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FALL/WINTER 2018–2019


Attitudes: The West in American Art Opening Weekend Events NOV 8, 9, 10 See the new exhibition starting NOV 10






Hollywood Westerns and The Reel West

Fall and winter exhibits & events at the Eiteljorg are not to be missed

See the exhibit before it rides off into the sunset


e typically don’t feature main attractions for an entire year at the Eiteljorg Museum, but with a five-star exhibit such as The Reel West, the show had to go on longer than usual. But time is running out to see this fantastic exhibition, so make plans now to experience it when you see Jingle Rails: The Great Western Adventure. Costumes and props from decades of film and TV Westerns are on exhibit in The Reel West. Are you a movie buff in general? Are you nostalgic for the classic era of Hollywood Westerns? Do you enjoy the aura of Hollywood and the stars who make the movies? For all those reasons and more, you should head to the Eiteljorg to see The Reel West before it’s too late. From the classic era to modern day, The Reel West explores the fascinating impacts our favorite Western movies and TV shows have had on shaping American identity and influencing American culture. Some of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities and most popular Westerns are represented in The Reel West, which features costumes, props, interactives and more. Fans will see Danny Glover’s boots from Silverado, hats worn by Clint Eastwood in Rawhide and Pale Rider, a mask, shirt, hat, scarf and gun belt worn by The Lone Ranger (actor Clayton Moore), a hat worn by Jamie Foxx in Django Unchained, items from several John Wayne films, costumes worn by Catherine Zeta-Jones and Antonio Banderas in the Zorro movies and much more. Spanning multiple generations and PRESENTED BY: SPONSORED BY: THEATER EXPERIENCE a wide range of Westerns and actors, SPONSORED BY: Frank N. and Patricia The Reel West is a true delight for L. Owings The Sunrise movie fans of all ages. Foundation

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A Crossroads of Nations: Treaties explored at free event Nov. 5

Hadley Fruits Photography Special thanks to Iconic Digital for new website image


hat happens when nations intersect? What is a treaty? A Crossroads of Nations explores historic and contemporary impacts of the St. Mary’s treaties of 1818 between Native nations of the Great Lakes and the U.S. government. The Indiana Historical Society is partnering with the museum to present the event at 6:30 p.m. Monday Nov. 5 as part of the Spirit and Place Festival. A Crossroads of Nations is free and open to the public. Speakers include: • Dr. Andrew Olson, writer and historian • Dr. Scott Shoemaker (Miami of Oklahoma), the Thomas G. and Susan C. Hoback curator of Native American art, history and culture • Diane Hunter (Miami of Oklahoma), historic preservation officer of her tribe • Dr. John N. Low (Pokagon Band of Potawatomi), comparative studies professor, The Ohio State University • Dr. Brice Obermeyer, director of the Delaware Tribe Historic Preservation Office Speakers will discuss how the treaties impact Native peoples and their continuing relevance today. Register at http://bit.ly/2uHWlgw.

Stop by the Eiteljorg Museum Café to try our delectable menu of southwest-inspired cuisine, thanks to our partner Kahn’s Catering. The updated menu is at this link: http://www.eiteljorg.org/visit/dine

On the cover: Frederic Remington (American, 1861–1909) A Buck-jumper, about 1893 Oil on canvas Bequest of Kenneth S. “Bud” and Nancy Adams

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Museum information Eiteljorg Museum 500 W. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46204 www.eiteljorg.org (317) 636-9378

Friends, As autumn gently approaches, I am reminded of the vibrant summer of events we experienced at the Eiteljorg, and I’m grateful for all the people who made them possible. Whether you attended our free Summer Under The Sails concerts or participated in our programming for The Reel West exhibit, we hope your visit to your museum was worthwhile. One of the most enjoyable events we have ever hosted at the Eiteljorg was the June 21 gala celebrating the generosity of Mel and Joan Perelman. As passionate collectors of Native and Western art and dedicated philanthropists and civic leaders, the Perelmans have contributed enormously to the life of this museum and our city. Leaders from the Indianapolis Zoo, IU School of Medicine and Eli Lilly & Co. regaled the audience with stories of Mel and Joan and their support of arts and culture in the community. I am honored to count Mel and Joan as friends and to publicly express my gratitude to them; and we were thrilled at the gala to see this outpouring of respect and admiration for the Perelmans.

It also gratified us to see the enthusiastic turnout at the 26th annual Eiteljorg Indian Market and Festival, June 23-24, and at the 13th annual Quest for the West ® Art Show and Sale, Sept. 7-8. We believe strongly in creating opportunities at the museum where guests can meet artists, see and purchase their beautiful art and cultivate friendships that can be renewed each year. Whether someone is interested in Native American jewelry, pottery or basketry at Indian Market or Western landscape paintings and sculptures at Quest, our hope is that the first-time visitor or casual fan will become a passionate collector of the art and support the artists’ creativity. Recognizing artists and their cultural contributions is an important part of the Eiteljorg’s mission. It’s a joy each year both at Indian Market and Quest to help present awards in many catagories to artists for their best recent artworks. We hope you will see our exhibit of the paintings of Howard Post, winner of the 2017 Quest Artist of Distinction award, continuing through Nov. 25 in the Paul Gallery. We also are proud of the Eiteljorg Artist in Residence program that brings talented artists to the museum this fall to share art-making with visitors. To that point, we want to congratulate artist Kelly Church (Anishinaabe, Gun Lake Band) After receiving the Indian Market & Festival Best of for recently Show award from Eiteljorg President and CEO John Vanausdall, left, artist Leonard Gene (Navajo), center, receiving the was congratulated by artist Dana Warrington (Menominee/ prestigious Prairie Band of Potawatomi), right. Gene won for his National Endowsilver-and-tourquoise piece, Evening Purse. Other Indian ment for the Arts Market artists also were recognized with awards June National Heritage 23 during the Market Morning Breakfast.

Joan Perelman, center, and Mel Perelman, right, were the guests of honor at a June 21 gala at the Eiteljorg celebrating the Perelmans’ support of the arts and culture in Indianapolis, including their donation of Native American baskets that formed the museum’s Interwoven exhibit. Eiteljorg President and CEO John Vanausdall, left, emceed the gala, which was sponsored by Oxford Financial Group, Ltd.

Fellowship award. Kelly, a basketmaker who creates superb basketry from black ash wood, was an Indian Market artist for several years, and she also was an Eiteljorg artist in residence. We’re pleased to see her earn national recognition for her significant efforts in a traditional art form. Congratulations, Kelly! Summer also saw renovations to the Eiteljorg’s Western art galleries, in preparation for the reinstallation of some of the most beautiful and culturally significant paintings, sculptures and objects in the museum’s collections. Our new exhibit of these reinstalled works, Attitudes: The West in American Art, opens Nov. 10. We think you will be dazzled by these iconic art works, presented in a new format with interpretation that will open your eyes to new ways of seeing Western and Native art. Autumn and winter are perfect seasons to bring family Fall/Winter 2018–2019

and friends to the Eiteljorg. In addition to Attitudes: The West in American Art, everyone’s favorite model trains arrive Nov. 17 for the ninth holiday season of Jingle Rails: The Great Western Adventure. Don’t miss our contemporary Native art exhibit, Harry Fonseca: The Art of Living, or our Hollywood Westerns exhibit, The Reel West, or the ongoing exhibit of historic photographs of Native Americans by Edward S. Curtis in the Myrta Pulliam Gallery of Photography. So as we gear up for 2019, there is much to experience at the Eiteljorg. We hope to see you at the museum soon. Sincerely,

John Vanausdall President and CEO Eiteljorg Museum 1



(Left) Bernard Williams (American, born 1964) Black Cowboy — Bill Pickett, 1995 Oil on canvas Museum purchase with funds provided by Mrs. Anne O’Connor in memory of Richard Carr O’Connor

(Below) Daniel Smith (American, born 1954) Stillwater Crossing, 2009 Acrylic on canvas 2009 Quest for the West Harrison Eiteljorg Purchase Award

(Above) Nicolai Ivanovich Fechin (American, born in Russia, 1881–1955) Pietro, n.d. Oil on canvas (Above) E. Martin Hennings (American, 1886–1956) The Twins, 1923 Oil on canvas

Gift: Courtesy of Harrison Eiteljorg

(Left) Grafton Tyler Brown (American, 1841–1918) Castle Geyser, Yellowstone, 1891 Oil on canvas

Gift: Courtesy of Harrison Eiteljorg

(Left) Susan Folwell (Santa Clara Pueblo, born 1970) The Twins, 2017 Clay, cork and paint

Museum purchase through the generosity of Harrison Eiteljorg

Gift of Steve and Jane Marmon


ig changes are unfolding in the Eiteljorg Museum’s Western art galleries that will allow visitors to understand and appreciate the art in new ways. The two connected Western galleries on the museum’s ground floor — the Art of the American West Gallery and the Gund Gallery — were renovated over the summer. Iconic paintings and sculptures have been reinstalled alongside newly acquired works, and are supported by engaging handson interactives. On Nov. 10, the galleries will reopen to the public to showcase a new exhibition: Attitudes: The West in American Art.


Eiteljorg Museum Storyteller Magazine

The reinstalled galleries will present fresh and engaging interpretations of Western art in a beautiful setting. The Attitudes exhibit places the Western art pieces into their historical and cultural contexts, and positions them within the broader framework of American art. It shows, for example, how Western art is not an isolated offshoot, but is instead deeply rooted within America’s larger artistic traditions and movements. “Not only are our new galleries addressing the question of what Western art is, they are more deeply exploring the art’s place in American culture,” Eiteljorg President and CEO

John Vanausdall said. “If a visitor wonders why a particular painting or sculpture looks the way it does, or how the artist made it, or what that artist’s life was like, then our new galleries will convey those insights. The experience will make a visit to the Eiteljorg all the more rewarding and enriching.” What will you see? Some of the stunning artworks shown in the galleries in years past that are visitor favorites will return, including paintings by Georgia O’Keeffe, Frederic Remington, Albert Bierstadt, Oscar Berninghaus and Charles Russell, and sculptures by Remington, George

Carlson and Allan Houser. Through grants, many have been conserved and reframed, allowing us to show them as the artists intended. Some paintings of Native Americans are closely arranged together on a wall in salon style, as a part of interpreting their influence on perceptions of Indigenous peoples. Also included in the exhibit are some exciting recent acquisitions that underscore the diversity of artists in the West: Castle Geyser, Yellowstone, a dramatic landscape by a 19th century AfricanAmerican painter, Grafton Tyler Brown; The Golden Mountain: Arriving San Francisco, 1865, Fall/Winter 2018–2019

a moving historical scene by contemporary Chinese-American painter Mian Situ; and The Twins, a pottery piece by Native American artist Susan Folwell (Santa Clara Pueblo). Folwell’s piece is a contemporary interpretation of a famous (Continued on page 4)


THE WEST IN AMERICAN ART Opening Weekend Events

NOV 8, 9, 10 See the new exhibition beginning

NOV 10 3



(Right) Mian Situ (American, born in China, 1953) The Golden Mountain, Arriving San Francisco, 1865, 2003 Oil on canvas

Opening Weekend — New Western Art Galleries

Museum purchase with funds provided by the Eiteljorg Museum’s Western Art Society

Thursday NOV 8 5:30 p.m. Special reopening celebration honoring James Nottage’s retirement.* Friday NOV 9 6 p.m. Preview of reopened Western galleries for members.* *For reservations to either event,

contact mwhistler@eiteljorg.com or call 317.275.1316.

Catharine Carter Critcher (American, 1868–1964) Pueblo Family, 1928 Oil on linen Gift: Courtesy of Harrison Eiteljorg

(Continued from page 3)

early 20th century portrait already in the Eiteljorg, The Twins by E. Martin Hennings, which is juxtaposed nearby so visitors can compare the two. Diversity of peoples who shaped the West is a theme explored through a high-tech interactive that interprets the 20th century mural painting The Americanization of California by Dean Cornwell. Using a touchscreen, visitors can bring up information about each of the dozens of diverse figures in the Cornwell mural and consider the myths revealed versus reality of life in the West. Works by European-American artists depicting Native Americans are intermingled with artworks by Native artists themselves, conveying their own perspectives. Enlivening the Attitudes exhibit is a mix of high- and 4

low-tech interactives that will appeal to all ages. In the galleries’ studio space, visitors can learn and appreciate the elements of art, such as line, color, form and texture, through touchable displays and art activities suitable for families and children. Reinstallation of the Eiteljorg’s Western galleries was several years in the planning and months in execution. Overseeing the project and exhibition are James H. Nottage, who recently retired as vice president and chief curatorial officer and Gund curator of Western art, and Johanna M. Blume, associate curator of Western art, history and culture. Allowing visitors in to see the reinstalled galleries Saturday, Nov. 10, is such a milestone for the museum that it merits two evenings of special occasions: A reopening celebration and dinner honoring James Nottage is on Thursday, Nov. 8, and a members opening event is on Friday, Nov. 9. For

reservations to either, contact mwhistler@eiteljorg.com or 317.275.1316. This project to reimagine and renovate the Western galleries on the first floor is a prelude to the reinstallation of the Eiteljorg’s Native American galleries on the second floor that will take place in 2021.

ATTITUDES: THE WEST IN AMERICAN ART Reimagined Western Art Galleries made possible by these generous friends: Pat and Bob Anker Leland E. Boren Mary Beth and Robert Braitman Steve Cagle Capital Group Angie and Dick Darlington L.G. and Alyce Edwards Ms. Catherine Turner Barbara and Brian West in memory of Edward A. West Donald Woodley

Museum Entry Video Wall: Stan and Sandy Hurt

Art Education Interactives: Jane and Steve Marmon

Eiteljorg Museum Storyteller Magazine

Saturday NOV 10 1 p.m. Gund Lecture As a part of opening the museum’s newly reimagined first-floor Western art galleries, retired Eiteljorg Vice President and Chief Curatorial Officer James H. Nottage will deliver this year’s Gund Lecture. Nottage will introduce the exhibit and discuss how art related to the West has been viewed through time, and how art expresses the West. The Gund Lecture is included with regular admission, and museum members are free.

Saturday NOV 10 2:30–4 p.m. Music performance: I Can’t Stop Looking at the Sky Join musicians Bill Price, Paul Holdman and Grover Parido for a multi-media performance inspired by Western skies and the history and landscapes of the West.

Western Perspectives: The Art of Howard Post By Johanna M. Blume, associate curator of Western art, history and culture


or more than 40 years, Howard Post has been a distinctive voice in the world of Western art. His “ranchscapes” highlight the interconnectedness of land, animals and people in the American West, a world he knows well from his lifetime spent there. His vision of the West is born not only of personal experiences, but also out of careful study and practice and engagement with the broad world of American art. Post’s paintings are immediately recognizable: He uses strong lines and shapes and bold colors, exploring and delighting in more abstract artistic concepts. A special exhibit of the work of Post, the 2017 Quest for the West ® Artist of Distinction, is now on view at the Eiteljorg. Born in 1948 in Tucson, Ariz., Post grew up on and around ranches, working with horses and cattle. With the encouragement of his mother, he started taking art classes. A few years later, Post began competing in rodeos. Like his art, rodeo has been an important part of Post’s life, and he continues to compete to this day. The rodeo arena often provides inspiration for his painting.

Post studied at the University of Arizona, competed on the university’s rodeo team, earned his degree in 1972 and began a career in illustration. While teaching at the university level and pursuing a Master’s of Fine Arts, Post began to develop his signature aesthetic. A professor encouraged him to abandon his preconceptions about art and instead paint what he knew from his own personal experience. This emphasis on painting from personal experience forms the foundation of Post’s body of work. Post names artists Wayne Thiebaud, Edward Hopper and Grant Wood as influences

on his art, particularly in their painting the everyday and seemingly mundane aspects of life. Like them, Post looks to draw inspiration from his lived experience and the world around him. However, subject matter is secondary to the interplay of light and shadow, shape, and color. He finds inspiration in the Arizona land-

Howard Post The Side Door, 2014 Oil on canvas 30 x 30 inches Loan courtesy of Altamira Fine Art

Howard Post Old Friends, 2010 Oil on canvas 24 x 48 inches Loan courtesy of Terry Oertli

scape around his home, and in his travels around the West and the world. Another artist Howard Post admires is musician and songwriter Paul Simon. Post admires Simon’s ability to reinvent himself over the years and his ever-expanding repertoire. These things are true of Post, too: He often returns to familiar subjects such as horses and corrals, but his adventurous color palettes and constantly evolving compositions breathe life into each canvas. The differences in Post’s paintings over the years can be subtle, but cumulatively they show growth that stems from eager and joyful experimentation with art.

WESTERN PERSPECTIVES: THE ART OF HOWARD POST Artist Howard Post, right, and his wife Marilyn Post attended the 2017 Quest for the West ® Art Show and Sale at the Eiteljorg, where Howard Post received the Quest Artist of Distinction award. His oil painting Double Yellow is seen here.

Special exhibit of the Quest for the West ® Artist of Distinction

CONTINUING THROUGH NOV 25 Gerald and Dorit Paul Gallery Fall/Winter 2018–2019




Jingle Rails chugs back into town for a ninth year By Haley Stevenson, marketing and communications intern



A favorite Indianapolis holiday tradition, Jingle Rails: The Great Western Adventure, returns for its ninth year.


ndianapolis’ most beloved holiday family attraction, Jingle Rails: The Great Western Adventure, returns to the Eiteljorg Museum on Nov. 17. In its ninth holiday season, Jingle Rails features new miniature scenes the electric trains will ramble through. New at Jingle Rails this year: A sprawling roadmap of the historic U.S. Highway Route 66 has been scaled down to fit in the display. Created through a generous donation from the Kortepeter family, the Route 66 scene continues the tradition of adding a new landmark to the model train backdrops each year. Jingle Rails features model trains that chug through miniature replicas of the Indianapolis skyline and scenes of the West, decorated with holiday lights and trimming. Made of all-natural materials, such as tree bark, pine cones and acorns, the backdrops are created by the botanical architecture company Applied Imagination. Whimsical reproductions of Monument Circle, Mount Rushmore, the 6

Grand Canyon and other landmarks bring families back to the Eiteljorg each year to experience the display. The miniature Route 66 begins at the Chicago skyline with an iconic highway sign, and the road intersects at various points with the new rail line that travels through the scenery. The roadway weaves through the route’s familiar sights such as the St. Louis Gateway Arch, the Blue Swallow Motel, Sinclair Dinosaur filling station, Route 66 Diner and other roadside landmarks. The Painted Desert and Petrified Forest complete the look and feel of traveling on the famous highway — culminating in a colorful celebration at the Santa Monica Pier highway sign and a fully operating, illuminated Ferris wheel at the end of the journey. The Eiteljorg’s director of exhibition and graphic design, Steve Sipe, is very excited for what is in store at this year’s holiday display. “Each year the Eiteljorg tries to have a new backdrop scene or ‘pod’ in Jingle Rails,” Sipe noted.

Similar to the Las Vegas diorama added a few years ago, “this grouping will be a vibrant representation of Route 66 in its prime with kitsch, fun, and family adventure.” Jingle Rails is expanding; thanks to an anonymous donor, the longtime favorite Indiana State Fair scene is moving out into the museum’s main hallway, Eagle Commons. Jingle Rails’ downtown Indianapolis skyline already features Monument Circle, Lucas Oil Stadium and the Eiteljorg building itself. This year, a new building model of Hilbert Circle Theatre, the home of the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, joins the scene thanks to a donation from H. Jean Cline Jones Kyle in honor of her daughter, Deborah Cline Kish, volunteer services manager at the Eiteljorg.

The Indiana State Fair scene returns to Jingle Rails in 2018.

Applied Imagination installs the display, including backdrops, train tracks and trestles, in early November. While Jingle Rails is open, hard-working volunteers staff the display,

Eiteljorg Museum Storyteller Magazine

NOV 17–JAN 21 #JingleRails PRESENTED BY:


In 2018, favorite train destinations such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, the Aspen Ski Resort and Hoover Dam are joined by the latest addition — Route 66.

answer visitors’ questions and maintain the G-gauge electric trains. Tens of thousands of guests experience Jingle Rails every year. National media have noticed its popularity as an annual holiday tradition: USA Today has named it a “10 Best” Indianapolis attraction and Fox News Travel has recognized it as one of the 12 “most incredible model railways.” And no wonder; the display can be a romantic wintertime date or fun for the whole family. Parents and grandparents bring children to see the model trains, sparking memories of past family trips to the West. The nearby museum café makes it easy to spend the day at the Eiteljorg and enjoy other exhibits the museum has to offer. Jingle Rails: The Great Western Adventure will be open Nov. 17 to Jan. 21 and is included in the price of museum admission. Children ages 4 and under are free.

Anonymous Butler Family Foundation L.G. and Alyce Edwards Faegre Baker Daniels LLP H. Jean Cline Jones Kyle The Kortepeter Family Stuart’s Moving and Storage, Inc.

New Eiteljorg.org website will have streamlined look, new features By Hyacinth Rucker, digital communications manager


e’re excited to share with you that the Eiteljorg Museum soon will launch its newly redesigned website. The Eiteljorg marketing team has worked closely with Iconic Digital of Fishers, Ind., to create a user-friendly site that is aesthetically appealing, easy to navigate and responsive to any device, especially mobile phones. We’ve also focused on making it easy to learn about

the museum and what’s happening here through streamlined menus and easy-to-read content on the new site. Among the upgrades is a new e-commerce site to integrate with our existing services. Visitors will be able to easily buy tickets to any Eiteljorg exhibit, event or festival, as well as purchase memberships and make donations. Gone are the days of downloading applications; now interested artists

will have the ability to fill out online forms to submit them. There are a host of smaller but important changes as well. Be sure to check the Eiteljorg Blog for the latest news about our new website. The new site is scheduled to launch in November to coincide with the reopening of our Western art galleries. We hope you’ll take a moment to explore the new www.eiteljorg.org when it officially goes live.

Day of the Dead Celebration brings community together


hat comes to mind when you conjure up images of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)? A somber memorial? Spooky skeletons? Instead, picture vibrant swirling colors, lively music, rhythmic sounds of hammers making punched tin treasures, laughter as children take in delightful papel picado (cut paper) creations, beautiful Catrinas dressed for a parade, and elaborate ofrendas (altars) created to honor deceased loved ones. It’s all part of Nopal Cultural’s popular annual Día de los Muertos Celebration at the Eiteljorg Museum.

What is Día de los Muertos? With roots going back thousands of years to Indigenous traditions in Mexico, this holiday is a time to gather together and remember friends and relatives who have

living, if only for a few short hours. Meanwhile, living relatives work hard to clean and decorate gravesites with fragrant, colorful cempasuchil (marigold) flowers and construct elaborate altars with photographs, food and drink. Some communities even hold town-wide festivals culminating in a parade and special dances. Join us in celebration Join Nopal Cultural and

passed on. Day of the Dead has evolved into a diverse festival, celebrated not only in Mexico but in the U.S. and many other countries. During the holiday, tradition holds that souls of the dead are allowed to return home and celebrate among the

the Eiteljorg Museum in celebration of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) Saturday, Oct. 27. Museum admission will be free that day. Festivities include dance performances, art-making, a mercado (marketplace), music, ofrendas, a Catrina parade, artist-in-residence Richard Gabriel, Jr. who specializes in Spanish Colonial tinwork, and much more.

DAY OF THE DEAD CELEBRATION OCT 27 FREE ADMISSION 10 a.m.–5 p.m. CONTEMPORARY ART AND ALTAR EXHIBIT Curated by community organizations and Nopal Cultural

OCT 10–NOV 2 Este programa es posible gracias a becas de parte de:

Fall/Winter 2018–2019


Calendar Friday


Noon–12:20 p.m. Curator’s Choice Series: Quest for the Best at “Quest for the West ®” Join Johanna M. Blume, associate curator of Western art, history and culture on the first Friday of October for an inside look at how we select Quest award winners. The last day to see the Quest exhibit before it closes is Sunday, Oct. 7.

Noon–12:20 p.m Curator’s Choice Series: The Trailer Trash Gallery, Motel and Sometimes Restaurant Join Jennifer Complo McNutt, curator of contemporary art, for a look at the exhibit Harry Fonseca: The Art of Living, with tales of Fonseca’s unforgettable desert mobile home where he entertained friends and housed his art collection.

6:30-8 p.m. A Crossroads of Nations talk and panel discussion A Spirit and Place event FREE Admission This free event explores the historic and contemporary impact of treaties between Great Lakes Native nations and the U.S. government. RSVP’s are encouraged by Nov. 4 at this link: http://bit.ly/2uHWlgw See details, inside front cover.



NOV 10



Artists in Residence For dates and details about this fall’s Eiteljorg Artists in Residence, please see page 11.

Visit www.eiteljorg.org for details or call 317.636.9378 to register or purchase event tickets. All events are included with general admission unless otherwise noted. General admission is $15 for adults, $12 for seniors 65 and over, $8 for youth ages 5 to 17 and college students with student ID, and children ages 4 and under are free. Museum members enjoy free admission, unless otherwise noted. Parking is free, when spaces are available, in the White River State Park underground garage for visitors to the museum, cafe or museum store, unless otherwise noted.

7:30–11 p.m. Cirque D’Indy Gala Enjoy circus-themed entertainment, live music by Mark + Christina, complimentary cocktails and hors d’oeuvres by Kahn’s Catering at Under The Big Top, hosted by AGAVE (the Eiteljorg’s young professionals group) and Young Professionals of Central Indiana. Attire is formal. For reservations, ticket price levels and details, visit www.ypci.net/events.


NOV 17–DEC 10 Toys for Turtle Mountain toy drive Make a difference this holiday season: Donate a new toy for the children of Turtle Mountain Chippewa Reservation. Donations will be collected at the museum through Dec. 10.




5:30 p.m. Western Art Galleries and James Nottage Career Celebration Dinner For reservations call 317.275.1316


NOV 17


OCT 27

11 a.m.–5 p.m. Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) Celebration FREE Admission Celebrate Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos) at the Eiteljorg Museum with partner Nopal Cultural. Shop at the mercado (marketplace), watch performances, create art, meet artist in residence Richard Gabriel Jr. and design your own tinwork to take home; enjoy a Catrina parade and more. Also see a contemporary art and altar exhibit: Oct. 10–Nov. 2


6 p.m. Members Opening Event For reservations call 317.275.1316 Saturday

NOV 10

Frederic Remington (American, 1861–1909) The Broncho Buster, 1895 Bronze, Henry-Bonnard Bronze Company, cast number 4 The Gund Collection of Western Art, Gift of the George Gund Family

10 a.m.–5 p.m. Western Art Galleries reopen to the public The Eiteljorg Museum’s Western art galleries have undergone a major renovation to showcase a greater depth of its world-class collection and engage guests in a whole new way. Experience the exhibit Attitudes: The West in American Art, an exploration of the diversity and artistic expression of the West. See familiar favorites, as well as newly acquired pieces and experience new ways to interact with the art. 1 p.m. Gund Lecture: Attitudes: The West in American Art, Clowes Court Join James Nottage, retired Eiteljorg vice president, chief curatorial officer and Gund curator of Western art, for a lecture introducing the new Western art galleries and ideas behind how art related to the West has been viewed through time. 2:30–4 p.m. Musical performance: I Can’t Stop Looking at the Sky, Clowes Court Bill Price with Paul Holdman and Grover Parido

Eiteljorg Museum Storyteller Magazine

THE POLAR EXPRESS and all related materials are trademarks of Warner Bros Entertainment Inc.



10 a.m.–5 p.m. Jingle Rails: The Great Western Adventure opens Experience this favorite family holiday tradition in which model trains wind past miniature landscapes of Indianapolis and the American West. Jingle Rails continues through Jan. 21. Enjoy the return of the Indiana State Fair and this year’s newest addition: a trip on Route 66! Saturday & Friday

DEC 15 & 21 2 p.m. Watch a screening of the holiday classic The Polar Express (G, 1 hr. 40 min.)


Noon–12:20 p.m Curator’s Choice Series: How to Reinstall a Gallery Join Allison Evans, director of museum collections, on the first Friday of December for a discussion about the newly reinstalled Western Art Galleries. Friday


Noon–12:20 p.m Curator’s Choice Series: Unpacking “The Americanization of California” by Dean Cornwell Join Johanna M. Blume, associate curator of Western art, history and culture, on the first Friday of January for a discussion of the mural painting in the new Western galleries and how it portrays myths vs. reality.


JAN 21

Dovie Thomason

Storytelling performances by Dovie Thomason Saturday

JAN 12

7-9 p.m. Unspoken Truths: Two takes on American History In partnership with Spirit and Place and Storytelling Arts of Indiana, this presentation by Dovie Thomason and Annie Shiwojima is at the Indiana History Center. Reservations required; purchase tickets at StorytellingArts.org or call 317.232.1882. Eiteljorg members: Use the promo code “Dovie” to receive $5 off online orders.

10 a.m.–5 p.m. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day—Free Admission Enjoy free admission to the Eiteljorg Museum. This is the final day to see our popular holiday model train exhibit, Jingle Rails: The Great Western Adventure. Friday


Noon–12:20 p.m Curator’s Choice Series: Curatorial Musings: My Two Favorite Pieces in the Museum Join Jennifer Complo McNutt, curator of contemporary art, for a talk about two remarkable art works on exhibit.


JAN 19

10:30 a.m. Lessons from the Animal People In partnership with Storytelling Arts of Indiana, cultural educator Dovie Thomason (Lakota/ Plains Apache) presents a family program at the Eiteljorg offering an intertribal sampling of traditional animal stories — why the bear hibernates, why the rabbit has no tail, and more — appropriate for children.

We’re adding new programs and events all the time. Visit www.eiteljorg.org and sign up for our e-newsletter to stay up to date on Eiteljorg Museum happenings. Fall/Winter 2018–2019


FEB 16

Ron Craig

1 p.m Leon Jett Memorial Lecture by Ron Craig — Lewis and Clark: And Who is That Black Man Standing Next To Clark? Join Ron Craig, executive producer for Astoria Productions in Portland, Oregon, for this fascinating presentation about a long-overlooked but important historical figure: York, an African-American man who was a member of the Lewis and Clark expedition.



Artists in Residence bring arts to the community this fall By Alisa Nordholt-Dean, director of public programs


ith a combination of returning favorites and new faces, traditional and contemporary styles, this year’s lineup of Eiteljorg Artists in Residence is sure to delight. Stop by the museum and meet each artist during open studio times and sign up for a workshop or two.

Donating stock: New concept for my mom


y mom is off to Italy for the first time with a group she has gotten involved with. She, three of her friends and 20 more people will descend upon Tuscany this fall for 10 cultural days. Watch out Italy! She said she’s nervous about the long trip “alone”. I then launched into how excited I am for her, and told her of the recent Eagle Society trip to Bangor and Bar Harbor, Maine. Fifteen Eiteljorg supporters, President and CEO John Vanausdall and I toured museums and developed an extended appreciation for Native American basketry and jewelry through personal artist demonstrations. We visited Indian Island and learned about the Penobscot Nation, enjoyed delectable lobster and toured Acadia National Park. I explained to Mom that through this experience, new friendships were formed and memories created that will last a lifetime. It eased her conscience, realizing she was not alone — until buyer’s remorse set in: “Oh, I don’t think I should have spent all this money. What have I done? What will I do at year-end when I can’t give to my favorite nonprofits?” As her daughter, my heart sank for her anxiety. I hugged her and then asked if she had thought about cost-basis or low-cost-basis stocks as an option for her charitable giving. I knew she still had stocks around, whether she


purchased them or inherited them when my grandfather passed in 1977. For ease of understanding, I used simple hypothetical numbers. I explained if she had stock valued at $1,000 that she purchased at least a year ago or longer, and the stock had now appreciated in value to $10,000 today, then she could donate the shares of stock to a nonprofit, take the tax break of the current value of $10,000 and not pay capital gains on the $9,000 of appreciation. The nonprofit also does not have to pay capital gains. They can cash it in and get the current value of $10,000. If she cashed in the stocks, she would have to pay a 15 percent capital gains tax of $1,350 ($9,000 X 15 percent = $1,350). This would leave her only $8,650 to donate. By donating the stocks directly to the nonprofit, it’s a win-win. It was something she had never thought about. She is now off to Italy and donating to her favorite nonprofits. For information about stock transfer to the Eiteljorg Museum, contact Nataly Lowder at (317) 275-1311 or nlowder@eiteljorg.com.

Nataly Lowder Vice President for Advancement

Eagle Society trip to Maine Members of the Eiteljorg Eagle Society traveled to Maine in late July and early August for a fascinating weeklong trip that included meeting Native American artists in their studios and participating in cultural events focused on the Penobscot, Passamaquoddy and other Indigenous tribes of Maine.

Saturdays OCT 6, 13, 20 1-4 p.m. Open Studio: DG House (Cherokee of NE Alabama) A painter, photographer and mixed media artist, DG House has worked in Yellowstone National Park, where her Native heritage and deep love for the people, landscapes and wildlife came together. Meet DG, learn about her art and watch her demonstrate painting techniques on three Saturdays in October. Workshops with DG House: OCT 12 Gelli Print Play Friday, 3–4:30 p.m. Discover the fun of monotype (one-of-a-kind) printing using acrylic inks, stencils and gelli plates. DG will provide instruction and lots of inspiration. All supplies provided. Register at https://ejgelliprint.eventbrite.com OCT 13 Wildlife Painting Workshop Saturday, 10 a.m.–Noon Join DG and create your own wildlife painting — choose a bear, fox or a wolf. All supplies provided. Register at https://ejwildlifepainting.eventbrite.com

DIVE DEEP INTO BEAUTIFUL WESTERN ART WITH THE QUEST FOR THE WEST ® CATALOGUE Are you inspired by the powerful art in the 13th annual Quest for the West ® Art Show and Sale? Stunning full-color images of your favorite Quest art works can be as close as your bookshelf or coffee table. Get your copy of the Quest catalog at the Museum Store for only $25. STORE HOURS MON–SAT: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. SUN: Noon to 5 p.m. 317.275.1300 800.878.7978

Eiteljorg Museum Storyteller Magazine

store@eiteljorg.com @Eiteljorg.Store

Saturday OCT 27 11 a.m.–5 p.m. Richard Gabriel Jr. New Mexico artist Richard Gabriel Jr. creates traditional Spanish Colonial tinwork and teaches tinsmithing. Meet Richard and create your own punched tin ornament during Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) on Oct. 27. Saturdays NOV 3, 10, 17 1-4 p.m. Open Studio: Dana Warrington (Menominee/Prairie Band Potawatomi) A traditional artist in beadwork, quillwork, bustle-making, moccasins, and cradleboards, Dana Warrington was winner of the 2017 Indian Market and Festival Best of Show award. Learn about his art and culture during Native American Heritage Month.

Jerry and Linda Stark Philip and Shandon Whistler Jingle Rails: The Great Western Adventure Presented by The Indiana Rail Road Company Sponsored by Anonymous Butler Family Foundation L.G. and Alyce Edwards Faegre Baker Daniels LLP Indianapolis Colts H. Jean Cline Jones Kyle Katz Sapper & Miller The Kortepeter Family Stuart’s Moving and Storage, Inc.

Thank you to the following donors for memberships and gifts received from April to June 30, 2018. Due to space limitations, only contributions of $100 or more are listed — with the exception of annual fund, memorial and honorarium gifts. If your name is not listed as you would like it to be, or if it has been omitted, then please accept our apologies and call 317.275.1311. Membership gifts ($125 and above) Vision Circle Cumulative giving for 2018 of $25,000 and above L.G. and Alyce Edwards Cathy and Robert Turner Bill and Roberta Witchger Chairperson’s Circle Cumulative giving for 2018 of $10,000–$24,999 Henry and Louise Leander Chris and Whitney Trede Dr. Oksana and Peter Withey President’s Society Cumulative giving for 2018 of $5,000–$9,999 John and Karen Colglazier Marion Wolen Golden Eagle Society $2,500–$4,999 John Vanausdall Eagle Society $1,500–$2,499 Donald P. Bogard Georgia Buchanan LaMarr Easter and Cary Neeley Mrs. Jane Farber Camilla Hull Carrie Kirk and Carol Besore Nataly and Jonathan Lowder Delores Muller Newell O. Pugh, Jr. Amanda and Eric Rail Ellen M. Reed José Sánchez Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Skehan Chad Slaughter and Jillian McCarty

Fall/Winter 2018–2019

Patron Members $500–$999 Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Broadie Susan Hoffert Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. McLaughlin, Jr. Boris E. Meditch Miriam Robeson Sustaining Members $250–$499 John and Joann Birdzell Dr. and Mrs. John J. Coleman, III Dave and Donna Grow David Hughes John and Ingrid Mail Col. James Mutter and General Carol Mutter Steven and Andrea Richel Mr. Nick Runnebohm Dr. Yocheved Samson and Mr. Joel Samson Dr. John Cole and Rose Schnell-Cole Rica Spivack Shelley Stewart and Scott Mills James K. Vinton James and Anna White Contributing Members $125–$249 John and Peggy Alexander H. Dean and Donna Andrews Andrew and Susan Appel Dr. Nancy Branyas and Mr. Vernon Petri Abby and Bart Brown L. Lang and Jean Brownlee Philip and Roberta Caito Mrs. Annarie Cox Wayne Craig Michael Durham Bill and Coleen Ehrig Dr. Judith Erickson John and Jill Failey Phyllis Fee Colleen Gallaway Julie Gooden Dr. Gary and Sharon Graff Austin and Christine Greene Stella Hanley George Harding Patricia Herron and Russell Rumansoff Joe and Emily Huntzinger Barbara Irwin-Herman and Erv Herman Suong Ives James Jenkins Trudy and Thomas Kaufman Vicki and Ben Ko Lori Long Melanie Lux Seth and Maria Malin Barbara and Ron Masters Myles Minton Patricia S. Mohler Christina Morris Rev. Albert Nelson and Ms. Nancy Nelson Joseph and Sharon Olson Scott and Tracy Phillips Robert and Janet Redmond Dale and Mary Jo Roberts James and Maureen Ross Mr. Michael Sawyers Art Schildbach



Dianne Seibert Ms. Sheri Setters Carol M. Shugert James W. and Nancy C. Smith Ann and Steve Smith Dr. Frederick B. Stehman and Helen Stehman Gerald and Judith Thomas Timothy L. Tyler Pam and John Ulrich Ken Wherry Prof. Marianne Wokeck H. David and Jane Wright Doug Yost and Kim Mathews Mark Zwoyer and Peggy McDonald Donors All annual fund, memorial and honorarium gifts are listed. Gifts in other categories are for $100 or more. Annual Fund and other designated gifts Roger L. Alexander Amazon Smiles Anonymous (11) Jeffrey and Christine Arnold James A. Baldwin Cary and Charles Boswell Richard and Joan Broderick Milo and Mary Lou Chelovitz Hanni and William Cramer Carol Derbin Federico and Rosa Maria Dies Nancy Dunn

Drs. Richard and Becky Feldman Ryan C. Fuhrmann Frederick and Susan Green Barbara Hamilton Michael Hertel and Joelylynn Gifford Eric and Pamela Hinkle Tammy and Chris Holmes Lewis Kappes Lezlie Laxton Enos Nelson and Marga Meier Andrea S. Norris Donna and Hal Olsen Eloise Paul Mr. Hilary Raab, Jr. Marvin L. Recht James and Rita Rosensteele George Rubin Mr. Nick Runnebohm Roger and Barbara Schmenner Judith Silverman L. Wayne Sipe Frederick and Fresia Steiner L. Gene and Rosemary Tanner Gifts in Honor and Memory In Honor of Katharine and Patrick Beeson’s Wedding Susie and Howard Maxwell In Honor of Mary Beth Braitman upon Her Retirement Kevin Allen and Audra Ferguson-Allen Kathryn L. Braun Craig Burke and Diane Cruz-Burke Jennifer R. Derryberry Eric Dewer Sarah K. Funke

More than 5,000 people attended the 26th annual Eiteljorg Indian Market and Festival, June 23-24, to meet 100 Native American artists and purchase their art. Musician and artist Gabriel Ayala (Pascua Yaqui) delighted the audience with his beautiful classical guitar performances. Ayala also was one of the artists whose art appeared on one of the three Indian Market T-shirt designs, along with art by Michelle Lowden (Acoma Pueblo) and Gordon Coons (Ojibwa/ Ottawa/Chippewa).



$1,000–$1,999 Citimark Management Co., Inc. Ogletree Deakins The International Center Matching gifts Deluxe Corporation Foundation Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, Inc. IBM Corporation Matching Grants Program Lilly Endowment, Inc. In-Kind gifts Faegre Baker Daniels LLP Honeymoon Image & Design Needler’s Fresh Market Ray’s Trash Service, Inc. Exhibitions and Special Events

Beautiful art from the Quest for the West ® Art Show and Sale remains on exhibit at the Eiteljorg through Oct. 7. During the Quest opening gala, artist Mikel Donahue and Christie Donahue, left, met Quest attendees Brian Witchger and Tara Witchger, right.

Robert Gauss Thomas Hanify Stacy and Jama Hostetler Mr. and Mrs. James D. Kemper Robin Kills A Hundred Lindsay Knowles Susie and Howard Maxwell Raven Merlan Barbara and Thomas Miller Cynthia L. Moore Ann M. O’Hara Shalina and Alex Schaefer Tara and Marc Sciscoe Christopher and Nicole Sears In Honor of Mike Eagle Melodie and David Anderson In Honor of June Swango George and Susan Brattain In Honor of John Vanausdall’s Birthday Susie and Howard Maxwell In Honor of Jessica Welch Bill and Barbara McLin Kent, Kellie, Michael and Lauren Welch Nick, Amy and Alex Welch In Memory of Elizabeth J. Ahasteen Jay T. Akridge Drs. Martha and Michael Hill Rebecca McVittie In Memory of Richard Bloch Lorenzo Clayton In Memory of H. Roll McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. Harry R. McLaughlin, Jr. In Memory of Harry Trausch Susie and Howard Maxwell John Vanausdall Gifts in Honor of Mel and Joan Perelman Pat and Robert Anker John and Susan Barnard Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Blackwell, II Vaughn and Nancy Bryson Steve Cagle Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Carmichael Christel DeHaan Family Foundation

Eiteljorg Museum Storyteller Magazine

Lori Efroymson-Aguilera and Sergio Aguilera Roger and Mindy Eiteljorg Mrs. John Hardie Ann W. King Dr. and Mrs. John C. Lechleiter Lilly Endowment Matching Gift Jane and Steve Marmon Susie and Howard Maxwell Bruce and Jamie McCaw Jim and Jackie Morris Oxford Financial Group, Ltd. Dorit and Gerald Paul Betty Perelman Bob and Kathy Postlethwait Dr. and Mrs. George Rapp Dr. and Mrs. Randall G. Rowland Robert and Holly Sieck Ann M. Stack Barbara and David Stillabower John Vanausdall and Carrie Kirk Barbara West Bill and Roberta Witchger Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Zimmerman Jack and Sue Zinser Corporation and foundation gifts $400,000 and above Lilly Endowment, Inc. $10,000–$25,000 Anonymous (2) Nicholas H. Noyes, Jr. Memorial Foundation, Inc. $5,000–$9,999 Ayres Foundation, Inc. Barnes & Thornburg LLP Butler Family Foundation Christel DeHaan Family Foundation $2,000–$4,999 Capital Group Cripe Charitable Foundation, a fund of CICF Nordstrom The Glick Family Foundation The Penrod Society


The Reel West Sponsorship gifts Barnes & Thornburg LLP Boren Foundation Capital Group E.D. Frenzel Family Charitable Lead Trust Nordstrom Oxford Financial Group, Ltd. James and Sara Gutting Quest for the West ® Art Show and Sale Avis Industries Angie and Dick Darlington L.G. and Alyce Edwards Roger and Mindy Eiteljorg Alan Gerry Tom and Patty Gibbs Frank N. and Patricia L. Owings Patsy Solinger Bill and Roberta Witchger Jack and Sue Zinser Cowpokes & Cocktails Fundraiser Citimark Management Co., Inc. Gary and Hannah Hirschberg Tom and Sue Hoback Ogletree Deakins Cathy and Robert Turner L.G. and Alyce Edwards Donald Woodley Chris and Whitney Trede

The 13th annual Quest for the West ® Art Show and Sale at the Eiteljorg Sept. 7-8 brought together art collectors and 50 of the nation’s top Western artists. Artist Gladys Roldande-Moras, center, and Annie Alegre, left, chat with Eiteljorg board member L.G. Edwards, right, in front of one of Gladys’ paintings, Reverie.


Indian Market & Festival Ms. Sue E. Arnold Dr. Rosanne Bonjouklian Dr. Nancy Branyas Christel DeHaan Family Foundation Cripe Charitable Foundation, a fund of CICF Steve Cagle Phyllis and Edward Cockerill Dr. and Mrs. Michael R. Cohen Gayle and Carl Cox Linda Darr Roger and Mindy Eiteljorg Drs. Richard and Becky Feldman Drs. Martha and Michael Hill Polly H. Hix and Tony J. Fair Cindy and Robert Hoye Connie and Larry Kane Norbert and Katherine Krapf Dr. and Mrs. John C. Lechleiter Maggie Loiselle L. Robert and Nancy Lowe Susie and Howard Maxwell Jim and Jackie Morris Gita and Joseph Osborne Dorit and Gerald Paul Newell O. Pugh, Jr. Chris Reading and Juliet Port Ellen M. Reed Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Reilly, Jr. Maureen and Michael Surak Cathy and Robert Turner Martha and John Tynan Gil Waldman and Christy Vezolles Marion Wolen Donald Woodley Larry and Karen Zimmerman In Memory of Mrs. Robert Lacy Eccles Leslie and Michael Donchetz Day of the Dead Sponsorship gifts Christel DeHaan Family Foundation The Indianapolis Foundation The International Center The Penrod Society

Eiteljorg says goodbye to valued colleagues By Rachel Foley, marketing and communications intern


ver the summer, the Eiteljorg said farewell to some committed employees who have moved on to new adventures and welcomed colleagues to new roles:

In August, Sheila Jackson retired after seven years as membership manager. Creative and enthusiastic, Sheila has been an integral force in cementing the museum’s relationships with its members. She managed all member relations, planned special events for members and also assisted the Eagle Society — a highly involved group of Eiteljorg members who are especially supportive of the museum. Sheila worked hard to build special programming events and organize home receptions for the Eagles. An artist Sheila Jackson herself, Sheila had a special knack for creating beautiful centerpieces for Eiteljorg exhibit openings. Sheila retired to spend more time with her grandchildren and to illustrate a book. The Eiteljorg welcomes Cassandra Sanborn as the new membership/donor engagement manager. Cassandra served since 2012 as director of engagement for the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic, which provides pro bono legal services. With experience in fund-raising, donor retention and grant submissions, Cassandra is a Purdue University graduate who is working on her master’s in public administration at IUPUI. Kelsey Donson, who was manager of catering and rental events for 2 ½ years, departed in May. When couples booked weddings and receptions at the Eiteljorg or corporate event planners reserved museum space for company functions, Kelsey was in charge of ensuring all details of their special day went exactly as planned. Kelsey and her family relocated to another city, and Lorna Speece, who had been co-coordinator of Guest Services and previously served as a security supervisor, succeeded her as manager of catering and Kelsey Donson rental events. For information about renting the Eiteljorg for an event, visit www.eiteljorg.org/rental.

To read full stories on Eiteljorg employees past and present including new employee profiles, visit www.eiteljorg.org/interact/blog.

Fall/Winter 2018–2019


White River State Park • 500 W. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46204 www.eiteljorg.org


THE BIG READ: TRUE GRIT APR 13–JUN 15, 2019 A classic Western adventure novel, True Grit by Charles Portis, is the focus of a citywide reading program led by the Eiteljorg that includes book discussions, guest speakers, a cooking class, Western family activities and screenings of the film True Grit. It’s part of the NEA Big Read project that offers the community a shared reading experience. The Indianapolis Public Library, Brick Street Poetry Inc., and Duos Kitchen are partnering with the Eiteljorg in the project.

NEA Big Read is a program of the National Endowment for the Arts in partnership with Arts Midwest.

In the Eiteljorg exhibit The Reel West are objects related to or inspired by the film adaptations of Charles Portis’ novel True Grit, including the 1969 film version starring John Wayne (left) and the 2010 film version starring Hailee Steinfeld. Oxford Financial Group, Ltd., is a presenting sponsor of The Reel West.

The Eiteljorg Museum — Celebrating 30 Years in 2019 Stay connected with the Eiteljorg on social media and at eiteljorg.org. You can also sign-up for our weekly e-newsletter at eiteljorg.org.