Drumm Farm Center for Children 100th Year Anniversary

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019 | Drumm Farm Center for Children

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

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Congratulations to Drumm Farm for 100 years of helping children!

Drumm Farm Center for Children | Wednesday, October 9, 2019

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Wednesday, October 9, 2019 | Drumm Farm Center for Children

ANDREW DRUMM CHALLENGED US TO SERVE CHILDREN IN NEED “The lengthened shadow of a great man has certainly improved the lives of many young people over the last 100 years. Andrew Drumm set Brad Smith the stage for Executive Director all of us to reflect on how we might be able to serve the most innocent and the most vulnerable in our society. Too often, we are distracted by our modern novelties and annoyances while

children all around us suffer abuse, neglect or homelessness, invisible to most and forgotten by many. Andrew Drumm did not call upon us to lengthen his personal shadow; he challenged us, by his example to serve children in need. As we celebrate the first century of this grand place and Andrew Drumm the man, we must never lose sight of the essential mission he called on us to nurture and sustain.” - Brad Smith, Executive Director, excerpt from The Andrew Drumm Legacy, a biography of Andrew Drumm to be released on Oct. 11, 2019.

100 years of service. Countless lives changed. For a century, the Drumm Farm Center for Children has inspired the next generation to reach their fullest potential. We salute you for all you’ve done to advance our community. Congratulations on this meaningful milestone.




Drumm Farm Center for Children | Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Drumm Farm Center for Children Board Directors

Pete Anderson Retired President INTL FC Stone, Inc

Educator and Administrator Retired

Carman Duvall

Kathleen Killip Business Owner Underbrush LTD

President/Chief Executive Officer Boys & Girls Club of Greater Kansas City

Pete Anderson is the retired President of INTL FC Stone, Inc. He was appointed to the board in November of 2018.

Carman Duvall is a retired educator and administrator in Eastern Jackson County and the owner of TruckMovers. She was appointed to the board in September of 2013.

Kathleen Killip owns Underbrush LTD. She was appointed to the board of November of 1999.

Dr. Dred Scott has served with the Independence and Raytown school districts is the CEO and President of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Kansas City. He was appointed to the board in November of 2016.

Larry N. Blick

Dr. Ning Haluck, MD Pediatrician Swope Health

Jake Loveless

Vice President Griffin Riley Property Group

Mark Thomason

Attorney Law Offices of Mark Thomason

Larry Blick retired after 40 years in public administration and is the former City Manager for the City of Independence, Missouri. He was appointed to the board in February of 2005.

Dr. Ning Haluck is a pediatrician at Swope Health in Kansas City. She was appointed to the board in November of 2018.

Jake Loveless is the Vice President of the Griffin Riley Property Group. He was appointed to the board in November of 2018.

Mark Thomason is an attorney and owner of the Law Offices of Mark Thomason. He was appointed to the board in September of 2012.

City Manager Retired

Cindy Cavanah

Michael Howe

Dr. David Rock

Business Owner Retired

Certified Public Accountant Retired

School Superintendent Retired

Cindy Cavanah is retired from Cable Dahmer Chevrolet. She was appointed to the board in May of 2000.

Michael Howe is a retired certified public accountant from Kansas City’s Howe & Co. He was appointed to the board in September of 2013.

Dr. David Rock is the retired superintendent for the Independence School District. He was appointed to the board in August of 1999.

Dr. Dred Scott

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 | Drumm Farm Center for Children

Drumm Farm Center for Children Staff

Brad Smith

Executive Director

John Tramel

Associate Director

Shan Long-Moore, M.A., L.P.C. Clinical Director

Kathy Wilson

Education Director

Lisa Moorhouse

Donor Development Director

Jason Rogers

COMPASS Coordinator

Ray Blackman

Event and Banquet Director

Nora Moran

Finance Manager

Tom Crowe

Facility Manager

Abhi Dutt

Outreach Therapist

Shakera Garrard

Home Program Therapist

Brandon Collins

COMPASS Case Manager

Ryan Tomlinson

Outreach Case Worker

Fran Hershey

Executive Assistant



Drumm Farm Center for Children | Wednesday, October 9, 2019

with Dr. Dred Scott

President and Chief Executive Officer Boys & Girls Club of Greater Kansas City responsible for all developing and implementing the strategic plan, the organization’s resource development and finance administration, human resources, operations, and programming. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City has been in existence for 107 years. It is a regional entity with locations in Kansas City, Mo.; Kansas City, Kan.; Olathe, Kan; and Independence. Over 5,000 members ages 5-18 are served through the clubs on an annual basis. Dred D. Scott, the president and CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City, in the incoming chair of the board of directors of the Drumm Farm Center for Children.


Tell us about your current position and what you do with the Boys/Girls Clubs?


I have the honor of leading the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Kansas City. My work includes close communication and planning with the board of directors and executive leadership team. I am ultimately

be successful in life with the right support systems in place. Drumm Farm’s mission is rooted in supporting children in the foster system to be successful in school, work, and life. I am so pleased at the expansion of programming to include teens who have aged out of the foster system and homeless youth. I view Drumm Farm as a safety net organization.


Drumm Farm has gone through a dramatic change under Brad Smith’s leadership. The services have expanded beyond the historical scope of support for children in foster care. The number of children and young people who benefit from the resources available at Drumm Farm continues to increase significantly.





With Drumm Farm turning What do you see as your role as 100 this year, tell us how you a Drumm Farm board member, feel the organization is changing and how does your experience in lives and what Drumm will continWhat was it about Drumm Boys and Girls Club help enhance ue to do in the next decade and beFarm’s mission that attracted your role? yond? you to serve on the board of direcAs a board member, I believe tors? Drumm Farm is in a great poit is important to operate at the sition as we approach the cenI have two major passions in governance level of the organization. tury mark. The investments made life. One is supporting children, At BGCGKC, I work with 49 board by community partners will ensure particularly those who come from of directors! I have a tremendous that the organization will continue disadvantaged circumstances. I am board who are there because they to thrive for many years into the fua former elementary teacher, princi- want to make a difference and serve ture. I look forward to seeing conpal and central office administrator. unselfishly to support the work that tinued innovation, advocacy, and During my 21 years as an educator, we do. I strive to be that same type support for some of our communiI saw firsthand the many challenges of board member for Drumm Farm. ty’s most vulnerable young people. children face. I have come to appreciate the resiliency that exists inWhat should the general public nately in these children. I recognize know about Drumm Farm that that the large majority of kids can they potentially do not?



Wednesday, October 9, 2019 | Drumm Farm Center for Children


Congratulations to Drumm Farm for 100 Years of inspiring and nurturing children and young adults.

Press Releases | Media Planning | Crisis Communication

John Beaudoin | 816-838-1489


Celebrating 100 years of helping kids grow. Proud supporters of the Drumm Farm Center for Children.

3122 S Crysler Ave, Independence, MO 64055 | (816) 461-0027 www.independencejsl.org


Drumm Farm Center for Children | Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Swinney Hall (East Building) Remodeled


George Berkemeir becomes Superintendent

Director’s House (Superintendent’s) opens H.R. Nelson becomes Superintendent


Andrew Drumm


Andrew Drumm dies Organization founded April 14 First meeting of Trustees October 9


Beal’s House (West Building) opens, first residents arrive

Cordelia Drumm


Cordelia Drumm dies


McClure House opens

Berkemeier House (Cottage) opens Meal time in dining room of boy’s Beals Hall about 1944-45

Meade Mcclure


Trelease Hall (School Building) opens


Thomson Hall (Gym) opens


Nelson Hall (Gardner Dining Hall) opens


Logan House (Heddens) opens

198 199

Mana by E (Eve Chil Hope


aged ECH ery ld’s Inc.)

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 | Drumm Farm Center for Children


Brad Smith becomes Executive Director

Rufus Little becomes Executive Director


First Annual Drumm Golf Classic




Drumm Farm Reopens


First Annual Benefit Dinner Land leased for golf course

Swinney Hall on National Historic Registry (Before Renovation)


Summit Homes House opens (HOME)


First Annual Drumm Farm Hoedown

Swinney Hall remodeled Updated corporate status: Drumm Center for Children COMPASS Program begins

Little House opens (HOME)

Cordelia House opens (HOME) Cable House opens (HOME)



King House opens (COMPASS)

Drumm Farm special zoning district established Campus remake and new entrance Cottage opens (COMPASS)

HOME Program begins


Street Outreach Services begins


Nelson Hall Expansion



Drumm Valley, California


Drumm Farm Center for Children | Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Humanitarian of the Year for the Truman Heartland Community Foundation creates a stunning work of art

A lawyer, a mortgage banker, a developer and an expert on nearly all things Independence, Byron Constance has proven that it is never too late to tap into the creativity of the right side of your brain.

When Constance was commissioned last year to sculpt a bust of Drumm Farm’s founder, Andrew Drumm, he had just three photographs to work from and no profile images of the man who built the Drumm Farm Center for Children. “It helped that he had some distinctive features, such as his handle-bar mustache and goatee,” Constance noted, adding with a laugh that since all of Drumm’s contemporaries had long since passed, no one would be able to criticize his work. “My challenge was to create an image of the kind and generous man that he was.” More than five months after beginning the project, Constance was able to unveil a stunning bronze piece that measures oneand-a-half times the likeness of Andrew Drumm. Working in legal and development sectors for most of his life, to listen to Constance describe his art and processes truly shows his newfound passion. “Although the materials used today are technologically greatly advanced, the basic process has remained the same since ancient times,” he said. “I initially created the sculpture in clay, from which a flexible rubber mold was formed and filled with wax. A ceramic shell mold was then formed around the wax. The wax was melted out, or ‘lost,’ and the cavity was filled with molten bronze. A patina was applied using acid and a blow torch for the subtle coloration of the finished work. Bronze is the metal of choice for work such as this and can last for centuries.” That longevity honors Drumm and his mission, said Executive Director Brad Smith. “Byron Constance is a respected, longtime community champion and has created an amazing tribute to our founder,” Smith said. “Walking by the sculpture, visitors will be reminded of Andrew Drumm, his foresight and his legacy on behalf of children. Byron’s significant contribution He became an attorney in his early 20s. pays homage to Drumm and will continue And an artist in his 60s. to do so for generations.” Now, at 92, Constance has created a lastConstance was the first Humanitarian of ing legacy for an organization that only the Year for the Truman Heartland Comprecedes him by eight years. munity Foundation and was the Indepen-

dence Chamber of Commerce’s 2000 Distinguished Citizen. He is the only surviving member of the original Charter Commission that penned the first city charter in Independence in 1961 and is founding director of ArtsKC. Still practicing law at Stewart, Cook, Constance & Minton, Constance has attended workshops with nationally prominent sculptors at the Loveland Academy of Fine Art and the Scottsdale Artists’ School and have studied drawing and painting at the Kansas City Art Institute. He has completed numerous pieces of sculpture and 2001 completed a six-foot bronze relief of Christ as the Good Shepherd, which hangs above the altar of the Good Shepherd Community of Christ congregation at 4301 Blue Ridge Blvd. He is currently completing a life-size bronze figure of a frontier man for installation near the Independence Square. Creativity found Constance after most people are retired. But he said the creative bug has been in him for many years. “I’ve always been involved in creating things,” he said. “Back in high school I built model ships, model airplanes and built furniture for my home.” The bust of Andrew Drumm now sits prominently outside Swinney Hall with a quote from Drumm that truly tells the tale of the man that founded Drumm Farm: “A rough life, if you can stand up under it and keep it from making your character rough, gives you a constitution that will last a lifetime.” “I’m pleased with it and I hope other people are too,” Constance said. “My style is to leave it a little rough. The skin is not super smooth, which helps portray that he was a very astute businessman. He was used to the rough-and-tumble life of that era.” “The face is the hardest part, trying to get the expression that you want, move that clay one way or the other a little bit and it totally changes things. It helps to get away from it for a week or two and then come back to it.” The Andrew Drumm bust will be unveiled at the Drumm Farm 100th anniversary Hoedown Festival on the Farm Century Celebration, Saturday, Oct. 12.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 | Drumm Farm Center for Children

Congratulations Drumm Farm on your 100th Anniversary!


Congratulations Drumm Farm Center For Children on your

100 Anniversary! th

Sincerely, David & Sharon Rock (816) 550-0750 royallawns-kc.com Call, or click for a free lawn care estimate today!

To Make a Donation to Drumm Farm, go to: drummforkids.org


Drumm Farm Center for Children | Wednesday, October 9, 2019

A CENTURY OF HELPING YOUNG PEOPLE Drumm Farm in Independence has made transitions through the decades

One hundred years after his death, a bust of Andrew Drumm now is place at Drumm Farm, in an amphitheater donated by the East Independence Rotary Club. [MIKE GENET/THE EXAMINER] By Mike Genet mike.genet@examiner.net

A century after a wealthy local businessman Andrew Drumm established the namesake farm institute with his will, the directors of what is now Drumm Farm Center for Children are taking the year to celebrate his vision being carried out for 100 years – and hopefully another 100 more. Incorporating the nonprofit’s annual fundraising events, Drumm Farm’s Century Celebration benefit dinner is Friday at the campus on Lee’s Summit Road in Independence. In October, the Hoedown festival will be what Executive Director Brad Smith calls the big celebration. Of course, there also was the annual alumni reunion in July for men who spent part of their childhoods at Drumm when it served as a home for orphaned or indigent boys. The 2017 reunion

was the 70th event. “What we’ve tried to do is have it lead up to 100-year celebration in October,” Smith said. “The big hoedown – it has been smaller – we decided to make it the 100-year event. We’ll have a lot of people interact with our families and the campus.” Drumm Farm now serves as a foster family residence site and also provides transitional housing – both on and off campus – to some who have aged out of foster care. When Smith took over as executive director in 2011, replacing the retired Rufus Little, Drumm Farm served 18 children. Now it has between 70 and 75 children and those in transition housing, he said, and when a new set of apartments opens soon that number will grow to about 90. Drumm Farm has made about $10 million in capital improvements this decade. Six structures have been constructed, including residences and the farmers market building supplied from produce and

small livestock raised on the farm. Having a farmers market, as well as banquet hall rentals and hosting annual kindergarten field trips, helps the farm’s visibility. “It’s one thing to engage the community, but if you don’t give them a reason to come, it’s kind of a shallow engagement,” Smith said. “Community awareness leads to community support, which allows us to serve more people.” Next to the gymnasium is a bronze bust of Andrew Drumm made by local retired attorney Byron Constance. Smith said they wanted the simple monument because there was nothing prior on campus that directly honored a man whom he lauds as a visionary even beyond establishing Drumm Farm Institute. The plaque on the base reads, “A rough life, if you can stand up under it and keep it from making your character rough, gives you a constitution that will last a lifetime.” Smith recalled that when he first inter-

viewed for the position more as a courtesy, he realized the “upside” and potential the campus had to reach more people. “My wife and I, we went to the library and checked out every book on Andrew Drumm and Drumm Center that they had,” he said. “This guy, he was so ahead of his time.” A few examples that stick out to Smith: • Having a Catholic priest, Jewish rabbi and Baptist preacher on the original board of trustees – an unusual grouping at the time – along with his wife, who when he died in 1919 wouldn’t have even been allowed to vote. • Presuming that Drumm Farm’s land would eventually be annexed by Independence or possibly Kansas City, he instructed that boys housed there be able to attend local schools, to avoid a sense of isolation. • He predicted (decades ahead) that the government would develop what is now 501(c)3 non-profit status and encouraged Drumm Farm become such an organization. • Realizing that part of the farm’s 370 acres would be desirable in the future for development, he allowed that some land could be developed as a means of supporting operations. Drumm Farm Golf Club leases a large portion of what had been farmland, in addition to the adjacent residential neighborhood. Between the golf course lease and mineral rights retained from Drumm’s lands in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and New Mexico, that accounts for 10 to 15 percent of the group’s income. Guiding Drumm Farm with the same vision as its namesake, Smith said, is an admirable challenge. “The hardest job I have,” he said, “is to live up to what he did.”

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 | Drumm Farm Center for Children



Drumm Farm Center for Children Executive Director Brad Smith, center, in suit, talks with a Drumm Farm supporter during Thursday’s open house of the new Duvall Campus. The nine-unit complex is for Drumm Farm’s program of transitional housing for young adults. [MIKE GENET/THE EXAMINER] By Mike Genet mike.genet@examiner.net

In the midst of its centennial year, Drumm Farm Center for Children celebrated a notable expansion recently – as well as another one planned for the near future. Drumm Farm has unveiled its new Duvall Campus in southeast Independence, a nine-unit apartment complex near Independence Commons that adds to its COMPASS program for transitional housing. Brad Smith, Drumm Farm’s executive director, also revealed during the ribbon-cutting a few weeks ago that Tom and Carman Duvall, the owners of TruckMovers who purchased and donated the land for the apartments and helped fund construction, have recently committed to financing a campus expansion for the next few years. “It’s big, huge,” Smith said of the campus, even without the future plans. “To go from 2012 when we started our COMPASS pro-

gram, we had for apartments on campus and added two, then we added the five on Crysler and now nine.” When the Duvalls’ next addition is complete, Drumm Farm could have 14 more apartments. “Stunning amount of growth,” Smith said. “They committed to do that, and we’re hoping to start in 2020. They committed to it (Wednesday).” The COMPASS program offers housing and a support network to help young adults age 17-22, some of who have aged out of the foster care system, with life skills, instruction, development and some supervision to help them start life on their own, including finding a job and car and starting savings. Smith has called the COMPASS program the “polishing center” to Drumm Farm’s main campus being the “triage center” for children in need. The house on Crysler Avenue near the Community of Christ Auditorium opened last year. Smith and associate director John Tramel

both said the niche they serve, unfortunately, is growing. “It’s a population that’s exploding in the Kansas City metro area, and around the country,” Smith said. “There’s very little social services focused on them.” “Some people have not been part of any system, but they’re still homeless,” Tramel said. “They’re not with their families; they’re not connected to a formal system that would identify them. “We’ll have more people in need of this then we can ever support.” For many young people, he said, having a stable roof over their head is the pivotal difference between a more successful life or continuing to struggle. The new campus includes an another apartment for a residential assistant. “We make sure everything’s smooth, to be a support for them,” Tramel said. “We believe these young people deserve to be safe, comfortable.

Drumm Farm worked with Truman Heritage Habitat for Humanity to make sure each 560-square foot apartment is live-inready with some furniture, bedding, kitchen supplies and personal items. Each unit will have a couch, bed, two bar stools, coffee table, lamps and other kitchen and bath needs. Besides the Duvalls (Carman is on the Drumm board of directors), funding came from tax credits purchased by individuals, and a small loan and with help with a grant Mutual of Omaha Bank. To continue help with operations, Drumm Farm has partnered with the Independence Housing Authority for project-based vouchers. Smith didn’t specify how much the Duvalls’ future commitment is worth, but suffice to say, “It’s life-changing for some people and organization-changing for us.” “I’m blessed and humbled by it.”

Congratulations Drumm Farm on 100 Years of helping children!

Join us Sunday, Oct. 20th at 4 PM for The Jim and Melissa Brady benefit concert! $ 15 per person

Benefit concert supports the homeless youth drop in center at the church a partnership with Drumm Farm To purchase tickets, go to: bradyconcert.eventbrite.com

125 S. Pleasant, Independence, MO 64050

www.fccindepmo.org | (816) 252-6100


Drumm Farm Center for Children | Wednesday, October 9, 2019


Wednesday, October 9, 2019 | Drumm Farm Center for Children




Drumm Farm Center for Children | Wednesday, October 9, 2019

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Fairfield Dean and Dorothy Falconer Benjamin and Mecah Falk Elizabeth Falke Rick Farrant Patrick Farrell Buford and Diane Farrington Sue Farrow Faulkner Design Group, Inc Adrienne Faulkner Curtis and Connie Fay Dana Ferguson Randall and Helen Ferguson Sandra Ferguson Steven Ferguson Ferguson Plumbing James Ferrell Ted Ferrell Tiger Flene Tracy Fiene Kent Finchman Farrah Fink Greg and Mindi Finke Ronald and Karen Finke Greg Finkle Gayle Firkins First Christian Church First Presbyterian Church Bart Fisher Louie Fisher Victoria Fisher William Fisher First American Title Insurance Co Jami Fitzmaurice Matt Flax Keith Fletcher Ron and Peggy Fletcher Ismael and Sylvia Flores Raul Flores Cassie Flowers Jan Foletta John Foley Amy Ford Catherine Ford Jacob and Tiffany Ford Ron Fornelli Abraham Forth Richard Fortman Alan and Catherine Foster Cindy Foster Paul and Billie Foster Phillip Foster Scott and Lisa Foster Sharon Foster Charles and Colleen Foudree Jeff Fox Kelly Fox Michael Fox Ann Franklin Beth Franklin Charlie and Elaine Franklin Donna Franklin Bob and Judy Frankovic Dana and Karen Freberg Rodney Frederick Joe Freeman Terry and Jennifer Freeman Cheryl French Connie French Scott Frerking Scott Fricke Scott Fricke Jeff Frieling Laura Frisch Daren Fristoe Melissa Fry Victoria Fry Connie Fuimaona Shelly and Dave Fuka Connie Fulcher Ann Fulk Pam Fulmer Vickie Gabbert Kim Gage Page Gajan Donna Gallucci Anthony and Amie Galvan Sandy Galvin Jim and Paula Gamble Sheila Gann Jack and Vicky Gant Allen Garner Shakera Garrard Irene Garrett Lonnie and Nicki Garrett Glenn Garrison Karla Garten Gerry Garwood Terry Gautreaux Deb Geist Brooklyn Genari Becky Genge Dawn Gentle Curtis George Vicky George William George Jill Getman Bruce and Janet Gibbs Charles Gibbs Don Gibbs Chris Gibler Margo Gibson Marty Gilchrist Becky Giles Steve and Ginni Gilgour Mikeom Gilkey Michael Gill David Gilmore Valerie Gindlesberger Joe Giovagnoli Karol Giunta Viktor Gjonaj Bill Glasco Bob Glaser Andrew and Jamie Glass Steven Glassman Darin Glaze Pastor Terry Glenn Demond Glynn Chad Godfrey Kim Goforth Adam Goldberg Chris Gomez Susan Gonzales Andres and Alicia Gonzalez Aaron Good Melanie Goodson Thomas Goppert Kevin and Kim Gordanier Kirk and Nicole Gordon Rita Gordon Shannon Gordon Dayna Gosnell Victoria Gough Myrna Gover Brett & Sarah Grady Hap and Susie Graff Marcie Gragg Libby Graham Susan Graham Tim Gramling Wayne Granger Cindy Grant Michael and Anna Gray Great Southern Bank Great-West Life & Annuity Insurance Company Jim and Melissa Green John Green Martha Green Micheal and Chris Greenstreet Ashley Greer Carla Griffin Rebecca Griffin Thomas Griffin Betty Griffith Jessica Griffiths Cathy Grimm Leta Grom Ron and Michele Grotenhuis Gary Grow Alexis Grubb Jason and Alexis Grubb Jan and Robert Gruenwald Teresa Gunderson Ann Gunkel Sandra Gutekunst Matthew Haar Doug and Sharri Hacker Josh Haddad Dawn Haddock Frances Haegele Benjamin Hagedorn Nathaniel and Sarah Emily Haha Kathryn Hahn Mack Hahn Donald and Marilyn Hail Ellen Hailey Dennis and Donna Haines Rene Haines Melvin and Keisha Haliburton Brian and Janice Hall Eric and Jonelle Hall Shelly Hall Hall Family Foundation Hallier Reed Randy Halsey Jennifer Halterman Renee Halterman Scott and Ning Haluck Scott Haluck Catherine Ham Ellen Hamilton Mickey Hamilton Sean Hamilton Sherri and Tyler Hamilton Doug and Beth Hammer Alicia Hampton Richard Hampton Gerald Hancock Lois Hands Bill Haney Rick Hann Daniel and Sandra Hanna Raynette Hannah Mary Hannan Elizabeth Hansen Bob and Beth Hanson Cheryl Hanson Jackie Hanson Phillip and Nancy Hanson John Harder Bill Hardie Ann Hardt Carol Harless Robert Harper Beth Harrell Burt Harriman Heather Harris Julie Harris Susan Harris Zach Harris Jenilyn Harrison Angie Hart Randi Hart Kathryn Harvel Debbie Harvey Marcia Haskins Ms. Hastings Diana Hatfield Stephanie Hattaway Jane Hatteberg Jeri Hattleberg Diana Hatzenbuehler Robert Haugen Bryan and Sherri Haupt Craig Hauschildt Larry and Marcia Hawk Doc Hawkins Mark and Rita Hawley Jeremy Hawn Hawthorn Bank Jason and Honey Hayes Brad Haymond Carol and Bruce Headley Heartland Energy Group Linda Heck Maria Hedrick Tim and Christina Heinen Stevey Heinrich Robert Hellweg Paul Helmer Barbara Helvie Glenn Henderson Julie Henderson Vicki Henderson Louise Hendrick Meredith Hengel Dr. Robert and Dr. Patricia Henley Miriam Hennosy Johan Henriksen Kent Henry Paige Henry Robert Hepting Dale and Rebecca Herl Joyce Herman Libby and Mike Hernandez Cheryl Herrington Michael Herrington Mike and Karla Herrington Joseph and Maureen Hershewe Fran and Eric Hershey Roger and Nancy Hershey James and Linda Hess Brad and Sunny Hibbs Brian Hickey Michael Hickman Alicia Hicks Terri Hiebert Brad Higgins Laura Higgins Matthew Higgins Pete Higgins William High Connie Highfill Adam Hilgedick Aaron Hilgedrick Becky Hill George Hill Lonnie Hill Clenece and Jim Hills Vickie Hines Dr. Jim and June Hinson Drew and Sarah Hiss Brian and Megan Hoban Diana Hobbs Gayle Hobbs George and Irlene Hobe Leslie Hochsprung Julie Hodges Sherry Hodges Marc Hoefer Diane Hoeflicker Gregory Hoehn Chantal Hoffecker Kent Hoffman Duane and Shirley Holder Carol Holland Timothy Holliday Andrew Holloway John and Penny Holm Lori Holman Kathy Holms Paul and Marilyn Holsten Brad Holtz Silas Donahue and Pat Holzbaur Amy Hood Jerry Hook Steve Hook Kenneth and Maxine Hooper Jennifer Hopkins James Hopper Doug Horn Sara Horn Jonathan Horwitz Linda Hosman Linda Hough Donald Houk Jami Houk Jerry Hounchell Barbara House Randy and Mary House Amarie Howard Carmen Howard Jeffrey Howard Timothy and Garianne Howard Gail Howe Jeff and Debbie Howe Michael and Peggy Howe Jayson Howell Job Howen Lacey Hubbard Lauren Huber Laura Hudson Anna Huey Bev Huffman Tom Hufft Cathi Hughes Andrea Hulse Dr. Greg and Ann John and Kristin Hummel Karen Hungerford Greg and Mary Hunsucker Aaron Hunt James and Margaret Hunt Martha and Harland K. Hunt W. Faye Hunt Jarrod Huntley Dorothy Hupp Husch Blackwell, LLP Candace and Frank Huschle Amber Huser Melisa Hux HyVee John Ickes Independence School District Independence Young Matrons Invesco Justin Irving Lyle Irwin Christopher Isaacson Felipe Isaza Yuri Ito Bruce Jackson James Jackson James Jackson Jessica Jackson JT and Paulette Jackson Katy Jackson Myra Jackson Rosslyn Jackson Stacy Jackson Tom and Patti Jackson Gus Jacob Alyson Jacobsmeyer Jon and Jean Jacobson Lisa James Jim and Sierra Jamis Bob and Linda Jamison John Jamison Kathy Jarboe Lisa Jarrard Laura Jaynes Michael Jefferies Michele Jefferson Chalice Jeffries Paul and Sarah Jeffries Dr Carl Jelley J.J. Jenkins Reed Jenkins Ron and Anna Tyler Jennings Alice Jensen Jeffrey Jernigan Edward and Hannelore Jeske Sharon Jobe Ed and Connie John Anthony Johnson Carl and Amy Johnson Chris and Amanda Johnson Craig Johnson Doris Johnson Emily Sue Johnson Greg Johnson Howard Johnson Janis Johnson Jayne Johnson Judith Johnson Karen Johnson Kristen Johnson Len Johnson Mike Johnson Molly Johnson Shirley Johnson Jack Johnston Mary Joan Johnston Harry Jonas Clifford Jones David and Heather Jones David and Virginia Jones Ed Jones Jeremy Jones Patricia Jones Paula Jones Russ and Susan Jones Jennifer Jordan Margaret Jordan Zeneta Jordon Junior Service League of Independence Aaron Kabler Jerry and Pat Kacheroski Marti Kammert Danny and Dianna Kane Glenda Kankey Andrea Kantner Risdan and Margaret Kasper Farrah Katzer Gerald Kauffman Bobbi Kay Jim Keck Tammy Keckler Keith Keirsey Devin Kelley John Kelley Karen Kelley Kathy Kelley Mickey Kelley Pat Kelley Scot Kelley Nancy Kellstrom Janet Kelly Charles and Portia Kendall David Kendall Trisha Kennedy Scott Kerby Brittany Kerr Jessica Kerrigan Mike Kiesov John and Kathy Killip Keelia Killip Norman Killip Wyeth and Sarah Killip Nancy and John Kimak Harvey and Sandra Kimble Bunny Kimbrough Patty Kimsey Andrew and Jenna King Deedee King J Scott and Susan King Kyle and Emma King Steve and Linda King Hannah Kinion Marshall Kintzele Aaron Kirchhofff Alicia Kirkpatrick Jacob Kirpes Kiwanis Club of Independence Meredith Klamm Jim Kleinkamp Dennis Kleyh Mark and Mary Kliethermes Rebecca Knepper Eric and Amy Knipp Tammi Knipp Tiffani Knipp Donna Knoell Rob Knox Russ Koca John and Carleen Kochanski Lori Kochanski Justin and Jessica Koegler Zalman Kohen Harvey and R.A. Kolster Terrance Krause Laura Kreisler Comcast Krewson Karen Kroenke Mark Krug Linda Kuhnlein Paul Kushnir Diane Kyser Carlo La Bella Richard and Lynette Labelle Jonathan and Marianne Laitner Pam Lakey Sanders Lambert Kenneth and Barbara Lane Martha and Donald Lane Stacy Lang Sharon Langman Betty Langton Matt Lanigan Kassidee Lank Richard and Kelly Lantefield Larry and Lisa Lapinski Amy Laposha Linda LaRocca Dona Larsen Jill Larson Jack and Arlene Lasey Cathy Lathrom Jerry and Linda Lattin Ronnee Laughlin James Lawlor Patricia Lawlor Debra Lawrence Patrick Layden Patricia Lazaroff Brian and Christina Leakey Amber Lear Jan Leas Beverly Lee Valerie Lee Puente Allen and Barbara Lefko Alfred and Barbara Lefman Judy Lehman Nick Lehmann Bob Leonard Jane Leonard Allison Leopold Donna Leslie Tom Lesnak Dan Lester Sara Lester Levy Craig Law Firm Joe and Chris Lewis Nancy Lewis Patricia Lewis Shelley Lewis William Lewis Lew's, Hooper's & The Well LIberty Fruit Company, Inc Kelly Lightfoot Pam Little Rufus and Caroline Little Cindy Livengood Zane Livengood Dave Lockwood Matt and Linda Loehr Rosemary Loehr Martha Lofgreen Keith Loftin Brandon Logan Dean and Pamela Logan Ken and Annette Logan Heather Logsdon Corey Long John Long Tad Long Todd Long Vivian Long Shan Long-Moore Jared Loomis John Lopez Lavonne M. Loumiet Jake and Emmie Loveless Jake Loveless Gary Lovell John and Kristin Lovell Lloyd Lowe Bruce and Marilyn Lowrey Sherry Lowry Jeffrey Lozier Beckie Lucas Justin Lucito Dawn Ludwick Robert and Audra Lueck Jesse Lund Naiomi Lundman Susan Lundquist Robert and Adella Lunsford Shatomi Luster Lutheran Trust, Inc. Alexander and Cindy Lutz Kim Lynch Sue Lyon Andrea Mabe David Machens Joan Mackey Brad Maclaugnlen Jessica Madden Mader Foundation Brooke Madick Sheryl Maguire Donice Mahan Raymond and Kay Maher Hollie Mahurin John and Kristy Main Chris Major Dr. Matt Mallinson Lizzy Mallinson Will Manda William Mangun Amber and Chris Manning Robert and Susan Mansfield Heath Manson Jennifer Manuleleua Mariner Financial Cindy Marler Michael and Rose Ann Marlow Susan Marple Jeff Marsh Tracy and Traci Marshall Barbara Martin E Martin Kathy Martin Mike Martin Robert Martin Rachel Martino Kady Mason Claudia and Mike Mathieu Joan and Bill Mauck Frank Mavel Ira Maxwell Maegan Maxwell Ryan Maxwell Lynn Mayabb Matthew Mayer Christi Mayfield Delbert Mayfield Nancy Mayhall Sherry Maynard Jamie Mayo Brandon McBride Natalie McBride Steve McCabe Susie McCalin Bridget and Dennis McCandless Ann McCarthy Kenneth and Cindy McClain Ray McClaran Kevin McClelland Elizabeth and Gary McClure Jason McClure Colleen McConnell Robert McConnell Carolyn McCord Dan McCormick Kristy McCormick Charles and Carolyn McCoy Monty and Stacy McCullough Bill McCurry Henry McDaniel and Christine Taylor Dorothy McDonald Lois McDonald Ben and Avanti McDowell Bob McDowell Tim McElroy Cale McFarland Maxie McGinnis Mike McGinty Dr. Paul McGraw and Dr. Nancy Newhouse Mellisa McGraw Mike and Janice McGraw Christine McHenry Jim and Michele McIntosh Patrick and Joy McKay Steve and Renee McKay Nicholle McKenzie Nicolle McKenzie Colleen McKinney John Mckinney Vivian Mckinney Deloss McKnight Laura McKnight Audrey McLain Frederick and Virginia McMullen Mary McNamara Jasmine Medellin Betty Medley Jim Medure Dan Meers Sam Mehaffe Megan Meisberger Tony Meister Marco Mejia Donna Melgaard Melynda Meredith Merit General Contractors Ben Merrick Nikki Merritt Tracey Mershon Teri Mertell Todd Messenger Eric Mettemeyer Gayle Metzinger Chad and Lori Meyer Gene Meyer Gordon and Heidi Meyer Jeff Meyer Mary Meyer Ray Meyer Robbie Meyer Chris Meyers Ro Meyers Cindy and Daniel Michalek Rocky Middlebrooks Joseph Miklich Sarah Miklich Brent Miles Jessica Miley Alton Gilmore for Irene Miller Annette Miller Clay Miller David and Tani Miller Doug and Dawn Miller Gary Miller Jayme Miller Jeff and Kristin Miller Jerry Miller Laura Miller Lori Miller Melvin and Marie Miller Sandy Miller Fred and Sandy Mills David Minish Powell Minnis Missouri Botanical Gardens Richard Mistler Vikki Mitcheltree Stephanie Mitre Anne Moberg Cliff Mohn Brittan Molinaro Jedidiah and Lynsie Momot David Moody Darrin Moon Allan Moore Beverly and John Moore Bill and Mary Moore Carmen Moore Charles and Lynn Moore David Moore Denny Moore Jennifer Moore Jerry Moore Josie Moore Paul Moore Randy Moore Shirley Moore Taylor Moore Waunita Moore John and Carrie Moorhouse Gracen Moorhouse Mark and Angela Moorhouse Scott and Lisa Moorhouse Michael Moran Nora Moran Beth Moreira CW Moreland Julie Moreno Zane Morerod Gregory Morgan Mark Morgan Tasha Morgan Roy Morrill Cathy Morrill-Miller Frank Morris Dena Morrison Dr. Ray and Lois Morrison Robert and Lea Morrison Dr. Mark and Cheryl Mozer Peter and Karen Muelleman Don Mueller Mike Mueller Anthony Mulder Brad Mulkey Melody Mulkey Kacy Muller D.L. and K.A. Mullnix Doug Murdock Jill Murphy Mr. Murphy Gloria Murray Marvin Musick Steve Mustoe Ronald Mutebi Mutual of Omaha Jessica Myers Virginia Nadeau Larry and Dorothea Nadler Sally Nadler Darrell Naeger National Christian Foundation Chris and Jody Nave Kevin Neal Doris Negaard Aaron Neighbors Alicia Nelson Carolyn Nelson Frankie Nelson Stacy Nelson D Nenno Lee Nenno Zak Nenno Network for Good Greg Netzer Mary Neubauer Katherine Nevans New Millennium Tours Justin and Jill Newkirk James and Donna Newland Kathleen Newman James Newsome Chris and Sharon Nicely Christy Nichols Makenzie Nichols Jeff and Patricia Nimmo No Not Sisters Al Noble Jack Noble Allen Noel Jacque Nordhus James Norman Greg and CIndy Norris Lynda Norris Northcraft Flooring and Design Aaron Norton Denoya Novovesky Maxine and Roy Noyes NSPJ Architects Sarah Oberndorfer Susanne Oberrieder Remco and Stefanie Obertop Chuck O'Brien Tracy O'Brien Djemarley Occelin Daniel and Wanda O'Dell Amy O'Dell Hood Marnie Oetting Lynn and Mary Jane Ogle Andrew O'Hara Rhonda Ohmer Susan Oliphant Clark and Janice Oliver Eric Olson Eric Olsson Michael and Erin Oneal Ronnie and Sandra Oneal Tim and Pam O'Neil Danny O'Neill Dave Opperman Jim Orf Matt Orf John Orlich, Jr. John Orlowski Bryan Osborne Kim Osborne Beth Osler Kelsey Ouderkirk Laura Ouderkirk Robyn Oustad Overland Park Jeep-Dodge Curtis and Holly Owen Owen Lumber Robert Owens Jerry Page Laurie Paige Steve and Shea Painter Cameron Palin Lynette Palmer Eleftherios and Jane Olmstead Papageorgiou Jennifer Parish Stephanie Park Philip Parke David Parker Patrina Parker Parker's Electric,Inc Emory and Barbara Parks Keith Parks Sue Parks Jan Parry Larry and Jean Parsons Susan Parsons Tammy Parsons Terry and Bonny Parsons Angela Pasley Jon and Jennifer Patterson Linda Patterson Roger Pauk Eraina Paul Tom Paulson Sophia Pautvein Mark Paxton Robert Payne Cora Pearce George Pearl Arlyn Peccia Jeff Pence Howard and Karen Penrod Marsha Penrose Jesse Perez Kendra Perez Bob Perkins Michael and Joy Perrie Jan Perry Jill Perry Cynthia Peters Martin Peters Claude Peterson John and Melanie Peterson Heather Pfender Marcia Phares John Phegley Jessica Phelps Andrew Phillips John Phillips Ryan Phipps PI Architects Patty Pierce David Pierson Kari Pierson Robert Pike Kristi Pinnick Neil Pinnick Matt Piorier Donna Pitman Marissa Plett Patricia Poe Steven and Lynn Pohle Danita Pointer Jasmine Polk Brooke Pollard Cathy and Jim Pollard Polsinelli Jim and Barb Porter Sandra and Gary Porter Ian Potter Steven Potter Donald and Barbara Potts Powell Gardens Jeremy Powell Donna Powers Jason Pratt Joan Pratt Sara Prem Nikki Preston Patrick and Cynthia Price Barbara Prine Linda Pringle Prosperity Planning, Inc. Fred Pryor Angie Przybylo Lainey Puglisi Janice Pule Jon and Ann Pye Jon Pye Marsha Pyle Rachael Quals Robert Quillen Na Taya Quinn Abraham Radmanesh Beth Radtke Donald Raffurty J.D. Ragan Cindy Ragatz Railroad Sock, Inc Lori Raines Dona Lee Rake Clay and Tammy Ramsey Mark and Mary Randall Donald and Barbara Rasa Norman and Susan Rasa Craig Rashstool Sandy Ratterman Kevin Rauber Brenda Ray Dan Raymond Patrick Reavey Arica Reed Janet Reed Tori Reed Chris Reeves Robert Regnier Adam Reid David Reid Don and Jo Reimal William and Victoria Reisler Renaissance Infrastructure Consulting Renner Garage Door Sharon Reque Risa Reuscher Cheryl Reynolds Heather Reynolds Jim Reynolds Lisa Rhoades Kathy Rhodes Richard and Ginger Leon Rice Melissa Richard Janet Richards Tom Richards Michelle Riddle Tim Riekena Jill Riley Dave and Brenda Rindom Dave Rindom James and Melanie Rine Nancy Riotte Blake and Sandy Roberson Becca Roberts Donald Roberts Jessica Robertson James Robinett Gary and Judy Robinson Kyle Robinson Patrick Robinson Russell Robinson Tucker Robinson Renae Roche Fayan Rochowiak Donna Rock Dr. David and Sharon Rock Robert Rock Brian Rodekopf Jan Rodriguez Darol Rodrock J.W. Roeder Bill Rogers Glen Rogers Jason Rogers Kelli Rogers Kortnei Rogers Preston and Linda Rogers Yve Rojas Randy and Sandy Rolf Jim and Judy Romano Charlotte and Bob Ronan Amanda Rose David Rose Rosemann & Associates, P.C Adi Rosenblum Kimberly Rosenfelt Carolyn Ross Christopher and Stephanie Ross Darwin Ross David Ross Francis Ross Lori and Randall Paul and Annette Ross Vincent Ross Steve Roth Naomi Rout Michael Rowe Tracey Rowe Rory and Tedi Rowland William Rowland Stephen Rowley Royals Deann Rucker Becky Rudd Machele Ruddy Terry and Bonnie Ruder Clinton Rueb Travis Ruf Scott Runyan Tom and Sheriee Rusk Don and Marcia Russell Henry and Laurine Russell Sarah Russell Allison Ruth Claudia Jo Rydman Diane Sadler Sharon Safley Bob and Kathleen Sailors Kelley Salyer Scott Salzeider Janet Samborski Robbie Sandefur Brenda Sanders Matt Sanders Jimmy Cosentino and Pam Sandy Denise Sanker Tracy Satterfield Robert and Beverly Sauer Jake Saulsbury Dayton and Maudie Saunders Stacy Scalfaro Jake Scarbo Brad Scarbrough Kathy Schadle Chris Schafer Michael and Kimberly Schaller Ron Schauwecker Mark Schiltz Sarah Schiltz Roberta Schlotfeldt Roger Schlotzhauer Barry Schmidt Steve and Mary Ann Schmitz Janet Schneider Phil Schneider Angie Schnetzer Judy Schofield Brent Schondelmeyer and Lee Williams Corrine Schrader Kevin and Melanie Schreier James Schuberth Roy and Johanna Schulenberg John Schuler Karen Schuler Caryl Schultz Jim Schultz Katie Schultz Lillian Schultz Paul Schultz Patty Schumacher Jeff Schuster John and Rita Schuster Matt Schuster Bert Schwaller Kate Schwaller Ronnie Schweizer Elaine Schwensen Irma Schwieterman Frank Sciara Ryan Sciara Regina Scofield Cullen and Janet Scott Dred Scott Nancy Scott Thomas and Raina Seck Joy Sedlacek Randy Seedorff John Seeley Scott Seitter ServiceMark Communications Inc Andrew and Loren Sexton Todd and Susan Sexton Melodie Shanks Caprice Sharifi-Izfahani Megan Sharp Logan Sheehan Mike and Donna Sheehy Ilene Shehan Gene Shelton Ghita Shelton Bryan Shepard Charles and Jennifer Sherwood Nancy Shields Margie Shifman Moji Shogbamimu Brandy Shope Dale and Verna Shotts Marcy Shutts Tim Sickel Mike Sickendick Todd and Julie Siebert Amber Siemsen Signature Landscape, LLS Ted Sikora Mark and Patti Simcosky William and Kari Simpson Robert Sinclair Curtis and Catherine Sisler Sara Sivils Donald Sladek Jan Slaybaugh Dianna Sleyster Julie Sloan Lissa Sloan Owen Sloan Amy Smith Beth Smith Blake Smith Bradford and Beverly Smith Cara Smith Erica Smith Garry Smith H. Alan Smith Irene Smith James and Debra Smith Brad and Julie Smith Jeffery and Erica Smith Josh and Tylar Smith Karen Smith Kristin Smith Mike Smith Mike Smith Nancy Smith Scott and Gloria Smith Shane Smith Steve Smith Tanya Smith Smithfield Farmland Becca Smith-Vandergriff Terry and Betty Snapp Snowmen, Inc Deborah Solomon John Sommer Carol Sours Vickie Sparks Bob and Ruth Speaks Brad Speaks Rebecca Spencer Gary Springer Paul Staats Douglas Stabenow Dr. David and Rhonda Stamos James Stanley Cayce Stapp David and Cristhina Starke Debbie Starke Terri and Greg Steele Duane CD Steiner Katie Stevens Susan Stevens J. R. and Christine Stewart James Stewart Michelle Stewart Phil& Lisa Stiffler George Stock Jane Stock Stock & Associates Consulting Engineers, Inc George and Mary Stockdale William Stoddart Lance and Jill Stout Jeff Stowell Dennis Strait Bobby Streich Karen Streiff Strickland Construction Co Tim Stringer Vickie Strother Fern Stuart Nancy Stuart Ann Stuck Steve Sturmer Dan Stutterheim Dr. Rodger and Linda Suchman Harvey Summers Rudy Summerville Summit Homes Summit Masonry, Inc Sunderland Foundation Sunflower Foundation Superior Bowen Ramona Suter J.R. Sutton Robert Svoboda Truett Swaim Nada Swalander Nathan and Rebeca Swank Virginia Taggart Waddell Tallgrass Creek Quilters Robert and Joyce Tally Joe Tamburello and Terry Kennedy Andrea Taylor Gardner and Tina Taylor Jane Taylor and Byron Constance Noelle Taylor Tina Taylor Tessitura Network Barb and Steve Teter John and Joy Thomas Leslie Thomas Nancy Thomas Mark and Alissa Thomason AnnaMarie Thompson Carol and David Thompson Janice Thompson Paul and Marilyn Thompson Ramsi Thompson Scott Thompson Ron Thornbury Ken and Barbara Thornton John and Bobbi Timmons Sheila Tippin Cheri Titsworth Alana Titus John Todd Shantanique Tolbert Sharon Tompkins John Toon Anthony Totta Alyssa Townsend John Toynton Tradebot Systems, Inc Ellen Trakas Gail Tramel John and Hilary Tramel Rebecca Tramel Linda Travers Wendy Trent John and Susan Trimble Lois and Richard Troxel Connie Truelove True North Industrial Realty, LLC Nancy Truitt Jenny Tucker Natalie Turnbow Peggy Turner Steve Turner TVS Datasource, Inc Thomas Twyman Tony Twyman Jeff Tyler Lawrence Tyree UMB Bank Katelyn Unger Leigh Unkel Sheila Upp-Bergman Abby Urbanek US Trust Max and Betsy Utsler Brenda Valdivieso Rachel Valdiviez MaryAnn Van Dine Melissa Vance Donna Vandaveer Sharon Vantuyl Joan Varner Harold Vaughan Jerry Vaughan Nathan Vaughan Randy Vaughan Anthony and Tiffiney Vaughn John and Sammie Veltri Jerry and Laura Vernon Anjuli Vetrushka Rick and Kim Viar Todd and Heather Vincent Traci Virgin Mindy Vo Joe Vogliardo Burt and June Volkers David Vondrachek Eric and Bonnie Wagner John and Margaret Wagner Michael and Darla Wagner Dan and Sonya Wahl Tim and Christina Wahl Kent Waisner Jim and Jana Waits Betsy Waldman Mike Walker Shelby Walker Zach Walker Scott Wall Larry and Marcia Wallace Ginger Walters Tiffany Ware Amanda Waring Cheryl Wasserman Robert Waters Vikie Watkins William and Rhonda Watkins T.J Watreas Eric Watts Pat Weary Courtney Weaver Dennis Weaver, DVM Rebecca Webb Jordan Webster Lysle and Caroyln Weeks Sam Wehmeyer Tom and Eileen Weir Nicole Wells Cyril and Melissa Welter Cantrell Wenzel Dale and Christy Wescott Doug Wescott Samuel Wesley Lyn Westfall Jim Wheaton Justin Wheeler Philip Wheeler Randall Wheeler Heather Whitaker Pam White White Goss Law Firm Mark Whiteaker Beth Whorton Joelle Wight Kim Wilcox Bess Wilfong Kevin Wilkerson Patrick Wilkins Judee Wilkinson William T. Kemper Foundation Brenda Williams Doug and Gina Williams Lee Williams Megan Williams Michael Williams Stacey Williams Dick Wilson Donna Wilson Doug and MaryJo Wilson Greg Wilson Jeffrey and Nancy Kathy Wilson Shirley Wilson Alice Wind Todd and Kimberly Windsor John Winkels Randall and Janis Winkler Patt Winter George Winters Kathy Wismer Lori Withers Patric Wofford Larrey and Rosemary Wolfe Donna Wolfgeher Woman's Civic Club Bryan Wood Ken and Kay Woodruff Joe Woods Sara Woods Patricia Woodward Lenora Woolsey World Wide Technology Holding Co, Inc David Wright Roger and Ann Wright Shannon Wright John Wurzer Kelly Wuster Lenora Wyre Trent and Christy Yager Dee Ann Yancey Dennis Yancey Ben Yates Gaylen and Linda Yeager Jeff and Linda Yearington Ed and Robin Yerington Glen Yoakum Elizabeth Young Jean Younghanz Kay Young-Williams Sharon Yunker Aaron Zack Ron Zelk Craig and Edra Zellers Jonathan Zerr Melissa Zietz Mitchell Zimmerman Michael Zinser First National Bank of Omaha Gilmore & Bell Horizons Industrial, LLC House of Rocks Lewis Rice & Fingersh, PC MarksNelson, LLC Mid-America Contractors North American Savings Bank Perfect Turf Lawn and Landscaping Robert Ellerman Real Estate Sales

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