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Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018

Volume 112 | Issue 1

Building Another Legacy Chris Cicuto to serve as Associate Dean of Athletics at Glendale College

By Michael Dumansky Staff Writer As Glendale College enters its 91st year of athletic competition, a familiar face in a new position will lead the department into a different era. Chris Cicuto, the former head coach for the GCC baseball team since 2004, has been hired as the interim Associate Dean of Athletics. The irony of the hire is that Cicuto will be replacing his father John Cicuto, who was the GCC Athletic Director and held the position from 2007 until he retired in 2018 after 43 years at the college. “Coach John Cicuto is viewed not only by Glendale College, but [by] the entire state of California as one of the most respectable, trustworthy, hardworking and fair individuals I’ve ever been around,’’ Cicuto said about his father’s legacy. “Not only has it been a great opportunity to have him as my supervisor, but a bonus to have him as my father as well.” While this sudden adjustment from coaching one of the best baseball programs in the state and being a tenured instructor has been a whirlwind change for Cicuto, putting away all of his baseball gear and moving on from that has been no easy task. “In [the] last meeting I had with my baseball team, I got very emotional,” he confessed. “Not only because I was going to miss the day-to-day, but I was emotional. I was excited and proud that my

Courtesy Photo

LEGACY OF FOOTBALL COACHES: Chris Cicuto, his father, John Cicuto, and former football coach, Jim Sartoris, come together.

coaches are moving six inches over on the bench, Cicuto said.” As Cicuto hands over the reigns of the team to former Assistant Head Coach Alex Kocol.

LISTEN: Scan the code to listen to staff reporter Tyler Greene’s radio interview with Alex Kocol.

Cicuto has no regrets over the move to the administrative side of athletics. For the past several years, Cicuto has served as an Assistant Athletic Director, but that increased workload never showed on the field, as the Vaqueros captured their sixth Western State Conference Championships in 2017. But that wasn’t all. Coach Cicuto led the team to four Southern California regional championships and one final four appearance in the California Community College Athletic Association state playoffs. The 2017 season also saw Cicuto win

his 300th career game at Glendale and in typical fashion, he credits his coaches and players for any honors he has earned such as much his being named WSC Coach of the Year six times, as well as the American Baseball Coaches Association Coach of the Year for the Pacific Region in 2011. “Handing the coaching responsibilities off to Alex Kocol, I couldn’t be more excited for him and the rest of the staff,’’ he said. “They are prepared, they are ready, they deserve it and they’ve earned these increased opportunities for themselves.” [See Legacy, page 2]

Your Student Government The who, what, where, why and how behind ASGCC By Samuel Reynolds Staff Writer With the Fall Semester already underway, students at Glendale Community College are working diligently to find their rhythm. Sure, for those who have music based courses, this term is literal, but it also deals with the personal life of the student and their time management. Whether it be a job, family, sports, clubs, socializing or anything in between, finding a balance point for priorities is a must in the life of a college student. Thankfully, there are students who have managed to multitask, and are not only handling their academics, but also work for the welfare of the campus, through Associated Students Glendale Community College. Their goals focus on making life throughout the semester at GCC a bit easier to better help students and faculty alike find their rhythm. The events that have been held around campus, as you might’ve guessed by now, have all been organized and funded by ASGCC. Some may think that funding just appears from nowhere, but Joshua McCall, a Senator of Relations, clarifies that isn’t the case.

“We balance a budget for each semester that allows us to generate events, club projects, and grants for the student body,” McCall said. “The funding comes from the student store, which we operate.” He goes on to encourage students with innovative ideas to come and request funding, so long as they meet the college and associated students guidelines. Up next, is the finance committee, which makes decisions regarding the budget, spending and the distribution of funds between clubs, events and improvement programs. As Michelle Garabetian, a Senator of Finance describes, a lot of effort is put into the application and distribution processes. “Finance focuses on the money that comes into the school and what spending is going towards, advocating for areas that we think need improvement,” Garabetian explained. She further explained that in order to receive funding for a project, clubs and individuals must fill out what is called the Campus Project Support, as they refer to it, a CPS. During this, one must come up with a track plan of what the money will be spent on and how this will benefit students, staff and faculty. After the CPS is submit-

Samuel Reynolds / Staff Photographer

SENATOR OF FINACE: Michell Garabetian, a political science major, is here to help fund GCC club events.

ted, applicants are interviewed by ASGCC to determine whether or not funding will be granted for this specific project. When it comes to planning and hosting events, it is the main priority of AS to make them fun and enjoyable for their fellow students and faculty. Joanna Flamenco, a Senator of Activities, expressed that the activities committee is focused and dedicated on creating a relaxing and fun environment for students, to help relieve the stress of life and school. [See Student Government, page 2]

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Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018

Building Another Legacy

Glendale Community College / Courtesy Photo

CICUTO’S TRIUMPH: Cicutto says he is optimistic about the future at GCC.

[Continued from Legacy, page 1] He said he will miss the moments celebrating success with his coaching staff and players and counts the high transfer rate of his players as one of his proudest accomplishments. But as he digs into his new challenge of overseeing 16 sports he is also dealt with the looming day-today construction issues of the Verdugo Gym. Cicuto is optimistic about the future of Glendale College Athletics.

“I am here for all the coaches and if they want my perspective on coaching techniques or strategies, I am always willing to share what I know, like my father did and Jim Sartoris did before him,” Cicuto explained. “My responsibility is to keep the entire department moving forward and trying to improve the life of the student athletes and the coaches’ day in and day out.”

Michael Dumansky can be reached at

Your Student Government [Continued from Government, page 1] And when it’s time to plan an event, the committee makes sure that the smallest detail is done perfectly. “We pick up food, set up games, play music, and host events that create community engagement,” Flamenco added. While ASGCC provides plenty of fun activities, they’re also concerned about the physical and mental wellbeing the Vaquero family. When they attend their weekly meetings, they conduct their voting and training with GCC’s best interest at heart. David Perez, a Senator of Finance, says that when they have these meetings, they take it seriously because of who they represent. Perez says, “We represent about eleven hundred students, so it’s imperative that we do speak and we do ask questions, because if you stay silent, you’re silencing eleven hundred students.” Though their main task is to make sure that nobody and nothing go unnoticed on campus, ASGCC members have build unbreakable bonds with their fellow senators and members. This results in a strong form of comradery in college and beyond. “Every single senator,

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Samuel Reynolds / Staff Photographer

MAKING CHANGES: Joshua McCall is Senator of Relations.

vice president, president, or advisor, everyone has a good head on their shoulders, so this feels like a really good receptive group,” Perez said as he expressed his gratitude to be part of such a good group of people. He also added how the environment encourages individuality as well as cooperation to make their responsibilities and studies easier. The ASGCC is full of individuals with high ambition, with one big thing in common, and that is having

the best interest of Glendale College in mind. Creating a good space for self-improvement, as well as an opportunity to help others throughout the year, the AS welcomes newcomers and encourages everyone to challenge themselves throughout their education. Who knows, this way one may even find their rhythm. Samuel Reyenolds can be reached at

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Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018

Welcome Back, GCC!

Here are some snapshots of campus life during the first three weeks of instruction

Jenilee Borek / Staff Photographer

Yesenia Thomson / Staff Photographer

Jenilee Borek / Staff Photographer

Hayk Rostamyan / Staff Photographer

Hayk Rostamyan / Staff Photographer

Jenilee Borek / Staff Photographer

Jenile Borek / Staff Photographer



Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018


Ambitions of International Students at GCC There’s a lot other members of the community just don’t know about those from other countries at the college

By Eisho Shiroma Staff Writer Studying abroad is a big challenge. Many young people come to the United States every year with their big dreams and plans of achieving them. It’s sometimes fun, sometimes hard, but always an experience to remember. Glendale Community College has a strong tradition and commitment to educating students from other countries. Many international students are working hard at GCC. About 15,000 students are enrolled, and 600 of them are International F-1 visa students from over 50 countries. Many of them are active on campus in positive ways and take important roles here, and they are encouraged to participate in student government, clubs, athletics, and other organizations. Every spring, they hold International Week, which includes things like a fashion show, world music, food festival, and dance. These activities are free or very low cost for international students. GCC provides many events and opportunities for international students. The International Student

Office is located on the third floor of the Sierra Vista building. Staff and counselors are willing to help students with class registration, health insurance, immigration advising, and general requests. Moreover, the International Student Association (ISA) is the largest club on campus with over 400 members. They support the students in achieving their goals with activities. Their goal is to promote international education and celebrate their uniqueness with the campus community by being one of the most active organizations at GCC. Most international students have struggled with life in the new environment, but they are trying hard to pursue their aims and dreams. Virix Kwong, a student from Hong Kong, entered GCC in Spring 2017. He is an English major who aims to transfer to a university. He decided to study in the U.S. because he thought America has a better education system for students. “Tight class schedule is one of my struggle in my college life,” Kwong said. The students need to study a lot, so they have to spare time on the weekend or holidays for studying. “Hong Kong is more convenient than the U.S. on transportation. I used to use

James Ojano-Simonsson / Staff Photographer

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT OFFICE: Welcoming students from all over the world.

transportation a lot in Hong Kong, but people rely a lot on their private cars here,” Kwong mentioned. He feels more independent living by himself in the U.S. He enjoys cooking and taking care of his bills. He plans to go back to Hong Kong after finishing his degree and applying to the Cadet Pilot Program in order to be a pilot. Miran Yamamoto, from Japan, is an animation major. She is also working hard at GCC for her

dreams. She started her education at GCC in the spring of 2017. She wanted to learn about film at first, so she decided to come to L.A. She had struggled with her English skills at first. “English is not my first language, so learning subjects in English was hard for me. It took times to be comfortable much longer than I expected.” In Japan, people are not really multiracial, but various people from different countries are living in the U.S.

So far, Yamamoto has learned new cultures, religions, and languages. Now, she is planning to transfer to California State University, Northridge (CSUN) to get a bachelor degree. Yamamoto really wants to learn about animation.” I’d like to work in a job related to animation for kids in Japan,” she said. Eisho Shiroma can be reached at

Artist Corner About the Artist: Matthew Spencer is a journalism student at Glendale Community College and library studies student at Pasadena City College. He is largely self-taught, but also professionally trained. View more of his art @mynameismatthewspencer.

Matthew Spencer / @mynameismatthewspencer

Want to see your art in print? Send your submission to and you might see it here.


Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018


Beauty Ballin’ on a Budget A $20 per month service can have you looking your best By Kylie Shanon Staff Writer A new beauty subscription box called Boxycharm offers makeup junkies a chance to try out four to five full-size luxury products for only $20 a month. That’s a price that is convenient and appealing to any college student on a budget who is interested in makeup. The service comes from makeup enthusiasts who simply want customers to try out new products, with quality being a priority. Although the box isn’t personalized, it gives subscribers a chance to try out new products monthly, from brands such as MAC Cosmetics, Colourpop, Tarte, Smashbox, Becca, Cover Fx and many more. And if that doesn’t grab one’s attention, perhaps the fact that they are full-sized products will. Though the competitors, such as Ipsy or Sephora Play Box, feature mini size versions of products, users are able to experiment more thoroughly with Boxycharm. One month’s box may include a pair of eye masks, liquid lipsticks, eyeshadows, and the next month will be

completely different by providing brow products, bronzer, and an eyeshadow palette. The box also strives for themes each month. August’s theme was “Tropical,” so the box included a pigmented cruelty free eyeshadow palette called “Reina del Caribe” by Alamar Cosmetics. It featured beautiful vibrant tropical colors suitable for all complexions. That, in particular, was refreshing because it allowed the consumer to be exposed to wide diverse creativity within the beauty industry that appeals to all. In addition, Boxycharm allows you to accumulate points. Once you reach a certain tier, you are able to use your points towards one full size product at no additional cost. Another advantage Boxycharm features is that it introduces the consumer to different brands on the market, ranging from those that are affordable to those that are high end. And for those who can’t get enough of makeup, Boxycharm offers an upgrade box for an additional $28.99 every couple of months. As a makeup junkie and reviewer, I have been subscribed to the original subscription box for

Kylie Shannon / Staff Photographer

A MAKEUP JUNKIE’S DREAM: Brands such as Colourpop, and Mac Cosmetics are also feautured in the box.

over a year now and I can testify that they hold true to their value and charm. Everything from the method of delivery, to the way the boxes are packaged screams quality, as the products in the box are cushioned with foam. Rest assured your products have

a lesser chance of being damaged in transit. Overall, the box has a tremendous value and advantage for those considering new products at an affordable price. “It’s totally worth it,” said 21-year-old Ashley Lopez, a sophomore ma-

joring in Criminology at Glendale Community College. “I’ve found products that are a part of my holy grail.” Kylie Shannon can be reached at

College Student By Day, Beauty Bloggers By Night By Jordan Henry Staff Writer Patiently using her brush to make a sharp line, with one stroke she has created the perfect winged eyeliner. You can call them college students, or you can call them beauty gurus. From colleges around Los Angeles, you can find makeup artists who are passionate about the industry and are trying to build a business out of their talents. They use social media as a platform to build and increase their fanbase. They use their social media platforms to build a fan base. Not to mention, YouTube of course, to teach you how to recreate a specific look. Many people are starting up their own brands, all thanks to popularity gained from social media. Desi Perkins, Kathleen Lights, and Jeffree Star are examples, as makeup fanatics can’t get enough of them Glendale College is located in the San Fernando Valley. Not surprising since it’s also a destination of fashionistas with big aspirations. Gigi Estrada, for example, studies business at GCC, but also has a big passion for beauty and coming up with different eyeshadow looks. Once an active subscriber to beauty channels on YouTube, she found her inspiration through other beauty bloggers. She has since started creating her own content for others to follow. “Watching makeup gurus on screen definitely encouraged me to start doing my makeup,” said

Quote Catalog / Creative Commons

INSTAFAMOUS: Young Americans are looking to get-rich quick schemes, and Instagram may be one venue for gaining attention.

the 21-year-old. “Eventually, it became one of my passions.” Through her field of study, Gigi hopes to gain knowledge about the business aspect of one day building her very own beauty empire. Her accomplishments include collaborating with photographers and models, and even doing a live interview for Pasadena City College’s Lancer Radio. According to an article from Tartan, beauty bloggers with lots of subscribers can be sponsored

by companies have companies pay them to promote their products in their videos, they make an average of $33,000 per month. Beauty bloggers have to work hard to make their content and their makeup skills better in every video. Not to mention that you have to consistent with your content and you have to keep posting because your fans will demand to see videos of you all the time. The life of a beauty blogger isn’t that easy!

So many college students are ready to for the goal and hopes of become a YouTube sensation. With a decent salary, YouTube can give one a great career in anything you are good at. According to Information is Beautiful, “YouTube may pay as little as $0.0006 for every view, which adds up to $1.8 million for 3 billion plays.” Meaning you can make a living from a YouTube check. So, take a risk if you believe in something don’t let anyone

tell you, “you can’t be a YouTube star” because now it’s possible. With social media growing more and more, college students are using their degrees to help them build a business. Gigi’s final highlight… no ladies, not the “Becca highlighter she is wearing on her face,” she says, make up has been a blessing to her, and has opened so many doors for her. Jordan Henry an be reached at



Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018

Every Stone: A Key to A Memory 37 years later, Saroyan House museum opens its doors to the public

By Lilit Sedrakyan Staff Writer In the deep end of the backyard, sat a woman your eyes couldn’t miss. As she took a sip from a glass of wine, she recalled all the good times she had spent in that very spot many years ago with a special friend. “I got to know [him] really well. He was fun-loving, he was wild, he not only lived in a moment, but he was the moment when you were around him, everyone else was rotating around him and he was the sun,” said Brenda Najimian. “I was his driver in the 1970s and it was an incredible experience.” Najimian said it was her first time returning to William Saroyan’s house since she lost her best friend. Famed Armenian-American writer and Pulitzer Prize recipient Saroyan died in 1981, after which the doors to his home were shut to his friends. For the next 34 years, the house would have many owners, without much of a stake in its legacy. It was about to be sold at an auction until new owners came through. They are people who aren’t indifferent to the destiny of Saroyan’s House. It has been remodeled to serve as a museum to educate about Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist and playwright. It is the one and the only museum dedicated to him. The opening ceremony coincided with Saroyan’s 110th birthday. Saroyan’s home was purchased by The Renaissance Cultural Fund in 2015. Several months later, the founder, Arthur Janibekyan announced the start of the Saroyan House Museum Project. In the past three years, The Renaissance Cultural Fund created a large digital archive of photographs, paintings, graphics, movies and recordings collected from Saroyan’s friends, relatives and private collectors. Saroyan’s House

is unique, since it is the first digital museum in California. There are physical memorabilia present, but much is digitalized. “Saroyan’s talent is huge and his museum wouldn’t be complete if only personal items or photographs were displayed,” said Janibekyan. “The digital museum is just the first step of showcasing his legacy. We plan a number of other features from Saroyan’s readings to various mediaprojects,” Janibekyan said. There are more surprises to come for all Saroyan lovers. Until then, we can enjoy the digital collection of the beloved author. In his early years, Saroyan developed a habit, or perhaps, a love for collecting stones everywhere he went. And as you walk into the house, a big wall illustrates his passion for these stones, along with his thoughts of these stones. “Every stone, every stair is a key to a memory,” he once said. Saroyan picked a stone during his visit to Bitlis, Western Armenia, where his parents were born and fled during the Armenian Genocide. He had a special connection with that stone. In the second room, there is an interactive wall of Saroyan’s photos, which introduce his life from early childhood to his death. The dark walls with digital components come to life as soon as they sense the presence of a visitor. In the next room, a viewer meets a hologram of William Saroyan in his office. His old typewriter, fedora hat, and a bookshelf provide a personal atmosphere. The hologram of Saroyan speaks to visitors and expresses some fragments from his works. And as you walked through each one of the rooms, you could sense Saroyan’s presence and his lively but yet sorrowful spirit. “He was wonderful, kind, gentle, and sometimes sad,” Saroyan’s old friend reflected. “We talked about anything and everything. We

“Every stone, every stair is a key to a memory,” Saroyan used to say. The creative crew has done everything possible to make sure to showcase everything that represents the author, his likes, passions and even things he used to enjoy doing on a daily basis. Here are some impressive finds from the house museum.

would sit in this house and have tea, he liked hot tea, and we talked about so many things, he encouraged me.” The relationship was warm and there was a kind of mentorship, Najimian described. “When I had problems, I might bring them up to him and he helped me make some decisions and kind of guided me. Anyway, it was just remarkable,” she smiled. Najimian introduced Saroyan’s nephew, Hank Saroyan, who made a film for ABC “The Parsley Garden.” The film is based on Saroyan’s play and, as he mentioned, was a concept influenced by his uncle. It also won an Emmy. “I brought the hall crew down from L.A. [and] we shot 33 mm film, which is unheard of in that franchise,” the author’s nephew said. “The story was about a little Armenian boy back in 1932. I was walking around and I picked spots just from my mind’s eye, and turned out every place I picked was part of my uncle’s history. And I won the Emmy in 1994. I’m pretty excited about doing more,” said Hank Saroyan. During the opening ceremony, he revealed his plans to continue telling his uncle’s story. “I grew up in this city and have a lot of really good Armenian friends,” said Lee Brand, the mayor of Fresno. “William Saroyan is one of the best writers of my generation. As a mayor of this city, I have a great sense of pride that I’m a part of this event.” That evening, Saroyan’s guests and fans gathered at the Fresno State University to remember, to share memories about him and to keep his image alive. The house museum is located at 2729 West Griffith Way, Fresno, Calif., 93705. Lilit Sedrakyan can be reached at


Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018


Intel in Deautschland / Creative Commons

The Helpful Guide for the Perfect Laptop The steps to take to find the ideal device for you By Alin Pasokhian Managing Editor As another school year begins, many of us are faced with the issue of a slow, or outdated laptop. The main reason why this is a hassle to many is because of the tech jargon, which comes along with buying a laptop. Following this list will not only wash away the frustrations off the odd tech language but also act as a guide to help you make the right decision based on your needs. Step 1: Understand your budget Before looking at anything, always think within the lines of your budget. Always ask yourself, “How much money do I have and what can I get with that?” If the budget does not have any options fitting your needs, then ask yourself, “How much do I have to save in order to get exactly what I need? Is it worth the wait?” A realistic decision is just as good as an informed one. These devices range from $150 to $2,500, so there will always be something within every budget. Step 2: Decide what you want After recognizing what you can buy, see what attracts you the most: a laptop, tablet, or a 2-in1? A laptop being the portable computer, a tablet, the touch screen sibling of a laptop which can run apps that some, if not most, laptops are unable to run, and a 2-in-1 which is ultimately, the best of both worlds. Always try to opt for a 2-in-1 if your budget allows, because whether

or not you want a touch screen, the comfort of having it there is much better than not having it at all. These devices are more enhanced and innovative, as it takes a lot of effort and creativity in order to come up with a product which works so smoothly as both, a tablet and a laptop. Step 3: Brand Loyalty Some swear by the modern, sleek look of an Apple device, both from their physical appearance, and interface. Others, will look at Apple as the outdated device with an interface that dinosaurs would laugh at. Though some jokes are the bitter truth, the brand of the laptop you get is based off of what you’re used to, as well as the thought you put into the build of your laptop. The main concern of the users should be the platform in which the laptops run on. OS X belongs to Apple. Windows 10 (most recent) is the more common platform, which can be found in brands such as HP, Acer, Dell, and pretty much any brand besides Apple, making it a more flexible choice. Chromebooks from many brands also exist, which run on Chrome OS, a simplified, user-friendly interface meant for students and business. Step 4: Know your specs This is where the tech jargon scares most people away, and where many salesmen can hook people into an unnecessarily large purchase just by throwing out big numbers. “8th Gen. i7 processor...16GB memory, 1TB storage.” ‘Computer specifications’ is just a way of describing the capabilities of how much and how fast a

computer can run different programs. The easiest way to understand your computer is to adopt Spike Jonze’s mindset and think of your device as a human. When you see the letters CPU, this refers to the laptop’s “Central Processing Unit,” which is basically your computer’s brain. This determines how fast your laptop thinks, processes information, and delivers data. If your computer has a newer and “bigger” CPU it can process information faster than one with an older generation core and smaller processor. Depending on what you do, the most basic processor (Intel Core i3) would be your best bet. A very important component after the CPU is the Random Access Memory (RAM) which can count as your computer’s arms. RAM can be seen as your

instantaneous memory, which can be reached every time you open a program and use it. The more RAM your computer has, the more you can multitask while using your computer. After your instantaneous memory comes your actual memory, in the form of storage. Nowadays, laptops come with the option of a hard drive, which is a more mechanical piece in the computer. It contains moving parts and a Solid State Drive (SSD), which is more compact and does not require any moving parts. It also gives lightning fast speed. An SSD is also a safer option to go with for a laptop because as time goes on, an SSD will not “wear out” like the moving parts of a Hard Drive. For students more involved with subjects that deal with intensive graphic work, the need for a

more “dedicated” graphics card becomes more crucial. This allows for faster rendering, editing, and design. Once you’ve gone through these steps, more personal preferences should be taken into consideration. Things such as the screen, keyboard, speaker and other features play a big role in having a computer more suitable to one’s taste. Of course, all of this is to top off the more important aspects, such as the specs you have chosen, and the budget you have put aside for a laptop. And always remember, during this time of year, student discounts await you at every store, so do not hesitate to get a great deal on your future laptop. Happy hunting! Alin Pasokhian can be reached at

Fritzchens Fritz / Creative Commons



Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018

My Sister’s Battle With Cancer The last year has been more than a little stressful

By Samantha Banuelos Staff Writer I never really understood how horrible cancer was, until it became a part of my family. Four months ago, my 16-year-old sister was diagnosed with alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma. It was the same day I went to Glendale Community College after winter break. I actually didn’t make it to any of my classes that day. I was in the bathroom getting ready for school. My mom answered the house phone, and next thing I knew, we were both crying on the bathroom floor. The news was devastating, but we had to put up a front because we didn’t want my sister to know, at least not yet. She had a doctor’s appointment the next day and we wanted her to have a good night’s rest. When we went to pick her up from school, the strangest thing happened. She was full of energy and love. Now, I’m not saying my sister is a cold-hearted gal, but she was never like this after school. It almost felt like she knew something. Seeing her so happy warmed my heart, but killed me at the same time. Maybe because I knew tomorrow everything would change. As I look back, I am actually thankful for that day. On days that are a little more difficult, I just think to myself that my sister will soon smile and be as happy as she was that day. The next day I had to go to school and my sister had her doctor’s appointment. My day at school was pretty much a waste of time because I couldn’t think straight. All I knew was my sister was going to find out she has cancer and I wasn’t going to be there. By the time I was out of school, my cousins had reached out to me. I had to break the news to them because all they

knew was that my sister was in the hospital. I remember typing and deleting my reply multiple times. Maybe it was so hard because seeing “Mel has cancer” spelled out, turned this nightmare into reality. When I finally had the courage to respond, we arranged for all of us to head Over to the hospital, where my sister would spend her next three days, getting her first round of chemotherapy. Room 6204 became all too familiar to us, as we crossed the long hallway of the UCLA Medical Center for those three days. That’s when it sunk in that cancer doesn’t discriminate. The whole sixth floor was for children and newborns with cancer. Throughout the many rounds of chemo my sister has gone through, there have been just as many side effects. The list goes from nausea and vomiting to diarrhea and neuropathy to insomnia and exhaustion. Of course there is also the obvious hair loss and days of complete isolation. The worst weeks for me as an older sister were those, where my sister would practically cry everyday. When she developed neuropathy on her feet, she couldn’t even stand or sleep without feeling a throbbing sensation of heat all over her feet. Her inability to sleep began because the pain was too much for her to ignore. My poor sister would cry all night because she wanted to sleep. But she couldn’t. Frustration began to linger in my family because we tried everything from buying medical marijuana to a variety of natural alternatives. Though my sister was prescribed narcotics for the pain, we tried to use them as little as possible, as medicines also came with a long list of side

FAMILY SUPPORT: A family visits a cancer treatment center.

Beth Punches / Creative Commons

THE OBVIOUS SIDE EFFECTS: Cancer patients often lose their hair due to chemotherapy. Groups like Locks of Love take hair donations to create wigs for cancer patients,

effects. One of those included She lost the second half of her addiction, being that my sister is junior year, and all the joys so young, her body could cling that came with being a cheeronto narcos a lot easier. On top leader, or that of being in student of everything we had to make government. Cancer changed sure my sister didn’t develop everything. Her new normal is addiction. chemotherapy, emergency trips Losing her hair, was extremeto the hospital, constant labs and ly hard for my sister. When she possible blood transfusion to was first told she was going to inpatient stays at the hospital. be starting chemo, they recomYou hear about it countless mended that she cuts her hair times, when family and friends short. My innocent have shaved “My sister is now little sister thought if their heads in she did this, her hair solidarity for considered handiwould not fall off. capped. We even have a loved one. Sadly, that was not Though the a pass to prove it. the case. thought has Once a strong cheer- crossed my Within two weeks leader, she now uses of starting chemo, mind many my sister lost almost times, I have a wheelchair when all her hair. It was yet to do it. going out.” during this time, that I hate I felt like a terrible myself for not sister, because there being brave was nothing I could do to help enough. I think this just goes to her. show how wrapped up I am in Sadly, hair wasn’t the only society’s norms and how insething she lost during this time. cure I really am. Though I have and will always think my sister is beautiful with or without hair, there is a society that will stop and stare at those who are a little different. My sister is now considered handicapped. We even have a pass to prove it. Once a strong cheerleader, she now uses a wheelchair when going out. Even walking has become too difficult for her. I remember when we first mentioned getting a wheelchair. She refused. When we finally convinced her, the hardest part was getting her to use it. You could see discomfort all over her face. It breaks my heart to see my sister in such a vulnerable state. The once confident and bubbly girl has become clouded by fear and the society around her adds so much to it. F rom giving her looks in public, to remarks and more, Jack Miller / Creative Commons people all around give unwanted attention, making it hard for her

to forget about the condition she is in. It infuriates me. During this entire journey, I have been fortunate enough to find my way back to God. However, this experience has really opened my eyes. It’s not important what you believe in, but I think it’s important to have faith. Faith and family have been my greatest support throughout this difficult time. About a month ago, my sister’s doctors informed us that there was a chance that they would amputate her foot. Anger, devastation and sadness were a few of the things we felt upon finding out the devastating news. I don’t remember ever praying so much before. I began to pray, specifically to the Holy Infant of Atocha. All I can say is that the week after we were told amputation was be the best choice we were blessed with the news that amputation would no longer be necessary. We went from a horrible extreme to being able to breathe again. My sister’s journey is almost over. Talks about a minimal surgery to remove the tumor on her foot have been brought to the table. I have learned a lot and my perspective on everything has changed. Cancer became a part of my family and though it is still not all gone, I am a completely different person. I am closer to my family than ever. Often, family is all you have I have found a new relationship with God and I will treasure it forever. This illness is life-changing to to not only the person who has it, but those around. I know that we will come out of this stronger than ever. I am not angry, but I know that this has changed our lives forever, into something different, and different is beautiful. Samantha Banuelos can be reached at


Asian Fusion Eastern cusisine meets the west in the heart of Los Angeles

PHO HOT: Large portion of steak and fatty brisket pho.

By Alin Pasokhian Managing Editor Upon entering Murakami, you would not believe that this restaurant has a wait list, even during the week. Reservations are welcomed, far more than walking in, as that would cause you to wait for quite some time. But despite its minimal interior design, Murakami pleases both your eyes and your taste buds in a way far beyond interior design. Best suggestion as far as seating goes: try your hardest to sit at the sushi bar. You will not only witness the art of making your chirashi bowl, but you get a glimpse of how sushi chefs act in their element, whether it’s making a bowl, creating a sushi roll, or just simply enjoying a pint of beer that a regular customer bought for them. Seeing this adds to your experience, and forms a bigger appreciation for your food. In most Japanese restaurants, edamame and shishito peppers are the most common, and in Murakami it’s no different, except for the fact that that their garlic soy sauce, in which both are drenched in, may just be able to change your life for the better. Building your own bowl or ordering a cut/hand roll are both great options,

but chirashi bowls are what Murakami is known for, so making your own bowl gives you the freedom to choose all the components of sushi without committing to one ingredient. You are also given the choice of choosing how many items you would like in your bowl, making it easier to portion to your liking and not leaving a grain of rice behind, as well choosing your own price point which will satisfy you no matter how many items you choose to get. And of course, to end your meal, Murakami’s simple but delicious desserts, such as their lychee sorbet, refreshes your palate after your meal. With Japanese cuisine, and especially sushi, complexity is found in simplicity, and Murakami achieves that and more in its atmosphere and food, all while saving their patrons a ton of money. While Pho is rising in the ranks of food trends alongside the poke and acai bowls, with French, Chinese, and native influences, it is one of the most ultimate comfort foods around the world. Pho is a flexible dish, where the consumer can customize their pho on terms of heat, meat, and seasoning to their liking, so no bowl is the same, even though some restaurants tend to skip steps

Alin Pasokhian / Staff Photographer

and incorporate the seasonings and vegetables to the dish before serving it. Pho Hot, fairly close to Glendale Community College, gives the true experience of tasting this traditional dish with their wide range of choices for meat (or lack thereof with their vegetarian option), and seasonings. Pho Hot, like Murakami, brings out the complexity in the simple things, such as their insanely strong and flavorful broth, which is the main component of pho. This helps Pho Hot by allowing them to give their customer the choice to either eat the pho as is, or add things such as Thai basil, cilantro, bean sprouts, and more. Pho Hot is not only known for their pho, although that is their signature dish (hence the name). This restaurant is perfect for college students, with their Banh Mis at less than $5. Not only can a students experience traditional flavors from Vietnam but also spend less than $20 in their overall visit. With being only a few miles away from GCC, Pho hot is the closest place for genuine, healthy, and fast Vietnamese food for college students. Alin Pasokhian can be reached at

Alin Pasokhian / Staff Photographer

MURAKAMI: Shishito peppers (left), and Chirashi bowl (right).

Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018


An Unforgettable Portrait of 9/11 By Rory Cohen El Vaquero Adviser An original version of this article ran on Sept. 13, 2017. On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, Associated Press photographer Richard Drew was on his way to cover a maternity fashion show by Liz Lange at Bryant Park, known as Manhattan’s very own Town Square. Drew was staking out prime “real estate” at the end of the runway when a CNN cameraman told him that there had been an explosion at the World Trade Center. “Bag the fashion show,” his editor notified him immediately, “you have to go.” Drew took three trains down to Chambers Street. It was just after 9 a.m. EST., and he saw two gaping holes marring the World Trade Center. “When I came up the steps of the subway station, I looked up and saw that both of the towers were on fire,” he recalled in an interview. The second plane had crashed into the south tower just three minutes after 9 a.m., a mere fifteen minutes after the first plane smashed into the north tower. As any photojournalist would, Drew took photos of that day. They were full of anguish. They captured history. Yet the pictures the AP photographer captured were not what Americans wanted — and perhaps not what they needed — to see after the grisliest attack on U.S. soil. One photo in particular was controversial. On Sept. 11, 2001, Drew took what has become the most iconic photo of his career, that of “The Falling Man.” The photo was published across national news outlets the day after the World Trade Center and Pentagon were attacked. It elicited immediate scorn, contempt, and anger. At the time, perhaps understandably, it was not the photo Americans were ready to see. The sounds and sights on evening news for weeks to come were marked by patriotism. The picture of “The Falling Man” for many, including family members of those who lost loved ones on 9/11, was distinctly unpatriotic. It was perceived as suicidal, calling faith into question and tarnishing the image of the victims that some family members needed to hold close. They simply weren’t ready to face the image in the immediate aftermath. Some will never be. It’s taboo. It’s disrespectful. It’s also crucial, because it’s a cenotaph. Today, we can discuss the photo in journalism classes around the country. Indeed, some of the students in our classes were babies or grade school students during 9/11, their recollection of the events foggy at best. Photographs document history, allowing us to remember and learn from history. In the photo, a man is seen falling to his death. The composition of the image is eerie, with the man perfectly perpendicular to the building, almost as if he was a diver. What was going

through his mind? Did he have a wife? Children? Richard Drew captured images of other people that day who tried to do everything to save others and themselves. The image of the man, however, sparked a harrowing documentary about the events of Sept. 11, “The Falling Man.” In it, Drew compared his profession as one that requires immediacy. A photojournalist, he has captured photos that have been crucial, but often ghastly, points of history. As a young photojournalist, he even snapped photos of the assassination of Sen. Robert Kennedy on June 5, 1958, one of just four press photographers to witness the event. The Kennedy image was provocative. The image from 9/11? So much more so. It says a lot about Americans, and the capacity for forgiveness and understanding. Those trapped above the gaping holes in the tower were condemned to death. Did they have a choice at all? An estimated 200 fellow Americans proceeded to jump out of the buildings. They were trapped. Some had tried to tie drapes together, making makeshift parachutes. Some tried to scale the buildings. Others wanted to make a final choice in their life, perhaps thinking that at the very least, their bodies would be found. What is clear is this: the buildings were unbearably hot, people couldn’t breathe, and family members who spoke to their loved ones for that final time heard sheer agony in the voices of their family members. Slowly, reporters have been able to piece together details about the man. The identity of the man is a little clearer today. Reporters were able to figure out his probable identity by looking at this skin color, shoes, and orange tshirt. They asked a series of questions. Did he work at Windows of the World, the charming restaurant at the top of the North Tower? Could employees there were anything but a white shirt? What about his shoes? His goatee? The man in the photo is now thought to be Jonathan Briley, an audio technician at the restaurant. We can’t be sure, but Briley was 43. He had a wife. He was the son of a preacher. His body was found in the rubble. He was just going about his daily life the day that he died, trying to provide for his family, like 2,977 other victims. Drew’s image from 9/11, like other painful photos, honor the suffering of the victims. Indeed, photos of Holocaust victims, once deemed voyeuristic, are now important historical accounts. “The Falling Man” is now forever part of a historical account, an undeniable element of proof. As journalists, we must seek the truth and report it, no matter how uncomfortable. Eventually, people will welcome the account. Rory Cohen can be reached at



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California’s Propositions: What to Know The good, the bad, and the ugly

Tim Evanson / Creative Commons

A CHANGE IN THE HOUSE: Midterm elections means that this could be the last time many Congressmen sit within the Capitol building.

By Hayk Martirosyan Staff Writer To say that the political field in California is divisive would be an understatement. The presidential elections of 2016 have left this nation in a strange place of mind, sparking countless debates, arguments, protests, and more. That’s why the Congressional midterm elections of 2018 are particularly important. The passion many voters have displayed for or against the Republican party means the midterms promise to be quite the intense show. As such, it is important that people understand every element of these elections, starting with one of its most often underrepresented but important elements: the propositions. During elections, a series of law disputes and changes are placed on the ballot, alongside the candidates. These are referred to as propositions. Each state has its own unique set, and in November 2018, alongside the Congressional candidates, the ballots will also include 11 propositions to be voted on. Below is a breakdown of each proposition, what they stand for, and what the arguments are, for or against each proposition. Four of the 11 propositions are bond requests. This means that they allow the state to request money from investors, with the promise to repay them back with an added interest. For example, Proposition 1 proposes the acquisition of $4 billion for housing programs and loans for veterans.

Proposition 2 aims to use a 1 percent tax imposed on millionaires to pay for a $2 billion bond, that goes into improved housing for the homeless. The issue many have with this, is that the initial 1 percent tax is used for mental health programs. With the proposition offering to use up to $140 million of these funds on housing projects, means certain mental patients won’t receive the care they require. Proposition 3 requires $8.877 billion in bonds to repair California’s dismal water infrastructure. This is considering the fact that the EPA has rated California is the #1 state in terms of water infrastructural damage. Similarly, Proposition 4 requests $1.5 billion to provide repairs, renovations, and even new equipment to children’s hospitals across the nation. One may agree with many of these initiatives, although this agreement isn’t common. The issue with bond propositions, is that bonds by nature require the state to ask for investments and thus be put into debt. Additionally, the bonds requested in Props. 1 and 2 are general obligation bonds, which means that California has already committed to repaying the debt created by them. This means, upon implementation, the state will instantly set out to cover a debt of $6 billion. Considering that California’s credit record according to July 2015 indicates that it is at a AAlevel, meaning it cannot pay back most of its debts, this could possibly mean higher taxes for Californians. Considering that

multiple of these propositions could pass, greater taxes may be placed upon the state citizens. Proposition 5 joins in with Props. 1 and 2, to combat the rising housing crisis in California. It allows homebuyers that are 55+ or disabled, to move their home tax assessment to a new home with minor adjustments. The tax in question appears when a person owns a home. Its value is assessed and taxes, and over time the tax decreases the more the person lives in one location. However, often times, buying a new house means the house is reassessed, and the taxes go back up again. Prop. 5 allows home buyers to keep the original tax assessment when buying a new house, although some modifications will be implemented. The tax assessment will decrease or increase slightly, depending on the new home. The proposition is meant to encourage more people to become home buyers within the state and improve the housing crisis. For this reason the proposition has received a lot of support. The side-effect is that the state is going to lose $150 million in the short term and $1 billion annually in the long term. For a state with abysmal credit rating this, many see this as a bad turn of events. This is added on by Proposition 10, which allows the state to regulate rent. While this may insure flat and fair rates across the board, it can also mean that landlords are not able to make enough to manage their buildings or that they will increase the prices just prior the propositions installment, to drive out the old

customers and make maximum amount of money before the change is implemented. Proposition 6 battles a different California crisis, gas prices. It allows the repeal of taxes placed on fuel and fuelbased vehicles according to an act in 2017, and insures that such taxation can only be done by popular vote. The benefit is cheap fuel, which no one can deny. The harm is that this discourages environmentally friendly cars and removes $2.9 billion in taxes that would have served to fix roads and infrastructures. Proposition 7 simply removes daylight savings time (DST), allowing for a constant single time-scale. Many support this, arguing that DST reduces productivity and can be dangerous to people’s health. The counterargument is that DST ensures that people always have maximal daylight and thus will spend more time outside, spending money, and keeping the economy healthy. Proposition 8 stops dialysis clinics from charing above 115 percent of their patient’s healthcare costs. If they do, they are forced provide refunds. This means that the dialysis patients will not be overcharged, while the state earns $1 million in savings. But detractors argue that the enforced refund can cripple dialysis hospitals that actually require the funds. Proposition 11 forces ambulance providers to keep their employees on-call during break, to ensure there’s always an available ambulance driver. Many support this measure, as it also requests for more training and

mental health care from EMTs and paramedics, to make up for how stressful their job can be. The counter-argument is that it is that according to Augustus v. ABM Security Services (December 2016) it is a violation of state labor law to have employees be required to be oncall during their break. Finally, Proposition 12 deals with animal rights. It builds on Proposition 2 (2008), which passed. The latter stated that produce from animals kept in extremely tight spaces may not be sold due to the implied abuse and the obvious health issues present in the produce. Prop. 12 builds on this by specifying what are the specific minimum sizes necessary for one to keep an animal in, and still be able to sell produce from. Supporters agree that animals kept in tight spaces suffer needlessly and provide bad produce. Critics, however, insist that this measure could harm the farmers of California, forcing them to spend money on building larger spaces for their livestock. These are the propositions present in the upcoming midterm elections of 2018. The Congressional website highly urges voters to look into the propositions themselves and make an educated decision. The factors above are more than just mere spaces to fill. In certain cases they are just as, if not more, important than the Congressional candidates, and should be voted on even if one chooses to abstain from chiming in on the candidates. Hayk Martirosyan can be reached at


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Nike’s Strategic Move One company’s rejection is another company’s next big thing

Nike / Courtesy Photo

OFF THE FIELD: Former SF 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, becomes the new face of the Nike brand.

By Samantha Decker Features Editor In just two lines, the sportswear retail giant, Nike, conveyed yet another incredibly powerful message in their latest advertising campaign. The stark white lettering splayed across the center, contrasts the grayscale photo of the blacklisted former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s face, giving the ad an element of intensity. The release of the inspirational ad follows a long line of influential and impactful campaigns Nike has run of athletes in the past. Nike is no stranger to being behind an ad that gets international attention, but due to its controversial nature, the 30th anniversary “Just Do It” campaign has been one of the most polarizing ever. The powerful ad, alludes to the NFL pro-football season of 2016, where Kaepernick famously took a knee during the National Anthem. Originally a solo action, the bold move was meant to advocate against racial injustice and police brutality, targeted against African Americans in the United States. For a large number of fans and fellow players, this was an inspirational event in the midst of a grim social justice movement and many followed his lead by kneeling in solidarity. On the contrary, others were

outraged and blatantly accused Kaepernick of an impudent rebellion and disrespect against the flag and nation. In wake of the controversy, many fans were shocked during the 2017 draft when Kaepernick, a free agent, was not recruited by any of the NFL’s 32 teams.

“I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” - Colin Kaepernick Kaepernick’s involuntary leave of absence from professional football didnt stop him from continuing his protest work. Rather, it allowed him to focus solely on various outreach programs that help people in the community, such as the “Know Your Rights” campaign. Similarly to any forprofit competitive business, Nike’s underlying intention was, without a doubt, to benefit financially from their campaign. However, that doesn’t necessarily contradict the ad’s integrity or discredit its intention to make an important point. Though it may seem like Nike is reckless with their image at times, every move they make is planned meticulously and when formulating this ad, they knowingly took a calculated risk. Nike makes a point to be very in-

tune with their current and future markets, and has spent millions on extensive market research to gather this valuable data. From this, they can predict with accuracy, how their intended markets will react and therefore, can prepare accordingly for the good and the bad. The ad received the majority of its exposure on social media, a platform where opinions spread faster than a California wildfire. Backlash can happen in an instant and trend in a matter of hours. Many people have expressed their disapproval and have even posted content of them destroying their alreadypurchased Nike products. Although it’s been a little over a week, the conversation surrounding Kaepernick doesn’t seem to be letting up. It is worth pointing out, that Kaepernick’s well-intentioned efforts have received far more backlash than Kendall Jenner, who beamed proudly as she stared in a now disgraced Pepsi commercial. The commercial was deemed racist and offensive and was pulled from the air, but still she continues to enjoy a massively successful career as a professional model. In spite of the negativity, Nike has remained relatively unresponsive to upset customers and shows no indication of backing down. While everyone is mostly preoccupied with the race debate, there is another interesting dynamic at play that has gotten very minimal attention: what Nike has done to their relationship with the NFL by their uncalled for actions. Both are two sports powerhouses with intersecting markets but very different executions. Nike and the NFL have a long standing and close-knit relationship that appears to have been incredibly mutually beneficial, until now. Nike, still, not only planned but spent millions on a message that directly opposes the NFL’s way of handling the Kaepernick situation. Essentially, Nike blindsided the NFL at the start of football season and publicly exploited them. According to

the New York Times, the NFL released a damage control statement following the ad that states they are going to start paying more attention to the social injustice issues that their players raise. Whether or not they’ve compromised their relationship with the NFL or if it will prompt them to change their ways, will reveal itself in time. With their sole purpose to be persuasive, ads have a unique and incredible ability to influence people and their perceptions. Since advertisements focus on stimulating and magnifying certain feelings or projecting a feeling on to someone, it has the powerful ability to alter how people feel about anything as insignificant as a candy bar or as pressing as an important social issue. Ads. also receive some of the most exposure of any other media content, which brings issues awareness they couldn’t get elsewhere. This is the reason why charity organizations often enlist the help of well-established brands- to reap those benefits. The underlying goal of the Nike ad is this: no matter what the viewer’s stance is on this issue, they will still take in the ad’s regal essence and experience a surge of empowerment, even if only for a second. This is a subliminal tactic and it works. Nike is not the only major brand who has taken a side in current racial issues. In 2013 the classic breakfast cereal brand, Cheerios, received major backlash after launching a seemingly standard ad campaign. The commercial featured a white mom and black dad, and their biracial daughter. The brand noticed an emerging market of blended and multicultural families. Like Nike, in efforts to do what is necessary and keep their brand relevant, Cheerios made a strategic decision to be one of the first to appeal to this invaluable market. While the majority of viewers were unbothered, the ad ignited the wrath of many modern-day racists, who’s close minded ideology rejected the existence of interracial relationships and

TAKING A KNEE: Colin Kaepernick (center) leads a protest with Eli Harlod (left) and Eric Reid (right) before a game against the Arizona Cardinals in 2016.

the families that are created, as a result. Citing “tradition family values” as their so-called reasoning, these groups mainly voiced their intolerant opposition on social media, even calling for a boycott of all General Mills products. Standing by their crusade for inclusivity, the brand did not pull the ads or issue any kind of apology. Rather they shut down the comment sections to the video and released this in a statement:

“...there are many kinds of families and we celebrate them all” Thanks to their failed efforts, Cheerios remains a successful and thriving business to this day. The ad was also key in helping to desensitizing the general public to the concept of interracial families and it has since been normalized enough where a similar commercial can be broadcast without the threat of backlash.

“I never take the easy way out.” - Colin Kaepernick Kaepernick had the courage to achieve his dreams against all odds, and earned a starting spot as a professional football quarterback, in one of the most competitive sports in the world. It was that same courage that led him to sacrifice it all for something bigger than himself and football. By blindly making the brave decision to take a knee, he ended up losing all that he’s work so tirelessly for, in the prime of his athletic ability. This Nike ad is a win for Kaepernick. Despite the goal to sell sneakers, an endorsement with Nike is a new platform for Kaepernick to project his mission. Whether in support or not, it’s undeniable that this ad had a substantial impact. Most of the time ads are relatively insignificant. Every once in a while, there will be one that shakes the world. Samantha Decker can be reached at

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Armenia: Still On a Revolution High Though bigger changes are yet to come, Noah’s people are hopeful Livio Burtscher / Creative Commons

NORTHERN ARMENIA: “Children play at an old park in Gyumri, Armenia, in this August 2018 photo.

By Marian Sahakyan Editor-in-Chief Going to Armenia on a twomonth trip was not something that I even considered doing during the summer. It was sudden. It was sweet and exciting. After all, I was going home to a new Armenia. At least that’s what my friends had told me. I remember the scowl of disappointment on my face on our driveaway from the only functioning commercial at airport in the small country, Zvartnots International. The road out of the airport was darker and a bit bumpier than what I was used to and what I expected. I remember making a comment to my dad that nothing had changed. Not since the revolution, anyway. The city and the dark roads were just how I had left them years ago. They were melancholic. Melancholic in a way where you can feel your heart instantly breaking. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s the feeling of returning home to someone you love, but you know this person isn’t doing well. Like an old mother, waiting for her children to return home for a visit. She is worn out, she

is mysterious, she is sad, but yet she is warm and welcoming. She is always there. You don’t know what the future holds for her, but yet you cherish the things that you see in her. That’s what Armenia is to me. An unimaginable force that keeps one coming back for more. It’s beautiful, but not the most beautiful. It’s perfectly imperfect. It has problems and issues. It has a painful history. It’s been shot down more times than not. Through it all, it has stood tall, and persevered in the best of ways. You go back to her, you love and cherish her, but when the time comes, you leave her, because you have a more perfect life somewhere far away. Somehow, the perfect life, and perfect home, the perfect mother, doesn’t seem real. It’s not yours. You can’t always go back to it. You don’t even miss it, because it doesn’t break your heart, as the old mother does. As I started to make my rounds in Yerevan and the outer parts of the country, I sensed a huge Soviet presence, more than ever before. You see abandoned factories with broken windows, or unfinished apartment and hotel

Marian Sahakyan / Staff Photographer

HISTORIC ARMENIA: Cross stones have become a big part of Armenian culture, which is the oldest in Christianity.

buildings. You even stumble upon children’s parks with no sign of renovation or beautification in sight. And when the beautiful nature started to take my breath away, and the old, unfinished buildings became nothing but a charming touch to all that was going on in the country, I saw the light. I saw something that I often dreamt of, but had lost hope in. This is how it went. I used to walk and take the metro everywhere during my stay in Yerevan, the capital that I love so dearly. But it was during those Mediterranean heatwaves that I allowed myself to get around the city. Not by walking or taking the metro, but by taxi. It was another sticky hot day that I found myself spaced out and away, deep in thought in the back of a taxi cab. I thought about the future and what it holds for this remarkably beautiful country. I thought about the things that I wanted to change, things that I knew weren’t looking too great at the time. I was worried. I could tell that the driver was not pleased about the traffic and the horrible driving in the city center. He probably was so tempted to light a cigarette to help relieve the stress. He didn’t. “I no longer honk at cars and people,” were his first words to me since I got in the cab, 20 minutes earlier. He then went on to explain why he said this. “Whether it’s a big act of kindness or something as small as honking while driving, I believe that everyone should be doing their part in furthering the change, and supporting it.” After talking to me for a few more minutes, the conversation became one of my favorites to share. The man explained to me that no matter how long it takes the new Armenian administration to fix the broken system of

corruption and poverty, he was sure that it was never going to be as bad as it was during the reign of Serzh Sargsyan, Armenia’s overthrown president. “There has been a change in the Armenian situation. People have changed,” the man remarked. “And now, people who live here, can’t complain that there are no jobs, because there are. And those in the diaspora, don’t have the right to say that can’t come back home, because at home there are no opportunities.” This conversation, seemed to have answered all of the unanswered questions that I had inside. Those that I wanted answered during this unplanned trip to Armenia. For a second, I felt like it was all in my hands and I could change the world, if I wanted to. I could even come back home, without ever having to leave again. Then I started to think about what the revolution did in Armenia. At first sight, you think that four months is not a sufficient amount of time for us to judge the effectiveness of the new administration. It’s not until you take a closer look at the actions and operations of Nikol Pashinyan, the new leader of the country, and his cabinet. From what it seems, the new wave of officials of the Armenian government, have been working endlessly to bring the muchwanted and anticipated change to the country. The Ministry of Education has been hunting through the university systems and one-byone eliminating school deans and principals, and even educators, who have previously required ‘monetary aid’ in exchange for higher grades. They even plan on decreasing primary education years from 12 years, down to 10, as it used to be many years ago. The Ministry of Diaspora,

has been organizing meetings with different community leaders around the world, where these populations will get to discuss issues that the diaspora faces, their plans of returning home, and even ways of investing in their homeland. The justice system of the country is in its prime time right now, as we start to see almost all political prisoners in Armenia getting their justice. Leaders of previous administrations, along with corrupt oligarchs have also become a big target of the National Security Services of Armenia, as they investigate the amount of wealth stolen from the country’s economy, and other crimes committed by these individuals. Aside from that, tourism has reached an all-time high this summer, as a huge chunk of diasporans visited their homeland this summer. All of this was due to the change of administration. Though the changes were many, I believe that it is too soon to say anything else. I believe that the new government is walking in a straight line towards imposing true democracy in the country. The biggest change, though, was the change of attitude and outlook that I saw in the faces of ordinary people. Those who work at stores, or drive cabs, or are just sitting in a cafe, sipping on a good, old cup of Armenian coffee. (It’s not actually Armenian.) You see the change in their souls, in their smiles, and the way that they act around one another. It’s relieving to see this, because it tells me that my people know that their voices are heard, and that they can change anything they wanted to, but it all starts with the change of an attitude and the way one sees the world. Their world. Marian Sahakyan can be reached at


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GCC Alum Seeks to Leave His Mark at UNC Michael Selsor was picked up by one of the nation’s top universities

By Dylan Bryant Staff Writer As Michael Selsor makes his big transition into the next chapter of his life, from GCC to North Carolina, the GCC alum will be reminded of all the valuable lessons he learned along the way. The 20-year old never would have imagined that sports would become such a big part of his life, so much in fact that he will be playing for one the top schools in the nation, the University of North Carolina. The young player out of La Cañada, Calif., began his football career in high school, where he was a multisport athlete competing in both football and soccer. Playing two sports in high school gave the opportunity for Selsor to play with friends and to develop his skills. Soccer was something that impacted his punting on the football field in the best way possible. “Oftentimes there are only a few saves you need to make and if you don’t make them your team can lose,” Selsor said. “It’s the same in football in terms of limited opportunities and the impact it has on the game.” Embracing the challenges is something Selsor has carried with him for his whole career and it reflects on how he plays football today as a college athlete. Upon arriving at GCC for the 2017-18 season, Selsor recorded 63 punts with 22 of those falling in the opponents 20-yard line. The young athlete takes pride

in his accuracy and work ethic, particularly when practicing, he places the ball inside the 20-yard line, kicking the ball away from the end zone to try and flip field position. All of that hard work paid off as Selsor earned himself second team, All-Metro league honors. Now playing at the highest collegiate level, Division 1, Selsor will have an opportunity most kids dream of. At North Carolina he will be asked not only to kick 45 yard punts but also to place the ball based on what the situation calls for. Selsor has one mindset, and that is to do whatever his team needs out of him. Relationships and trust are what help drive football teams to success, but becoming a family with the guys around you can be special. Life after football is something Selsor is not sure about, but he is on the lookout and ambitious. Without getting too ahead of himself, Selsor believes being involved through football operations or coaching could be potential career areas he explores. No matter where his life may take him after football, Selsor said he will always strive to be the best person he can be, whether that is on the football field or in the classroom. He has left a mark on GCC history. Guadalupe Ruiz / File Photo Dylan Bryant can be reached at

FOOTBALL SUPERSTAR: The Glendale College offensive line gets ready for a play during the first quarter against Southwestern College at Glendale College in Glendale, Calif., on Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017. Glendale College lost to Southwestern, 7-49.

Equal by Nature Surfing sets a new standard in prize money By Kevin Holcomb Staff Writer Banking on the brutal beauty of mother nature, surfers are one of a kind. Conquering big waves is what they do, but in 2019, they will catch a new wave. On Sept. 5, professional surfers rode a huge wave right into the world of sports. Starting in 2019, the World Surf League (WSL) will close their gender wage gap in all WSL events. “The WSL is proud of its

commitment to gender equality, and proud to join other organizations beyond the world of sport reaching this important milestone,” their press report read. Equal prize money will be given to male and female athletes during their 2019 season and beyond, closing a remarkable 35% pay gap. In prize money, the gap was seen earlier this year in Australia where WSL men’s winner received $100,000, compared to the $65,000 given to the women’s winner. Note that men’s and women’s events mirror each

Adrien Sifre / Creative Commons

other in surf and scoring. The WSL became the first and only US based global sports league that will reward male and female athletes equal prize money in their events. This groundbreaking announcement came with the release of the 2019 WSL season schedule. “This is the latest in a series of actions the League has undertaken to showcase our female athletes, from competing on the same quality waves as the men, to better locations, and increased investment and support,” Sophie Goldschmidt, CEO of WSL said. WSL Commissioner, Kieren Perrow included, “We will be working with our partners at competitions where we don’t control prize money, such as certain Qualifying Series events, to achieve equality as soon as possible.” Statements and reactions from WSL athletes follow: “The women on the tour deserve this change. I’m so proud that surfing is choosing to lead sports in equality and fairness. The female WSL athletes are equally committed to their craft as the male athletes and should

be paid the same. Surfing has always been a pioneering sport, and this serves as an example of that.” said, Kelly Slater, who is a holder of 11 World Championships. “This is incredible, and I am thrilled. The prize money is fantastic, but the message means even more. From the moment current ownership became involved, the situation for the women surfers has been transformed for the better in every way,” Stephanie Gilmore, sixtime World Champion said.“We have been so appreciative, but this takes it to another level. I hope this serves as a model for other sports, global organizations and society as a whole. My fellow women athletes and I are honored by the confidence in us, and inspired to reward this decision with ever higher levels of surfing.” The World Surf League is one of the fastest-growing sports league on the globe, WSL content and live coverage is now digitally available in every market and surfing has also been added to the roster for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

This groundbreaking announcement will not go unnoticed and will be seen globally as it spreads through the media. A growing sport and a growing race, “Equal by Nature” is the slogan of the WSL movement. “Female athletes are equally committed to their craft as male athletes and should be paid the same,” Slater said. The WSL hopes this movement continues throughout sports and the workplace. “This change is simply the right thing to do for the WSL and we would like to thank the many advocates who have worked for decades to help advance women’s surfing. We want to be at the forefront of pushing for equality in all walks of life, starting on the waves, and we feel very lucky to have women on our tour who are highly talented, iconic role models, and more than deserve this recognition as they stand alongside our extraordinary male athletes,” Goldschmidt said as she, expressed her excitement and gratitude. Kevin Holcomb can be reached at


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The Winning Picks

Previewing the top games from Europes top five leagues

Sky Sports / Courtesy Photo

ONE SEASON WONDER?: Mo Salah looking to continue his amazing form from the past year.

By Avetis Oganyan Staff Writer Club competitions are back! Following a quick international break, it’s time to wake up early on the weekends to watch soccer. I will be previewing some of the weekend’s best games from the top leagues in Europe. Premier League (England) Tottenham versus Liverpool Sept. 15, 2018 4:30 a.m. PST Preview: This is going to be the game to watch this week in the Premier League. Tottenham are coming off a hard loss to a very hot Watford team, where they failed to contain their competitor’s massive attack and lacked in finishing chances when they needed to. Tottenham are a team that love to sit and wait for their opponent to make a single mistake and take advantage of it. They are very strong in the air with players like Harry Kane and a reliable playmaker, Christian Eriksen to give him the perfect pass. Liverpool, on the other hand, are off to their best start in the premier league ever, with an undefeated record in their first four games, only allowing one goal so far this season. Liverpool’s rock and roll style of playing is purely unstoppable at the moment. Having Mo Salah and Sadio Mane running down the wings on a counter attack is just terrifying! Liverpool’s nonstop pressure does not give the opposing team any time to think about their next move. As Liverpool’s defense and goalkeeping has no-

ticeably improved, with the new pairing of Virgil Van Dijk and Joe Gomez being very tough to get past, it takes Liverpool to a whole other level. Prediction: I predict that Liverpool’s defense will be on form, and combined with their powerful front three, Mauricio Pochettino and his Spurs will not be enough to break through. 1-0 Liverpool Win. Watford versus Manchester United Sept. 15, 2018 9:30 a.m. PST Preview: Watford has had an impressive start to their season, being one of only three teams to start the season with four straight wins (other two Liverpool and Chelsea). The confidence they bring to the pitch every game is just outstanding, for example their last league game versus Tottenham was just exceptional, pulling off a 2-1 victory! The enthusiasm from the stands throughout the game, was infectious to the players, pushing the lads to press on and try to regain control of the game, although Tottenham had possession of the ball for majority of the game. It is safe to expect Watford to put out the same, if not better performance this weekend. Oh and United, a wild card team,are just so unpredictable on the field. In their last game, they had a convincing win against Burnley in an away game, in which Burnley is one of the toughest places to play in the league. They were known for outstanding defense

showings at home but United put a doubt in their defense by being unable to thwart an attack from the very dangerous shooting abilities of Romelu Lukaku. Lukaku put out an outstanding performance, by scoring two goals, compared to Alexis Sánchez’s, who hasn’t been making much noise at all. He will need to step it up if United wants to continue with their winning ways. Expect the “Special One” Jose Mourinho to go with the same back four as last week, they got their first clean sheet of the season with the 2-0 win versus Burnley. Prediction: I predict this will be a very fast paced game from start to finish between these two teams, ending with United pulling a 3-2 victory over Watford, extinguishing their hot streak. Ligue 1 (France) Paris Saint Germain versus Saint-Etienne Sept. 14, 2018 11:45 a.m. PST Preview: PSG are flat out a force to be reckoned with right now, starting the league with four wins in a row and all of them accumulating a jaw-dropping +9 goal difference cumulatively. The dominating nature of Kylian Mbappe makes him arguably one of the top three of the best players in the world at just 19 years old! Mbappe has already pulled off four goals and two assists in the four league games he has played. Luckily, they will still have Neymar, the most expensive player in soccer history on the roster, who has been playing

Juventus / Courtesy Photo

GOAL DROUGHT: Will Ronaldo get his first goal for Juventus this weekend?

spectacularly, racking up four goals and one assist. Unfortunately, during their last match, Mbappe was issued a red card and the league has punished him with a three-game suspension. It will be interesting to see how they adjust to life without Mbappe for three games. On the contrary, St. Etienne are a very mediocre team with a subpar record. The players in every position are average, at best and do not have that one star player to rely on to carry them every game. Being unbeaten so far in Ligue 1 (1W 3D), they are not off to the best start, but at least they can say they have not lost yet. Their area of weakness is scoring, having scored only one goal in the last three games and finishing two straight games in a boring 0-0 final score. Prediction: I believe PSG will pull out a 3-0 victory even without Mbappe, as they are still far too strong for this Saint Etienne’s team this year. Serie A (Italy) Juventus versus Sassuolo Sept. 16, 2018 6 a.m. PST Preview: When will Ronaldo get his first goal for Juventus? Going scoreless in his first three games with the Italian side, Cristiano Ronaldo has everyone’s attention every weekend, as they wait and see when he’s going to break his goal drought. Juventus have started off the season very strong with three straight wins on their record. However, their wins seem a little flimsy, judging from a few faults in their defense in crucial parts of the games. Their offensive attack has looked very deadly with players like Mario Mandžukić stepping up his game, even though he is in the ladder part of his career, as well as the young prodigy, Paulo Dybala. They have very good midfield depth similar to players like Miralem Pjanic, Blaise Matuidi and Emre Can. Sassuolo are second in the league, right behind Juventus having two wins and one draw. Sassuolo have proven that they can handle the big dogs in the league with a solid 1-0 win against a very strong Inter Milan on opening day. This is one of

those teams which doesn’t have a huge star player, yet demonstrate really good chemistry together, with guys like Kevin Prince Boateng elevating the team’s morale and instilling confidence when they need it. Prediction: I believe this will be the game where Ronaldo shows up and finally gets his first goal in a Juventus shirt, also the fact that Juventus will be playing on their home turf, which will throw Sassuolo off. 3-1 win to Juve. La Liga (Spain) Real Sociedad versus FC Bar celona Sept. 15, 2018 7:15 a.m. PST Preview: Barcelona are on fire! They are coming off a crazy 8-2win against SD Huesca, and scoring five of those goals in the second-half, showing Huesca who’s boss in La Liga. Being arguably the best player ever, we all know what magic Lionel Messi can bring to the field. Per the usual, he has been playing extremely well lately, racking up four goals and two assists. Players like Luis Suarez and Ousmane Dembele just keep confusing their opponent’s defense, leaving them unsure of who to double up on, because it will always result in leaving one of those deadly three open. Additionally, without Ivan Rakitic and Sergio Busquets, this Barcelona team will also face many problems in the midfield. Real Sociedad are coming off a disappointing loss versus Eibar with a close score of 2-1, when they allowed a 90th minute goal at the very end. As a team, Sociedad lacks chemistry but, they have the ability to make each other better, which has proved to be threat at times to their opponents. I do expect good things out of this team if they can just find that one player who can consistently create chances for them every game. Prediction: I believe Barcelona should win this game but expect Sociedad to put up a fight throughout the game, as they will have the home field advantage. I say a Barcelona win 2-1. Avetis Oganyan can be reached at

LA Liga / Courtesy Photo

A MAN ON FORM: Messi hopes to carry Barcelona against Sociedad


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Love Crime? You’ll Enjoy This Podcast

Hosts Christine Schiefer and Em Schulz delight in 84 episodes that focus on murder, mayhem and more By Carolina Diaz Web Editor Do you love listening to true crime or paranormal stories? If you do, then give the podcast “And That’s Why We Drink” a try. Hosted by Christine Schiefer and Em Schulz, the podcast is

currently at 84 episodes and each episode covers two stories. Sometimes the stories can be gruesome or morbid in nature, but there is always humor mixed in between. Not only do the hosts talk about their stories, but Schiefer and Schulz give the audience a quick perspective of their life. They begin their episodes by ask-

ing what are they drinking and why, and this is when the listener learns that Schiefer and Schulz love to drink wine or milkshakes. Throughout the episodes, the audience gets to know them and feels personally connected to them. Some stories will be familiar and some will be a surprise. They cover the famous Charles

Manson case and less known stories, like a haunted psychiatric treatment hospital in Indianapolis that saw a lot of inhumane treatment. The hosts also have episodes where their listeners email them their experiences and both Schiefer and Schulz read them to the listeners.You never know what paranormal or crime story

they will cover. The hosts have a website where you can buy merchandise, view their upcoming tour dates, and listen to their episodes. For more information, visit Carolina Diaz can be reached at

Adrien Sifre / Creative Commons

LISTEN: “And That’s Why We Drink” is the crime podcast you need to give a try if you enjoy paranormal stories.

Sweet Confections

Delicious cream puffs provide a new option to enjoy desserts By Chieko Kubo Staff Writer Need to appease that sweet tooth? How about trying something with a bit of Japanese authenticity right here in L.A.? Beard Papa’s was originally established in Osaka, Japan. Because the owner of bakery had fluffy and white beard, he chose that name. The popularity of the bakery has spread beyond Japan, and there are more than 400 Beard Papa’s bakeries all over the world, as of April 2018. The main menu is an original puff, which contains cream. The bakers in Beard Papa’s put cream in a puff after they get an order, making it super fresh. They continue to stick to their original menu. They stress freshness and customers can

see the baking process through the glass. Also, they offer several flavors of creams: original, vanilla, chocolate and green tea. In addition, they have eclairs, which are another type of puffs. Beard Papa’s sometimes have special limited tastes in each month, which entertains customers. The puffs consist of milk and eggs, so beware if you have food allergies. They do not currently offer gluten-free options, but their menu is vegetarian friendly. Beard Papa’s of Little Tokyo is located at 333 S. Alameda Street in Los Angeles and can be reached at (213) 620-0710. Bakeries are also located in Koreatown, Arcadia and Irvine where catering is available. Chieko Kubo can be reached at

Chieko Kubo / Staff Photographer

CREAM PUFFS: Beard Papa’s in Little Tokyo is famous for their Japanese pastries.

Mac Miller dead at 26 The world mourns the death of another great artist By Belinda Oldrati Production Editor Rapper, singer and record producer Mac Miller, who suffered from substance abuse and depression for years, tragically passed away at the age of 26 on Friday in his Studio City home, following an apparent drug overdose, family confirms. The Pittsburgh native rapper, whose real name was Malcolm James McCormick, talked about his addiction in FADER’s documentary, “Mac Miller - Stopped Making Excuses,” published in early 2016. “I’d rather be the corny white rapper than the drugged-out mess that can’t even get out of his house. Overdosing is just not cool. There’s no legendary romance.

You don’t go down in history because you overdosed. You just die,” Miller said in the candid interview. Miller dropped his fifth album “Swimming” just a month ago. It debuted at the top three on the US Billboard 200, and might be the most impactful album of his whole career. The music world mourns the heartbreaking death of another great artist who was at the peak of his career. A lesson that’s circuling the internet among fans is to not wait for people to die to show your love for them. Love them now. If you or someone you know is in need of help, please contact the SAMHSA substance abuse helpline at 1-800-662-HELP. Belinda Oldrati can be reached at

Kmeron / Creative Commons

ON STAGE: Many of Miller’s songs had lyrics talking about depression and drug use.


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‘The Nun’ Borders Sci-Fi Don’t rush to see this one

By Rudy Guijarro Staff Wirter

THE NUN: Witness the Darkest Chapter in “The Counjuring” universe.

Adrien Sifre / Creative Commons

The fifth instalment of “The Conjuring” horror series, “The Nun,” relies on its overbearing soundtrack of loud bangs, crackles, and roars to keep its audience frightened, but lack of story, character development, and plot makes this film dull and at times laughable. In 1952, a young nun committed suicide at a cloistered abbey in Biertan, Romania. The prequel follows Priest Father Burke (Demian Bichir) and Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga), a psychic novice on the verge of taking her vows, are sent to investigate the sacred sanctuary. Accompanied by Frenchie(Jonas Bloquet), a local villager who discovered the corpse while making a delivery. Although the film is riddled with creepy imagery, and nonstop jump scares, it still can’t escape the clunky dialogue and un-amicable characters. The lead characters seem to have only two emotions, scared and confused. Which is a disappointing contrast from the charismatic Lorraine (Vera Farmiga) and Ed (Patrick Wilson) Warren from the previous “Conjuring” films. “The Nun” is filmed in many suspenseful first person shots, which gives the impression that Director Corin Hardy wasn’t trying to make a genuine horror film, but a theatrical maze that only needs to be viewed once. Unlike its preceders, “The Nun” doesn’t try to sell itself with a “Based on a true story” gimmick. But takes its original horror genre and turns into a borderline syfy fantasy. The demons in the film attack as if they

were zombies from “The Walking Dead” and look like beasts from the “Harry Potter” series. However, Father Burke and Sister Irene seem to be the most plausible characters trying to fight the demons with prayer. Frenchie shifts from his comicrelief persona to a fearless gunslinger, shooting the demons The razor-toothed nun demon known as Valak (Bonnie Aarons) made her debut in 2016 “The Conjuring 2,” a critical and box office success, and the last sequel to be directed by original creator James Wan. Wan, known for the creation of “The Conjuring” and “Saw” series, has proved to be todays master of horror and suspense. Considering he hasn’t directed most of his sequels makes the audience believe that there is no passion going into these films other than studio greed. Needless to say, the film doesn’t take itself very seriously, and why should it? It’s the fifth installment of a franchise that should have ended two movies ago. “The Nun” opened with a $5.4 million in Thursday evening previews, and has made 53.5 million in 3,786 locations that easily marks the best debut in the series, crushing 2013’s “the Conjuring,” previous 41.8 million, according to Variety. Unfortunately we haven’t seen the last of “The Conjuring” Universe with a recent Warner Bros announcement for a “Conjuring 3”. “The Nun” like most fifth installments such as “Deathwish 5” or “Paranormal Activity 5,” proves to be the worst of its series and a parody within its own franchise. Rudy Guijarro can be reached at

Concert Preview: Baja Beach Fest 2018

The West Coast’s first ever reggaeton festival will take place in Rosarito, MX this fall By Selena Reyes Staff Writer The Baja-California based 18 and over nightclub, Papas & Beer, has been a vacation destination for college spring breakers since 1984. The club has proclaimed itself as the “stomping grounds for wild times,” with numerous events, celebrity performances, and adventurous DJs. The infamous rapper and producer Lil Jon was the first artist to hit the stage and take things up a notch for spring break in 2015. Within the last year Migos, YG, Dj Madds, Steve Aoki, Waka Flocka, Rick Ross, Dj Brooke Evers and their faithful Dj Fredy Fresco, have all jumped on the bandwagon of performing at the club, hyping up large crowds, ‘papas style’ for its sold out events. Reggaeton fans have a lot to look forward to, as it has recently been announced that the club will be hosting the largest and first reggaeton festival to hit the West Coast. They announced July 16th via Twitter, that they had a confirmed artist for their upcoming “reggaeton concert”, which at the time did not have an official event name.

“After years of events at Papas and Beer, the right partnership came together and the opportunity to create the first ever reggaeton festival was up for grabs, it was hard letting it slip away,” co-founder Aaron Ampudia explained. “This will be the biggest event of the year...we are anticipating between 10 to 15 thousand [attendees].” Baja Beach Fest 2018 will take place at their Rosarito beach venue Oct.19-21. Headliners for the event include latin top charters Bad Bunny and Farruko. According to Ampudia, picking headliners for the event came fairly easy to the team. “Keeping them a secret was a little hard because we were so excited,” he added. He also mentioned how it was choosing the right opening acts that required deeper thought. The club has yet to announce who those opening acts will be, but have confirmed that more information about performing artists can be found on the event’s official website. The first official promo for the event launched on Aug. 8, through Instagram posts, teasing tweets, and emails to previous guests. Surprise college campus visits are also a part of the pro-

motion campaign that the Papas team has put together. Usually beginning with an instagram post of a random place on campus that then leads to a scavenger hunt and giveaways to those who are able to locate the crew first. “An ideal starting promo is three months out … our giveaways include clothing,stickers, and of course VIP tickets,” Ampudia said. Papas has been successful in selling out and keeping a large crowd interested in back-to-back events. Being the hosts to the first official reggaeton festival took plenty of hard work and faith in the team and its potential. “If there is one thing I could share, it’s don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t make your goals happen, use that as fuel to make it happen,” the promoter said, as he expressed his pride in what he does. Baja Beach Fest attendees will have access to the club’s new and improved venue area, “Beachfront Haven.” The venue includes a beachfront stage, seven bars, pool parties, huge dance areas, games and competitions. Lounge areas and taco stands will also be available for those who need a quick break from the partying.

Earlier last month, the club announced the venue upgrade on their website saying they had crafted an unforgettable environment for all to come together, feel alive, and dance to the best reggaeton songs out there. An option to purchase tickets and find out more information,

one can simply go to the event’s official website,

Selena Reyes can be reached at

Baja Fest / Courtesy

El Vaquero: Sept. 13, 2018  

The first issue of the Fall 2018 semester features a story on the new athletic director, your student government, Armenia's current climate,...

El Vaquero: Sept. 13, 2018  

The first issue of the Fall 2018 semester features a story on the new athletic director, your student government, Armenia's current climate,...