 & November 15 at 6:30 pm (Schaeper Center) Open House October 25 from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm Tours begin in the volleyball/wrestling gym Visit PAC from 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Placement Test November 21 at 8:00 am (for current 8th graders & pre-registration required)

Application Deadline December 4

For more information on all things Elder, check us out at,, or on Facebook; or contact Maura Gettler at or 513.921.3427.

Financial Aid (FACTS) Deadline November 6


The students listed below have distinguished themselves by earning some of the highest honors awarded by the AP PROGRAM. AP SCHOLAR. Students who receive a 3 or higher on three or more AP exams. Greg Cappel, Nick Conda, Adam Deuber, Nick Duke, Jake Humphrey, Jordan Jacob, Ben James, Ben Luebbe, Jason Martini, Mitch Moorhead, Brad Murphy, Chris Ochs, Jake Perrmann, Noah Peterson, Jake Rinear, Anthony Robb, Collin Schwiers, Kevin Siemer, David Stein, Zach Sullivan, Michael Trotta, Elliot Wegman AP SCHOLAR WITH HONOR. Students who receive an average of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams. Will Brueggemeyer, Mark Burger, Stan Groszek, Avery Madden, David Meyer, Spencer Niehaus AP SCHOLAR WITH DISTINCTION. Students who receive an average of at least 3.5 on all AP exams taken, and scores of 3 or higher on five or more AP exams. David Eubanks, Max Hammersmith, Eric Huff, Austin James, Luke Jett, Brady Kraemer, Harry Laiveling, Ben Merk, Michael O’Brien, Josh Rhoads, Jack Smith

NATIONAL AP SCHOLAR. Students who receive a score of at least 4 on all


AP exams taken and scores of 4 or higher on eight or more of these exams. David Eubanks and Luke Jett

The Shadow Program... Choosing the right high school can be a challenging process. Shadowing allows your 8th grader to go directly to the heart of the high school experience: spending a day on campus and in our classrooms. The Shadow Program provides an opportunity for prospective students to ask questions of our students and teachers, to sample the ambiance of the school, and to determine if Elder is a place where he will personally be comfortable. Schedule a shadow visit today at HYPERLINK “”.


Congratulations to Elder graduate Richard Rentz ’15 on becoming an Eagle Scout. Richard is a member of Troop 420 at St. Bernard Taylor Creek Parish. His Eagle Court of Honor was held on June 14th along with three other Eagles from the same troop. Richard’s Eagle project was to replace the stone pathway surrounding the service building at Imago Nature Center in Price Hill. He completed the requirements in October, 2014. Elder Principal Tom Otten attended this special event and recognized his unique accomplishment. Otten said that he and the Elder community are indeed very proud of Richard and support the ideals for which scouting stands. Congratulations, Richard!

The Andrew J. Bucher & Company “Excellence in Accounting” Award was recently awarded to Nick Pangallo ’15. This award has been given to Elder accounting students since 1989. The recipients are chosen by Elder’s Accounting teacher based on their outstanding effort and performance in the class. Pictured below is Nick with Andy Bucher ’80.

Congratulations to Andrew Taylor ’15 who received the Sgt. Gregory H. Weber “American Spirit” Award. Andrew was nominated by the faculty and approved by administration for his excellence in leadership. Mr. Ken Griffith, a representative from the Montezuma Cincinnati Detachment #270 of the Marine Corps League, was on hand to present the award in honor of our fallen grad.

Please welcome our new faculty and staff to Elder High School. Pictured (l to r): Larry Weinheimer ’93 (English teacher), Brandon Finke ’00 (Administrative Asst. - Finance), Jenny Boles (Nurse) and Sue Summers (HR Director). Missing is Monica Williams Mitchell, our new Librarian.





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Outstanding Sprinter: Nick Pangallo Outstanding Hurdler: TJ Ruwan Outstanding Distance: Eric Huff Outstanding Field (Throws): Colin Rodenberg Outstanding Field (Jumps): Robby Oswald Most Valuable: Brady Kraemer Mr. Zip: Eric Huff Most Improved: Colin Rodenberg

The spring of 2015 saw another successful season for Elder baseball. The Panthers ended with an overall record of 21-7 and a 2nd place finish in the always tough GCL South. In fact, Elder was one run short of achieving back to back GCL South titles. The Panthers also defeated highly-ranked Lakota West 4-0 at Great American Ballpark on Saturday, April 18th. That marked the date of the 1st ever high school games played there. TEAM AWARDS

Captains: Sam Hauer, Kyle Orloff & Shane Smith Phil Brown Batting Champion: Sam Hauer .368 Defensive Player of the Year: Sam Hauer & Zach Vorherr Offensive Player of the Year: Kyle Orloff Ralph Birkofer Outstanding Pitcher: Shane Smith Mr. ZIP: Nick Duke Scholar Athlete: Greg Cappel Most Improved: Josh Boeckmann Mr. Panther: Sam Coffaro


Servant Leadership Award: Evan Deller Coaches Award: Nate Campbell Mr. ZIP: Kevin Spurlock Most Improved: Sam Middendorf


Elder tennis finished the season with a ranking of #9 in the city along with an impressive non-league record of 10-1. For the second year in a row the Panthers were crowned Best-of-the-West Champs. GOLDEN RACQUET AWARD

Nick Rolfes GCL AWARDS

1st team Singles: Drew Lovell 2nd team Singles: Bryce Wauligman 2nd team Doubles: Joe Meade & Nick Rolfes


Division 1 All-State 1st team: Ben Luebbe Division 1 All-State Honorable Mention: Kevin Siemer & Kyle Ackerman South Region All-Stars 1st team: Ben Luebbe & Kevin Siemer South Region All-Stars 2nd team: Kyle Ackerman South Region All-Stars Honorable Mention: Zach Korte & Matthew Olthaus GCL All-Stars 1st team: Ben Luebbe & Kevin Siemer GCL All-Stars 2nd Team: Kyle Ackerman & Zach Korte

The above athletes have signed to play at the collegiate level (pictured l to r): Joshua Flagg-Jackson Football Mount St. Joseph University Andrew Buelterman Cross Country Thomas More College Ryne Poli Baseball Mount St. Joseph University


Captains: Drew Lovell & Nick Rolfes Most Valuable: Drew Lovell Good Sportsmanship: Nick Rolfes Mr. ZIP: John Capannari Most Improved: Joe Meade

Captains: Kyle Ackerman & Ben Luebbe Most Valuable: Ben Luebbe Good Sportsmanship: Zach Korte Mr. ZIP: Kyle Ackerman & Max Weinkamp Most Improved: Ben Bishof Mr. Panther: Kevin Siemer


One of the goals of the Passport Continues campaign was to update the Fieldhouse (pictured left).This past summer, the Fieldhouse was air conditioned, the original floors had their last sanding, the names on the floor were reconfigured, new lights were added and the three point arch was darkened just to name a few of the changes.

The 2014-2015 Elder Annual Fund Drive Thanks to everyone who donated to this year’s Annual Fund. Because of your support, we have raised over $715,000 for tuition assistance. 100% of the proceeds goes towards Honors Program scholarships, High School Placement Test Scholarships and Archbishop Elder grants for those who qualify.Thanks again for all you have done and continue to do for Elder! Highest % of Participation Class of 1941 78% Class of 1937 75% Class of 1940 56%

Graduation Year 1933 1936 1937 1939 1940 1941 1942 1943 1944 1945 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1951 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1961 1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975

Donors per Class 1 1 3 8 5 7 4 11 14 21 19 19 32 35 43 43 42 40 47 50 70 53 55 62 96 110 73 81 74 116 83 104 69 85 85 84 92 83 76 85

% Class Participation 17% 14% 75% 47% 56% 78% 38% 42% 46% 49% 42% 35% 44% 45% 53% 53% 40% 38% 49% 46% 42% 43% 40% 34% 39% 43% 33% 35% 30% 33% 28% 31% 26% 25% 24% 25% 25% 23% 22% 25%

Money Donated $100 $125 $2,350 $745 $1,365 $1,060 $110 $2,175 $2,875 $7,425 $1,485 $5,675 $10,245 $17,755 $8,705 $3,755 $6,910 $7,825 $7,456 $10,370 $28,500 $12,235 $11,311 $12,794 $17,346 $30,355 $12,548 $17,321 $11,420 $15,707 $12,225 $11,534 $11,255 $14,447 $11,262 $16,790 $18,675 $15,180 $17,892 $19,164

Most Money Donated Class of 1961 $30,355 Class of 1956 $28,500 Class of 1974 $19,164 Class of 1981 $19,127

Highest Average Donation Class of 1937 $783 Class of 1991 $705 Class of 1949 $507

Average Donation

Graduation Year

Donors per Class

$100 $125 $783 $93 $273 $151 $28 $198 $205 $354 $78 $299 $320 $507 $202 $87 $165 $196 $159 $207 $407 $231 $206 $206 $181 $276 $172 $214 $154 $135 $147 $111 $163 $170 $133 $200 $203 $183 $235 $225

1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

62 65 67 72 62 71 69 42 45 48 44 38 38 28 26 21 33 24 26 20 21 23 19 19 17 18 12 19 14 12 14 10 19 18 6 4 3 7 2 93

% Class Participation 21% 18% 20% 20% 20% 20% 18% 15% 14% 17% 17% 16% 16% 12% 13% 13% 16% 14% 12% 10% 12% 12% 8% 7% 8% 8% 6% 8% 6% 5% 6% 4% 7% 8% 3% 2% 1% 3% 1% 40%

Money Donated

Average Donation

$16,125 $10,490 $9,520 $13,948 $13,961 $19,127 $7,060 $11,375 $5,701 $10,810 $7,531 $7,248 $6,830 $5,655 $5,635 $14,810 $5,467 $5,095 $8,938 $1,890 $4,335 $2,340 $1,515 $1,465 $1,455 $1,830 $910 $1,555 $2,070 $925 $1,635 $635 $1,190 $860 $430 $100 $85 $111 $20 $127

$260 $161 $142 $194 $225 $269 $102 $271 $127 $225 $171 $191 $180 $202 $217 $705 $166 $212 $344 $95 $206 $102 $80 $77 $86 $102 $76 $82 $148 $77 $117 $64 $63 $48 $72 $25 $28 $16 $10 $1

These giving clubs represent all gifts to Elder over the past year, including the Annual Fund.

Archbishop Elder Society $1,000 + Mrs. Fran Acito Jack H. Adam Edmund J. Adams, Esq. Marc A. Alexander, MD Daniel J. Allen David F. Allen Joseph M. Allen John D. Altenburg, Jr. Donald C. Andres, Jr. Rita & Paul Arling Sophia Donovan Auberger, estate of Daniel J. Aug, Sr. Thomas D. Aug Michael A. Avellano Mary & Daniel H. Averbeck Joy & Michael L. Bachman William R. Backs Michael D. Baker John Barber Bruce J. Barth Joan & Robert Bartholomew Edward J. Bauer Scott A. Beck James D. Beischel John B. Berding Scott P. Berding Julie & David Berkowitz, MD Dennis Berning John & Joyce R. Berning, estate of Martin J. Berning Joseph M. Beyerle Tom Biedenharn Gregory T. Bier Frank L. Bill Stephen G. Bill Richard Bley Timothy L. Bockerstette Harry T. Bode Kenneth G. Boehm Michael E. Boehm J. Steven Bono James L. Bono Lawrence D. Boschert James W. Botts James J. Brady Fr. Donald J. Breaker John A. Brinkman Loretta & Raymond J. Brinkman, estate of Raymond E. Broerman Theodore L. Bross Beth & David Brothers David L. Brown

Bruce Broxterman Patrick J. Brunner, D.C. Pattie & Michael Brunst Thomas R. Brunst Andrew J. Bucher Barry F. Bucher Rosemary Bucher Robert J. Buchert James E. Budde Richard P. Buechler Rev. Robert Buening Thomas E. Buening Robert J. Burger Connie & David R. Busam Matthew L. Busam, MD Philip E. Busch Thomas P. Butler Mark E. Buzek M. Patrick Callahan Harry W. Cappel Phil Cappel Dennis J. Carr James D. Carr Robert R. Carrigan Robert J. Christen Gregory M. Conners Anthony Conte George Cook Michael Cordesman Richard M. Cunningham Zeno Dabbelt, estate of Dennis Daly Raymond Dankel David G. Davidson, DVM J. Mike Davis Paul W. Davis James N. Day David J. Dickman Charles R. DiMuzio Richard DiMuzio David L. Dink John Dirksing John C. Drew Ronald C. Dreyer Steven J. Dreyer Clare Driehaus Donald G. Driehaus Rita Driehaus William Driehaus Jeanne & Andrew J. Edrich Marian R. Ellerhorst David J. Ellis Mark J. Ellis J. Gregory Ellison Joseph Emmrich James C. Farlow Thomas W. Farwick Michael J. Fieler John A. Fisher, MD Michael P. Flannery Stephen E. Florian James L. Franke Charles W. Fries Kevin W. Frisz Richard A. Frommeyer Andrew K. Galvin Steven E. Gerhardt

Sam A. Geroulis Steven R. Giessler David W. Gilbert Mary Kay Gilbert James Glatthaar Eduardo G. Gonzalez Marvin F. Grant Edward F. Griesser Donald Griffin Louis Groen Paul G. Groen Carl R. Gross David G. Grote John V. Grove William J. Grove Marian Hagen Nicholas D. Hahn Robert C. Hahn Ross J. Hambleton, Jr. Joel N. Handorf Michael W. Hardig Gregory W. Harmeyer Siegfried Hausladen, MD Gerard J. Hausman Richard J. Hausman Judi & Toby Heile Francis G. Heitker Jennifer & Thomas Heitker William G. Hemmer Christopher P. Hendy Michael Hengehold Jackie Herman William F. Herrmann Michael T. Higgins Jacquie & John H. Hoeting Christopher A. Hoffman Home City Ice, Inc. Jack Huber Ed Hubert Karen & Butch Hubert, Jr. Mrs. Skip Huhn Kenneth N. Humpert Robert M. Hurley Rev. Paul F. Hurst Gregory T. Hyland Marian & Michael R. Jacobs James M. Jansing Brandon J. Janszen JoAnn Janszen Thomas P. Jennings Craig J. Johnson Terry Joyce, estate of JTM Provisions John Karches Denise Keefe Rev. Raymond Kellerman Brian P. Kelley Michael J. Kelley Jana & Thomas W. Kemp Kenneth W. Kemper Daniel W. Kernen Daniel J. Kernen, Lt Col USMC (RET) Marlene Kiely Gerald Kirschner, PhD Larry T. Kleem James L. Kloepfer H O N O R


Cindy & Richard G. Klopp, MD Mark Klusman Kim R. Knoppe William B. Koester Mathias Kolleck Alan Kotz Charles D. Kraft Joseph C. Kramer Daniel D. Kreimer Kathy & David Kress Edward G. Kurzhals Joseph N. Lambrinides Giles A. Langenbrunner Ned Lautenbach Arthur E. Leesman, Jr. Richard R. Lindhorst Thomas J. Lindsay Jerome Linneman Thomas J. Linneman Bruce E. Lott Rev. Joseph H. Lutmer, estate of Anthony A. Maas Jack Maas Jerry Maas Joseph Maas William D. Martin Michael J. Martini Thomas D. Mason Rev. John Mattscheck Timothy J. McCarren, MD Patrick D. McKenna Terrence McLaughlin Timothy McLaughlin Terrence M. McLean Timothy J. McLean Jacob G. McQuaide Rev. Jim Meade James R. Meade Patrick G. Meade, MD Patrick H. Meehan Donald L. Mellott, Jr. John P. Mellott Nathan T. Mendel Thomas R. Mendel K. Ryan Merk John W. Meyer, MD Richard V. Middendorf Christopher P. Miliano Ann & Douglas Miller Michael J. Moeddel Robert M. Moeddel Norbert A. Mollmann Mark J. Moore Jerry Morrissey James A. Mullen Martin J. Mullen Donald P. Murphy John Murphy C. James Murray Joseph R. Murray Paul G. Myers Rev. Stanley H. Neiheisel Skip Neville Kenneth Niederhausen Thomas J. Niehaus William R. O’Conner, DDS O F


Stephen Oker Bonnie & Thomas R. Otten William Otten Honorable Ronald A. Panioto Frank J. Panzeca Grace Pedoto Christopher J. Perrino Robert G. Pessler Gary W. Ploehs Mary Kuhn Preotle Barry E. Pulskamp John W. Radley Laura & David E. Rapien John M. Raterman Michael W. Reder Larry Reidy Timothy P. Reilly Toni Reilly James J. Reilman Paul A. Reis Carl Renneker Tom Rhoads Barbara & Michael S. Ricke Jeffrey J. Rieder Louis L. Ripley L. Richard Roedersheimer, MD Thomas W. Rogers Robert J. Roncker John E. Roney Dorothy Roth Donald F. Rowekamp Richard G. Royer Betty Rudemiller Mark W. Rudemiller, MD Kyle D. Rudolph Mr. Ryan J. Rueve Thomas R. Ruthman Thomas J. Sander William H. Sander David Sandman George A. Schaefer, Jr. Robert Schaefer, Sr. Norb J. Scheper Julia R. Schiff Donald C. Schmitt James Schnieder Adam J. Schoster William C. Schuerman James Schuermann William C. Schulte, Jr. Carl L. Schultz, MD Raymond A. Schultz,MD Carol Schumacher P. Joseph Sedler Genny & Thomas E. Sedler Thomas F. Sedler Barb & Terry Seger Richard J. Selcer Lynn C. Shewmaker, MD Richard R. Sieving, MD Joycee & Stephen Simendinger Kathy & Matthew R. Smith Daniel E. Souders


James P. Sperber Brian C. Stautberg Judy & James E. Stautberg Kenneth W. Stecher Robert J. Stephens Jonathan J. Stevens Patricia Streicher Thomas H. Streicher Scott J. Tate Frank R. Tepe, Jr. Louis F. Terhar Thomas P. Tillar Phyllis Timperman J.E. Torgesen Donald L. Traut, Sr. Donald L. Traut Fred R. Unger John P. Vogele W. Andrew Vogelsang David F. Volz Francis X. Wagner Edward N. Waldvogel Edward J. Wandstrat Thomas J. Wanninger Warsaw Federal Savings & Loan James Weckenbrock Joseph F. Wegman Lisa & John R. Weil William Welch Dale P. Welsh Michael Wendling Steven G. Wernke M. Jay Wertz, CFP Thomas E. Westerfield Rev. Ralph A. Westerhoff Harry J. Westerkamp Frank J. Whalen Barbara J. Whitmer Joseph H. Wilkens J. Christopher Williams Edgar Willig Edward J. Willig Gary E. Willig Christi & Matthew G. Witsken, MD Mary & Michael W. Woeste

Principal’s Club $500 + James J. Albers, Jr. John D. Albers Daniel M. Andriacco Joseph G. Aninao Kevin T. Anneken Donald G. Ashcraft George Aug, Jr. Kevin P. Aug Timothy G. Aug Albert Babey Anthony F. Barnhorst Richard Baudendistel Richard T. Baudendistel, DDS Michael L. Bauer Richard J. Beckmann Gerard J. Berding

James L. Bertsch Thomas R. Bill Joan & David L. Bittner Joseph W. Black Terrence L. Blair Dennis J. Bleh Timothy E. Bley William E. Blind David Bockenstette Timothy W. Bokenkotter Kari & John Book James E. Boschert Raymond Brueggemeyer Mary Lee & Robert Busam Robert Bushman Gregory W. Cappel Rita & Walter N. Carroll Dennis J. Casey Robert A. Christopfel Charles Coffaro James R. Daffin Scott X. Deters Frank Detzel John R. Dewan Michael A. Diekman Carmine Dilonardo Timothy Dowling Robert J. Drennan Kenneth W. Edgell Andrew A. Egloff John G. Fay John Feldkamp Dorothy Finley Michael J. Finley Charles Finn Robert Finn John A. Fiorito Thomas Fischer Howard W. Fishburn David Fitzgibbon Robert Fosnot James W. Frietsch John A. Fromhold Jeffrey A. Fuell Jeffrey D. Fulwiler Thomas J. Gates Christopher Geiser Michael A. Gener Daniel W. Gerard Frederick R. Gerke Stephen F. Gerstner, MD Rev. Kenneth Gerth Michael C. Grace Jerry W. Greager Mark E. Greiner Thomas J. Groll Norbert Guetle, Jr. Marian Hagen Thomas J. Halpin, MD Michael J. Hampton Ronald J. Hartoin Leonard Hausman Stephen Haverkos, MD Daniel J. Heisel David L. Helmers John H. Hendy Alice Henkel

Peter G. Henkel Bob Herrmann Max B. Hofmeyer Herbert S. Huesman John M. Hughes David K. Humphrey Ennis Jim Mark G. Johnson Frank N. Kalany Gerard Kaufhold John Kaufhold Thomas M. Keckeis Kevin P. Kelly Hubert Kennedy Frank Kerley Peter King Michael W. Klapper Timothy K. Klapper James A. Kluener, Sr. Roy Kluener Matthew F. Kluesener Marilyn Klug Charles J. Kneflin Mark T. Kneflin Ted Koppenhoefer James W. Kraft Jack Kraft Edward J. Kraus Thomas P. Lachtrupp Victor E. Lambert Gregory A. Langenbrunner Virginia Louis Gene P. Luckey Christopher D. Luebbers Kevin D. Lyons Jerome T. Maas Ernst R. Macke Paul J. Maly James M. Maurer William R. McCabe Charles McGovern, MD William J. McGowan Michael A. Meade Robert E. Meade Gregory M. Menz Lloyd Metz Robert J. Metz William C. Metz William A. Miller Philip Minella, MD Joseph B. Moeddel Michael J. Monahan Steven P. Morgan Edward W. Morris Lois & Daniel E. Mueller Ronald P. Murphy Theresa & Thomas Murphy Daniel F. Niehaus William J. Nolan Mary & J. Roger O’Bryan III John P. Owens Howard Paff Lawrence W. Paff Christopher M. Panzeca


John H. Paschka Briggs T. Pille Robbie M. Poulos Gerald A. Quitter Roy J. Riegler John R. Riley Jeffrey E. Rinear Joseph V. Roney, R.PH. Ronald Roth, Sr. Michael E. Rudemiller, MD Timothy S. Ryan Richard A. Sander John M. Schaefer John E. Schill, MD Kenneth J. Schoster James E. Schottelkotte David J. Schrage Judith Sellmeyer David M. Shelton Donald Sillies Robert A. Smyth Carol & Michael C. Snowden Steven A. Soloria, CFA James P. Stautberg, Jr. Michelle & Robert J. Stephens, Jr. MD Robert J. Sucher James P. Sullivan Lawrence J. Tepe, DDS Robert L. Thesken Michael T. Tiernan Martine & Daniel Veddern Daniel D. Vogelpohl James J. Volker Anthony T. Wagner Eric M. Wagner Lawrence Wanninger Richard E. Weber George B. Weckenbrock Robert S. Wegman T. Scott Wegman Jeffrey A. Weisker Rev. John Wessling Lawrence Whalen Michael T. Whitmer Philip H. Wienkamp Robert Wildermuth Jeanne & Col. Jeffrey R. Witsken Carolyn Wolfram Michael A. Wood

Panther Club $250 + Paul F. Adler James R. Ahr Daniel J. Altenau Walt Amrein Anthony J. Apro Bobby T. Asman Roger G. Auer Brian T. Aug Edward H. Aug Linda & Anthony Avellano Gary M. Bachman Peter L. Bachman

William J. Bachman Raymond F. Bachus Joseph M. Bailey, MD Terrance Baker Victor Barket James W. Bauer Jerome P. Bauer Robert A. Beck Mark Becker Robert L. Beckman Maggie & Jerome Beckmeyer Bruce Beckroege Mr. Sam Beltsos Steve Beltsos Art Bender Paul A. Berding Philip R. Bergelt, Sr. Nathan Berning Stephen G. Bird, MD Timothy P. Bleh Joseph W. Blust Christopher G. Bode Henry Boesing William Bokenkotter Deborah & James Boland David G. Borgmann Joseph Brafford, Jr. Fred Brandewiede Henry J. Brands, Jr. Robert A. Braun Gerald Braunstein Steve Brinker Daniel R. Brodbeck Lawrence Brogan Paul Brogan Russell Brogan John J. Brossart James W. Brown Gary A. Bruewer Fred Brumfield, Jr. Robert W. Bruning Don Budde Robert A. Burger Gary E. Burns M. Teresa & John L. Burwinkel Luke Busam Thomas H. Bushman Gregory J. Buzek Guy W. Cagney Neil J. Callahan Nicholas Campolongo Thos. L. Casey William Clyde Ronald Coffaro Thomas R. Cole Paul Conners David A. Cook Patrick J. Crotty John R. Crowley Brian Currin Richard F. Dagenbach David J. Davis Daniel G. Day Paul Deiters Michael P. Delaney Ted A. DeMatteo Stephen F. Deters

William Deters Ronald E. Dewan Raymond G. Dickerson Thomas J. Digman William V. Dimuzio Michael R. Disbennett William Doepker Paul M. Drennan Kathryn Drexler Dennis J. Dreyer Daniel M. Driehaus Joseph G. Driehaus Richard A. Driehaus Thomas Dugan Dennis K. Eagan Donald A. Eckstein Nelson Egurrola William A. Eisenecher Mark W. Emerson Robert J. Engelhardt, Jr. MD Michael J. Enzweiler Alan Ernst Lynn G. Ernst Steven J. Fieler Suzanne M. Finke Thomas J. Florian Lynn P. Foltz William A. Forrester Barry Frank Janet & Hal L. Franke Joan Friedmann Robert B. Frolicher Robert C. Frommeyer, Jr. Joseph W. Frondorf Francis D. Gardner Matthew T. Gates William T. Geiger Nicholas D. Gener Mark W. Gibbs Mark E. Godbey Joseph H. Gorrasi Lawrence J. Grace Richard T. Grace Kevin J. Grannan, MD Kevin D. Groger William F. Groneman John P. Gruber Robert Gutekunst Gregory R. Hahn Dennis P. Haley J. Daniel Haley Daniel J. Halpin Mark J. Hamant Matt Hambleton Jeffrey J. Hammersmith Richard C. Haneberg Shawn E. Harp Joseph A. Harpenau Dennis C. Hartoin Michael F. Hartoin John Hasselbeck Bernard T. Hautman Edward F. Hayhow Daniel P. Hebel Carol & Gary P. Hehemann Philip J. Heil Michael K. Heile, MD

Leo Hendley Daniel M. Hendy David Hendy Harry Hendy Mark S. Henry Thomas A. Herbers Raymond F. Herzog Jeffrey T. Hillgrove John P. Hoeting Frank W. Hoffman Scott J. Hoffman Max P. Hofmeyer Michael J. Hofmeyer Philip Hogan Michael J. Hollstegge Richard W. Holscher David C. Holstein Christopher V. Holthaus Stephen J. Hutzel Arthur C. Illing Neil G. Isaacs Douglas A. Jaeger Mark James Donald C. Jansen Joseph Jansen Ralph Jansen Robert V. Jansen Dennis J. Janson Terence Janson Christopher M. Jones James A. Jones Robert G. Jones Jerome Joseph Paul Karwisch Peter Kauffman Charles P. Kaufhold Gerald W. Kautzman, Jr. David J. Keilholz Daniel S. Kelley John Kelly Michael J. Kelly Patrick R. Kelly Linda & Michael C. Kelsey Patrick P. Kelsey John Kemper Thomas R. Kersting Jeanne Key T. Patrick Kief Thomas J. Kindt, PhD Robert N. Kirch Jeffrey E. Klug Louis A. Klug Thomas P. Klusman Michael C. Kneflin Joshua D. Knepfle Timothy H. Knoll, Jr. Stephen M. Koch, MD Harold Krabacher Hank L. Kraemer Robert G. Kraft, Jr. Mark A. Kramer Christopher Kreger Gerald J. Kroger Robert J. Kuenzler Glenn Laib Timothy P. Laiveling Andrew J. Lammers

Andrew D. Larkins Danny Lasita Thomas C. Lauber Richard Leibel Anne Leonard Michael A. Lind Randall J. Lipps Virginia Lohman Curtis V. Lucas Shawn L. Lyons Timothy J. Lysaght Ernst H. Macke Joe Macke Steven A. Macke Thomas J. Maloney Robert G. Marchioni John W. Martini Joseph A. Martini D. Michael Massa Timothy A. Massa Lois & James Mathews Emily & Robert Matuska James F. McBride Mark E. McCarren James F. McCarthy, III Terence M. McCarthy Michael D. McGinnis Sean M. McGrail Daniel J. McKenna Paul McMahon Rev. Terence A. Meehan Rev. Thomas J. Meehan Mark D. Meinhardt Gene M. Mello, III Richard R. Mendel John Menkhaus William L. Menne Gary Mentrup Lawrence Mertens Gregory A. Meyer Paul J. Meyer Jerome M. Mielke John L. Miller Kathie & Jerome Moeddel Michael N. Moehring Harry G. Moeller Timothy S. Moller Gregory G. Mooter Vicki & Michael A. Morand Mary & Elmer J. Mueller, MD Joseph Mullen Michael E. Mullen Nicholas Mullen Daniel W. Murphy Randy M. Murphy Stephen J. Murray John Naegel Sarah & Stephen Naltner William A. Neiheisel David F. Newbill Richard H. Neyer Joseph J. Nie Kevin P. Niehaus Jeffery R. Niemer Michael G. Nienhaus Rev. John Noe

James P. Nolan, II Gregory P. Nortmann Thomas L. Oblinger Patrick T. O’Brien Neil O’Connor, Jr. Earl J. Ostertag George A. Overbeck Ralph L. Overberg Alfred Paul, DDS Joseph Pedoto Michael J. Pedoto, MD Rev. Dale C. Peterka Dan A. Peters Earl L. Pitstick John F. Ploehs Ronald T. Poland Edward J. Pomerantz Ronald Pope Edward M. Postel Julia & Daniel T. Poston Robert S. Powell, Jr. Ben Presutto Jeffrey T. Prince Joyce & Thomas Prince Michael J. Quinn Anthony F. Ramstetter Brian A. Rapien John E. Raterman, MD William Reder, Sr. Andrew D. Rehling David J. Reid David G. Reinhart Larry Reiring Peter L. Renneker Laurie & Paul G. Rensing Rev. Donald R. Rettig John W. Richter James R. Rickert John F. Ridder Matthew S. Riley Richard J. Rinear Maurice W. Ripley Gerald Risch Mark S. Rizzo Matthew J. Robben Rev. Joseph Robinson John J. Roebel Kevin C. Rogers Patrick T. Rogers Richard Roth Paul E. Rottinghaus John T. Rueve Tyler R. Runk Jerome E. Ruthman Jerome Ruwe Rev. Paul A. Ruwe Kenneth J. Ryan Jerry Salamone Richard Schaefer Daniel W. Scharff, Esq. Michael J. Scharff Melvin B. Schlomer Norbert Schmid Henry Schmidt Michael T. Schmutte William A. Schneller, Jr.

Daniel G. Zeiser Joseph E. Zurlinden

Kevin R. Schramm Ronald A. Schuermann Keith E. Schutte Richard L. Schutte James E. Schwarz Sue & Kevin M. Schwarz John Schwier James M. Shea Jay Siegmundt Michael T. Siemer Garlin P. Smith Robert Smyth Chester A. Sonderman Ronald A. Spohr Barbara Squeri Jjames E. St. Clair Sheila M. Stanton Michael D. Stautberg Leroy Stenger Paul C. Stenger Thomas J. Stephens John Stiegler John W. Stock Priscilla & Bernie Stowe Jeffrey W. Stowe Michael Sullivan William F. Taylor Joseph P. Tenoever Thomas J. Thoman Joseph D. Thomas, MD Eric P. Toth Michael J. Trischler Shannon & Patrick Tucker Jeffrey D. Tuttle Brian Vater Nicholas J. Ventre, PE Rev. David P. Vincent Glen G. Vogel Philip H. Vorherr, PhD Jean Vorholt Rev. James J. Walsh J. Jason Walter Timothy J. Wambaugh Robert Wanninger Debbie & Kevin Ward Ann & John Weber, III Donald R. Wedig Paul G. Weil Jerry Weingartner Dale J. Weisker Ward A. Wenstrup Leonard Westenberg Robert Westendorf Mark J. Wiete John T. Willig Mark E. Wills Stephanie Witte Richard C. Witterstaetter Michael J. Wolber Gary Wolfer Robert J. Wolfram J. Richard Wuest Laurence J. Wulker, CFP Robert C. Wynn, Jr. Denise & Philip L. Younts Anthony J. Zaharieff, JD



Class of 1944

Carroll W. Bonfield

Robert Feie Paul Feist James L. Franke James Honerkamp John Inderhees John Kemper Bernard Loechtenfeldt Brother Frank Norris, MM Donald Tenbrunsel Richard J. Toepfer August Vitucci Thomas E. Westerfield

Class of 1937

Class of 1945

Class of 1933 Charles J. Heidel, Sr.

Class of 1936

George Cook Gerard Kaufhold Richard Leibel

Class of 1939 Robert C. Bosse William A. Burkhart Robert F. Huser William J. Huth Robert Jaspers Roy Kluener Mary & Elmer J. Mueller, MD Lawrence E. Rinck Dennis W. Schone

Class of 1940 James J. Brady Walter A. Hauser Richard Schaefer Joseph Stadtmiller William R. Stetter Lawrence Wanninger

Class of 1941 Raymond Brueggemeyer William Frese Edmund Hoelker Charles J. Kneflin Edward B. Lohaus William Remke G. Earl Stalf Richard J. Wenstrup

Class of 1942 James Dorsey John A. Kunnen Edward H. Lang Robert R. Massa

Class of 1943 John Di Muzio Donald Doyle Donald C. Jansen Harry Lee Don Mangold LeRoy J. Meyers John G. Molleran John Murphy Arthur J. Neiheisel Louis H. Rombach

John J. Fields Marvin F. Grant Edward F. Griesser Jerry Hautman Earl B. Helmers Rev. Charles A. Heskamp, SVD Richard J. Kemme Myles C. Kunkel Alphonse R. Lammeier William A. Miller Norbert A. Mollmann Norbert J. Ranz, DDS Raymond W. Riestenberg Thomas Scully Charles W. Shappelle Leroy E. Smith James F. Toerner Robert L. Wassler John E. Weiler Robert L. Westerfield

Class of 1946 Herbert Berding Albert J. Bosch Thomas A. Boyle Harry J. Broering, Jr. Frederick Engler Thomas Harrington Albert C. Honschopp Raymond Jaspers Robert Lutmer Lloyd Metz Thomas R. Meyer John H. Myers John R. Rouster Robert Scheid William Schutte Albert Sprang Fr. Carl A. Tenhundfeld Philip Wienkamp, Jr. Robert L. Woltering Donald F. Zwick


Class of 1948 Robert P. Biederman John G. Blome John A. Brinkman David L. Brown George Busken Charles Coffaro Wallace J. Comer James A. Currin William Driehaus Gordon F. Engel Frank W. Gorsler James B. Grady Raymond R. Groene Roger A. Groene Carl R. Gross G. Ronald Hall Frank W. Hoffman William F. Huesman Donald Klemann Giles A. Langenbrunner J. Michael Lovett Robert G. Marchioni John E. O'Brien Donald F. Rowekamp Eugene D. Ruwe James E. Schottelkotte Paul E. Stockelman William F. Taylor Gilbert J. Tepe Richard L. Vale William R. Weber Joseph R. Weber

Class of 1949

Class of 1947 James Ahlrichs Dennis Barron Richard Fuller Thomas Gallagher Jerry W. Greager

21 O F

Jerome J. Gutzwiller Richard J. Hausman George Kasper Edward C. Knoll Paul A. Kroeger Albert Luken Richard Merk Robert Niehaus Lawrence Panaro Paul J. Rasche James J. Reilman Raymond Schaefer Raymond A. Scheller Robert C. Scherer Raymond Siemer Paul E. Twilling Leonard Westenberg

Victor Barket James A. Behne Harry W. Bleh Henry J. Brands, Jr. Rev. Robert Buening Edward Busken Richard F. Dagenbach Raymond G. Dickerson Donald Fries Richard T. Grace Glenn A. Groh Russell G. Haas John Hasselbeck

John H. Hendy Robert Holzschuh Ralph Jansen Rainer Korte Harold Krabacher Robert J. Kuenzler Glenn Laib Eugene R. Lamprecht Paul O. Leuenberger Eugene J. Masur Lawrence Neumeister James E. O’Brien Stephen Oker Thomas A. Olberding Robert L. Rinear Donald Siener Robert J. Stephens Robert Swegman Rev. John Wall

Class of 1950 Donald C. Auberger Lawrence R. Averbeck Daniel J. Bandenburg Joseph W. Black Harry T. Bode Robert Burger John R. Dewan Howard W. Fishburn Daniel L. Frank Robert B. Frolicher Francis D. Gardner Robert M. Gilkey James E. Greiner Robert E. Habel Neal P. Hendy Max B. Hofmeyer Kenneth P. Huber Robert M. Hummel Kenneth L. Jansen James A. Kluener, Sr. Lawrence G. Klumb Joseph A. Lamping Eugene J. Liegibel Joseph A. Martini John E. Marx Thomas Meckstroth Samuel Mirizzi Ralph L. Overberg Alfred Paul, DDS L. Richard Plageman Ronald Roth, Sr. Robert Royer James C. Stockelman Ralph H. Tate Ralph J. Terbrueggen Donald L. Traut, Sr. Robert J. Vesper Thomas J. Vonderahe John M. Wagner George B. Weckenbrock Albert J. Yates Robert H. Zeiser

August Bonno Richard Broering Robert Busch Angelo Caminiti Herbert L. Day Thomas Dugan Frank A. Furio Frank Goldschmidt Theodore W. Groene Joseph Groh Jerome J. Heimbrock William J. Heinzelman Don Hengehold Harlan P. Hirt Donald R. Jasper Donald J. Junker Thomas E. Junker John R. Katenkamp Kenneth W. Kemper Gerald Lohman Charles H. Mayhaus George E. Merk Donald R. Metz Edward J. Miller Cornelius Mills Charles J. Nau William A. Neiheisel Louis J. Nie, Sr. Rev. Gerald R. Niklas Raymond W. Otte Louis A. Poettker Alfred G. Roa John J. Rolfes Wilbur A. Rutenschroer John E. Ruthven William H. Schapker Jacques N. Scheid Charles B. Schulze Ronald W. Springman, Sr. Richard Strack Lawrence D. Van John Willenborg James F. Windholtz Joseph O. Zang

Class of 1952 Clair Moe Burkhart Morris J. Collins John Dollries James Duwel Gerald R. Espelage Charles Finn Denis Fitzgibbon Paul Frank Thomas W. Gahan James Gerke James L. Gibson, Jr. Roger Gramann Donald Griffin Rev. Robert Hater, PhD Leo Hendley Gerald J. Kroger William Kurtz Robert E. Lambers

Class of 1951 Jerome J. Bleh


C. Roger Massa Arthur C. Menkhaus Joseph J. Metze George Morano, Jr. Frank J. Mueller Joseph Mullen Rev. Stanley H. Neiheisel Howard Paff Ben Presutto Robert J. Reiner James R. Rickert Richard Roth Donald Schaller William H. Scharff Charles A. Schell Arthur Schwarz Eugene Seeger Jay Siegmundt Donald Sillies Chester A. Sonderman Thomas J. Stephens Thomas Storey Richard W. Tepe Robert H. Timon Phillip Wessendorf

Class of 1953 Donald G. Ashcraft Frank J. Bachman Phil Cappel Paul J. Costa James H. Cunningham James W. Doerger William J. Donnellon John P. Doyle Herbert J. Flohr William R. Frietsch Robert D. Hanekamp, PE Thomas I. Hayden, PhD Edward F. Hayhow Ramon J. Hoffbauer Ret LTC Richard Jennings Bernard Karwisch John P. Keller Lawrence E. Ludwig Gordon Massa James Mathews William M. Mattscheck Gerald E. Meyer Donald A. Niederbaumer Kenneth J. Ortwein Earl J. Ostertag Carl E. Otte Richard W. Plye Raymond W. Rothring Jerome E. Ruthman Thomas R. Ruthman David Sandman Gerald E. Schmidt Ralph R. Schroer Thomas E. Sheldon Robert L. Thesken Fred R. Unger William H. Vierling William C. Vornhagen Joseph H. Wilkens

Class of 1954 George Aug, Jr. Albert Bellman Lawrence Brogan Thomas E. Buening Victor L. Caproni Don Culman Raymond A. Davoran Frank Detzel Eugene F. Dolan Richard Duell Bill Finley Richard Goetz, PhD Gary Goins Michael J. Gramza Lawrence T. Grote James E. Haley Neil Hammersmith Donald F. Huber Paul F. Jeanmougin Paul Karwisch Peter Kauffman Ed Klug Thomas J. Kollmann Elmer Lay Dion McGinnis Alan Mohr Leo Nostheide Paul Plageman Robert S. Powell, Jr. William Reder, Sr. David W. Rinck Louis Rom Lawrence Salamone Donald J. Schapker Paul Schreiber Jerome O. Schuehler Jerry E. Siglock John Stiegler Daniel Sullivan Jerome Tedesco Thomas M. Tiernan Paul Trageser Rev. Ralph A. Westerhoff Lawrence Whalen Robert E. Wubbolding, EdD J. Richard Wuest Charles M. Zimmer, Jr.

Class of 1955 Louis Albers William R. Backs Thomas P. Bauer Joseph F. Berns, Jr. Alfred Brands Rev. Donald Breaker Robert Bushman Anthony Conte Everest Engel Lynn G. Ernst Robert Finn Richard Fisher Paul Frimming Kenneth Gilkey James R. Harris Carl J. Hasselbeck

Thomas Heidemann Jerry Herbers Ted Heyob Robert G. Jones Paul Kelly Don Knue Alan Kotz James R. Mack Ronald L. Martini Albert J. McMichael Lawrence Mertens J. Robert Molloy Thomas J. Mullen Harry Nolan Don Olberding Rev. Joseph Robinson Richard G. Royer John L. Ryan Jerry Salamone Richard J. Selcer Ronald A. Spohr Eugene Stagnaro, Jr. William Sweeney Richard Tabler Philip Telinda Jerry Turner Gerald E. Wuest

Class of 1956 Edmund J. Adams, Esq. Walt Amrein Don Andres Thomas R. Becker Bruce Beckroege Kenneth Behne Frank Birri David Bollinger James Borgerding Fred Brandewiede John J. Brossart Joseph Cupito Harry Daugherty J. Mike Davis Thomas E. Davoran John Feldkamp Edw. F. Frederick, CPA Dan Gerard Rev. Kenneth Gerth Jim Gilday, Sr. James Glatthaar Thomas J. Groh David Haarmeyer Gary J. Haverkamp Bill Herbert John P. Holt Jerome Humbert W. Leroy Humpert Paul Kohls Brendan Korte Kenneth W. Krabacher Jerome A. Link John J. Lynch Glenn Mallery Vincent Martin Daniel L. McCafferty Ronald McKinley

John Menkhaus Bernard Meyer Ronald Meyer Jerry Morrissey Robert Niehoff John H. Paschka Clifford D. Perry Dan A. Peters Leroy Robben Thomas W. Rogers Louis Schapker Ralph P. Schloemer Richard Schloemer James F. Schwendenmann Rev. Philip O. Seher Robert Smyth James P. Sperber Thomas F. Sullivan Thomas L. Sullivan Frank R. Tepe, Jr. Ron Theuerling Richard Toerner Robert F. Vonderahe Albert B. Walter Edward J. Wandstrat Raymond J. Weber Thomas P. Wernke Robert Westendorf

Class of 1957 Jill Rodriquez Ambrose James Beckenhaupt Robert L. Beckerman Edward F. Behne James J. Berkemeier Robert P. Birri Paul Brogan Russell R. Brose Joseph A. Bross Dale Brunner Don Budde James E. Budde Donald C. Bushman Robert L. Doll Robert Dresmann Gerald J. Drew Bill Duwel Larry A. Elfers Lawrence E. Elfers Lynn P. Foltz John Forrester Thomas J. Gerde Joseph Herbert Raymond F. Herzog Paul Holtmeier Don Kammer John Karches Thomas J. Kindt, PhD Robert H. Litmer Jerome Luebbering Ernst H. Macke John L. Marx Daniel Mesch Rev. Harry J. Meyer James A. Mullen John P. Nieszel

Lawrence W. Paff Larry Reidy Ronald A. Reisz Ralph J. Robbe William G. Rohe Richard A. Sander Edw. J. Schutte Richard Seeger Donald E. Seifert Jim Vogt Fred A. Vossler Jim Wohlfrom

Class of 1958 Edward H. Aug Albert Babey Gerald C. Beckmann Jerome Beckmeyer Richard Bley Henry Boesing Gerald Boland Richard Brunsman Gary E. Burns Philip E. Busch James P. Busche Jerome A. Carle Ed Emmerling Raymond J. Fern, CPA Karl Hamberg Leonard Hausman Jim Heisel Ronald Hewald James J. Humbert Tom Humpert E. James Jostworth Jerrold Juergens William Kallschmidt Tom Kelly Thomas E. Klusman Robert Kopp Henry Maifeld John P. Malone Thomas J. Maloney Thomas McMahon Rev. Terence A. Meehan Gerald Menke, Sr. John W. Meyer, MD Carl G. Mock Edward W. Morris Ronald Mueller Richard H. Neyer Michael O'Brien John G. Ohmer Peter A. Ostmann Ernest Prater David G. Reinhart William Reynolds, PhD William J. Ridder Thomas J. Roa Ray Ruehl Thomas M. Shannon Jerome Stiegler Gerard Ventre Richard C. Vogel Gerald E. Vorholt Daniel P. Wall

George Walter David Wempe Peter F. Weron

Class of 1959 Edward Ammann Ed Arnold Harry Barlage William Belbot Philip R. Bergelt, Sr. Thomas Bleh William F. Borgman Tim Brogan Fred Brumfield, Jr. Barry Bucher Richard P. Buechler Paul Buhrmann Dennis J. Casey John Dirksing John Dobelhoff Jerome F. Doherty Michael P. Doherty James R. Doran Urban Ebert Frank A. Fiorino Richard Froese Michael C. Grace Norbert Guetle, Jr. Thomas J. Halpin, MD John Hayes Gerald Heeney Richard Henry William M. Herron James Hilvert Ronald C. Holtkamp Jack Huber Lawrence A. Ihle Robert V. Jansen Joseph Jansen Frank Kerley Glenn J. Kist Lawrence J. Kreimer, Sr. Gene P. Luckey Robert C. Luebbering Thomas R. Maley John W. Martini Don McElroy Eugene E. Medl Frank J. Osterhues William Otten Dan Paff Ross Thomas Reynolds Gerald Risch Paul Robinette James L. Robinson, PhD John Scheidt Harold Schroer Roger W. Sonderman Joseph C. Stricker Edward A. Tepe John Timmers Philip H. Vorherr, PhD Rev. James J. Walsh Thomas J. Weber Joseph J. Wilhelm Donald F. Wolfer

Robert C. Wynn Paul J. Zloba

Raymond D. Renner Ronald Rolfes Ralph Rosen Terry Rosfelder James Rutenschroer William G. Sander Norb J. Scheper Joseph G. Scherer Melvin B. Schlomer Ed Schmidt Howard Schutte James Schutte Terry Seger Dan Siemer James Sunderman Francis Thernes Bob Uhlenbrock A. Lee Veneman Edward A. Waltz Jerome J. Weber Joseph F. Wegman Frank J. Whalen Richard Witterstaetter

Class of 1960 Anthony J. Augustine Jerome Bain Gary E. Becker Robert J. Berte Robert K. Biedenharn Harold Binder Michael P. Brennan Pat Brogan John B. Busche W. Gary Bush Anthony Carle Thos. L. Casey Peter Chouteau, Sr. Vernon Chouteau James E. Coleman Rev. James R. Collins Michael A. Connelly Ronald R. Cranert Richard Cunningham Frederick Davis Jerome Doepker Charles Fehr Tom Finley Paul M. Foltz Dennis Fox Kenneth A. Graves Richard Grawe Bob Greulich J. Michael Grimm Louis Groen Richard Gutekunst Leo Haas Jerome E. Heidemann Kenneth Horn Ed Hubert Robert C. James Mark Joseph James R. Kathman Charles P. Kaufhold William C. Keenan James Keiner Hubert Kennedy Thomas H. King Thomas J. Klett James Lambert Paul R. Louis William Martin Edwin G. Masminster Jim McSorley Patrick H. Meehan Dan Meyer Thomas A. Meyer Clement J. Middendorf Jim Millward James Morman Kenneth F. Neiheisel Neil O’Connor, Jr. Thomas Oker John Owens Joseph Pedoto William Reeves James W. Reinhart



Class of 1961 Thomas J. Apke Jim Baier Robert D. Becker Henry Beekley, III James L. Bertsch Tom Bley David Bockenstette Fred Bosken Robert H. Brabender Gerald Braunstein Tom Brennan William T. Buelterman Thomas H. Bushman Robert J. Christen William Christensen James F. Dickman John R. Diers Tim Donahue Rev. Dominic Duggins Louis Eichhold William A. Eisenecher Donald J. Fischesser David Fitzgibbon James R. Flanigan Robert Fosnot Dennis J. Frank James E. Frederick Robert H. Goettke Kenneth K. Goettke David C. Haas James P. Halpin William R. Hargreaves Gerard J. Hausman Tim Hays Toby Heile David Hendy Harry Hendy Robert T. Hewald Kenneth N. Humpert John J. Jennings, Sr. Richard Jones



Kenneth E. Jostworth Gary E. Jostworth William Kaiser John Kelly Gerald Kirschner, PhD Tom Klingenbeck Bob Klosterman Mark Klusman Tom Knopp Paul Knue Bob Kohake Charles R. LeCount, Jr. Jim Logan Paul J. Luckey Joe Macke Louis W. Martini, Sr. William J. McGowan Fritz M. Meyer Richard V. Middendorf Glenn J. Miller Harry G. Moeller Thomas F. Mueller E. Michael Mulcahy Timothy W. Neiheisel John Neyer Thomas O’Brien William O’Rourke Tom Pfliegel Earl L. Pitstick Robert J. Plagge James W. Powell, Jr. Lawrence P. Raterman Peter Rebold Larry Reiring Carl Renneker Patrick T. Rogers Joseph V. Roney, R.PH. Robert W. Sahnd Theodore F. Schaaf, PhD Norbert Schmid James Schnieder Giles Schroeder Thomas M. Schwarber Joe Setters James J. Shields Dan Smith Terry Spitzmueller James Stanton Robert Steinbeck Leroy Stenger William Sullivan Bob Sunderman Col. Thomas Tromey Howard Voigt John Westendorf

Class of 1962 Edward Albertz Daniel J. Aug, Sr. Paul E. Backscheider Richard D. Beasley Tom Biedenharn William F. Boller William Bonapfel

James L. Bono Michael Brady Robert J. Buchert Jerry Cain Tom Cavanaugh Wayne Chapman William Clyde Paul Conners James A. Corcoran Dennis Daly James A. Dattilo Robert J. Drennan Dennis M. Dressler Andrew A. Egloff Richard Elfers Michael Fanning James C. Farlow Donald L. Farwick Robert Gasdorf Edward J. Geckle Fred M. Guck Siegfried Hausladen, MD Robert J. Hodgeman, Sr. Thomas N. Huellemeier Charles J. Huth Barry P. Jansen Michael Kahsar John R. Keiser James L. Kenkel, PhD E. James King, III Mathias Kolleck Ed Kroeger Raymond T. Littelmann Michael Lott David Lutterbei Larry Masminster Joseph J. Menkhaus Gary Mentrup Cliff Meyer Paul Meyer Gene Oberjohann John F. Pohlmeyer Michael J. Quinn William Ray David J. Rieder Robert Ripley J. Tim Schoeny Jim Schwab William Seibert Daniel H. Smith Anthony Steimle David J. Stenger Bernard Stoll Patrick E. Sullivan G. William Tracy Charles Veneman James Weldele Thomas W. Wenz Dennis Wills Donald E. Zang

Class of 1963


Thomas R. Becker James Boschert Jerry L. Brengelman Donald Bruns

Robert R. Carrigan Michael Christopfel Richard E. Conley Anthony C. Dattilo David J. Davis Dan Donovan Timothy Dowling Lawrence D. Dreyer James P. Edmiston Alan Ernst Ray Feldman Joseph V. Fettig John Fiedler Kerry Fitzpatrick Raymond L. Frey James W. Frietsch Michael Gramaglia Terrence Grote Robert Gutekunst Nicholas D. Hahn Daniel J. Halpin Pat Hassett Kent W. Hilgefort Daniel B. Hoetker Robert Honkomp Rev. Paul F. Hurst Jerome T. Jacob Jerome Joseph Bob Kerley Thomas Kiehl Richard J. Kissing Frank J. Klaus Charles E. Kock Ralph Kohake Richard Kohler John P. Kramer Philip Kroeger Jerry Langen John E. Lisk Ralph Marchetti D. Michael Massa Rev. Thomas J. Meehan Edward D. Menkhaus Robert C. Merten Dennis P. Miceli Gene Miller Robert A. Murphy, Jr. Theodore R. Naegel Kenneth Niederhausen William P. Nieman Lawrence L. Ollendick Michael Ortwein Joe Rehage Michael J. Reilly George Richter William Robbe George A. Schaefer, Jr. Ray Schafer Raymond H. Schlinkert David R. Schroeder Robert L. Schutte Raymond G. Schwab John Smith Nicholas Soldano Ron Suder Norbert E. Trapp

William Wagner Francis X. Wagner Gene G. Wambaugh Paul R. Weidner Donald W. Weinkam Robert J. Welch Michael Wills Jim Wilson Gerald Wolter Laurence J. Wulker, CFP Anthony J. Zaharieff, JD

Class of 1964 Thomas M. Backs Richard S. Barnhorst Art Bender Gregory T. Bier Terrence L. Blair Joseph Blust Kenneth G. Boehm James Boland Tom Bonhaus Steve Brinker James W. Brown Russ Brown James L. Burke Ed Cavanaugh Thomas R. Cole John E. Davis Michael A. Diekman Nelson Egurrola Daniel L. Erhart Frederick H. Fennen Leroy Fette Thomas Fischer Stanley Gregory Gilbert R. Hageman, PhD Gary J. Herman John Herman Robert Herrmann Stephen Kauffman Larry Kerber Charles Knepfle Richard Koch David Lahni Greg Lameier Charles McGovern, MD Robert Meiser Anthony V. Metzner Philip Minella, MD Thomas Moorman Richard Neumann Fred Oswald Thomas R. Otten Dennis Penderghast Thomas A. Peters Victor J. Proffitt Ernest C. Reiter Marcus Richardson Robert Schaefer, Sr. Thomas P. Schira Harry Schwietering Richard R. Sieving, MD John A. Siglock


Bernard Stahl Kenneth W. Stecher Paul Steigerwald Robert J. Sucher Frank W. Thayer John H. Tholking, MD Gary R. Van Hart, PE Gerald B. Veneman Tom Voelkerding Paul H. Vogelpohl James J. Volker John Wachsmuth Timothy A. Wehby Frank E. Welage, Jr. Charles Windholtz Gordon Yetter

Class of 1965 Raymond Adkins Raymond F. Bachus Terrance Baker Thomas Bantel August Bardonaro David J. Becker Robert P. Bolser Russell Brogan Guy M. Cappel Ronald S. Chabot Thomas Chapman Thomas Comose Michael Cordesman William Crookham William Dirksing Joseph L. Emmrich Ronald Fey William A. Forrester Barry Frank Donald Frimming William H. Frisz Robert Ginandt R. W. Groneman Thomas J. Gutekunst Thomas Haubner Edward Hemsath Ray A. Hengehold, Jr. William F. Herrmann Philip Hogan David R. Holloway Thomas Imhoff James W. Jansen Terence Janson Samuel Jim Thomas Junk Thomas L. Keller Rev. Raymond Kellerman Peter King Robert N. Kirch Jack Kolhoff Robert G. Kraft, Jr. Jerome D. Kroll Jerald Lange Thomas H. Lockwood David Luebbering Dennis Martin Frank W. Mayer Patrick D. McKenna

David Means Robert Menninger Edward Metzger Jerome Meyer Robert G. Mierenfeld Rev. Lawrence Mierenfeld Paul Moll David L. Moorman Michael E. Mullen C. James Murray John Naegel Richard Nauert Gary Neidhard Robert H. Niemann Rev. John Noe Thomas W. O’Brien Eugene J. Otting, Jr. Wayne Pfirrman William R. Plagge Gary W. Ploehs Ronald Pope Thomas Purtell Robert W. Reiff Thomas Rottinghaus Donald Ruberg Jerome Ruwe Raymond Rybolt William C. Schuerman John Schwier Joseph Sess John Shorten Joseph Sieve Frank A. St. Charles Robert A. Stohlman Raymond Stricker Michael Sullivan James Timperman Melvin Vogel Thomas Voss James Weckenbrock Dale J. Weisker Michael Wendling James S. Wessel Gary Wolfer

Class of 1966 James R. Ahr Gary L. Baker Kenneth G. Barnhorst Anthony F. Barnhorst Raymond G. Baur Richard J. Beckmann James E. Bedel Thomas F. Berra David M. Bill Edward D. Boesing Ronald G. Bonhaus David G. Borgmann David T. Brogan James F. Cleary Charles A. Daria Rev. Anthony Dattilo William Deters Jerry Diers P. Randall Doerger, D.C. Thomas C. Doolan

Thomas J. Fecher Robert J. Fischer Robert W. Flick Kenneth P. Frey Robert J. Geers William T. Geiger Joseph C. Gerst Stephen F. Gerstner, MD Thomas J. Gooderson Raymond C. Groneman Clifford E. Gross Vincent E. Guethlein, Jr. Roger J. Haberthier Ross J. Hambleton James R. Harding Robert S. Hater Daniel M. Hendy Tod A. Herbers Michael R. Hill Paul F. Hilmer John M. Hughes Michael J. Kelly Michael W. Klapper Larry Kleem Timothy H. Knoll Stephen M. Koch, MD John J. Krumpelbeck Michael T. Kunnen Ronald C. Leibel Richard E. Lipps Michael McFarland Daniel J. McKenna Terrence McLaughlin Rev. Jim Meade Joseph F. Miller Thomas A. Minnery James R. Moorman Edward L. Myers Kenneth R. Nauman Gregory P. Nortmann Edward J. Otten, MD Gerardo M. Perrotta Robert G. Pessler Mark S. Rizzo William H. Sander Ben Schmidt Ronald A. Schroeder Michael D. Schultheis William C. Stock Frank E. Threm, Jr. Joseph F. Vetter Gary S. Voelkerding John Vogele John E. Vogel Ronald Vogelpohl Thomas J. Vogt Kent R. Wahl Robert Wanninger Robert P. Weber Mark H. Weber Thomas White Robert H. Wilhelm Michael J. Wolfer Gary S. Wolfram Lee P. Yeazell Thomas E. Yeazell

Edward W. Zieverink Timothy J. Zinser

Class of 1967 William E. Arnold Thomas D. Aug Bruce E. Axmacher Dennis G. Baker, Sr. Jerome D. Bardua George L. Bauer Robert A. Berting Paul E. Blessing Joseph Brafford, Jr. Charles J. Bredestege Paul E. Brunner Daniel L. Burke G. Kimberly Cannell Michael J. Cavanaugh Donald W. Cavanaugh Robert A. Christopfel James L. Collins, Jr. William V. Dimuzio Louis E. Doll C. Mike Donnelly Thomas J. Donnelly John C. Erpelding Jerome D. Fettig Anthony L. Fischesser Steven J. Franke Edward C. Frimming Thomas A. Gerdes Marc D. Goldberg Den Grawe Roger D. Gregory David J. Gruen Dennis P. Haley Michael W. Harris Dennis C. Hartoin Robert E. Hay, Jr. David E. Henderson Patrick Herron Richard W. Holscher Joseph A. Huseman John W. Hust Irvin A. Ireland Jay R. Jaspers Lawrence R. Jones William F. Jordan Robert P. Kellison Stephen Kirby James R. Klingler James L. Kloepfer Michael C. Kneflin William T. Kramer, Jr. Joseph C. Kramer Kenneth L. Kramer Richard B. Lonnemann John A. Ludwig Timothy J. McCann Jeremiah G. McCarren Martin M. Mecher Paul L. Metzger Thomas J. Mohl James G. Nienaber Michael J. O'Connor George A. Overbeck

L. Richard Roedersheimer, MD Thomas J. Roessler Raymond V. Roll Kenneth A. Rosemeyer Roger J. Rosen John T. Rueve Joseph W. Ruwe Michael G. Sacco David M. Saffer Stephen D. Schrader John J. Schroeder William C. Schulter Joseph M. Schultz Raymond A. Schultz, MD Timothy J. Stahl William J. Stetter Louis F. Terhar Thomas J. Thoman Martin M. Umberg Carl H. Voellmecke David J. Von Lehmden Barry J. Wauligman John T. Wilson Raymond R. Witteride Paul J. Ziegler William B. Zilli, Jr.

Class of 1968 Charles J. Alwell Andrew J. Asimus Vincent A. Auciello Jerome P. Bauer Thomas P. Becknell Thomas E. Bedinghaus Lawrence F. Benken William J. Berding James F. Berding Thomas R. Bill John F. Bode Thomas P. Braun Marc E. Christopfel Richard D. Dasch David G. Davidson, DVM Robert A. Delfendahl Kenneth W. Edgell John A. First Michael A. Forste Lawrence D. Frey Thomas A. Gamel Gregory R. Hartlaub Gregory P. Held R. Timothy Hess W. Rogers Hill John B. Hines Gregory Hyland Dennis J. Janson Edward J. Jasper Alan E. Jones Louis A. Klug Ronald J. Krechting Gerald W. Krumpelbeck Thomas G. Lamps Thomas A. Ledonne Bruce E. Lott Thomas M. Marx James C. May

William R. McCabe Dan P. McFarland Theodore H. McGraw, Jr. Richard A. Menner Henry E. Menninger, Jr. Timothy N. Meyer David A. Miller Michael H. Morris John R. Mullen David Nicholas David C. Noble Thomas L. Oblinger John F. Ploehs John E. Raterman, MD Bernard C. Rieskamp Kenneth Riestenberg Daniel R. Schloemer Michael T. Schmutte John F. Schnieder Rev. Michael A. Seger James P. Stautberg, Sr. Raymond S. Tenhundfeld Gary J. Vale Richard J. Voss Edward N. Waldvogel John F. Walter William Welch Gary E. Willig John T. Willig Raymond W. Wolber Edward A. Wolff Joseph E. Zurlinden

Class of 1969 TBernard G. Albers Dale A. Autenrieb Lawrence R. Babel Bruce J. Barth Frederick Bauer Robert A. Beck James L. Berndsen Frank L. Bill Stephen G. Bill Richard E. Bruns Gerard B. Buelterman James B. Conly Ronald E. Dewan Edward J. Eilerman Thomas J. Ellis Carl C. Ewald James W. Gates Thomas J. Gates Timothy J. Gates Donald J. Gerhardt Frank W. Giese, MD James A. Grawe Paul G. Groen Joseph C. Grome Robert J. Grome John R. Gruber Edward S. Halpin Gary R. Hater William J. Hayes Gary P. Hehemann Jeffrey G. Hellmann Timothy P. James

James E. Buchanan Bruce R. Burbrink John D. Calardo James Carr Terry P. Chapman Gerald B. Cook Philip H. Crookham James R. Daria Michael G. Dink James L. Dolle Michael F. Egner John F. Eppensteiner Thomas W. Flick Gregory J. Frey John F. Fuchs Stephen A. Geis James L. Gerst Robert M. Gerth Steven R. Giessler Gary L. Gross Charles F. Hais Joseph P. Halpin Richard J. Heidemann James B. Hengehold James J. Hoffman Herbert S. Huesman Anthony M. Ihle David A. Johnson Thomas R. Kersting Richard J. Klingenbeck Mark S. Lohbeck Gregory R. Ludwig Daniel J. Lysaght Thomas P. Maly Michael R. Marchioni Thomas J. Massa Mark E. McCarren James F. McCarthy, III Timothy McLaughlin Richard D. Meiners Philip J. Meyer Dennis J. Meyer Gregory A. Meyer Paul W. Meyers Michael W. Montgomery Gregory Mooter Michael G. Nienhaus William J. Nolan William R. Ploehs Donald R. Plogmann Edward J. Pomerantz Jerome M. Rehage Edward H. Richardson Barry Riehle Timothy E. Roddy Kevin C. Rogers Joseph Rombach Robert P. Sacco J. Michael Saylor John M. Schaefer John E. Schill, MD David J. Schrage John W. Sieve Steven A. Sprengard Harold J. Stalf Michael J. Stetter

Donald H. Jaspers Dennis P. Jones Donald A. Jostworth, Jr. David R. Kent Daniel J. Kernen, Lt Col USMC (RET) Gary F. Kersting Edward P. Kinney Mark T. Kneflin Kim Knoppe William B. Koester Thomas P. Kotte John C. Langenbrunner Ronald X. Martin Paul W. Martini James M. Maurer Timothy McCarren, MD Dennis P. McGrath Charles J. Menninger Harold J. Menz J. Jerome Mercurio R. Hank Merk William J. Mertz Robert J. Metz Michael E. Meyer Ronald P. Murphy David J. Niemeyer Theodore J. Oldiges William B. Phelan Jerry W. Reinstatler Randall G. Reverman Timothy S. Riga Louis L. Ripley Michael S. Robison Stanley F. Rosemire Michael W. Rueve Thomas J. Rusche William A. Schneller, Jr. Joseph F. Schrage John P. Shore Thomas F. Singleton Robert L. Sprengard David J. Steinriede Lawrence J. Tepe, DDS Daniel W. Thompson Edwin E. Vetter Joseph A. Vitucci Donald R. Volker Stephen J. Wagner David J. Wehby Ward A. Wenstrup

Class of 1970 James R. Alwell Daniel M. Andriacco Daniel E. Baker Jerome J. Bayer Thomas R. Benken Gerard J. Berding Donald J. Berding Lawrence R. Bill Donald A. Bloemker Thomas J. Bolger Daniel E. Brafford P. Mark Braunstein David E. Bretnitz





David J. Vickers James F. Vorholt Roger J. Warther Stephen F. Winter

James P. Nolan, II Gregory E. Ossege Paul C. Paolello Michael J. Perry Dewey J. Piening, Jr. Ronald T. Poland K. David Pope Joseph A. Raphael Joseph R. Re Timothy P. Reilly Charles J. Remke Richard A. Renner Thomas K. Richardson Patrick J. Ruark John E. Ruwe Gregory T. Schmutte, PhD Carl L. Schultz, MD Richard L. Schutte David W. Schwandner Bruce J. Smith Richard A. Standriff Thomas H. Streicher Gerald J. Stricker, Sr. Robert F. Wassler Dale P. Welsh Robert J. White, Jr. J. Steven Wittich

Class of 1971 Daniel H. Averbeck Daniel R. Barhorst Paul A. Berding Joseph A. Bianco, Sr. James R. Boeing Robert A. Braun Raymond E. Broerman Claude G. Brown Donald L. Brown S. James Busam Guy W. Cagney Neil J. Callahan Joseph Carvitti James R. Daffin Paul W. Davis Stephen Deters Roger Donahue Steven J. Dreyer Dennis K. Eagan Steven J. Fischer Richard J. Fox John A. Fromhold Steven E. Fulton Jerome L. Gamel Nicholas D. Gener Mark C. Ginter Stephen P. Goebel David H. Guethlein Richard C. Haneberg Ralph J. Haney, Jr. Michael W. Hardig James E. Harter Richard A. Hartoin Ronald T. Higgins Arthur C. Illing Donald J. Jansen T. Patrick Kief Matthew F. Kluesener Gary J. Koester Ted Koppenhoefer Edward J. Kraus Christopher Kreger Robert T. Lameier Rex A. Legschmid Richard R. Lindhorst Michael J. Long Robert J. Luchsinger Bruce B. Merz Gary D. Meyer Jeffrey A. Meyers Joseph M. Monahan Michael J. Monahan Daniel A. Morgan Charles W. Morris John R. Morris, Jr. Dennis M. Murray John D. Newsom Timothy M. Nienaber

Class of 1972


Roger G. Auer John A. Bain Lawrence M. Bayer Thomas M. Behrle Steven J. Berninger Jay J. Bischof Earl G. Boertlein, II Michael A. Bonomini Bruce Broxterman John A. Burns Paul H. Calme, Jr. David M. Carmosino Ronald Coffaro Alan J. Deschu Patrick T. Dinkelacker Dennis J. Dreyer John F. Dwyer Mark E. Fischer Stephen Florian Eduardo G. Gonzalez Lawrence J. Grace Richard A. Gray William F. Groneman Nicholas G. Guetle James M. Hafner Charles G. Hagedorn Ronald J. Hartoin Michael J. Herr Joseph P. Hoetker Thomas M. Keckeis Lawrence T. Kessler Daniel M. King James W. Kraft Thomas C. Kroth William T. Krumpelbeck Robert R. Kuske, Jr., MD Robert J. Lambers

Joseph Lambrinides Thomas J. Langenbrunner John J. Leisgang, MD David C. Lenahan James H. Lietz Thomas J. Linneman Donald G. Lipps Robert E. Liston John A. Lyons Kevin D. Lyons Thomas R. Mendel Eugene F. Metz Thomas R. Mueller Fred C. Mund Steven E. Murken Richard W. Naltner Richard E. Niehe Mark E. Noble Michael R. Owens Ralph J. Priestle Barry E. Pulskamp Mark J. Reid Kim Reif Gregory T. Reinstatler Ted S. Riestenberg Dennis A. Robb John E. Roney Mark W. Rudemiller, MD Donald J. Schmidt Thomas E. Schroth P. Joseph Sedler Thomas E. Seitz William J. Shappelle Paul D. Sheets Lynn C. Shewmaker, MD Michael K. Smyers James E. St. Clair John W. Stock John L. Sullivan, Jr. Edward M. Thompson Paul G. Tiettmeyer Thomas P. Tillar Paul W. Trame Mark W. Vincent James F. Vitucci John R. Voelker Robert W. Von Gries Bernard P. Wagner Robin Walker Thomas W. Walsh Paul F. Weckenbrock Jerry M. Williams Helmut Wolf

Class of 1973 Kevin M. Adkins Marc A. Alexander, MD Gregory N. Altenau Robert E. Balsley James D. Beischel John J. Berrens Lawrence Boschert Michael D. Braun Patrick J. Brunner, D.C. Jeffrey L. Burden Nicholas Campolongo

Vincent Carvitti John D. Coletta David L. Dink Timothy F. Dinkelacker James A. Eckstein, Jr. J. Gregory Ellison Stephen T. Fisher John A. Fisher, MD Patrick K. Galvin Paul J. Gates Paul F. Gelter Steven Gerhardt Mark W. Gibbs Phillip K. Glassmeyer Frank H. Graham, Sr. John J. Groene Stephen Grote Stephen L. Hegman Bryan D. Hehemann Paul A. Heyob Michael Higgins Raymond J. Hogan Edward W. Huber John R. Humbert Douglas W. Jordan Mark W. Jordan Thomas H. Kanoza Stanley R. Keller, Jr. Thomas K. Korte John J. Kramer John A. Lammers Robert A. Litzinger Paul J. Maly Robert L. Marr Michael D. McGinnis Patrick M. McKinney Gregory M. Menz George H. Miller Henry G. Miller Donald L. Minning Gerard H. Morency Martin J. Mullen Donald Murphy Jerome E. Nicholas Thomas J. Plogsted John D. Rauf Richard E. Reverman, Esq. John R. Riley Terrence W. Roddy Carmen P. Roser David L. Roth Joseph M. Schroeder William C. Schulte, Jr. Michael D. Schuster Michael J. Sedler David L. Shuler Michael T. Siemer Roy J. Stadtmiller Mark J. Stepaniak Frank N. Stertz, Jr. James P. Sullivan Dennis J. Tepe Richard E. Tiemeier Jeffrey L. Vetter


Richard E. Weber Robert P. Wessels Wayne C. Willenbrink Howard T. Witherby, III

Class of 1974 Michael K. Allen Thomas L. Allgeyer Mark A. Babey Gary M. Bachman Richard Baudendistel Kenneth M. Berling Dennis Berning Daniel A. Bill William J. Blake William E. Blind Joseph R. Brackmann Thomas M. Broxterman Donald E. Bruner James A. Cooper James M. DePaoli Christopher A. Diener Philip Dreyer Richard A. Driehaus Dan J. Dundes John G. Engel Mark J. Fields John A. Fiorito Leonard P. Frey Jeffrey A. Fuell Thomas J. Grace Gary G. Graman Mark E. Greiner Kevin M. Griffin, Sr. David J. Hampton James L. Haney Robert P. Hanneken Thomas C. Hellmann Michael Hengehold Mark S. Hiles, Sr. William C. Hoferer Mark R. Jacobs James M. Jansing William P. Kemper Arthur E. Leesman, Jr. Kurt Leonard Ralph A. Markus, Jr. Thomas M. Marzheuser Terence M. McCarthy Dennis M. McMullen Gene M. Mello, III Richard R. Mendel David R. Menninger Daniel Meyer Timothy S. Moller Steven P. Morgan Randy M. Murphy Ricky T. Murphy Joseph R. Murray William R. Neu Jerome H. Nymberg, MD Edward J. Paff, Sr. Joseph I. Priestle Daniel N. Reinstatler Thomas G. Riestenberg Paul F. Riestenberg

Michael J. Roth Michael A. Schoener James E. Schwarz David E. Stockelman Gregory A. Thieman James Trentman Anthony L. Vaccariello David E. Vater William D. Vitucci John W. Voellmecke Gregory R. Wagner Leonard J. Weber Edward J. Wehner Lt. Col. Mark J. Whetstone Philip H. Wienkamp Mark J. Wiete Michael J. Wolber Robert J. Wolfram

Class of 1975 Joseph M. Allen Anthony J. Apro Stephen G. Bird, MD Scott L. Brauch Daniel R. Brodbeck Thomas R. Brunst William T. Buelterman Thomas P. Butler John W. Buttelwerth, Jr. Mark A. Conners Gregory Corcoran Michael W. Dattilo James Davis Robert J. Deters Charles R. DiMuzio David W. Doll Donald J. Duba Steven J. Dulle Kevin M. Eagan John G. Fay Patrick J. Flaherty Thomas J. Frey Michael A. Frimming Paul G. Gener Sam A. Geroulis Col. Thomas J. Gibbons Kevin J. Grannan, MD Ronald A. Gray Jeffrey T. Grothaus George E. Hagen Robert Hahn Gregory A. Harnist Joseph A. Harpenau Stephen Haverkos MD Joseph C. Healey Daniel R. Hogan Michael J. Hollstegge James A. Jones Kenneth J. Kammer David E. Kastner James G. Kiffmeyer Timothy K. Klapper Edward J. Kruessel James J. Langen Danny Lasita Thomas C. Lauber

Paul T. Lindenschmidt Thomas M. Linger David J. Lohbeck Stephen G. Luebbe L. Gregory Maurer Thomas M. McCabe Daniel McDonald Stephen J. McGrath Gary F. Merz Thomas M. Meyer Gregory M. Meyers Christopher P. Miliano Lawrence W. Miller, Jr. Timothy R. Nymberg John S. O’Connell James Olthaus John W. Radley Mark R. Rebholz Michael T. Redrow Paul A. Reis John F. Ridder John J. Roebel Robert L. Scheck James A. Schmidt James G. Schmidt Keith Sweeney Robert L. Vogel Eric M. Wagner Mark J. Wanninger James R. Waters, Jr. Michael W. Weidner John R. Weil Daniel Whitacre Stephen J. White Nicholas J. Willing Michael A. Wood

Class of 1976 Joseph G. Aninao Gerald W. Bedel Kenneth R. Bolger Dennis J. Carr Daniel J. Conroy John R. Crowley Daniel G. Day David J. Deye Jeffrey L. Diener Jeffrey T. Ernst Anthony G. Esposito Michael E. Finke Lt. Col. Thomas V. Finke, USAF Gregory W. Fischer Michael P. Flannery Edward J. Giese, Jr. Thomas G. Groene John V. Grove Mark J. Guethlein Michael D. Hahn Michael J. Hampton Douglas M. Harrison Michael F. Hartoin Christopher P. Hendy Paul M. Huschart Daniel C. James Robert M. Jansen Frank Kalany

Thomas K. Keehan Philip R. Keller Dennis P. Kilday Jack Kraft Robert J. Krems Mark J. Lonneman Timothy J. Lysaght Joseph R. Maas Hugh K. Malay Gary R. Markus J. Michael Meyer Jerome M. Mielke Michael J. Monahan Steven F. Nienhaus William R. O'Conner, DDS Edward G. Oestreicher, PhD Frank J. Panzeca Paul W. Renzenbrink Roy J. Riegler Patrick J. Riley Richard J. Rinear Kenneth L. Rushford Timothy J. Ryan Timothy W. Scully Joseph A. Sharbell Mark E. Stowe Rev. Peter R. Stryker, C.P.M. Gregory J. Ventre Nicholas J. Ventre, PE Jerome D. Vitucci W. Andrew Vogelsang Timothy J. Wambaugh Mark G. Weber Christopher A. Wittkamp, II

Class of 1977 Terrence E. Allgeyer Kevin T. Anneken Timothy W. Bokenkotter Michael A. Borros R. Jeffrey Bruns Robert A. Burger Gregory H. Busch Jerome J. Crowley Daniel F. Dickman Thomas J. Digman Richard DiMuzio Mark C. Di Stasi Duane J. Doyle George A. Dreiling Donald G. Driehaus Gregg A. Ellerhorst Jeffrey J. Farwick Gregory W. Feldman John C. Fenech Andrew Galvin Thomas D. Hamberg Michael J. Harpenau Daniel Heisel David Helmer Richard E. Hofmann Michael J. Hofmeyer Brandt R. Junker Michael J. Kelley David L. Klumb Mark G. Levy

Mark A. Lingg Dennis M. Martini Mark A. Miller Richard A. J. Miller Roger C. Noble Daniel D. Nymberg Vincent G. Pellegrino Kevin T. Reis Donald P. Reuss Jeffrey J. Reverman James M. Shea Michael J. Shibinski James R. Stapleton Mark D. Sunderhaus Ronald H. Taylor Joseph P. Tenoever Joseph D. Thomas, MD Thomas O. Tracy Jack E. Turner Robert A. Voellmecke Glen G. Vogel Anthony T. Wagner Paul G. Weil Walter J. Welch Edward J. Willig Col. Jeffrey R. Witsken Daniel G. Zeiser

Class of 1978 Richard D. Altenau John C. Bauer Allen J. Behrle Kenneth R. Bill Thomas W. Bird Richard J. Brown Steven M. Crowley Stephen J. Cupito Michael P. Delaney John A. DePaoli James C. Dinkelacker Paul M. Drennan Ronald Dreyer David Faigle Daniel P. Finn Ramon C. Freudiger Kenneth P. Gardner Michael A. Gener Michael S. Good Michael L. Hackman Bernard T. Hautman Kenneth R. Hayhow Francis G. Heitker Jeffrey G. Herbert James G. Jacob Jeffrey C. Jansen Mark Johnson Robert G. Jones Stephen L. Keckeis Timothy Kenkel, OD Thomas J. Kollmann Charles Kraft Paul R. Kunze Frank P. Laiveling Gregory Langenbrunner Joseph D. Lind, Jr. David J. Lockhorn

Eric C. Lockwood Daniel A. Ludwig Anthony A. Maas Charles E. Martino Keith A. Maurmeier James F. McBride Terrence J. McElroy Michael J. Meese Timothy A. Meier Robert P. Menner Lawrence W. Meyer J. Scott Mullins Gregory J. O’Brien Ralph C. Ossenbeck John A. Patton Richard C. Pluckebaum Anthony F. Ramstetter Nicholas C. Rixner Paul E. Rottinghaus Michael P. Ryan Joseph M. Sabato Daniel W. Scharff, Esq. Christopher P. Schneider Richard J. Schneider Jeffrey C. Siefke Robert P. Streicher, PhD James A. Telles William B. Tonnis Timothy Viox David F. Volz Thomas J. Wanninger Daniel P. Weber John R. Wessel

Class of 1979 Paul J. Autenrieb David J. Balzano James W. Bauer Michael L. Bauer Michael C. Bepler Donald A. Bisher David J. Briccio Jeffrey R. Briede Theodore L. Bross Thomas M. Burns Timothy C. Butler M. Patrick Callahan Gregory J. Carroll Edward J. Cole Ted A. DeMatteo Mark J. Doerger David G. Driehaus D. Peter Ellerhorst Mark J. Ellis Michael D. Farmer Thomas W. Farwick Michael J. Finley Frederick R. Gerke Timothy D. Gerrety Joseph A. Giovanetti Mark G. Goldrainer Joseph H. Gorrasi Joseph R. Gunnewick Charles M. Healey Scott P. Heisel Joseph R. Henkel

Keith A. Kelly David R. Kenkel G. Steven Klaserner Peter T. Lemmink Russell W. Macke William F. Maly Gregory R. Massa Joseph Meisberger Donald Mellott William L. Menne James J. Meyer Brian M. Monk Mark J. Moore David F. Newbill Thomas J. Niehaus Brian J. O'Connell Darren M. Orloff Christopher J. Perrino David W. Reder Barry P. Rohrmeier Michael E. Rudemiller, MD Timothy S. Ryan William A. Schinkal Stephen G. Schott Steven A. Smyth John J. Specht David W. Stein Dennis J. Stemler Raymond W. Weidner Paul R. Wienkamp James C. Yockey

Edward A. Herbers Michael R. Holscher Robert J. Hughes David A. Imhoff David A. James Brian Kelley Jeffrey J. Kirschner Hank L. Kraemer Richard F. Messerle William Metz Anthony J. Meyer Daniel T. Monk Daniel P. Mullen Stephen J. Murray Joseph A. Nicholas Kenneth R. Niehauser Jeffery R. Niemer Thomas M. Panzeca Anthony N. Pitocco Michael F. Reilly David J. Reis Matthew P. Roth Kenneth Ryan Ernesto G. Sabato, DDS Michael J. Scharff David B. Scheidler Mark A. Schneider Kenneth J. Schoster Daniel A. Staud Jeffrey W. Stowe Thomas A. Surnbrock Michael Trischler Daniel W. Vollman John T. Walsh Robert A. Westerkamp, Jr. Christopher T. Wolfer Robert E. Zieverink

Class of 1981 Daniel Allen David T. Backs Scott Beck Scott P. Berding Gary A. Bruewer Glenn A. Bueker John M. Byrne P. Thomas Cappel Vincent L. Cerchio James A. Cook John C. Drew John E. Essen Robert C. Frommeyer, Jr. Keith E. Gavin Christopher Geiser David C. Gibbs Brigadier General David P. Glaser, USA Mark E. Godbey Jeffrey G. Gramke Thomas J. Groll David G. Grote Thomas Heitker Stephen W. Hengstebeck Anthony Hofmeyer Mark James Thomas W. Kemp Niel C. Korte Frank M. Laib Norbert J. Loesing Robert W. Mangold Stephen P. Meese Mark D. Meinhardt

Class of 1980 Donald C. Andres, Jr. Michael A. Avellano Timothy G. Bachman Michael J. Bell John B. Berding Michael E. Boehm John and Kari Book Mark Brandewiede Andrew J. Bucher Jerome A. Davis Michael W. Fisher Joseph H. Flading Joseph R. Gerrety Richard A. Groene John P. Gruber J. Daniel Haley Timothy E. Hartlage Denis B. Hartman Alan L. Hautman Jeffrey T. Hebeler Michael L. Honold, Jr. Thomas P. Jennings Gerald W. Kautzman, Jr. David J. Keilholz John J. Keller Daniel S. Kelley Kevin J. Kelley





John P. Mellott David Joseph Meyer Michael N. Moehring Leo P. Morand Vicki A. Morand Robert M. Morgan Daniel W. Murphy Paul G. Myers Michael L. Nutter David J. Robben Kurt D. Ruffing Tod C. Schachleiter Robert A. Smyth Daniel E. Souders Daniel D. Sullivan Richard C. Vogel, Jr. Michael J. Wainscott Daniel P. Wall Michael G. Weber Harry J. Westerkamp Mark J. Witschger Timothy J. Wolfer

Paul McMahon Shawn R. Mohaupt Kenneth R. Mullen Ronald E. Ostertag Charles E. Richmond David P. Roberto Douglas E. Rolfes Kevin R. Schramm Kenneth W. Schultz Paul W. Seiler, Jr. Dennis W. Sullivan James P. Sunderman, Jr. Barry W. Tiemeier John P. Walroth Michael L. Watts Donald R. Wedig

Class of 1983

Class of 1982 David M. Autenrieb Scott L. Barsan Robert D. Bender David G. Bengel Gary J. Bischof Timothy P. Bleh Patrick M. Calla Robert P. Crowley Edward J. Cummings, Jr. Matthew J. Cupito Gregory G. Dulle Donald A. Eckstein David L. Fluegemann James G. Freudiger Daniel W. Gerard John B. Godar Ronald B. Grace David J. Griffiths Lawrence W. Grote Col. Robert W. Hehemann, USAFR Philip J. Heil Mark S. Henry Thomas A. Herbers Jeffrey C. Heyl Joseph E. Hirth Bruce J. Hoffbauer Robert M. Hurley Stephen J. Hutzel Kevin P. Kelley William J. Kemper James M. Koch Richard G. Kurzhals Gregory J. Lange Mark G. Lindenschmidt Anthony A. Louderback Steven G. Luebbe Ernst R. Macke W. Anthony McCubbins Michael McCullough


Joseph M. Bailey, MD Robert L. Beckman Gregory J. Buzek Michael A. Caminiti John J. Carroll Anthony J. Daubenmerkl Joseph T. Dirr Scott J. Dollenmayer Douglas J. Feldman Thomas A. Fishburn Richard Frommeyer Christopher J. Gramke Richard E. Hayhow William G. Hemmer David P. Herdeman Thomas W. Hock Mark F. Hopkins David K. Humphrey Neil G. Isaacs Timothy B. Jansen Michael E. Kautzman Richard P. Keller Thomas P. Klusman Timothy P. Laiveling Andrew J. Lammers L. Douglas Langenbrunner Michael J. Lonnemann Jerome Maas Daniel F. Niehaus Kenneth J. Nortmann Daniel P. O’Brien Eugene C. Orlando, Jr. Rick L. Orloff Thomas J. Overberg John P. Owens Christopher Panzeca Michael Pedoto, MD Mark S. Rodgers Kevin J. Scherer Douglas P. Schroer Ronald A. Schuermann Donald L. Traut Todd B. Wedig David A. Welage Mark E. Wills Jeffrey E. Wohlfrom

Class of 1984 Scott A. Allgyer William J. Bachman Robert T. Bartholomew James A. Beckenhaupt Michael D. Berting Dennis J. Bleh Daniel R. Bley Daniel A. Boller, Jr. Richard J. Busche Timothy D. Bushman David A. Cook Michael J. Enzweiler Walter C. Frank Joseph G. Griesser Anthony J. Guck Daniel P. Hautman Scott P. Heile Joseph A. Huschart, MD Timothy McLean David U. Neville Briggs T. Pille Gerald A. Quitter Jeffrey E. Rinear Mark A. Rosenberger Michael P. Sandman Timothy B. Schenkel Steven P. Schloemer Stephen J. Siefke Kevin A. Sullivan Mark C. Telles Michael T. Tiernan Timothy M. Toerner Robert S. Wegman Timothy L. Weldishofer Robert C. Wynn, Jr.

Class of 1985 Michael D. Belbot Steven A. Breitfelder Dennis P. Brogan T. Joseph Buse, Jr. Michael C. Catanzaro William S. Corbett Kevin M. Costa Scott X. Deters Carmine Dilonardo Emilio J. Dilonardo Michael A. Dollenmayer James D. Duke David J. Ellis Michael J. Faillace Mark J. Hamant Daniel P. Hebel Robert J. Hendy Christopher A. Hoffman David A. Hoffman Patrick M. Huhn Daniel M. Jacobs Michael R. Lambers Victor E. Lambert David W. Loebker Steven A. Macke Timothy A. Massa Paul J. Meyer John P. Murphy

Kevin P. Niehaus Joseph D. Pieper Mark D. Reinhart David M. Reiring Steven A. Soloria, CFA Paul E. Tepe Timothy L. Tepe Todd T. Tieman Jerome J. Weber, Jr. T. Scott Wegman Steven G. Wernke Joseph A. Willig James M. Wilson Michael S. Wright

Class of 1986 Timothy E. Bley J. Steven Bono Andrew P. Brogan Gregory W. Cappel Stephen G. Comarata Thomas A. Davoran Joseph G. Driehaus Nicholas M. Faillace Stephen J. Fariello Ronald H. Feldman Christopher C. Finke Jeffery P. Foltz Mark A. Goins Dennis H. Grawe William T. Gruber Joseph A. Guck Gregory R. Hahn Shawn E. Harp David E. Hascher Michael K. Heile, MD Kurt J. Heinzelman David A. Kiehl Gerard A. Kramer Edward G. Kurzhals Thomas P. Lachtrupp Andrew D. Larkins Stephen A. Lay James J. Luebbe Gary P. Macke Erik J. Marlman Robert Matuska Daniel B. Meade Gregory T. Merk David J. Meyer Brian E. Nixon Fred T. Overbeck Christopher J. Pedoto Gregory B. Roesel Michael J. Rolfes Kevin J. Shappelle David Shelton Steven G. Siglock Robert J. Tallen Timothy J. Vale Brian M. Witterstaetter

Class of 1987 Douglas L. Abrams


Daniel J. Aug, Jr. Thomas S. Bailey Michael J. Barlage Jerome P. Carle William Doepker Robert J. Engelhardt, Jr. MD David C. Fehr Robert G. Flower Joseph W. Frondorf Jeffrey D. Fulwiler Herman J. Haring Sean T. Kelley Kevin R. Klingenbeck Chris Klumb Charles R. Knepfle David D. Lake Michael J. Lassandro Robert F. Luebbe Richard J. Mack L. Robert Masminster Michael J. Morman Lawrence E. Ohmer David H. Plagge Marc A. Richardson T. Scott Ridder Paul E. Robben Frank Sabato Jeffrey T. Schwiers Joseph E. Seiler James E. Streicher, Jr. Robert H. Tepe, Jr. Gregory A. Theders Jeffrey D. Tuttle M. Jay Wertz, CFP Matthew G. Witsken, MD

Class of 1988 John Albers Robert W. Bruning Michael E. Burke Harry W. Cappel Patrick J. Crotty John D. Diener Peter W. Farwick Scott F. Federle Michael J. Fieler Kenneth T. Finley Todd J. Gutekunst Jeffrey J. Hammersmith John Harmeyer Douglas J. Heckman Jeffrey T. Hillgrove John P. Hoeting David C. Holstein Matthew J. Klusman Daniel E. Link Christopher D. Luebbers Sean M. McGrail Daniel J. Melillo John L. Miller Michael G. Mohs Andrew L. Paff Christopher T. Pitchford Thomas W. Reiring John W. Richter Adam J. Schoster

Bradley R. Simonson Michael D. Stautberg Jonathan Stevens Scott J. Tate Anthony W. Traum Todd L. Treinen Jeffrey A. Tuerck James L. Vetter Daniel D. Vogelpohl Michael R. Wills

Class of 1989 Paul F. Adler James Albers Bradley W. Arling Timothy G. Aug Brian T. Aug Kevin L. Bonhaus James P. Dugan Michael J. Finley Christopher G. Flowers David W. Gilbert Steven T. Gooderson Gary T. Groene Stephen J. Keller Randall J. Lipps Joseph J. Nie Anthony C. Pedoto Ryan D. Pille Robert J. Porta Stephen E. Rolfes Gary J. Rudolf Michael B. Schlomer John W. Schnieder Patrick J. Sinnard Eric P. Toth Christopher A. White Michael T. Whitmer Richard C. Witterstaetter Michael J. Zimmer

Class of 1990 T. Douglas Baker James G. Bier Gregory M. Conners Michael R. Disbennett Daniel M. Driehaus Andrew J. Edrich Dennis R. Gilbert Gregory W. Harmeyer Joseph R. Huber Andrew R. Hutzel Christopher M. Jones Timothy P. Kelly Brian W. Luken Shawn L. Lyons Michael A. Meade Steven W. Niederhausen Jeffrey W. Overberg Robert W. Paff Christopher T. Peters David E. Rapien Matthew J. Robben Brian C. Stautberg Daniel R. Vornhagen Brian R. Weisker

J. Anthony Willenborg Jeffrey R. Yorgovan

Class of 1991 Robert J. Allgeyer Christopher M. Billman Richard V. Bley, II Jeffrey Scott Childs Timothy J. Darnell Steven J. Fieler James Michael Hoeting Scott J. Hoffman Max P. Hofmeyer Brandon J. Janszen Mark A. Kramer Curtis V. Lucas Terrence M. McLean James R. Moorman Robert A. Moorman Mark A. Neurohr David A. Richards Scott M. Rogers Christopher G. Shaffer Marc E. Siglock Lawrence E. Smith

Class of 1992 James T. Bass Kevin M. Brady Mark E. Buzek Jason M. Corcoran Steven M. Disbennett Thomas M. Doerflein Jeffrey T. Hetzer Christopher V. Holthaus Matthew R. Kallmeyer Timothy H. Knoll, Jr. Aaron J. Korb Kurt P. Leuenberger, Jr. Gregory D. Long Todd W. Long Anthony J. Mancini, Jr. Patrick G. Meade, MD Daniel J. Morena George W. Nieman Michael W. Reder Rev. Paul A. Ruwe Gary J. Schloemer Keith E. Schutte James P. Stautberg, Jr. Christopher M. Weber Jeffrey A. Weisker

Class of 1993 Kevin P. Aug Thomas M. Bier Eric R. Braun Matthew L. Busam, MD Mark W. Emerson Scott W. Fettig Michael J. Gerst Kevin D. Groger Greg A. Gutzwiller Thomas W. Hoar Patrick P. Kelsey Timothy E. Muldoon

Ryan M. Mullen Scott P. Priestle Andrew D. Rehling Jeffrey J. Rieder Kevin M. Scalf Marc E. Schmidt James M. Schroth Sean P. Tierney J. Jason Walter Gregory J. Weber Kevin R. Whitmer

Class of 1994 Brian D. Bill Marc A. Cassidy Matthew A. Flowers Kevin W. Frisz Matthew T. Gates Jeffrey T. Hafner Ross J. Hambleton, Jr. Christian M. Hoffman Ronald E. Jeremiah Joshua D. Knepfle Eric B. Lanter Benjamin J. Melillo Jeffrey P. Metzger Robert M. Moeddel Michael S. Moorman Douglas J. Nienaber James J. Overbeck Robbie M. Poulos Jeffrey T. Prince Ryan J. Rueve Joseph R. Schutte Andrew M. Sellet Paul C. Stenger Justin M. Witt Todd A. Zureick

Class of 1995 David Baker Michael E. Bier Jeffrey P. Brogan Jerome P. Davis Daniel G. Delfendahl Christopher J. Eilerman Thomas J. Foster Jason Fraley Brian Gebhardt Brian W. Gehring Robert W. Kirch Michael A. Lind Robert A. Maly Robert D. Nieman Edward M. Postel Barrett Railey Michael I. Robison Bryan T. Sicking David S. Wright

Class of 1996 Daniel J. Altenau Jeffrey P. Bill Christopher G. Bode Joseph L. Brehm David J. Dickman

Thomas A. Goettke Brian T. Hilsinger Brian J. Horvath Chad Kamstra Dominic J. Melillo Michael J. Moeddel Joseph B. Moeddel Patrick T. O’Brien Peter L. Renneker Joseph D. Ruwe Jason M. Schloemer Mark E. Schnorbus Jonathan C. Schroeder John P. Whitmer Jason M. Winterhalter

Class of 1997 Mark Becker Joseph Bianco, Jr. Sean Brogan Paul E. Dittman Michael Dorsch Joseph Fischer David J. Gruen, Jr. Jason P. Halker Henry Hofmeyer Michael Kesse Brian Klems Joshua A. McCoy Ryan D. McKenna Henry C. Miller Brian T. Neiheisel David J. Reid Todd K. Richardson Matthew S. Riley Kevin C. Sand John C. Schroer Gregory J. Stautberg John C. Stetter J. Douglas Wuest

Class of 1998 Steve Bain Andrew Brodbeck John P. Burden Marc Christopfel Scott Gerdes Matt Hambleton Matthew Hawkins Anthony Herman Matthew Hirst Nathan Hughes David Jostworth Justin Kernen Douglas A. Marx Brian Minges Michael Salem Anthony J. Stautberg Martin Theurer, Jr. David Winterhalter Sean D. Young

Class of 1999 Jeff Aug Jonathan Barnes John Born Brian Currin

Kevin Dwyer Peter Gibbs Mark Giese Robert Grimm James Kenney Jason Kesse Adam Kress John R. Otten Michael Ruprich Dennis M. Tepe Christopher Turner

Class of 2000 Luke Busam Andrew Christopfel Daniel Conroy Matthew Goettke Brian Hartoin Nicholas Kenkel Henry Mock Keith Nienhaus Kellen Oblinger Christopher Radley Joseph Re Sean Rowland Adam Schmidt Steven Sprengard D. Randall Stockelman Gerald Stricker Kenneth Weisker

Class of 2001 Ashley & Robert Altenau, MD Sean Brown Michael Comose Mark Donahue Sean Ernst Joseph Faillace Jason Godfrey Louis Goettke Kyle Koester Thomas Koopman Michael Menz Christopher Morman Nicholas Mullen Stephen Naltner Nicholas Reuss Daniel Schill Robert Schmidt Brian Vater

Class of 2002 Nicholas Baird Daniel Beck Nathan Berning Zachary Binzer Keith Bolger Brett Bolger Michael Burden Erik Jones Joseph Kenning MIDN Daniel Kernen James Macke Michael McKenna

Class of 2003

Patrick G. Daffin Joseph C. Del Prince Andrew J. Dreyer Warren W. Grove Robert J. Hartoin Brett T. Hofmann Daniel C. Lind Aaron M. Monk Nicholas Toth

Bobby T. Asman Kyle B. Brunsman Glenn D. Bujnoch Kyle D. Burnett Anthony D. Carvitti Ryan A. Dolle Brian A. Hiles Gregory J. McCarren Joseph A. Meyer Brian G. Meyers Jeffrey G. Nienhaus William J. Poland Benjamin A. Sprengard John M. Tillar Todd J. Turner Kyle R. Wiete

Class of 2008

Richard T. Baudendistel, DDS Kenneth R. Berling Anthony C. Bianco II Christopher P. Brothers Doug J. Cushman Eric J. Kersting Daniel M. Kraft Joseph D. Lind Matthew J. Panzeca Victor A. Pennekamp Thomas J. Sander Joseph G. Sunderman Jr. Philip M. Threm Matthew M. Umberg

John W. Buttelwerth Alex M. Bertke Christopher W. Doran Timothy M. Eilerman Johnny J. Groene James M. Hafner Steve E. Hengehold Matthew A. Jackson Patrick M. Kernen Douglas S. Luebbe Lee G. Maurer Nathan T. Mendel K. Ryan Merk Keith R. Messerle Alex C. Meyer Anthony P. Meyer Kyle Rudolph Tyler R. Runk Bryan M. Twilling Paul G. Weil II Zachary D. Welage Zachary S. Wray

Class of 2005

Class of 2009

Class of 2004

Justin E. Backscheider Nicholas A. Broerman Michael M. Del Prince Timothy P. Ernst Kevin T. Gade Kevin M. Hartoin Scott B. Hegman Zachary J. Heidi Kyle J. Hughes Daniel J. Jennings Jeffrey M. Laake Matthew J. Mellott Maxwell T. Monk Justin D. Morand Brett S. Niehauser Matthew D. Robben Adam R. Seibert Kristopher R. Zwergel

Joel M. Beall Joseph R. Broerman Eric J. Kenkel Brian T. Linneman Kevin M. Mullen Kevin E. Nicholas William R. O’Conner Brian A. Rapien Kyle M. Roedersheimer Richard J. Stautberg Brenton R. Stockelman Alexander D. Weidner

Class of 2006 Cory N. Barrier Tyler P. Coombs Mark L. Doellman Eric J. Donahue Christopher S. Gruber Alexander F. Lingg Jacob G. McQuaide Michael C. Meyers Jonathon P. Owens Alexander M. Pennekamp Jacob E. Rudemiller Michael J. Staud Jacob R. Vogel R. David Weber

Class of 2010 Peter L. Bachman Louis E. Klug Mark R. Miller Adam R. Monk Joshua A. Niemer Timothy M. O’Conner Christian A. Schapker William C. Voellmecke

Paul A. George

John W. Buttelwerth


Class of 2012 Kevin T. Groll Nathan P. Schapker Jimmy T. Schmidt

Class of 2013 Robert C. Capannari Jacob B. Lindle Caleb A. Lottman Joseph W. Maly Vincent J. Pfirrman Joseph M. Pieper Michael P. Weil

Class of 2014 Michael W. Jones Matthew J. Meyer

Class of 2015 Kyle J. Ackerman Benjamin J. Bischof Jason P. Bleh Joshua D. Bonavita Jacob K. Bono Nicholas D. Botuchis Andrew R. Burke Brian D. Caminiti Nathaniel R. Campbell John R. Capannari Logan D. Chowning Sebastian L. Cunningham Tyler J. Dierig James W. Dowd II Nicholas J. Duke Nicholas P. Ellerhorst Robert M. Ellerhorst Patrick C. Fanning Andrew J. Fieler Andrew J. Finn Joshua I. Flagg-Jackson Ryan N. Fricke Jacob A. Gerke Nicholas C. Gibbs Tyler J. Gibbs Jacob D. Gilday Steven M. Guy Alexander D. Harrison Matthew M. Henke Christopher C. Henry Adam J. Hughes Andrew P. Humphries Michael T. Huschart Logan J. Hutzel John D. Igel Adam D. James Benjamin A. James Nicholas J. Jamison Andrew J. Kahny Evan C. Kandra Kyle A. Kayse

Class of 2011

Class of 2007


Joshua C. Monk Richard C. Vogel III Timothy E. Weil




Andrew W. Klenk Michael R. Klopp Jeffrey M. Klug Zachary J. Korte Andrew J. Lammers Evan C. Mallory Christian M. Marlman Jason P. Martini Bradley M. McKeel Nicholas K. Meade Mark T. Meier Benjamin J. Merk David T. Meyer Brett C. Mitchell Patrick A. Morris Daniel J. Mueller Craig L. Mullen Bradley J. Murphy Alexander J. Myers Brett G. Neal William G. Neiheisel Eugene R. O’Brien III Christopher S. Ochs Noah J. Pennekamp Matthew D. Peters Noah A. Peterson Noah R. Poland Jerry L. Porter Anthony M. Robb James A. Robb Jacob A. Roberto Michael G. Rogers Nicholas J. Rolfes Cody M. Roseberry Thomas J. Ruwan Ryan A. Schwiers Zachary W. Smith Nicholas D. Stalf Thomas Z. Sullivan Samuel P. Tepe Jacob P. Tiernan Austin M. Truitt Adam T. Vale Nathaniel J. Wehrle Nickolas D. Wells Philip M. Wienkamp Zachary D. Wright

Class Gifts Class of 1944 Class of 1948 Class of 1959 Class of 1964 Class of 1965 Class of 1966 Class of 1972 Class of 1979 Class of 1983

Friends of Elder Fran Acito David F. Allen Mrs. Red Allison John D. Altenburg, Jr. Emily & Jeffrey Alverson Kathy & Hisham Arar

Rita & Paul Arling Constance Arthur Linda & Anthony Avellano Joy & Michael L. Bachman Donna & Dan Bain Michael D. Baker John Barber Joan & Robert Bartholomew Joseph P. Baxter Wendy & Roger Beall Carole Beck Debbie & Chris Beck Kathryn M. Bedel Sam Beltsos Steve Beltsos Julie & David Berkowitz, MD Frank Berning Michelle & Gorman Berter A. Eugene Bertke Catherine A. Bezold Carol & Michael Birchak Joan & David L. Bittner Ruth & Thomas Bittner Stephen F. Blaut Jerri Boehm William Bokenkotter Eileen & Mark E. Bolia Gayle Boller Elaine & Robert L. Bollin Jackie & Dominic Bonavita Maureen & Gene Born Karen Boschert June & Ed Brady Rita Braun Lisa & Timothy P. Breen Patsy Brockmeyer Beth & David Brothers Jennifer & Thomas Bruns Ruth & Mike Brunsman Patti & Michael Brunst Rosemary Bucher Patsey & Clifford Budke Tim Buelterman Amy & Timothy E. Burgasser M. Teresa & John L. Burwinkel Mary Lee & Robert Busam Jennie & David Caldwell Rita & Walter N. Carroll James B. Caruso Marianne & Rick Conroy Teresa & Steve Curtis Joseph R. Dagenbach, MD Ray Dankel Thomas Darnell James M. Day Dawn Dehner Jansen Paul Deiters William Deters Eileen & Robert Disbennett Robert Doll Dottie & Mike Dorsch Linda Drapp Kathryn Drexler Clare Driehaus Rita Driehaus Steve Eichelberger

Marian R. Ellerhorst Mary Engelhardt Robert Ennis Anita & Patrick Ernst Bonnie & Jerry Federle Gregg Feie Joseph J. D. Feldkamp Wilbert Feldman Suzanne M. Finke Dorothy Finley Rita Finley Robert R. Fitzpatrick, Jr. Rev. J. Thomas Fitzsimmons Lisa Florian Nancy & James P. Flowers Shirley Flynn Jean Foutch Janet & Hal L. Franke Barry Franz Carol Frey Joan Friedmann George V. Frondorf William Gavin Gayle Rapien Mary George Edward Geraghty Mary Kay Gilbert Nancy & Ronald Gillespie Mary & William Ginn Louise & William Gioielli Michael Glatt Debbie & Thomas C. Goodwin Mary J. Groene Lois Groh Jennifer & Donald J. Gross William J. Grove Michelle & Douglas Guenther Marian Hagen Mary & Richard M. Hahn Carol & Michael K. Haws Paul Hegedus Alice Henkel Peter G. Henkel Jackie Herman Diane & Phil Herrmann Jacquie & John H. Hoeting Erwin C. Hoinke, Jr. Patricia & James Hollstegge Linda Hood Susan & Robert Hughes Rosemary Huhn Joseph Huschart Vincent Huschart, DDS Karen & Mark Jackson Marian & Michael R. Jacobs Douglas A. Jaeger Kathleen A. Jaeger Peggy & Jerome G. James Audrey & Cyril A. Jansing JoAnn Janszen Ennis Jim Kathleen Jones Jennifer & Michael K. Jones Terri & Robert Jones


Lynn & Edward Jung Theresa & Kenneth R. Jung Bill Keating, Jr. Denise Keefe Linda & Michael C. Kelsey Susan Kenney Chrysa C. Key Jeanne Key Marlene Kiely Sr. Catherine Kirby, S.C. Cindy & Richard G. Klopp, MD Marilyn Klug Sherman Knapp Barb Kock Ruth Koppenhoefer Patricia Kraft Kathy & David Kress Georgina Krizsa, MD William H. Kuhlman Gordon Kunz George Kurzhals Shirley Laib Jo Ann Lambers Mary Jo Lameier Carol & John A. Lammers, Sr. Patricia & James Landers Margaret & Anthony Lanza Sharon & Stanley Lape Peggy & Steven Laub Jean & Jeffrey Leisure Anne Leonard Ann & Thomas LeSaint Julie & Algis Liauba Linda Liebau Kathy & Tom Liguzinski Dorothy Lind Rita Lindhorst Denise & Douglas Lindle Andrea Linneman Kathy Locher Virginia Lohman Jerilyn & David E. Long, MD Virginia Louis Kenneth L. Lysaght Judith M. Maddock Jack Martin William Martin Thomas D. Mason Teresa & Jeffrey R. May Rev. Donald G. McCarthy Michael A. McGeorge Thomas McHugh Melissa A. Meade Robert E. Meade Judy Melillo Donald Mellott Karen & Craig Melvin Lynn & Edward Melzer Susan & Christopher J. Meyer Mary Beth & Richard P. Meyer Ann & Douglas Miller Carol & Raymond W. Miller Cheryl & Todd Minges Terry & Henry Mock Kathie & Jerome Moeddel Lois & Daniel E. Mueller

E. Kathy Mueller Lizanne & Kevin Mulligan Carleen & Greg Muntel Theresa & Thomas Murphy Bonnie & William Murphy David Myers Julie A. Nagel Skip Neville Carol Niederhausen Sally & Greg Niehaus, Jr. Ralph Niehauser Michael Nieman Roberta & Richard C. Nohle, Jr. Mary & Roger O’Bryan III Anita Oblinger Margaret Oliver Paul J. Olsen Mary Pagano Honorable Ronald A. Panioto Grace Pedoto Beth & Thomas F. Perrmann Rev. Dale C. Peterka Linda & James Pfirrman Julia & Daniel T. Poston Mary Kuhn Preotle Mary & Gregory G. Presutto Joyce & Thomas Prince Nancy & James Pucke Jan Quatman Gayle Rapien Harry Rechtin Donna Rehling Martha Reilly Toni Reilly Laurie & Paul G. Rensing Rev. Donald R. Rettig William Reusing Barbara & Michael S. Ricke Bonnie & Larry Riffe Jan & Jerry Riga Peggy & Michael Riggs Rev. David C. Robisch Regina & Louis Rohrkasse, MD Dorothy Roth Ruth & Joseph Roth Timmy Ruberg Betty Rudemiller Jeanne Rueve Joan & Joseph Rumpler John J. Schiff, Jr. Julia Schiff Diane Schill Henry Schmidt Vicki & Thomas Schmutte Mary Elaine Schoener James Schuermann Carol Schumacher Isabell Schutte Summer Schwab Sue & Kevin M. Schwarz Genny & Thomas E. Sedler Judith Sellmeyer Debbie & Michael Siegert Joan Sieve Joycee & Stephen Simendinger

JoAnn & Lawrence Smith Kathy & Matthew R. Smith Carol & Michael C. Snowden Mary Beth & Duane Stacklin Barb & Robert T. Stallmeyer Sheila M. Stanton Judy & James E. Stautberg Kathleen Stautberg Michelle & Robert J. Stephens, Jr. MD David Stockton Priscilla & Bernie Stowe Deborah & David J. Strasser Patricia Streicher Eileen & Donald Strunk Louise & Robert Studt Nancy & Gary Stuerenberg Carol Sullivan Amy & Thomas E. Swink Margo & William Taulbee Barbara Teague Betty Tedesco Patricia M. Telger James Telles Rose & Gerald Tenoever Jeanne (Bacon) Thompson Betty Tierney Ruth Tierney Phyllis Timperman J.E. Torgesen Greg Toth Paul Toth Pat Trimpe Shannon & Patrick Tucker Mona Valentine Martine & Daniel Veddern Bonnie & James Vetter Janice & Joseph Villari Rev. David P. Vincent Sue Vogt Bernadette L. Vonderheide Jean Vorholt Cecile & Denis Walsh Debbie & Kevin A. Ward Gloria Wassler Glenn R. Wauligman Ann & John Weber, III Vivian Wedig Jerry Weingartner Thomas L. Weingartner Joyce & Robert Weiss M. Janet & Gerald M. Wernke Rev. John Wessling Ethel Westerfield Elaine & Raymond Westrich Christina & James M. White Barbara J. Whitmer Robert Wildermuth J. Christopher Williams Edgar Willig Vivian E. Wilson Jackie & Peter J. Witt Stephanie Witte Tammi & Albert Wittich Sandi Wittich Mary & Michael Woeste

Dorothy Wolf Carolyn Wolfram Rita & Robin Wynn Denise & Philip L. Younts Andrea & Lou Zeiser Margie & James Zentmeyer Thomas Zimmerman Paul J. Zook Bette & Ken Zureick Beth & Kenneth J. Zwergel

Matching Gifts AXA Fdn AXIA Consulting, LLC Bank of America Batesville Products, Inc. Baxter International Fdn BP Foundation Bristol-Myers Squibb Fdn Deluxe Corporation Fdn Duke Energy Fdn, Inc. Eli Lilly & Company Fdn Fidelity Fdn Fifth Third Bank Gannett Fdn, Inc. GE Fdn General Mills Fdn Givaudan Fragrance Corp. Grifols Inc. Illinois Tool Works Fdn ITW Fdn JP Morgan Chase Fdn Key Fdn LexisNexis LPL Financial Charitable Fund Matching Gift Program Macy’s Fdn Mattel Children’s Fdn, Matching Gift Program Michael & Susan Dell Fdn Neu-Millennia Scientific Pfizer Fdn Matching Gifts Program Plum Creek Fdn Raytheon Company Matching Gifts for Education Scripps Howard Fdn Scripps networks Interactive Sprint Fdn The Stanley Works The Washington Post Company TIAA CREF Financial Services UBS Matching Gift Program US Bancorp Fdn Wells Fargo Matching Gifts

Gifts in Memory of James Albers ’50 Eunice Anderson Jack Backs ’62 Steve Baum Joyce Berning Joseph Black ’50 Loretta Brinkman Raymond Brinkman ’42 Robert Brockschmidt ’65

Lawrence Bross ’61 Cleary Buchert ’41 Norbert Bunke ’45 Jeff Burden ’73 James Caruso Eugene Day ’47 Ronald Drapp ’67 Bob Driehaus ’46 Louis Failace Robert Feie ’44 Domenic Fiorito Mike Forste ’68 Maryanne Geers Robert Geers ’66 Robert Geigle ’58 Paul Gorman ’42 Thomas Gormley ’56 Ray Groneman ’66 Jerry Gutzwiller ’47 Barb Hahn Richard Haneberg ’40 Rev. Harry Gerdes ’53 George Hartlage ’39 Bob Hauck ’61 Carol Huber Gary Jeffcott ’73 Terry Joyce ’64 Roy Kluener ’39 Charles Kock ’63 Ronald Krechting ’68 Luigi Lanza Thomas Luebbering ’58 Richard Meyer ’46 Jack Middendorf ’57 John Mueller ’55 Betty Nortmann the voice of Elder – Andy Backs ’79 Howard Paff ’52 Don Peaker ’63 Edward Postal ’59 Al Read ’49 Ray Schaefer ’47 Richard Schaefer ’40 Janet Schafer Vincent Schmutte ’45 Joan Schramm Frank Sedler ’50 Ernest Timpermen ’45 Helen Voegele Gary Wolfram ’66

Gifts in Honor of Lynda & Rick Rinear ’76

Purple Fridays. The view of the school from the stadium with the American flag in full flight. Elder burgers. Altiora! Walking to the right of the coat of arms outside Schaeper Center. Pancake breakfast each month. Spirit and brotherhood. The seasoned faculty who show their love and dedication each year. The students sing the alma mater whether we win or lose. The tailgating before a big game. The cheering section. Christmas Toy & Food Drive. Community service program. The Art Show. Series at Eight. Praying at the grotto. The spirit of Elder can’t always be explained; you just know you want to be a part of it. Help broaden that school spirit by supporting the Annual Fund for the next generation of soon-to-be Elder alumni. Be a part of something special. Your gift does make a difference. For more information, contact Trina Niemer at 513.921.3423 or


Permanent SCHOLARSHIPS by Tom Reiring Director of Development & Planned Giving

Thank you

to all who have already contributed to our campaign. Participation by the “Elder Family” has been very inspiring to all who have been working to raise the necessary funds to “get the job done” at Elder.The changes to our campus are monumental and our students are in a much better educational environment that is conducive to learning and staying ahead of the curve.Thanks to the generous support of so many; we have seen in excess of 500 individuals who have made gifts.

Permanent Scholarships have been established at Elder in the name of the following: Joe Acito Memorial Paul Ahern Dave Allen Todd Allgyer/Kevin Brogan Anonymous Anonymous Friend

However, we are still accepting contributions as The Passport Campaign Continues. If you haven’t already made a gift, please consider doing so at this time so we can push even closer to our goal.

Alexander/Grannan/Jennings/ Manegold Brad Arling Frank & Sophia Auberger

Please visit to donate to the campaign or contact Tom Reiring, Director of Development, at (513) 921-3425 or

Aug Family Andy Backs Memorial Band Assistance Irv and Jane Barth Memorial Leonard E. Bedel Memorial Berning Family Fund Berninger Family Frs. Stanley & Erwin Bertke Bill Family Robert & Marilyn Bill Memorial Fr. Albert Bischoff, S.J. Samuel & Loretta Block Danny Bloemker Memorial Coach John Book James R. Borgman Art Award Jeremy Boschert Larry Boschert & Family Jim Botts Memorial James O. Bradley Lawrence E. Brinck Clarence Brinker Memorial Richard C. Bucher, Sr. Buening Family Fund Stella M. Buerger Chris Burnhimer Memorial


As part of the new security system at Elder H.S., all visitors are now required to use the main entrance (directly across from the stadium) to gain access into the school building. Thank you for your cooperation.

Jeffrey S. Busch & Family

Walter Carroll Memorial

James A. Glatthaar

Robert & Cathleen Lally


Class of ’34

Gertrude Groning

Gloria & Sylvester LaFata

Fr. Donald Rettig

Class of ’35

Carl R. Gross

Dr. Gus Lambers Memorial

Berenice & Cletus Reulmann

Class of ’44

Rev. J. Paul Gruber Memorial

Guy Langenbrunner Scholarship

David & Tom Riestenberg

Class of ’45

Norb Guetle Family Scholarship

Buddy LaRosa

Elizabeth & Leslie C. Rogers

Class of ’46

Haneberg Family Fund

Lautenbach Family

Joseph & Dorothy Roth

Class of ’48

Hartoin Family Fund

Mark A. LeTang

Don Ruberg

Class of ’49

Harry & Vivian Haverkos

Thomas J. Lindsay

Rev. Edward Rudemiller

Class of ’59

Ralph & Dolores Hayhow

Rev. David Lucas Memorial

William & Mark Rudemiller Family

Class of ’64

Toby & Judi Heile

Rev. Joseph H. Lutmer

Thomas Ruthman Family

Class of ’72

William G. Hemmer

Lawrence R. Lysaght Memorial

George Schaefer, Jr. Family

Class of ’79

Christopher P. Hendy

Jack Maas, Sr.

Rev. Jerome A. Schaeper

Class of ’83 / Dr. Bob Kemper

Richard E. Henkel

Ernst Macke Family

Thomas & Robert Scherrer Memorial

College Scholarship

George & Dorothy Hensler

Kyle S. Martin Memorial

Michael F. Schill

Michael J. Cushing

Christopher T. Herman Memorial

John & Doris Maurer Memorial

Jacob G. Schmidlapp

Scott Dannemiller

Ruth Herrmann Memorial

John T. & Alice B. McCarren

Lee & Larry Schmolt

Carol Darnell

Tom Hessling Memorial

Bob & Mary McKenna

John H. Schneider

Jim & Elaine Day Family

Hofmeyer Family Fund

Mitchell R. McLaughlin Memorial

Sedler Family Fund

Harry W. Deters

Robert Holtmann Family

Kenneth Meade

Jason Sedler Scholarship

Ed Donohoe

Jack Huber Scholarship

Marlene Menchen

Kathy & Matt Smith Family

John R. & James B. Dordaller

Hubert Family

Mentoring Fund

Carroll A. & Kathleen A. Staley

Michael F. Doyle Memorial

Pete & Mike Humbert

Vincent J. Meyer

Jerry Stautberg Memorial

Don Driehaus Memorial

Dale Hunt Memorial

John H. Michael Fund

Dennis Stemler

Driehaus Family

David G. Huschart Memorial

Mark Miller Memorial

David, Jim, Walter Streicher Memorial


Herman/Marie Huseman Family

Moeddel Family

John B. Swis Memorial

Sonny Edrich Memorial Fund

Hyland Family Fund

Louis T. & Lottie Mollmann Memorial

Bernard & Dorothy Tekulve

Elder Dads’ Club

Ron & Robin Iori

Hank Mueller ’66/Veterans

Mark Tedesco

Elder Physicians Fund

Jake’s Fund

Rev. Anthony Muller Memorial

Ernest J.Timperman

Elias & Hengehold Families

Jim & Margie Jansing

H. Scott Murrer Memorial

Carl & Dolores Voellmecke Memorial

Ellerhorst Family Fund

John & Margaret Fund

Daniel Niehaus

Jack Vogele & Ruth Vogele Carr

Jack & Ann Ellis

Donald E. Kaimann

Greg C. Niehaus

Chris Ward Memorial

Erwin Family

Kevin E. Keefe Memorial

Jerome H. and Patricia T. Nymberg

Greg Weber

Faculty Trust

Arleen & John Keehan

Keith & Kurt Oblinger Memorial

Thomas E. & Dorothy M. Westerfield

William Farrell

Ned & Celeste Kelley

Neil J. O’Connor/Gilkey

John & Vera Westerhoff

Timothy Fay Memorial

Rev. Herman Kenning Memorial

David L. Olberding

Whitmer Family

Dan Finley Memorial

John P. Kiely

Tom & Bonnie Otten

Edgar & Alice Willig

Robert Fisher ’46 Memorial

Charles Kneflin Family

Robert Partridge

Rev. Jim Willig Memorial

Stanley J. Flannery

Kim R. Knoppe

David Pavey Memorial

Zeke Wilson

John J. Florian

Robert & Eleanor Kraft Memorial

Tim Peters Family

Leonard J. Wirtz

Paul “Hans” Frey Memorial

Thomas F. Krizsa, Sr.

Robert R. Peterson & Logue L.

Mike Witt Memorial

Ava & Charles Fries

Rev. Bill Krumpe Memorial

Andy Geil Memorial

Raymond J. Labbe

Ripley Memorial Reilly Scholarship

John & Elizabeth Wolber Memorial Zinser Family

Tim Gibbs

To learn more about Permanent Scholarships, contact Tom Reiring at 513.921.3425 or e-mail

Toby Heile Departs Elder After Long & Successful Career... Signs Off as Director of Planned Giving TOBY HEILE, HONORARY ELDER CLASS OF 1961, began working at Elder in 1966 as a bookkeeping and economics teacher upon his graduation from Xavier University in Economics. While teaching at Elder, he also began the PR Department which eventually led to the Alumni/Development Office - an extremely important piece to Elder’s continued success.Toby was so very instrumental in putting Elder on the map in the area of Development and Fundraising.The program flourishes today due to Toby’s ground work in encouraging Elder alumni to give back to their alma mater. He started, maintained and strengthened relationships between the school and Elder’s alumni that still exist today and he created a true sense of loyalty and pride amongst the Elder family that is unrivaled.Toby took Development one step further in 1989, when he created the Planned Giving Program at Elder now known as the Fr. Schmitt Society (listed right). He was the driving force behind Elder’s first major fundraising efforts including the Spirit Fund, the campaign to build the Elder Memorial Fieldhouse, and Vision 2020 which opened the Rev. Jerome A. Schaeper Center in fall of 2002. He was also instrumental in working on Elder’s 50th and 75th Anniversaries. Toby built the Development Office from the ground up and has dedicated his life to his family and his career at Elder. He believed strongly that everything he did was done for the betterment of Elder High School and this mantra continued all the way up until his retirement on June 30, 2015.

Strengthening Elder’s Mission The Father Schmitt Planned Giving Society, founded in 1989 and named in honor of Elder’s first principal Rev. William G. Schmitt, has grown to 130 members who have shared with Elder provisions in their estate plans for a deferred gift to the school.These include gifts from a bequest in their will or from other

Tom Reiring Picks Up Where Toby Left Off in Planned Giving TOM REIRING, ELDER CLASS OF 1988, has been working as Elder’s Director of Development since 2011, but has been working in fundraising for the school since 2000.Tom has been involved in hundreds of personal solicitations all over the country and has worked with major benefactors to maximize the impact of their generosity to Elder which many times involved planned gifts.Tom has also set the course of direction, strategy and approach for major gift giving at Elder since 2006 when he took on the title of Director of Capital Giving. He and Tom Otten have worked to raise the necessary funds for the school in both The Passport and The Passport Campaign Continues.

instruments such as trusts, IRA and life insurance.

To learn more about Elder’s planned giving program and current list of Fr. Schmitt Society contact Development Director Tom Reiring,

With Toby Heile’s departure,Tom will carry on the important work of the Fr. Schmitt Society, Elder’s Planned Giving Program.


Rev. Robert Buening ’49

Rev. Paul H. Hurst ’63

Dave & Carla Reuben

Thomas Buening ’54

Greg Hyland ’68

Howard Rosenfeld ’37*

Moe Burkhart ’52

Mike & Marian Jacobs

Joseph ’39* & Dorothy Roth

Gary ’58 & Ann* Luebbering Burns

Jim ’74 & Margie Jansing

Bill ’42* & Betty Rudemiller

Thomas A. Busche ’48*

Bud ’29* & Inez* Janszen

Mark ’72 & Julie Rudemiller

Donald J. Cappel ’28*

Ned ’34* & Celeste* Kelley

Rev. Edward L. Rudemiller ’50*

Betty Carroll

Rev. Herman H. Kenning ’36*

Tom ’53 & Audrey Ruthman

Tom ’60 & Roberta Casey

John ’53* & Marlene Kiely

Don ’49 & Joan Schmitt

Martha Dannemiller*

Tom Klett ’60

Dick Scott ’55

Jim ’47 & Elaine Day

Bud ’41 & Rita Kneflin

Dave Sharp

Robert H. Deters ’26*

Kim ’69 & Marilynn Knoppe

Charlie Squeri ’47*

Robert M. DiMuzio ’41*

Tom ’69 & Marsia Kotte

Harold ’70 & Nancy Stalf

David L. Dink ’73

Bernard R. Krabacher ’44*

Ken Stecher ’64

Jack ’57 & Carol Adam

Jack ’59 & Georgia Dirksing

Gerald J. ’52 & Mary Ann Kroger

John ’54 & Sue Stiegler

Edmund J. Adams ’56

Rev. Stanley Doerger ’50*

John J. Kuzma, Sr.*

Walter ’50* & Anna Streicher

Michael K. Allen ’74

Ed Donohoe ’25*

Rev. Francis G. Lammeier ’47*

Constance Stumin

Walter ’56 & Elizabeth Amrein

Ron ’78 & Patti Dreyer

Rev. Oscar Lauber ’39*

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Swis*

Sophia Auberger ’27*

Bob ’46* & Rita Driehaus

Ned C. Lautenbach ’62

Frank ’56 & Judy Tepe

George Aug ’29*

Kathleen Droder*

Terry Lautenbach ’55*

Ed ’56 & Lois Wandstrat

Dan ’71 & Mary Averbeck

Lawrence J. Eilers ’34*

John Leisgang ’40*

Thomas E. ’44 & Dorothy M.* Westerfield

Gary ’74 & Debbie Bachman

Robert ’46* & Marian Ellerhorst

Thomas D. Mason

Rev. Ralph A. Westerhoff ’54

Charles J. Bange ’44*

Mark ’79 & Diane Ellis

Rev. John Mattscheck ’44*

Rev. Gary Witsken ’60

Bruce J. Barth ’69

Erwin Family

Alice McCarren*

John F. Wolber WW2*

William G. Bedinghaus*

Paul ’57* & Carol Frey

Al ’55 & Carol McMichael

Al ’47* & Doris* Zeiser

John* & Joyce* Berning

Michael Gener ’78

Rev. Jim Meade ’66

Howard Berninger ’42, M.D. *

William R. Gibbs Family

Carl Mesch*

Rev. Erwin J. Bertke ’35*

James Glatthaar ’56

Florence Meyer*

Joseph M. Beyerle ’48

Mark ’81 & Jan Godbey

Louis Moellers ’26*

Gregory T. Bier ’64

Jerome ’47 & Kathleen Greager

Louis ’41* & Lottie* Mollmann

William R. Bigner ’37*

Rev. Roger E. Griese ’33*

Norbert A. Mollmann ’45

Robert ’44* & Marilyn* Bill

Ed Griesser ’45

Greg Mooter ’70

Ron Bonhaus ’66

Paul ’69 & Linda Groen

Fred P. ’43* & Betty* Murdock

Jim ’40 & Thelma* Brady

John ’76 & Mariann Grove

H. Scott ’49* & Angela Murrer

James Bradley ’38*

William & Melissa Grove

Rev. Stanley Neiheisel ’52

Fred Brandewiede ’56

Nick ’63 & Barb* Hahn

Skip & Barb* Neville

Rev. Elmer Brennan ’34*

Richard ’40* & Mary* Haneberg

Bob ’56 & Linda Niehoff

Larry ’42* & Fay* Brinck

James Hassett ’61*

Bill ’37* & Edna O’Connor

Ron ’52* & Marilyn* Brickner

Toby & Judi Heile

Neil ’60 & Ginny O’Connor

Jack Brinkman ’48*

Larry ’37* & Dottie* Heim

Barry ’72 & Pam Pulskamp

Ray Brinkman ’42

Walter A. Hoffman ’51*

Anthony* & Regina* Reis

Dick ’45* & Rosemary Bucher

Angela Hood

Paul ’75 & Lois Reis

James E. Budde ’57

George ’59 & Karen Hubert

Frank ’56* & Toni Reilly



Elder’s Planned Giving Society

*Denotes deceased

To learn more about the Father Schmitt Society, contact Tom Reiring at 513.921.3425 or e-mail



the list below is comprised of those who we became aware of having passed away since the last issue of the pride. a list of all deceased since 2009 can be viewed at Zeno J. Dabbelt ’38

May 22

Robert Feie ’44

July 21

Walter Stine ’44

June 6

Edward J. Buller ’45

June 12

Charles W. Shappelle ’45

June 17

John R. Rouster ’46

June 16

Robert L. Woltering ’46

Sept. 3


We are pleased to announce that JOHN “MIKE”

Rev. Francis G. Lammeier ’47 July 7

KUNNEN ’42 has been appointed a “Chevalier”

Joseph W. Black ’50

June 27

(Knight) of the Legion of Honor for his combat efforts


James G. Schroeder ’50

July 8

in France as a member of the 709th Tank Battalion

and wife Rita Trentman

Norman L. Yates ’50

July 12

during the Second World War. Elder High School

Merk celebrated 60 years

Jerome J. Heimbrock ’51

Aug. 9

hosted the medal ceremony on July 18th at Elder's

of marriage on July 16th

Gerald R. Niklas ’51

Aug. 15

Schaeper Center. Honored guests and ceremony

with a reception and

June 20

participants included United States Representative

Mass at St. Bernadette

June 27

Steve Chabot, Ohio State Representative Lou Terhar,

Hall and Church in

Ohio State Senator Bill Seitz, Cincinnati Councilman

Lancaster, OH.

Bernard Gerwel ’52 Howard Paff ’52 Phillip Wessendorf ’52

Aug. 10

Robert Deller ’54

July 24

James E. Stahl ’56

June 3

Gerald Gottmann ’57

Aug. 2

Thomas R. Kroger ’57

Aug. 28

James P. Busche ’58

June 7

Gerald E. Vorholt ’58

Aug. 22

REV. PHIL SEHER ’56 celebrated his 50th anniversary

William G. Sander ’60

July 29

as a priest in May. Masses and receptions were held

Robert C. Kerley ’63

Aug. 20

Michael A. Bierman ’67

Aug. 10

Joseph M. Williams ’67

Sept. 8

Seher is a former Elder teacher and

Thomas G. Alering ’68

May 25

currently serves as the chaplain

William A. Berting ’68

July 28

of the Elder Glee Club.

Jeffrey L. Burden ’73

July 18

J. P. Yeggy ’73

June 29

Bernard J. Honerkamp ’77

July 13

Thomas K. Mittermeier ’85

Sept. 5

Kevin J. Shappelle ’86

Sept. 8

Thomas B. Peter ’86

Sept. 3

Charlie Winburn, and Colonel Timothy Gorrell, Director of the Ohio Department of Veterans Services.


in his honor at Summit Country Day where he serves as chaplain, as well as at St. William and St. Joseph Churches where he previously served as pastor. Fr.




BOB LITZINGER ’73 has been hired by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati as the Associate Director

Members of the CLASS OF 1959 met for lunch at the Panther Athletic Complex in June.The lunch was sponsored by classmate GENE LUCKEY.

of School Finance. Bob served as a Vice President for Huntington Bank in Columbus from 2008 2014 and was previously

Please call the Alumni Office if you would like to plan a luncheon for your class!

employed as a Vice President for National City Mortgage and Provident Bank.


The CLASS OF 1963 held a 70th birthday celebration for themselves in June at the Aston Woods Club

so much changes in the course of a school year. we’d like to keep you updated on current events and happenings around elder. please send your current email address to:

House. A ladder truck and medic truck from nearby (and coincidentally) Station 70 of the Miami Township Fire Department were called in to make sure the 70 candles upon the cake were properly extinguished. It was great PR for the Department and a special touch added to the birthday celebration!

Class of


annual picnic...

The CLASS of 1966 gathered in May at the Southwestern Ohio Conservation Club for its 5th annual picnic and barbecue. Attendees enjoyed skeet shooting and recounting stories of their “monumental accomplishments” while at Elder. The event was sponsored by the Hank Mueller ’66/Veterans Scholarship Fund committee.

66 37


JACK DIENER ’88 and son Braden stopped by Bubba Brew’s while vacationing at Norris Lake in Tennessee this summer. Jack reports

MIKE HENGEHOLD ’74, founder of Hengehold

that “the floating restaurant is littered with

Capital Management, has been chosen as one of

college flags... and one lone high school flag.” Go Panthers!

Cincinnati’s Five Star Wealth Managers for 2015. This is the third year in a row Mike has received this recognition. He also recently earned the Retirement Income Certified Professional® designation from The American College, Bryn Mawr, PA.

The Golf Champion Trophy, commonly known as the


Claret Jug, is the trophy presented to the winner of The Open Championship, one of the four major championships in golf. While the original Jug is on permanent display at The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews in Scotland, the one MIKE WHITMER

CHRISTIAN FISHER ’86 was hired into his new

’89 is holding was first awarded in 1928. Mike is the

position as Director of Cardiovascular Services for

golf writer for The Boston Globe

Florida Hospital Memorial Medical Center, Daytona

and was on site covering

Beach and Florida Hospital Flagler, Palm Coast

a PGA Tour event at

in May 2015.

the time.

CHRIS FELIX ’86 designed a 20’x40’ banner featuring Harry Wright, one of the original Cincinnati Red Stockings, to hang from the Wegman Company building alongside I-75 and welcome MLB All-Star Game visitors.




In June, JACOB HARDIG ’09 graduated from the

STEVE BAILEY ’92 (pictued in the red shirt) is the creator and executive producer of The Valley, a locally-produced reality show that airs on Dayton’s CW (WBDT-TV) and is being distributed worldwide online. Season 2 was shot all over Dayton, Cincinnati, and parts of Louisville, and it premiered on September 13th.

U.S. Merchant Marine Academy with a Bachelor of Science in Maritime Transportation. He also successfully completed the U.S. Coast Guard Third Mate’s license and will serve as an ensign in the U.S. Naval Reserve. Jacob will begin his maritime career as a deck officer with the Military Sealift Command in Norfolk, VA. He also plans to undergo training in the surface rescue

ERIC TOTH ’89 was inducted

swimmer program for rescue at sea.

into the Cincinnati Tennis Hall of Fame in August. Eric is the head

KYLE ISAACK ’06 has been named

women’s tennis coach at the

the new Director of Advancement

University of Cincinnati and a

at the Athenaeum of Ohio

respected tennis instructor in the

and Mount St. Mary’s

community. While at Elder, he was

Seminary of the West.

named team captain and MVP and received the team

He notes that his

sportsmanship award three times. He also finished

personal mission

runner-up in the AAA Ohio State High School Doubles

is to strengthen the

Tournament. Eric attended UC where he also served as

Catholic Church and C

team captain and was twice named MVP. After college, he became a top nationally ranked Platform Tennis player, earning two APTA tour titles and four city titles.

Class of


just moved? job change? recently married? new addition to the family? e-mail brian bill at

to help inspire and engage the next generation of Catholics.


TYLER RICKETT ’14 received his Air Force wings from fellow Panther JOSH FREIDEL ’11.“Recognition” is the formal finale of the fourth-class year when the fourth-class cadets are recognized as upperclass cadets and are allowed to wear the Prop and Wings insignia on their flight caps.

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$2445 per person (land only)

8 days / 7 nights (13 meals)

limited seating (first come basis)

Sacramento, San Francisco, Monterey, Yosemite & more!

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Get a group together to experience one or more of our exciting trips planned for 2016 & 2017. Trip proceeds benefit the students of

Elder High School via the General Scholarship Fund.

California Train Tour with Tom & Bonnie Otten (July 30, 2016) Panama Canal Cruise (March 7, 2016) Sunny Portugal/Fatima (April 8, 2016) Canada/New England Cruise (October 1, 2016) European Danube River Cruise (September 2017) Hawaiian Island Cruise (2017)


For more details or brochure/reservation form contact Norb Guetle ’59 at 451.1227 / or go to Elder’s website at and click on “Alumni” in purple and then click on “Elder Travel”.

CLASS OF ’37 meets the last Thursday of every month, except Nov. or Dec., at noon at various locations. Call Gerry Kaufhold (937-429-3962).

CLASS OF ’51 meets for lunch on the first Wednesday of the month at 11:30 at Price Hill Chili. Call Gus Bonno (451-4147).

CLASS OF ’40 meets at various times throughout the year. Call Jim Brady (922-4491).

CLASS OF ’52 meets at Aston Oaks on the first Wednesday of every month March through November at 11:30. Call Jay Siegmundt (922-2331).

CLASS OF ’41 meets the third Wednesday of every month at noon at Ron’s Roost. Call Bud Kneflin (941-7734). CLASS OF ’42 meets at Price Hill Chili on the third Monday of every month at noon. Call Mike Kunnen (921-0668).

CLASS OF ’53 meets at Price Hill Chili on the first Thursday of every month at noon. Call Tom Kelley (922-2660). Help update our class list by sending your name and current email address to

CLASS OF ’43 meets at Price Hill Chili on the third Monday of every month at 11:30. Call Harry Lee (451-1732).

CLASS OF ’54 meets at Aston Oaks on the third Friday of every month at noon. Call Don Huber (467-1920).

CLASS OF ’45 meets at Western Hills Country Club on the second Friday of every month at noon. CLASS OF ’46 meets for lunch at Ron’s Roost on the first Monday of the month at noon. If a holiday falls on that day, the meeting will be held on the following Tuesday. Call Walt Butler (941-8356). CLASS OF ’47 meets at Nick & Tom’s Restaurant & Bar at 11:30 on the first Wednesday of Feb., Apr., Jun., Aug., Oct., Dec. Other events scheduled throughout the year. Call Jerry Metz (787-1470). CLASS OF ’48 meets on the first Wednesday of Mar., Jun., Sept. and Dec. at 11:30 at LaRosa’s on Boudinot. Call Bill Driehaus (922-8447). CLASS OF ’49 meets the fourth Friday of every month at 11:30 at Nick & Tom’s Restaurant. Call Glenn Laib (347-7139).

CLASS OF ’50 will celebrate its 65-year reunion on October 17, 2015. The class also meets on the third Friday of Jan., Apr., Jul. and Oct. at Aston Oaks at noon. Call Bob Habel (321-5938), Dan Bandenburg (353-0967), Jim Greiner (937-433-3570), or Al Yates (481-4904).

CLASS OF ’60 will celebrate its 55-year reunion on the weekend of October 9, 2015. The class also meets at Tap & Screw Brewery on the last Friday of the month at noon. Call Gus Becker (703-8051) or Jack Flanigan (941-7241).

CLASS OF ’61 hosts various events and “Steeple Chase” Masses throughout the year. Contact Jim Stanton (922-9260 or CLASS OF ’62 meets at Price Hill Chili on the second Friday of the month at noon. Call Dan Aug (812-537-4581). CLASS OF ’63 will meet for lunch at Noon at Jim & Jack’s on these remaining dates in 2015: Sept. 4 and Nov. 6. Contact Nick Hahn (706-1185 or

CLASS OF ’70 will celebrate its 45-year reunion on the weekend of October 9, 2015. Contact Bill Nolan (922-6967 or

CLASS OF ’75 celebrated its 40-year reunion on the weekends of August 28th and September 11th. Email Greg Meyers (

CLASS OF ’80 will celebrate its 35-year reunion on the weekend October 23, 2015. Email Don Andres ( or Tom Jennings (

CLASS OF ’85 will celebrate its 30-year reunion on the weekend of September 25, 2015. Email Tom Hoferer (

CLASS OF ’55 celebrated its 60-year reunion on the weekend of September 11th. The class meets on the last Thursday of the month at noon at Price Hill Chili. Call Ken Gilkey (941-3113) or Bill Backs (941-7045).

CLASS OF ’64 meets for lunch the third Wednesday of each month at noon at Jim & Jack’s Restaurant. Call Bob Schaefer (922-7100).

CLASS OF ’56 meets at the WerkHaus on the first Wednesday of the month at noon. Call Tom Sullivan (451-9164) or Tom Davoran (471-8817).

CLASS OF ’65 celebrated its 50-year reunion on the weekend of August 28th. The class meets the second Wednesday of the month at noon at Aston Oaks. Call Russ Brogan (471-4444) or Dave Moorman (382-9614).

CLASS OF ’95 will celebrate its 20-year reunion on the weekend of September 25, 2015. Contact Mike Robison (240-3467 or

CLASS OF ’66 meets for breakfast on the first Monday of every month at 9:00 at Jim & Jack’s. Contact Tom Scanlon (368-7621 or

CLASS OF ’00 will celebrate its 15-year reunion on the weekend of October 9, 2015. Contact Luke Busam (

CLASS OF ’57 meets for lunch at Nick & Tom’s Restaurant on the first Tuesday of every month at 1:30. Call Paul Brogan (467-1334) or Lynn Foltz (941-9660). CLASS OF ’58 meets regularly at Price Hill Chili on the second Tuesday of every month at noon. Contact Jim Heisel (451-4926 or CLASS OF ’59 meets on the first Thursday of the month at 11:30 at Maury’s Tiny Cove. Contact Norb Guetle (451-1227 or

CLASS OF ’67 meets the last Wednesday of every month except for Nov. and Dec. at 6:00 P.M. at Pirate’s Den. Contact Jim Nienaber (941-4098 or, Den Grawe (251-0481 or or Mike Maley (535-4653). CLASS OF ’69 meets the last Tuesday of every month except for Nov. and Dec. at Price Hill Chili at noon. Contact Tim Eagan (922-4339 or

CLASS OF ’90 will celebrate its 25-year reunion on the weekend of September 25, 2015. Contact Brian Stautberg (477-0579 or

CLASS OF ’05 celebrated its 10-year reunion on the weekend of September 11th. Contact Kyle Roedersheimer (256-5696 or

CLASS OF ’10 celebrated its 5-year reunion on the weekend of August 28th. Contact Pete Bachman (310-9272 or

Visit the Alumni page at to keep up-to-date on Alumni events and reunion information.


CHANGING OF THE SIGNS To honor someone is to regard him with great respect, a feeling of deep admiration elicited by his abilities, qualities, or achievements. Honor and respect are two words that are deeply woven into the fabric of Elder grads; two words that are not taken lightly and not easily earned. On September 20, 2014, thanks to the dedicated efforts of several members from the Class of 1966 and the very generous financial support of so many others, two highway signs were erected along Glenway Avenue in front of the Schaeper Center marking The Elder High School Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway. Since then, we have gathered monthly at the signs to honor “The Elder Eleven,” the eleven Elder graduates who made the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefields of Vietnam. We also honored “Elder’s Twelfth Man,” those who served in the military and became casualties from the Vietnam War either through wounds suffered in the theater of battle or from exposure to Agent Orange and like herbicides. Each month, we rotated the auxiliary markers, giving each grad one month’s time to be remembered and respected for the actions he took over 40 years ago. He gave his life so that others may live in freedom. Beginning this October 1st at 3:00 P.M., we will conduct our “Changing of the Signs” on an annual basis, honoring two grads – one name on each sign – for a full year. These ceremonies will always be free and open to the public. We hope you can join us as we continue to honor these men.

Brian Bill ’94 Assistant Development/Alumni Relations Director 513.921.3411 or












See adjacent page for more information or contact auction coordinator Mary Beth Meyer at 513.921.3426.

For prospective students and their families, 1:00-4:00 P.M. Contact our Admissions Office at 513.921.3427 for more information.


Thank you for your continued support of our students as they walk to raise important funds for Elder’s general scholarship fund and other deserving charities!


Presented by the Elder Businessmen’s Association (EBA) Students take a glimpse into their futures by exploring various careers and trades!



The Elder Eleven committee would like to thank all the grads, friends, families, and community members who donated funds toward the installation of the Elder High School Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway signs which are permanently displayed on the north side of Elder’s campus along Glenway Avenue. Fundraising efforts went above and beyond the committee’s expectations, so all additional funds were directed toward the Hank Mueller ’66/Elder Veterans Scholarship Fund at Elder. Scholarships are awarded annually from the Fund to students whose parent or direct family member actively serves or is a veteran of our nation’s military.

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Schools to which the Class of 2015 have been accepted. Auburn University University of Akron University of Alabama University of Arizona Art Academy of Cincinnati Ashland University Ball State University Baylor University Bellarmine University Berea College Bethel College Bowling Green University Brescia University Butler University Case Western Reserve University Centre College Christian Brothers University University of Cincinnati Cincinnati State Clemson University Cleveland State University University of Colorado Davidson College University of Dayton DePaul University DePauw University University of Denver College of DuPage Eastern Kentucky University Eastern Michigan University Fairfield University University of Florida University of Central Florida Florida State University Fontbonne University Franciscan University Georgetown College Hanover College Holy Cross College University of Illinois U-C Indiana University Indiana U-Purdue U Indianapolis University of Indianapolis John Carroll University Kent State University University of Kentucky University of Louisville University of MA Boston Marian University Marietta College Marquette University Maryville College Miami University University of Michigan University of Minnesota Morehead University Mt. St. Joseph University Mount Union Muskingum College North Carolina State Northern Kentucky University Notre Dame College University of Notre Dame Ohio Northern University Olivet Nazarene University The Ohio State University Ohio University Oklahoma State University Otterbein University University of Pittsburgh Plymouth State University Purdue University Rensselaer Institute of Technology University of Rochester Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Saint Michael’s College Seton Hall University St. Louis University Stonehill College Shawnee State University University of South Carolina Thomas More College University of Tennessee Tiffin University University of Toledo Trinity College Valparaiso University Villanova University Wabash College Washington University - St. Louis West Virginia University Western Kentucky University Wilmington College Wittenberg University Wofford College Wright State University Xavier University Youngstown State

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