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COMMISSION DECIDES TO OPEN ANTI DUMPING INVESTIGATION ON AMMONIUM NITRATE IMPORTS FROM RUSSIA 12TH July 2013. The European Union’s ammonium nitrate industry’s application for a review investigation on the likelihood of the recurrence of dumping and injury from imports of AN from Russia has been accepted by the European Commission.* With this Commission decision to open an investigation, the existing anti-dumping measures will continue for the period of investigation. This period can typically take up to 15 months. The current measures include: • • •

A specific anti-dumping duty of Euro 47.07/mt on imports from Russia, A specific anti-dumping duty of Euro 32.8/mt from Eurochem AN undertaking accepted by JSC Acron agreed with the European Commission.

The EU industry application for review is based on the likely recurrence of dumping and injury. In particular, the application emphasizes the profound structural distortions on raw materials, ie natural gas costs to local industry in Russia. This is responsible for the regular “structural dumping” conducted by the Russian AN industry. The primary threat to the EU industry remains Russia’s unreformed gas dual – pricing policy. Gas prices to our competitors in Russia are fixed by the state at below OAO Gazprom’s costs at US$3.6 MMBTU. In stark contrast, OAO Gazprom sells at excessive premium prices – over US$12.0 MMBTU to the EU. Notes to editors: •

See Official Journal of the European Union, C200/12 of 12.7.2013.

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