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EFSUMB Newsletter 49

European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology This is the last newslet-

proved in the new format and we must all

have a number of overseas visitors and

ter of the year and an

try to encourage submissions to further

would welcome many more . Why not

appropriate time to take

this aim.

give us a visit and avoid the Chistmas

stock. The Journal has

Most of the Societies have had very

shopping at home!

increased its subscriber

successful Scientific Meetings during the

Writing this in early November I seem to

base substantially with

year but the British Society always has to

be wishing the year away but I would like



bring up the rear with its meeting just

to thank all those who have made my job

Societies subscribing for

before Christmas. This has a number of

easier over the year of the new format

all its members and others looking to do

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especially Gianna Stanford who helps to

it in the near future. We have welcomed

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keep things moving and remind me when

the Latvian Society to the federation and

recent advances in equipment at the

I am running out of time.

all its members are looking forward to the

Radiological Society of North America

And finally may I wish you all a very

benefits of membership of the Fed-


pleasant festive season


meeting and the Christmas season gives

We must hope that the citation index of

all members a good excuse to enjoy the

the Journal is maintained and even im-

social life of the Congress. We always





David Pilling Chairman EFSUMB Publications Committee

The Ultrasound Examination, the Ultrasound Examiner, and the Patient An extension of the physician´s physical

has a number of psychological implicat-

ring an ultrasound examination as well

examination with a specific machine -

ions,too - such as hope, fears, and doubts.

as in all our other directly patient related

that is what our patients experience with

The ultrasound examiner should be awa-

contacts. The combination of a high tech

clinical ultrasonography. They know this

re of this during all steps of the examina-

machine in the expert’s hands and the

for example from pregnancy, or from

tion: before, during, and after the

patient to doctor interactions generates a

many other diagnostic procedures in all

procedure. Before the examiner should

highly specific situation. The drama is

fields of medicine. Ultrasound examin-

clear with the patient the aims and limits

compounded by dimmed lights

ation has become a widely accepted and

of the examination; during the examinat-


acknowledged diagnostic tool - not only

ion he should be aware as an examining

black, and white, and sometimes even

for the physician,

doctor that the patient constantly reads

with colours.

but in the public

opinion, too .

the face. At the end of the examination,


magic moving pictures in grey,

So performing an ultrasound examin-

Ultraschall 2004; 25

The diagnostic potential of clinical ultra-



ation means more than the simple

sonography is increasingly understood -

consequences from the procedure must

technical action - a high degree of inter-

both in the sense of detecting and of

be communicated adequately to the

action and psychology must be con-

ruling out minor and major disease such

patient .

sidered, too, and can be made use of for

as gallstones or malignancies. So being


exposed to an ultrasound examination

psychological interactions happen du-








the benefit of our patients. Lucas Greiner, MD EFSUMB Honorary Secretary

2004 - ISSUE 6  

2004 - ISSUE 6