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Better skills for better opportunities

Prahita Soni was married when she was 15. Today, 15 years later, her life has changed.

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An opportunity to develop IT skills sparked her determination to be self-reliant.

She learnt to input data.

Create documents and presentations.

And enjoyed being in a classroom again.

By day, she works as a Client Servicing Representative.

At night, she studies in her father's tea shop to complete her graduation.

Prahita is the first person in her family to complete the 10th grade. Her shining example of hard work and confidence will ensure that she won’t be the last. She is one of 290,000 people trained by Project Jyoti, Microsoft’s Computer Technology Skills Program. This initiative ensures sustainable livelihoods by enabling job-ready IT skills in over 1,400 learning centres across 20 Indian States and Union Territories.

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