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Fly towards the Arctic Circle

Breathtaking Nature North Iceland boasts a veritable string of natural jewels to suit all

features. Enjoy the magic of the midnight sun or the beauty of winter´s

ages. Take a revitalizing tour out to beautiful islands or into the isolated

endless dusk. Revel in the spectacle of the northern lights and re-

highlands to experience mountains, hot springs, waterfalls, glacial

charge your batteries in the invigorating energy and peace of North

rivers, volcanic craters, extraordinary landscape and other geological


Culture and Sagas Come and meet the people of the Arctic North whose genuine and

numerous sites of historic interest and a number of museums can be

friendly nature makes visitors feel at home. The locals are proud of

visited, each one presenting a specific part of Iceland’s history and

their history and eager to introduce visitors to their art of storytelling,

culture. Art has a huge presence in the area and you can choose

poems and sagas stretching back to the Viking Age. You will be

between visits to the artist in his studio or viewing larger art galleries

offered the opportunity to sample local delicacies, including seafood,

and exhibitions – and be sure to check out the various musical events

lamb, wild herbs and plants, berries, bread and cakes. The area has

or theatre productions that are offered throughout the year.

Winter Magic Winter is a time of amazing contrasts with black lava fields and

and floodlit ski resorts to choose from. After a day of skiing it is

steaming hot springs silhouetted against a sweep of virgin snow.

pleasant to relax in outdoor geothermal swimming pools and spas;

Enjoy the magic of the dark midwinter when the sky glows with the

making you ready and eager for the next day’s events when you can,

fiery splendour of the sun which, at that time of the year, does not rise

for example, participate in a variety of winter activities such as jeep

over the horizon. Then rejoice with the local people when the sun rises

safaris, snowmobile tours, fishing and hunting, hiking, birdwatching or

once again, and join them in some invigorating outdoor exercise. The

horse riding tours on land and ice.

North of Iceland is a land of winter adventures where the avid skier can experience skiing on pristine mountain slopes all the way down to the Arctic Ocean or, if they prefer, there are many, well equipped

Akureyri International Airport Experience the Arctic North • A friendly and tranquil area with a population of 36 thousand, including Akureyri, the largest town outside Reykjavík, and a number of historic coastal towns. • Magical, bright summer nights when the sun never sets. • Mild winter temperatures with the December dawn arriving around noon and darkness closing in around 3 o‘clock in the afternoon; the days being amazingly light due to the magical illumination of snow, moon and wintry northern lights. • Iceland‘s most popular skiing resort is located only 15 min from Akureyri airport. Floodlights guide you down the slopes in the darkest months. • The North features 37 outdoor geothermal swimming pools, spas and nature baths. • Unique places for hiking while observing Arctic flora and fauna. • Variety of designated bird watching areas on land and sea. • Refreshing locations for conferences and meetings, right on nature’s doorstep. • Numerous cultural and sports events all year round. • Wide range of accommodation options and restaurants.

North Iceland , a true natural paradise offering unforgettable experiences throughout the year. Vatnajökull National Park and Mývatn region, where you find many famous attractions, such as Europe’s most powerful waterfall Dettifoss, hot springs, volcanic areas, craters and amazing lava formations. Variety of outdoor geothermal swimming pools, nature baths and spas open all year. Whale watching where you will be surrounded by birds and beautiful scenery, while observing dolphins and minkes, humpbacks or even blue whales. Numerous opportunities for horse riding tours on land and ice. Designated seal and bird watching areas where nature comes to life in the springtime. A great place to see the magical northern lights (aurora borealis) on cold, clear winter nights. A wonderfully unique Christmas celebration boasting 13 mischievous Yule lads (Santas), extravagant light displays to cheer up the darkest time of year and a selection of the best food the region has to offer. This is followed by New Year with bonfires in the afternoon and fireworks set off from every street around midnight, creating a most extraordinary display never to be forgotten. Seven ski resorts open from November to May giving you the opportunity to enjoy skiing in mountains lit up by floodlights during the darkest months of winter, and overlooking beautiful fjords and historic fishing towns. Excellent facilities for cross-country skiing, sport tours and extreme sport experiences. Iceland’s unpolluted streams, rivers and lakes offer relaxation as well as fishing for salmon and trout. Sailing and sea angling on the deep blue Atlantic Ocean, departing from historic harbours and sailing towards the Arctic Circle which crosses Grímsey Island. / North Iceland Marketing Office - Skipagata 9 - 600 Akureyri - ICELAND - Tel. +354 462 3300 - Fax +354 462 3300 -

North Iceland - Fly towards the Arctic Circle  

Introduction brochure on fligth to north Iceland.

North Iceland - Fly towards the Arctic Circle  

Introduction brochure on fligth to north Iceland.