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2012 has already been a double celebratory year for the Charity with the Flight for Life Lottery exceeding a 50,000 membership and the Herts Air Ambulance completing its 1,000th mission! The Flight for Life Lottery is now more popular than ever reaching the highest number of members in its 14 year history! Thanks so much to you, our loyal Lottery players. Your support is key in keeping the Essex and Herts helicopters operational and saving lives in both counties. Since the Hertfordshire helicopter began its life–saving work in 2008, the HEMS Team have attended a wide range of incidents; from landing at a road traffic collision on the QE2 bridge in ▲ Jane Gurney (far left) Dartford, to a man trapped in an automotive press, celebrates our 50,000 to a shooting in Luton where our HEMS Doctor membership with the Flight and Paramedic Team performed pre–hospital heart for Life Lottery Team. surgery on a patient in the middle of a sports field. 1,000 missions is a fantastic achievement and milestone for the Herts Helicopter, one which the Charity is immensely proud of – find out more on page 13. We recently hosted our third international Aeromedical Conference, which brought together Air Ambulance HEMS Teams from across the UK and abroad – read more about the conference and meet one of our new HEMS Doctors on page 10 and 11! Plus, find out about when our HEMS Paramedic was awarded a Health Heroes Award LIVE on Daybreak TV! – page 17 We hope you enjoy this edition of Flight for Life magazine which is partly funded by the ads featured in the magazine. We really appreciate your ongoing support now more than ever – we can’t fly without you!

Jane Gurney Chief Executive Officer | 0845 2417 690

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flight for life | Summer / Autumn 2012

David’s Story

It was a lovely sunny day in August when David Cook, his wife, Jill, and some friends decided to go for a walk in a country park in East Mersea, Essex. Little did they imagine that David would not return home that day. It was the middle of summer so David was wearing sandals when his foot came down on a snoozing adder, which, understandably, retaliated and bit him. Adder bites are not usually serious but David’s body went into shock and in a matter of minutes he collapsed and sank into unconsciousness. One of David’s friends bravely attempted to suck the venom out, but David was obviously not responding. Jill went for help and soon a land ambulance and first responder came – they took one look and immediately called the Air Ambulance. HEMS Paramedic Steve Dennehey picks up the story. “When the call came in and we were told that it was a snake bite, we didn’t think it was that serious. Adder bites aren’t usually bad and initially we wondered if someone had been keeping tropical snakes and one had escaped, but until we got to the scene we had no idea how serious it was.” HEMS Doctor Alan Garner, is Australian and familiar with snake bites as his native country hosts a number of poisonous snakes, but he had no experience of adder bites. Steve and Alan discussed the type of venom as the helicopter flew to the scene. They weren’t expecting the situation that they found on arrival. “When we got out of the Helicopter and approached the patient, we both thought it looked as though the bite had been fatal, and we were too late. Fortunately, this wasn’t the case, but David was a very sick man and in a critical condition.”


The Air Ambulance has a choice of where to take their patients and in David’s case the decision was Colchester Hospital which was nearest, or to a specialist hospital in London. The HEMS Team started their life-saving treatment and administered adrenalin and fluids to David but he was in a very bad condition with his blood pressure dropping dangerously. | 0845 2417 690

Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Patient Day

Airlifted patients and their families were invited to see our newly opened Visitor Centre at the Essex Air Ambulance Airbase in February 2012. The tour consisted of a presentation, giving the guests more insight into the Charity, plus the unique opportunity of seeing the helicopter up close and meeting the Air Crew.

▲ The Essex Air Ambulance airlifting David.

“It was the sort of reaction you get when someone suffers from a nut allergy; the body goes into shock instantly. As David needed to get to hospital fast, we took him to Colchester.” The hospital administered the anti venom and after 4-5 hours in resuscitation David was out of immediate danger. However, damage had been done and he spent four nights in coronary care with a foot that was twice its normal size.

“...if the Air Ambulance hadn’t come for me I wouldn’t have made it.” “I couldn’t walk and it took months before I could get around, my foot felt as though it had exploded and was very painful for a long time,” relates David. “I know I was lucky, my wife was told that if the Air Ambulance hadn’t come for me I wouldn’t have made it. But thanks to the fantastic HEMS Team I am still alive; I owe my life to the Air Ambulance.”

flight for life | Summer / Autumn 2012

Airlifted patient Coral Carter attended the day with her grandson Charlie Glew (pictured). “What an interesting day we had – what a shock to learn how much my life cost to save! The Air Ambulance is such a necessity to the people of Essex and Herts and I for one shall be spreading the word about their excellent work.” If you would like to visit the Essex Air Ambulance Visitor Centre, then please call the Fundraising Office on 0845 2417 690.

Patient Thank You “I was involved in an accident at work where I was crushed by the bin lifts of the dust cart I was working on. I suffered a broken hip, pelvis, stomach and back injuries. I would like to thank the Air Crew for their life–saving treatment and arriving within 15 minutes of the accident.” | 0845 2417 690

Mission brief The Essex Air Ambulance attended an adult male who had been involved in an RTC near Bury St Edmunds and had suffered multiple injuries. Pilot Nicky Smith landed the helicopter in a field near to the incident and HEMS Doctor Roger Bloomer and HEMS Paramedic Laurie Phillipson treated him. He was later taken to hospital by land ambulance.

▲ l–r, back row: Dr Dan Poulter MP, Pam Crispin (EEAST Medical Director), Dr Jeremy Mauger (EAAA), Captain Steve Norris (EAAA), Dr Peter Temesvari (EHAAT), Dr Laszlo Hetzman (EHAAT), Captain Richard Eastwood (EHAAT); front row EEAST Critical Care Paramedic Dan Firmin (EHAAT) and EEAST Critical Care Paramedic Gary Steward (EAAA)

Air Ambulance Charities Collaboration Proves a Success! A unique collaboration between the East of England’s two Air Ambulance Charities, Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust (EHAAT) and East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA) to provide an extended service during the longer summer days has been shown to be successful with an additional 75 missions flown by the charities’ helicopters during the period. Under the agreement trialled successfully in 2011, the Charities will again collaborate with the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust (EEAST) to extend their service to cover the longer summer days during 2012. Both Charities, each of which operate two helicopters, will be able to provide a HEMS service from 7.00 am to 9.00 pm or sunset, whichever occurrs first, right across Essex, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire between April and September.


flight for life | Summer / Autumn 2012 | 0845 2417 688

By helping save somebody’s life... could change your own Flight for Life Lottery Celebrate 50,000 Milestone! A record breaking 50,000 chances are now being played across Essex and Herts, all helping to keep the Air Ambulances operational and saving lives across both counties. The record breaking draw took place at the Charity’s Head Office on 18th January 2012. The exact total number of players in the Lottery draw was 50,095. That’s 33,745 in Essex and 16,350 in Herts. To celebrate this fantastic achievement the Charity invited some previous winners of the Lottery for afternoon tea kindly provided by Great Hallingbury Manor.

Both aircraft flew in especially for the occasion giving the guests a unique opportunity of meeting the HEMS Air Crew and seeing the helicopters up close. A massive thank you to you, our Lottery members in helping us to achieve this fantastic milestone. Your support is invaluable in helping us to continue saving lives in Essex, Hertfordshire and surrounding counties.

▲ Mrs Yu and her family visit the Earls Colne Airbase.

2011 Christmas Raffle Winner

If you would like to invite a friend or family member to join the Flight for Life Lottery, call 0845 2417 688 to request a leaflet now!

▲ The Flight for Life Lottery Team (l to r) Jen Townsend, Jenny Beck and Janice Flower cut the celebration cake!

Mrs Yu from Ongar, Essex won the top prize of £2,000 in the Air Ambulance Christmas Raffle and plans to spend her winnings on re–tiling her bathroom. There were three cash prizes up for grabs; £2,000, £1,000 and £500. The Charity is very pleased to congratulate the lucky winners: 1st £2,000 – Mrs Yu, Ongar 2nd £1,000 – Mrs Roberts, Chelmsford 3rd £500 – Mrs Peck, Dovercourt

Mission brief The Herts Air Ambulance attended an adult male who had suffered a cardiac arrest whilst at work in Welwyn Garden City. Pilot David Kerr–Sheppard landed the helicopter in a warehouse car park and the patient was treated on scene by HEMS Doctor Jonty Robinson and HEMS Paramedic Dave Tamarro, and then taken by land ambulance to hospital.


flight for life | Summer / Autumn 2012 | 0845 2417 688


flight for life | Summer / Autumn 2012

Herts Volunteer Jennifer Thomas cooks up a Feast!

and son in law. In the evening Jennifer and over 70 guests enjoyed party games, drinks and nibbles at the Haileybury Social Club in Hertford Heath.

Herts Volunteer Jennifer Thomas (pictured far left) celebrated her 70th birthday by raising money for the Herts Air Ambulance and taking part in the Great Herts Feast! It was a day of celebrations which started with a coffee morning in the cafe ‘Munchies’ in Hertford, owned by Jennifer’s daughter

Jayne Shaw, Herts Volunteer Administrator also attended the evening event; “What a fantastic way to celebrate Jennifer’s birthday and in the process raise over £500 for the Herts Air Ambulance! A brilliant result thanks to Jennifer and all who attended her day of celebrations.”

Essex Volunteer Diane Leggett’s Chelsea Flower Show Success! The Charity would like to thank Essex Volunteer Diane Leggett for creating some truly beautiful table decorations and flower arrangements for many of our Charity events including the Heart of Herts Casino Night, Strictly Air Ambulance and

our annual Chocolate Ball. Diane’s hard work and skill has led her to be awarded a Chelsea Flower Show Bronze Medal! (See Diane’s winning entry opposite) Jill Jennings, Volunteer Coordinator, said: “It’s fantastic that Diane uses her amazing talents for the Charity, in addition to all her other volunteering duties! We wish her lots of luck in this year’s Chelsea Flower Show!”

The Brentwood Centre

Fitness Centre 2 x Swimming Pools Dance Studio Café and Bar Squash Courts Kids Camps International Spor ts Hall Football Centre Community Event Halls

The Brentwood Centre provides a whole host of first class leisure facilities and events, so whatever your age, likes and dislikes, we have something for everyone.

The Brentwood Centre

Doddinghurst Road, Brentwood, Essex CM15 9NN Tel: 01277 215151


flight for life | Summer / Autumn 2012

flight for life | Summer / Autumn 2012

Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust Host the 3rd Aeromedical Case Study Conference

Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Clinical Governance Dr Gareth Grier, Clinical Lead at the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust explains the importance of Clinical Governance at the Charity.

This year’s international conference was held at Ford Dunton, near Basildon, the largest automotive technical centre in the UK, which houses the main design team of Ford of Europe. Titled ‘The Human Contribution to HEMS Patient Safety’ the theme was Crew and Team Resource Management within the HEMS Team – ‘Getting it right when things go wrong’. The aim of the conference was to give like–minded professionals the opportunity to meet and examine key aspects of aeromedical clinical governance. Speakers from various Air Ambulances across the UK and Europe plus other helicopter emergency medical services were invited to present their own case study providing a critical look at different issues faced and lessons learned in the complex arena of immediate medical care.

HEMS Doctor Jonty Robinson joins the EHAAT Clinical Team “I am a specialty Doctor in anaesthetics and intensive care. I trained in medicine at St. Georges’ Hospital, London and graduated in 2002. After gaining experience in emergency medicine, orthopaedics and general surgery, I became involved

10 | 0845 2417 690

Teams; putting patient care at the forefront of what they do and delivering a high–class emergency medical service before the patient has reached the hospital.”

▲ HEMS Doctor Marc Wittenberg speaks at the Aeromedical Conference

Dr Gareth Grier, Chair and EHAAT Clinical Lead, said: “Now in its third year, this successful conference has become a key event in the Air Ambulance calendar. This national event in pre–hospital care brings together Air Ambulances from all over the UK to share ideas, common practices and strategies. There is some truly amazing work going on every day by Air Ambulance

Stuart Elms, Chair and EHAAT Clinical Manager, adds: “The intention has always been to bring together all of the Air Ambulance specialties involved in the care of patients in the pre–hospital and critical care environment to create an atmosphere in which we can all learn from each other and inspire clinicians of all specialities to strive towards greater patient care and safety. With patient safety depending on the skills, vigilance, and judgment of trained individuals working together as a clinical team we all have to demonstrate our endeavours to ensure the academic, clinical and practical skills are at the forefront of our training, this forum allows us that avenue.”

The term ‘clinical governance’ refers to the way in which medical organisations ensure that the care given to their patients is of the highest quality and at the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust we have a robust clinical governance system, ensuring that the treatment offered to our patients is of the highest order. Our Clinical Governance Days (CGD) take place on a monthly basis. The whole day is spent reviewing cases, listening to lectures on specific topics and external speakers are invited to give the benefit of their wisdom on topics related to pre–hospital emergency medicine. Cases are chosen at random and approximately one hour is spent reviewing each chosen case, with every aspect being scrutinised. In this way from the minute a patient dials 999; our whole response is reviewed in an environment which encourages the sharing of opinion and expertise. Patients can expect their care to be scrutinised at expert level – an important part of clinical governance. The Charity recently hosted a CGD on the theme of major incidents and examples were given where the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) Team played a vital role alongside other emergency services in the management of major incidents. Being able to survey the incident from the air, and being able to quickly transport the HEMS Air Crew to the scene, is crucial. Once on the ground, the HEMS Team can adopt important roles in management and co–ordinating the medical response along with the other emergency services such as the Fire Service and East of England Ambulance Service. The Team will determine the severity of the injury and provide advanced medical treatment to the casualties and once appropriate, the most seriously injured patients can be rapidly transported by helicopter to the most appropriate hospital.

in anaesthetics and intensive care and have provided care for patients in Essex and London. I have a significant amount of trauma experience and an advanced interest in paediatric and neonatal anaesthesia having worked at the Royal London and Great Ormond St Hospital. I was recruited by the EHAAT Team in February 2012 and I look forward to helping them continue their outstanding service for the people of Essex and Hertfordshire.” As well as a team of world class HEMS Paramedics and Pilots, we are supported by extremely dedicated Charity fundraisers and administration staff who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep

Essex Air Ambulance would like to thank… Mayor of West Mersea Colchester Institute EOL IT Services Factory Shop – Halstead Crowne Plaza Five Lakes Lakeside Hammers Persimmon Homes Thompson, Smith & Puxon Cox Design and Planning Selex Galileo The 21 branches of Barclays across Essex Herts Air Ambulance would like to thank… Welwyn Hatfield Community Housing Trust Enterprise Mouchel in Welwyn Garden City Barclays Bank Abbotts Wills and Probate Service JPM Contract Cleaners Ltd Austins Funeral Directors Waitrose Bishop’s Stortford The RO Group Hanbury Manor Men and Ladies Golf Captains Canada Life Enfield Chace Supporters Group

Patient Thank You “If it was not for the Air Ambulance Air Crew I would not be here, a thought that does not bear thinking about. My whole hearted thanks to those who saved my life on that traumatic day.”

Mission brief The Herts Air Ambulance attended an adult male who had been involved in a plane crash in Stapleford. Pilot David Kerr–Sheppard landed the helicopter at Stapleford Airfield. The patient suffered minor injuries and was treated on scene by HEMS Doctor Neil Slabbert and HEMS Paramedic John McCusker. Later he was taken to Harlow Hospital by land ambulance.

us flying. Without them and the support of the public we could not provide this service, so my thanks go out to all of you who support us!

flight for life | Summer / Autumn 2012

You + Us = Success | 0845 2417 690


flight for life | Summer / Autumn 2012

Air Crew Kit Costs | 0845 2417 690

Patient Thank You

Unlike NHS emergency services, the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust is a Charity providing a free life–saving Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) for Essex, Hertfordshire and surrounding counties. It costs in the region of £380,000 every month to cover all charitable costs and aircraft operations for both helicopters.

“Because of the quick despatch of the helicopter and the fast actions of the Air Crew, our son didn’t have to endure an hour plus land ambulance journey. The Air Crew carried out their roles with great professionalism, care and empathy..”

Mission brief The Essex Air Ambulance attended an adult male who had suffered a cardiac arrest. Pilot Richard Eastwood landed the helicopter in a field next to the patient’s property and HEMS Doctor Marc Wittenberg and HEMS Paramedic Dan Firmin treated him. Later, the patient was airlifted to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital for further medical care.

We asked HEMS Paramedic John McCusker to show us his life– saving kit and how much it all costs. If you would like to sponsor a piece of Air Crew kit then please call the Fundraising Office on 0845 2417 690!

Flight Helmet £1,800

Stethoscope £50

Herts Air Ambulance Fundraising Team moves to Buntingford! The Herts Air Ambulance Fundraising Team have recently moved offices from their previous location on North Weald Airfield to new premises on the Park Farm Industrial Estate in Buntingford! This move will not only bring the Charity closer to its supporters but will also make more areas of Hertfordshire much more accessible to the Fundraising Team. The new location will make it quicker and easier for the Team to travel around the County and also provide easier access to our invaluable volunteers for the resources they need to carry out their volunteering roles.

Flight suit £300

Introducing the new Herts Fundraising Team...

Stab vest £400

Defribrillator – delivers a heart starting shock £2,500

Kit bag £400 Inside the kit bag Medical Drugs £1,500

Autopulse – an automatic CPR device £2,500 (L to R) Talissa Fernando, Herts Fundraising and Office Administrator; Dawn Easby, Senior Herts Fundraising Coordinator; Jayne Shaw, Herts Volunteer Administrator; and Michelle Yung, Herts Fundraising Coordinator.

Radio £700

Patient monitor £25,000


Suction Unit £400

Boots £100

flight for life | Summer / Autumn 2012

▲ Herts Air Ambulance flew into Little Hadham Primary School to celebrate reaching 1,000 missions.

Herts Air Ambulance Flies its 1000th Mission! Since its launch in November 2008 this vital Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) has flown over 1,000 life–saving missions! The landmark call–out was on Thursday 12th April where the aircraft was despatched to provide critical care to a patient in cardiac arrest. This is one of the many types of injury and illness that the HEMS Team bring their life–saving support equipment and skills to. Once back at base the Air Ambulance was immediately called out again and despite worsening weather conditions, Chief Pilot David Kerr–Sheppard flew the aircraft to the other side of the county to assist the East of England Ambulance Service in treating a patient with a life–threatening medical emergency. HEMS Doctor Marc Wittenberg and Critical Care Paramedic John McCusker administered a pre–hospital anaesthetic; a specialist treatment only afforded by having full time Doctor and Paramedic Teams on the helicopter, then made the important decision to quickly airlift the patient to Harlow Hospital Emergency Department where they received further expert clinical care.

If you have a fundraising idea or are interested in taking part in one of our events the girls would love to hear from you! Call them weekdays 9–5pm on 0845 504 0055. Or visit our website at

Dawn Easby, Herts Air Ambulance Senior Fundraising Coordinator, adds: “We’re thrilled to have reached this milestone thanks to the support of the people of Hertfordshire who have been behind us every step of the way, ever since we first started fundraising for the helicopter back in April 2007. On the 10th November 2008 the Herts Air Ambulance went live and yesterday, 3 and half years on flew its 1000th mission! It is thanks to our Flight for Life Lottery players like you that we are able to keep raising sufficient funds to keep this vital life–saving service flying and saving precious lives.”

Alternatively if you would like to make a donation, please post to... Herts Air Ambulance, Unit 24, Park Farm Industrial Estate, Ermine Street, Buntingford, Herts SG9 9AZ

Of the 1,000 missions attended by the life–saving helicopter based at North Weald Airfield; almost half were road traffic collisions, approx 16% were falls and 20% were medical cases. | 0845 2417 690


flight for life | Summer / Autumn 2012

Past Events | 0845 2417 690

Dates for your Diary! Essex Motorcycle Run & Harwich Family Festival Sponsored by Woodland Group When: Where: What: Cost: How:

◄ ▲ ► The sell out Strictly Air

Ambulance show starring James and Ola Jordan, celebrity professional dancers from Strictly Come Dancing came to the Brentwood Centre on Friday 2nd March for a breathtaking show raising £15,000 for Essex Air Ambulance!

Sunday 16th September 2012 Motorcycle Run starts at Ford Dunton and later Harwich is host to the Family Festival. Our biggest annual event; a must for motorcycle fans, riders and great fun for all the family. £5 per person Full information at

Herts Red Fun Run When: Where: What: Cost: How:

Sunday 30th September 2012 Fairlands Valley Park, Stevenage Everyone can run, walk and have fun! Join hundreds of runners with the choice of the 5k fun run or shorter route for the family around the lake. £10 for the 5K fun run and £5 per family for the walk Full information at

Jordan Trek 2013 The Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Fundraising Team is looking for supporters to embark on the Charity’s next big challenge – trekking the Dead Sea to Petra in Jordan to help raise vital funds for the Air Ambulance! In 2013 participants will enjoy some of Jordan’s most spectacular scenery; from the dramatic red sands and towering cliffs of the south, to the stony plains of volcanic basalt in the east. Also packed into this small country are the lush hills of the north and the plunging rift of the Jordan Valley, which runs into the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth. Highlights of the challenge include…

Trust National Air Ambulance Week

◄ ▲ Over 100 guests came out to play

at the sell out Heart of Herts Casino Night on Friday 10th February at The Fairway Tavern, Welwyn Garden City raising over £2,100 for the Herts Air Ambulance.

When: Where: What: Cost: How:

24th to 30th September 2012 It’s great fun for schools, businesses, groups and individuals. Join thousands of people around the UK and support your Air Ambulance by simply wearing red or yellow and donating £1! £1 per person Full information at and

Patient Thank You

▲ Jordan’s breathtaking Dead Sea

● ● ● ●

Trek and camp out overnight in the desert Trek into Petra after 5 days in stunning desert landscapes Explore the Red Rose city of Petra Float in the Dead Sea

Previous challenges held by the Charity include treks to the Himalayas, China, Peru, Iceland and the Grand Canyon, in total raising in excess of £200,000 for the Charity! Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis and a minimum fundraising target will be required. For your free information pack or for more information please call Sabi Blyth on 0845 2417 690 or email now!

“The Air Crew were there to give their expert treatment and advice to help my two year old nephew. He is on the mend now but just wanted to say a big thank you from me & him.”


flight for life | Summer / Autumn 2012 | 0845 2417 690


flight for life | Summer / Autumn 2012 | 0845 2417 690

Danny’s Story

Laurie Receives Daybreak Health Heroes Award Live on TV!

HEMS Paramedic Laurie continues “Myself and HEMS Doctor MJ Slabbert kept in mind the potential for more serious underlying injuries and the decision was made early that we would airlift Danny to the specialist trauma centre at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel. Given the severity of his injuries, we gave him a pre–hospital anaesthetic, and within just a few minutes of take–off we were on the helipad at the Hospital.”

▲ Danny is shown around the Essex Air Ambulance by his hero - HEMS Paramedic Laurie Phillipson.

14 year old Danny Williams was out on his bike in Cheshunt when he was struck by a lorry, crushing his left arm and leg. “I remember getting off my bike to cross the road, no traffic was moving but suddenly out of nowhere a lorry turned and I went under the wheel arch.” Witnesses reported seeing the lorry drive right over Danny.

Almost a year on and 13 operations later Danny is still recovering from his traumatic ordeal; “If the Air Ambulance had not come to save me that day, Doctors told me my arm would have been amputated or I would have died. The Air Ambulance Air Crew saved my life and I am just so so grateful.”

Danny’s hero; HEMS Paramedic Laurie Phillipson was surprised on live TV recently on ITV’s Daybreak by Dr Hilary who presented him with a Health Heroes Award! Joined by Laurie’s family, friends and colleagues, plus two airlifted patients; Danny and Jim Cox whose lives have been touched by Laurie and the Air Ambulance Crew; Dr Hilary burst into the Crew Room at the Air Base in Earls Colne where Laurie and the on duty Doctor and Pilot were having their morning briefing, to surprise him with the award! Check out EssexAirAmbulance. to view a clip from the programme!

Stuck for Gift Ideas?

The Air Ambulance was scrambled to the scene and HEMS Paramedic Laurie Phillipson recalls what happened that day. ”Space under the lorry was limited but together with the land ambulance crews we were able to give him strong intravenous pain relief before moving him and splinting his injured limbs. We kept Danny calm and explained everything that was being done for him.”


“...Although I was in excruciating pain, the Air Crew made me forget about what was happening and made me feel a lot better.” Danny remembers; “During the time at the scene the Air Crew kept me occupied and busy talking; we were singing a few of my favourite songs and telling each other jokes. Although I was in excruciating pain, the Air Crew made me forget about what was happening and made me feel a lot better.”


Sign your child up to ‘Copter Kidz Our fun club for 5-11 year olds and help Pilot Pete at Essex Air Ambulance save lives! To register simply visit or call

▲ The HEMS Team treat Danny at the scene of his accident

flight for life | Summer / Autumn 2012

0845 2417 690 | 0845 2417 690


flight for life | Summer / Autumn 2012

Fantastic Fundraisers!

Thanks very much to the following Fundraisers in Herts...

Thanks very much to the following Fundraisers in Essex... Mr and Mrs Smart of West Mersea have raised £8,551 since 2004 from garden sales held every Saturday – thank you! An amazing £7,500 was raised at Denise Tyler’s Ball at Channels Golf Club in Chelmsford. Great work!

Buntingford Sports Club at the Bury and Buntingford Town F.C. organised the Spurs Legends Vs Buntingford Vets Charity Football Match, which was generously match funded by Barclays, raising over £4000!

Mayor of Harpenden, Cllr Michael Weaver who chose the Herts Air Ambulance as one of his charities of the year and has been arranging everything from Quiz Nights to Fashion Shows, Chinese & Indian meals, to Afternoon Tea... all in aid of us!

Blackwater Country Show have raised a fantastic £33,221.53 in the past 6 years – their last donation was for £7,500! Fantastic!

Help Us Save Lives

Name Address

Please help by ticking any of the boxes which interest you and complete your contact details. Then simply return the form to:


Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Trust The Business Centre Earls Colne Business Park Earls Colne Colchester CO6 2NS or email the area(s) which interests you with your contact details to: or telephone: 0845 2417 690 For more information about donating online, please visit us at Thank you for your support.


The Rotary Club of Ware who’s fundraising went off with a bang as they raised £2600 with their Fireworks Display!

Email I’d like to make a donation and enclose a sum of £ (please make cheque payable to the ‘Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Trust’) Please send me information about: Raising money


Leaving a legacy

Volunteering Corporate sponsorship

Gift Aid it! Please treat as Gift Aid donations all qualifying gifts of money made: Today

In the past 4 years

In the future

Please tick all boxes you wish to apply. I confirm I have paid or will pay an amount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax for each tax year (6 April to 5 April) that is at least equal to the amount of tax that all the charities or Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) that I donate to will reclaim on my gifts for that tax year. I understand that other taxes such as VAT and Council Tax do not qualify. I understand the charity will reclaim 28p of tax on every £1 that I gave up to 5 April 2008 and will reclaim 25p of tax on every £1 that I give on or after 6 April 2008.



All data is gathered and managed in strict accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998). We will not disclose any information supplied by you to any third party. We may contact you occasionally with information about other aspects of our work. If you would prefer not to receive these mailings please tick here.

flight for life | Summer / Autumn 2012


3 JULY - 4 AUGUST Box Office: 01603 63 00 00

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