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Charmaine Wilson enters her forth season as the Lady Tigers Head Women’s Basketball Coach. Coach Wilson played Division I basketball and was the captain for the South Carolina State Bulldogs. Coach Wilson spent seven seasons


coaching at the Division I level at Bethune Cookman University as the top assistant. Coach Wilson brings a wealth of knowledge, energy, passion and experience to the program.

Meet our Coaches & Players

Left to Right: Steven Dennison, Tiffany Tolbert (student assistant), Charmaine Wilson and Corey Miller

Britany Rowell Mullins, SC

Clary Munoz Bogota, CO

Amber Antoine Macclenny, FL

Edward Waters College Head Coach Charmaine Wilson

School Name: _________________________________ Players Name: ________________________________ Players phone #: ______________________________

JUNE 6-8, 2014 Edward Waters College Jacksonville, FL

Player’s Guardian Name: ______________________ Guardian phone #: ___________________________

Cost: $175 per team

Coaches Name: ______________________________ Coaches Cell #: _______________________________ Coaches Email: _______________________________

For hotel information please contact Jersey #: ________ Medical Information Name of insurance: ___________________________

The Best Western (904) 281-0900 Address: 4660 Salisbury Blvd. Jacksonville, FL Ask for the EWC rate of $52 per night

Waiver Authorization I understand and that there are risks involved with my participation and I certify that I have been examined by a physician, found to be in good health and able to compete in all camp activities without restriction. Furthermore, I authorize the athletic trainer to act to the best judgments in a medical emergency requiring his attention. I hereby release CHARMAINE WILSON BASKETBALL CAMP, its employees, volunteers, paid part-time staff and Edward Waters College from all claims resulting from any injury my daughter may sustain while attending or traveling to and from camp.

Game Information:  5 games guaranteed, with a possible 8 or 9 games with Sunday Tournament  High School officials  Certified trainer Rules: 

Two eighteen minute running clock halves and a five minute halftime  Clock stops during timeouts & final minute of each half  Two timeouts per half  Five minute halftime  If necessary, there will be a sudden death over-time period (jump ball) Schedule: Friday & Saturday: Yet to be determined. Sunday: Tournament style bracket. Single game elimination, with chance of playing up to 3 or 4 additional games. Admission: $5 per day $8 weekend pass

Games will be played at the Adams-Jenkins Community Sports & Music Complex located at Edward Waters College 1658 Kings Road Jacksonville, FL. 32209

Signature: _______________________________________ Parent/Guardian Signature: ________________________ Date: _________________

Please cut & mail Application to: Edward Waters College Attn: Charmaine Wilson 1658 Kings Road Jacksonville FL. 32209 S

Please Make Checks Payable to: Charmaine Wilson Basketball Camp

Contact Charmaine Wilson: cell: (386) 846-4969 or Steven Dennison: cell: (561) 602-0966

EWC Team Photo 2013-14

Ewc team summer camp brochure 2014  
Ewc team summer camp brochure 2014