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HowNow, Toin Get Rid Of KneeNow, Pain Once in Forest City, NC,And onewith doctor helping Glen Carbon, IL, one doctor is helping local residents kneeispain livelocal moreresidents with knee pain live more active, pain-free lives. active, pain-free lives. For All...Without Drugs, Shots, or Surgery

Living with knee pain can feel like a crippling experience.

DoThan You HaveWhat Anydoes of the BHP XFWFTFFOIVOESFETPG this offer include? Everything I normally do Finally, You Have An Option Other in my “Knee Pain Evaluation�. Just call and here’s what Following Conditions? QFPQMFXJUILOFFQSPCMFNT Drugs or Surgery

you’ll get‌ t"SUISJUJT MFBWFUIFPGýDFQBJOGSFF Now, in Forest City, NC, one doctor is helping local residents New research in a treatment called low level laser t,OFFQBJO An in-depth consultation about your problem where I therapy, or cold laser, is having a profound effect on will listen‌really listen‌to the t$BSUJMBHFEBNBHF *GZPVSFTVGGFSJOHGSPN patients suffering with knee pain. Unlike the cuttingpain-free lives. details of your case. with knee pain live more active, type of laser seen in movies and usedtA#POFPOCPOF in medical UIFTFDPOEJUJPOT BOFX

Let’s face it, your knees aren’t as young as you used to be, and playing with the kids or grandkids isn’t any easier either. Maybe your knee pain keeps you from walking short distances or playing golf like you used to. Nothing’s worse than Have feeling great Do You Anymentally, of thebut physically feeling held back from life because your Following knee hurts and the pain justConditions? won’t go away!

procedures, the cold laser penetrates the surface of the t5FOEPOJUJT BHP XFWFTFFOIVOESFETPG skin with no heating effect or damage.

A complete neuromuscular examination.

Arthritis Knee pain t5FOEPOJUJT Cartilage damage t$SVODIJOHBOEQPQQJOHTPVOET ‘Bone-on-bone’ Tendonitis -JWJOHXJUILOFFQBJODBOGFFMMJLFB Bursitis Tendonitis DSJQQMJOHFYQFSJFODF Crunching and popping sounds

laser therapy to treat their sports-related injuries. These guys use the cold laser for one reason only‌ FMJNJOBUFZPVSQBJOBOEIFMQ

The normal price for this type of evaluation including x-rays is $250, so you’re saving a considerable amount by taking me up on this/FXSFTFBSDIJOBUSFBUNFOU offer.

CSFBLUISPVHIJONFEJDBM A full set of specializedUFDIOPMPHZNBZDPNQMFUFMZ x-rays to determine if arthritis t#VSTJUJT QFPQMFXJUILOFFQSPCMFNT is contributing to your pain. Cold laser therapy has been tested fort5FOEPOJUJT 40 years, had FMJNJOBUFZPVSQBJOBOEIFMQ over 2000 papers published on it, andt$SVODIJOHBOEQPQQJOHTPVOET been shown t"SUISJUJT SFTUPSFOPSNBMGVODUJPOUP My name is Dr. Timothy A. Peck, owner of the Back & MFBWFUIFPGĂ˝DFQBJOGSFF A thorough analysis of your exam and x-ray findings so to aid in damaged tissue regeneration, decrease -JWJOHXJUILOFFQBJODBOGFFMMJLFB ZPVSLOFFT Neck Pain Center. Since we opened fifteen years ago, we can start mapping out your plan to being pain free. t,OFFQBJO inflammation, relieve pain and boost the immune we’ve seen hundreds of people with knee problems DSJQQMJOHFYQFSJFODF system. This means that there is a good chance cold t$BSUJMBHFEBNBHF *GZPVSFTVGGFSJOHGSPN leave the office pain free. hand and find out if this laser therapy could be your knee pain solution, allowing You’ll see everything first Finally, Yousolution, Have Anlike it has amazing treatment will be your pain you to live a more active lifestyle. tA#POFPOCPOF UIFTFDPOEJUJPOT BOFX Option been for so many other patients. Do You Have Any of the Other Than Drugs or t5FOEPOJUJT CSFBLUISPVHIJONFEJDBM Professional athletes like Lance Armstrong and team Following Conditions? You can get everything I’ve listed here for only $29. members of the New England Patriots rely upon cold Surgery t#VSTJUJT UFDIOPMPHZNBZDPNQMFUFMZ Sincerely, HVZTVTFUIFDPMEMBTFSGPSPOFSFBTPO DBMMFEMPXMFWFMMBTFSUIFSBQZ PSDPME POMZy Remember what it was like before you had knee Dr. Timothy A. Peck D.C. MBTFS JTIBWJOHBQSPGPVOEFGGFDUPO problems. When you were pain free and could enjoy everything life had to offer. It can be that way again. QBUJFOUTTVGGFSJOHXJUILOFFQBJO6OMJLF It Promotes Rapid Healing P.S. Now you might be wondering‌ Before the FDA would clear the cold laser for human Don’t neglect your problem any longer – don’t wait UIFDVUUJOHUZQFPGMBTFSTFFOJONPWJFT Of The Injured Tissues. use, they wanted to see proof that it worked. This lead until it’s too late. Finally, You Have An “Is this safe? Are there any side effects or BOEVTFEJONFEJDBMQSPDFEVSFT UIFDPME to two landmark studies. dangers to this?â€? MBTFSQFOFUSBUFTUIFTVSGBDFPGUIFTLJO #FGPSFUIF'%"XPVMEDMFBSUIFDPMEMBTFS Option Here’s what to do now: The first study showed that patients who had cold laser XJUIOPIFBUJOHFGGFDUPSEBNBHFThe FDA cleared GPSIVNBOVTF UIFZXBOUFEUPTFFQSPPG the first cold laser in 2002. This was Other or therapy Than had 53%Drugs better improvement than those who Due to the expected demand for this special offer, I after their study found 76% improvement in patients -FUTGBDFJU ZPVSLOFFTBSFOUBTZPVOH UIBUJUXPSLFE5IJTMFBEUPUXPMBOENBSL had a placebo. The second study showed patients who urge you to call our office at once. The phone number is with carpal tunnel syndrome. Their only warning Surgery used the laser therapy had less pain and more range of BTZPVVTFEUPCF BOEQMBZJOHXJUIUIF $PMEMBTFSUIFSBQZIBTCFFOUFTUFE TUVEJFT 618-692-9100. – don’t shine it in your eyes. motion days after treatment. If the cold laser can help LJETPSHSBOELJETJTOUBOZFBTJFSFJUIFS GPSZFBST IBEPWFSQBQFST these patients, it can help you too. Call today and we can get started with your consult, Of course at5IFĂ˝STUTUVEZTIPXFEUIBUQBUJFOUT our office, the laser is never anywhere QVCMJTIFEPOJU BOECFFOTIPXOUPBJEJO /FXSFTFBSDIJOBUSFBUNFOU.BZCFZPVSLOFFQBJOLFFQTZPVGSPN HVZTVTFUIFDPMEMBTFSGPSPOFSFBTPO exam and x-rays as soon as there’s an opening in the near your eyes and we’ll give you a comfortable pair of XBMLJOHTIPSUEJTUBODFTPSQMBZJOHHPMG EBNBHFEUJTTVFSFHFOFSBUJPO EFDSFBTF Could This Non-Invasive, schedule. Our office is called Back & Neck Pain Center goggles for XIPIBEDPMEMBTFSUIFSBQZIBE DBMMFEMPXMFWFMMBTFSUIFSBQZ PSDPME safety. POMZy Natural Treatment Be The Answer MJLFZPVVTFEUP CFUUFSJNQSPWFNFOUUIBOUIPTFXIPIBE and you can find us at 7JOĂžBNNBUJPO SFMJFWFQBJOBOECPPTUUIF Junction Dr. (In front of Glen MBTFS JTIBWJOHBQSPGPVOEFGGFDUPO Carbon Wal-Mart). TellJNNVOFTZTUFN5IJTNFBOTUIBUUIFSFJT the receptionist you’d To Your Knee Pain? Don’t wait and let your knee problems get worse, BQMBDFCP5IFTFDPOETUVEZTIPXFE like to come in for the Knee Evaluation. disabling you for life. Take me up on my offer and call QBUJFOUTTVGGFSJOHXJUILOFFQBJO6OMJLF It Promotes Rapid Healing /PUIJOHTXPSTFUIBOGFFMJOHHSFBU BHPPEDIBODFDPMEMBTFSUIFSBQZDPVMECF QBUJFOUTXIPVTFEUIFMBTFSUIFSBQZIBE For 10 days only, I’m running a very special offer today 618-692-9100. NFOUBMMZ CVUQIZTJDBMMZGFFMJOHIFME ZPVSLOFFQBJOTPMVUJPO BMMPXJOHZPVUP MFTTQBJOBOENPSFSBOHFPGNPUJPOEBZT where you can find out if you are a candidate for cold UIFDVUUJOHUZQFPGMBTFSTFFOJONPWJFT Of The Injured Tissues. laser therapy. CBDLGSPNMJGFCFDBVTFZPVSLOFFIVSUT MJWFBNPSFBDUJWFMJGFTUZMF BGUFSUSFBUNFOU*GUIFDPMEMBTFSDBOIFMQ BOEVTFEJONFEJDBMQSPDFEVSFT UIFDPME BOEUIFQBJOKVTUXPOUHPBXBZ UIFTFQBUJFOUT JUDBOIFMQZPVUPP MBTFSQFOFUSBUFTUIFTVSGBDFPGUIFTLJO #FGPSFUIF'%"XPVMEDMFBSUIFDPMEMBTFS 1SPGFTTJPOBMBUIMFUFTMJLF-BODF"SNTUSPOH If you’re suffering from these conditions, a new .ZOBNFJT%S4BSBI.FSSJTPO BOEUFBNNFNCFSTPGUIF/FX&OHMBOE Could This Non-Invasive, XJUIOPIFBUJOHFGGFDUPSEBNBHF GPSIVNBOVTF UIFZXBOUFEUPTFFQSPPG breakthrough in medical technology may completely 7 Junction Drive, Glen Carbon, .D&OUJSF PXOFSPG$BSPMJOB$IJSPQSBDUJD 1BUSJPUTSFMZVQPODPMEMBTFSUIFSBQZUP Natural Treatment Be TheIL Answer eliminate your pain and help restore normal function to -FUTGBDFJU ZPVSLOFFTBSFOUBTZPVOH UIBUJUXPSLFE5IJTMFBEUPUXPMBOENBSL 1MVT4JODFXFPQFOFEGPVSUFFOZFBST USFBUUIFJSTQPSUTSFMBUFEJOKVSJFT5IFTF To Your Knee Pain? your knees.

SFTUPSFOPSNBMGVODUJPOUP It Promotes Rapid Healing Of The Injured Tissues. ZPVSLOFFT



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How to get rid of knee pain  
How to get rid of knee pain  

How to get rid of knee pain once and for all without drugs, shots or surgery.