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#EKUSTRONG Between the Columns Fall 2020


DEAN While we spent much of this year figuring out how to be socially distant, as I stand in the Main Library, I observe nothing but togetherness. Together, we accomplished a great deal. We worked hard to embody teamwork and collaboration, and have remained here to help the EKU students who rely on us each day as they work hard to reach their goals. The foundation of the work we do at EKU Libraries is student success—from library instruction to helping publish open educational resources, and even the fun De-Stress activities we provide during Dead and Finals weeks. While everything might look and feel considerably different than it did this time last year, our commitment to Eastern’s students remains the same.

As you read through this issue, you will see many examples of how EKU Libraries came together to support EKU students in the past year. We adapted, modified, and innovated to continue making things happen, and we are proud of the impact it has made for students. In the midst of so much change, we are grateful for the steadfastness of our Friends who never waiver in their support of EKU Libraries. Thank you for joining together alongside us in serving the students of Eastern Kentucky University. Sincerely,

Julie S. George | Dean of Libraries


From Postcards to Hashtags Discussion Series


HAPPENINGS Live @ Your Library: Alix Harrow

The first virtual Live @ Your Library featured Hugo Award-winning author Alix Harrow. Alix resides in Berea and is the author of The Ten Thousand Doors of January and The Once and Future Witches. During the event, Ms. Harrow shared insights about her writing process, including how she develops characters, and the inspiration behind her novels. Attendees then engaged in a lively question and answer discussion. EKU Libraries partnered with several groups across campus to create an ongoing discussion series entitled From Postcards to Hashtags: Unpacking the Oppression of Black Lives Through Conversations on Racism, Resistance, and Reconciliation. This collaboration with African and African American Studies, the Department of History, Philosophy, and Religious Studies, the Department of Languages, Cultures, and Humanities, the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs, the Office of Institutional Equity, and the Student Success Center aims to provide space for this essential discussion. In September, more than 78 guests participated via Zoom in the first discussion, which focused on the need to have open community conversations around race. It was moderated by Dr. Ogechi Anyanwu and featured EKU President David McFaddin and Dr. Dannie Moore, Vice President for Strategic Initiatives and Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer. In October, EKU Alumni & Friends and the Office of Institutional Equity hosted a special Homecoming Week edition of From Postcards to Hashtags featuring EKU alumni discussing their experiences as Black students during different periods in EKU’s history and images from the Archives. Join us in the spring for more engaging and important discussions about racism, resistance, and reconciliation.

Faculty Award Recipient Dr. Jill Parrott

EKU Libraries is pleased to announce Dr. Jill Parrott, Associate Professor and Associate Chair of English, First-Year Writing Coordinator, and current QEP Co-director, as the 2020 recipient of the Libraries’ annual Faculty Award. Dr. Parrott was nominated by Trenia Napier for her proactive partnerships with EKU Libraries, collaborating with both librarians and disciplinary faculty to integrate, promote, and advocate for information literacy at every level. Throughout her tenure with EKU, Dr. Parrott has continuously demonstrated an unwavering commitment to information literacy and the role of libraries and librarians in student success.

Open Textbook Grant The Libraries, in collaboration with Faculty Senate, were awarded $25,000 in Board of Regents Innovation Grant funding to implement an open textbook incentive program. Three departments and four faculty members received grants to either create new or adapt existing open textbooks. Librarian Kelly Smith led the grantees in a Professional Learning Community this fall to explore the philosophical and practical implications of OERs. You can read more about this initiative in this EKU Stories article: eku-faculty-receive-funding-develop-zero-textbook-cost-courses. 3

BY THE NUMBERS EKU Libraries Annual Report: 2019-2020



$245,000 $195,000


$145,000 $95,000 $45,000 FY16





Annual Expenditures (divided by 5) Software Maintenance Interlibrary Loan One Time Expenditures

$2,696,906 Salaries and Wages (60%) $1,771,604 Collections (39%) $60,265 Operating Expenditures (1%) *Salary totals exclude fringe benefits Overall library expenditures rose by 3% from FY19 to FY20, driven by inflation costs for journals and databases, and by staffing changes.












In fiscal year 2020, the total amount budgeted for library collections and software to support discovery of those collections remained flat at $1,680,785. Inflation for databases and journals, as well as increased costs for Interlibrary Loan, led to a slight over-expenditure which was balanced out by operating expenses.


TOTAL LIBRARY HOLDINGS *Items includes, books, journals, audio visual materials, government documents, etc.


Since serials and database subscription costs increase by an average rate of 6% annually, a flat budget necessitates cuts. We’ve kept overall annual subscription costs in check by carefully analyzing areas of overlap in our subscriptions and closely monitoring the cost-per-use of our databases and individual subscriptions. As a result, we canceled journal titles and relied more on Interlibrary Loan and the Library Express team to ensure researchers are still able to access the full text content they need.

0 FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15 FY16 FY17 FY18 FY19 FY20

Total Books Requested Expenditures

Total Articles Requested

The number of Library Express requests has actually not varied much over the past 10 years, but expenditures have risen because the cost of providing individual articles has increased.

613,551 411,273 80,016 ELECTRONIC ITEMS*





Each EKU student and faculty member downloaded or checked out, on average


56 ITEMS in FY20, compared with a ten year average of 53.5 items per year.

IN REFERENCE CHAT QUESTIONS After implementing a proactive reference chat widget, librarians and staff fielded a 36% increase in reference chat questions. (This increase was seen in the fall as well, so was not attributable to the pandemic)

Online instruction nearly Mirroring trends in the book publishing industry, print usage of EKU Libraries resources stabilized somewhat by the end of 2019, while eBook usage continued to drop slightly from its height in 2017.



As a result of the pandemic, face-to-face instruction fell slightly, but online instruction nearly doubled from fiscal year 2019.

Print versus Electronic Usage 120,000 100,000 80,000 60,000

Instruction Session Topics

40,000 20,000 0 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019

Print Books, Videos, etc.

eBooks, Streaming Videos, etc.



Total Number of Downloads

Student FTE

Faculty & Staff

















33% 24% 18% 14% 11%

Locate and Gather Information Evaluate Sources Construct a Question or Problem Statement Use Information Ethically Communicate Knowledge

Librarians focused on the broad topical areas listed above during instruction sessions. 5




During FY2020, we added two new important resources to Encompass

The conference proceedings for Pedagogicon, a national conference hosted by EKU, are now hosted on Encompass, starting with papers from the 2019 conference.

TOTAL ENCOMPASS DOWNLOADS OVER 10 YEARS 400,000 350,000 300,000 250,000 200,000 150,000 100,000 50,000 0 FY11 FY12


University Publications Journals




Student Scholarship

Faculty and Staff Scholarship





Special Collections & Archives Other

During FY2020, the 10th year anniversary of our Encompass Digital Archive, we experienced considerable growth in usage of Encompass resources. Interestingly, student-authored collections are now the most downloaded subset of Encompass, demonstrating the impact student scholarship is having at EKU and beyond.


Our first open educational resource (OER), Slavery to Liberation: The African American Experience, launched December 2019, is the first OER on African American History. This collaboration with the African and African American Studies program jump-started our OER outreach to campus, which culminated in a $25,000 incentive grant from the Board of Regents to expand OER adoption by EKU faculty. AFRICAN AND AFRICAN AMERICAN STUDIES



Typically, the Library would be packed during the months of March, April, and May, with daily gate counts averaging over 1,000 visitors. Even during the pandemic, we still had a good number of students using the Library. From March through May 2020, we had a daily average of 154 patrons in the Library using our spaces, services, and help. 6






SCA focused on providing access and connecting people to resources. For students, faculty and staff, and community members in need of an archival resource, we were here to help.





3 371











540 COMPLETED REQUESTS 4,672 sessions with



and 6,551 sessions with 4,125 users from 41 countries Special Collections and Archives are only able to provide resources and preserve material because our donors and partners have trusted us with monetary and/or time contributions. We were gifted over 20 new collection donations, including a Civil War letter about the Battle of Richmond (, and $$ in monetary donations. We received assistance from numerous volunteers who identified photos, transcribed collections, and more. For example, Richard Rieck graciously transcribed the Bargdoll diary (digitalcollections., thus ensuring others could more easily find and read the resource. 7

PANDEMIC TRANSFORMATIONS Adapting to serve our community

Special Collections & Archives Though the current pandemic isn’t something we are likely to forget, part of an archivist’s duty is to make sure tomorrow’s history is documented for those that never lived through it. Throughout the COVID -19 pandemic, EKU Special Collections & Archives has collected entries from students, faculty, and staff about their pandemic experience. Caroline Dube, a student in Dr. Clay Howard’s CRE 305 class, donated an especially comprehensive and honest account of her pandemic experiences so far. The diary is full of personal reflections, news headlines, relevant memes, and even personal artwork. “While there have been lots of discouraging things happening the past month (or however long this has been going on;I’ve lost track) it has been nice to see people coming together to help others.” To read the full diary, visit:

#HeretoHelp Access Services In order to maintain a healthy and safe Library space for our patrons and employees, EKU Libraries temporarily closed the University Drive and Noel Reading Porch entrances. The Little entrance of the John Grant Crabbe Main Library, currently the only entrance and exit point for the building, features a greeter and check-in/out station. All library patrons are required to sign in and out using their EKU ID, which allows library staff to track occupancy and maintain a healthy work and study environment. We also modified our people-counting cameras to keep a live running total of our building's occupancy. At the check-in station, a television displays the number of people in the building at all times, helping students know our floors are not overcrowded, that there is adequate space and ability to social distance, and that they are welcome and safe. So far, occupancy hasn't exceeded two-thirds of the Library’s capacity limit.

Library Spaces

Collections & Library Express To help prevent the spread of germs, the Library has closed its stacks to patron browsing. However, patrons are welcomed to request materials online, which Library Express pulls from the shelves and prepares for a quick and easy pickup in the Main Lobby. Materials returned to the Library are quarantined for 3-7 days, depending on the material type, before becoming available for the next checkout/before returning to the stacks. We activated over 60 new online resources comprising tens of thousands of ebooks, ejournals, and unique streaming video to support classes that had to quickly pivot to an online learning environment. Since March 2019, usage of ebooks has increased by roughly 33% and usage of streaming videos has nearly tripled.


Typically, our space is a thriving environment where patrons come to both study independently and work collaboratively. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to place some limits on usage of our space. In order to encourage social distancing, we creatively reimagined the arrangement of furniture and the flow of our physical spaces, creating a place to work and study that is both welcoming AND safe during the pandemic. Facilities Services provided thorough cleaning and sanitation of the Library in order to maintain a healthy environment. The Library looked a little strange with furniture pushed into corners, chairs removed from tables, and signage reminding students to remain six feet apart and masked at all times, but this strangeness allowed the Library to remain a safe “third space” for EKU students throughout the pandemic.

Business and Music Library The Business Library temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but will reopen during the Spring 2021 semester with limited hours tailored to the needs of students who most utilize the space. The Music Library also temporarily closed in response to the Coronavirus pandemic; however, due to ongoing environmental issues in the Foster Building, the Libraries made the additional difficult decision to permanently move the Music Library collections to the Main Library. During the transition period, patrons can still access the collections by making a request online through Library Express. For a quick how-to, visit

Teaching & Learning/Help From a Librarian Like EKU teaching faculty, EKU instruction librarians had to quickly shift modalities from face-to-face to online, working within the technological comfort levels of various faculty members, all from a distance. We provided faculty with a variety of library instruction options, embedding capability in Blackboard, and tools ideal for the online environment. Overall, we did 47% percent more virtual instruction sessions compared to FY 19. We created many new FAQs and tutorials, and used Zoom meetings and our online “Ask Us” chat feature to work with students and faculty remotely.

Events To keep the campus community safe, EKU Libraries transitioned from in-person, on-campus events to fully online, virtual events. We created online De-Stress for Success opportunities for students as they prepared for final exams, hosted a Live @ Your Library featuring local author Alix Harrow via Zoom, and began facilitating a series entitled From Postcards to Hashtags: Unpacking the Oppression of Black Lives Through Conversations on Racism, Resistance, and Reconciliation through a combination of live Zoom events and pre-recorded panels. Our usual in-person Faculty Breakfast became a virtual Faculty Coffee Hour that included breakout rooms and fun giveaways.

Technology Students have been able to check out laptops from the Library for many years; however, laptops were not allowed to leave the Library and the check-out period was limited to a few hours. When EKU shifted Spring classes fully online, the Libraries loosened these restrictions by allowing laptops to be taken out of the building and extending the loan period from a few hours to several days. Knowing there would be restrictions on in-person campus life and a greater mixture of online, hybrid, and traditional courses for Fall, we developed new policies to allow most of our laptops to be checked out for the entire semester, offering students without devices consistent access to necessary resources. Our Help Desk reserved a few laptops for shorter, in-library checkouts to meet “just in time” needs of students.

Learning Resource Center Seeking a creative way to ensure EKU Education students remained aware of the materials available to them in the Learning Resources Center (LRC), the LRC replaced its popular and creative physical book displays and bulletin boards with digital displays in the form of Bitmoji rooms. In these Bitmoji rooms, shared via social media and on education LibGuides, the LRC promoted materials that support monthly celebrations and holidays and other timely events, such as elections and voting, fall, bullying prevention, National Hispanic Heritage Month, as well as many of the new books recently added to our collection. The LRC also used Bitmoji rooms to promote a new Read-Aloud each week. Read-Alouds can be used by EKU Education students who are working with schools in a virtual environment, as well as by EKU community members who want to share a good book with their families. Like the Library’s main stacks, the LRC’s stacks were closed to browsing; however, students could check out many physical materials using the Request It option in the library catalog. For a quick how-to, visit




Oral History Interviews with Veterans While face-to-face interviewing is the gold standard for oral history, it sadly possesses no immunity in a world turned upside down by a pandemic; however, technology makes the forced transition to virtual interviewing relatively seamless. With such technology, students can transcend pandemic barriers and make an impact by connecting and listening to others, no matter where they are physically located. Few understand this concept as intently as EKU Veterans Studies’ (VTS) founder Travis Martin, VTS instructor Peter Beres, and EKU Oral Historian Neil Kasiak, who recently collaborated to create and pandemic-proof an ongoing oral history experience. The trio’s approach gives VTS students the opportunity to capture the perspectives of a wide range of American military service members (active, retired, and reservists), despite pandemic complications. In order to successfully complete the assignment, VTS students research the craft of oral history, then identify veterans in their home communities and conduct interviews with family members, friends, co-workers, and neighbors who served. The resulting interviews are donated to Eastern’s William H. Berge Oral History Center to form the Veterans Studies Collection, which boasts more than 275 recently archived oral history interviews with veterans of the United States Armed Forces. Through this collaborative experience, students not only document the issues faced by more than 18 million veterans in American society, but also serve an active role in the healing process for combat veterans. New interviews will be collected each semester, continually adding voices to the difficult dialogue between the Veterans who serve the United States and a citizenry that frequently misunderstands military life. Be a part of the meaningful conversation and see how EKU students from across the country are making a difference in their communities, contributing to posterity, and bringing forth voices of service by visiting the Collection Collection link: To volunteer for an interview or to get involved in collecting alongside VTS students, contact Neil Kasiak 859-622-2820 or


Photos (from top to bottom): Jimmy Taylor Photograph Collection, unidentified soldier, 1960s; Jimmy Taylor Photograph Collection, unidentified soldier, 1960s; EKU Photograph Collections, Remembrance Day National Roll Call at EKU, 2011; Walter J. Binder Papers, WWI soldiers hanging laundry, 1918

Celebrating 10 Years

The Noel Studio for Academic Creativity This year, the Noel Studio for Academic Creativity celebrates ten years of supporting the academic and creative potential of the EKU community. Thanks in large part to the generosity of Ron and Sherrie Lou Noel, the Noel Studio officially opened the doors to 10,000 square feet of newly-renovated, flexible, and collaborative student-centered and service-oriented space in the heart of the John Grant Crabbe Library on September 20, 2010. In the ten years since, Noel Studio Consultants and CourseEmbedded Consultants (peer tutors) have conducted just under 56,000 writing, communication, and research consultations— serving over 25,000 EKU students—and facilitated over 1,100 workshops on foundational writing and communication topics for courses from nearly every college at EKU. While the Noel Studio has been blessed to employ over 300 students throughout our ten years, our programs and initiatives are built on collaborations that extend beyond our own creative space to classrooms across campus, and each interaction and collaboration provides new

opportunities to learn and think in ways that have a meaningful impact on the academic lives of all involved. The Noel Studio thanks our many partners—including consultants, faculty, and colleagues—over the past decade!

Since opening in fall 2010: 25,808 students had 55,789 consultations 301 unique Noel Studio student employees e = mc2

Over 1,100 workshops

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer



Honor Roll of Friends Fiscal Years 2019 and 2020 (July 1, 2018-June 30, 2020)

Larry & Melissa Abney COL William Adams Dr. Joy Allameh Joe & Melinda Allen Prof. Cathy Andersen Dr. Thomas Appleton Diane Arnold Tom Arnold Lorna Atwater Shirley Baechtold Loreen Bailey Ameen Berrios Faye Best Martha Bogard Bonnie Branham Dr. Anne Brooks James & Sally Brown Timothy & Karla Brown Laverne Brumley Sandra Burberry Jack Burkich Martha Campbell Mary Campbell Dr. Jayne Caudill-Bielecki Pennie Centers Charles & Billie Chance Genevieve Clay Joyce Cobb* Lisa Collins Brad & Melinda Compton Malcolm & Javeena Conlee Cathy Connley Lewis Cope Robert & Donna Cox Robert Craig Dr. Robert & Joyce Creek Gerald & Jeannette Crockett Dave Dale Nancy Daniel Trudy Daniels Dr.John B. & Martha E. Davidson Beverly & Shirley Dezarn P. L. & Jerry Dimitrov Katherine Dunn Dr. William &Charlotte Ellis Nancy Enzie David & Beth Erb Sharon Estes Dr. H.E. & Linda Everman Dr. Steve & Helen Fardo Harry & Sharon Feeback Don & Jodie Feltner Kathy Flood Lucy Flood Verna Freer Martha Gabbard Andrew & Betina Gardner Wanda Garr Harry Rice & Carol Giliam Mary Jean Giltner Betty Givan Barbara Graff Drs. John & Phyllis Gump


Philip & Sarah Gump Charles & Dr. Melba Hay Helen Helton Eugene & Janell Henson Carolyn Hieronymus Floyd Hines Dr. Hal & Kathy Holmes Dan & Abby Horn R. Douglas & Gayle Hutcherson Kenneth & Jean & Johnson Dr. Kevin Jones Shirley & Kathy Kearns Krista Kimmel Dr. Dot Kirkpatrick Carolyn Kline Larry & Jayne Klinefelter Drs. Fred & Mary Ann Kolloff Doris Lash Ron & Carol Lawson Dr. Christie Lewis Willis Lewis Carl & Joan Little Peggy Lukens Barbara Mackison Wayne & Linda Mandell Jey Marks Kevin & Lois Martello Dr. Billy & Kari Martin Dr. Tom & Veronica Martin Earl & Della Matthis Phill & Arlene Mattingly Marietta McBride Dr. Nancy McKenney Charles & Jean Metcalf Jerome Molumby & Patricia Eckert Karen Miller Matt & Nicole Montgomery Martha Moore Andre Morrison Arthur & Sharlene Mullen Martha Mullins Robert Munroe Erin Murphy Bert & Cherie Mutersbaugh Dr. Marshall Myers Jo Ann Nassida Dee Nelson Pat New Dr. Eugene & Cynthia Palka Forniss Park Joyce Pilling Dr. Barb Ramey Zach & Krista Rhodus George & Judy Ridings Mearl & Alpha Risner Diane Robertson

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Dr. Robert & Carol Rogow Jennifer Russell Melissa Schutt Nicholas Sexton Margaret Shackelford David & Jill Silver COL John Simpson Richard & Rita Smart Amanda Smith David & Jennifer Smith Kelly Smith Karen Spegal Lori Spraggs Christina Stallard David & Laura Steidle Lynne Stidham Kara Storm Gordon & Beverly Stringer Dr. Brack Strong Wilma Swope Dr. Jack & Amelia Taylor Susan Taylor Ashley Thacker Virginia Thacker Dr. William & Nancy Thames Dr. Stuart Tobin Julie True Jeremy Turner Rebecca Turner James & Patsy Turney Carrie Tuttle Chris Tuveson Dennis Van Horn Jackie Vance John Vanover Roger Vanzant Richard & Phyllis Volz Sue Waehaus Matthew Waitkus Dr. Jen Walker Dr. Wilma Walker Clifford Wallace Dennis & Nancy Warren Judy Warren Tanalee Taulbee Wasson Dan & Marian Wells Laurence & Hazel Wells Dr. Rodney & Donna White Dr. Doug & Joanne Whitlock Allan & Brenda Wickersham James Wihebrink Dr. Ron* & RuthWolfe *Friends who are now deceased.

Anyone can be a Friend of EKU Libraries! If you have a love of libraries and EKU and you would like to be a Friend, or if you are already a friend and have not yet made your annual gift, we invite you to do so today by visiting or reaching out to Christina Stallard at

SGA Proclamation Recognizing the efforts of EKU Libraries' staff

13 13

Eastern Kentucky University Libraries 103 Libraries Complex Eastern Kentucky University 521 Lancaster Avenue Richmond, Kentucky 40475

Thank You!

EKU Libraries honors Linda Woolery for more than 10 years of service and congratulates her on her recent retirement. Linda was part of the EKU Libraries family and is greatly missed already! EKU Libraries is incredibly grateful for the unyielding support and hard work of the facility services staff who ensure the Library remains a clean and healthy space for all patrons.

A NEW LOOK Refreshed Library Website

We have a fresh, new website! At the start of the academic year, we unveiled the new design of our site, which put the most important resources and information at your fingertips and made our services easier to find and more accessible to use. The Library Search box remains front and center so that students, faculty, and community members can quickly discover books, articles, and other research materials. Links to research guides, databases, collections, and other resources are now featured more prominently on the homepage so users can get information in fewer clicks. With careful attention paid to colors, typefaces, and arrangement of text and images, the overall aesthetic is more modern and easier to read. As we progress through this academic year, we will continue to make incremental adjustments to improve the usability and functionality to optimize the user experience. Visit

Between the Columns Credits Contributors: Jens Arneson, Leah Banks, Heather Beirne, Ashley Cole, Brittany Davis, Julie George, Sarah Hazelmyer, Todd King, Trenia Napier, Sarah Richardson, Kelly Smith, Christina Stallard, Ashley Thacker, and Cristina Tofan Photographs Courtesy of: Christina Stallard, EKU Communications and Brand Management, and EKU Special Collections & Archives. Designer: Melissa Abney

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