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Cyber Space is Least Policed

Rajendra Mishra Inspector General of Police, Head, Cyber Cell, Madhya Pradesh Police

MP Police is one of the first Police organisation across states in India to have separate Cyber Police Department How did the department go for it? The Cyber cell of MP Police started in the year 2000 as a part of state CID. But it was felt that a cell is not enough to meet the kind of crime explosion in the cyber space in recent years. More so , due to increase in use of electronic gazettes and the transmigration of life of

almost one and all into cyber space. Our living, profession and business all today are dependent on the cyber space., but the cyber space is least Policed. Realising this in the year 2008, state government appointed an Inspector General of Police as head of Cyber Cell. In January 2009 an Independent State Cyber Police Department was carved out of State CID.

towards cyber crime. How did you plan to tackle this issue? We have created a dedicated website for the public, www.mpcyberPolice.nic. in so that young population is aware of the dangers in the cyber space. One can see sample cases and related information on our website so that they are aware of the dangers that exist in the cyber space.

The awareness about cyber crime and security is low, across states including Madhya Pradesh. Don’t you see it as biggest challenge? What is your road map to tackle this issue? Yes it is a big challenge. To bring awareness we are involving the media, conducting trainings, seminars for the public and the Police personnel in this regard.

Many times, perpetrators of cyber crime are not the residents of state and not even the country- sitting in foreign land- where the Police department does not have any jurisdiction. How did you bring perpetrators to justice? Yes it is difficult. But there are standard protocols to get these people to justice. We issue red corner notices and Letter Rogettory in such cases, take the help of INTERPOL and different embassies to solve such cases.

Given the consideration that Police is not a very technology savvy department, please tell us how competent is your team to tackle issues in Cyber space? Although an average Police personnel many not be as good as it is expected, we have been able to get fair bit of appreciation as far as cyber crime is concerned. We have created dedicated cyber Police cadre to tackle more sophisticated crimes and we have been fairly successful in this regard. Young population is one of the most vulnerable sections of the society

E-mails and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) telephony is being increasingly used for communications by the non state actors (terrorists). How did you plan to tackle it? We are aware of these dangers. Today we have dedicated agencies to monitor the cyber traffic and timely intervention have saved us from many mishappennings. However, this continues to be a challenge.\\

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e-mails and voice Over internet Protocol (vOiP) telephony is being increasingly used for communications by the non state actors (terrorists)...