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the cover The gateway to Elder's new baseball facility Jack Adam's Stadium. See page 16 for full story.

inside spread Congratulations to the cast & crew of the Seton-Elder Performing Arts Series production of the musical “SHREK”. The Musical was nominated for eight Cappies in their first year of eligibility after rejoining the program. Kudos to the entire cast, crew and directors on a truly memorable production!

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Individuals doing truly amazing things–that’s what makes Elder, well Elder. Taking Altiora to the next level, whether through years of service to the students in the classroom, using one’s God given talents in the work place or supporting ways to make Elder better for the next generation of students is something we do very well and for which we are extremely grateful and proud. As Elder continues to change and grow, we thank you for your passionate support of all things Elder.


Dear Members of the Elder Family, As is often the case, the quiet conversations parents have after dinner while doing the dishes are often about their children and the world they will inherit. How best to prepare them? And so it was a century ago, across west side neighborhoods, those kitchen discussions continued in the backyards while mothers hung their laundry. An idea began to take shape. The dialogue moved to the front porches then the parishes. Why not ask the archbishop if we could build a Catholic high school for our children! Monsignor Louis Nau, pastor of St. Lawrence parish, served as the spokesperson for the eleven pastors and hundreds of parishioners. Archbishop Henry Moeller, successor to and friend of the late William Henry Elder gave the go-ahead in November 1921—what a wonderful Thanksgiving the people of Price Hill had that year! The spirit of Elder was born—our characteristic persistence to work together in order to achieve truly amazing things. The construction of the school also marks the “birth” of the Elder Family, and our trademark determination to let no obstacle stand in the way of what we believe is best for our children. On September 13, 1922 Elder High School welcomed 452 students to the very first of the diocesan operated high schools. Teamwork continues to be our strength as you will see within these pages. Today, we continue to seek out ways to improve the Elder experience for our students. In fact, this summer marks the first of three summers of a mammoth undertaking—to replace the old heating system in our classrooms with one that provides heating/cooling. This and other renovations will provide an academic environment that enriches learning and teaching. Elder is a work in progress, always on the move. Those long-ago conversations were acted upon. Elder continues to be a center of action and excitement, focused on what is in the best interests of our students. Thank you for your support and encouragement. God bless & Altiora!

Tom Otten ’64 Principal


Each year, Elder’s Alumni Association recognizes graduates


and active supporters of the school through the presentation of the alumni awards in five areas. The origin of the award and the past recipients are listed below:

THE ATHLETIC EXCELLENCE AWARD, named in honor of Walter “Babe” Bartlett, Elder coach of many different sports for 25 years, covering four decades. It is awarded to a member of the Elder community who embraces the values of fair competition and whose tenacity and sacrifice have advanced the Elder athletic tradition. 1993 1994 1995 1996 97-98 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

Rev. Erwin Bertke ’35 Steve Grote ’73 Mike Honold ’56 Dan A. James ’55 Rev. Edward Rudemiller ’50 Paul “Hans” Frey ’57 Don Ruberg ’47 Jim Kelly ’46 Bill Wauligman ’65 Dave Dabbelt ’66 Dick Selcer ’55 Jim Massa ’50 Jerry Federle Bob Fry ’49 Ed Bauer ’71 Dick Royer ’55 John Raterman ’68 Paul Kelly ’55 Bill Krumpelbeck ’72 Ron Krechting ’68

THE CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP AWARD, given in the name of Rev. Urban J. Stang, a former Elder Principal. It is awarded to a member of the Elder community who best exemplifies the Christian values upon which Elder High School is based. 1993 1994 1995 1996 97-98 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2004 2005 2005 2006 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

Tom Darnell Tom Kelley ’53 Ed Willig, Sr. Larry Schmolt ’46 Rev. Jerome A. Schaeper Andy Hutzel ’90 Mark Klusman ’61 Bishop John Kaising ’54 Rev. Robert C. Berson ’41 Jack Carey ’70 Toby Heile Fr. T.J. Meehan ’63 Roger Auer ’72 Fr. Harry Gerdes ’53 Pat Fiorino Fr. Ralph Westerhoff ’54 Tom Bushman ’61 Dr. Richard Fry ’71 Greg Hyland ’68 Tony Maas ’78 Jerry ’78 & Nancy Hollenkamp Walt Amrein ’56 Dan Meyer ’74

THE CULTURAL ENRICHMENT AWARD, named in honor of Lee M. Trauth, longtime music teacher at Elder and composer of many of the Elder songs still used today. It is awarded to a member of the Elder community who has advanced the appreciation of culture in society.

THE PROFESSIONAL DISTINCTION AWARD, named in honor of Paul V. Stryker, a teacher at Elder for over 40 years. It is awarded to a member of the Elder community whose professional achievements foster superior performance in his peers as well as the men of Elder.

1993 1994 1995 1996 97-98 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

1993 1994 1995 1996 97-98 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2007 2008 2008 2009 2009 2010 2010 2011 2011 2012 2013

Dave Allen Geoff Drew ’80 Jim Borgman ’72 D. Michael Heath ’71 Timothy S. Perrino ’74 Tom Hessling Mary Alexander Peg Delaney Steve Geis ’70 Jim Dickman ’67 Bob Beemon ’72 Bob Dusold ’77 Jim Kraft ’72 Paul Daugherty Sean Kelley ’87 Jack Streitmarter ’68 Greg Mooter ’70 Greg Procaccino ’76 Paul Vollman ’80 Bill Tonnis ’78

Chuck Knepfle ’64 George A. Schaefer ’63 Rev. Bob Hasselhoff L. Rick Roedersheimer ’67 Robert A. Murphy, Jr. ’63 Joe Pedoto ’60 Ernie Ciambarella ’65 Gil Hageman ’64 Frank Tepe ’56 Rick Kohler ’63 Don Schmitt ’49 Butch Hubert ’59 Max Hofmeyer ’50 Tony Dattilo ’63 Tom Streicher ’71 Dennis Janson ’68 Ginger Louis John ”Satch” Coletta ’73 Pat Dinkelacker ’72 Jack Adam ’57 Ned Lautenbach ’62 Mike Cappel ’65 Dan Hilvert ’64 Tom Davoran ’56 Bill Hemmer ’83


THE SPIRIT AWARD, named in honor of Rev. Edward L. Rudemiller, alumnus and longtime athletic director. It is awarded to a member of the Elder community who perpetuates the unselfish enthusiasm that is the Elder experience. 1993 1994 1995 1996 97-98 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013

“Sarge” McQuaide Tom Austing ’61 Jim Murphy ’47 Tom Otten ’64 Dominic Bonavita Sue Pavey Russ Brogan ’65 John Zeiser ’55 Jim Zieverink ’78 Fr. Don Rettig John Eppensteiner ’70 Joe Lind ’53 Hal Grote Dale Weisker ’65 Jim Day ’47 Joe Acito ’63 Tom ’45 & Betty Tierney Norb Guetle ’59 Pat Emmett ’79 Leslie Lamps Elder Faculty & Staff



You won’t find a lot of people around Cincinnati who are as dedicated as Bernie Stowe. Everything he does has longevity – his marriage, his craft, his commitment to a school from which he did not graduate. As an alumni association, however, we are always proud to have Bernie in our corner. Whether he’s enjoying a few drinks and hours of camaraderie with the guys at Dad’s Club, helping us arrange the next Sports Stag speaker, or just stopping by the Alumni Office with his buddy Dominic Bonavita to say “hello”, Bernie is the kind of guy we like to call “one of our own”.

“What a blessing it was to work at Elder,” said Tom. He quoted The King and I when he said, “If you become a teacher, by your pupils you’ll be taught.” The biggest thing the faculty & students taught him was how to walk “Altiora”. Tom was on the staff at Elder High School for 40 years – the first six years teaching American History and the last thirty-four as a counselor. He also coached swimming, co-coordinated the canned food drive for ten years, and initiated and coordinated Elder’s in-house scholarship program for incoming freshmen.

He is always willing to help out whenever Elder asks. This has been most obvious whenever the alumni association goes seeking featured speakers for the annual Sports Stag. Major League Baseball Hall of Famer and former Cincinnati Red Joe Morgan said it best when he was the featured speaker at the 2012 Stag: “Bernie Stowe is the reason I agreed to be here this evening.”

His educational background includes graduating from St. Xavier High School; the Athenaeum of Ohio with a B.A. in Philosophy; a Master’s degree from Xavier University, majoring in counseling, history and government. Tom is a licensed professional counselor by the State of Ohio and is a certified school counselor. He also has permanent certification in Latin, history, and government.

Bernie has been married to his wife Priscilla for 56 years. Due to the financial constraints of a large family, Bernie did not graduate from Elder. Instead, he attended a vocational school. However, the Stowes’ commitment to a Catholic education is apparent in the lives of their four children, three of whom graduated from Elder – Mark ’76, Jeff ’79, and Rick ’83 – and a daughter who graduated from Seton – Kimberly ’77. The couple also has 12 grandchildren, two of whom have graduated from Elder and one is currently a freshman.

Since his retirement in 2002, Tom has taught Latin at Covedale School and has been very active as a volunteer for eight years at St. Boniface Church rectory. He currently volunteers at WVXU fundraisers, is producer/engineer for two radio programs on WMKV (89.3 FM on your dial), as front-desk receptionist at Catholic Charities, and teaches English as a second language to refugees at Catholic Charities. To quote a former student, “Tom Mason’s enthusiasm caused me to have a greater appreciation for history and fostered a love of reading.”

In 2008, Principal Tom Otten presented Bernie with an honorary diploma from Elder High School.


THE ATHLETIC EXCELLENCE AWARD BOB RONCKER ’61 Little did a sophomore in the fall of 1958 realize that a Cross Country team organized to keep Elder basketball players in shape would lead to a lifelong passion and career in the sport of running! During his senior year at Elder, Bob Roncker was State of Ohio runner-up in Cross Country. He then went on to the University of Cincinnati where he competed in Track and Cross Country. Bob graduated from U.C. in 1966 with Bachelor’s degrees in Spanish and Education, and then Elder’s athletic director Father Edward Rudemiller offered him the Cross Country job. In Bob’s three years of coaching at Elder, the Panthers won three GCL titles, two District titles and one runner-up, and three Regional titles. Bob had often thought of opening a running specialty shop. In 1981, he and his wife, Mary Ann opened the first Bob Roncker’s Running Spot. The store gradually expanded to four locations. In 2007, Bob was voted into the Independent Running Retailers Association Retailing Hall of Fame. In November 2013, Bob and Mary Ann sold the business to move onto the next phase of their lives. “Looking back,” he said. “it wasn’t by chance that I came to Elder and I’ve never regretted it.”



“There is no higher honor than to be called a Christian leader,” said Tom, and “to be honored by the school I love is extremely special.”

While at Elder, Nick served on the Student Council Board as a Senior, and he was also a member of the football, track and field and wrestling teams. Nick graduated from Xavier University in 1967 and then returned to Elder High School to teach American History where he also served as the Head Reserve Football Coach and Assistant Varsity Wrestling Coach during the ’67-’68 and ’68-’69 school years.

Tom was very active while at Elder, including being a three-year varsity football player and co-captain of the 1966 Panther team. He received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Cincinnati and a Master’s degree from Xavier University. Following college, Tom became a junior high school English teacher and school administrator from 1971 to 1981. He then became C.O.O. of a physician billing company for ten years and Vice President of Practice Development and Information Systems at the University of Cincinnati. In 1998, Tom founded and is President of a health care consulting firm. Tom’s career has been marked by a spirit of giving of himself to Elder and the community. In 2005, Tom, along with Elder’s director of campus ministry, Roger Auer, co-founded the Elder Spiritual Boosters. The primary focus of the boosters is to assist in the freshmen group experience and the growth of male spirituality and to engage fathers of students to take an active role in their sons’ faith development. Tom and his wife Kathy Grote Aug have been married for 43 years and have four children – three Elder grads and one Seton grad.

THE CULTURAL ENRICHMENT AWARD RODGER PILLE ’91 “If you’re not having fun, then no one else is.” These words, spoken by one of his mentors Dave Allen, are Rodger Pille’s mantra by which to live. When Rodger thanked the Alumni Association for this award, he said, “I didn’t feel like I deserved it yet, but will make good of it.” As a student, Rodger was an active participant in the experience that is Elder High School from glee club and Series at Eight to wrestling and writer for The Purple Quill.

Nick joined The Kroger Co. in 1970 as a Co-Manager of the Western Hills store. Nick retired from Kroger in 2007 as the Director of Corporate Brands. He was inducted into the Private Label Hall of Fame that same year for his role in helping to shape Kroger’s Corporate Brands strategy as well as championing the needs of the customer.

Upon graduation, he attended the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University and graduated cum laude in 1995. He began his career as a news reporter before joining the communications team at Cincinnati Museum Center. He is currently the Communications and Development Manager for Cincinnati Landmark Productions.

Over the years, Nick has served on various non-profit Boards in our community including six years on the Board of Crayons to Computer and ten years on the Board of the Freestore Foodbank. In 2006, he joined the Board of Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services, a local non-profit organization serving adults with severe mental illness in Hamilton County. Nick has served on Elder’s Alumni Board of Governors for the past 15 years and on Elder’s Advisory Board as Alumni Representative for the Class of ’63 for the past 2 ½ years.

Throughout his career, Rodger has kept up his love for theatre – performing and directing for several companies around town. He also can be seen – albeit briefly – in the George Clooney film The Ides of March, Hallmark Channel’s The Christmas Spirit, A&E Network’s Those Who Kill, and (hopefully) the upcoming Cate Blanchett film Carol.

Nick and his wife Barb live in Western Hills and they enjoy spending as much family time as possible with their adult children and grandchildren.

Rodger and his wife Krista Katona Pille live in Western Hills with their son Charlie, who will attend Our Lady of Visitation as a first grader this fall.



t the end of this last school year, ray bachus decided to retire from the classroom after teaching young men for 45 years. After graduating Elder in 1965, Ray went on to the University of Dayton, playing football, graduating in 1969, and returning to Elder to teach English and coach multiple sports. Any student who has been present in Mr. Bachus’s class could appreciate his “no-nonsense” approach to education, as he tried to help each student progress through Sophomore English and Reading. Likewise, Ray’s long tenure in the classroom had a particular focus—to help boys mature into responsible young men. Most Elder students consider Mr. Bachus a true taskmaster, and many an Elder graduate can remember how Ray’s lessons went far beyond the classroom. With reasonable demands, Ray raised the bar on personal behavior, academic obligations and social accountability. “Self-discipline” was Mr. Bachus’s mantra, and if a student followed Ray’s lead, he could become that better man, an Elder man. Similarly in athletics, where Mr. Bachus coached both football and basketball, the coach asked his players to practice disciplined habits and work to their best abilities, a natural extension of teaching. After all, coaches are teachers first. A tough-minded and demanding leader, Ray never asked more from his players than he was willing to find in himself, or to give to his sport. And in return, his players rewarded Coach Bachus with stellar performances and lasting memories. The most rewarding experience for any coach is for a former player, now responsible adult, to return to give thanks to his coach, not for the memories, but for paving the pathway of a young man’s life. Many a player has returned to thank Ray. Several years ago, after the retirement of Mr. Bill Kolkmeyer, Ray added the duties of Business Manager of Athletics to his busy schedule. After his departure from the classroom, Mr. Bachus still will hold the Business Manager position, a task which brings with it extended hours and some exhausting duties. Elder’s fourteen sports, hundreds of athletes and various facilities require constant attention. However, for Ray these responsibilities, attentively watched over and cared for, all come together to make Elder that “better place” where young people can enjoy their lives. Like so many other students and teachers, coaches and staff, Mr. Bachus has served his school, his community and his God in a manner which reflects the motto on the gymnasium wall, “What I had, I gave.” Ray Bachus has given much to Elder and continues to give in so many ways. Altiora!


ven though i´d been around elder for a while, i would always get a little nervous when it was my turn to be evaluated as a teacher. A couple of times a year I had to schedule a visit by our Foreign Language Department head, Mr. Richard M. Grosser, so that he could write up a report on me. I guess I always felt a little bit as Dick’s Spanish students must have felt before a big test. Dick had a reputation as a no-nonsense educator, and he would always get good results from his classes. And I suppose I didn’t want to disappoint him, either. So I always made a point of being well prepared. However, in spite of his reputation as a hard taskmaster, Dick was warmhearted, and all he really wanted was for his students to put forth their best effort. As far as I was concerned, I needn’t have worried about my evaluations. Dick spent more time preparing for his visits to my class than I spent getting ready for them. He had pre-evaluation forms and post-evaluation forms to examine. He spent hours carefully selecting his comments about my classroom performance. In the 43 years he served as my department chairman, every single comment he made on paper was positive, supportive, and designed to build me up professionally. And even though he knew that everything on those evaluation forms was upbeat and helpful, he always ran them past me for my inspection before he signed them and turned them in. Dick Grosser gave a lifetime of his best service to Elder High School. He started in the middle of the 1969-1970 school year, and he devoted all of his efforts to his students, to his department members, to his school. He was himself a graduate of St. Xavier High School, but he became more of an Elder man than most Elder graduates. Anyone who had dealings with Dick saw his warmly human side. Dick spent years poring over scholarship applications so Elder students could stay at Elder. He went to Spain with his Spanish students and freely gave of his time and expertise so as to enrich their travel experiences. He loved baseball and loved even more being able, as a coach, to share his love of the game with grade-schoolers. Dick always showed his love of and his strong support for his own family. There has never been a more loving father or grandfather than Dick Grosser. Thanks, Dick, for everything you’ve given us. And have a great retirement! You deserve it. Hasta luego, amigo.



After three quick years, Fr. Don succeeded Fr. Tom Duesing, ’48 as Moderator of the Alumni Association while continuing to teach German and serve as assistant at local parishes. Realizing Fr. Don’s laid back personality and the hectic pace of his new job, that year’s Alumni President Russ Brogan ’65 quickly took Fr. Don “under his wings” as moderator. That guidance and Fr. Don’s dedication to Elder resulted in a record setting career of service among priest/faculty of forty-three years and unprecedented service to the Alumni Association for forty years.

Dave was in the prime of a very successful career at Procter & Gamble, when he realized something was missing in his life. He wanted to make a difference in the lives of young people, so he began taking night classes at the College of Mount St. Joe where after a couple of years his received a degree in education. He began his illustrious Elder career teaching Algebra II and Trigonometry, and Physics. After two years, he taught exclusively Physics. Dave’s love of physics and enthusiasm to teach the young minds of Elder High School drove him to start Introduction to Engineering in 1995 as well as Introduction to Astronomy and several AP Physics classes.

Veteran French teacher Roger Rosen, ’67 and Fr. Don were the only new teachers at Elder in the fall of 1971. “Fr. Don was fresh out of the seminary, ready to begin parish work and eager to get started at reworking the German program at Elder. He certainly made a lasting impression in both fields.” Roger remembers that Fr. Don had made innumerable trips to Germany and forever instilled in his classes an authenticity which only could come from frequent contact with the homeland.

Outside of the classroom Doc was involved as Moderator of the Future Engineers Club (which led to the Intro to Engineering class), he compiled and wrote History of Elder Football; edited and published Elder sports newspaper (“The Prowler”) which led to the Prowler Online Elder Sports Archives Website just to name a few. He also helped design the New Science Lab in Room 316, and was Science Department Chair for several years.

Roger believes that Fr. Don’s take on things was always refreshing, “He loved teaching and loved opening up the world to his German students. I could tell they had a genuine affection for him and know they will miss him as much as colleagues in the Foreign Language Department.”

Most people would say their parents are the people who have molded them into the individuals they have become. My parents were very instrumental in many of my decisions and I love them with all my heart. But, David R. Sharp has touched my life and has made me the person I am today. Who would have thought a conversation at my locker outside Dave’s homeroom around 9:30AM during study hall in the fall of 1987 would have had a lasting impression on my life.

n the fall after his ordination in 1971 when enrollment at elder was close to its greatest in history, fr. donald r. rettig joined the elder faculty as a member of the foreign language department teaching german and religion. Unbeknown to him or Elder High School, this was only the beginning of an incredible and storied career that would span over four decades in service to the Elder Family.

In 1976, Ginger Louis, who recently retired after 37 years from her bookkeeping job, began working part time in the Alumni Office with Fr. Don. “One of my memories is when we started keeping all the alumni records on computer and entering each individual for the first time on our “Radio Shack Computer”. We now keep more information than we ever dreamed possible.” About Fr. Don’s career at Elder, Ginger added, “He has always been very dedicated, juggling his parish duties, his teaching and all he has done for the Alumni Association and Elder.” Russ Brogan summed it all up with his admiration for his good friend, “Fr. Don has constantly been a spiritual and moral leader; always there for the many needs of Elder, the Alumni Association, graduates, students and faculty.”

fter 28 years of teaching at elder high school, david r. sharp ⁽doc⁾ is leaving the elder family. In 1986, Elder High School made a fantastic decision in the hiring of “Doc” to help bolster the Math and Science Department. Elder would never be quite the same with Doc as a member of the faculty, who would always say, “its all physics all the time”.

My only regret after getting to know the man we call “Doc” for 28 years, is not starting a family sooner so my two young boys, 13 and 12, would have the privilege to be taught by Mr. David R. Sharp, The Educator, The Listener, The Leader, and The Ultimate Friend. Dave has touched the hearts, minds, and souls of many at Elder High School. I can honestly say I would not be the person I am today if it wasn’t for David R. Sharp (Doc). You will be missed, but never forgotten.

All above photos are from the 1987 Elderado.

Class of 2018 HONORS


PROGRAM Inductees:

Rob Adams St. Als (Bridgetown)

Danny Hurley St. Antoninus

Nick Albers OL Victory

Louis Langen St. Ignatius

Justin Besl St. Dominic

Adam Klaserner OL Lourdes

Ben Blake St. Jude

Nick Maurer St. Jude

Eric Bley St. Jude

Jacob Melvin St. Dominic

Nick Cron St. Dominic

Nicholas Merk St. Martin

David Daeschner OL Visitation

Braedy Murphy OL Visitation

Tyler Durr St. Jude

Danny Nieman St. Jude

Brent Gavin OL Victory

Owen Plagge OL Victory

Eric Groll OL Victory

Mark Smith St. Ignatius

Jacob Gutzwiller St. Dominic

Jason Sponaugle OL Lourdes

Jack Harrison St. Jude

Seth Sturwold St. Als (Bridgetown)

Connor Hirth St. William

Nicholas Sullivan St. Ignatius

Josh Hoffman St. Dominic

Matthew Tressler St. Jude

Elder is offering a one week course for eighth grade boys to help them prepare for the High School Placement Test (HSPT). This class is taught by highly skilled teachers who are proficient in their respective fields. The class will allow boys to: • Take Practice Tests • Learn Test Taking Skills • Review Materials on the Math and Language Portions of the HSPT • Participate in Fun Activities • Gain Insight on the High School Admissions Process • Experience Elder

July 29 -August 1 August 5 - 8 August 12 -15* * August 12-15 session will only be available if the other two sessions fill up

To register go to or contact JP Owens at


The West Point Society hosted their second annual Leadership and Ethics Seminar. The seminar provided selected sophomore, juniors and faculty members from various high schools the opportunity to experience some of the leadership and ethics training developed for cadets at the US Military Academy at West Point. Guidance Counselor Ken Sovern accompanied juniors Collin Schwiers & Nick Conda.

On Tuesday, March 5th, the Elder community raised $2093.50 for the Colon Cancer Alliance. These funds were raised in support of Elder parents, Debby Smith, Laura Ostertag, and Pam Peters, who are fighting this battle with colon cancer. Thank you to all the Elder students who donated and wore blue in recognition of colon cancer awareness.

This February students from the Elder Glee Club performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity was made possible because of a recommendation by award-winning composer and arranger Greg Gilpin.

The Varsity Academic Team (pictured below) won their 8-team division of the Greater Cincinnati Academic League this season. The team was led by Matt Murray and Will Brueggemeyer. By winning the league, the team qualified to compete in the Ohio Academic Championship regional match on April 12. The team had a very successful season at 7-1 as well

Congratulations to these three Elder seniors who have been nominated for appointment to the United States Service Academies Classes of 2018 by Congressman Steve Chabot!

as a 3rd place finish in the Pre Season Tournament.

The Elder team turned in its best-ever finish

They made it to the third round in the State Competi-

at TechOlympics Expo 2014, (ranking

tion. Congrats on a great season! Pictured L to R are:

ahead of the likes of St. Xavier, Moeller,

Nick Conda, Collin Schwiers, Ric Ceddia, Matt

Walnut Hills & Oak Hills). Matthew Murray

Murray, Nick Ellerhorst and Will Brueggemeyer.

won the “Academic Quiz” and David Stein reached the quarter-finals in the “Mario Kart” tournament. Other members are Jimmy Alexander, Anthony Bauer, Michael Kay, Matt Kenkel, Noah Mastruserio, Jacob Mueller, Noah Peterson, Richard Rentz, and Patrick Sullivan. The team is led by Steve Maurer, along with head coach Mr.

Kyle Berndsen - U.S. Military Academy Benjamin Hayhow - U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Tyler Rickett - U.S. Air Force Academy

Rick Nohle, and assistant coach Mr. Jeff Fuell.



Elder Students Receive

16 Scholastic Art Awards

Since 1923, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards has recognized the exceptional vision of our nation’s youth, and provided a singular opportunity for students to be noticed for their creative talents. It has grown to be the longest-running, most prestigious recognition program for creative teens in the U.S., and the largest source of scholarships for young artists and writers. The Awards received 230,000 original works from students during its 2013 program year. Students’ submissions are judged on the Awards’ core values: originality, technical skill, and the emergence of personal voice or vision. ELDER HIGH SCHOOL’S art

department IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE ELDER’S REGIONAL WINNERS FOR THE SCHOLASTIC ART AWARDS: HONORABLE MENTION WINNERS: Patrick Doll ’14 Painting “Corrupt Smoke “ Julian Gregory ’15 Sculpture “The Raven” Connor Lane ’17 Mixed Media “Mountain Climbing” Alex Mastruserio ’16 Printmaking “Comrade Stalin” Ben Merk ’15 Painting “The Fisherman” Sam Middendorf ’16 Printmaking “Floral Execution” Ryne Poli ’15 Painting “The Henge” Michael Rosen ’17 Sculpture “Modern Plague Mask”

GOLD KEY WINNERS (pictured right): Ryan Anneken ’17 Drawing “Ellie Goulding” Jordan Jacob ’15 Digital Art “Life Is Ruff” Michael Rosen ’17 Mixed Media “Text In Text” Danny Theders ’16 Mixed Media “Party In The Tree” SILVER KEY WINNERS: Ryan Anneken ’17 Drawing “Flowing Fingers” Julian Gregory ’15 Sculpture “Nostalgia” Franky Morena ’17 Mixed Media “Nky” Patrick O’Conner ’16 Mixed Media “Pickup Sticks”

Three Elder art students had their work win at the Regional level this year. Those students were Jake Bono ’15, Alex Mastruserio ’16 and Patrick O’Conner ’15 (pictured left). Alex Mastruserio and Patrick O’Conner’s works were selected to be part of this statewide exhibition. Congratulations, gentlemen!

icks” er ’15 up St nn “Pick ick O’Co tr by Pa




Over the past couple months, four Elder art students have been working to create a mural based upon Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. The mural is located at Crossroad Health Center West, a nonprofit Christian community health center. The student artists are Jake Meyer ’14, Kyle Marenco ’14, Julian Gregory ’15 and Max Merritt ’16.


As a part of their celebration of Catholic Schools Week, the members of Elder’s Philanthropy Club helped Mr. Tony Fairhead, director of Childhood Food Solutions, prepare sacks of food that will be distributed to expectant mothers. Mr. Fairhead explained the importance of adequate maternal nutrition to achieve a reduction in the frequency of premature births. The Philanthropy Club, as part of the area-wide Magnified Giving Program, will choose one nonprofit agency to receive a $1000.00 grant.

Jan Kennedy has devoted her professional life to Catholic education. She has held many positions in her 45 years in the education realm such as: adjunct professor, development director, teacher, principal, assistant superintendent, and college counselor. For the past three years, in her most recent role of Collegiate Coordinator, she has guided Elder students through the college process from advice on college programs, to essay writing, to meeting with college representatives – Jan has been a tremendous asset. Her desire and commitment to enlighten students and to improve the quality of education is to be commended. We wish Jan the best in her welldeserved retirement. Congratulations Jan. Enjoy Ireland!

If development is about building relationships, then we could all learn a lesson from Pat Fiorino, because building relationships is something she has done extremely well in her 27 years at Elder. Each and every day Pat sits at her desk, some visiting alumnus or curious student will stop in the Development Office to see Mrs. Fiorino, just to say “Hello” or take a piece of candy from her always-filled jar. Pat’s “Elder experience” with husband Frank ’59 and son Tony ’87 have only deepened her Purple roots. She has just the right amount of sass (they don’t call her “Sweetness” for nothing), compassion and knowhow to help all of us do our jobs a little better. While her job can be learned, her vast knowledge of all things Elder is irreplaceable. She will be sorely missed when she retires at the end of June. We wish you nothing but the best Pat!

“ Guardian Angel”

We are excited to announce a recent gift of $2.5 million received from the school’s family. This gift is directed to the school’s need-based aid program since “tuition assistance is the only way many families are able to even consider Elder as a possibility for their sons,” said Tom Otten. Tom explained that the family, who wishes to remain anonymous, earned the nickname “because they seem to be aware of our most pressing needs, yet choose to avoid the spotlight. Instead the donor family has chosen to work through their investment advisor seeking ways they can help Elder.”

“ Guardian Angel”

The family has made several large donations to Elder over the past several years for the staff retirement program, PAC, technology and financial aid. Otten remarked,“Apparently our Guardian Angels were so pleased with the outcome of that initial tuition-aid gift they chose to increase their investment with this gift. And that’s exactly what it is—an investment in the future. Education helps shape potential and possibilities. Lives are changed. Investing in young people is a no-brainer. I am forever grateful to our Guardian Angel family.”

Phone-a-thon Wrap Up Another Annual Fund Phone-a-thon is already on the books. Thanks to everyone who took the time to talk to our students who contacted them and for your generous support. Elder students receive nearly $3.5 million in tuition assistance each year. Tuition assistance comes in the form of Honors Program scholarships, High School Placement Test scholarships and financial aid for those who qualify. Every dollar donated to the Annual Fund helps give a student the opportunity to have an Elder experience. If you have not done so already, please consider a gift to this year’s Annual Fund. Individuals who make a donation by June 30, 2014 will have their name included in our Honor Roll edition of the September PRIDE. 2014 Phone-a-thon workers pictured l to r: John Capannari, Brad Murphy, Ben Smith, Michael Jones, Mitch Harter, Lee Lutz and Jonathan Reiter.


Catanzaro Photography

Varsity A finished the season with a 15-5 record. We finished 3rd at Sectionals, and placed in the top 5 at Districts. Senior Nick Roth set a new school record for a three game series with a 758. Senior Josh Guy had the best single season statistically ever with a 215.5 average, breaking Craig Sherrill’s record. Our Varsity B team finished the season with a perfect 14-0 record. TEAM AWARDS

Captain: Nick Roth Most Valuable: Josh Guy Most Improved: Josh Guy Mr. Panther: Andrew Price

Jason Roush’s first season as the Head Wrestling Coach went great thanks to his assistant coaches, hard working wrestlers and parents who were willing to adapt to a new coach. The team finished 2nd in the GCL, 3rd at Sectionals, and had two individual District Champions. TEAM AWARDS

Captains: Jake Conner, Evan Morgan & Nick Taylor Most Improved: Nick Taylor Most Valuable Wrestler: Jake Conner Mr. Panther: Evan Morgan Mr. ZIP: Nathan McClanaha AWARDS & ACHIEVEMENTS

• Jake Conner placed 6th at State • Evan Morgan made his second trip to the state tournament and finished his career with the 4th most wins in school history • Nick Taylor placed 3rd at Sectionals • Nathan McClanahan wrestled in four different weight classes

Senior Mitch Godar placed 7th in the Division I State Diving meet with a score of 460.15. Godar was the only local student to qualify for the finals. TEAM AWARDS

Most Improved: Zach Goodwin Most Valuable: Mitch Godar & Ben Hayhow Mr. ZIP: Josh Patty



The Panthers finished second in the GCL with a 4-2 league mark and a 17-7 record overall. A dramatic second half-comeback victory over La Salle, after the Panthers trailed by 22 points in the third quarter, highlighted an 8-1 record in The Pit. The team also won the Fort Lauderdale Beach Holiday Classic in December. TEAM AWARDS

Best Defensive Player: Austin Cipriani Leading Rebounder: Devin Pike Leading FT Shooter: Justin Tebbe Most Improved: Brad Miller & Mitch Moorhead Mr. Panther: Kyle Koppenhoefer Mr. ZIP: Thomas Autenrieb & Justin Tebbe Team Player: Michael Jones GCL ALL-STARS

First Team: Devin Pike & Brad Miller Second Team: Peyton Ramsey & Joey Sabato

It was a rebuilding year that saw great improvement in each player. Only two players graduate, so the ’14 -’15 team will be loaded with experienced players. TEAM AWARDS

Captains: Sam Coffaro, Evan Deller & Jason Martini Hobey Baker Award: Jared Schoenung Kurt Oblinger Award: Jason Martini Most Improved Forward: Sam Coffaro Most Improved Defensemen: Brady Schultz Most Valuable Player: Jared Schoenung Mr. ZIP: Evan Erpenbeck Panther Award: Evan Deller GCL ALL-STARS

First Team: Jason Martini Second Team: Jared Schoenung Honorable Mention: Sam Coffaro, Evan Deller & Evan Erpenbeck

Elder High School was proud to have thirteen student athletes sign letters of intent to participatein collegiate athletics. Dustin Applegate - football University of Urbana Austin Cipriani - football University of Dayton Jacob Conners - wrestling Franklin & Marshall College Tyler Dugan - baseball Thomas More College Josh Enginger - soccer Cincinnati State Brian Guck - baseball Adrian College Kory Hammann - soccer Cincinnati State Kyle Koppenhoefer - baseball University of Cincinnati Taylor Lee - football University of Cincinnati Tony Mazza - footbal University of Dayton Kevin Pickett - football Eastern Illinois University Devin Pike - football Wake Forest University Chris Schroer - football Columbia University


This season, Elder Baseball won GCL outright for the first time since 2005.

Most of us hope to have a place we call home. Baseball teams are no different. For nearly a century, the Elder baseball program was without a true home, until Saturday. The Panthers pulled the curtain off the freshly furnished Jack Adam Baseball Stadium – the centerpiece of the Panther Athletic Complex – for a doubleheader against Turpin. Elder principal Tom Otten addressed the crowd before the game with a message that rang true, admitting “It’s good to be home.” Relief and nostalgia filled the 500-seat stadium anchoring home plate. Relief because the final piece of a decade-long puzzle had settled comfortably into place, and nostalgia because baseball, especially, is a game that remembers everything. Missing for the Panthers was a place to house their memories. “There’s no place like it, we're humbled and fortunate that we get to play in this environment,” said Elder coach Mark Thompson, who's in his 25th season and has never had a losing year. The day had the feeling of a family affair, an array of old and young faces streaked with smiles, transfixed by all that was and optimistic for what’s next. Jack Adam, a 1957 Elder graduate, challenged the Elder faithful with an offer – he would cover half of the $500,000 stadium if they could raise the other half. Adam said he had no doubt that Elder fans would match his pledge. “From the first week I spent at Elder, I just kind of fell in love with it,” said Adam, who resides in Dayton. “It seems like there”s always people at Elder who are willing to step forward.” Elder has embraced generosity and community. It’s a school that embodies its slogan, “Altiora” – to strive for the higher things. “That’s what this (stadium) is,” said athletic director Dave Dabbelt. “It’s the whole Elder concept of giving back and striving for the higher things.” Elder baseball is steeped in history. It's a program that leads the state in all-time wins (1,403), state championships (12) and ranks third in the country in wins, according to the National Federation of State High School Associations. Five titles separate Elder from league-rival Moeller in the all-time state championships race. The Crusaders, with seven, have won three since 2009. Elder has won a title in every decade since the 1940’s, with its last coming in 2005. “To see all the old players come back, that's probably been the neatest thing for me,” said Thompson. Elder’s no stranger to great stadiums. In the early 1930’s, construction started on a concrete football stadium that would eventually seat 10,000 people and become affectionately known as “The Pit.” That first generation of Panthers executed a vision, and set a precedent that influenced a group of seven Elder grads that set out to make the PAC a reality in 2002. “I just hope our kids come away with the same passion they did in the 30's and early 2000’s,” said Dabbelt. So began the record of a new chapter; the Panthers are “To see 2-0 in their new stadium, beating Turpin 5-0 and 9-1. After all the old 91 seasons of baseball, Elder has much to show, much to be proud of, and now they can be players come proud of the place they call home.

back, that’s probably been the neatest thing for me,”


said Thompson.



SUNDAY, APRIL 20, 2014.

Elder’s catcher Sam Hauer returns the baseball to Jack Adam ’57 after the ceremonial first pitch.

Leaving a Legacy for Generations

Toby Heile, Director of Planned Giving


ship to provide tuition grants to needy Elder students. She also continued


to support her fellow female grads by hosting an annual “lady grads tea”

AUBERGER, CLASS OF 1927. Sophia’s passing represented the end of a

at her home on Pleasure Drive near St. William Church. The Aubergers’

prominent part of the school’s history unknown to many. She was among

good friend Fr. J. Paul Gruber, Elder faculty member and later Principal,

90 female students to graduate from Elder that attended the Vincent

would celebrate Mass for the women. Sophie served on Elder’s 50th

Avenue campus from the fall 1923 through the

Anniversary Committee in 1972-1973, as well as the

spring of 1927. In fall of that year, Seton High

75th Anniversary Committee in 1997-1998 and that

School, an all-girls school opened its doors on

year hosted her “lady grads” luncheon and tea at

property adjoining Elder. After Elder, she attended

Elder. From the 1985 inaugural year of the “Over-50

and graduated from the University of Cincinnati.

Dinner Dance” at Elsaesser’s Farm, Sophie served on the committee as well as prepared all the seating

Sophie, as we fondly called her, left a legacy far

arrangements and setup for the over 200 grads and

greater than being the last living female graduate of

wives in attendance.

Elder. She had become a dynamic part of the school as a fountain of information about the “old days”

As you can

of Elder and participating in many programs and

see by

activities over many years, even to within just days

now this

preceding her 105th birthday in January. Many

was one special

contributions that enhanced her alma mater will never be known. However her loyalty, spirit, and immersion into Elder

lady who gave her all to her

cannot be matched.

alma mater for decades. Her legacy will continue

Frank Auberger, class of 1928, attended Elder three years with Sophie.

far into the future of Elder

They were acquaintances, but not good friends until years later. Their

through the scholarship

fondness for each other grew strongly and they married in 1937 and

she established to help

later both worked at the Price Hill Provident Bank Branch that Frank

young men experience

managed. They became active and involved in a multitude of activities

the great atmosphere

including the planning and fulfillment of many social gatherings for

she helped create

the predominantly priest faculty in the 1950’s and early 1960’s. Sophie

during her four years

would also regularly wash and iron the altar linens for Elder’s Chapel

as a student that

of Saint Henry.

continued to her age of

When Frank died suddenly in 1970, Sophie continued her generosity and

one hundred

commitment by the creation of the Sophia and Frank Auberger Scholar-

and five.


An Unkept Secret the PASSPORT CAMPAIGN Continues by Tom Reiring



r’s to Eltduere Fu

ver the past two years we have sought input from all of Elder’s various

constituencies– alumni, students, faculty and staff, financial supporters and

current and prospective parents. The groups have been surveyed and focus groups conducted. Additionally, teams of alumni, faculty and students visited a succession of local and regional very successful Catholic high schools. We wanted to know what our stakeholders felt was important. What should an Elder High School education look like both today and for the future? Helping to meet current and anticipated needs will be the focus of the continuation and completion of the Passport Capital Campaign. We know that we have an opportunity to help guarantee a strong Elder High School for future generations. As Tom Otten often reminds people, the goal in fundraising for Elder is to guarantee that we are able to provide what the students need to achieve their full potential. Providing tuition

assistance, a strong course of study, outstanding faculty and good facilities are all critical to creating the best possible learning environment.




is to provide a The classroom environment that will support every student as they strive to maximize their academic potential.

• Replace the school’s vintage 1950 heating and ventilation system • Install air conditioning across the campus • Replace the electrical service • New LED lighting • Windows will be replaced in the north wing and campus wide as funding allows • A campus wide security system will be installed

CONTINUE & STRENGTHEN ELDER’S FINANCIAL COMMITMENT TO TUITION ASSISTANCE Each year it becomes more clear that the costs of education increase at a higher rate than the income of most Elder parents. Providing tuition assistance is a must if Elder is going to be able to maintain its unique position in the Catholic education community.

ADDITIONAL FACILITY UPGRADES TO SUPPORT THE SCHOOL’S PRIORITY COMMITMENTS Upgrade facilities as needed and support areas that the school has decided warrant priority attention. They include, but are not limited to:

• This year Elder students will receive over $3.5 million in tuition assistance and scholarship aid. These funds come from a variety of sources all connected to the generosity of the Elder family, e.g. the Annual Fund, endowed scholarships and yearly funded scholarships as well as “surplus” from the spirit store, Walk for Others, Elderama auction, cafeteria, vending machines. The Elder Family takes care of our students. • Funding for already endowed scholarship funds and tuition assistance as well as establishing new funds is a priority. • Funding tuition assistance on a yearly basis is essential.

• Academic programs

few weeks ago we brought together, at the home of Tom ’72 and Arlene Mendel, a loyal group of benefactors. Tom Otten talked through the current priorities for the school as you see outlined to the left. A highlight of the evening was that Tom announced a recent $2.5 million anonymous gift from a source we have come to call our “guardian angel.” Tom went on to challenge those in attendance, and all loyal Elder supporters to either be a guardian angel or to help Elder identify additional benefactors. Initial estimates to fund the above priorities are in the $10 $15 million range.


• College counseling • Community outreach


• Faculty development • Fine arts • Recruiting of students • Technology




the list below is comprised of those who we became aware of having passed away since the last issue of the pride. a list of all deceased since 2009 can be viewed at Sophia Auberger ’27 Harry Monnig ’35 Joseph H. Lutmer ’38 Melvin J. Summe ’38 Alvin Hucke ’40 Eugene D. Hunt ’40 Bernard T. Westendorf ’40 Cleary Buchert ’41 Raymond Knue ’41 James J. Murray ’41 Fred J. Kellerman ’43 William Berding ’44 Charles F. Murphy ’44 Edward Niehaus ’44 Norbert J. Bunke ’45 Vincent Schmutte ’45 Ernest J. Timperman ’45 Paul Drennan ’46 Clyde Gutzwiller ’49 Richard A. Caruso ’50 Paul Cunningham ’50 Edward M. Kraemer ’50 Lawrence P. Stocker ’51 John Gerke ’55 Robert Inderhees ’55 Bernard Menke ’55 Gerald Seeger ’55 Robert Stahl ’55 Robert F. Seitzer ’58 Ronald B. Doepker ’59 Albert L. Prost ’60 R. Stephen Gunn ’61 Charles Edrich ’62 James A. Hayden ’63 Edward Wesseling ’63 James R. Krumpelbeck ’64 Daniel Oberjohann ’65 Ronald J. Drapp ’67 Thomas J. Keiner ’67 Elmer C. Knapp ’67 Raymond A. Honkomp ’68 Dennis J. Seyferth ’70 James R. Bolger ’73 Andrew W. Backs ’79 Steven D. Dine ’79

Jan. 29 Feb. 18 May 15 Apr. 30 Feb. 7 May 10 Feb. 22 May 5 Apr. 20 Apr. 4 Feb. 16 Feb. 11 Feb. 24 Mar. 25 Mar. 28 Mar. 25 May 7 Jan. 31 Mar. 11 May 1 Mar. 21 Apr. 28 Mar. 26 Mar. 19 Mar. 30 Mar. 21 Jan. 20 Mar. 7 Jan. 25 May 13 Apr. 15 May 7 Mar. 27 Apr. 21 Jan. 18 Mar. 11 Jan. 19 May 8 Apr. 27 Apr. 18 Apr. 17 Jan. 25 Jan. 17 May 18 Feb. 6


DAVE RICKERT ’61 (back row center) dedicated his participation in the Bataan Death March Marathon at the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico to

Former Elder tennis player RON CHABOT ’65

the memory of Elder classmate JIM HASSETT who

attended the Elder-Anderson match at the PAC on

passed away in June 2013. Another classmate,

April 9th. All the Elder tennis players were able to

DAVE BOCKENSTETTE, drove over 300 miles from

meet Joe and thanked him for showing up at match.

Albuquerque to support Dave and his efforts. Dave described the marathon as the hardest physical test he has ever undertaken.

so much changes in the course of a school year. we’d like to

MARK MORAND ’70 retired in 2010 after serving for 32 years as a Hamilton County probation officer.

keep you updated on current

He and his wife Roxanne have been married for

events and happenings around

38 years, and they have three children and one

elder. please send your current email address to:



grandchild. They enjoy traveling and will visit with their daughter in Australia this year. Mark has authored a book called Mechanical Man which was published in January.

Family and friends of JEFF WEBER ’83 gathered at the


PAC on April 1st for a tree dedication and memorial service. Jeff passed away in August 2013, leaving behind two daughters, Michelle and Ashley, who are pictured here with Jeff’s parents Judy and TOM ’59.

During its April class luncheon and in preparation for its upcoming 50th class reunion celebration, the CLASS OF 1964 held a split-the-pot and raffle to raise money for its newly-established permanent scholarship at Elder! MIKE CHENAULT ’64 hand-crafted a leather belt buckle for a raffle prize!


On February 26th, JACK KRAFT ’76 was sworn in as the new police chief for the Cleves (OH) Police Department. He resides

FRANK LOHMILLER ’89 and son CONNOR ’17 are sponsoring the 2nd Annual Fight for Sight Softball Tournament in September. Connor was diagnosed with Stargardt’s disease, a very rare macular degenera-

in Cleves with his wife Lori

In February, two of Elder’s tennis

tive eye disease. St. Dominic’s Old-timer’s Softball

and their three sons, Dan,

alumni and current NCAA Division I

team will be defending their title in this year’s event.

Tim and Joe.

tennis head coaches had their teams square off against one another. The

JOE LIND, JR. ’78 was named

Michigan State Spartans led by coach

senior vice president of Simply

GENE ORLANDO ’83 (above) hosted

Money Advisors in Sycamore

coach ERIC TOTH ’89 (below) and

Township, managing the daily

his Xavier Musketeers. Michigan State

operations of the financial

came away with a 6-1 victory.

advisory services and investment business units.

Class of


great living...


The Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber recognized GEORGE SCHAEFER, JR. ’63 as one of its 2014 Great Living Cincinnatians for guiding Fifth Third to its current position of banking power over the course of three decades. He retired from the bank as President in 2006, stepped down as CEO in 2007, and left his role as Chairman in 2008—leaving the bank 13th in the U.S. in asset size.



STEVE GRZEBYK ’06 was awarded the Army Commendation Medal with V Device for acts of

GEORGE KIMURA (right, with son William) was an

valor and heroism shown

exchange student at Elder during the ’84-85 school

during his deployment

year. Now living in West Chester, he enjoys attending

to Afghanistan in 2013.

Elder alumni and sporting events throughout the year

Now back on U.S. soil,

with his family. George coaches youth rugby for the

he is stationed at Fort

Lakota Sports Organization, and this spring he made

Stewart (GA) and will

another Elder connection with the other coach, MARC

pursue a career in the

WAMBAUGH ’91 (left, with son John)!

medical field following the completion of his military duties.

JP OWENS ’06, Elder’s director of admissions and marketing, and his wife Lauren welcomed their first child, Penelope June, on January 13, 2014.

After graduating, KEVIN LAUCK ’07 (below left) attended Bowling Green State University majoring in Flight Technology and Operations. He is BRADY SELLET ’97 is a Self-Advocacy Representative

currently working for PSA/US Airlines as a first

for the University Center for Excellence in Develop-

officer, based out of Dayton, OH. His brother

mental Disabilities at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

BRYAN ’07 (below right) attended the

He was recently named to the newly-formed Advisory

University of Cincinnati majoring in Criminal

Council for the Spina Bifida Coalition in Cincinnati and

Justice. He is employed as a Kentucky State

serves on many community-based committees.

Trooper in Campbellsburg, KY, where he


lives with his wife and daughter.


ANDREW BEARDSLEY ’01 left the U.S. Air Force in June 2013 after six years of enlistment. During his time, he completed three deployments to Iraq, in special operations, and South Korea. During his

ERIC GOODWIN ’11 has been offered

last deployment to Iraq, he was awarded the Air

admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy degree

Force Achievement Medal for action while under

program at The James L. Winkle College of

enemy fire. Andrew is now studying Aeronautics

Pharmacy at the University of Cincinnati

at Miramar College in California.

beginning this fall.


SHANE JANSEN ’13 and his company sjjapps have created apps that have gone worldwide. The Northern


Kentucky freshman has two apps, “Match It” and “Pregnancy-Week by Week”, that are free and available on Android and IOS devices. A third app, “Gawain and the Green Knight”, is currently only available

During their February trip to New York City to perform at Carnegie Hall, members of Elder’s glee club stopped by the FOX News Channel studios to visit with BILL HEMMER ’83 between airings of America’s Newsroom and America’s News HQ.

on Android, and more apps are in production.

After 13 weeks of intensive basic training at Parris Island, PVT JOE

HAYHOW ’12 graduated from the U.S. Marine Corps boot camp on March

just moved? recently married?

7th as one of 40 recruits in Training

new addition to the family?

Platoon 2022.

job change? e-mail brian bill at

Class of

07& 09

Brothers DAN ’09 and TED BROSS ’07 spent part of March in southern Utah participating in the Monument Valley 50 Mile Ultramarathon. With the support of Dan as his only race crew member,Ted won the race with a time of 8:53:12, about 13 minutes ahead of the 2nd place finisher! This fall both will begin professional school – Dan at the University of Notre Dame for law school and Ted at Wright State University for medical school.



Alumni Directory PROJECT BEGINS

Elder High School has once again partnered with Harris Connect to update contact information for our alumni so that they can keep up-to-date on news, activities, and events! Harris will also help produce a beautiful hardcover publication that will allow you to reconnect with old friends as well as network professionally. Harris specializes in alumni and membership publications and the data specifications involved with this type of project. Alumni will be contacted by email and/or regular mail or by phone over the next few months to verify and update their profiles for inclusion in the directory. Thank you in advance for your participation!


CLASS OF ’35 meets at Abby’s, on the second Monday of every month at noon. CLASS OF ’37 meets the last Thursday of every month, except Nov. or Dec., at noon at various locations. Call Gerry Kaufhold (937-429-3962). CLASS OF ’40 meets at the Bayley Place Wellness Center on the first Thursday of Mar., Jun., and Sept. at 11:30. Call Jim Brady (451-5498).

CLASS OF ’50 meets on the third Friday of Jan., Apr., Jul. and Oct. at Aston Oaks at noon. Call Bob Habel (321-5938), Dan Bandenburg (353-0967), Jim Greiner (937-433-3570), or Al Yates (481-4904). CLASS OF ’51 meets for lunch on the first Wednesday of the month at 11:30 at Price Hill Chili. Call Gus Bonno (451-4147).

CLASS OF ’41 meets the third Wednesday of every month at noon at Ron’s Roost. Call Bud Kneflin (941-7734).

CLASS OF ’52 meets at Aston Oaks on the first Wednesday of every month March through November at 11:30. Call Jay Siegmundt (922-2331).

CLASS OF ’42 meets at Price Hill Chili on the third Monday of every month at noon. Call Mike Kunnen (921-0668).

CLASS OF ’53 meets at Price Hill Chili on the first Thursday of every month at noon. Call Tom Kelley (922-2660).

CLASS OF ’43 meets at Price Hill Chili on the third Monday of every month at 11:30. Call Harry Lee (451-1732). CLASS OF ’44 meets at 9:00 AM at Price Hill Chili on the first Thursday of every month. Call Jack Kemper (834-9037). CLASS OF ’45 meets at Western Hills Country Club on the second Friday of every month at noon. Call Charlie Shappelle (471-2604). CLASS OF ’46 meets for lunch at Ron’s Roost on the first Monday of the month at noon. If a holiday falls on that day, the meeting will be held on the following Tuesday. Call Walt Butler (941-8356).

CLASS OF ’54 is now planning its 60-year reunion for this fall. Contact Paul Jeanmougin (385-0445 or The class also meets at Aston Oaks on the third Friday of every month at noon. Call Don Huber (467-1920).

CLASS OF ’55 meets on the last Thursday of the month at noon at Price Hill Chili. Call Ken Gilkey (941-3113) or Bill Backs (941-7045). CLASS OF ’56 meets at the WerkHaus on the first Wednesday of the month at noon. Call Tom Sullivan (451-9164) or Tom Davoran (471-8817).

CLASS OF ’47 meets at Nick & Tom’s Restaurant & Bar at 11:30 on the first Wednesday of Feb., Apr., Jun., Aug., Oct., Dec. Other events scheduled throughout the year. Call Jerry Metz (787-1470).

CLASS OF ’57 meets at Abby’s on Harrison Ave. on the first Tuesday of every month at 1:30. Call Paul Brogan (4671334) or Dale Brunner (738-2422).

CLASS OF ’48 meets on the first Wednesday of Mar., Jun., Sept. and Dec. at 11:30 at LaRosa’s on Boudinot. Call Bill Driehaus (922-8447).

CLASS OF ’58 meets regularly at Price Hill Chili on the second Tuesday of every month at noon. Contact Jim Heisel (451-4926 or

CLASS OF ’49 meets the fourth Friday of every month at 11:30 at Nick & Tom’s Restaurant & Bar. Call Glenn Laib (347-7139).

CLASS OF ’59 meets on the first Thursday of the month at 11:30 at Maury's Tiny Cove. The class is also planning a 55-year reunion for the fall of 2014. Contact Norb Guetle (451-1227 or

CLASS OF ’60 meets at Tom & Jerry’s Sports Bar on the last Friday of the month at noon. Call Gus Becker (703-8051) or Jack Flanigan (941-7241). CLASS OF ’61 hosts various events and “Steeple Chase” Masses throughout the year. Contact Jim Stanton (922-9260 or CLASS OF ’62 meets at Price Hill Chili on the second Friday of the month at noon. Call Dan Aug (812-537-4581). CLASS OF ’63 will meet for lunch at Noon at Jim & Jack’s on the following dates in 2014: Jan. 3, Mar. 7, May (TBD), Jul. 11, Sept. 5, and Nov. 7. Contact Nick Hahn (706-1185 or

CLASS OF ’69 will celebrate its 45-year reunion on the weekend of October 3-5, 2014. Contact Bob Metz (490-3280 or

CLASS OF ’74 will celebrate its 40-year reunion on the weekend of October 17-19, 2014. Contact Bill Middendorf (675-7510 or or John Voellmecke (519-2777 or

CLASS OF ’79 will celebrate its 35-year reunion on the weekend of September 5-6, 2014. Contact Bill Metz (708-0158 or

CLASS OF ’84 will celebrate its 30-year reunion on the weekend of September 12, 2014. Contact Jeff Keiser (703-3764 or

CLASS OF ’89 will celebrate its 25-year reunion on September 20, 2014. Contact Craig Stiens (746-5089 or

CLASS OF ’64 meets for lunch the third Wednesday of each month at noon at Jim & Jack’s Restaurant. Call Bob Schaefer (922-7100). A 50-year reunion is being planned for the weekend of Sept. 19-20, 2014. Contact Jerry Volker (661-8192 or

CLASS OF ’94 will celebrate its 20-year reunion on the weekend of October 17-19, 2014. Contact Brian Bill (347-9779 or or Matt Flowers (615-8770 or

CLASS OF ’65 meets the second Wednesday of the month at noon at Aston Oaks. Call Russ Brogan (471-4444) or Dave Moorman (382-9614).

CLASS OF ’99 will celebrate its 15-year reunion on the weekend of October 3-5, 2014. Contact Greg Hyland (319-4146 or

CLASS OF ’66 meets for breakfast on the first Monday of every month at 9:00 at Jim & Jack’s. Contact Tom Scanlon (368-7621 or CLASS OF ’67 meets the last Wednesday of every month at 6 P.M. at Pirate’s Den. Contact Jim Nienaber (941-4098 or, Den Grawe (251-0481 or or Mike Maley (535-4653).

CLASS OF ’04 will celebrate its 10-year reunion on the weekend of October 3-5, 2014. Contact Steve Haverkos (256-7340 or

CLASS OF ’09 will celebrate its 5-year reunion on the weekend of September 20, 2014. Contact Brett Niehauser (373-6112 or

Visit the Alumni page at to keep up-to-date on Alumni events and reunion information.

IN THE BLINK OF AN EYE A freshman recently came into the Alumni Office just to visit – a common occurrence amongst many students, as they LOVE to visit with Mrs. Fiorino. On that particular day, I noticed how tall he seemed to have grown, so I asked him, “Have you grown?” His answer astonished me: “Yes. I was 5’6” at the beginning of this school year, and I’m about 5’9” now.” Whoa! At the beginning of this magazine, Tom Otten alluded to the fact that Elder High School is “a work in progress... always on the move,” and the students are no different. Whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual growth, they move through these four short years together, as brothers, experiencing what it means to be a man of Elder and to constantly seek ways to improve themselves— to seek the higher things. The Alumni Association congratulates the 243 members of the Class of 2014 and proudly welcomes them into the ranks of Elder alumni! We look forward to seeing you at Elder functions, alumni events, and in the newspapers “achieving truly amazing things!” Altiora!

Brian Bill ’94 Assistant Development/Alumni Relations Director 513.921.3744, ext. 3411 or

38TH ANNUAL SPORTS STAG The Alumni Association welcomed University of Cincinnati head football coach TOMMY TUBERVILLE (left) as the featured speaker at the 38th Annual Elder Sports Stag in March. UC football analyst JIM KELLY, JR. (right) served as emcee for the evening. Stag committee chair JOE LIND, JR. ’78 (center) announced that next year's featured speaker will be former Cincinnati Reds first basemen SEAN CASEY! Proceeds from the Stag are donated to the faculty and staff of Elder High School. We thank them for all the hard work they put into educating our future alumni!

TENNIS TEAM ALUMNI NIGHT Head varsity coach GLENN WAULIGMAN and the Elder Tennis team hosted an enjoyable Alumni Night at the Western Tennis and Fitness Club in March. It was a great event filled with memories, storytelling, and even a touch of competitive spirit!

ELDER FAMILY WALK In April, the Elder Family Walk stepped off for the 5th consecutive year, raising funds for Elder High School and the Holy Family Food Pantry (this year’s selected charity). Over 300 participants enjoyed sunny skies, good food, fun games, and good ol’ fashioned Elder camaraderie. Many thanks to CHRIS BROXTERMAN ’94 and TONY SPINNEY ’94 for their continued vision and leadership with this event!

18TH ANNUAL CAREER DAY The ELDER BUSINESSMEN'S ASSOCIATION (EBA) hosted its 18th Annual Career Day during Catholic Schools Week in January. Nearly 70 presenters, primarily Elder graduates, from a myriad of professions were on hand to answer questions and provide helpful insight to the juniors and seniors in the Fieldhouse. Meanwhile, MIKE TRIMPE '76 from the Hamilton County Crime Lab presented to the freshmen and sophomores in the Schaeper Center.

AlumniEvents JUNE 29 OVER-50 MASS & BRUNCH

Alumni who graduated from Elder over 50 years ago are invited to celebrate together! Invitations were mailed at the end of May. JULY 10 FRIENDS OF ELDER TRAVEL INFORMATION NIGHT


There can be only one! Our annual one-pitch tournament will decide a champion amongst our 13 alumni teams! Join us at Delhi Park to cheer on your favorites! JULY 24 “ELDER NIGHT” AT THE FLORENCE FREEDOM

See the next page for details! AUGUST 8 ALUMNI PICNIC AT STRICKER’S GROVE

Always a fun time! Admission: $5 per person/$10 per family. All rides and more included! SEPTEMBER 15 ELDER CLASSIC GOLF OUTING

Registration begins in June for this popular golf event! Call Trina Niemer at 921-3744 ext. 3423 for more information. SEPTEMBER 28 GRANDPARENT/GRANDSON MASS & BRUNCH

Reserved for our future Panthers and their grandparents to celebrate Elder together! OCTOBER 11 ELDERAMA AUCTION

See right for more information.




Saturday, October 11, 2014 Elderama is the fundraising event of the year and helps support the many academic, religious and extracurricular programs offered at Elder High School. Save the date and get a group together for a fun evening out. All alumni, current parents, friends and family are invited. For more information, contact Mary Beth Meyer at 921-3744 ext. 3416 or

ELDER DAY AT THE FLORENCE FREEDOM Thursday, July 24, 2014 at 6:35 P.M. • $10.00 tickets & FREE parking! Help us paint the park purple on July 24th as the Florence Freedom take on the Rockford Aviators! $1 beer, soda, and ice cream sandwiches, and live postgame entertainment! Proceeds from advance ticket sales only will benefit Elder’s tuition assistance program! Visit to order yours today!

Friends of Elder TRAVEL INFORMATION NIGHT Thursday, July 10, 2014 at 7:00 P.M. • Rev. Jerome A. Schaeper Center Come learn more about two exciting trips planned for 2015 – Southern Italy and Sicily, and Tropical Costa Rica! You will also receive information about how you can help raise important scholarship dollars for Elder High School on any trip you book through our travel partner Collette Vacations! Please RSVP to Norb Guetle ’59 at (513) 451-1227. Unable to attend this informational meeting? No problem! Join us for our online presentations on July 22nd (Costa Rica) and September 16th (Southern Italy and Sicily). Check for more information.

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The Pride - Spring 2014  

The Pride - Spring 2014