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Corporate Update

SYSMEX CS-2100i/ CS-2000i available with aggregation technology Coagulation station CS-2100i/CS-2000i is a fully automated blood coagulation analyzer which is equipped with an optical fiber that supplies light at five wavelengths and a detector capable of receiving light in multiple wavelengths (multi-wavelength detection). The CS-2100i / CS-2000i is able to simultaneously measure multiple parameters using coagulation, chromogenic, immunoassay and aggregation methods. The CS 2100i/CS 2000i is capable of simultaneously measuring multiple parameters using clotting, chromogenic, immu-

nogenic and aggregation methods more accurately. It is a true random access system with 10 channels independently testing. Using Multi-wavelength technology, a pre-analytical check for interfering substances in the sample (Hemolysis, Icterus, and Lipemia) is also performed prior to sample testing. CS-2100i/CS-2000i with its advanced technology enables user to incorporate aggregation in a routine run, using reaction cuvette pre-loaded with a stirrer bar to accurately measure platelet-based Ristocetin Assay. When a pre-set condi-

Corporate Update

Carestream Health India rolls out compact dry laser imager

The search for a dry laser imager, which is not cumbersome to operate and within modest budget, ends with the latest CARESTREAM DryView 5700 Laser Imaging System. Carestream Health, the worldwide provider of dental and medical imaging systems and Healthcare IT solutions, has recently unveiled the CARESTREAM DryView 5700 Laser Imaging System in the Indian market. A photo-thermo graphic film printing solution for low to mid volume print applications, the CARESTREAM DRYVIEW 5700 is an ideal solution for computed radiography (CR), digital radiography (DR), computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging applications. The CARESTREAM DryView 5700 Laser Imaging System caters to specialized radiology needs of clinics, imaging centers and other medical imaging service providers. A slew of special features also contribute to the uniqueness of the CARESTREAM DryView 5700 Laser Imaging System. Printing 45 to 85 films per hour, the table top design of the CARESTREAM DryView 5700



Laser Imaging System enables easy placement, while simplified packaging and software wizards quicken installation. A simplified film loading and user interface make it easy to operate. The use of unique Automatic Image Quality Control (AIQC) also contributes to the system’s ease of operation by ensuring superb images with no operator intervention. An intuitive user interface also speeds operation and eliminates the need for training.

tion is programmed, the CS-2100i/CS2000i will automatically perform another test parameter to provide further information on the abnormal sample. It provides a maximum of 12 data points for each calibration performed, for a maximum of 250 assay parameters, together with keeping 10 calibration sets per lot of reagent and upto 10 lots of reagents per parameters. A highly reliable system of QC checks using K-control, Levey-Jennings or Multi-rule (Westgard Rules) monitoring is offered with a maximum of 1,200 data points being stored at any one time.

Wireless Technology

Mobile health industry set for exponential growth in Asia The Asian region has the world’s fastest growing mobile markets with 2.6 billion mobile subscribers in early 2011 and an average annual growth of over 25 per cent. Sophisticated applications that transform mobiles into medical devices have also seen explosive growth making inroads into clinical practice to assist with diagnosis, treatment recommendations and patient compliance. More than 500 million smart phone users will be using health apps by 2012, and by 2014, more people will access the web via a mobile or smart device rather than their PCs or laptops. The massive potential for growth in the Asia Pacific health industry will be explored at the HIMSS Asia Pac’11 Conference. As part of the thought leader sessions on the first day of the HIMSS AsiaPac 11 Conference, Jorge Martinez Navarrete, Economic Affairs Officer, United Nations ESCAP, will talk about mobile technologies for healthcare. HIMSS Asia Pac’11 also features a Mobile Health Symposium on 20th September, which will be opened by Charlene S. Underwood, chairperson of the HIMSS board. The symposium, to be chaired by Dr Chong Yoke Sin, CEO of Singapore’s Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS), will feature mobile health experts from around the world who will share experiences on harnessing the technology to further improve public health outcomes.


Laser Imaging System enables easy placement, while simplified packag- ing and software wizards quicken installation. A simplified film loadi...