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Once upon a time a very poor circus…

photoessay by Edgar Garcés

I never believed to find so much beauty, authenticity, dignity in the Cirquero occupation and I believe, until today, Circus Golf is the poorest in the world I have ever seen. Embedded outside the limits of the city, amid low resources neighborhoods, this circus pulls up with cunning to the children of the sector the only thing that the shortage has not been able to rob them‌laughter In this circus there are not trained lions, elephants jugglers or twirling tigers, besides a couple of clowns and a couple of jugglers the main star is a donkey, yes, a donkey that is a champeta dancer (a tropical dance, mix of African and Caribbean sounds) amen of other abilities. Paying attention to that prime desire of possessing visually that recounted by mouth of thirds, I went by with my camera and stole some images to the so attractive and unique function.

Golf Circus at the Calamares neighborhood in the outskirts of Cartagena of Indies, Colombia

Golfredo Olascuaga, owner, director, clown and partner of show of ¨Rigoberto The Dancer Donkey¨. Golfredo takes the circus in the genes; descendant of cirqueros family now with separate tent is the inventor of the main number.

Ce c'est la troupe. Circus Golf staff

Guillermo, the performer of the Lazy rope act.

7 : pm, people is coming for the function

At the ticket box

from the other side of the ticketbox

At last inside...

A dazed and confused assistant

Guillermo, performing the lazy rope act

People impressed by Guillermo´s act

Another performer defying the hights

Clowns doing their comic routine

Before the main act people have a time to buy some snacks

The Clown becomes Popcorn seller

Then the main and so expected act is about to start

Rigoberto, the Dancing Donkee , start to perform its incredible and amazing movements !

People get crazy at Rigoberto¨s and Golfredo dancing

Histery is all around!!!!

the end


Photo essay about The Circus Golf, in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

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