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Strong English = Strong Business

A loNg history oF ExcEllENcE 1965 Entrepreneur Bertil Hult founds EF Education First.

1970s EF expands rapidly opening offices in Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

1979 EF’s first school is accredited by ARELS, today EnglishUK. EF publishes its first textbook series.

1988 EF is appointed the Official Language School of the Seoul 1988 Olympics.

1995 EF collaborates with Apple on computeraided language learning, resulting in EF Englishtown — the world’s largest online English school.

1997 EF is selected as the corporate language provider for major multinationals like Microsoft, Siemens, Motorola, and Hitachi.

Dear Colleague, English is vital to any business competing in today’s global economy. Multinationals identify improving English skills as one of their top training needs, while executives the world over rank English language ability as a career accelerator. The bottom line is crystal clear: strong English = strong business. short on time, long on results — EF’s new online English school Designed to increase the productivity of busy professionals, EF’s new online school is time-efficient, cost-effective, and totally flexible. EF’s online school has become the preferred training method for major multinationals like HSBC, Accenture, Xerox, and Philips because it is totally scalable and has the most advanced learning results tracking to help maximize your return on investment. trusted by the world EF is the world leader in language training. We have already helped over 15 million people and over 1,200 companies with their language training needs. We were the Official Language Training Supplier to the Beijing 2008 Olympics and are helping prepare Brazil to host the 2014 World Cup. Trusted by major multinationals and governments, EF is ready to grow your business and help your company communicate effectively. Our new online English school is guaranteed to help your organization raise the bar — and I look forward to working with you on a training program customized to your specific needs.

peter burman President, EF Language Learning Solutions

ExEcutivE summAry


the world’s most advanced online school


superior execution means seamless integration


Earn the highest return on your investment


the science and research behind EF’s system


the most trusted choice in language training

Comenius EduMedia Awards 2010

2003 EF founder Bertil Hult becomes the main benefactor of the Arthur D. Little School of Management, which is renamed Hult International Business School.

2008 EF is named the Official Language Training Services Supplier of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

2009 EF and University of Cambridge launch a ground-breaking collaboration to help improve the way people learn.

2010 EF launches its new online school — a revolutionary step forward in online learning.

2010 EF wins top training product of the year by Human Resource Executive, the Interactive Media Award and the Comenius EduMedia Award.

FuturE EF works with Olá, Turista! to help prepare Brazil to host the World Cup 2014.


The world’s most advanced online school EF has been revolutionizing language learning for the past several years. our advanced language training system, Efekta, combines powerful technology with the very best in teaching. With over usd55 million invested in research and development, our method just got ten times faster — more interactive, more engaging, and more advanced.


EF Language Learning Solutions

Learn English, Hollywood-style.

Express yourself Content that’s wider and deeper. in English.

Advanced speech recognition.

30 locations. 45 actors. 100 writers, filmmakers, and producers. The result? 500 amazing new movies. Filmed in Los Angeles, Europe, and Asia, EF has taken the concept of engaging educational content to new heights. Each lesson kicks off with one of these carefully crafted films. It’s just like watching a Hollywood movie — for school!

The range of content in our new online school is massive. Think about it: thousands of units using 25 different activity types, each with 60 configurations—the learning possibilities are virtually endless. Business English learners will find new challenges and deeper course content specific to their industry and function.

Sophisticated advanced speech recognition technology brings your pronunciation skills to a whole new level. Our online school can improve your speaking skills and even help fine tune your accent through a series of speaking exercises and vocabulary drills.

See. Speak. Listen. Touch.

Talk to a teacher. Expert progress Anytime, anywhere. tracking.

Practically the only thing you can’t do at our new online school is smell. See, touch, move, listen, and speak in our interactive learning environment. Increased feedback and practice actively engages you so that language learning is both stimulating and memorable.

Native-speaking English teachers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. EF’s live conversation classes online let you learn according to your own pace and schedule. Learning has never been this flexible or convenient.

Learning a language isn’t only about being able to identify what is right or wrong, it’s about being able to communicate effectively. At the end of every lesson, you’ll receive a final task that is designed to challenge you to actively use your acquired knowledge in a reallife situation so that you can truly express yourself in English.

Clear, measurable, and timely results give you control. Students receive individual learning reports and client representatives receive aggregated reports to ensure key performance indicators are met.

Personal study advisor. We make sure you stay motivated. On top of our regular online teachers, your course includes a telephone coach to give you that extra “push” and keep you on track. During training, a personal study advisor will contact you, either by telephone, email, or in person, to answer questions, get feedback, and adjust your study plan. They act as your cheerleader, monitor, advisor, and coach.


Customized for your organization’s needs learning English with EF’s online school is 100% about your organization’s language training needs — from identifying who needs training to ensuring relevant learning outcomes. We’ve built the most sophisticated yet simple-to-use learning results tracking system so that you can be sure your company’s return on investment is met. Every business English learner’s individual profile page is customized. Every click gives him/her access to new opportunities. take a look at our home page.

Powerful Productivity Tools Our latest interactive vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation tools and our business writing templates gives you easy access to the information you need, when you need it. Accessible at our new online school, our tools provide instant assistance to help you communicate and conduct business. > Translator > Flashcards > Notebook


EF Language Learning Solutions

> Pronunciation Lab > Grammar Guide > Grammar Lab

> Business Letter Templates > podEnglish Videos > Toolbar

What shall I study?

What does that word mean?

What’s new today?

With just one click, you’ll have direct access to our new online courseware and native English-speaking teachers.

With the latest content from the Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, our translator tool features predictive lookup, audio, examples, and links. It’s the most advanced translator ever released.

Daily content with new vocabulary, current news, and inspirational articles motivates you to log in every day.

What’s the topic of conversation?

Where do I go next?

How am I doing?

With an updated schedule of topics, you can clearly see what is upcoming and choose which teacher-led classes suit your interests and schedule.

A helpful navigation video is at your disposal if required.

At anytime, see how you’re doing with unit completion, test scores, achievement levels, and overall progress made.


Superior execution means seamless integration Whether you need to train 100 or 100,000 people, our online training solution is totally scalable. specifically designed to be easily implemented across different locales, functions, and industry sectors, EF’s online school can be seamlessly integrated into organizations of any size. EF’s superior execution is proven: as the official language training services supplier to the beijing 2008 olympics, EF helped successfully prepare china for one of the most monumental and important olympics in history.

thE bEiJiNg olympic orgANiZiNg committEE thANKs EF “The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games was successfully hosted in China, to the praises from all around the world. EF, as the Official Olympic Language Training Services Supplier, helped to provide expert English training to over 5,000 Beijing Olympic Committee staff, national technical officers, competition elite, translators, and interpreters. With the great help and dedicated efforts of EF, our staff and the event’s related experts were well-prepared and excelled in their functions to bring the world the best Olympics ever. We would like to thank EF wholeheartedly.”


EF Language Learning Solutions


EF is the largest global supplier of language solutions With nearly 50 years of experience in education, EF has worked with major multinationals to help them solve their language needs. No matter how complex or decentralized your organization or enterprise, EF has the international presence and training expertise to help your business. As the only truly global supplier of language training, EF has clients spanning locations and industries around the world.


EF Language Learning Solutions


Earn the highest return on your investment EF’s mission is to deliver the highest return on your language training investment. our online system provides you with smarter learning methods and cost-effective results. We have consistently delivered cost savings of up to 80%. our integrated system of testing, coaching, and reporting is combined with interactive activities, online teacher-led conversation classes, real-time writing tutorials, and mobile study tools to deliver a highly exible training solution. our advanced reporting system allows corporate clients to keep track of results and costs. but topping this, your largest gain comes as your employees begin communicating effectively in English.


EF Language Learning Solutions

darrell minards Head of Learning & Development Xerox Europe

george gu, Learning & Knowledge Leader IBM

Karl-ludwig leppla Purchasing Director Schneider Electric

“EF was very unusual in coming forward with value-added proposals and ideas that would encourage and benefit our users in ways that we hadn’t even thought about.

“At first, we were skeptical that online training was better than face-to-face, in-company teaching. However, once we saw the great learning results and increased productivity gains of the staff who underwent online training,

“EF’s online courses are structured logically and are very well laid out.

We ended up picking EF as our language training supplier for the whole of Europe.”

we were convinced — online training is superior to on-site training. We have shifted all of our training to this model.”

it’s great that i can study as much as my time permits and do not have to follow a timetable. It’s also good that I can check my performance regularly. I would definitely recommend EF’s online training.”

hours sAvEd As A rEsult oF improvEd ENglish sKills EF recently sent out a survey to all active students regarding the learning experience through EF, including the following questions: > How relevant is EF Language Learning Solutions’ services to your current job? > Have you noticed any improvement in your English as a result of EF’s language services? > How much time on average do you save per week with your improved English skills? The people who responded to the survey saved on average over one hour per week by having better English skills. This adds up to 45 hours saved per person per year — a whole working week!


EF’s pioneering research keeps you at the forefront to date, EF has invested over usd55 million in research and development to perfect the fastest and most efficient way to learn a language. in collaboration with Apple, EF was the first to seriously explore computer-aided language learning in the mid 1990s. We’ve gathered the best minds from the fields of education, linguistics, and cognitive science to help set a new standard in language learning. our research units at cambridge university, shanghai, and Zurich work tirelessly to identify and pioneer new ways to improve language acquisition. When you select EF as a language training partner, you are selecting the best school of today — and tomorrow.

EF & thE uNivErsity oF cAmbridgE Together, EF and the University of Cambridge are working to fundamentally improve the way people learn. We are promoting innovation in language learning and assessment with a series of initiatives, including: the establishment of an EF Research Unit at Cambridge University’s Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics; the introduction of the EFCELT, an English test developed together with Cambridge ESOL; and the enhancement of EF teachers’ credentials with Cambridge certifications.


EF Language Learning Solutions

EF & ApplE The foundations of our advanced language training system started with Apple Computer. In the mid 1990s, EF and Apple began to explore computer-aided language learning. As a result, the first prototype of EF’s online school was born. Since then, EF has turned to cutting-edge technology and leaders in the field to continually upgrade and ensure that EF’s teaching and technology are combined to maximum effect.


The science and research behind EF’s system our research units explore cognitive science, psycholinguistics, and instructional theory. our curriculum uses the latest insights from those learning sciences — including on modeling, scaffolding, task-based learning, and articulation — to deliver fluency and confidence. We are the first to connect task-based learning online with highly relevant, job-related language instruction. our research and development is focused on delivering the fastest and most effective way to learn English.


EF Language Learning Solutions

“EF is at the forefront of language training. Working with experts from across the fields of education, linguistics, and computer science,

we’ve assembled the best minds to bring you the latest in language learning. We’re using technology to increase flexibility and really motivate students to take ownership of their learning and focus on what they need for work — no more and no less.”

“technology at EF is first and foremost used to enhance training efficiency. The latest technology allows us to quickly implement and deliver language training at a speed and efficiency that cannot be replicated by conventional teaching methods. We’ve broken down the traditional constraints of a physical classroom and made the process of learning even faster. When technology and education collide, our students benefit.”

dr. christopher mccormick Head of EF Academic Development Director of EF’s Research Unit at Cambridge University

dr. Enio ohmaye EF Chief Technology Officer Former Senior Scientist at Apple


The most trusted choice in language training Since 1965, EF has been focused on helping people to learn a new language. With a global network of 400 offices and schools around the world, EF is the trusted language training partner of over 1,200 leading multinationals and has helped over 15 million people learn a new language. Our scale, experience, and innovation have brought us to where we are today — the most trusted choice for language learning solutions.

EF and other language schools — a comparison EF Education First

Other providers

Company stability


Founded in 1965, with ongoing financial stability and stable operations

>> >>

Local enterprises, limited to around 10 years of service Foreign enterprises, have changed ownership and structures many times

Online study

>> >> >>

24/7 online availability Live teacher-led conversation classes Ability to review all past work

>> >>

Use third-party multimedia software that can only be accessed by certain computers that have the software Cannot review past lessons

Teacher resources


TEFL-certified instructors, with all academic staff holding teaching certification from the University of Cambridge


Minimal teacher requirements

Assessment and certification


Completion certificate endorsed by a top-ranked MBA school — Hult International Business School Students can participate in the EFCELT developed in collaboration with the University of Cambridge


No clear English certification process or international standardization



Interaction between teacher & Students


Frequent access to teacher-led classes and feedback online or face-to-face


Minimal time available to interact with teachers — majority of time spent on self-study or course preparation

Learning approach


A comprehensive and scientifically designed system that adjusts to each student’s needs by using a task-based approach, widely recognized as the most effective way to learn


Learning components are not linked and teaching content only covers a limited area

Academic development


Dedicated to innovation in language learning—EF invests a large portion of time and funds each year in academic research and development to help accelerate learning


Academic content acquired through mergers, acquisitions, or third-party purchase and integrated into existing systems with difficulty

EF Language Learning Solutions


Client case studies

BEIJING 2008 OLYMPICS Preparing China to host one of the most highly anticipated and important Olympic events in modern history The Beijing Olympic Committee (BOCOG) had the enormous task of transforming its capital city to host one of the biggest and most highly anticipated Olympic events in history. As the introduction of modern China to the world, BOCOG selected the experts in English training- EF as the Olympic’s Official Language Training Supplier. In this role, EF helped train thousands of judges, BOCOG staff, competition officials, interpreters and translators in English. EF won the gold helping China greet the world in English.


EF Language Learning Solutions


OlÀ, Turista!

Helping IBM consolidate their world-wide language training

Preparing Brazil to host the 2014 World Cup

IBM, the leading company for information technologies, was looking for a global language training provider who could supply flexible e-learning to all IBM employees worldwide in order to provide high quality, consistent language training across all markets, and reduce the company’s total investment in language training. After a careful analysis of providers, IBM chose EF as their partner and launched the project in 2005. EF supplies training to IBM in approximately 40 locations, training thousands of IBM employees online. High student satisfaction and excellent results led IBM to consolidate their worldwide training efforts with one preferred e-learning partner for English.

Olà Turista, a partnership between Brazil’s Ministry of Tourism and the private Roberto Marinhno Foundation, is charged with ensuring the country’s hospitality and tourism industry is well prepared to welcome the millions of foreign tourists and soccer fans who will flock to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. EF built an online training solution to train 80,000 Brazilian hospitality workers annually in the run-up to the global sporting event, with customized content and phrases specific to greeting the world in English.




delivering immediate learning results

providing one of the world’s largest oil companies with a flexible and scalable language training solution

helping xerox taking control of its language training

When ABInBev, the world’s leading brewery, wanted to improve the English of a key group of managers in China, they turned to EF Language Learning Solutions. As the company faced a mega-merger with another global entity, it was imperative that the Chinese workforce be integrated and able to speak the company’s official language of English. After one year of using EF’s online training, ABInBev student satisfaction rates and feedback were excellent. ABInBev’s Learning and Development team was impressed by the detailed monthly learning result reports and the immediately obvious increase in English proficiency of key managers.

Petrobas is a major oil company with more than 40,000 employees spread over 23 countries. The global nature of the oil industry requires that nearly all Petrobas employees — from machine operators to geologists — speak English. Given this challenge of delivering a training program that could address their worldwide operations, Petrobas found traditional English training programs were not flexible enough to meet their employee group needs. For instance: oil platform employees who work on location for two weeks before returning home for three weeks of rest. EF worked with Petrobas to implement online English training for the oil platform workers, making it conveniently accessible to them from both their workstations on the oil rigs and their personal computers at home.

Xerox, the global leader in document management, faced issues from having multiple providers of language training with different methodologies and prices, no cost control, and no single standard for competency. Following a rigorous RFP process, Xerox chose EF Language Learning Solutions as a partner. EF helped Xerox take complete control of language training, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs. The Business English Language training program has created a single standard of excellence for language training in 16 Xerox countries, and now Xerox only trains people with a business need, up to the level required for their role.


Study abroad with EF Living a language 24 hours a day ensures spectacular results. EF’s Executive Institutes offer immersion courses in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Chinese. Every Executive Institute campus boasts executive-quality educational facilities in world-class cities. Send your top executives away for a crash course, or send an entire department to learn together in a group setting. EF guarantees immediate results.

EF Executive Institute Cambridge Cambridge has been attracting scholars for 800 years. EF’s newly renovated Executive Institute offers you tranquil gardens, proximity to the University, as well as quick and easy access to London. The EF Executive Institute Cambridge is housed in a quaint Tudor-style building set in beautifully landscaped grounds. You’ll find the Institute equipped with a high-tech language lab and truly modern facilities. The leafy residential neighborhood is within walking distance of the city’s famous university.


EF Language Learning Solutions

ordEr A Fr EE



lutions or contact us for (telephone nu more details mber on back )

EF ExEcutivE iNstitutE bostoN Next door to harvard university and mit as well as the headquarters of such multinational corporations as Fidelity, gillette and prudential, EF boston is the ideal place for improving your business English. Located on the banks the Charles River with stunning views of downtown Boston, EF Executive Institute Boston is housed in an ultra-modern building. Designed by award-winning Swedish architects and designers, EF’s seminar rooms are light and airy and a fantastic environment in which to study.


Language learning solutions for companies and professionals EF offers language learning solutions for all needs — in our schools abroad, in your office, and anywhere, anytime online. EF Language Learning Solutions is part of EF Education First, the world leader in international education, with schools and offices in more than 50 countries. For more information please call us or visit

The EF Executive Institute in Cambridge is accredited by the British Council.

The EF Executive Institute in Cambridge is a member of English UK.

The EF Executive Institute in Boston is a branch of EF International Language Schools, Inc. and accredited by ACCET.

All EF Executive Institutes are certified by Southern New Hampshire University.

The EF Executive Institute in Boston is a member of AAIEP.

The EF Executive Institutes in Munich and Nice, and our partner school in Rome, are accredited by EAQUALS.

All EF course programs are approved by Hult International Business School.

EF Education is an active participant in the Comité Européen de Normalisation.

EF International Language Schools have been licensed by the UK Border Agency to enroll international students under Tier 4 of the Points Based System.

Contact EF today Europe Denmark +45 3317 9680 Finland +358 968 69 23 14 France +33 1 42 61 95 95 Germany +49 211 13 06 75 05 The Netherlands +31 20 5745400 Italy +39 02 778 94 10

Norway Russia Spain Sweden Switzerland UK

+47 22 94 12 10 +7 495 787 67 57 +34 91 426 49 32 +46 8 587 930 20 +41 43 430 4000 +44 207 341 8500

the Americas Brazil +55 11 2122 9000 Chile +56 2 760 4710 Mexico +52 81 1001 7120 USA +1 877 214 1935 Venezuela +58 212 991 9135

Asia China +86 4006 321 006 Hong Kong +852 2111 2370 Japan +81 5722 3050

EF LLS - Online Language Learning for Companies  

trusted by the world

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