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Edward Lentsch

Edward Lentsch Ok Ha r r i s December 1, 2007 - January 5, 2008

My philosophy is based on the self transformation that is attained through the creative process of making art. I think of it as transcending the experience of art into a complex vocabulary of skills and techniques... then to achieve the ability to create a remarkable object... and finally, that this creation will have a significant impact on humanity. To ask this fundamental question: ‘what is the meaning and the purpose of art, as it defines who we are as a civilization, and how we fundamentally define ourselves as individuals?’ is precisely the issue. It may be just a circular evolution of thought, but I truly believe that the answer is revealed by the artist’s ability to know the way to what we may consider as that aesthetic conclusion.


There’s a field, I’ll meet you there, It is a field of intention that is beyond optimism, It is a field of creativity that is beyond learning, It is the idea of hope, in a field of all possibilities, and it carries the clouds upon it.

There’s a field, I’ll meet you there...

T h e r e ’s a F i e l d , I’l l Me e t Y o u T h e re . . . 2 0 0 7 | p a i n t i n g o n c a nvas | 106 x 78 in c h e s 7

De fi n i n g Sy n e c t ic s 2 0 0 7 | p a i n t i n g o n c a nvas | 100 x 80 in c h e s 8

E l B a u t i s mo d e la Pat in a Az u l 2 0 0 7 | p a i n t i n g o n c a n vas | 100 x 80 in c h e s 9

T h e G o l de n Egg 2 0 0 7 | p a i n t i n g o n c a nvas | 99 x 77 in c h e s 10

S e l f P o r t r a i t i n t h e Mirro r o f Eris e d 2 0 0 7 | p a i n t i n g o n c a nvas | 99 x 77 in c h e s 11

H a n d m a d e Mirac le s 2 0 0 7 | p a i n t i n g o n c a n vas | 99 x 77 in c h e s 12

S i n g u larit y 2 0 0 7 | p a i n t i n g o n c a n vas | 99 x 77 in c h e s 13

W a t e r s t o n e o f t h e Wis e 2 0 0 7 | p a i n t i n g o n c a nvas | 76 x 54 in c h e s 14

Minneapolis painter Edward Lentsch is best known for his provocative textures and unique painting style. Lentsch’s large-scale mixed media works on canvas make a bold statement while creating a sensuous atmosphere. One critic writes: “There might be a whiff of German abstractionist Anseim Keifer’s grandiosity in Lentsch’s ambitious images, but his bravura gestures have an authentic individuality.” The spiritual overtones of Lentsch’s painting are captured by his titles, where he uses mystical prose to inspire the imagination of his viewer. It is consistent with Lentsch’s philosophy about painting: “I appreciate most the impact of the moment in painting, the magical place where sparks fly. This is the point where we experience the awesome potential of the chi in painting. The Chinese describe chi as a life force; it is through this intentional force of spirit combined with a moment in time that our soul emerges in the gesture itself.


Vi a Do l o ro s a I 2 0 0 7 | p a i n t i n g o n c a nvas | 41 x 29 in c h e s 16

Vi a Do l oro s a I I 2 0 0 7 | p a i n t i n g o n c a nvas | 41 x 29 in c h e s 17

A e s c h y l us Sat y r 2 0 0 7 | p a i n t i n g o n c a nvas | 46 x 42 in c h e s 18

Di k t y o u lk o i 2 0 0 7 | p a i n t i n g o n c a nvas | 46 x 42 in c h e s 19

M o v e m e n t o f t h e San go m a 2 0 0 7 | p a i n t i n g o n c a nvas | 35 x 30 in c h e s 20

It Ca r r i e s t h e C lo u ds U po n I t 2 0 0 7 | p a i n t i n g o n c a n vas | 35 x 30 in c h e s 21

O r e s t e s H a llu c in at in g 2 0 0 7 | p a i n t i n g o n c a nvas | 46 x 42 in c h e s 22

A l l T h i n g s Th at F lo at 2 0 0 7 | p a i n t i n g o n c a nvas | 38 x 28 in c h e s 23

G e t h s e m an e 2 0 0 7 | p a i n t i n g o n c a nvas | 52 x 46 in c h e s 24

T h e L e m u r i an s Re t u rn 2 0 0 7 | p a i n t i n g o n c a nvas | 72 x 62 in c h e s 25

| Philosophy, Painting, and the XOI Principle | I value knowledge and contemplation about nature and its complexity--- pondering passionately the metaphysical relationship of God and Science. I use the title to construct a model. This becomes a vehicle to express the meaning of the paintings. Wolfram Logic, The Creation of the Universe, and The Translation of Odds are examples in a series of titles where I use the narrative as a suggestion that may stimulate the audience’s imagination to the energy of the subject. I have come to the foregone conclusion that art is a multi-dimensional formation of complex relationships and that ultimately, this produces an object. In fact, the value of the object lies in its ability to be something unique and remarkable as an object. Pythagoras is believed to have coined the words “philosophy” (love of wisdom) and “mathematics” (that which is learned). I believe that as words define those things that are most important to our definition of self, art is the translation of those same but most important definitions. It was in high school that I came across something one day that has driven me for over thirty years. It came to me one day while looking at bowling pins. My idea formed from the numbers that add to ten. I have given this concept of order and sequence the name “The XOI Principle”. To me, this is the principle that governs the Laws of the Universe. It is said in Chinese philosophy that by concentrating on the higher laws you acquire the power that underlies them. It is also a fundamental fact of consciousness that we take on the attributes and energies on which we focus our attention. So it is with my paintings.


The XOI Principle is a concept that I have been trying to articulate in drawings, writings, and designs for over twenty years. The XOI Principle can be explained in a similar diagram to the baryon decuplet. By observing the points of connection you will see that X-O-I like the bowling pins, if placed in order of 1- 2- 3, etc., works as a unique form of algorithm, similar to Cantor’s Continuum Hypothesis. Both structure a logical system of infinite expansion and contraction, contained in a viable and logical matrix. Stephen Wolfram’s “Mathematica” is another axiom system that shows order in what seemingly is an infinite construct. It in turn organizes chaos into order in the form of simple and complex algorithmic systems. This universal order is also described by the Chinese in the word Wu Li. Wu Li describes physics as “patterns of organic energy that reflect a universal order existing in nature”. In the logic of Wu Li, or in the definition of a word, we come to understand synchronicity. As we understand synchronicity we recognize coincidence as the coinciding connection. My paintings are derived from a source of contemplation and fascination with the wonders of an awesome logic that exists in nature. Having a passion for numbers and logical systems, I observe them everywhere in the things that surround me. I see an aesthetic order of compositional dynamics in wild tree branches nestled in strange and compelling arrangements. I see a divine order in what seemingly appears to be random chaos. This is what I want to imitate and emulate. To show the value of this Divine Order in its purest beauty is the inspiration that guides my spirit. Painting is my map to this place of reason and intention.


28 photo by George Caswell

| Education | AcadÊmie de la Grande Chaumière, Paris, France Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneapolis, MN Summit Academy of Fine Art, St. Paul, MN

| Collections |

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Merrill Lynch, Minneapolis, MN Marriott Hotel Corporation, Rochester, MN; Salt Lake City, UT Radisson Hotel Corporation, Chicago, IL; Moline, IL; Minnetonka, MN; St. Paul, MN Sheraton Hotel, Bloomington, MN Smith Parker Law Firm, Minneapolis, MN Sunstone Hotel Corporation, Santa Ana, CA Johnson Media Group, Minneapolis, MN Johnson Grossfield, Minneapolis, MN Midway National Bank, St. Paul, MN Sebastian & Associates, Eagan, MN Ackerberg Group, Minneapolis, MN Garden of Eden, David Judakin, Los Angeles, CA St. Paul Port Authority, St. Paul, MN Pfingsten Publishing, Cleveland, OH Bennett Katz, San Francisco, Palm Springs, CA Gary & Susan Grandmaison, San Francisco, CA Cornell Moore, Minneapolis, MN Thomas Johnson, Minnetonka, MN Jay Applebaum, Minnetonka, MN Robin Johnson, Minnetonka, MN Jerry & Judy Brill, Minneapolis, MN Larry & Shirley Zipkin, Minnetonka, MN Dr. Mark Wanderman & Dr. Chris Benson, Minnetonka, MN Marc & Debbie Grossfield, Minnetonka, MN Richard Schneider, Rapid City, IA 29

Mike & Sara Badaurer, Minnetonka, MN David Sebastian, Eagan, MN William Strifert & Julie Sinykin, Minnetonka, MN Jerry Burns, Minneapolis, MN Steve Kalin, Minneapolis, MN Brad Davis, Detroit Lakes, MN Ed & Linda Barresh, Scottsdale, AZ Joe & Barbara Collins, Pebble Beach, CA Eric & Nora Rotier, Minnetonka, MN Joan Byhre, Edina, MN John Martell, Santa Cruz, CA Dr. Steven Plager, Santa Cruz, CA Dr. Carl & Phyllis Maruzak, Pacific Palisades, CA Kelly & Elisa Thomson, La Jolla, CA Diane Keith, Palm Desert, CA Henry & Barbara LaBounta, West Vancouver, BC Dr. Rodney & Claudia Wishnow, Long Beach, CA Steve & Pat Rosvold, Vancouver, WA Bill & Peggy Cohen, Palm Springs, CA Greg Garbin & Ken Denhard, Alamo, CA Barry Berg & Scott Ellingboe, Minneapolis, MN Richard & Diane Cohen, Palm Desert, CA Irving Budlong, Edina, MN Steven Freeman, Minnetonka, MN Phyllis Sperling, St. Louis Park, MN Larry & Barbara Sonsini, Palm Desert, CA Tom & Terri Burke, Plymouth, MN Jeff & Carolie Lewis, New Ulm, MN Mike & Paula Flom, Plymouth, MN George Caswell & Karin Martinson, Minnetonka, MN George & Mary Sissel, Denver, CO Michael Gudalowski & Bonnie Boits, Palm Desert, CA Barbara Fredrickson, Edina, MN 30

Eric Smith, Cleveland, OH Steve Andersen, Minneapolis, MN Eric Johnson, Chicago, IL Richard and Lisa Rotenberg, Palm Desert, CA Peter Nauert, Santa Fe, NM Rob Brook, Scottsdale, AZ Gretchen B. Ventura, Minneapolis, MN Jim and Maria Cockrum, Scottsdale, AZ Bob and Denise Delgado, Phoenix, AZ Jim and Mary Piccolo, Scottsdale, AZ Ron and Jennifer Dillee, Amarillo, TX Disdale Design, Surry, England Dorothea and David Cohen, Scottsdale, AZ Jim and Mary Piccolo, Phoenix, AZ Terry Boden, Paradise Valley, AZ Bob and Denise Delgado, Paradise Valley, AZ Dr. Ron and Jennifer Dillee, Amarillo, TX Dr. Howard and Elizabeth Pitluk, Phoenix, AZ Jim and Maria Cockrum, Scottsdale, AZ Francis and Fernandez Gonzalez, San Juan, Puerto Rico Dr. David Greene, Phoenix, AZ


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2007 OK Harris Works of Art, New York, NY 2007 Onessimo Fine Art, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 2007 Eleonore Austerer Gallery, Palm Desert, CA 2007 Hernandez Contemporary, Scottsdale, AZ 2007 Ogilvie/Pertl Gallery, Chicago, IL 2007 Gallery Moda, Santa Fe, NM 2006 Lanoue Fine Art, Boston, MA 2006 Modern Masters, Santa Fe, NM 2006 Hernandez Contemporary, Scottsdale, AZ 2006 Modern Masters Fine Art, Palm Desert, CA 2005 Art Chicago Navy Pier, Chicago, IL 2005 Flanders Gallery, Minneapolis, MN 2004 Elizabeth Edwards Fine Art, Palm Desert, CA 2004 Desert Wolf, Palm Desert, CA 2003 Art Chicago, Julie Baker Fine Art, Grass Valley, CA 2003 Windsor Gallery, Dania, FL 2003 Minnetonka Center for the Arts, Minnetonka, MN 2002 Palm Springs International Art Fair, Palm Springs, CA 2001 Elizabeth Edwards Fine Art, Maui, HI 2001 Elizabeth Edwards Fine Art, Nantucket, MA 2000 Palm Springs International Art Fair, Palm Springs, CA 1998 Atrium Design Center, Ranchero Mirage, CA 1997 Sidney Bechet Center for Visual Arts, Garches, France 1995 Gallery Massijiro Ltd., Fukuoka-Ken, Japan 1995 Minneapolis Institute of Art, Art in Bloom, Minneapolis, MN 1994 Scholes Fine Art, Edina, MN


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| Acknowledgements | My wife Debbie and my amazing children Sarah and Theo The Artist League Team: William Algier, Steven D’Hanson, Alicia Dvorak, Katherine McMillan, Michele Mosko, Shana Schactman, Sarah Thole and Heather Wells Ossian Or and Sandra Valle I am blessed with these very talented and skilled people whose constant committment to my success is why I continue to grow and thrive. Special thanks to Ivan and Ethan Karp and the entire staff at OK Harris

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