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2009 good gear = less waste

To create and deliver the highest quality, best designed outdoor gear imaginable, and have a great time doing it.


Because; good gear = less waste; less wasted energy and less wasted opportunity in the outdoors:

gear: Sleeping Pads Peak Oyl series Ether/Eco Ether series Hyper series SL series Über series Cruiser series Traditional series Kids series Hot! series Mega series Bomber series

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you, and thank you again!” Thank you for supporting a company that’s giving its all, trying to do a better job to push the boundaries of performance products and stellar

Sleep Systems (tarps)


service. We’re looking forward to a great year and it’s going to be because of you!

Comfort Chairs


…friends! Take a look inside our 2009 catalogue and see what we’ve been making to help expand the fun and inspiration of your next adventure. If you’re new to the Pacific Outdoor Family, then we’ve got some work to do to tell you about what we do and how we do it. Initially, Pacific Outdoor Equipment is a company that’s hard for most folks to describe but our mission is really quite simple. We’re not an environmental company, but we are innovators that care about the environment. We aren’t a sewing factory but we make great fabric based outdoor gear. We aren’t a company that’s so big as to forget about all the customers and friends who have helped make us successful — because chances are, we’ll see you on the trail or on the river. We’re a small company, with an eye on the big, blue planet, which builds

innovative gear from welded fabrics for human powered sports. Some days we feel like we’re reciting the twelve points of the scout law, but what we have done is distilled our motivations down to 4 points on our companies compass: good gear = less waste, if it isn’t fun why do it, do everything with a code of integrity and responsibility – do no harm, and innovate relentlessly. We take this compass into the mountains and rivers around Bozeman, Montana, where we’ve established our operation, so we can develop gear in real time, in real conditions, and allow the products to evolve close to their origins. Of course we care what our accountants say, but we know that true success is measured by how many extra nights our customers spend in the outdoors. Before we tell you about 2009 and what we’re doing new, how we’re continuing to innovate and what stays the same, please let us take this opportunity to say, “Thank

this is our philosophy.

Pacific Outdoor Equipments’ 2009 line is rolling with the times; we’re continuing to focus our energy on building gear that will go the distance, whether on the trails and rivers, on your bike or in your daily life. Global resources are limited and we all need to make a commitment to making gear that lasts and is worth keeping around. We call it “Good Gear = Less Waste.” The Peak Oyl Series pads are part of a market transformation in our manufacturing process that we’re undertaking in an environmentally sensitive area we haven’t addressed before. The series are the top performers of three and four season backcountry use with minimalist weight Diving into what’s new; we’ll start with our continued commitment to improving our paradigm shifting sleeping pads.

and bulk, the sensation of more width, and built with recycled fabrics, valves, and a foam core that’s derived from renewable Palm Oyl. Why Palm Oyl? Palm Oyl isn’t a

In our paddle sports products, we continue our dedication to PVC Free paddle sports items. Our Global Commute collection has two extensions for biking activities with the Randoneer and One-Less-Car Series. Both utilize easy mounting R&K hardware, generous reflective accents, and an innovative approach to construction and load stability on the bike. With gas prices rising and global warming issues at hand, our new bike items help make daily bike use a reality. So if we can do anything for you, or if you are headed to Bozeman for a visit, please give us a call, drop us an email or stop by and say, “Howdy!” We’re here to support your pursuits and make sure you’re out having fun. Have a great 2009 and go do something to make the world better, get outside for some fun and focus on the blue around you!

k. cook - torres del paine national park, chile

carbon in transport and no matter where you are politically, you’ll have to agree that it’s best to use materials that don’t require military action in order to obtain them.

cover photo: s. bretson, product photos: rob wilke

food replacement crop like so many other bio-plastics. It has a shorter distance to travel to our manufacturing site than plant alternatives or petroleum, so it uses less



topics: It Takes a Few Small Acts ... Good Gear = Less Waste How We Build Sleeping Pads What a Sleeping Pad Does... Peak Oyl Tech Suit Up for Sleep Wedge Cut Foam Tech Good Repair Love Your Gear & Fix It P.O.E. Timeline Waterproof Welding Waterproof vs. Submarine Biomimicry Improvised Tarp Setup Good Gear, Part II Warranty Contact Us Blue

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catalog by, who doesn’t approve of the above sandles & socks violation.


Good gear should equal less waste, especially at a time when “Only six percent of the US Economy’s flow of materials actually ends up in products.” (Ayres, 1999) a. james - pipestone, montana

it takes a few small acts & a whole lot of balance:

We take sleeping pads seriously. It is not just a business for us, but a quest. We like to help people get a good nights sleep. How do we do that? We make sleeping mats that are designed to enhance your sleep system, by directly matching the attributes of the sleeping pad to those of your sleeping bag. You know the key details like the right insulation for the seasons, the right length for you, the right gender, and of course the right amount of weight savings or cush. Without matching these attributes to your sleeping bag, you are at the mercy of the weaker link.

“Only one percent of the total North American material flows ends up in, and is still being used within, products six months after their sale.” (Hawken, Lovins, L. Lovins, 1999) This equates to a huge amount of “waste” being put into the landfills, that can’t be sustained. As Al has pointed out in his slide show, we need to

So the next time you think about sleeping outdoors ask yourself some pertinent questions; what season of use is my pad for? Is it my size? Is it built specially for my gender? Is it supportive enough? Is it the right weight? If your pad doesn’t match up with you and your needs then maybe it s time to go talk to your local specialty Outdoor Retailer and see how Pacific Outdoor can help you improve your sleep system.

rethink how we use and consume everything, including our backpacking gear. Focus needs to be put not only on the materials being used in products, but how the products are being designed. No longer should “designed obsolescence” exist in a designer’s vocabulary. Making good gear that lasts does more than just assure you that your equipment will

So you love getting outdoors.

perform for you when you want or need it the most. It also reduces our

Well, our outdoor experiences are changing as a result of industry.

that we use in our daily and/or recreational lives has an embodied energy.

Our environmental positions are often judged by who we associate with. This is important as

first use. Durable good gear makes this embodied energy investment go

it continues to be imperative that we support the good people who are daily and diligently

longer. So when you study products that are “environmentally sensitive”

doing good environmental work out there. But is this the limit of environmental stewardship?

remember to look at its durability — which isn’t purely a function of the

No way. We also need to be the most serious critics of our own internal business. Like all

raw materials that go into it, rather it is also a function of how the item is

manufacturers, we produce a product that consumes resources, both physical materials

put together. With this in mind, we over build, for longevity, to help keep

that are contained in the product and energy to manufacturer and ship it. We do everything

our gear in the outdoors, out of the landfills, and our energy and resource

we can to reduce this consumption by choosing materials with solid durability. We upcycle

use to a minimum. None of us can afford to waste; waste energy during

trimmed, otherwise discarded, materials into other products. We put it all together with an eye

production or transport, waste the time of the individual(s) building the

on longevity, and keeping these materials out of the landfill and in use for as long as possible.

product, or simply waste by including unnecessary materials in a product

We tune our machines and evolve our processes to streamline everywhere possible.

(e.g. over packaging). It’s all about being a better big-blue citizen

We also strive for balance. Just like a scale, we need to judge the balance of our daily

The bottom line is simple:

personal foot print and makes us a less conspicuous consumer. Every item

kind of waste is expensive economically, socially and environmentally,

employee that works here, off-setting the load of their computer, telephone and a desk lamp.

and will never be acceptable, and has brought us to Our Mantra:

Not a bad equation to draw. This is only a first step. But we believe an important one globally, but also locally for us. Take a look at your everyday activities. Every time you go to the gas

good gear = less waste

station, coffee house, or gear shop, see how you can achieve balance; turn off a light when you leave the room, stop using disposable cups, get a dual flush toilet, walk somewhere you

The best thing we can all do is critically consider even the small acts of our everyday lives.

“Think global, act local.” There’s some real truth to that.

g. garrigues

need to go, be a balancer.

matt steen, athlete - andrew crow - mt. denali

When you waste your natural resources, you waste your people. This

in our Bozeman offices and are in the process of placing one solar panel online for each

kyle christiansen, athlete - mark seacat - mt. mckinley, alaska

activities. A couple of years ago we implemented a program to offset the energy consumed

You’ve heard the popular saying,

sleeping pads

This is the energy required to create that item and get it to the point of


matrix core Designed and built for those wanting the lightest, least bulky self-inflating pad money can buy. Die-cut Matrix foam provides outstanding insulation for minimum weight and bulk.

women’s matrix core Women Specific Multiple foam construction, using ultralite Matrix foam, while placing more insulation under the feet, and more support beneath the hips.

hybrid mtn core Multiple foam construction uses die cutting in the lower foot area and lateral cross coring in the main body. This integrated design reduces weight and bulk in the areas that require it while achieving superior and efficient insulation.

women’s hybrid mtn core Women Specific Multiple foam construction for 4–season use. High R-value Lateral coring in the torso and the feet. Lite and low bulk Matrix foam beneath the legs.

cross core Both laterally and longitudinally drilled, cross coring allows increased air flow for quicker inflation and deflation. This process also helps to reduce weight and bulk on our thicker mats, while achieving phenomenal insulation.

basix core Basix foam provides top-shelf support, comfort and insulation, with superior value.

air-loft core Inflated tubes create comfort and insulation, with minimum weight and bulk. The isolated nature of the tubes maximizes the insulating potential for a free air sleeping mat.

air-loft thermo core Synthetic or bamboo (on our eco pads) fiber filled inflatable tubes create comfort, three season insulation, and maximum compactness. No pump needed.

hyper foam core Insulative EVA foam runs the full bottom with support and additional warmth provided by a self inflating insert and die-cut PE foam.

sl foam core

hyper high-mtn

hyper-high mtn core

über high-mtn

über-high mtn core

mega hot!

hot! core


sl foam core

hyper mtn

hyper foam core

traditional / kid’s traditional

basix core

mega / bomber series

peak oyl-mtn w / cruiser mtn w

w’s hybrid mtn core

peak oyl-mtn / cruiser mtn

hybrid mtn core

hot! pad

hot! core

cross core

4 season

4+ season

Anti-Fungal Treatment All of our open-cell foams are treated to prevent fungus and bacteria from growing inside your pad.

Our innovations include: specialized foam cores, performance fabrics, unsurpassed construction and meticulous quality control. Foam structure determines your comfort level. From both the support and insulative perspectives all our pads are made with highly structured open cell polyurethane foam that yields high R-values, fast inflation times, surface smoothing support, and long-life resilience. In cold conditions, your pad plays a significant role in maintaining your warmth while sleeping. Highly structured foam and activity specific cores provide for the maximum insulation to weight ratio. We’ve designed a variety of foam cores to match the needs of specific users, from alpinists to car campers.

Diamondback / Oval Back Our proprietary relief surface technology increases surface friction and adds to the net insulation factor for a toasty low-slip sleep. Specialized Fabrics We design and source fabrics for each and every pad style we make with a sharp design eye on performance and durability.

how we make our sleeping pads:

Sticky Low-Slip S Graphic A PU Screenprint enhances your stickability; reducing slip head to toe. DWR Finish Our durable water-repellent finish helps to protect your mat from wetting out and picking up stains. A true performance enhancing feature. Air Loft Thermo Berm (on select mats) Insulated raised side rails keep you on the pad.

pieces & parts defined:

Lateral coring minimizes bulk, reduces fill time, and maintains very high R-values. Our Matrix vertical die cutting eliminates weight and bulk substantially, while the narrow diamond shape of the die cut maximizes the insulative value of the pad, via internal air motion resistance. We use a variety of shell fabrics to hold it all together. Chosen for its exceptional weight savings, durability and redeuced planetary impact, we use Recycled PET DRS on all self-inflating Peak-Oyl series pads. Going for a little more substance? We thought so. So, on select pads we add a low slip, Soft-Top and Sticky-S that helps keep your bag in place. On the bottoms of our lightweight inflatables, we use tent-floor tough, 70D nylon. Because the fabric won’t do its job without the appropriate airtight coating, we coat all of our fabrics ourselves, to ensure the maximum in bonding and long term performance, with minimum weight add on. Our valves are hard anodized aluminum, (Nylon on Traditionals) in a solid urethane foundation, for the utmost in ease of use and reliability. We pay attention to the details so you won’t have too. Enjoy, and rest easy.

a. james

3 season


sl foam core

hyper lite

hyper foam core

ether thermo / eco ether

air-loft thermo core

peak oyl-lite w / cruiser lite w

w’s matrix core

peak oyl-lite / über-lite / cruiser lite / kid’s pad

1 season

Pacific Outdoor Equipment’s sleeping pads are the culmination of a few bright ideas, lots of research, long hours of contemplation, and another healthy dose of time in the field. When we log hours in the mountains and on the rivers, we see the true test of our success. Empirical data only suggests outcome. The field is where it’s proven.

Hard Anodized Aluminum Valves HA Aluminum is weather safe and impact resistant. This Valve has the strength to last a lifetime.

EVA foam runs the full bottom with support and additional warmth provided by a topside EVA foam insert and die-cut PE foam.

hot! core

Depending on your trip and the type of environmental conditions you expect to encounter, the role your sleeping pad plays can

Active heating system for enhanced sleeping comfort. Currently integrated with either our Matrix-Core or Cross-Core.

either be a benefit or a huge detriment. Essentially your Pacific Outdoor Equipment pad serves a very simple purpose: it keeps you

hyper-high mtn core

on, lay on, and eventually sleep on. The key to making sure you get the right pad for the right conditions comes down to analyzing the

warm and comfortable so you wake well rested and ready for another day of adventures. At the end of a hard day it’s there for you to sit type of trip you’re taking. If you were considering hiking the West Coast Trail, for instance, you could rely on a lightweight 1-inch thick

Aspen Aerogel’s nanotech insulation, with the lowest thermal conductivity of any solid known to man, is layered between insulative EVA closed cell foam and a self inflating insert and PE closed cell foam.

mattress because you would be beach camping the whole trip. At the same time if you were considering a trip up Mt Rainier, you might want to consider a 1.5-nch thick or even 2-inch thick mattress for snowy base camp. The role of your pad is simple; pad selection can be too. By choosing a pad suited to your trip you can extend your comfort and fun.

über-high mtn core Aspen Aerogel’s nanotech insulation, with the lowest thermal conductivity of any solid known to man, is layered between insulative EVA closed cell foam and a self inflating insert and PE closed cell foam.

l. hebel

Pad use:

matrix core


ether compact


air-loft core

sleeping pad core types:

what a sleeping pad does for you:

sleeping pads


peak oyl series High performance with some added value, with Palm Oyl foam and recycled PET fabric, the Peak Oyl series continues our design revolution/evolution and further utilizes environmentally sensitive materials that help to foster emerging markets and technologies.

Peak Oyl Aero Mtn The Peak Oyl Aero is built with strategically placed strips of Aerogel material in the torso, adding 10 to 15% more insulation than similar, foam only, sleeping pads. Insulated bermed side rails and a grip trail help keep you centered on the pad and an included stuff sack and repair kit keep it all packed up and ready to go.

peak oyl tech: The Peak Oyl Series is the pinnacle of all sleeping pads. That’s a pretty

4 season

big claim, but not a hard one to back up. The Peak Oyl-Lite is the lightest full length, 1 inch thick, fully bonded sleeping mat in the market, as well as the most Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color

environmentally sensitive self inflator made. Beyond the in field performance of the Peak Oyl pads, we have also focused on the environmental impact of the mats as well. We have moved to a recycled PET shell on the entire series. This keeps plastic bottles out of the landfill, reduces the




POH78 20 x 78 x 1.5 51 x 198 x 3.8 829 g (29.5 oz) Mandarin

POH72 20 x 72 x 1.5 51 x 183 x 3.8 765 g (27 oz) Mandarin

POH48 20 x 48 x 1.5 51 x 122 x 3.8 510 g (18 oz) Mandarin

petroleum input, and gives us all something to think about. What about the Oyl? The Oyl is where we took a huge leap and updated the compound that makes up the foam – the new foam is a blend of 40% Palm Oyl based PU, and has the

Peak Oyl Aero Mtn Women’s

same superlative performance as you’ve come to expect. The palm is not a food replacement crop, nor GMO, but it is not without its issues, which we are actively working to resolve. Even with its issues, it is a step in the right direction, because it helps to bring about a market transformation – weaning us off the petroleum that is so prevalent in all the products we use today. This brings us two more small steps moving us closer to big change. So, how did we do it? We started by taking a few steps away from the design table, and looked at sleeping pads from a distilled perspective. Without doing this we would have fallen into the trap of insignificant incremental improvements. Incremental changes would have compromised performance significantly, while only shaving a microscopic amount of weight. Instead, we have deconstructed the entire concept of a backpacking sleeping pad, pulled all the pieces apart and rebuilt pads in this new qualified form. Jumping out of our roles as product designers and

Peak Oyl Lite

Peak Oyl Lite Women’s

Even with an incredible combination of features like a fully die cut foam body, insulated, bermed side rails, grip trail and lightweight aluminum valve the Peak Oyl-Lite continues to maintain its lightweight benchmark. The low bulk, streamlined mummy shape further reduces weight and overall pack volume and an included stuff sack and repair kit help protect and maintain the pad in transit and in use.

Zonal, cylindrical die cutting in the hips provide increased hip support for women’s body geometries and a drilled foot area adds more insulation while still reducing weight. Bermed side rails and a mummy shape further reduce pack volume and weight for a lightweight package to carry between camps.

into USER, we asked the question, “What do I want a sleeping pad to do for ME?” This led us directly to combining our two most successful sleeping pad designs, and establishing the breaking Peak-Oyl. The end results are the lightest, most compact, most comfortable, best insulating sleeping pads; without compromise. This is just what you expect from Pacific Outdoor Equipment.

Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color



POL78 20 x 78 x 1.0 51 x 198 x 2.5 584 g (21 oz) Arbor

POL72 20 x 72 x 1.0 51 x 183 x 2.5 539 g (19 oz) Arbor

POL48 20 x 48 x 1.0 51 x 122 x 2.5 360 g (13 oz) Arbor

4 season 3 season

3 season


The same great performance characteristics as the Peak Oyl Aero Mtn but with added Aerogel in the foot area to even better insulate your furthest extremities in cold environments. Paired with a sleeping bag with an overstuffed foot box and insulation in your feet alone increases greatly.

Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color



POLW72 20 x 72 x 1.0 51 x 183 x 2.5 573 g (20.5 oz) Tender Shoots

POLW66 20 x 66 x 1.0 51 x 168 x 2.5 525 g (18.5 oz) Tender Shoots

Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color



POHW72 20 x 72 x 1.5 51 x 183 x 3.8 773 g (27.5 oz) Fresh Salmon

POHW66 20 x 66 x 1.5 51 x 163 x 3.8 708 g (25 oz) Fresh Salmon

sleeping pads


ether series Compact when being carried but super thick and comfortable in use, The Ether Series tread the fine line between weight/bulk and overnight comfort. High loft air cells allow you to fine tune your level of comfort while at the same time, being mostly or totally filled with air, you can pack them up as small and tight as your Jet Boil. They end up giving you the best of both worlds without giving up performance in the process.

Eco Thermo 6

Eco Thermo 6 Women’s

Bamboo fabric and insulation elevate the classic Ether Thermos design and performance to create a sustainable, carbon neutral alternative. Recycled aluminum valve and hemp draw cord in the included stuff sack round out the package. A repair kit keeps it all humming along.

A petite version of the ECO Thermo 6 cuts six inches of material weight and bulk but adds back extra insulation in the foot area to better protect your toes in colder conditions.

3 season

3 season Regular Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color

Ether Thermo 6

Ether Thermo 6 Women’s

Ether Compact 6

Ether Thermo 9

Ether Compact 9

2.5 inches of air cushioning and a layer of Air Loft Thermo insulation provide maximum thickness and comfort in a package that folds and rolls to almost disappear in your pack. 50D top and 70D bottom fabrics provide durability and lightweight protection from the little things that can puncture and abrade.

2.5 inches of high loft comfort, Air Loft Thermo insulation along with added insulation in the foot area to keep your extremities warmer in colder conditions. All of this packed into a petite 66 inch length to help save weight and bulk when every ounce counts but sleeping soundly is a necessary luxury.

This air only pad is great for minimalists looking for a relaxing nights sleep with 2.5 inches of loft wrapped up in a low bulk, low weight package, easily transported between bivouacs.

A rectangular shape, long 78 inch length, 25 inch width and over sized 3” dia. side berms come together to create a luxurious pad for those looking for increased width, length, high loft and comfort but in a more compact package than your typical car camping pad. 50D top and 70D bottom fabrics provide durability and lightweight protection from the little things that can puncture and abrade.

A wide and roomy design great for impromptu bivy’s or even overnight guests but with high loft and car camping style thickness. 50D top and 70D bottom fabrics provide durability and lightweight protection from the little things that can puncture and abrade.

3 season

3 season

Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color




ET678 20 x 78 x 2.5 51 x 198 x 6.0 675 g (24 oz) Carrot

ET672 20 x 72 x 2.5 51 x 183 x 6.0 623 g (22 oz) Carrot

ET648 20 x 48 x 2.5 51 x 122 x 6.0 416 g (15 oz) Carrot

1 season

Petite Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Colors

ETW666 20 x 66 x 2.5 51 x 168 x 6.0 637 g (22.5 oz) Fresh Salmon

Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color




EC678 20 x 78 x 2.5 51 x 198 x 6.0 615 g (18 oz) Marigold

EC672 20 x 72 x 2.5 51 x 183 x 6.0 567 g (17 oz) Marigold

EC648 20 x 48 x 2.5 51 x 122 x 6.0 378 g (13 oz) Marigold

3 season

ET978 25 x 78 x 2.0 63 x 198 x 5.0 879 g (31 oz) Carrot

Petite Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color

ECOW666 20 x 66 x 2.5 51 x 168 x 6.0 650 g (23 oz) Natural

1 season

Long Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color

ECO672 20 x 72 x 2.5 51 x 183 x 6.0 709 g (25 oz) Natural

Long Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color

EC978 25 x 78 x 2.0 63 x 198 x 5.0 822 g (29 oz) Marigold

sleeping pads

10 | 11

hyper series Paring closed and open cell foams the Hyper Series remain on the cutting edge of functional design. Using EVA as a base layer allows us to achieve high insulation value at a lower overall weight and the open cell foam insert adds an additional level of comfort and warmth. By melding the two you get the best of both materials for far less weight and bulk than a traditional layered system of open cell pad on top and a closed cell pad slid in on the bottom.

Hyper Lite

Hyper Lite Women’s

Hyper High Mtn

The EVA/PE main body provides durable, elevated insulation and the open cell torso/hip insert cushions your pointy bits for a better nights sleep.

This closed cell EVA and open cell foam combo provides not only superior insulation but with a higher density cylindrical die cut in the hip area you get better support and increased overnight comfort.

Thicker EVA, a thicker open cell insert, and a layer of Aerogel in the torso and foot combine to make the Hyper High Mtn our lightest, most insulative pad. In extremely cold conditions the pad provides superior insulation even if the comfort insert is compromised providing an almost failsafe layer of protection.

3 season

Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color

Sleeping outside? How you dress for sleep can make a difference between a great night’s sleep and tossing and turning without a wink. Make use of the items that you have brought on your trip.



HL72 20 x 72 x 1.0 51 x 183 x 2.5 482 g (17 oz) Arbor

HL48 20 x 48 x 1.0 51 x 122 x 2.5 322 g (11.5 oz) Arbor

3 season

HLW66 20 x 66 x 1.5 51 x 168 x 3.8 439 g (15.5 oz) Tender Shoots

Protection simplified in a streamlined mummy shaped, EVA/PE sandwich. The Sl Lite delivers outstanding insulation in a lightweight, failsafe package.

Regular Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color

4 season

SL72 20 x 72 x 0.39 51 x 183 x 1.0 298 g (10.5 oz) Green


Petite Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color

SL Lite

Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color

3 season

HM72 20 x 72 x 1.5 51 x 183 x 3.8 553 g (19.5 oz) Mandarin

SL Mtn

Always put on dry clothes before climbing into your bag. Damp clothes chill you quickly and cause your bag to loose loft.

Thicker EVA and PE layers than our SL Lite make for increased insulation and the same failsafe design. Our original mummy shape shaves weight when rolled up for travel.

When planning what to wear to sleep think about your extremities where there is a high rate of heat exchange and loss. Put a hat on, dry socks gloves, etc. Never leave home without a HAT! Women tend to lose more heat than men through their extremities; so, be diligent and pack that light pair of gloves year round.

Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color


4 season

On the whole, wicking long underwear keeps you feeling dry and helps efficiently dissipate moisture. But if you want to pack in the super warm bag and crash in your B suit, it is a great idea to have a hat in a handy location; just in case.

suit up for sleep:

SL Basic

über concepts:

Classic, no fuss, no muss all season closed cell insulation trimmed to a mummy shape for an even lighter carry. Regular

As the Über pads push the limits of weight and efficiency to the margins, we continue to tweak and modify pads looking for optimum specialized performance. We will have new versions of our Über pads coming throughout the season, so be sure to check for the latest in Über Sleep. r. lynn

Sleep warm

SM72 20 x 72 x 0.5 51 x 183 x 1.3 369 g (13 oz) Red

Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color

SLB07205 20 x 72 x 0.39 51 x 183 x 1.0 255 g (9 oz) Coal

Über Lite

Über High Mtn

Our original, ultra-light pad; perfect for those who consider added weight as decadent but to whom overnight comfort still means something. A great performer on long haul biking and alpine style ascents where space and weight are at a premium.

This EVA-Aerogel-PE sandwich is a failsafe necessity for your winter sleep system. Use it alone or in conjunction with another pad to boost your overall warmth and comfort.

Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color

UL37 17 x 37 x 1.0 43 x 94 x 3.8 241 g (8.5 oz) Arbor

3 season

Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color

UH37 19 x 34.5 x 0.5 48 x 87 x 1.3 397 g (14 oz) Coal / Red

4 season

ALL season

sleeping pads

12 | 13

cruiser series Inside our Cruiser and Traditional mats is an innovative wedge cut foam that puts support and warmth were you want and need it. What this gives you is a pad that sleeps thicker than it weighs. Combine this with our strategic lightening methods and you get the most comfortable pad possible in its weight category.

Luxury doesn’t have to come at the expense of increased weight or bulk and the Cruiser series proves this. Wedge cut along their lengths from 1.5 to 0.75 inches in the lites and 2.0 to 1.0 inches in the mtns the Cruisers pile more foam comfort in the torso and the velvety, 75D air textured polyester fabric tops and 75D poly bottoms afford superior comfort and durability. These features along with zonal drilling, die cutting and a modified mummy cut create compact comfortable pads fit for any 3 or 4 season adventures you might dream up.

wedge cut foam:

Traditional Mummy A weight shaving mummy shape along with a wedge shape and drilled manifolds for quicker inflation/deflation times make this a highly technical pad at a cost-effective price. Great for beginning backpackers on a budget as it is filled with technology and features designed to help you sleep at night in order to have a more active, alert day. Regular Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color

TM72 20 x 72 x 2.0 51 x 183 x 5.0 921 g (32.5 oz) Blue

ALL season

Traditional Economical price, a full rectangular cut along with wedge cut foam and drilled manifolds for quicker inflation/deflation times create a budget pad with technical features usually found in much more expensive pads. Great for beginning backpackers on a budget as it is filled with technology and features designed to help you sleep at night in order to have a more active, alert day.

Cruiser Lite

Cruiser Lite Women’s

Cruiser Mtn

Cruiser Mtn Women’s

Wedge and die cut foam create less weight and bulk while keeping foam piled up in the torso area where you need it for both comfort and insulation. One inch foam sleeps like one and a half on a Cruiser Lite and the air textured poly fabric feels great against bare skin.

Cylindrical die cuts in the hip create more support for the hips and a solid foam foot area provides increased insulation on cold nights. Wedge cut and sized right in a Petite 66 inch length to heap comfort where it’s needed and cuts unneeded weight. The air textured poly top adds an extra level of buttery softness to an already superior nights sleep.

Slightly thicker than its lite sibling the Cruiser Mtn uses drilling in the torso to remove weight while maintaining higher insulation than a traditional die cut. Wedge cut from 2.0 inches to 1.0 inches this pad weighs the same as a 1.5 inch pad but keeps the comfort in the torso for an unparalleled nights sleep.

Drilled and die cut in the torso and leg area to cut weight and maintain insulation but drilled in the foot to lighten but still keep your lower extremities toasty in colder environs. Wedge cut foam puts more foam in the torso for increased comfort and the petite 66 inch length trims weight that would normally be superfluous in a regular length version.

3 season Regular Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color

CL72 20 x 72 x 1.5 51 x 183 x 3.8 780 g (27.5 oz) Foliage

4 season

3 season

Petite Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color

CLW66 20 x 66 x 1.5 51 x 183 x 3.8 694 g (24.5 oz) Foliage

Regular Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color

CM72 20 x 72 x 2.0 51 x 168 x 5.0 1006 g (35.5 oz) Chinese Red

Petite Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color

CMW66 20 x 66 x 2.0 51 x 168 x 5.0 921 g (32.5 oz) Chinese Red

Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color



TR72 20 x 72 x 2.0 51 x 183 x 5.0 1077 g (38 oz) Blue

TR48 20 x 48 x 2.0 51 x 122 x 5.0 718 g (25.5 oz) Blue

ALL season

Traditional Wide 4 season

traditional series Solid value, superior performance and year round durability – the Traditionals give you all that at a great price. Drilled manifolds at the head enhance inflation and deflation and our wedge shaped foam tapers the thickness from 2.0 to 1.0 inches in the regulars and a massive 3.0 inches to 1.0 inch in the Wide size. By loading the support where it’s needed you get increased comfort and a better nights sleep.

Wide at 25 inches and our thickest wedge cut shape, putting 3 inches of foam in your torso tapering to 1 inch in the foot, the Traditional Wide is as comfortable in varying environments as it is economical in price. Regular Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color

TRW75 25 x 75 x 3.0 63 x 190 x 7.6 1630 g (57.5 oz) Blue

ALL season

sleeping pads

14 | 15

kids series s. bretson

Our kids products are all about what more you can do with them in your life rather than what you can’t. We build our pads and chairs to be compact for Mom and Dad, who get to haul them, but also comfortable and fun for the little folks who get to use them.

hot series Pacific Outdoor’s Patent Pending Hot! Technology is the first sleep enhancing active heat, self-inflating sleeping pad. As a critical component in all sleep systems, sleeping pads place much needed insulation under the sleeper. Now your pad doesn’t just lie there, it actively participates in helping you stay asleep. Your first questions are probably “What?” and “How?” Well, here at Pacific Outdoor Equipment, we set out to make a pad that actively responds to the sleeping environment and to help your body overcome the biological response triggers that wake you. Part of what we realized was that keeping you asleep was ambitious enough and we didn’t need to be overzealous and keep you at a balmy 100 deg F all night. So we set off to work smarter, not harder and created an active heat system to give your body the help that it needs to stay sleeping comfortably as long as possible.

Kids Traditional

Kids Mat

Kids Chair

The more economical version of our lightweight Kid’s Mat uses a solid piece of foam for increased insulation in a wider range of climates. The screen print functions as a growth chart so you can keep track of how old, how big and how many trips they’ve been on.

Smaller dimensions and die cutting throughout the pad make this pad both light and compact for Mom or Dad to carry but is still comfortable enough so the wee ones have a better chance of sleeping through the night. The screen print functions as a growth chart so you can keep track of how old, how big and how many trips they’ve been on.

Back country seating for little people, because we all want to be like the grownups. Here’s a chance for our little friends Alexis, Carmen, Michael, Lily, Cooper, Joshua, Nicholas, KaiBob, and Alexandra to have a seat of there own. With separating buckles it also makes a great nap or changing pad. Sweet ZZzzzzs.

Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color

KT1648 16 x 48 x 1.0 41 x 122 x 2.5 708 g (25 oz) Blue

ALL season

Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Color

KP164810 16 x 48 x 1.0 41 x 122 x 2.5 460 g (16 oz) Sunshine

3 season

Item No. Size (cm) Weight Colors

BCJR1225 30 x 63 x 1.25 1077 g ( 2lbs 6 oz) Royal, Sunshine

Hot! Pad

Mega Hot! Pad

With three heating elements and a smart thermostat regulating the power flow the Hot! pad will help keep you in that blissful zone between sleep and wakefulness usually caused by a cold sleep system. By pumping additional energy into the system your body stays warmer and you stay asleep longer for a more restful nights sleep.

A slightly thicker wider version built for car camping. With 2.5 inches of cross cored foam along with three heating elements and a smart thermostat regulating the power flow the Mega Hot! is the ultimate pad for cold weather truck bed sleeping or on cool nights out under the stars.

Regular Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Colors

HP07215 20 x 72 x 1.5 51 x 183 x 3.8 940 g (33 oz) Marigold

Now how we did it. We buried in the foam two thin film heating elements under your torso and another under your feet, which are key zones of sensitivity. We then added a thermostat inside the sealed chamber of the fully bonded mat to make sure we were adding energy to your sleep system when you needed it and didn’t cook you when you were already warmed up. And if that’s not enough, we added a cycle timer so that when the heat is running we don’t spike the heat only to let you get cold real fast when the thermostat kicks off. These two controls give the heating cycles a very gentle and subtle effect. Summing it all up; you simply sleep more comfortably. Enjoy the rest. Check out www, for more info on how the Hot! series works.


3 season

Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Colors

HPCCC57825 25 x 78 x 2.5 63 x 198 x 6.0 3430 g (121 oz) Earth

4 season

sleeping pads

16 | 17

Mega Mat

Bomber Pad

With 2.5 inches of cross cored foam covered in a plush 75D textured polyester top and a 150D ripstop bottom these pads scream comfort and durability. Three sizes to fill just about anyone’s car, truck, camper or whatever.

Designed for the river but equally at home in rocky parking lots on epic trips the Bomber pads redefine dirtbag durability. With a 420D top, a 420D Ripstop bottom and grommeted attachment points you can rig this pad up for almost any duty, be it padding out the rough spots on your raft or sleeping under the stars. 4 season

ALL season

Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Colors




MM78 25 x 78 x 2.5 63 x 198 x 6.0 2215 g (4lbs 14oz) Earth

MMW78 32 x 78 x 2.5 81 x 198 x 6.0 2835 g (6lbs 4oz) Earth

MMD78 52 x 78 x 2.5 132 x 198 x 6.0 4607 g (10lbs 2.5oz) Earth

Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Colors



BPL72 20 x 72 x 2.5 51 x 183 x 6.0 1871 g (4lbs 2oz) Bright Orange

BPC75 25 x 75 x 3.0 63 x 190 x 8.0 2948 g (6lbs 8oz) Royal Blue

When you look at our gear, you’ll see an amazing amount of technology. Starting with the in-house fabric coating to the clean and precise welding that holds the gear together,

good repair:

against a Saguaro? How are you going to get your gear to work when you need it too? Repair is straight forward. Using a repair adhesive like we include, or McNett’s Seam Grip, and the included repair material (or a little piece of tape), you’ll be back in business in a jiffy.

a. parmenter - mt. everest

you know it’s bomber. But what if you get caught in that one in a million Maytag, or grind up

sleeping pads

21 18 | 19

lightweight drybags We continue to improve the classic Pneumo Lightweights by cutting even more weight for 2009. Our new LTW 30D fabric and additional colors will help keep your gear dry and organized without unnecessary grams added on. A refined roll top closure and laser cut perimeter allowed us to further shave precious grams from the highest performance compression stuff sack available

Our destination gear has the construction features to weather the storm and survive the journey. Dry duffels, satchels, couriers, hipsacks and backpacks will get you there with all of your toys intact. For those with more serious protection in mind our computer commuter specific products add a new level of protection and organization. Plenty of choices to please just about anyone. Adventure gear to go the extra distance.

lightweight backpacking Pneumo LTW Waterproof compression at its lightweight finest, the Pneumos (noo-moes) define lightweight compression and are the original valved compression stuff sack. Now a lighter 30D rip stop shell makes this classic even lighter and three new colors make organization and identification of your gear a snap. The fabrics lightweight, durable PU protection along with a two way deflation/inflation valve allow you to compress your loads for more compact packing or inflate them for canyoneering, adventure racing or even use as a pillow. Finished with laser cut edge seams this is the ultimate stuff sack. Accept no imitations.

s. bretson - zion national park, utah

m. seacat

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors






PLT205 25 x 51 5 57 g (2 oz) Solar Orange, Tender Shoots, Raft Blue, Cayenne

PLT215 36 x 71 15 102 g (3.6 oz) Solar Orange, Tender Shoots, Raft Blue, Cayenne

PLT225 41 x 84 25 130 g (4.6 oz) Solar Orange, Tender Shoots, Raft Blue, Cayenne

PLT250 51 x 102 50 187 g (6.6 oz) Solar Orange, Tender Shoots, Raft Blue, Cayenne

PLT265 61 x 94 65 204 g (7.2 oz) Solar Orange, Tender Shoots, Raft Blue, Cayenne

lightweight backpacking

20 | 21

Pack Flamigos In our quest to keep the fun level hovering at somewhere around 11 we’ve gone through quite a few tent stake designs over the years. Well, we’re going back to basics for 2009 and have re-imagined our classic flamingo tent stakes in a host of random prints. Each set of 4 will have assorted designs and colors to help spice up your campsite and inject some additional fun and humor into the backcountry landscape. Item No. Size (cm) Weight Colors

FLMG200 (Flock of 4) 31 x 28 170 g (6 oz) Random assorted designs & colors


Stove Seater


Food Throw Line


Whoopee Valve



Good for you or your canister stove to sit on and built for either large or small diameter canisters. Checkers and backgammon board graphics are printed on the reverse side for a friendly game after dinner.

Many areas require bear canisters these days but even if they don’t, do the right thing and don’t tempt the wild critters with exotic tastes and smells. Including 50 feet of cord, a snap link and the storage bag doubles as a weighted rock sling for heaving line over a branch

When your tent-mate is indisposed slip the whoopee valve over their pad valve, turn to open and wait for them to return and let‘er rip.

Keep your treats just out of reach and the wild critters safer by hanging everything in one of our 25L Piñatas. Package includes 50 feet of cord, a snap link and the cord storage bag doubles as a weighted rock sling for chucking the line over a branch.

Item No. Size (cm) Weight Colors

Item No. Size (cm) Weight Color

Item No. Weight Color

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Color

SSGB100 20 x 38 x 1.3 28 g (1 oz) Grey / Blue, Orange / Blue

TB50-100 13 x 10 108 g (4 oz) Hot Orange

WHOOP100 9 g (0.3 oz) Clear



PIN1633PG 40 x 84 25 325 g (11 oz) Pink

PIN1633FH 40 x 84 25 325 g (11 oz) Orange

backcountry fun

22 | 23

p.o.e. history 101

What kind of company puts an essay about equipment repair in the middle of their catalog? Aren’t we supposed to be selling the illusion of indestructible gear? Absolutely. But that isn’t reality. All circumstances can’t be taken into consideration. Everyone is not so gentle with their gear. And of course, there is that guy Murphy. 1983

Introduced a high strength brass valve eliminating the need for weaker plastic valves.

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. -Murphy’s Law We build our gear with longevity in mind, so that the energy and raw materials that consumed in its manufacturer stay in the

Launches the pantented integrated InsulSeat chair / pad combo.


Philip develops new PU coating to better bond material to foam, making pads softer, lighter and softer.

in your pack, so that you can have more fun and build more memories.

love your gear & fix it:

What should you do if your gear is damaged after an encounter? Asses the damage done. Can the product be repaired and still retain its functionality? If the integrity of the piece of equipment can be repaired and saved, then you should by all means repair the gear. The majority of technical fabrics used in outdoor products are often times very energy intensive and have a negative effect on the environment, that is why the longer a product can remain in use and out of the landfill the better. Start thinking in


WXtex collection of PU based enviromentally friendly welded bags is launched.


Production moves to a larger purpose-designed factory to keep up with rapidly increasing demand. Developed the high efficiency matrix die cut that drops weight while maintaining insulation and support.


Introduces Diamond Back relief surface technology.


Mike, Greg and Case meet and begin to collaborate on the next generation of mats.


Introduced the first and finest Pack Flamingo tent peg: now a cult phenom. First hybrid closed cell self inflating mat; Hyperlite.


Repairing: It’s Just Plain Smarter. • Less energy intensive than new manufacturing • Reduces the impact on your environment, by cutting carbon emissions and requiring fewer raw materials

Develops the first two axis cross-coring technique.


terms of maximizing the days the gear will be used, relative to the embodied energy contained in the item.

• Saves money, compared to buying a new product

Philip builds his first PU coating machine; the first of its kind, designed to make fabric not just waterproof, but air-tight. CFC free foams are introduced out of a commitment to eco friendliness.

field longer. We also make our gear so that it is easy to repair. This is very important, in that it keeps it out of the landfill and

Your gear will come up against Murphy’s law at some point during its life.

Phillip and Lisa start experimenting with building self inflating pads. They see that there is a better method of construction that yields better bonding durability and lighter weights.

Dandelion Gear of the Year award for the first women’s specific sleeping mat. Backpacker Editors choice award for the first synthetically filled air tube mat: Thermo


Introduces the first high strength hard anodized aluminium valve dropping weight and maintaining durability.


First combined filled air tube and fully bonded pad design. First carbon neutral sleeping pad with the introduction of the Eco-Thermo.

• Product remains out of the landfill, and in use!

Dry bag line goes 100% PVC free in commitment to the environment and necessary product evolution. Lightest full length fully bonded mat in the field with the introduction of the AO-lite.

• Look to recycle as much of the product as possible.


• When purchasing a new product, look at the products environmental impact.

Backpacker Editor’s Choice Green Award for the EcoEther Thermo. Outside Magazine’s Green Gear of the Year Award for the EcoEther Thermo.

- Does the product have excess packaging?

r. lynn - mt tawoche, nepal

First sleeping pad to incorporate Aspen Aerogel for unparalleled performance.

- How environmentally friendly is the material?

Australia’s Adventure Magazine Editor’s Choice Award for product innovation and performance.

- Is the product designed to enhance longevity and use?

Leave No Trace/Chaco Trade Show Booth Award, for least impact at Outdoor Retailer Show. Launches new category of Chilly Bins Coolers and gear boxes drawing highly developed insulation and welding technology.



Develops environmentally sensitive Eco-Global Commute bags utilizing the renewable, reclaimed and durable materials. Peak-Oyl becomes the first self inflating pads using a bio-based palm foam

s. bretson - bozeman, montana farmer’s market

If the damage done is beyond repair,

24 | 25

Different materials and designs require different methods for assembly. You’d be amazed to see the machinery and the handcraftsmanship involved in making just one of our products. To bond some materials we use the tried-and-true method of radio frequency welding. The materials are die cut and placed in dies on the welding machine. Charge is supplied and within a matter of seconds, the materials are fused in an inseparable watertight bond.

waterproof welding:

a. james

Three-dimensional shapes and our special urethane coated materials are made for each other. Take a look at the compound curves found on the back panel of our portage packs. In this process, the bag is drawn to a mold and then heat and pressure are applied. The urethane that has been pressed into the fabric is transformed into a molten material and just as steel would bond on a molecular level to form a weld, so does our composite fabric.

s. smith - antarctica

m. price - bighorn canyon, montana

Welded, coated fabrics provide the foundation for our highly refined group of paddling and commuting products. Materials are connected using not just one type of welding, like most factories, but three: Thermal, Radio Frequency or RF, and HF which is a combination of both Thermal and RF. We control the process from start to finish, ensuring quality and by matching the best welding method to the best materials and design we provide optimum performance as well as the best fit and finish. There are no more intricately designed, highly functional, weatherproof bags out there. So, set your sights, plan your trip and pack your Pacific Outdoor Equipment.

water gear

Dry Sack with Valve

Dry Cylinder

Wet / Dry Duffel

A flat design makes these sacks flexible and compact for storage in canoes, rafts, kayaks or any other craft. They can be used individually or as added protection in our River Duffels or Gobi portage packs. These dry sacks are built with 210D Nylon fabric, D-ring lash points and a purge/fill valve for compact compression or added flotation if needed.

A round design and side window make these bags perfect for those who want to maximize their available capacity and still be able to quickly see what’s inside. Good for canoes, rafts or any other craft where splash is a possibility. The two largest sizes have a supplied shoulder strap for easier carrying up and down the beach.

This half and half bag is perfect for early morning excursions and afternoon sessions. Jam your wet towels, wetsuit or waders in the ventilated wet side with the confidence you won’t be starting a mold farm. On the dry side your gear and clothes will stay fresh, dry and ready when you need them. Double-coated 420D fabric loves the back of a truck or wagon, and can take a thrashing.

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Color





23VPU-1020 25 x 51 5 204 g (7 oz) Black / Grey

23VPU-1428 35 x 71 15 368 g (13 oz) Yellow / Grey

23VPU-1633 40 x 84 25 476 g (17 oz) Red / Grey

23VPU-2040 51 x 102 50 697 g (25 oz) Sky Blue / Grey

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors





DC15 24 X 53 15 272 g (10 oz) Black

DC20 24 X 66 20 352 g (12 oz) Yellow

DC25 30 X 56 25 354 g (12.5 oz) Red, w/ shoulder strap

DC35 30 X 71 35 397 g (14 oz) Sky Blue, w/ shoulder strap

M Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

DW200 61 x 33 x 36 65 1006 g (35.5 oz) Black, Bright Orange

water gear

26 | 27


If a GPS is a part of your key paddling gear, our innovative Deck-Nav just made it easier to use. A TPU bubble keeps your GPS available at arms reach, and a window for your solar charging system allows you to top your batteries off on extended paddles. The main closure is secured with a welded-in-place coated zipper, gutter and storm-flap to keep your gear dry and secure. Exterior mesh storage and a daisy chain give you a convenient console for paddle clamps, paddle leash, whistle, etc. 270 deg of reflective add visibility, and a lateral mounting system keeps the bag centered on deck.

all products on these pages are:

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors


sea kayak series

Deck Nav

Everyday should be a day on the water outfitted with gear from Pacific Outdoor Equipment. From streamlined Deck bags to Hull bags and tapered dry floatation, we have products to outfit your boat from bow to stern. Whether you’re a fair weather paddler or expedition explorer we’ve got the gear to cover your needs and keep you safe. Check out the individual model features, the durable fabrics, the seam and zipper welding and you’ll see products like no other.


SDBN100 38 x 36 x 13 18 748 g (1 lbs 10 oz) Bright Orange, Royal

Deck Console No electronics? The Deck-Console trades the GPS bubble for utilitarian, reflective shock cord. Like the Deck Nav, the Console has the same exterior mesh storage flap and secure closure system. For added visibility 270 degrees of reflective round out the features. Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

SDBC100 38 x 36 x 13 18 748 g (1 lbs 10 oz) Bright Orange, Royal



Deck Roll Fully featured and easy on the pocket book, this deck bag sits nice and high on deck and the simple roll closure keeps your gear dry while paddling through the break or in unexpected downpours. Shock cord for overflow stowage, 270 degrees of reflectivity and standard triVelcro strips allow strapping to all types of boats. Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

SDBR100 36 x 33 x 11 17 737 g (1lbs 10 oz) Bright Orange, Royal

Stern Deck Bag


Hull Bags


Need more space? Need more space and some function? The Stern Deck Bag is a roll top that mounts behind the seat on the stern deck, giving you low profile storage for those extra items needed on extended trips. Similar to the Deck Bag Nav, we’ve included a solar charger pocket, 270 degrees of reflective paneling and reflective shock cord on the top to enhance visibility and to provide an additional area for external storage.

Built to organize all those loose stuff sacks, these highly water resistant bags are tapered to fit into either the bow or stern compartments. Diagonal zippered openings, end handles, a suitcase style side carrying handle and attachments for a shoulder strap (not included) makes them easy to carry from the car to the beach. Mix and match with our 3 sizes of Sea Bags to fill out the volume of your boat.

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

SSB100 91 x 36 x 13 40 1477 g (3 lbs 4 oz) Bright Orange, Royal

Inflatable Paddle Float Critical gear for sea kayak self rescue our inflatable paddle float is compact for easy stowage. The main chamber is filled through a one way valve to prevent accidental filling in case you get dunked while inflating and with a closed cell foam stiffener at the top, the float always maintains positive buoyancy. Reflective on the edge for added visibility, reinforced mesh to hold your paddle secure and a safety whistle built in to the tension strap rounds out the features. Item No. Size (cm) Weight Color

SPFI110 53 x 33 238 g (8 oz) Yellow




HB9524 61 x 36 x 24 39 493 g (1 lbs 1 oz) Bright Orange, Royal

HB1228 71 x 41 x 31 63 641 g (1 lbs 7 oz) Bright Orange, Royal

Foam Paddle Float Need everything that our Inflatable Paddle float offers but you need it ready to go at all times? If you’re like most folks paddling in icy, cold waters then our Foam Paddle Float is for you. The closed cell PE foam maintains buoyancy at all times and with all the added features of our Inflatable Float, is ready to go when things take a flip for the worse. Item No. Size (cm) Weight Color

SPFF110 53 x 28 437 g (15 oz) Yellow

Sea Bags Our bow and stern sized Sea bags fill the farthest crevices of your boat for dry gear storage while maintaining critical flotation should you roll. To do both jobs we’ve introduced an internal divider so that the air only portion stays separate from the storage side. This is ideal for inflating to fit, and helps optimize the bag’s seal for any extended dunking. A pair of smalls plug into the back end of most playboats, should you be a touring rodeoer. S Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Color




SB100 SB200 SB300 31 x 78 40 x 112 40 x 145 8 20 31 357 g (13 oz) 513 g (18 oz) 669 g (23 oz) Yellow Yellow Yellow

Pneumo Compression Dry Sacks The proven standard among lightweight stuff sacks, this bag is the choice for canyoneers and consistently lines the boat bags of our friends traveling the Yellowstone, Gallatin, and Gastineau. The 50D skin on this bag keeps what’s inside dry and the purge valve keeps everything packed tight.

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Color


15 L

25 L

PDS1020 25 x 51 5 91 g (3 oz) Hot Orange

PDS1428 35 x 71 15 141 g (5 oz) Hot Orange

PDS1633 40 x 84 25 198 g (7 oz) Hot Orange

water gear

28 | 29

canoe series

all products on these pages are:

Canoe and river sports enthusiasts rejoice! Our canoe gear will have you jumping for joy. From our river duffels with purge valves, locking thwart straps, and daisy chain tie-downs to the comfort and durability of our portage packs, we’ve got the bags to transport your gear safely and securely. To round out the offering we offer bilge sponges and compression dry sacks making it simple to completely outfit your boat.

When it comes to water repellency in the case of drybags it’s important to think of their waterproof abilities in differing levels of defense. Generally spray is no problem. A short dunk is also not much of an issue as long as it is brief and surrounding water pressure isn’t allowed to exert a force greater than that of the rolled down fold or zipper. At the extreme, having a bag circulating in a hole on the river and continually being pulled to the bottom, could cause some minor seepage. In anticipation of this possibility, important items could be rolled into a semi-transparent bag and then further rolled into a lighter-weight fabric dry bag to ensure a second layer of defense.

Pressure + Time of Exposure

This is an extreme but relative example in terms that illustrate the force water pressure can exert and at what level your dry bag will be able to repel it. Plan and pack for the worst drenching you could expect.

waterproof vs submarine:

Canoe Seating We also have canoe specific seating! See page 53.


H20 Transmission

Another way to look at these levels of defense is to think of your bag in the same terms as a bulletproof vest. Up to a certain caliber, the vest will protect you. Pellet guns aren’t really a threat at all, whereas a .44 cal could pose a possible problem and a cannon will most certainly exert enough pressure to ruin your day.


Lunch Bag Long, slender and able to slip behind the seat of a play boat along with removable harnessing that makes it easy to schlep on a portage. Big enough for lunch, a sweater and a point-and-shoot and comfortable enough to hike in all day if need be. Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

LB0828 20 x 71 20 745 g (27 oz) Bright Orange, Royal




The Trek is the right size portage pack to keep your personal gear dry while day tripping on your favorite river or on a side hike through a rain forest. Sporting a removable harness to fit tight spots in a raft or canoe and constructed with bomber 420D double PU coated nylon and welded seams, the contents in this pack will stay dry in. Reflective accents and a removable harness add to the versatility. Graduate from a Trek to a Gobi, and pack for the week! Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

VPT1428 36 x 13 x 71 35 1050 g (2 lbs 5 oz) Bright Orange, Royal



A truly keystone component for canoeing, rafting, or a trip through the tropics, the Gobi has received top marks for comfort and durability. Bomber 420D double PU coated nylon and welded seams keep this roll top dry bag sealed up tight. The moisture managing body panels and removable harness are beefy enough to comfortably handle large loads and then lash down tight in your boat for the security needed when taking hits in big class V conditions.

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

60 L

84 L

PPG1436 36 x 23 x 91 60 1620 g (3lbs 5 oz) Bright Orange, Royal

PPG1639 41 x 25 x 99 84 2190 g (4lbs 13 oz) Bright Orange, Royal

River Dry Duffel


From the Salmon River in Idaho to the Yangtze in China, this revolutionary design will keep your gear high and dry. Daisy chain tie down points, updated compression buckles with improved anti-slip cams, and a valve to release the air. No need to purge this bag before the roll down; open the valve, roll down, buckle, crank on the compression, and close the valve. It couldn’t be easier.

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors




DR100 56 x 28 x 52 47 1077 g (38 oz) Bright Orange, Forest, Royal

DR200 61 x 30 x 59 69 1389 g (49 oz) Bright Orange, Forest, Royal

DR300 71 x 36 x 72 107 1700 g (60 oz) Bright Orange, Forest, Royal

Bilge Snake / Triangle With enough capacity to absorb volumes of water in your boat, these sponges are sized and shaped to reach into the corners and trap any sloshing water that you or your dog brought in. Encased in a special non-abrasive, viscose, water sucking cover fabric these sponges can be tethered by the shock cord leash to make sure there’s no escape.

Item No. Size (cm) Weight Color



SSS100 91 x 4 86 g (3 oz) Yellow

STS100 13 x 23 85 g (3 oz) Yellow

water gear

30 | 31

Our destination gear has the construction features to weather the storm and survive the journey. Dry duffels, satchels, couriers, hipsacks and backpacks will get you there with all of your toys intact. For those with more serious protection in mind our computer commuter specific products add a new level of protection and organization. Plenty of choices to please just about anyone. Adventure gear to go the extra distance.

global commute

Chilli Bin

10 L

30 L

BN100 28 x 28 x 18 10 765 g (27 oz) Apple, Raft Blue

BN200 41 x 33 x 28 30 1276 g (45 oz) Apple, Raft Blue

a. james - downtown missoula, montana

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

w.davis - downtown livingston, montana

Stylish insulated storage to keep your cold things cold and your hot things hot. Soft sided, stout 420D Nylon outers pack easily into canoes, rafts, cars - whatever, wherever. Welded construction and coated zippers isolate the air in the storage chamber and thicker lid and bottom foam reduce radiant gain and prevent conduction through the bottom. The 10L is perfect for 6 micro brew long necks; the 30L holds a picnic, drinks and dessert.

32 | 33

randoneer series One of the great human powered adventures is to wander and tour over hill and dale on a cycle. To go self supported with your gear extends the adventure, and with highly functional waterproof, cool silver, and high visibility panniers and bags the adventure never has to end. Enjoy the ride.


LTW Front Fender


Front Fender

Lightweight 50D Diamond Rip stop fabric make these panniers exceptionally svelte. An articulated frame allows these bags to be rolled up and stuffed away when you’ve used up the contents on long rides. Easy on/off rack R&K attachment hardware round out the features. Universal shape that fits left or right - available individually.

A simple roll top design with RK mounting, built with 420D fabric providing durability and wet weather protection on long rides. Internal organizational pockets and an internal load control system keep less full loads compressed in towards the rack so steering can be controlled more easily. Universal shape that fits left or right - available individually.

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

BFFL100 41 x 25 x 18 18 454 g (1lbs) Apple / Larix

BFF100 41 x 25 x 18 18 760 g (1 lbs 11oz) Black / Chrome, Hi-liter / Chrome, Raft / Chrome


Rear Fender


This mid size roll top touring pannier is built from 420D Nylon providing durability and wet weather protection for long rides. Inner organizational pockets and an internal load control system keep less than full loads compressed toward your bike’s rack. An exterior zippered pocket with drain/vent holes allows you to dry wet shells or store your U-lock. Left and right specific shape for ample heal clearance and easy mount/ dismount with R&K hardware round out the features. Sold as a set that includes a left and right. Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

A super sized rear touring pannier with a floating lid for oversized loads. Stored under the floating lid is a deployable mesh pocket so you can dry wet garments while riding. The 3-D side zippered pocket is built with drains as is the rear blister pocket that holds your fuel bottles or other items you might not want in with your main gear. Angled cut for heal clearance and the same easy on/off R&K rack attachment hardware as our other panniers. Sold as a set that includes a left and right. Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

BRF100 43 x 30 x 18 20 839 g (1 lbs 14 oz) Black / Chrome, Hi-liter / Chrome, Raft / Chrome


Super Rear Fender

Built for the Bob’s and the Burley’s of the world this roll top duffel bag is tapered to fit trailer travelers and give them secure waterproof protection in wet conditions. Locking cam buckles keep everything securely fastened and battened down. Large front and rear reflective patches let them see you coming and going.

BTR100 56 x 61 x 41 123 964 g (2 lbs 2 oz) Black / Chrome, HiVis / Chrome, Raft / Chrome

Boot This structured rear trunk attaches atop your rear rack providing additional storage on long rides. An angled roll top closure to fit under your seat and external daisy chains for strapping on additional gear. A foam base provides added stability and durability. Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

BSR100 51 x 41 x 23 33 1230g (2lbs 12 oz) Black / Chrome, Hi-liter / Chrome, Raft / Chrome


Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors



BBT100 30 x 33 x 14 14 454 g (1lbs) Black / Chrome, Hi-liter / Chrome

Underseaters Three sizes cover the bare or extensive necessities. All sizes have external compression and 270 reflective. R&K KLIKfix® hardware makes for an easy mount/dismount.

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors




BU100 6 x 15 x 9 0.69 255 g (9oz) Black / Chrome, Hi-liter / Chrome

BU200 6 x 20 x 11 1.18 340 g (12oz) Black / Chrome, HiVis / Chrome

BU300 13 x 20 x 11 2.5 397 g (14oz) Black / Chrome, HiVis / Chrome

global commute

34 | 35



d. Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

When you still have to wear a tie at the other end, but don Lycra for an extended commute the Swingline has you covered. Built with a continuous perimeter zipper closure the Swingline opens up to give you space for your work threads, pockets for your work tools and a padded lap top sleeve. Generous outer pockets for your shiny shoes, cell phone, or some light groceries on the way home. A straight forward shock cord and hook mounting system keeps the Swingline solidly attached.

BSW100 46 x 38 x 38 46 2223 g (4 lbs 15 oz) Black

Just like the hairstyle our High and Tight rear trunk is a mark of clean efficiency but with a liberal design when it comes to capacity. A structured frame provides stability and durability while supplying 10L of volume for large loads and an angled zippered closure keeps it out of your way when perched on your rack.

e. b.

Dry Hives

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors





BDH100 6 x 15 x 9 0.69 312 g (11 oz) All Black, Apple, Chocolates, Raft Blue

BDH200 6 x 20 x 11 1.18 397 g (14 oz) All Black, Apple, Chocolates, Raft Blue

BDH300 13 x 20 x 11 2.5 454 g (1lbs) All Black, Apple, Chocolates, Raft Blue

BHTT100 25 x 33 x 14 10 397 g (14 oz) All Black, Apple, Chocolates, Raft Blue

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

BCO100 36 x 37 x 23 30 1134 g (2 lbs 8 oz) All Black, Apple, Chocolates, Raft Blue

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

BCCO100 36 x 37 x 23 20 1247 g (2 lbs 12 oz) All Black, Apple, Chocolates, Raft Blue

Reduce your share of the CO load with one less car on the road, and take a ride on one of the best human powered devices ever engineered. Put a pannier or trunk on and make it more functional for picking up the groceries, going to work, or just pedaling to a friends with some wine and bread for dinner.

COOP Cooler Whether you’re trying to get your goodies home cold or hitting the park for a picnic the COOP Cooler will help you keep your chill. Fully foam padded with a roll top closure the COOP Cooler gives you 20L of freedom to transport your frozen yogurt or your favorite 6 pack of microbrews.

Garter Upcycled materials welded into a circle snake for your ankle. Velcro and reflective keep your pant leg out of your drive train, and make you highly visible on your ride. Lots of colors to match the rest of your ensemble.


Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

COOP Quick trips around town or to your local food COOP is what this pannier was built for. The COOP stows flat when empty and converts from a fabric basket to a shopping tote in a snap. Built from tough 420D fabric for long term durability and with welded seams to protect your purchases from wet roads.

Keep your keys, phone and other everyday items safe in their own underseat abode. Coming in three sizes the Dry Hives detach from your seat with the slick R&K KLIKfix® mounting hardware. As you pull the seat bag off your bike, a seat cover deploys just in case there’s a sprinkle while you’re off your bike. Reflective accents and welded zippers help keep you and the contents safe when riding.

one less car series

High & Tight

Item No. Size (cm) Weight Colors

BGR100 5 x 41 34 g (1.2 oz) Assorted

global commute

36 | 37

Not everyone enjoys playing chicken. For the rest of us, visibility is a very good thing when you ride your bike, walk, or do anything where it’s you versus a car or truck. You can guess who will win. As bag makers, we have always provided you the one up by adding some form of reflective on the backside of your bag. Large strategic placements of reflective have been highly successful as added safety. Now we’ve added another 270 degrees of visibility with the addition of our new reflective buckle. As prismatic reflectors, these buckles ride at your left and right hip and on your sternum to provide a bright return of light to oncoming traffic. Just one more part of your safety net.

they would get hit by a car if they did

w.davis - downtown livingston, montana

why you’ve never seen a ninja riding a bike:




From Portland to main street Bozeman the Velocio gives you a two strap courier carry for your daily commute. Lid flap pocket for a shell or U-lock, external zippered pocket, and an external perforated pocket is perfect for stow and go traveling. An Internal mesh organizer and two vertical stash pockets provide organization and load control when you’re packed and rolling.

The Anchorage is big enough to carry your flap-top, sketch book, rain jacket, yoga clothes, lunch, i-Pod, sunglasses, pens, pencils, bike lock, etc. You know, all the stuff you carry to help get you through your daily routine. With welded seams, weather tight zippers, and a flap cover it’s all protected even in the most torrential downpour.

Traditional styling and our new world construction come together in a classic courier design. Welded assembly and waterproof fabric protects your daily essentials from monsoon like weather. Long welded zippers give easy access to the interior where you’ll find three handy vertical pockets and a zippered mesh pouch. On the easy access face is a zippered slash pocket that holds a full office organizer with space for pens, cards, mobile-phone and other digital widgets.

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

BVE100 36 x 13 x 71 24 1474 g (3lbs 4oz) Black / Chrome, Hi-liter / Chrome

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

SCA200 51 x 18 x 31 28 1361 g (48 oz) Apple, Black, Chocolates, Orange

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

SCV200 46 x 13 x 32 22.5 1490 g (43 oz) Apple, Black, Chocolates, Orange, Raft Blue

global commute

38 | 39

Eco Commute Our quest to reduce our overall impact inspired our design direction for the EcoGlobal Commute bags. We built this special edition grouping of our favorite Global Commute styles using renewable carbonized bamboo fabric, recycled PET webbings and wicking meshes, up-cycled buckles and sustainable kapok padding in the backpanel. You know the big little details; e.g. the buckles, while still using nylon, they utilize 40% reclaimed material and this helps us stay away from food crop replacing GMO corn based materials. We also offset the energy used in production and shipping to your local retailer by purchasing Green Tags (RECs) in the equivalent amount, effectively giving the collection a Carbon Neutral footprint. With limited Special Edition availability, check with your favorite retailer or drop us a line and we’ll help you track one down.






Sometimes all you need are the essentials and the rest is just overkill. The Sitka keeps volume to a minimum while still providing a place for pens, pencils, cell phones etc. Zippered flap pockets and a zippered main pocket provide plenty of organization while welded seams and the top flap seal out the elements. Great around town or as a travel bag when cruising around the pyramids or grabbing a coffee in Christchurch.

Its vertical orientation keeps the Juneau close to you in tight spaces and the welded zips, and top flap provide wet protection and easy access. Internal organizer gives your pens and note pad a home, and a key hook so you aren’t fishing. Great for everyday use or globetrotting when you need to carry a guidebook, your point and shoot and a rain jacket.

A little bag with a large mouth and a belly that swallows everything you can think to toss in. Shoulder straps pull double duty as bag compression and tote carrying handles. The internal mesh pocket keeps small valuables at the top so you’re not fishing for them and an external zip pocket provides easy access to more frequently accessed items. Welded seams and waterproof fabric keep everything dry if your Sumo happens to stomp in a puddle.

The Aji has the same great features, welded seams and waterproof fabric as its larger sibling, the Sumo, but in a smaller package for folks looking for a more compact package or with smaller, shorter torsos.

A not so simple tote, ready to perform double duty both at the market or the beach. With the zippered closure you can keep everything contained or overload it and trust in our extra durable 420D fabric and welded seams. An internal pocket keeps essentials within reach.

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

SIT100 37 x 23 x 10 8.5 794 g (28 oz) Apple, Black, Chocolates, Orange, Raft Blue

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

SCJ200 29 x 10 x 33 12.5 822 g (16 oz) Apple, Black, Chocolates, Raft Blue

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

SUMO100 36 x 23 x 43 30 652 g (23 oz) Apple, Black, Chocolates, Orange, Raft Blue

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

AJI100 39 x 51 x 15 15 437 g (15.4 oz) Apple, Black, Chocolates, Orange, Raft Blue

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

GINZ100 41 x 25 x 36 35 510 g (18 oz) Apple, Black, Chocolates, Orange, Raft Blue

global commute

40 | 41

Gig This bag gives you sleek confidence as a professional or when traveling between gigs. A padded computer compartment is perfect for any size computer up to 15 inches, and will keep your paperwork in order when you’re in transit. Ideal for all day and night adventures in the concrete jungle. Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

HKG (Hong Kong)

RKV (Rejkyavik)

CHC (Christchurch)

Whether in the back alleys of Bangkok or on the lawns in Central Park, the OKO accompanies you with sling pack style and the security of a water resistant shoulder bag. Welded, water resistant zippers, waterproof fabric, an internal mesh pocket, and a tear drop shape allow you to organize and carry your essentials, without a stitch in sight.

Balanced and fully featured, the HKG has room for your essentials and a little extra something. Welded zippers, waterproof fabric, external pocket for easy access to small items, and an internal mesh pocket for security. An MP3 headphone port lets you listen to your tunes without exposing your player.

This half pack is ready to be dropped, kicked, and crammed full of everything that you need for the day. Welded zippers, waterproof fabric, external stash pocket, and an internal mesh pocket for your valuables helps you get through the day without worrying that you’ve left something behind.

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

An SUV sized pack to carry everything you need for a day hike, or a day at school, this all-purpose pack has the size to contain and organize it all. Offering a smarter way to carry your gear, the side compression straps flatten, while the internal load control snugs your gear close to your body. Welded zippers, waterproof fabric, internal mesh pockets, and external organizational pockets complement the myriad features this bag has to offer.

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

OKO100 28 x 11 x 43 12.5 539 g (19 oz) Apple, Black, Chocolates, Raft Blue

HKG100 28 x 17 x 43 18 652 g (23 oz) Apple, Black, Chocolates, Raft Blue

RKV100 27 x 17 x 46 17.5 709 g (25 oz) Apple, Black, Chocolates, Orange, Raft Blue

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

CHC100 32 x 28 x 51 43 1021 g (36 oz) Apple, Black, Chocolates, Orange, Raft Blue

Hotspot The HotSpot is more than just a sleeve. With pockets for your cables, jump drive, mouse, pens and a memo pad its big enough to organize all the essentials, but slim enough to fit in a large courier bag. The fully bonded, selfinflated foam cradles your flap top and provides piece of mind against life’s little bumps and fumbles. A grab handle and tabs to attach a shoulder strap make it so it can go it alone. Three sizes fit 13, 15 or 17 inch flap tops.

Item No. Size (cm) Fits Laptop (in) Fits Laptop (cm) Weight Colors

Size 1 (13” screen)

Size 2 (15” screen)

Size 3 (17” screen)

HS100 38 x 33 x 6 11.31 x 9.5 x 1.5 29 x 24 x 4 454 g (16 oz) Black

HS200 43 x 33 x 6 13.75 x 10.75 x 1.5 35 x 27 x 4 482 g (17 oz) Black

HS300 47 x 33 x 6 15.4 x 10.75 x 1.5 39 x 27 x 4 510 g (18 oz) Black r. holm

OKO (Yokota)

GIG100 43 x 13 x 34 15 1729 g (61 oz) Black, Chocolates

global commute

42 | 43

Traverse Great all-around waterproof hipsacs with roll top closures and removable hipbelts. An additional external water resistant storage compartment with a zippered outer pocket gives you a place to store your keys or other items. Water-resistant side pockets along the dry mesh belt add further capacity for GU or energy bars. Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

TRA100 19 x 7.5 x 26 3 317 g (11 oz) Apple, Black, Deep Orange

Ballard Ballard is a Seattle neighborhood full of fun people that like to get out. A little rain doesn’t seem to stop them and our Ballard hipsack is the perfect companion for foul weather conditions. Welded seams and coated zippers create a fully functional, water resistant hipsac. A compression system helps prevent bounce and a breathable belt with wing pockets will keep you from sweating more than you have to.

BAL100 30 x 10 x 18 5.5 370 g (13 oz) Apple, Chocolates, Deep Orange, Raft Blue

Duffel Liner

Zip Duffel

Welding a zipper at the mouth created a new firewall for the TSA agents to break through when searching this bag and provides the extra bit of security needed when traveling the world. New daisy chain webbing eases the chore of strapping to a Yak and a handy purge valve eases compression. Both the large and x-large include built in backpack straps in case a Yak isn’t available for trekking across the concourse.

Be sure to double bag it for extra protection. If you’re looking to protect your gear, or to improve the life of your duffel, throw a Duffel Liner into the mix. Closed cell foam pads this liner and keeps the wide mouth of the bag open while packing but doesn’t inhibit the roll when your duffel is ready to travel.

The Zip Duffels are sized to haul the overflow that doesn’t fit in your courier or satchel. The weather tight, zippered main compartment, welded seams and a welded slash pocket on the outside mean your gear stays protected and easily accessible. Straps over the top suck up extra space or let you lash your sticky mat on top. Pick it all up with the Velcro wrap handle or sling it with the padded shoulder strap. The small size is a perfect carry on companion.

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

k. cook - santiago, chile

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

Expedition Duffel



DE300 71 x 36 x 72 107 1673 g (59 oz) Apple, Black

DE400 91 x 36 x 72 145 1899 g (67 oz) Apple, Black

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Color



DL300 71 x 33 x 46 98 879 g (31 oz) Black

DL400 91 x 33 x 51 138 1020 g (36 oz) Black

Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors



DZ100 56 x 28 x 25 40 680 g (1lbs 8 oz) Apple, Black, Deep Orange

DZ200 56 x 28 x 25 66 850 g (1lbs 14 oz) Apple, Black, Deep Orange

global commute

44 | 45

D-Pouch The f-PS is sized to fit most of today’s popular point and shoot cameras and provides protection from most minor bumps. Added security comes from combining a rail-zip and a new tighter rolling 70D closure, to help keep things dry in all but submarine conditions, and a padded cell for impact protection. Attaches readily to a hip-belt, shoulder strap, wading vest, etc. and is easier to access via the glove operable friendly pouch clips. Item No. Size (cm) Fits Weight Colors

FB100 10 x 7.6 x 25 Point & Shoot Camera 156 g (5.5oz) Apple, Black, Deep Orange

f-Half Zoom More pixels and increased zoom can mean an upsized point and shoot so as SLRs and point and shoots combine, the Half Zoom is there to keep it all dry. A rail zip closure paired with pliable double-coated 70D fabric rolls down to securely seal and keeps the interior dry in all but submarine conditions. A padded liner protects against minor accidents and provides the piece of mind that your captured memories will last forever. Item No. Size (cm) Volume (L) Weight Colors

FB150 13 x 9 x 28 Large Point & Shoot Camera 170 g (6 oz) Apple, Black, Deep Orange

The D-Pouoch is more than a document pouch that keeps your important papers dry and safe. Both a rail-zip and rolled Velcro closure provide two levels of protection. Clear front windows allow you to see what you’ve got stashed. Item No. Size (cm) Weight Colors

Everyday things we usually take for granted actually have brilliant design principles executed in their construction and all are built to coexist perfectly with their surrounding environments. Add in millions of years of feedback loops and you have the makings of a pretty good field test team. The notion that Nature can teach us about sustainable design is the foundation for the biomimicry movement. By following a predetermined set of principles and guidelines scientists

DPCH100 16.5 x 28 51 g (1.8 oz) Orange, Black

and designers can study, and hopefully emulate scientifically, designs and processes already occurring in the natural world. Fortunately for us, the Biomimicry Institute is a local non-profit and has its headquarters here in Bozeman, Montana. We felt it was only natural to team up with this group on a design project.


A collective group including Pacific Outdoor Equipment, The Biomimicry Institute, Georgia Tech, University of Montana,

A contoured and padded version of our E-pouch, with both a rail-zip and roll top closure. A belt loop and snap hook make it easy to attach and keep track of. Very “G”PS friendly. Item No. Size (cm) Weight Colors

GPCH100 15 x 38 x 3.8 51 g (1.8 oz) Orange

E-Pouch Waterproof protection sized to fit your cell phone, walkie-talkie, or smaller GPS unit. Both rail-zip and a rolled Velcro closure just like you find on our D-Pouch. All colors come with transparent fronts for easy view and button access. Item No. Size (cm) Weight Colors

EPCH100 14.5 x 23 39 g (1.4 oz) Orange, Black

Ontario College of Arts & Design, and the University of Calgary set out on a product design challenge. Holding weekly web meetings, the group studied the application of the principals of

sleep systems

living design applied to the design of outdoor gear. Emulating Mother Nature can be tough – from materials to

what a whale can tell you about staying dry in the woods:

shapes – she’s had a head start on getting her designs right. However, we were fortunate to have over 20 bright engineers, scientists, and designers who were eager to throw it all in and go for broke. One thing’s for certain: biomimicry is the future of engineering and product design. Building a product with cradle to cradle principles is what Mother Nature does and what we should be doing too. A big thank you to the schools mentioned above for their tireless efforts and participation. Stay tuned to our website for updates on the project.

pac outdoor + the biomimicry institute

Log on to and go to our Biomimicry section to check out some of the cool limited edition gear that that has emerged from this program, and some insightful articles and links to the Biomimicry process. More information on the Biomimicry Institute can be found at

Sleeping is serious business. Especially considering it’s a necessary part of the process to getting to those special places we like to go. The same way you consider how other gear works together to get you through the day, you should do the same for sleeping. Start either at the top or the bottom, and think system.

a. james, salmon river, idaho


Have you ever taken the time to really study a bird’s nest? How about a leaf?

46 | 47

Shelter Tarps Lightweight 40D PU coated fabric keeps you dry in the most torrential downpour and welded, strategically placed, tieouts provide superior non-wicking points to warp your tarp into just about any kind of shelter you can come up with. Grommet reinforcements are also welded and sewn seams are taped to provide even load distribution when staked out. Conjoin one of the three S-Tarps with a G-Tarp ground cover, AO sleeping pad(s) and you’re own sleeping bag(s) to create a lightweight sleep system for up to 4 people. Capable of handling just about anything Mother Nature can muster each tarp packs into its own convenient attached stuff sack for storage.

Item No. Size (ft) Size (m) Packed (in) Weight Color




STP0709 7x9 2.13 x 2.74 7x8x2 561 g (20 oz) Solar Orange, Discreet Green

STP8510 8.5 x 10.5 2.59 x 3.20 8x8x2 754 g (27 oz) Solar Orange, Discreet Green

STP1012 10 x 12 3.05 x 3.66 10 x 10 x 2 941 g (33 oz) Solar Orange, Discreet Green


the system

Ground Tarps


At the top. Pick a shelter. 1 Something that will keep you out of the elements: wind, sun, and rain. Pick one that you can set up quickly and that has a balance between weight, durability, and protection. Then you need an insulator to keep you warm. 2 One on top and the other beneath. 3 Insulation is key for both. Protect the bottom side from objective hazards. Put down a ground tarp. 4 A little cold? Beef things up by slipping on a hat first and then add a layer. Put on some clothes or slip in a liner. Think of sleeping as a system.



Three sizes provide superior protection from the ground and fit the needs of 1 to 4 sleepers. Grommets in the reinforced corners and sides of the larger sizes help keep this tarp in place when you sleep or provide added wetness protection when strung up. With sewn, taped seams and tough waterproof PU coated 70D nylon, use a G-Tarp ground cover and an S-Tarp shelter to compliment your lightweight sleep system. Each tarp packs into a convenient attached stuff sack.

Item No. Size (ft) Size (m) Packed (in) Weight Color

Tarps are a bit like jazz musicians; they’re all about improvisation. Start by assessing the local scene. Seek out




GTP0507 5x7 1.52 x 2.13 6x6x1 425 g (15 oz) Navy

GTP0709 7x9 2.13 x 2.74 7x7x2 794 g (28 oz) Navy

GTP8510 8.5 x 10.5 2.59 x 3.20 7x7x2 907 g (32 oz) Navy

potential overhead assistants: Large trees with overhanging branches (make sure there are no widow-makers hanging around), or a pair of trees between which you can set up a slack line to pop up the middle of the shelter without poles. Tie a hitch around a trekking pole or stick with your guy-corde and pop up or stabilize a corner. Use another trekking pole to create the entrance. It’s all about using what Nature presents you. Anything from a lean-to to a pyramid can be created with a good POE tarp.


sleep systems / tarps

48 | 49

m. price - yellowstone river, montana

Comfort is really what it’s all about. Relaxing shouldn’t be uncomfortable, so we build our chairs with an eye for detail that keeps them comfy all day long. Whether you’re in camp, paddling in a canoe, or at a game, comfort chairs will help you take in more of the moment.

a. james - boulder river, montana

comfort chairs


Base Extended

Stretch Base

A compact and comfortable chair is hard to come by. Our Base Chair is both. We’ve enhanced the comfort by making the foam run the full length of the chair with no central seam. The durability’s also been beefed up by putting the support stays towards the outside edge underneath you. This feature allows the 2-inch web covering to take the beating, not the fabric.

The best camp and concert chair just got better…for tall folks. Complimenting our full support flat stays, stout materials and bomber construction we added 5” of height to stretch the back support.

Just like the Base Chair, but with an extra fold-out padded section adding huge multi-function capabilities. Unbuckle it from the bottom and wrap it around a stadium or canoe bench for stay-put seating, fold it out for some extra insulation and cushion under your legs or extend it flat and use it as a closed cell sleeping pad.

Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Colors

BC1632 16 x 32 x 0.5 40 x 81 x 1.25 722 g (1 lbs 9 oz) Forest, Orange, Red, Royal

Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Colors

SBC1637 16 x 37 x 0.5 40 x 94 x 1.25 936 g (2 lbs 1 oz) Forest, Orange, Red, Royal

Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Colors

BCL1647 16 x 47 x 0.5 40 x 119 x 1.25 861 g (1 lbs 14 oz) Forest, Orange, Red, Royal

Stretch Base Extended We melded two of our most popular models, the Stretch and the Extended, and ended up with the best of both. This chair is fully featured with extra support behind your shoulders and a fold out leg section that can also be wrapped around a canoe bench or a stadium seat. This chair has it “tall”. Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Colors

SBCL1652 16 x 52 x 0.5 40 x 132 x 1.25 1077 g (2 lbs 6 oz) Forest, Orange, Red, Royal

comfort chairs

50 | 51

canoe chairs Paddling down our local river - the Yellowstone - is a wondrous journey. Wondrous and long. Long enough that your backside might find itself either sleeping or complaining. Mount a canoe seat to your thwart seat and you’re on your way. Fold the seat flat and sit on the double cushion while you’re making some time on the flat water. Getting turbid? Slide off the front to your knees for some better stability and rest your tush on the padded seat edge. Mix it up and you’ll definitely have a happy tail at the end of the day. Paddle and enjoy…


Chair Converter

Bento Seater

Simple straightforward seating at a great price is sometimes all that’s necessary. We do it one better with a mesh pocket for optional extras. The Easy will exceed your expectations.

Our 20” and 25” width Chair Converters give you yet another option for seating. Fold over each end of your sleeping pad towards the center, stuff them into the sleeves, place on the ground, sit and enjoy.

The Bento is perfect cushioning for day hikes or ski tours where a little lunch is planned. It’s light, compact construction and ability to fold down tight means it takes up very little room so it can travel inside or strapped to the outside of your pack.

Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Colors

197-100 17 x 33 x 0.5 43 x 84 x 1.25 580 g (20 oz) Forest, Royal

Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Colors

20” Pad Coverter

25” Pad Converter

CKT2338 23 x 38 58 x 96 538 g (1 lbs 3 oz) Black

CKT2838 28 x 38 71 x 96 568 g (1 lbs 4 oz) Black

Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Colors

BS100 14 x 10.5 x 0.5 35.5 x 26.5 x 1.2 40 g (1.4 oz) Tender Shoots, Mandarin, Larix, Marigold

Canoe Seat Take our Base chair and add a pair of straps, with the attachment buckles hidden up and out of the way, and you’ve got an ideal Canoe Seat. Straps to canoe thwarts or can be used as stadium seating. Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Colors

CST1632 16 x 32 x 0.5 40 x 81 x 1.25 754 g (1 lbs 10 oz) Royal, Orange, Forest

Canoe Narrow / Short

Canoe / Sport Cushion

A narrower, shorter version of the Canoe seat with double the padding of our standard canoe chairs; gives the kneeling and classic cane thwart seat paddler a place to plant their bum and some support for their lower back when in the saddle on long paddles.

A small, self-inflating piece of heaven, just big enough to buffer your backside. With straps to hold it to your canoe thwart or a stadium bench. Hey batta batta batta, su-wing batta!

Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Colors

CSTNS1627 16 x 22 x 0.75 41 x 56 x 2 567 g (20 oz) Orange, Forest

Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Colors

138-075 12 x 16 x 1.5 30 x 41 x 3.8 243 g (9 oz) Orange, Forest

comfort chairs

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Aero Pillow Keep It Simple. The Aero Pillow inflates to support your head and gives those folks who tend to toss and turn more surface area to roll around on. The whole thing deflates and fits in a pocket when on the go.


Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Colors

190-310 14 x 27.5 35 x 70 210 g (8 oz) Navy

SI Pillow Our Self-inflating pillow delivers substantial support, but doesn’t take up a lot of space when not in use. Just open the valve and hit the hay – no puffing required.

e. Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Colors

good gear = less waste

all products on these pages are:

Combine Kit Get it together and pair up your pads. The Combine Kit easily connects two mats together for a closer, more friendly nights sleep, aka spooning.

190-210 10 x 14.5 x 3.5 25 x 37 x 9 270 g (9 oz) Navy

Item No.


a. james - hylite canyon, montana


Making good gear that lasts does more than just assure you that your equipment will perform for you when you want or need it the most. It also reduces our personal foot print


and makes us a less conspicuous consumer. Every item that we use in our daily and/or recreational lives has an embodied energy. This is the energy required to create that item and get it to the point of first use. Durable good gear makes this embodied energy investment go longer. So when you study products that are “environmentally sensitive” remember to look

All Pacific Outdoor Equipment product is warranted against defects

at its durability — which isn’t purely a function of the raw materials that go into it, rather it is also a function of how the item

in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the product.

is put together. With this in mind, we over build, for longevity, to help keep our gear in the outdoors, out of the landfills, and

Deluxe Pillow Our fleece covered, soft pillow gives lots of support. Filled with “Up-Cycled” foam material from our pad production the Deluxe pillow should help you sleep better knowing less is being wasted.


Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Colors

190-100 10 x 17 25 x 43 215 g (8 oz) Navy

Repair Kits

Should at any time you find one of these rare defects, we will repair or

our energy and resource use to a minimum. It’s all about being a better big-blue citizen.

replace the product at our option. We’d much rather keep our gear out of the landfill and in service. If a product should develop a problem as a

For those unforeseen punctures and abrasions, color matched fabric patches and adhesive to fix your mat or dry bag.

result of normal wear and tear, misuse, alterations, or a random act of Murphy, we would be happy to provide an estimate and help you repair your gear at a reasonable cost. All you have to do is get it to us and we’ll

Item No.

For Pad Models

take care of the rest. If an issue should arise with one of our products,

RK100AL RK100AM RK100C RK100E RK100TM

Lites (Peak Oyl, Hyper, Über) Mtns (Peak Oyl, Hyper, Über) Cruiser Series Ether Series Traditional / Mega Series

please contact our warranty department at (406)-586 5258 or support@ for further assistance and shipping instructions.

Aero U Pillow Simple. The Aero U-Pillow Inflates to cradle your head in flight or on the road, and fits in a pocket when in transit. Pair it with some earplugs and a mask and you can create a true sensory deprivation bubble for uninterrupted napping.


Item No. Size (in) Size (cm) Weight Colors

NP310 18.5 x 11 47 x 28 104 g (3 oz) Navy

s. a. bretson james - yellowstone national park


POE (Central) 521 East Peach Street, Unit 4 Bozeman, MT 59715 USA Tel: 406.586.5258 Fax: 406.586.5276 POE (Warehousing) 13955 Valley View Avenue La Mirada, CA 90638 Tel: 562.229.9300 Fax: 562.229.9309

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Blue is the new green and the old green. As we all strive to return our planet to a stable healthy state, it is helpful when enthusiastic good environmental stewards help us to refocus on what really matters, while we all get distracted by the buzz of daily life. Because of the seriousness of our planetary situation that we have all embraced, Green has become the rally call of the eco marketer in the US, and unfortunately has started to become a part of the background noise as we try to distinguish what is meaningful and what is not. If you have been abroad, you would know that for years there has been a similar environmental movement growing in other countries. Their goals however are more likely the result of practical needs and less altruistic or marketing driven. These groups rally around the color Blue — blue sky to breath and blue water to drink and grow with. It makes sense — we think that blue really does wrap it up and refreshes our focus on what really matters for today, and the future. Please join us in going Blue.


521 East Peach Street, Unit 4 Bozeman, MT 59715 USA Tel: 406.586.5258 Fax: 406.586.5276

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