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Towards Smart Agriculture – Press Release By 2050 food production will need to increase by 60-70%. “We will need to produce more food in the next 50 years than we did in the past 10,000 years. Scientists estimate that fertilizers are responsible for feeding 48% of the global population. This illustrates the critical role that fertilizers play” Fertilizers Europe, Director General, Jacob Hansen. Without “man-made” fertilizers human life is no longer sustainable. EU policy therefore must focus on ways in which we can feed a global population whilst respecting the environment. Europe has an obligation to play its part in producing more food for its own needs and to assist the global effort to attain food security for all. Jacob Hansen stated “European agriculture is one of the most efficient and productive worldwide but currently in Europe we are net importers of food. The area outside of the EU required to produce these imports amounts to almost 35 million hectares approximately the size of Germany. We have to address this.” Not all fertilizers are the same and not all perform to the same rate of yield and environmental performance. Farmers are the best land managers that we have and Directly Available Nitrogen (DAN) Fertilizers have been European farmers’ fertilizer of choice for decades. Farmers are the true experts when it comes to knowing their soil structure but we can help them by advising on the best application rates and type of fertilizer. Combining good agricultural practice with DAN fertilizers enhances nitrogen-use efficiency and minimizes environmental losses. “Not all fertilizers perform in the same way. DAN fertilizers are directly absorbed by plants. They are the most effective way of ensuring the best quality yield and environmental performance” Hansen. Air quality will be the focus next year of DG Environment. 94% of all ammonia emissions are caused by agriculture with around 80% of these emissions coming from organic sources. It is quite clear that man-made fertilizers are accountable for only a minimal share of these emissions, but we will play our part. The UN/ECE Gothenburg Protocol and the EU National Emissions Ceiling Directive are proposing measures and limits to control ammonia emissions from all sources. The use of DAN fertilizers is a solution to reducing ammonia emissions to air.

The DAN Family. As a means of inspiring a younger generation we have created 3 distinctive vibrant characters to represent the DAN family. Our child Dani will help us to communicate our core messages in an easily digestible fashion for consumers and the broader public. Our farmer Danny will be our link to the farming community and will help us work with our valued customers to provide the most relevant solutions for them on the field. Our agronomist Daniella keeps us grounded in good science. We will always work towards ensuring that everything we present is properly researched and scientifically sound. “DAN fertilizers offer solutions and we will be promoting the campaign across the Member States. Real change starts from the roots and we will work closely with farmers on the ground to deliver high quality performance� said Hansen We extend the hand of collaboration towards the European Commission and other European institutions to help find solutions to the problems we all face. We can help with solutions. We will be rolling the DAN campaign out to member State capitals at the start of 2013. This hand of collaboration is also extended to the farming community whom we can work with to offer solutions to agricultural emissions and environmental concerns. Real change starts from the roots up and we want to be active collaborators with our customer, the farmer, to ensure we provide them the best information on fertilizer efficiency. ____________________________________________________

Fertilizers Europe represents the majority of nitrogen fertilizer producers in Europe and is recognized as the dedicated industry source of information on mineral fertilizers. The association communicates with a wide variety of institutions, legislators, stakeholders and members of the public who seek information on fertilizer technology and topics relating to today’s agricultural, environmental and economic challenges. The Fertilizers Europe website provides information on subjects of relevance to all those interested in fertilizers contribution to global food security. Press Contacts Jacob Hansen Director General

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