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Seniors advised to protect their identities

By NORMA MENDOZA Of the Intelligencer

One of the fastest growing crimes in the nation is identity theft; some 9 million people in the United States fall victim to it every year. One of the ways identity thieves gain access to your identity is through your Social Security number. Once they get it, they can use it to apply for credit or a loan in your name. You may not realize you are a victim until you are contacted by a collection agency. It’s a good idea to check your bank balance often and to obtain the free credit reports available from www. which furnishes a free annual report from each of the three credit reporting agencies. You can also contact each one by telephone: TransUnion at 800-680-7289; Equifax at 888-766-0008; and Experian at 888-3973742. Your Social Security number is intend-

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ed to be confidential, but it is required in so many instances today that it is wise to guard it carefully. It was first used by the Social Security Administration in 1936 to keep records of workers’ earnings, but its use has grown steadily since then and it is now required on federal tax returns, employee records, medical records and property records. Educational institutions use it to track students and banks require it to open an account or get a loan. Its widespread use is all the more reason to carefully guard yours and only give it out when it is absolutely necessary. Don’t make a habit of carrying your Social Security card or anything else that includes the number. Keep it in a safe place at home. Don’t print it on your checks or your driver’s license or any other form of identification. Another thing to guard carefully is the PIN you use to access your bank account or the ATM. Identity thieves

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strike gold—yours—if they can steal this information. Don’t write it in your checkbook or on a slip of paper. This is something you need to commit to memory. Be careful how you dispose of any material that might include your Social Security number or financial information. Thieves are not above rummaging through your trash, that in the waste can next to the ATM, or the public dump to get personal data. Invest in a shredder where you can safely dispose of important information. Many credit card companies solicit your business by sending you blank checks in the mail. When you cash one of these checks, you automatically owe the credit card company that amount of money. Don’t throw these away carelessly—they have your name and account number and anyone could write a check that you would be responsible for. Shred them. See "THEFT" on Page 3

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Theft Continued from Page 2 You probably should memorize the passwords required to access certain Websites such as your online banking account. But, more and more Websites demand a password before you can access the page and it’s hard to keep all of them straight. It’s tempting to use the same easyto-remember password for all these sites, but don’t do it. Any Website that deals with your financial accounts should have a separate and unique password. Many banks and Internet service providers now require you to change your password every six months or oftener. In selecting a password, use a combination of letters and numbers that would be hard to guess. Don’t use a password that would be easy to guess such as your birthday, address number, or names of relatives. Hackers can gain access to your e-mail account, so never put passwords or financial information into an e-mail. The Internet has spawned a new kind of “phish.” Phishing is the term applied to scam artists who pretend to be your bank or some other entity that you would normally trust in an effort to get you to furnish personal information. You may get an e-mail presumably notifying you that you need to update your information. Don’t fall for this. If you click on the link in the e-mail, you may be led to a Web page that looks it is legitimate, but don’t fall for it.

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Your bank will never ask you for your account number or other personal information in an e-mail. If you need to contact your bank, use the bank’s Web address or call it directly. Anyone who has an e-mail account has at some time received mail from a purported foreign government official who has been deposed, but escaped with a fortune. Or maybe from a dethroned prince who needs to get his money out of the country. The writer asks for your help in return for a percentage of the wealth, usually quite a large amount. Don’t fall for this. They will ask you for your bank account number so they can deposit the money there, but instead they will use it to drain your account. Sometimes they ask for upfront money before they can wire you the money. Ignore this type of request, it is always a scam. The Social Security Administration warns that it cannot solve problems created by someone misusing your Social Security number or other personal information. The administration advises you to contact the Federal Trade Commission at or call 877-IDTHEFT (877-438-4338). The government also provides the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at for reporting suspected criminal or civil violations. IC3 provides a central reporting mechanism for complaints involving Internet related crimes. Every complaint is sent to one or more regulatory or law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction over the matter. IC3 is a partnership between the FBI, the National White Collar Crime Center and the Bureau of Justice Assistance.


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Page 4 – July 24, 2010 MATURE LIFESTYLES

Telemarketers have their targets By NORMA MENDOZA Of the Intelligencer

Telemarketing calls can be more than just an annoyance. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) states that Americans lose more than $40 billion a year to telemarketing fraud. To help consumers protect themselves, the FTC has set up the national Do Not Call Registry to help you stop getting unwanted telemarketing calls. To register, call 1-888-382-1222 or visit on the Web. You must call from the telephone you wish to register. Both home telephones and cell phones may be listed. Do Not Call registrations are now permanent until you request to be withdrawn from the registry. If you previously registered for a five-year term, your numbers will continue to be registered at the end of that term. Note that the registry does not include calls for which you have given prior written permission. It does not include calls from organizations with which you have established a business relationship, non-commercial calls or ones that do not include unsolicited advertisements or calls on behalf of tax-exempt non-profit organizations. Telemarketers are legally required to check the registry every 30 days and delete any new numbers from their marketing lists.

As of mid-2008, the Do Not Call Registry had registered more than 157 million telephone numbers. The FTC set up a Telemarketing Sales Rule to protect you from deceptive sales practices by telemarketers. These rules must be heeded by telemarketers. The following rules protect consumers in several ways: • Calling hours are restricted to between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.; • It is illegal for telemarketers to lie about their services or goods, earnings potential, profitability, risk or liquidity of an investment, or the nature of a prize in a prize promotional scheme; • Before you pay the telemarketer must tell you the total cost of the goods they are selling, any restrictions on getting or using them and whether a sale is final or non-refundable. In a prize promotion, they must tell you the odds of winning and that no purchase or payment is necessary to win. They must inform you of any restrictions or conditions of receiving the prize; • It is illegal for a telemarketer to withdraw money from your checking account without your express and verifiable authorization; • Telemarketers may not lie to you to get you pay no matter what method of payment you choose; See "SCAMS" on Page 5

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July 24, 2010 MATURE LIFESTYLES – Page 5

Scams Continued from Page 4 • You do not have to pay for credit repair, recovery or credit services until these services have been delivered; The telemarketing caller may tell you that you have won a big prize or try to sell you something they say you cannot do without. They try to sell you sweepstake tickets to a game that doesn’t exist or say you have won a marvelous vacation package. The catch here is you have to put money up front that is probably non-refundable and maybe the vacation package offer is just a scam. The economic turndown has only spurred specious telemarketers on to try to take advantage of your uncertainty and vulnerability. The FTC warns the American public to be wary of telemarketing calls that offer sales pitches that seem too good to be true. Don’t be fooled by these offers. A popular ruse among dishonest telemarketers is the offer of credit card protection loss insurance. One woman was told that the law limiting liability to $50 for unauthorized charges had been changed and that she would now be

liable for all charges to her account. Not so, the FTC warns. The so-called credit card protection loss insurance is worthless and the scam telemarketer is only trying to get your payment. Don’t fall for it. The $50 liability law is still in force and your credit card company has a procedure for you to dispute any charges you didn’t authorize. Further, FTC warns you not to do business with callers who claim that: • You are liable for more than $50 in unauthorized charges; • You need this credit card loss protection because computer hackers can access your account number and charge even thousands of dollars to your credit card account before you realize they have it; • A computer bug could make it easy for these thieves to put unauthorized charges onto your credit card, or • Say they are from your credit card company’s security department and need you to activate the loss protection feature on your account. FTC warns consumers not to give any personal information, including your credit card or bank account numbers over the telephone or online unless you are familiar with the business that is asking for it. Scam artists can use

Weber & Rodney

this personal information for fraudulent purposes such as identity theft. In this uncertain economic time, an offer to lend you money to pay off your bills or for a price they say they will issue you a credit card that you have been unable to obtain. These advancefee loans are likely to be granted if you pay the fee, but at a very high rate of interest. Or, they may simply take your money and you won’t hear from them again. If the offer of credit or a loan is legitimate, you won’t be asked to pay a fee up front. A legitimate lender might ask you to pay an appraisal fee or credit report fees, but these are seldom required until the loan application process is completed. The FTC warns: • Don’t pay for a promise. It is illegal for companies doing business by telephone to promise you a loan and then demand that you pay for it before they deliver; • Ignore any advertisement or hang up on any caller that guarantees a loan for an advance fee. Legitimate lenders won’t guarantee your loan or say that you will receive a loan before you apply, especially if you have bad credit or no credit record at all; See "SCAMS" on Page 8


Over the years we have gained a lot of experience serving families at their time of need. We have found that our families have a strong desire to ensure that funeral services truly reflect the personality of the loved one whose life they are celebrating. To meet this desire, we focus on assisting families in planning a highly personalized and meaningful service. We provide many options to help you personalize each service - making it as unique as the individual

Here are some ideas to plan a personalized funeral when commemorating the life of a loved one. • Memorial Folders • Picture Boards • Celebration of Life Videos • Special Music Arrangements

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Page 6 – July 24, 2010 MATURE LIFESTYLES

Edwardsville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is pleased to announce the addition of new Medical Staff! Joining our outstanding team of caring professionals is Dr. Haresh Motwani, who is a General Practitioner, and Dr. Craig Beyer, who is an Orthopedic Surgeon. Dr. Haresh Motwani is on Staff at Anderson Hospital in Maryville. He is also part of their urgent care center. Dr. Motwani has a private practice, which is located in the Physicians Office Building of Anderson Hospital. He practices Family Medicine. Dr. Motwani is a graduate of the University of West Indies, Barbados and completed his residency in Family Medicine at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. Dr. Motwani joins the team of Edwardsville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center as our Medical Director.

is in practice at Illinois Southwest Orthopedics, LTD in Glen Carbon. Dr Beyer is affiliated with Gateway Hospital, Anderson Hospital, Hillsboro Hospital, Edwardsville Ambulatory Surgery Center and Community Memorial Hospital in Staunton. Dr. Beyer completed his undergraduate degree at St. Thomas College in St. Paul, MN. He continued on to the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University of Chicago and completed his Residency in Orthopedic Surgery at the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine in Rochester, MN. Dr. Beyer is a Fellow of American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons and an Examiner for The American Board of Orthopedic Surgery, Inc. Dr. Beyer joins the team of Edwardsville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center as our Rehabilitation Consultant.

In addition to our new Medical Staff, Edwardville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is also making some exciting changes in the appearance of our building. We recently opened our newly renovated Therapy Room, and are proud to offer the latest in Rehabilitative Equipment. As always, Edwardsville Nursing and Rehabilitation Center employs our own Therapists. We do not contract out this service. This means that therapy participants will see the same Therapists at each visit! This continuity of care is important for rehabilitative progress and helps us to offer therapy services to a wider variety of patients. We welcome you to tour our facility any day of the week! We are also available for any questions that you may have. Please stop by or call anytime!

Dr. Craig Beyer, Orthopedic Surgeon

Get back to your LIFE... with

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Page 8 – July 24, 2010 MATURE LIFESTYLES

Scams Continued from Page 5 • Never give your credit card or bank account numbers or your Social Security number over the telephone unless you are familiar with the company and know why they need the information. Another scam involves international lottery schemes. You are told you could receive a check for up to $400,000 in U.S. cash in one lump sum and it’s tax free. They tell you the odds are one in six that you will win it. Don’t buy into this scheme because it is a fraud. First, it is illegal for U.S. citizens to enter foreign sweepstakes or lotteries over the telephone or the Internet or by direct mail. Still they try to lure you into buying chance in a high-stakes foreign lottery, often from as far away as Europe or Australia. The FTC warns that if you buy just one ticket, you will open the door for many more bogus offers for lotteries or investment opportunities. Your name will be added to “sucker lists” that fraudulent telemarketers buy and sell. These sucker lists include names, addresses and telephone numbers and

even how much money you have spent on telemarketing scams in the past. Unscrupulous telemarketers figure that if you have been deceived once you are easy prey for another scam. The FTC has been effective stopping many fraudulent telemarketing operations. It stopped a Canadian group that claimed to represent U.S. banks or the U.S. government and said that for a fee of $99 they could put people on the Do Not Call Registry and would send a call-blocking device to attach to the telephone. This group also claimed to shield the consumer’s bank account from unauthorized withdrawals. Another FTC action resulted in the liquidation of an Arizona telemarketing operation that was offering to sell household items such as light bulbs and trash bags at exorbitant prices. This operation targeted seniors, making multiple calls and billing them for goods they never received. In a separate action, the FTC reports that it halted illegal telemarketers working for a seller of prescription drug discount cards, dental discount cards, health-related discount cards and an online medical referral service. The telemarketer was also stopped; they had been calling people who had listed their numbers on the Do Not Call Registry. In

a civil suit, the defendants agreed to pay $350,000 in civil penalties. Some telemarketers use annoying robocalls with a recorded message. The FTC reports that in six actions filed against robocall telemarketers, the judgments required payments of more than $9.4 million in the past six years. The FTC offers these tips to help you learn how to spot the calls that may be fraudulent: • Say no to high-pressure sales tactics. Legitimate businesses respect the fact that you are not interested; • Tell the caller if you don’t want to hear from them again. If they call back, they’re breaking the law. You can feel comfortable hanging up on them; • Take your time when you are presented with a sales “opportunity.” Ask for written information about the product, service or investment opportunity, or charity that’s being pitched. Don’t talk with a salesperson if it isn’t convenient for you. A reputable salesperson should be willing to call you back at a time you choose; • Talk to a friend, relative or an investment advisor before you respond to a cold call. Any investment you make may have serious financial consequences for you and the people you care about; See "SCAMS" on Page 9

Caring compassionately for aging and disabled people since 1985

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Are you feeling as great as you would like? Do you have stiffness and pain that keeps you from enjoying life? Is your balance less than it should be? Many older people, and even those as young as 45 or 50 years old, say “I’m just getting old” or “I have arthritis, I just have to live with it.” We all desire, as we age, to live in our homes, remain independent, and be able to enjoy life with a good mind and a body that will allow us to do the activities we want to do. Staying active physically, mentally and socially are key factors in maintaining the life style you want to enjoy. Chiropractic attempts to improve and to restore normal function and mobility of the spine, hips, knees, and shoulders. In doing so, the pain and stiffness are many times alleviated and an enhanced quality of life is once again enjoyed when no help was thought to be available, except to take drugs, which is not always the best choice. Don’t put off until tomorrow what your body needs today. Call (618) 656-0178

July 24, 2010 MATURE LIFESTYLES – Page 9

Scams Continued from Page 8 Hang up if you’re asked to pay for a prize. Free is free; • Don’t send money—cash, check or money order—by courier, overnight delivery, or wire to anyone who insists on immediate payment; • Keep information about your bank accounts and credit cards to yourself—unless you know who you are dealing with; • Hang up if a telemarketer calls before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m. That’s a tip-off to a rip-off; • Check out the company with your state and local consumer protection office before you buy any product or service or

donate money; • If you suspect a scam, call your state attorney general. In Illinois, call the Illinois Office of the Attorney General, Consumer Fraud Bureau, at 500 South Second Street, Springfield, IL. The toll-free number is 1-800-386-5438 or visit The attorney general maintains a MetroEast Regional Office at 201 West Pointe Street, Suite 7, in Belleville, telephone 618-236-8616. The Federal Communications Commission provides a way to file a complaint about telemarketing calls that are suspicious or repeated. Keep a record of the telemarketing calls that you receive. Ask the caller for the name of the company sponsoring the call. To file a complaint, e-mail fccinfo@fcc.

gov or call 1-800-CALL FCC. Include your name, address and the home number where you received the call. Include the identity of the company and the product advertised or sold and any telephone numbers included in the call. Furnish a description of the call and any telephone number provided for you to opt out of future calls. Tell the FCC whether you or anyone in your household gave express prior permission to call and whether you have an existing business relationship with the company that called (could be the purchase of goods or services, an inquiry you made, or an application that you filed with the said company) before receiving the call. For more information, visit the Web site of the FTC or the FCC at or

Main Street Community Center a great resource Established in 1974, the Main Street Community Center is a private non-sectarian, non-profit senior citizens services agency. It draws financial and non-financial support from participants, individuals, businesses, service contracts, community groups, and the United Way. The Center provided services to over 1,200 seniors

in the project area during the calender year. The center is located in downtown Edwardsville at 1003 North Main Street. Volunteers help through such activities as participant fund raising efforts, public relations, participant recruitment programs, advocacy for clients, and provision of direct service. Most programs

at the center operate with some volunteer assistance. Center staff can assess the needs of older individuals, provide information about the opportunities and services available within the community, and assist such individuals in utilizing opportunities and services.

Residents of Southwestern Illinois there is one number to call for Answers on Aging Issues in Southwestern Illinois


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Page 10 – July 24, 2010 MATURE LIFESTYLES

The importance of keeping your body in balance By ANITA REISING

Are you to stiff and achy to move? Is it arthritis, degenerative joint disease, “just getting old,” as I have heard many times, or could it be that there could be another reason you are “getting old” before your time? We were created with balanced body chemistry, though slightly alkaline. An infant is highly alkaline, an 80-year-old is highly acidic. What we eat, mostly a poor diet, medicines one takes, stress and dehydration are just a few of the causes of our body’s becoming acidic. Any form of poor health indicates a disturbed case of body chemistry, generally, a more acidic state. The ideal body pH is between 7.35 and 7.45. The body will always try to maintain a homeostasis of the blood, pH, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the body tissues are within a good pH range. Here are some reasons for this achy, stiff feeling and ways you can feel better: • As we age, we become more acidic and build up more acid waste. A poor diet is the primary cause. Look at what you had to eat and drink today. Do you eat as healthful diet as you did when you were younger? Do you eat as many raw fruits and vegetables? Do you eat more packaged foods? As an infant and young person the diets tend to be more wholesome for most children, parents pushing those vegetables

on their children. Youngsters don’t drink soda, coffee or any alcohol. You are probably eating more acidic and acid forming foods than alkaline foods. Did you have cereal for breakfast this morning, which is becoming the American breakfast, if one even eats breakfast? Adult illnesses are surfacing in our young people today. Fast food diets are a big contributor to this. Commercially processed foods are highly acidic: meats, especially processed meats, cheeses, crackers, cookies, cereals, past, sugars – most natural and artificial. • Dehydration is another cause of acidic waste build up. The majority of people are dehydrated, estimated at 7 out of 10. With dehydration comes a myriad of symptoms and illnesses. We need water for the body to function optimally. We need water for the brain and memory function, blood formation, healthy discs, skin, bowel functions, cleansing the body of waste to name a few. Dehydration is a major cause of strokes also. Many older people are on diuretics (water pills) to eliminate water from the body. IN addition, water is withheld in some elderly people for medical reasons. Older adults sometimes do not want to drink water so that they don’t have to use the bathroom as often, either because of trouble getting up and getting there (on time) or so one does not have to get up through the night. Remember, I said an 80-year-old is highly acidic. See "BALANCE" on Page 11


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Balance Continued from Page 10 • Prescription medicines also make a person’s body acidic. Harmful pathogens in the body can only survive in an acid environment. Antacids are no the answer to neutralizing this acid. Stomach acid is absolutely essential for digestion. Many people take some prescription antacid stomach medicine, in some cases when the stomach problem is a direct result of what is being taken. These meds and antacids decrease essential acid decreasing our stomach’s ability to digest foods causing poor digestion and, therefore, the symptoms of acid indigestion. Older people no longer secrete enough stomach acid to digest their food and actually need to supplement the stomach acid. • According to Devin Mikles, M.D., when acid waste toxins settle in the tissue, muscles and joints, stiffness results. Most people believe muscle and joint stiffness, aches and pain are inevitable as they age. Eating more vegetables and fruits and going lightly on the meats and grains will help maintain a more alkaline state. Even some fruits and vegetables which many people believe are acidic become alkaline when metabolized. • Cod liver oil was used years ago for arthritis, but who wants to drink that stuff? Then along came aspirin, cortisone and ibuprofen. Yes, these all help the pain and inflammation of arthritis, but over a long period of time, degrade joints and may cause bleeding ulcers. Tylenol is only a pain reliever and will not reduce the inflam-

matory process. Scientists at Cardiff University (Wales, U.K.) have confirmed what thousands of people with osteoarthritis have believed for years. Cod liver oil is effective in treating joint pain and can slow the destruction of joint cartilage. The omega-3 fish oils have become the big ticket item lately. These help reduce inflammatory processes in the body, thereby reducing the aches and pains of arthritis. There is now even lemon flavored omega-3 oil. The omega-3 oils also help reduce cholesterol, aid in slowing the degenerative processes or other conditions and now even being recommended for certain eye conditions. • Get up and get going! It’s never too late to start. Adults need two to two-and-a-half hours a week of walking, riding a bicycle, gardening, yard work and best yet is dancing. Activity improves balance, helps the heart, brain and memory, decreases stress, builds strong bonds, increases endorphins (the body’s own “feel good” hormones) and lowers the risk of stroke. Even if you are chair bound, exercising arms and legs while you sit will benefit you. Exercise is also helpful in reducing the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and certain cancers. So, eat a good diet – virtually nothing that comes in a box or plastic. Eat live foods to be alive (I always tell my patients to eat foods as close to the way God made them). Exercise and stay socially active. This information is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be medical advice. Before starting any exercise or diet program, you should consult your general physician. If you would like any further information or have any questions, please feel free to call 656-0178.

Page 12 – July 24, 2010 MATURE LIFESTYLES

When you arrange at Sunset Hill Funeral Home in Glen Carbon, you automatically become a Sunset Hill Family Member. This membership entitles you to a $500 discount on selected funeral services plus an additional $500 if you choose to be buried at Sunset Hill. For more information regarding this offer or any other questions you may have, please contact Sunset Hill Funeral Home and one of our friendly funeral professionals will be glad to assist you. Owne� & Operated �� �e Herr F�mil�

Ph: 618-656-3220

July 24, 2010 MATURE LIFESTYLES – Page 13

“There’s so muc h to do here!” - Bob Crawley , M eridian Village Resident

Whether he’s out cycling or just enjoying his morning paper, Bob Crawley is a guy who likes to stay busy. That’s why he chose Meridian Village — this senior living community offers enough clubs, day trips, and activities to keep even Bob busy, and he enjoys relaxing in his spacious apartment at the end of the day.

Call today to learn about our free move-in services and ways to save money now!


Sherwood floor plan now available!

27 Auerbach Place ph 618.288.3700

Glen Carbon, IL 62034

Our communities serve older adults of all faiths, regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, age or handicap, except as limited by state and federal law.

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Happy memories or household hazards? By Home Instead Senior Care Clutter is a problem all too familiar to caregivers. The issue is not unique to seniors, but some age-related conditions, such as strokes or dementia, may make that worse.  An accumulation of daily junk mail, bills, newspapers and magazines can quickly overwhelm seniors who are struggling physically, mentally or emotionally.   Experts say even seniors who simply don’t know how to part with their possessions are vulnerable.  The risks are many from slipping on loose papers to the threat of fire to mold and mildew.  Clutter can also interfere with family relationships.  And that may leave adult children wondering if the only inheritance awaiting them is a big mess.  Cluttering – for those with this tendency – probably has been happening for years.  A ‘trigger episode’ such as going into a wheelchair or a health issue could worsen the problem.  That’s according to Kit Anderson, president of the non-profit National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization and a professional organizer.    While the source of clutter can be anything from outdated medications to a kitchen full of unused pots and pans, paper is the biggest clutter culprit, Anderson said.  Following are 10 reasons why seniors might hang on to stuff and what to do about it: 

1. The sentimental attachment.  That prom dress represents the history and memories of the event; it’s not the dress itself.  Save only a piece of the dress to make a quilt or display in a shadow box.    2.  The sense of loyalty.  Older adults who’ve received gifts from family and friends may be reluctant to part with them.  Encourage your loved one to give unused gifts back to the giver or grandchildren.   3.  The need to conserve.  Seniors are the original green people.  Appeal to a senior’s desire to help others. “You went through the Great Depression, now it’s time for you to let go and help someone else.”   4.  The fatigue.  A home with a lifetime of memories can easily become too much for an older adult to handle.  Help seniors manage clutter by establishing online bill paying.    5.  The change in health.  Seniors who have suffered a health episode may no longer be able to manage household duties.  That could contribute to clutter.  If you see a health change, encourage your senior to visit the doctor.  Consider a professional organizer and caregiver to help your loved one. 6.  The fear.  Seniors often fear what will happen if they give up their stuff, like the older adult who saved three generations of bank statements.  Use logic and information to help seniors understand it’s O.K. to let go.  See "HAZARDS" on Page 15  

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Hazards Continued from Page 14 7.  The dream of the future.  Those clothes in the closet don’t fit anymore, but your loved one is sure that some day she’ll lose enough weight to get into them.  Ask seniors to fill a box with clothing they don’t wear much and make a list of the items in the box.  Agree that if they have not gone back to the box in six months to wear the item, they will donate that to charity.  8.  The love of shopping.  Today’s seniors have more money than any other previous generation of older adults and they love to shop.  Clutter can become so bad seniors can’t find things so they buy them again.  That just contributes to the clutter cycle.    9.  The history and memories.  Keepsakes represent history and memories.  Encourage seniors to take old photos to a family reunion and share with several generations.    10.  The loneliness.  Stuff can become a misplaced companion.  Loneliness may also lead to depression, which makes it difficult for seniors to get organized.  Consider the services of a professional organizer and caregiver.  For more information, go to the National Association of Professional Organizers at or visit  “Clutter is sort of the elephant in the room,” says Dr. Catherine Roster, a University of New Mexico clutter researcher.  People don’t want to acknowledge there is a problem, which creates anxiety, stress, guilt or embarrassment.   The Home Instead Senior Care network is alerting family caregivers to watch for the signs in a senior’s home that indicate clutter creep could become a problem.  Those signs include:  1.  Piles of mail and unpaid bills. 2.  Difficulty walking safely through a home. 3.  Frustration trying to organize.

4. Difficulty managing activities of daily living. 5.  Expired food in the refrigerator. 6.  Jammed closets and drawers. 7.  Compulsive shopping. 8.  Difficulty deciding whether to discard items. 9.  A health episode such as a stroke or dementia. 10.  Loneliness.  Family caregivers can become just as overwhelmed as seniors.  We suggest a three-step plan where the family caregiver brings three bins -- one for the stuff the senior wants to keep, one for donations and the other for trash.  Sometimes seniors just need a little help.  Convincing them to let go can be another challenge.  Following are some suggestions on how to do that:  1.  Arrange and cheer small victories.  Suppose you spend a short time helping your loved one clear off a table.  Celebrate the accomplishment together.  2.  Conduct an “experiment.”  If your loved one has 150 empty margarine tub containers, suggest donating 15 of those to a school for a painting project.  Allow some time to go by and ask how she felt giving those up.  Chances are she won’t feel as awful as suspected.  3.  Gently approach the idea of health and safety.  Remind your loved ones that too much clutter can actually keep them from being safe in their homes.  That could jeopardize their ability to stay at home.  They could trip over papers on the floor or lose bills and medications.  4.  Draft an agreement.  Agree to box up unused clothing or tools.  Carefully list what’s in the box and track that for six months.  If your loved one does not use the items in that time, suggest they donate them to a charity.  5.  Consider the control issue.  Clutter is all about control, but so is being the one to decide where stuff goes.  Remind your loved ones if they don’t decide where something will go, someone else will.  Reprinted with permission from Home Instead Senior Care.

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Personal Documents List It may be helpful for your elder and/or you to compile an inventory that lists important legal and financial matters. The location of the records should also be included. Item: Birth Certificate Citizenship PapersPassport Passport Social Security Card Medicare Card Medical Assistance Card Health Insurance Policy and Card Disability Insurance Policy Safe Deposit Box Key(s) and Bank Name Checkbook Bank Books Income Tax Returns Home Insurance Policy Will Living Will/Advanced Directives Durable Power of Attorney Health Care Directives Pension and Retirement Information Marriage License Divorce/Separation Decrees Mility Records Property Deeds and Titles Mortgage Auto Title(s) Registration Auto Insurance Policy Lettter of Instruction in Case of Death Funeral Instructions Burial Property Certificate


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Understanding the "40-70" rule By HOME INSTEAD HEALTH CARE The problems of aging often leave family caregivers and their senior parents speechless. What does an adult daughter say to her dad when he’s hit a light pole with the car? How does a grown son ask his mom if she’s taking her medications like she should? How does a widow explain to her children that she needs help around the house without losing more of her independence? Many of us have faced such questions. Sensitive issues like these prompted Home Instead Senior Care, a company that specializes in non-medical in home care for seniors to launch a public-education campaign designed to help family caregivers and seniors bridge the communication gap when it comes to discussing sensitive subjects. The campaign is based on original research conducted in the U.S. and Canada by Home Instead Senior Care. Surprisingly, this research revealed that nearly one-third of adults in the U.S. have a major communication obstacle with their parents that stems from continuation of the parent-child role. In other words, it can be difficult to get the conversation going because seniors are still treating their adult offspring like children. More generally, this Home Instead Senior Care survey found that Boomers have the most difficulty talking with their parents about independence issues, such as continuing to live in their own

homes. Their parents’ desire to remain independent makes it challenging to address such sensitive issues as health (28 percent) and money (21 percent). Moreover, the fact that many of these families are still in a parent-child rather than a peer-to-peer role makes the conversations even more difficult. Consequently, we’ve seen this lack of communication lead to problems such as misuse of medications, selfneglect—even accidents. Because of this obstacle, both adult children as well as their senior parents may wait until an emergency before talking. The 40-70 Rule means that if you are 40, or your parents are 70, it’s time to start the conversation about some of these difficult topics. Likewise, there are many topics that seniors themselves should begin discussing with their children when they are 70. At the center of the 40-70 campaign is a guide of conversation starters for sensitive senior-care subjects. This guide was compiled with the assistance of Dr. Jake Harwood, national author and communication professor from the University of Arizona. Here’s an example from the guide: Your 70-year-old widowed mother has just been diagnosed with macular degeneration, a disease that causes deterioration of eyesight. How do you begin a conversation with her about the possible ramifications of this disease on her life? See "RULE" on Page 19

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Rule Continued from Page 18 The re s p o n s e : M a n y s e n i o r s i n t h i s s i t u a t i o n might begin the conversation with family themselves. If not, the n t h i n k a b o u t h e r p e r s o n a l c i rc u m s t a n ces and importa n t a re a s t o a d d re s s . For e x a m p l e , i f y o u r m o t h e r l i v e s i n a re m o te area, transpor t a t i o n i s p ro b a b l y t h e m o s t i m m e d i a t e issue. Then ap p ro a c h t h e c o n v e r s a t i o n w i t h t h e g o a l o f trying to resolv e t h i s o n e s i t u a t i o n , r a t h e r t h a n d e a l i ng with multiple i s s u e s s i m u l t a n e o u s l y. Timing i s t h e k e y ; g i v e y o u r s e l f a n d y o u r p a rent time to think a b o u t t h e s u b j e c t a t h a n d . For in s t a n c e , y o u r m o m w o u l d l i k e l y b e receptive to a con v e r s a t i o n t h a t b e g i n s l i k e m t h i s : “ L e t ’ s figure out a pl a n f o r h o w y o u c a n g e t a ro u n d t o w n i f you no longer f e e l s a f e d r i v i n g . ” Isn’t t h i s g re a t p r a c t i c a l a d v i c e ? J u s t m a k e sure to b roach t h e s e c o n v e r s a t i o n s w i t h c a re . And it ’ s c ru c i a l t o b e g i n s u c h d i s c u s s i o n s a ssuming “if” rath e r t h a n “ w h e n . ” In oth e r w o rd s , i n a c a s e s u c h a s t h i s o n e , re member that ma n y o l d e r a d u l t s c a n c o n t i n u e t o d r i v e safely as they a g e . S o t h e a m o u n t o f d i s c u s s i o n t h a t occurs should b e p re d i c a t e d u p o n t h e s e n i o r ’ s p e r s o nal circumstan c e s . D e t e r m i n e f i r s t a n d f o re m o s t i f a ny driving- rela t e d c h a n g e s w i l l b e m a d e . Here’s a n e x a m p l e f ro m t h e s e n i o r p e r s p e c tive: At age 70, y o u k n o w y o u n e e d t o s t a r t t h i n k i n g about end-of-l i f e i s s u e s . Yo u r c h i l d re n s a y y o u ’ re y o ung yet

and keep putting off the subject. How do you begin a serious discussion that your kids can’t ignore? The response: Remember, when it comes to end-oflife issues, you’re th key person! These are primarily your decisions and so you can go ahead and think about them without input from anybody. There are many resources that could help you put together something like a living will or advance direc tive. You can produce it and give it to the children. That will force the discussion. If they disagree with what’s in the document, it’s up to THEM to initiate a discussion. This campaign also has some great information about preparing for end-of-life issues – topics that can be extremely sensitive for seniors and their families to address. The bottom line? Do keep talking, because the parent-child conversation can be so important in helping seniors adapt to changing life circumstances. Good communication also is vital to he lping fami lies know when it’s time to seek additiona l resources. Often, both adult children and their loved ones can benefit from outside help, such as the type provided by professionals like Home Instead Senior Care. But the only way that will happen is if these families can talk about it. For more information please visit or contact the local Home Instead Senior Care office at (618) 346-5008 for a free copy of the booklet “The 40-70 Rule”.

Reprinted with permission from Home Instead Senior Care

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Golf Rates for Seniors Senior Rate

Regular Rate

$22 Days Only




Arlington Greens 200 Arlington Dr., Granite City 618-931-5232

Residents $17 Non-Residents $24

Resident $22 Non-Resident $29


60 & Over

Belk Park 880 Belk Park Rd., Wood River 618-251-3115





Columbia Bridges 1655 Columbia Bridges Dr., Columbia 618-281-3900

9 18 Walk $11 $15 Ride $17 $26




Cloverleaf 3555 Fosterburg Rd., Alton 618-462-3022

9 18 Walk $7 $13 Ride $11.50 $19



Fri-Sat-Sun $19 after 1 Unlimted

Columbia Golf Club 125 AA Road, Columbia 618-286-4455

Walk $15 - $18 Ride $26 - $18




Mon Senior Scramble 7:30- $26 Including game & skins, coffee & pastry

Elmwood 1400 Eiler, Belleville 618-538-5826

Walk $10.50 Ride $19.50




Emerald Greens 12385 Larimore, St. Louis, MO 63138 314-355-2777


M-Th. 7 am - 12 pm

50 & Over

Far Oaks 419 Old Collinsville Rd., Caseyville 618-628-2900





$31.50 $38.50

$44.50 $62.50

M-Th before 11 Fri before 11


Governors Run 300 Governors Run Dr., Carlyle 618-594-4585


$37 Mon-Fri $47 Sat & Sun



Grand Marais 5802 Lake Dr., Centerville 618-398-9999





$22; 18 Holes w/Cart

$25; 18 Holes w/Cart



Acorn Golf Links 9333 Ahne Road, Waterloo 618-939-7800

Gateway National 18 Golf Drive, Madison 618-482-4653

Legacy 3500 Cargill Rd., Granite City 618-931-4653

Day/Times Senior Age

Other Senior Scramble Mon 2:00 Tues 8:30 Senior Scramble Tue 8:30, $22 Sign-up 7 Twilight 12 pm Everyday $25 Weekday $29 Weekend Super Scramble 5 pm $15 Dollar Off if Paid with Cash

$40 Twilight rate, 7 days, starting at 2 pm

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Golf Rates for Seniors Senior Rate

Regular Rate

$13; 9 Holes $22; 18 Holes




Mascoutah Country Club 31415 McKinley, Mascoutah 618-566-4884

$7; 9 Holes $18.50; 18 Holes

$7; 9 Holes $18.50; 18 Holes



Oak Brook 9157 Fruite Rd., Edwardsville 618-656-5600

$8, $15 - Walk $12, $22 - Ride



Locust Hills 1015 Belleve St., Lebanon 618-537-4590

Day/Times Senior Age

Other 2 Man Scramble every Th., 9 am Shotgun, $23 includes 18 Holes w/cart, skins & prices Carts available upon reservation 2 Man Scramble every Tu., 9 am Shotgun, $25 includes 18 Holes w/cart, skins, prices & meal

Oak Terrace Rt. 51, Pana 1-800-577-7598





Overlakes 2218 Ramsey Rd., Columbia 618-281-6665





2 People $50 - Weekend

Spencer T. Olin 4701 College Ave., Alton 618-4653111



M-Th. before 8 am


Call for other times and rates

River’s Edge 100 Nedringhause Ave., Granite City 618-877-4653

$15; 9 Holes $20; 18 Holes w/Cart

Spring Valley 1500 N. Waterworks Rd., Okawville 314-243-6610

$21 Weekend $30

$30 Weekend $38







No senior rates on weekends

$32.50 $44.50

$32.50 $54.50

M-F before 11 am


Senior Scramble to be Scheduled


$30 Weekend $39



$12; 9 Holes $15.50; 18 Holes








Stonebridge 1770 Stonebridge Golf Course Dr., Maryville 618-346-8800 Stonewolfe 1195 Stonewolfe Trail., Fairview Heights 618-624-4653 Tamarack 800 Tamarack Lane, Shiloh 618-632-6666 Tee-Up Golf Center 3500 Kingshighway, Fairmont City 618-271-4000 The Orchards 1499 Golf Course Dr., Belleville 618-233-8921


Rates the same for all the time for all ages

$15.50 on weekends

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Service Directory AGING AREA AGENCY ON AGING 2365 Country Road Belleville, IL 62221 618-222-2561


6960 State Route 162 Maryville, IL 62062 618-288-2211 Supportive Living Facility Maryville • O’Fallon • Swansea


ESTATE & MOVING SALE SERVICE Appraisals • “Always Buying” 656-8751 • 978-2594 • 830-3127

FINANCIAL GCS FEDERAL CREDIT UNION Edwardsville • Collinsville Pontoon Beach • Granite City O’Fallon • Madison 618-797-7993


GLENHAVEN GARDENS EDWARDSVILLE OF ALTON 100 Glenhaven Dr. FROZEN FOODS Alton, IL 62002 618-462-1500 Active Senior apartment living with services on wooded campus of Alton Memorial Hospital; doctors & St. Anthony’s Hospital nearby. Financial assistance if qualified.

CHIROPRACTOR ANITA M. REISING, D.C. 315 N. Main Street Edwardsville, IL 62025 618-656-0178 Chiropractic attempts to improve and restore normal function and mobility.

246 N. Main St. Downtown Edwardsville, IL 62025 618-656-1477 The Best of Frozen Foods, Meats, Fruits. A Great Selection!

FUNERAL HOME SUNSET HILL FUNERAL HOME At Sunset Hill Cemetery Glen Carbon, IL 62034 618-656-3220

HEATING/COOLING CUMMINGS INC., HEATING & COOLING 3885 Schipkowski Rd. Edwardsville, IL 62025 618-656-8953 We Rely on Our Reputation.


Hamel, IL 618-633-2244 Lennox • GeoThermal Tax Credits May Apply Call Today. How Much Can You Save?

HOME HEALTH MORNING STAR HOME HEALTH CARE, INC. Providing Senior In-Home Care Since 1992 *Licensed & Insured* Experienced CNA’s & Home Makers Available 24 Hrs 7 Days a Week Call for Free Assessment 377-1896

HOSPITAL ANDERSON HOSPITAL Maryville, IL 62062 618-288-5711 A Tradition of Progress Since 1977

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Service Directory IN-HOME SENIOR CARE



EDWARDSVILLE NURSING HOME INSTEAD SENIOR BUFFET CITY 122 South Buchanan Street (next to CVS) & REHABILITATION CARE Edwardsville, IL 62025 100 Lanter Court Collinsville, IL 62234 618-346-5008


Glen Carbon 618-656-9777 Collinsville 618-344-2273 Open Daily 10 am - 8 pm Less Costly Than an ER Visit. Caring for Life’s Everyday Illnesses and Mishaps.

PHYSICIANS HARESH K. MOTWANI, M.D. Open Daily • Same Day Appointments Anderson Hospital Physician Office Bldg. • Suite 207 Maryville, IL 618-288-7605

401 St. Mary Drive 618-692-6888 Edwardsville, IL 62025 We Offer a 10% Discount for People over 618-692-1330 60 and We Have Over 200 Items. Rehab to Home. See Display Ad.


200 South Station Rd. Glen Carbon, IL 62034 Senior Apartments Call Tina 618-205-4637 Assisted Living Call Roxanna 618-205-4624 Care Center Call Rindy 618-205-4604 Therapy Center Call Marlo 618-205-4631


Located Two Blocks South of Hwy 157 and Meridian Road, Glen Carbon, IL 62034 618-288-3700 Superior Amenities, Supurb Living Settings, Social Life & Recreational Opportunities, Assisted Living & Skilled Nursing Care.

SKILLED NURSING/REHAB MARYVILLE MANOR 2133 Vadalabene Drive Maryville, IL 62062 618-288-5999

UNIVERSITY NURSING & REHAB 1095 University Drive Edwardsville, IL 62025 618-656-1081 See Display Ad

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2010 Mature Lifestyles  

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