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Volume 90 Number 2

October 28, 2021

Admissions team plans 2021-22 Open House Jack Sheridan ‘22 Co-Editor-in-Chief

As the month of November quickly ap-

proaches, Elder’s Admissions Department is once again undergoing its annual test in planning this year’s Open House. Taking place in November during each school year, Open House is, to quote Mrs. Flaherty, “the Super Bowl” of the Admissions Department, with the challenging tasks of planning, coordinating, and executing the event placed in their hands every year. According to the Admissions Department, Open House is the most trafficked event that takes place on Elder’s campus, with the exception of Varsity Football games. Each year, hundreds of prospective students and parents take a trip to Elder’s campus on a designated November night with the intention of learning more about the school and possibly sending their child there in the future. Because so much planning goes into making Open House happen each year, I decided to speak to the Admissions Department about some of the preparations that they have made to host this year’s Open House. While there were numerous questions that I wanted the answer to, the one that I most desired was how different this year’s Open House would look compared to last year’s. With the countless COVID restrictions in place for the school last year, the Admissions Department was forced to be creative when it came to planning the event. Instead of the massive crowds of people that would oftentimes all come in at one time, the Admissions Department decided to implement scheduled tour times, which ended up doing a lot more good than I think the Admissions Department intended. Due to the implementation of scheduled tour times, stress was alleviated from the tour guides and people helping find tour guides for prospective families because it prevented the Admissions Department from running out of tour guides when large crowds of people came in at once. Additionally, when large crowds of people would walk around the hallways at one time, issues often arose when people would try to ask questions to different teachers and staff members in the hall-

ways because so many people would be trying to inquire about something at once, and it quickly became overwhelming and frustrating for both parents and staff members. “With last year, because we spaced it out, people were getting one on one conversations done that they never could before,” Mr. Hiles said. Because of these positive developments that came out of the scheduled tour times last year, the Open House has decided to once again exercise the policy for this year’s Open House. Speaking of other staff members, something that the Admissions Department mentioned to me that I had never really thought about previously was that Open House is not just Mr. Hiles, Mr. Pieper, and Mrs. Flaherty working together to make the entire event work; it is all of the staff members and all of Elder High School’s departments, as well as Elder students, putting forth the effort to ensure that all of the prospective families have the best experience possible and ultimately, that each school year’s Open House is a success at the end of the night. When it comes to Elder students’ contributions, Mrs. Flaherty said that Elder has the highest number of Student Ambassadors than it has had in any previous school year, 172 to be exact. The members of the newly named Student Ambassador Society, an esteemed group of Elder students who give back to the school by volunteering at different events like Freshman Orientation and Open House, will surely be a major help to the school on the night of Open House, especially since the tours they give to prospective families are a major, if not the largest, factor in how they see and understand Elder after they leave that night. Students interested in joining the Student Ambassador Society may apply at the end of each school year. Additionally, Elder also has the highest number of Hispanic tour guides that it has ever had, six to be exact. While not all six of these tour guides are Student Ambassadors, they are all very proficient in speaking Spanish, and they will play a significant role in helping to accommodate prospective families who require a tour that is given in Spanish. “It really makes us more of a welcoming atmosphere during an event like that,” said Mr. Pieper. Another question that I was curious about was whether Elder’s 100th Anniversary would play into this year’s Open

Propective families can expect the same scheduled tours set up last year, but they no longer will be required to wear masks.

House. Although this year’s senior class is Elder’s 100th graduating class, Mr. Hiles explained that since the 2022-23 school year will technically be Elder’s 100th school year, the emphasis on the celebration will be most focused on in next year’s Open House. Something that will surely fuel controversy regarding this year’s Open House has to do with the cookies. According to Mrs. Flaherty, this year’s Open House will NOT be featuring Busken cookies with the Elder High School logo as part of the event. Apparently, the ink on the paper that was required to be peeled off to eat the cookie would leak onto the cookie itself, causing a reasonable uncomfortableness among guests when it came to eating the cookies. Although this development was news to both Mr. Pieper and I as it was being discussed during the interview, the Admissions Department offered the suggestion of including Servatii’s cookies in this year’s Open House as a possible solution to the cookie problem. Another change that will take place during this year’s Open House surrounds

Each year, hundreds of prospective students and parents take a trip to Elder’s campus on a designated November night with the intention of learning more about the school and possibly sending their child there in the future.

the tour that will be given to prospective families. In previous years, a part of the school that was often left out of the tour was the Wrestling and Volleyball Gym. However, with the recent renovations that the Wrestling and Volleyball Gym has undergone, the Admissions Department feels that it would be a positive addition to the tour. Therefore, tour guides this year can expect to showcase Elder’s most newly renovated part of campus to the families that they lead on their tours. Also, feeling that their signage was a bit outdated this year, the Admissions Department mentioned that they will be getting new signs and easels to help advertise for the 2021-22 Open House, looking to create a more highbrow look for the event. The Admissions Department has spent a great deal of time putting together Open House, and with the help of the rest of Elder’s faculty and staff, as well as students, the 2021-22 Elder High School Open House is shaping up to be a great night for both the school and prospective families.

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Thursday October 28, 2021


Big plans ready for anniversary Jacob Stamper ‘22 Graphics Editor

Elder High School is approaching its 100-year anniversary, with this year’s graduating

class, the class of 2022. This is a huge milestone in Elder’s history and is a cause for celebration. However, many people are unaware of the celebrations that are planned to take place. To enlighten the school about some of the planned events surrounding the 100-year anniversary, I contacted Principal Ruffing to discuss them. Mr. Ruffing was kind enough to share a full, detailed schedule of upcoming events that are being considered. Keep in mind that all of these are all tentative and are not set in stone or certain to occur. A planning committee was formed in September 2020 to discuss possibilities for the celebration. The celebration will commence at the graduation ceremony of the 100th class, the class of 2022, at the end of this school year on May 17, 2022, at the incredible Cintas Center at Xavier University. During June, there will be a West of the Rhine celebration here at Elder. In July, Elder will have a celebration at Great American Ballpark; a Reds game for alumni and friends of Elder High School. August may be a packed month, with three different events being considered. First, a special 100 Years of Elder Open House with an incredible look at the history of Elder High School. Next, there will be an all-school mass with Archbishop Dennis Schnurr to open the 2022-23 school year. Finally, alumni and friends of Elder will again get to celebrate, this time at an FC Cincinnati game. September will feature a unique look at Elder, as it will host an arts homecoming weekend, where we will get to see some of the greatest pieces that Elder has produced. October will feature the annual Elderama Auction, with the committee hoping to make it as grand as possible. Additionally, Elder will have a rally at the magnificent fountain square. November will also feature a familiar event with a memorial mass, changing of the signs ceremony, and special veterans The old Elder recognition all in one. This will honor those at Elder who have given their life for their country. For those unaware of the changing of the signs, street signs are changed to the names of veterans who have sadly passed that are Elder alumni. December will feature a 100th anniversary Elder High School mug, which will benefit the food and toy drive. Also, Elder will have its own 100th anniversary Christmas ornament. January of 2023 will see a blast from the past, as former and present faculty and staff of Elder will have a reunion. February will be exciting for alumni as Elder will host the alumni sports stag. March will present the long-awaited centennial mass at St. Lawrence Church. April will include a delicious dinner and gala at a downtown venue. Finally, the celebration of Elder High School’s incredible 100 years will conclude with graduation ceremony of the 101st class, the class of 2023 during May. Indeed, Elder has a lot to look forward to in the celebration of its one hundred years. Undoubtedly, there will be many memorable moments during that time as Elder prepares for the next one hundred.

“It’s not that Elder’s changed so much as the world within it has changed. It used to be that all of our students came from within a few miles of Elder…now they come from all over the place.” - Mr. Dan Kreimer

Speaking of Elder’s history, present, and future, I interviewed Elder High School’s Mr. Kreimer, asking him about the 100-year celebration. What do you hope to see in the future of Elder, its next one hundred years? Mr. Kreimer gives a wise response that I hope we can all help achieve. “That it continues to be able to serve what it’s here for. And that’s to help young men become better young men. That it keeps its focus on doing what’s right, that’s not necessarily what’s easiest. That it continues to give people a safe place to grow and to learn.” Mr. Kreimer also gave some insight into the current state of Elder. “So really just Elder continues to be able to exist. Because as time goes on, it gets expensive, and tuition keeps going up, and if tuition keeps going up, fewer and fewer parents can afford it. So, the concern would be, you know, how much longer can people continue to spend more and more and more and more. How has Elder changed over the years? Mr. Kreimer stated that Elder has changed in so many ways. Indeed, the world that Elder exists in has changed, so Elder has had to change within it. “When I started, we had more students…we had blackboards and chalk…we had desks on runners…[you] could not go to your lockers between lunches.” However, even with the changes that Elder has made, Mr. Kreimer commented on the same spirit that the kids have always had. “The kids were almost the same, though. I don’t think the kids were different. Kids are still kids. They still have the same anxieties, the same fears, the same hopes, the same dreams. I don’t think that’s changed.” Mr. Kreimer also gave a unique perspective on the changes that have occurred. “It’s not that Elder’s changed so much as the world within it has changed. It used to be that all of our students came from within a few miles of Elder…now they come from all over the place.” Surely, Elder has changed over the years, but its spirit and mission have remained the same. What are some of the most memorable moments in Elder’s history? Mr. Kreimer shared some of his most fond memories of the school. “For me, probably state football championships. 2002, up in Canton, we played Warren G. Harding, and we won, it was really tight, and it snowed, and seeing our football players laying on the field, making snow angels. That was just…unbelievable memories.” Indeed, the 2002 state and the new. championship is one of Elder’s most famous moments. Additionally, Mr. Kreimer also shared some recent memories. “This year, playing Moeller…the overtime win against Moeller: 59-58.” Nevertheless, Mr. Kreimer also shared some memories inside the classroom. “In the classroom too. You know, seeing your kids become successful…knowing that you taught that kid. Like Billy Hemmer…I taught Billy Hemmer…he sat in this room…he sat in one of these desks. Teaching kids like that. Teaching Kyle Rudolph. And you know, just teaching a simple kid…just a regular, ordinary kid.” Mr. Kreimer recalls his fond memories of many of his students: “They’re just good kids.” My hope is that Elder continues to do what it’s been doing: having good kids develop into even better kids and go out there and be successful dads, husbands, workers, taxpayers. Because that’s what we do. We produce, I think we produce…just kids who are going to become good citizens, and we do a good job.” Mr. Kreimer gives an incredible outlook as to what Elder’s goals are and what they will hopefully be able to accomplish in the future. “And that’s what it’s done for 50-some years…well for my 50-some years. 100 years all together.” Indeed, Elder has accomplished much in its one-hundred-year existence. Whether winning state championships, producing successful students, building countless facilities, hosting concerts, or improving communities, Elder continues to thrive. Although this is my last year as a student at Elder, I know that this school has countless amazing years to come. Please do not let the few, short four years you have here just fly by. Because before you know it, it will be gone, and you will have wished you had appreciated it. As Andy Bernard once said, “I wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you actually left them.” So, here’s to the next 100!

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Thursday October 28 , 2021

Opinion 3

The unbelievable true story of the Norfolk Four Jacob Stamper ‘22 Head of Graphics

Elder High School’s own Dr. Wahlert recently showcased a documentary featuring one

of the most insane and baffling stories ever told; and the crazy part is, it is entirely true. I am talking about the story of the Norfolk Four. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy (or be disgusted at) the story with countless twists, turns, and unfathomable moments. On July 8, 1997, a man returned home to find his wife, Michelle Moore-Bosko, dead. In a frenzy, the man ran to the apartment next door, crying for help. Danial Williams answered the door and quickly called the Norfolk, Virginia police. Little did Danial know he would later regret involving himself in any part of this situation. Michelle was determined to have been raped and murdered at her home. She was stabbed multiple times and strangled to death. The police report stated that there were no signs of any forced entry. Another neighbor of Michelle, Tamika Taylor, was basically asked by police, “Who do you think did it?” See, now this is only the beginning of a long line of poor detective work in this case. Why would one person’s accusation make someone a so certain suspect? It may seem as if they are just checking all possible leads, but as you will come to find out, the man this woman blindly accused was almost immediately viewed as guilty. That man who Taylor accused was none other than Danial Williams. Williams, who was a navy sailor, lived in the apartment building with his recently married wife. Williams was quickly brought in for questioning. He complied, knowing that he was innocent and thinking the process would be quick and easy. Instead, Williams was interrogated for eight straight hours. Then, Detective Ford, known for being able to easily get confessions out of people, came into the room. After hours of interrogation, exhausted and feeling threatened, Ford drew a fake confession out of Danial Williams, who had neglected to contact an attorney. Now, I know what you are thinking. Why would a man confess to rape and murder when he did not do it? Well, in an interview years later, Williams explained that the interrogation process features nonstop pressuring and false accusation for hours. Some people, such as Williams, could not handle the stress. His only goal in that moment was to put an end to the harsh questioning, and Ford played good-cop, bad-cop, telling him that he would just confess, he could help him. This coaxed a false confession from Williams. See, in Ford’s mind, Williams was already guilty. That is what they are “supposed” to do. However, this sad story does not end here. No, it still had many plot twists. So, even with no DNA evidence to support it, Williams was indicted. He was believed to have been the man who did it, and the investigators were satisfied with their case. However, several months later, it was discovered that Williams’ DNA did not match the DNA that was extracted from the crime scene. So, Williams would be presumed to not have been the guy, right? His confession was clearly fabricated. Nope. Not in the minds of the investigators. Instead, investigators assumed that there must have been another man involved. So, they arrested another man at the apartment complex. That man was Joseph J. Dick, Jr. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves, because this man will frustrate you beyond belief. So, the same process was repeated, just as it was done with Williams. Joe Dick knew he was innocent, did not call a lawyer, endured hours of interrogation, and eventually cracked under the pressure and falsely confessed. But this is where it gets crazy. Joe Dick was also in the Navy and was on the USS Saipan when the murder occurred. This man had such a reliable alibi. There is no way he was indicted, correct? Well, his false confession, despite mounds of evidence pointing Joe Dick was not even near the area when the crime occurred, was enough to convince the investigators that he was involved. The police did not even make an effort to confirm his alibi. So, I guess word of mouth rules supreme? Joe Dick will become an important part of this story, but one thing you should know is that it is clear he is not mentally well. To what degree, I do not know, but try not to judge him too harshly, even though it will be difficult not to as the story progressed. So, we have two men who falsely confessed to a serious crime. This could mean facing the death penalty. Again, a few months later, Joe Dick’s DNA was found to not be a match to the DNA at the crime scene. So, it seems clear that something is not right here, correct? Well, here we go again. Joe Dick was asked, “Hey, was anybody else with you?”. To protect himself from the death penalty, Joe Dick complied and basically named a random, poor individual who he served in the Navy with. This man virtually drew a name out of a hat and said “Yep, that’s

him, he was there.” Well, there’s no way we go three for three, right? Well, you overestimate this case. Because the man he named, Eric Wilson, also falsely confessed after relentless interrogation. His DNA was later found to not be a match. So, there are three conflicting stories. Something is not right. However, in the minds of the investigators, they could not have been wrong at all thus far. Even though the men had stated after the interrogation that the confession was false, the investigators believed that they were just not revealing the whole story. So, the police went back to Joe Dick Jr. for another name. This almost seems like a fairy tale at this point. This next part may be the most egregious oversight of all. Joe Dick, fearing the death penalty, named another man, just giving his first name, George. However, when shown photographs of fellow navy sailors, he pointed to a man named Derek Tice. But you said George? Oh, well I meant Derek. Alright, good enough for me. Let’s go get him. Detective Ford went all the way to Florida to arrest Tice. What is happening? Can you guess what happened next? Yep, Tice falsely confessed. He also named two other Navy men who were involved. So, now we are up to six people. However, the other two men finally broke the cycle and did not falsely confess. Nevertheless, Tice’s confession contradicted the police report. He said there was forced entry with multiple men. However, the police found no signs of that. And, of course, Tice’s DNA was not a match. Tice later named yet another man, but he too did not falsely confess. To recap, we have a cycle of men who cracked under pressure, falsely confessed, and are now naming other random people to save their own skin. There are now four men who falsely confessed, and three others who were accused. None of them match the DNA found at the scene. It turns out that, a man who was arrested a few weeks after the murder for other crimes, was the true and only man involved in the murder of Michelle Moore-Bosko. He wrote a letter from prison during the chaos of this story, admitting that he and he alone had committed the crime. Incidentally, his DNA turned out to be a match. Okay, so we have figured this out, right? Four men, with conflicting stories, falsely confessed, later said it was false, and the evidence does not show they were involved. Furthermore, the guilty man, Omar Ballard, gave a story that aligned with police reports, and he was a DNA match. Well, the investigators still believed these men had to be involved somehow. They could not believe someone would falsely admit to a crime that he did not commit. So, they came up with this insane narrative. Seven Navy buddies were standing outside Michelle’s apartment and wanted to break in. Then here comes Ballard. “Hey, dude, you wanna break into this house and kill a woman?” “Oh, sure man, I can get you guys in.” No joke, this is the basics of the story that they fabricated And of course, the men either pled guilty, fearing the death penalty, or were convicted by a jury because of their false confessions, even though every shred of evidence supports they were innocent. Well, that pretty much puts an end to our story. As of 2017, the men were absolutely pardoned and were taken off the registered sex offender list. The governor of Virginia who pardoned them made a statement. “These pardons close the final chapter on a grave injustice that has plagued these four men for nearly 20 years. While former Governor Kaine had initially granted conditional pardons in the case, more exculpatory information discovered since then and detailed by Judge John Gibney during exhaustive evidentiary proceedings indicate that absolute pardons are appropriate.” They were awarded $8.4 million in compensation. Also, Detective Ford is currently in prison for taking bribes throughout his career. So, I guess this story kind of has a happy ending. What should we learn? Well, I do not even know. Should we laugh at the absurdity of this story? Should we feel sorry for the men? Should we question how something like this is allowed to happen? At the end of the day, the only piece of advice I have after reading this story is this: if you are ever arrested, whether you are guilty or innocent, please, just call a lawyer.


Thursday October 28, 2021

Student Features

Vaughn commits to UCF Grady Wall ‘23 Staff Writer

The Elder faithful remember the school’s

electrifying state championship run in baseball last season. Although it did not end the way we wanted it to, there is a lot to look forward to with this season’s team. Many of the starters on that team are returning for this year. One of them who is returning is junior catcher/infielder, Luke Vaughn. Many people at Elder probably already know Luke, and how he is such a fun guy to be around. People also most likely know how he is a skilled five tool player. But he recently made a decision that is going to send him on a journey to Orlando, Florida. Luke has committed his talents to UCF, the University of Central Florida. I asked Luke about how he feels entering the next stage of his career and he responded, “It’s really a dream come true. UCF gave me a really good opportunity, and I’m just trying to make the best of it.” Not many people get the opportunity to play at the next level, and he isn’t taking it for granted. Luke recently went on a visit to UCF’s campus and really enjoyed it, “Campus was very well kept up with. It’s rated as one of the nicest campuses in the US. The oldest building was from 1970, so it is a very new university. The

“It’s really a dream come true. UCF gave me a really good opportunity, and I’m just trying to make the best of it.”

athletic village is out of this world! The fields are perfect, and everything is just very nice.” By enrollment, UCF is the largest university in the entire state of Florida. Vaughn and the Knights will compete in the American Athletic Conference. Unfortunately for friends who may want to watch him play in a few years, Cincinnati will most likely be in the Big 12 by then, and Luke probably won’t get the chance to play against the Bearcats in his hometown. But that is relatively unimportant and would have just been cool for everyone who grew up with Luke. Even though Luke has already committed to UCF, he still has two years left at Elder. And there is talent all across the board on the Panthers roster for this season. I asked Luke about how he is feeling about this upcoming season, and he said, “I’m very confident in our team this year! We have a lot of talent, and I know we have the winning mentality. The coaches set us up to succeed, so we have a very good chance of having a great season.” This highly anticipated season is going to be here in no time. I have played basketball with Luke for two years, and he has this contagious energy that makes everyone around him

Luke Vaughn creates a nice frame behind the plate for his pitchers and the umpire.

“I’m very confident in our team this year! We have a lot of talent, and I know we have the winning mentality. The coaches set us up to succeed, so we have a very good chance of having a great season.” better. I have no doubt that he will bring that to UCF. In case I didn’t mention it already, the guy is an absolute menace at the plate, too. He is determined to keep improving as he enters the next stage.

Unlike Cincinnati, it stays warm in Florida all year round. So, this provides an opportunity to play in game-like situations the entire year, and Luke is really looking forward to that. Everyone is really happy for Luke and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for him.

Thursday October 28, 2021

Faculty Features 5

Mr. Ward loves teaching at Elder Devyn Mullins ‘24 Staff Writer

I recently got the chance to sit down with

a former Elder student from the class of 2016. He is now the JVA soccer coach and is a former St. Dominic teacher. This is Mr. Ward or Mitch Ward, and the first question I asked him was how do you like it here at Elder? He said, “I love it” “I feel like I’m blessed to be here.” He likes developing relationships with the people in the building. And loves that he gets to come here everyday. He played soccer while he was a student here at Elder and he also ran track. He attended Ohio State University to become an English teacher. He was asked which he liked more, being a student or a teacher. He answered, “I loved being a student but I value being a teacher.” But if he had to choose he couldn’t because he can not decide which one was better. He teaches Health and Leadership here at Elder. But he went to school to be certified in English. His favorite lesson he does is when he goes outside with his Leadership class to do physical activities with the students. I asked if he was not teaching then

Ward prefers Elder, but leaving St. Dominic was a very hard decision because he was leaving all the relationships he had already made.”

what he would be doing? He says he would be working at Wardway with his brother and his father. (Yes, the place that had “Votto bangs” on their sign) When he was in high school he said he would work there in the summer. He likes working there more than he would want to sell pool items for the rest of his life. As a first year teacher, he wishes that he knew that you do not have to be perfect. Just give it your all, be honest, and develop good relationships with the students. The best advice he said he was given was that do not be afraid to try new things with your classes and teach like you mean it. Mitch says the best part of teaching is forming the relationships with the people in the building, like the students and the faculty. I asked Mr.Ward what was the hardest thing about teaching and he said there is nothing too hard but the hardest thing is to not let the students with bad attitudes bring your attitude or energy down. You have to bring that positive attitude and energy everyday even if you do not feel like it. Ward was asked if he likes teaching at Elder or St. Dominic. “Elder, easy” “But leaving Dominic was a very hard decision because I am leaving all of the relationships I have already made.” How Mr. Ward got his job here is quite interesting. Someone in the HR department was trying to get his contact information for coaching soccer but ended up calling his mom. And there was a job opening for the Health and Leadership classes, and when his mom answered she

asked about those jobs and she called Mitch and told him that he had two calls coming from Mrs. Summers and Mr. Ruffing, and the rest is history. The last but not least question was; Why do you teach? Ward said because when he was a student he had great teachers and coaches here at Elder and they are still here. He loves the opportunity Elder has given him. He just wants to do the same for the current and next generation

of Elder students. You can really tell Mr.Ward loves his job here at Elder High School and wouldn’t trade it for anything. This job to him is really a dream job to help the students here and better their education, and have an influence on their life.


Rich bands Ben Hambleton ‘22 Staff Writer

As you walk through the halls of Elder

you see many students wearing wristbands. Most of these wristbands have a special meaning on them which explains why people wear them. However, if you have been paying close attention you will see many of the students wearing white bands with the word “Rich” on it. Many people know the man behind the name “Rich”. Nick Heisel. I had the chance to speak to Nick Heisel AKA Rich and Jackson Schmitt who is the Director of Marketing for “Rich.

Rich Co. Instagram page by Jackson Schmitt

Student Features

“Then I looked at the guys and said what if we get a shirt with the name Rich on it and sell it?” co”. I first asked them what is They told me that it is a merch company consisting of six people. These people are Rich Heisel (CEO), Jackson Schmitt (Director of Marketing), Drew Ramsey (Sales Manager), Aidan Murphy (Director of Designs), Charlie James (Warehouse Manager), and Nate Schaerer (Finance). Their job as a company is to make products such as: wristbands, golf tees, and T-shirts. I was very impressed with how organized and professional this company seemed, so I was compelled to ask how this came about. Schmitt chuckled then said, “Well originally it started off as a joke. We were in class one day and saw Nick Broxterman wearing a shirt with a Drew shirt on (a shirt with a smiley face with the name Drew on it that Justin Beiber wears).” Rich cut him off saying, “Then I looked at the guys and said what if we get a shirt with the name Rich on it and sell it?” Schmitt went on to tell me how they decided to try this out but start with

wristbands because it would be more affordable. Therefore, they bought 300 “Rich Bands” online. Within the next week they arrived then the selling process began. They started off by selling them to some Elder students that weekend. Furthermore, people would drive to where Nick and Jackson were just to purchase this wristband. Then the females were drawn to this and decided to purchase some as well. However, their biggest audience continues to be Elder students and particularly football players. It is clear these guys have taken this seriously as they all have made a solid income from their product. Therefore, I was curious to see what they had in the works for the future. Heisel told me, “Golf Tees and T-shirts are something we are looking into. We are also planning on getting a new order of bands.” Schmitt decided to chime in saying, “With the new order of bands we are looking to go bigger. That is why we are planning on meeting as a group to go over different designs and different color bands.” I personally think the golf tees will be a big success for

Thursday October 28, 2021

Rich reppin’ his best on his wrist.

them. However, I do not see the t-shirts going too well for their company. Many after reading this article may ask where I can get a “Rich Band”. Well it is pretty easy. All you have to do is go on to their instagram page which is rich.co_. You can either direct message them or comment on a post saying you would like to purchase a band. From there you will get your “Rich Band”.

Entertaining fall drama coming Kellen Sandhas ‘22 Staff Writer

Every year the Seton and Elder Drama

Club puts on a show. Coming very soon is this year’s play. It is entitled CSI:Neverland by Wade Bradford and is directed by The Quill’s own Mr. Gary Rogers. I got the chance to catch up with Trey Jansen, who is very involved at Elder. For example, he does a lot of work with ENN, Student Council as Treasurer, and obviously is involved with the play this year. More commonly known as Trey J, he is doing whatever needs to be done for the Panthers. I asked Trey a few questions about the play. He is very anxious and excited for the final product. To start, the play again is called CSI: Neverland. In the story, Peter Pan’s shadow gets killed, and the rest of the story is about the investigation that ensues following the death of the shadow. The investigaton centers around the killing of Peter Pan’s shadow, it is conducted by Tinker Bell and her partner Murk. The main focus is on librarian Brenda Brooks. She is taken to Neverland for questioning because she hates everything besides straight up facts. I asked Trey about his favorite part

of performing plays. He responded with, “My favorite part of doing the plays is performing. Outside of performing, though, I love meeting all the new people. It really makes the entire experience very special.” As many know, meeting new people is always a part of the experience and can help to bring the chemistry of the performers together. Next, I asked Trey about what he most looks forward to. He said he always looks forward to the play all coming together, “Right now the play is loosely strung together because we’re all still learning our lines, but once it all comes together into a continuous story, it’ll be something very special.” This shows how time can heal all. Once everything is pieced together during this long process, the show will be amazing. Hard work and taking your time on something like this is important, especially when doing something like a play. Trey J explained to me how after much time and practice the play will be very good. Lastly, I wanted to know what Trey’s role is in the play. Trey’s role is Lieutenant Tink – who is one of the investigators in finding out what happened in the Peter’s shad-

The fall play will take place on November 19 and 20 at 7pm in the Seton Auditorium.

ow’s death. Not only would it be good to support Trey, but also the rest of the Elder and Seton club who puts very much work into performing. They deserve a big crowd, and it starts with us. Personally, I have never been to an Elder play, but by the way it sounds, this play is one you do not want to miss. Come out and support

the Elder and Seton Drama club to see CSI: Neverland. This will be performed in Seton’s Auditorium on November 19th and 20th.

Thursday October 28, 2021

Student Featuress 7

Macenko goes fast Ben Hambleton ‘22 Staff Writer

Many people around Elder know Jack-

son Macenko as a great student and great lacrosse player. However, many don’t know his real passion is car racing. Ever since Jackson was younger he has loved the sport of racing. I’ve known Jackson pretty much my whole life, so I know he is a big time racing fan. He was always watching Nascar and having debates with older people about who was the best driver. Jackson’s all time favorite is Jeff Gordan, the reason he drives with the number 24. I had the chance to ask Jackson one on one some questions about racing. I first asked him how long he has been racing and what caused him to get into it. He has been racing since he was in third grade. He then thought long and hard about the second part of the question then responded, “I got into it because I was always fascinated by wheels on cars and got into it from there. I started to watch racing on TV and quickly fell in love. One day I

begged my dad to take me to a go-cart in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.” From there the rest is history. Jackson has been lovin it ever since his first time. However, his second time ever racing was his most memorable experience. I asked him about what made it so special. Jackson told me that in just his second ever race, he won. It was so special to him because his entire family was there to support him. It was always his dream to win a race and his family being there made it so much more meaningful. After he had won the race, Jackson wasn’t expecting much more, but then his brother and cousin surprised him with a trophy. He was so thrilled to win this trophy that the next day he had it sitting right next to him as he was watching nascar. I was always so fascinated by how well Jackson drove, so I decided to ask him what has been the hardest thing about racing that most people wouldn’t expect. His answer was surprising, saying, “Sponsors. Many people don’t know but

The “Formula 1600” Jackson plans to be driving next year.

Jackson after winning his first race at Southern Indiana Farms.

the hardest thing about racing is for sure sponsors.” He went on to say, “90 percent about the sport is finding sponsors and just 10% is actual racing.” Jackson discussed to me how hard it was to find sponsors especially at a young age. He said it was a very successful time, he often would email people or even go door to door to get sponsors. However, Jackson now has a numerous number of sponsors which have helped his racing career a great deal. Many people have asked Jackson just what his plan is for the future. He told me both his near future plans and distant future plans. For his near future he is hoping to move into a car called “formula 1600” by next year. After he acquires that car is when his road to start Indy car takes off. In his distant future Jackson is hoping to achieve a lifelong goal of racing in an Indy car. While discussing Jackson’s plans

for the future I just had to ask how his journey has been. Jackson described his path as being mentally challenging. Furthermore, he went on to say, “The journey of my racing career has been extremely challenging. It has been a lot more mentally challenging than it is physical. Oftentimes, I ask myself if this is really something I want to do, the career path I want to follow. But the journey has made me learn a lot about myself and has made me a lot stronger.” Jackson is constantly persevering through hard times. Therefore, I know that’s why he will be very successful in this career.



NFL moves to Germany Shawn Wyatt ‘22 Features Editor

The National Football League has been

quickly growing, not just in North America, but around the world. There are many countries that have seen a large increase in NFL viewership and merchandise sales in recent years, including China, South Africa, and Germany. According to the NFL’s official website, it has 19 million fans in Germany. This makes Germany one of the highest countries in the world in NFL viewership, and of course the league wants to capitalize on the opportunity to make money in foreign countries. Of course, a big part of growing the NFL has been playing games in different countries. Since 2007, the NFL has been playing a few games each year in London. This started because of the game’s growing popularity in the United Kingdom and the hope to eventually make football a more common sport overseas. The NFL has also played in Mexico City several times since 2016. In the past decade, there have been over 30 games played internationally. They have been played in a variety of venues, the most common being Wembley Stadium in London. Compared to other regular season games, these were treated as more of an

event than just another game. Games in Germany will likely also be played in a variety of different stadiums. There have been several proposed sites for future NFL events in Germany. So far, there are three finalist cities to host a game, they are Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, and Munich. These are some of the largest cities in Germany, so it makes sense that they are attracting attention from the NFL. These teams that play overseas are of course different every year, but it would be interesting to see something involving only a few teams, similar to the Bills Toronto Series. This was a series that went on from 2008 to 2012 in which the Buffalo Bills played a series of games at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. Bringing back an international promotion like this could work very well for the league by having a yearly event between two teams. The NFL could also have a promotion like the MLB did with the “Field of Dreams” game this year between the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox. This was the most-viewed regular season MLB game in years, and it turned out to be a huge success for the league. The possibilities are endless for the NFL, and they have an opportunity to do something that will yield huge benefits to the league, as well as spread football to even more countries.

wins boosted their ranking all the way to 18th in the state out of over 100 teams. Although Joey doesn’t start every game, he makes an important impact every time he logs in. “Playing as a support Robby Mathews ‘23 character, I’m able to help out my guys in Sports Editor any way that I can. My role is immense, ver since Mr. Evert established Elder’s as I’m solely responsible for keeping our E-Sports program, the teams have fluctuteam captain alive so that he can clear the ated. In the first year of E-Sports at Elder, way for the rest of us.” He knows that evthe Rocket League team took the state by eryone makes an impact, but we all want storm, dominating competition week by to know about the MVPs and the most week on their way to a state runner-up improved from the start. title. “I believe that the best player on the Since then, things have not been so team is Aiden Raps (Aiden Rapien), the great. Last year was not nearly as strong, captain. His understanding of the characas COVID had its share on the E-Sports ters and the game overall makes his mind community and forced some players and an extremely important asset to our team. even teams to He comprehends play from home. the matches like However, no other.” Not one team is everyone can taking the leap immediately this year and arrive and make attempting to put an impact, just Elder E-Sports like Joey. Joey on the map. This worked his way would happen to up the lineup be the Overfrom the start, watch team, a becoming one of Screenshot from Overwatch match. team that I was a founding member the best support of back in 2019, my freshman year. players on the Led by freshman Aiden Rapien, the team. “I’ve learned much better commuOverwatch team is made up of primarily nication skills on the mic, and it helps my underclassmen, with 90% of the team team make the push. The top teams in the being freshmen or sophomores. The one world don’t have to have the best talent exception to this is senior Caleb Freed, ever, only the best teamwork. That’s why I who has been involved with the team believe we have the ability to beat anyone. since its inception two years ago. We can consistently outsmart our enemies. I took the time to speak to one of The communication and bond we have is the newest members of the team, Joey like no other.” Mathews, about their performance this Readers must remember, the team is year. “I knew we had the talent, but the extremely young. All but two of the startteamwork was rough at the beginning. ers are freshmen, so the future is looking We’ve really turned it around and we bright. Watch out Elder, as this may be the know we can be dangerous and make a next team to rise up the charts in popularrun later this season.” The team started the ity and really get the Elder E-Sports team season at a tough 0-2, but have won two going. of their last three games, including a 3-0 sweep of “rival” Oak Hills. These crucial

Elder Overwatch regains its stride E

Thursday October 28, 2021

UC deserves national recognition Kellen Sandhas ‘22 Staff Writer

The Cincinnati Bearcats football team is

having the best season in program history. They have broken records in back-to-back weeks for highest national ranking in program history. Last week, they were ranked third, and after a huge win against UCF, they jumped to number two in the rankings behind powerhouse Georgia. Many national pundits argue that if a one loss Alabama beats undefeated Georgia, those two will make the playoff and Cincinnati will not. If Cincinnati wins out, they will have a perfect record, plus two huge road wins. Beating Notre Dame and Indiana, both elite programs, on the road, speaks volumes to the college football playoff committee. Another argument is UC is currently not a power five school (Big Ten, ACC, SEC, Big 12, and PAC 12). They will be in a couple of years, but some argue that Cincinnati’s strength of schedule just isn’t there yet. I think UC deserves to host college gameday. Clifton would be rocking, and this is the year where they deserve to host it the most. I don’t think Cincinnati football is getting enough love as they should from the rest of the country. Undefeated Cincinnati is more deserving than any team that has a loss. This is where strength of schedule plays a big role though. Even with two signature wins it may not be enough to fulfill the expectations just because the American Athletic Conference is weak compared to the Big Ten or SEC, or any one of those bigger conferences. This should not take away from the recognition of undefeated UC though, because I believe this would be the year where they could beat a team like Ohio State if any year ever. A couple years back Ohio State rolled UC 42-0, and some think that would happen again, but I think this is the best UC team ever. Desmond Ridder’s draft stock is rising, and the defense is yet to give up

Image of UC Football’s No. 2 ranking by Tyler Macenko (former Quill graphics guy)

more than 24 points. This is eye opening because most college games are all offense and turn into shootouts. If there is ever a year where a non-Power 5 school makes the playoffs, it’s this year with the Bearcats. They have proven themselves with two huge road wins and blown every other team out. Not saying that UC would beat Alabama or Georgia, but they deserve more love from the college football world. If the season ended now, Georgia would play Alabama, and Cincinnati would play Oklahoma. It is hard to believe that UC makes the playoffs due to its conference, but if the committee selects them, I believe it will give Ohio sports fans one of the most exciting games in recent history due to the ongoing history of heartbreaks from teams in Ohio.

Regular season review with Coach Ramsey Devyn Mullins ‘24 Staff Writer

David Maurer’s kick defeated Moeller, 59-58.

I got the chance to sit and talk to coach

Ramsey about the regular season and some postseason questions. I started off by asking him how he thought the season went. He said, “It was a hard season. We played a tough schedule but I think we did good and improved as the season went on.” He said they were looking to improve on the defense and not give up the big plays. He added that the offense needs to find a way to get the run game going. Ramsey said that they did the passing game acceptably well. I asked if he liked the captain choices and if he might change it up for the playoffs. He said he did not pick them, the players voted on them. He likes the captains and does not plan on changing them. I asked him if there was anyone at Elder he would want to talk to about playing football next year? He said, “No, because football is something YOU have to want I can’t really force it on to them.” “I don’t want to twist their arm about it.” His favorite moment of the year was obviously the Moeller game when Ben drove the Panthers down the field and threw the tying touchdown to Harp. Then Mauer made the point after to beat the Crusaders, 59-58.

The final question I asked him was; As a coach, what could you have done better? Are you planning on changing it for the post season or are you going to wait for next year? He said, “We waited too long to make big passing plays. We need to do more of what we are doing now.” Overall coach Ramsey is ready for the playoffs and seemed pretty pleased with how the regular season went. He also seemed pretty excited about the playoffs and what’s to come. With the Panthers win against La Salle 28-21 they have momentum against Colerain for the first game of the playoffs.

Thursday October 28, 2021

Sports 9

Seniors reflect on Elder cross country Shawn Wyatt ‘22 Features Editor

The cross country season is coming to a

close, and for the class of 2022, their time on the team is also ending. Throughout the past four years, these guys have formed friendships and memories that will last them a lifetime, as well as improving at their sport over the years. I had the chance to catch up with several seniors to hear what they had to say about their overall experience running for Elder these past four years. I asked one simple question: “What has running for Elder meant for you?” I asked this question because I think there is a number of ways it can be answered, there is no answer that is right or wrong. I wanted these guys to be thinking about their experience as a whole, and what they will take with them moving forward. As a former cross country runner, I know that the sport is much harder than I feel like it gets credit for, and these guys

put in so much work to improve their times. It is a very demanding sport as well, most of these guys are running every day to improve. But with that hard work, results will start to show, this is something that these seniors have learned through their time. According to Aidan Murphy, “It’s nice to see everybody make a leap forward.” Another important part of running is the people that you run with. With the right group of runners, practice will seem easier, and it will be much more enjoyable overall. Josh Huff says, “The past four years have meant a lot, when I first started running, I didn’t really know anybody, but through running these past four years, I’ve made a lot of great friendships.” These friendships made between these guys will last not only after this season, but after high school, which is something Logan Rieder expressed. He said, “Growing as brothers has meant a lot to me, and I hope to see them after cross country through college and the rest of my life.”

Most, if not all, of the guys on the cross country team will be together again in the spring for track season, which is another way for the team to bond, especially since it is mostly the same people. This

groups knows that the cross country team will be in good hands moving forward, especially through several juniors such as Tommy Weber and Ben Johnson.

Keller looks forward to senior hardwood season Ben Hambleton ‘22 Staff Writer

As fall sports are wrapping up, it is time

to take a look at winter sports such as basketball. Last season the Panthers basketball team had a very successful year. Elder finished the season 20-4 with just one loss at home. This great record also led them to become a co-holders of another GCL championship. This is the first time they have earned that moniker since the 20152016 season. I had the chance to talk to three year varsity starter, Sean Keller, about the upcoming season. I first asked him what some things he and other members of the team have been doing to get ready. Sean replied, “Well a lot actually. Every single day we are getting shots up. Usually after school we all go to the gym and get shots up on the gun. We also have been doing a lot of scrimmaging like open gyms. I think the most important thing we are doing is practicing game-like situations.” As shown, the varsity basketball team is getting a lot done this offseason. It is clear they are working hard to bring back another GCL trophy. As many know, last year was a strange year for sports due to COVID. The basketball team was also greatly affected by this. Normally, Elder basketball is known for having one of the loudest fan bases and cheering sections around. However, because of COVID they were unable to have this. I asked Sean what it meant to be back playing in front of the cheering section. Sean said, “Very exciting. It is always extremely electric playing in front of our fans. I think it is one of the biggest

advantages we have against a team. Our team feeds off the crowd’s energy for sure.” Last year, the Panthers had a big group of senior basketball players. With them leaving, more players are going to have to step up into the role those guys once had. Sean told me that guys like Andrew Harp and Sam Whitmer will be great three point shooters and scorers for them. He then said Carson Browne, Mikey Kirch, and Drew Busam will be guys who control the paint both offensively and defensively. Lastly, he said Matthew Menninger will also be a huge aspect for their defense because of the length he provides. It looks like the Panthers have a lot of guys who can play ball and it should be an exciting year. Lastly I asked Sean what some team goals and individual goals he had. He told me that the first goal they hope to accomplish is winning the GCL. He feels they have a great chance this year with the guys they have in the locker room and Coach Schoenfeld leading them. He also said it is a huge emphasis for their team to win every home game. Furthermore, Coach Schoenfeld and other coaches in the program make a huge point about winning games at home. Their biggest overall goal is to win every home game during the regular season. Sean then said the final goal is to win state. He knows this is a very challenging thing to do, but they were very close to achieving it last year. Sean said he knows they are capable of making a big time run in the tournament. For his individual goals Sean said, “I hope to win first team GCL and average around 14 points per game. However, my biggest individual goal is to become a better leader. Be a guy my team looks to when things get tough.” Knowing Sean I know he will do just that. He showed this leadership when he hit the game winning shot against Moeller last year which was the first time Elder beat Moeller in a long time. This basketball team is going to be very exciting and successful. They have a lot of guys who can shoot the ball and spread the floor. They also have some taller guys than years past, so that will help them get the ball inside as well. I expect them to run the floor and push the pace of the game. That is when the Panthers are at their best. However, it is important the 6th man of the cheering section is there to impose our will on other teams. Get out there and support the Panthers this winter!

Keller in action during last year’s playoff run to regionals.

Just a last minute shout out to the Elder Varsity Golf Team that made history this October. First they captured the District Title for the first time in over 30 years and followed that up with the best showing at the State Finals in program history. Although they finished a disappointing seventh in Columbus, their total was the lowest ever for the team and Senior Victor Caliguri was voted FIRST TEAM ALL-STATE after finishing third overall (+2)in the field of 72.


PTI celebrates 20 Grady Wall ‘23 Staff Writer If you are anything like me, then you just let ESPN run on your TV when you are sitting around doing nothing. But every weekday at 5:30, Mike Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser put on a fantastic show that lasts a brief 30 minutes. It is the most innovative sports talk show of our time and arguably the greatest that sports networking has to offer. By now you must know that I am talking about Pardon the Interruption. PTI debuted 20 years ago on October 22, 2001 and has been going strong since then airing about 5,000 episodes. The creators did not have much confidence, but it quickly became a favorite as it offered ways to appeal to the viewer that had never been done before. Yet even with PTI’s innovations to the sports talk show structure, it would not be as successful as it is now without the likes of Mike and Tony. Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser are two of the most respected voices in sports media today. Their aggressive but good-spirited debating dates back way before the fall of 2001. Mike and Tony worked together for years as columnists at The Washington Post. They basically performed their TV show off screen, sitting behind their desks at the Post. They were naturals, and if anyone was going to make this show successful, it was these guys. Their chemistry is near perfect. When they were hired by ESPN, executives noticed it right away and took a shot. But there are other details to the show that made it unique and innovative. The rundown on the right side of the screen was the first of its kind and has been adopted by different networks across

Thursday October 28, 2021


Football earns home playoff game Phil Hoffman ‘22 Video Editor several genres of news. It gives the viewer the knowledge of what topics are coming up, and ultimately leaves them sticking around watching the show. The timer also was new and allowed the viewer to know when the topic would be finished. It also allowed the producers to divide each topic into equal time slots. (Even though Mike and Tony sometimes go on rants past the buzzer) The buzzer at the end is the cherry on top. Sometimes Kornheiser and Wilbon will even dress up in costumes. All in all, it is just a fun, engaging, and easy way to talk about sports and it has stood the test of time. I do not see Pardon the Interruption going anywhere anytime soon. It is still one of the best rated shows on ESPN and is greatly outnumbering its competitors’ ratings. The only way I think it can lose viewership is if Tony or Mike leave the show. We all saw what happened with ESPN’s First Take after Stephen A. Smith’s co-star, Max Kellerman, was asked to leave. Their ratings plummeted and proved that viewers are connected to a certain combination of hosts that have great chemistry. The good news is that Kornheiser and Wilbon have a much better relationship than Smith and Kellerman. It will be interesting to see how long they can keep this train moving along because it feels like they are here to stay.

Week ten of the football season was

an interesting one for the Panthers. Elder defeated LaSalle 28-21 in a close contest. The last week of the regular season is always a big game for all teams. It helps decide positions for the playoffs, seeds, and division standings. For elder, this one victory over LaSalle placed us at second in the GCL with a 2-1 record, and putting LaSalle on the “GCL door mat” at 0-3. Not just that, but the week 10 game, puts Elder at a .500 record on the season, also securing another home game and a playoff game at that. Asked if playing a home playoff game will effect his players, Coach Ramsey said, “I definitely don’t think it will

Drew Ramsey (#12) scores against the Lancers last Friday.

hurt. Hopefully we have a great crowd that as an influence on the game.” Elder will face the Cardinals of Colerain to start the playoffs. If this match up would have been set at the start of the season, it would have been much more daunting for Elder. With wins in only two of the first six games, a playoff run was looking doubtful But now having won three out of the last four games at the end of the season, it is looking much more hopeful. “We are playing our best football and there is a lot of excitement.” Coach as well as players know the energy is high coming into the playoffs. One more thing to note in the week 10 win; the play of Drew Ramsey! Drew had an incredible game and really fed off the energy of the crowd. He had 34 touches for 179 yards with two touchdowns. I heard from Kevin Welch, a photographer for Elder Football, on the field that in the third quarter, Drew had more yards individually than LaSalle had all together. I asked Drew about this, and he said, “I did know that because a camera man told me when I was standing on the sideline. They were chanting daddy’s boy and he said they should stop saying that you have more yards of offense then their whole offense does. There was a special motivation, I have a couple friends on that LaSalle team so it’s nice to go out there and smack your friends around.” This was Drew’s proclaimed motivation in his pop off game against the Lancers. He and the Elder football team plan to bring this same week 10 energy back onto the field Friday when they play the Cardinals. We hope to see a rocking stadium full for the last home game of the season. Go Panthers!

Thursday October 28, 2021

From the Archives of The Quill 11

Robby Mathews ‘23 Sports Editor

While looking back through the several volumes and editions of The Purple Quill in the library, I noticed a particularly interesting story that stretched over a few months in 1946. While it is simply a fictional story with an entirely made-up person, it is an intriguing read nonetheless. Try and figure out what the freshman’s name truly means.

The case of the missing freshman Tom Murphy ‘46

Chapter I

It started out as any other September and any other school year. With the upperclassmen strutting before the freshmen with bright yellow ties and bright red socks and the little freshmen, (God love ‘em), with their shoes on, sneaking around corridors trying to remember which steps to use, and fervently hoping that someone would tell them what this “jug” is everyone is talking about. Now to get on with our story, the story of “Rigor Mortis Green,” a freshman at Elder High School, and I can truthfully say I am inquisitive. Rigor Mortis Green’s friends all called him “Rigor” and so shall we. It can, dare we say, without a doubt be said from early childhood Rigor developed an overwhelming desire for food, and it has been said that he lived merely for his next meal. Rigor’s marks were abnormally low. He was the dull, nonsensical type and in grade school he was help back for two years, one due to the measles and the other due to his absolute lack of knowledge. When he enrolled in high school his professors began praying for spiritual aid. After failing his freshman year completely, Rigor decided to put forth effort in his work so that he could pass it the following year. He was the envy of all of his classmates because of his ability to eat four or five regular plate lunches in succession. It was on one of those rather anemic days when Rigor Mortis Green lazily strolled through the yawning portals of Elder High. He walked to his locker gaily conversing with his classmates as to what he had consumed for breakfast. When about to enter his first class he was heard to mumble excitedly something to himself, turn on his feels and go scurrying down the hall. We regret to say that he has not been seen since. Did Rigor Mortis Green fall into an ink well? Did he accidentally lock himself in his locker? Did he get lost looking for the swimming pool

under the gym? Perhaps he was ground up in the pencil sharpener? Some even ascertain that he was absconded by that heroic, legendary figure, Smoe the great.

Chapter II

I am grieved and despondent as I sit down to write this tale of woe. Perhaps you, too, will be sad when you hear what I have to relate to you. Yes, I’m afraid you’ve guessed it! Although we possess a few meager clue concerning his whereabouts, we are not certain where Rigor Mortis Green is. And we are sorry to say that his parents and his small brother, “Post Mortis Green,” are frantic with worry. I’m sure we can all imagine the sad, tragic scene which will prevail in Rigor’s house this Christmas if he does not soon return. The question which is uppermost in everyone’s mind is, “Where could Rigor be?” Some say that someone was playing Santa Claus at the “We-Have-Everything Dept. Store” that looked almost like Rigor Mortis Green. But, of course, we cannot be sure. Could it be possible that he was hung on a Christmas tree for an ornament by mistake? Could he be freezing to death in the snow somewhere? Wait! What is that? Yes, the telephone. Excuse me, dear readers, while I answer the phone. That was Rigor Mortis Green on the phone folks! He never had time to say where he was or who he is with. He had time only to wish us all A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! - and then the line went dead. Maybe Rigor was kidnapped. Of course, we are just supposing this, but the clues certainly point to this as the solution. If Rigor was abducted, what was the motive behind such a dastardly action? Why would someone kidnap Rigor Mortis in the first place? If this theory is

true, how will Rigor escape the sinister clutches of his fiendish captors? So, dear readers, in the midst of your delicious Christmas dinners and your gay parties - stop. Yes, stop for a moment and remember your friend, your classmate, “Rigor Mortis Green,” is somewhere out there in the cold, penetrating weather and offer up a prayer for his safe return. (To be continued in the next issue of the Purple Quill.)

Chapter III (The Tragic End of Rigor Mortis Green) We are abashed to say that the anecdote which we have to relate is not very pleasant, to say the least. No doubt you have read of the appalling and revolting death of RIGOR MORTIS GREEN, missing freshman at Elder High School, for the past few months in the Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Cincinnati Enquirer, Post or Times Star. But we feel that it is our duty to carry the story anyway, since he was one of our most popular students here at Elder. Now to get on with our story. As you remember in Chapter II, we received what we thought at that time was an important phone call from RIGOR. After much sleuthing we found out that the phone call was made by one of the pupils here at Elder. Well, it seems that RIGOR dropped a “gum-drop” down one of the cesspools at Elder High School and since it was his last one (we all know what a gormandish epicure he was), he decided to follow the evasive tidbit. The gum-drop must have been peregrinated quite a bit, because RIGOR pursued it through all the intertwining, underground, catacomb-like sewer pipes

in and around the vicinage of Elder High School. The gum-drop was trundling at a flabbergasting rate of celerity, but RIGOR finally managed to catch up with it between PIPE NO. 4 and PIPE NO. 5. (This of course, would be approximately in the center of the football field.) After reaching a spot where the gum-drop had lodged, he found that he was stuck and unable to extricate himself. If only he had not always eaten so excessively in life maybe he would not have been so rotund in stature and therefore would have had somewhat of a chance to escape. Ah! but such is life! Anyway this is the story given us by THE FACT FINDING COMMITTEE which we appointed to reach the solution of this trying situation. (Of course, Herlock Sholmes, Dary Krake, and Tick Dracy, who were called in on this case as an extra special assignment, were also instrumental in bringing to a reasonable solution this exigent problem. We felt that they should be given a special mention.)

First Clue

Our first clue was disclosed to us on an algid, bleak day when the band members were going through their routine under the proficient supervision of Fr. Kesting, out on the white striped terrain. The earth at a certain spot began to heave and tremble slightly. No one noticed this unnatural phenomenon… that is, no one - save Earl Morgan, promising teenage drummer at Elder High School, who admonitorily skirled, “There’s a man down there! It’s RIGOR MORTIS, I tell you… It is! It is!”…But no! They heeded not his


Read the exciting conclusion to this story in next month’s Quill.


Thursday October 28, 2021

Student Features

What’s up in the world of ENN? Josh Steinhaus ‘24 Staff Writer

Most of you should know we have a

student run broadcasting team here at Elder called ENN. Yet most people aside from those directly involved in the process probably don’t know what happens in between the airing of shows. Along with the broadcast shown to the school, we are also streaming live sports broadcasts from home games along with highlight reels of most away games as well. Now if can’t you imagine what goes into that, well I can explain because I have been a part of ENN since the beginning of my freshman year. I need to explain because many students don’t know what really goes on, including a vast majority of the members. Some of them go out to

One freshman who has been filing lots of reports for ENN is Parker Brewer, shown here interviewing Jacob Mentz.

record something, then leave it to sit like it is going to magically get done and ready for the next show. A lot goes into the making of just one segment of the four to five we put together into our weekly show. We constantly must be shooting video, editing, and getting a script together to have a basis of what we are trying to capture. Long story short, we have a lot to do to get a show produced. Recent graduate Adam Duwel ‘21 explains, “(If you’re a cameraman) You got to sell the shot so the watcher will see what you are trying to get them to see.” This goes along with what Mr. Rogers is constantly drilling into our brains every meeting, “No one wants to see you and a subject sitting in an ill lit hallway and talking back and forth, You have to have ‘B’ roll to bring your words to fruition.” If you just have a 2-minute-long video of you and a teacher standing in the dimly lit third floor hallway talking into a microphone, it is going to get boring very quickly. Now I’m not speaking or quoting from experience or anything, *coughcough*, but that’s kind of how my first ENN video went this year. Our show has a lot of ins and outs, trial and error to get it ready by the day of release. Now let us dive into the Sports broadcasting side of ENN. I mean let’s talk about the recent game against Football North. Senior Phil Hoffman ’22 and I both showed up around 7 am, that Friday morning, to have our second of two ENN meetings a week, and we both stayed after school till around 10 pm to stream that Friday night’s Varsity Football game. We

Senior Phil Hoffman mans the controls of the Tri-caster during the live stream of a home football game, choosing the shots the viewers on the internet will see.

had to stick around to make sure cameras were connected and displaying to the studio. I asked Phil how a normal week of ENN stuff looks like to him. He had a lot to say about the fun and work that goes into a normal week of shows and broadcasts. “A normal week of ENN looks like a Tuesday meeting for ideas of segments or ideas we can put on for the week with the group effort of the club. Once the framework is laid down for a show we start filming, it takes a filmer, an interviewer, and an editor to get it in by Thursday for editors to produce the final show. For a Friday night live stream, immediately after the bell rings I start setting up the broadcast. It really turns into a week or so of preparations from getting people to put on the broadcast to getting the graphics set up. We like to keep the spectators busy by having time out segments or inter-

views of players respective to the sport in season. What I like about the broadcast is what you can put into it to get a finished product.” As you can see there is a lot that goes into a flex broadcast or a sports stream. There are ups and downs but I can’t complain about my experiences. The vast majority of the people I do ENN with find lots to enjoy so long as you find what part you are passionate about. If anyone is interested, I would stop by for a morning meeting either Tuesday or Friday from about 7:15 am to about 7:40 am or talk to Phil Hoffman or Trey Jansen via email or There is stuff for anybody from filming and editing to live commentary and on-screen. Any help given is definitely appreciated.

Thursday October 28, 2021

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Union Terminal resonates Cincinnati’s history Josh Huff ‘22 Staff Writer

Cincinnati is full of rich history. Take

a stroll downtown, through Price Hill, or Over the Rhine, and that becomes evident. One of the city’s most recognizable and beautiful landmarks is the Union Terminal. After both the Cincinnati Natural History Museum, and the Cincinnati Historical society were searching for larger spaces, and the union terminal was in danger of being demolished, it made sense to convert the historic structure to help educate and preserve the building that served as a gateway to the rest of the Midwest. If you didn’t already know, what is now known as the Cincinnati Museum Center was a bustling hub of transportation in America through the early and mid-1900s. The building was known as the union terminal, and its impact on the city of Cincinnati, and the nation can bee seen today. The construction of the Union Terminal was truly poor timing. Construction began in 1928 and was completed in the spring of 1933. By the time the Union Terminal officially opened, the U.S was in the midst of the Great Depression, which greatly affected the amount of use that the terminal saw. It didn’t help that a new, faster mode of transportation known as the airplane was coming onto the commercial scene. The future of the Union Terminal looked grim in its first few years, with the cost of construction being in the neighborhood of 42 million dollars in 1928, a cost of nearly 700 million in today’s money. However, that all changed when the union terminal became a big part of the war effort in the late thirties and early forties. All that history may be cool, but what attracts myself, and many other to

the iconic Queen City landmark is its design. There is not a single area of the Union Terminal that is not teeming with detail. The iconic structure was designed by German architect Alfred T. Fellheimer. Over his illustrious career he designed many train stations, including the Grand Central Terminal in New York. Even still, the Union Terminal is considered to be his magnum opus. The building is designed in what became one of the most popular forms of architecture in the 1920s and 1930s. At the time it was known as modern architecture but has now been given the name “art deco” architecture. Let’s start with the building’s main façade. The most iconic and recognizable part of the building comes in at a whopping 500 feet. The façade is bold, with the entirety of the supporting structure being made of polished limestone. It is truly a sight to behold. Keeping with the art deco style that it was designed in, the building is very symmetrical, and that starts with the façade. One of the most striking features on the façade is the 18-foot clock that sits right in the middle of it. The hour and minute hands are 6’-4” and 7’-4” respectively, and the clock weighs an incredible five tons. The façade was inspired by the Helsinki Central Station in Helsinki, Finland. Though the outside of the massive structure is impressive, the inside of the building is even more impressive, and serves as a time machine to the past. The outside of the building is quite impressive, however the colors are dull. In stark contrast to that is the inside of the building. The inside features bright, flamboyant colors. One of the most recognizable and iconic features is the rotunda. The rotunda, which features 150 million

The rotunda at Union Terminal is the largest semi-domed structure in the western hemisphere.

year old Tennessee marble, is home to numerous fossilized organisms. Approximately 12 of these can be seen with a keen eye. Ironically, the marble was put in long before the Union Terminal would become a natural history museum. The rotunda is home to the largest semi-dome structure in the western hemisphere, measuring an astounding 180 feet wide, and 106 feet tall. Another classic, and unique to Cincinnati feature was the Rookwood Tea Room. The Rookwood Pottery company played a large role in the American Pottery movement that lasted through the early and mid-1900s. Rookwood pieces are not cheap, and at one point served as a symbol of wealth. The inside also featured a president’s office, and secretary office. The president’s office was intended for POTUS to use when he came into town, however the space was seldom used, and

Party in the PIT is back! Seth Trischler ‘22 Co- Editor in Chief

It is that time of year where we finally

get that amazing cool weather and escape the warm and mugginess that is Cincinnati during the summer months. This also means it is the return of fall dances and events. One of course is Party in the Pit which did not happen last year of course due to Covid. This year it is going to be a little different. Mrs. Tuttle is organizing the event this year so I got to ask her a few questions of what it will look like since we have not had it for a while. She told me, “Since Party in the Pit is so close to Halloween, the theme is

costumes, but they are not mandatory to attend. The only requirement is that they be school appropriate. Tickets are $20 a couple and $10 for stag.” She also told me that there will be water, pop, and basic snacks. There will be pizza, but it will be offered for a nominal price. The event will go from 7-10. Everyone must arrive by 7:30, and everyone will be permitted to begin to leave at 9:30. I asked her if there would be any games/events in the PIT in which she responded with, “There will be multiple events in the Pit including field games and even a photo booth. A D.J. will also be in attendance.” Student council will be working the doors and most other areas will be taken care of by volunteer faculty and staff.

I also got to sit down with student council class president Phil Hoffman and get his takes on the event since student council is working side by side with Mrs. Tuttle for this event. I asked Phil what he likes about the event and what he thinks could be improved for this year and years beyond. First, Phil said, “I think the Party in the Pit is an awesome event that can further help bond all the classes together and really help students branch out.” Phil then gave his thoughts on what could be

has since been turned into the women’s bathroom. The Union Terminal has served the city of Cincinnati in a plethora of ways. Through it’s construction it helped to put Cincinnati on the map, when travel by way of water was beginning to dwindle. I remember being little and always taking trips to the Museum Center with my grandma. She would reminisce about what the building used to be. I always loved to imagine the building as a bustling train station with people rushing around to get to their next destination. The Union Terminal is an iconic landmark and in important piece of Cincinnati History, a piece that I thought needed to be shared!

improved which were, “I think the event itself is perfect for how many few years it has been going but one thing I would like to see happen either this year or next is more events. The event is almost three hours long and I feel like most of the events get burned out after the first hour. It then becomes people just standing around doing nothing. I definitely feel like more events would help take Party in the Pit to the ceiling that it has.” I don’t know about you guys but I think Party in the Pit is going to be a hit this year and I can not wait to go. Mrs. Tuttle also is excited to keep the event going for years to come, so make sure you attend this awesome event so we can keep doing things like this. If more people come each year, that means the more events we can have at it.


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A brief horror history lesson Josh Huff ‘22 Staff Writer

Terrifying people through use of story-

telling is a pastime that is old as communication itself. Whether it be through oral storytelling, or the many examples in English and other world literatures, scaring audiences is fun. The horror genre really gained it’s momentum with the advent of cinema and film. The early 1900s-1920s saw the very first horror films. The horror genre at this point was very new. Most directors and producers used literature horror classics such as Jekyll and Hyde and Frankenstein. While both of these stories at this point seem gimmicky and childish, they were sources of true fear when the genre first began to emerge. Once the genre truly began to gain some momentum, it entered into what is now considered the golden age of horror. The 1930s brought on some of the most recognized classics of the genre. Dracula, The Mummy, and Freaks were all prod-

ucts of this time. The golden age was also the first time that the word “horror” was used to market films in the genre. Prior to the thirties horror films were viewed as intense melodramas with a peculiar twist. The thirties also bore the first “horror superstars” if you will. Bella Lugosi, a Hungarian-American actor was the first actor to specialize in mainly horror films. The genre began to worry the public. Censorship became more common with each release, with some films such as Freaks being cut extensively. The 1940s and 1950s was an interesting time for the genre. With war ravaging just about everywhere in the modern world, many directors and writers used this as influence. While early horror movies explored supernatural antagonists, movies during the 1940s and 1950s explored more tangible antagonists, often

produced The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th and more. The 1990 and early 2000s was a dull period for the genre. At this point, it seemed as if every trope and idea had been exhausted. The 2000s saw a ramp up in zombie films, which didn’t necessarily help the genres cause to get back into the spotlight. These films included World War Z, Dawn of the Dead, and Zombieland. It was also during this time that the growing trend of remakes began. Many classic films received at least one, sometimes more than one remakes during this bleak time in horror history. Once the 2010s hit, the genre seemed to be back on the up and up. The state of

Thursday October 28, 2021 the horror genre today is a place that is truly has never ventured before, with films becoming more and more adventurous, with no topic to bold to be explored. A perfect example is Jordan Peele’s 2017 movie Get Out. While the film is an exciting thriller, it simultaneously explores themes of racial tension and oppression. The film blends both horrible atrocities, and comedy together to disarm to viewer, and then eventually scare them like they’ve never been scared before. The state of the genre right now is better than ever. At a time when genre blending is the norm, and tropes and typical character archetypes are shunned, it has pushed writers and directors to be even more innovative than before.

The Many Saints of Newark: tells story of Tony Soprano having to do with radioactive or nuclear mishaps. When the threat of war began to settle (somewhat) films became much more gimmicky than they previously were. In an attempt to scare audiences even more, films were included with 3d glasses, buzzing cinema chairs, and sometimes even live performers to accompany the film that was being watched. This trend, ultimately backfired, as it had to opposite effect on audiences. The 1970s or the “occult years” is where the horror genre we know today really began to take shape. The 1970s produced horror classics such as the Exorcist, and The Omen. The supernatural antagonists of the earliest days of the genre were making a comeback, with children being possessed and families being cursed. Much like the earliest days of the genre, directors and writers pulled from literature, however this time it was not old English literature, but rather very modern literature by the works of Stephen King. King is responsible for both books and films for some of the most iconic pieces of the genre. These include, The Shining, IT, Carrie, and a slue of others. Possibly one of the most recognizable movies to come out of this time was Poltergeist, which laid the groundwork for similar films in the 1980s. The 80s were home to the slasher years. Slasher films are a subgenre of horror that really took of in the 1980s and early 1990s. These films typically deal with a less supernatural antagonist, and more of a tangible antagonist. This doesn’t make them any less scary though. Some of the most iconic horror films of all time came out of this period. The 1980s

Jack Sheridan ‘22 Co-Editor-in-Chief

For fans of legendary TV show The

Sopranos, director Alan Taylor’s new crime drama, The Many Saints of Newark, is sure bring a sense of familiarity to the show. A prequel to the acclaimed show, The Many Saints of Newark tells the backstory and the upbringing of Tony Soprano, protagonist of The Sopranos and one of the most iconic television characters of all time. Now, I have to admit, I have never seen a single episode of The Sopranos. While I have heard nothing but great things about the show, I have just never gotten around to watching it. Nevertheless, this did not stop me from deciding to watch its prequel. While I have not seen The Sopranos, I have seen all of the famous mob movies that everybody knows. Whether it is The Godfather (1972), Scarface (1983), Goodfellas (1990), or The Irishman (2019), I have become pretty familiar with mob movies over recent years, so I felt pretty inclined to take a look at the newest one when it was released. Starring familiar names like Ray Liotta, Vera Farmiga, Leslie Odom Jr., Joey Diaz, and John Bernthal, the film portrays a young Tony Soprano as he navigates life in Newark, New Jersey, guided by his uncle, Dickie Moltisanti (Alessandro Nivola) and becoming entrenched in the lifestyle of the DiMeo crime family. Growing up in a world full of chaos, young Tony is exposed to an environment rich with pandemonium from the time he is a boy, seeing what life as part of a crime

family is like due to who is relatives are, as well as being a firsthand witness of the 1967 Newark riots that raged across the city for five days. Much of the first half of the film follows Moltisanti and his life while living in Newark, portraying many aspects of his life including the dispute between him and his father over his father’s new wife. Because young Tony’s father goes to prison near the beginning of the film, Moltisanti takes on the task of being a father figure in Tony’s life, attempting to guide him towards making good choices when he is young so that he does not become entrenched in the perilous lives that members of his family live every day. The DiMeo Family does not go unchallenged in their pursuits to control the Newark underworld, though. Leading a rival crime organization that is built up throughout the film and challenges the DiMeo Family, Harold McBrayer (Leslie Odom Jr.) becomes a cause for concern for the crime family as their moneymaking schemes begin to get target by the up-and-coming crime operation. Something that was common in The Many Saints of Newark that seems to be common in most mob films is the outstanding acting. The acting throughout the film is nothing short of great, and while it can be easy to commend experienced actors for great performances in films, there are numerous actors in the film who are relatively inexperienced compared to the other stars of the film, and the allaround praiseworthy performances from the entire cast are one of the reasons why the film has become such a hit. Another laudable aspect of the film goes to the work put in to make it look

Thursday October 28, 2021

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Halloween “Kills” at box office Seth Trischler ‘22 Co-Editor in Chief

While October turns to an end there

were a couple Halloween themed movies that hit the screens. One of which features a killer that is known around the world solely off his terrifying mask. This is none other than Michael Myers. Myers is arguably one of the scariest horror villains with his white mask and ability to pop out of nowhere and cause massive jump scares. The popular maniac returns in the second installment of the new trilogy of Halloween movies: Halloween Kills. The film occurs 40 years after the first film that came out in 1978. This movie takes place immediately where the first of the trilogy left off. I was able to watch the film right when it came out thanks to my trusty website: Soap2day. Did my computer probably get a couple of viruses? Most likely! Was it worth it? Yes. Note: Spoilers ahead! At the end of the last film the audience sees Michael get trapped in the cellar underneath Laurie’s house while it is on fire. The movie begins from the point of view of officer Hawkins in the very first Halloween (1978) where we learn that he kills his partner while trying to kill Michael. It then goes to the fire department trying to stop the fire which ends up leading to Michael’s escape when one of them falls into the cellar. Michael then exits the house and begins his slaughter fest by killing every single fireman including the one that fell into his lap. We

The Many Saints of Newark is a prequel to The Sopranos.

then are shown Laurie in the hospital and how her family is dealing with her stab wound from the last film. While all this is going on, Cameron, a friend of Allyson’s (Laurie’s granddaughter), finds Hawkins in critical condition from when Doctor Surtain stabbed him in the neck. The movie then goes to a bar where a bunch of characters from the 1979 classic were impacted like Tommy who was the little kid who saw Michael. After seeing the news, he begins attempting to get people to come together to kill Michael which happens throughout the film. Laurie then wakes up alongside Hawkins who somehow survives. Laurie then finds out that Michael did not die but must stay in the hospital even though her granddaughter and daughter are out seeking revenge. The movie ends with Michael returning to his old house where he kills Cameron and his dad and then injures Allyson. But before he is able to kill her, Karen (Laurie’s daughter and Allyson’s mom)stabs him in the back. She then takes his mask and lures him into a trap with most of the town surrounding him. They then beat up on him and shot him seven times and told Karen to go spend time with her daughter back at Michael’s old house. However, the townspeople underestimate Michael and he kills them all after they believe him to be dead. Then the movie shoots back to Michael’s house with Karen going upstairs while Laurie is giving a speech in the background. Karen then looks out the window Michael so famously looked out

as a kid. While looking out the window, the audience almost believes or at least I did that she would see Michael in the yard staring at her but instead he is right behind her, and the movie ends with him ruthlessly killing her. Although the movie itself was only one hour and forty-five minutes and was just Michael slaughtering anyone he sees, the ending made up for it in my opinion. The ending was so unexpected for me that I think it made up for the rather slow and boring movie. I thought the plot was sort of dull with the town going after Michael and all but like I said earlier there is going to be a third movie, so this is a setup for the big finale. This announcement was made before the movie hit theaters, so going into it you already knew that Michael would survive. One could have predicted that he would be on a killing spree in this film based on the title itself. The next movie gives hope with its title; Halloween Ends. This next film could potentially be the last time we see the masked killer for a while since Jamie Lee Curtis who plays Laurie Strode is not getting any younger. I guarantee we will see him again one day on the big screen but not till the people in Hollywood feel it is right to recast or make another origin story of the legendary masked killer.

like it is really taking place in the 1960s. From the cars, interior design of the houses, clothes, music, etc., the setting of the film was really brought to life throughout the entirety of the movie. Something that I noticed when I was watching the movie was that it did not seem that there was one strict protagonist throughout the film. While the film is ultimately providing explanations as to why Tony Soprano is the character that he is in The Sopranos, the film is not shown in just Tony’s perspective. In fact, it seemed that most of the first half of the film was shown in the perspective of Moltisanti. I noticed this as an interesting cinematic choice because going into the film, I just assumed that the audience would be seeing the story from solely Tony’s perspective, and I did not assume that viewers would also get a second perspective of the story from another character. Comparing it to other mob movies like Scarface, Goodfellas and The Irishman, this is one of the major reasons why I believe that this aspect of the film stood

out to me because in those films, it seems as if viewers are being told the story from the point of view of one main protagonist, but in The Many Saints of Newark, the film takes a different direction. On the other hand, there is a parallel between the structures of both Goodfellas and The Many Saints of Newark. The Many Saints of Newark mirrors Goodfellas in that it starts of the film with the childhood and upbringing of the film’s protagonist, Henry Hill (Ray Liotta), which The Many Saints of Newark does with Tony Soprano. While it is somewhat of a minor similarity between the two movies, I do believe that it is worthy pointing out, especially since Ray Liotta, the actor who stars as the main character of Goodfellas, is also in The Many Saints of Newark. The Many Saints of Newark is sure to be a film that many fans of mob movies are able to appreciate because while it does have its differences from mob films of the past, it still has many of the classic mob film aspects that fans can expect to

Viewers get a closeup of Myers’ menacing mask as it was burned in the last film. (via IMBD)

Even though the plot was a little weak, I believe the surprise ending ultimately made up for it and made this movie go from below average to a decent film. It certainly is one of the better movies out of the twelve films in the franchise and was well worth it if you wanted a fright because there is just something about that mask that gives me, and I am sure a lot of other people, goosebumps every time. see.

I would definitely recommend this film to people who enjoy mob films, and even if one has not seen The Sopranos, the film is not difficult to understand without explanations or references from the show. Overall, I enjoyed The Many Saints of Newark, and it is only the latest installment in the ever-growing family that is mob movies. With such a popular and acclaimed TV show to be the backstory of, The Many Saints of Newark has a major fan base that has anxiously been awaiting its arrival on the big screen, and after watching the film, I am certain that they will not be disappointed.


Thursday October 28, 2021

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Atlantis found? Robby Mathews ‘23 Sports Editor

Once thought to be only a myth and lost

forever, Atlantis has been a hot topic of debate for ancient historians for several centuries. Various arguments can be made about the lost city, such as whether it ever actually existed and where it could have disappeared to if it did. These arguments have pushed Atlantis to its status as one of the most popular myths around the world, and it has led thousands to serious research to determine the whereabouts of the Atlanteans. However, one man may have just found a lead. Known simply online as “Jimmy”, he proposes that the lost city of Atlantis was actually in the midst of the Sahara Desert, in a natural phenomenon known as the Richat structure. The Richat structure (also known as “The Eye of the Sahara”) is located in the middle of Mauritania, a country that is mostly dominated by the scorching Sahara Desert. Over 75% of the country is covered by desert, making the structure even more visible compared to its surroundings. In fact, the circular phenomena is used by astronauts as a visual landmark, with several photos being taken from space from the Apollo 9 mission. His theory stems from Plato’s writings about the ancient city, and several parallels arise from comparing the structure to what Plato’s description of Atlantis was like. First, Plato describes the city as a large circle with several inner circles, switching between land and water. This description matches what the Richat structure looks like, with a larger oval shape and different colors between the inner circles suggesting that they used to be under different pressures, that being water pressure and just normal land. Geographic formations and markers also match Plato’s descriptions, as he mentions mountains to the north and several rivers that flowed around the city. By looking at maps, one can see the mountains that go around the southern side of the Mediterranean. However, the rivers are not visible. This can be easily explained by the simple fact that only a few years can cause a drastic change in a

river’s direction, let alone over ten thousand years. A river could easily become near invisible considering this. Junior Nick Steins brought this topic to my attention, and I had to listen to what he had to say. “I just saw a cool YouTube video about it, and I started to look more into it.” Looking at Google Earth, I was surprised I had never seen it before. “It seems like it came out of nowhere, but it’s been around for millions upon millions of years and everyone’s been looking past it. The most famous lost city in human history could have been sitting right in front of us the entire time.” Some may argue that Atlantis

A collection of needless trivia based on this month’s holiday by your loyal and trusty staff members.

Around 4.6 million adults dress up as a witch for Halloween making it the most popular adult halloween costume. Originally before getting your treat you had to dance to receive it. Candy corn is America’s least favorite candy. In the film series Halloween, Michael Myers’ mask is literally a William Shatner mask that production designer Tommy Lee Wallace just spray-painted white, cut bigger eye holes out of and changed the hair a bit.

Artist’s conception following Plato’s description of a lost city surrounded by water.

couldn’t possibly have existed where it is today, as in Plato’s writing it also states that the city was destroyed in a “single day and night of misfortune” and that it fell beneath the sea. However, geological records show that roughly 11,500 years ago (the estimated era of Atlantis), the Earth underwent a gigantic geographical event that could have easily wiped out a civilization such as Atlantis. Jimmy also uses this to explain why the region looks like it does, asking, “Doesn’t the entire region look like it was blasted by flowing water or a tsunami?” Although most people believe Atlantis to be merely a myth, this theory brings about the serious question of whether it really did exist. Plato has been an extremely trusted source for two-thousand years, and his philosophical theories have been taught and interpreted ever since his time. Why wouldn’t we believe his writings about the tale of an ancient city that was passed down for generations of intelligent Greeks?

Sugar rationing during WWII halted trick or treating Illinois produces five times as many pumpkins as any other state. The world record for the fastest pumpkin carving is an impressive 16.47 seconds. The record requires one to produce a Jack-O-Lantern by carving eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. Harry Houdini, possibly the world’s most famous magician of all time and famous for his magnificent escapes, died on Halloween night in 1926. Since 2004, There is a law that during Halloween no one is allowed to use silly string on the streets of Hollywood In Alabama, it’s illegal to dress up as a minister, priest, nun, or any other member of clergy. Violators can be slapped with a $500 fine and a year in jail. Candy wasn’t given out to trick-or-treaters until the 1950’s “Monster Mash” by Bobby Pickett was banned from the UK for 11 years from 1962-1973 for being too morbid. The most lit jack-o’-lanterns on display was 30,581, set in New Hampshire. Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween. (Originated from Halloween’s first name, “the traditional night of Samhain”) Halloween originated from an ancient Celtic festival. Candy Corn was originally known as chicken feed. People used to carve turnips instead of pumpkins. In 2012, a nine-year-old was shot outside her home by a family member who thought she was a skunk. In 2005, neighbors in Frederica, Delaware noticed a new decoration outside a house ,a hanging body. They later realized it was a real person. In Bathurst, Canada, anyone caught trick or treating over the age of 16 can be faced with a 200 dollar fine.

Satellite image of the Richat structure (“The eye of the Sahara”) in Mauritania is what some believe to be the llost city of Atlantis.

Halloween is older than Christianity itself, dating back over 2000 years.