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EFSUMB Newsletter

EFSUMB Newsletter


European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology

Editors Column Well – the new Eu-

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further good ideas for improvements.

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This is

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quite a quiet period for the European Federation in terms

The number of subscriptions to the Euro-

in those issues which may initially seem

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Meeting in Zagreb. It is hoped that you

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I hope to meet many members of the

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Federation in Zagreb and as mentioned

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All the committees of the European

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Federation realised what a successful

in Zagreb and it is certainly hoped to

scientific journal they would getting for a

David W Pilling

bring together the Publications Com-

real bargain price. Details of how to sub-

Editor EFSUMB Newsletter

mittee for the first time in a couple of

scribe can be found elsewhere in the

years. We will obviously be reviewing


the progress of the Journal and looking at a revamped version of the Web Site.

Progress is still being made with the out-

Some of you will hopefully be reading this

come of the discussions from the Con-

Newsletter on the Web Site and it would

trast Medium study day in January and it

be very helpful to receive any comments

is hoped to publish this guidance in the

either complimentary or adverse about

very near future.

the new format which we hope to con-

Ultraschall 2004; 25 Seite 231 Donnerstag, 13. Mai 2004 9:00 09

EFSUMB Newsletter

EUROSON School Advanced Breast Imaging Seminar Organized by the International Breast Ultrasound School in conjunction with the Latvian Association of Roentgenologists and Radiologists


Friday and Saturday, September 17—18, 2004 Reval Hotel Latvia, Riga, Latvia Invitation

We wish to invite you to attend the IBUS—Advanced Breast Imaging Seminar to be

cancer screening program in Estonia: 2002–2006, Tissue reactions after breast

held on September 17 and 18, 2004 in Riga.

conserving therapy, Imaging of the aug-

The seminar programme consists of lectures, interactive workshops, panel discus-

mented breast, Colour Doppler and con-

sion and case presentations, and has been organized by the International Breast

trast enhancing agents, Computer-assist-

Ultrasound School (IBUS) in conjunction with the Latvian Association of Roentgenologists and Radiologists (LRRA). This seminar is the first comprehensive breast teaching programme in the Baltic States, and has been structured to meet the require-

ed detection, Quality assurance, guidelines and accreditation, Advances in breast ultrasound. Registration details

ments of continuing medical education with contributions from an expert local and Registration fee: € 220,– before July 30,

international faculty. We look forward to seeing you in Latvia.

2004, Registration fee: € 260,–

Dr. Jack Jellins, Founding President — IBUS Dr. Ardis Platkajis, President — LRRA

Concessional fees apply to members of the Baltic States or Eastern European medical societies. Registration fee: € 50,– before July 30, 2004, Registration fee: € 75,–

Lecture topics

Trainee registrants are eligible for a redu-

Dr Edward Azavedo, Sweden,

Historical perspectives of breast ultra-


Dr Sabine Pankl-Huber, Austria,

sound, The "signal-to-noise" concept, The

and € 40,– and € 55,– respectively for

Professor Dace Baltina, Latvia,


members of the Baltic States or Eastern

Professor Rainer Otto, Switzerland,

sprectrum of lumps, Current status of

Dr Jack Jellins, Australia,

breast imaging, Imaging patterns of pre-

Dr Ingrida Slosberga, Latvia,

menopausal women, Benign and malig-

Seminar Secretariat: Con-Ex Latvia Tours

Professor Alexander Mundinger,

nant ultrasonic diagnostic criteria, Mam-

Group, 8 Kalku Str., LV-1050 Riga, Latvia


mographic interpretation criteria, Use of

Tel: +371 708 5014, Fax: +371 782 0020,

Dr William E Svensson, United Kingdom,

colour Doppler to improve diagnostic ac-


Dr Sulev Ulp, Estonia

curacy of breast ultrasound, Cell harves-


ced fee of € 150,– and € 180,– respec-



European medical societies.

ting, Tissue harvesting, Imaging of intraductal cancer spread, Preoperative stag-

For general information, send an e-mail

ing of invasive cancer, Screening options

to: or visit the IBUS ho-

for women at increased risk, The breast

mepage at:

Ultraschall 2004; 25

The official language will be English. A book of reference materials will be distributed to each registrant. Seite 232 Donnerstag, 13. Mai 2004 9:00 09


Ultraschall 2004; 25

2004 - Issue 3  
2004 - Issue 3  

2004 - Issue 3