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Gujarat Board English Elective Syllabus for Class 12

Board Sample Paper Gujarat Board English Elective Syllabus for Class 12

CBSE Board Class 9 Science 2007 CBSE Class XII Board Physics Sample One Paper 3 Hours Marks: 100 Papers for Class 12 for 1. Reading an unseen passage and poem 20 Marks (35 Periods) year 2011 CBSE (a) One literary or discursive passage of about 500-600 words followed by short questions 12 (b) A poem of about 15 lines followed by short questions to test interpretation and appreciation 8 Board Economics 2. Writing 20 Marks (30 Periods) Sample Papers for (a) To write an essay on argumentative/discursive topic (150-200 words) 10 (b) To write a composition such as an article, report, speech (150-200 words) 10 Class 12 for year 2011 CBSE Board Class 11 3. Applied Grammar 10 Marks (10 Periods) (a) Editing and error correction of words and sentences 05 Computer Science (b) Changing the narration of a given input 05 2010 Gujarat Board 4. Texts for detailed study 40 Marks (100 Periods) Class 12 History 2011 (a) Two passages or extracts followed by short answer type questions for comprehension, interpretation, drawing inferences (4Ă— 2) 08 West Bengal Board (b) Two out of three questions to be answered in 100 words each testing global comprehension (6+6) 12 (c) Five out of six questions to be answered in about 60 words each testing comprehension, characterisation, Class 12 Chemistry interpretation (3+3) 4 x 5 = 20 Sample Paper Of 2011 5. Fiction 10 Marks (30 Periods) (a) One out of two questions to be answered in about 60 words and/or each seeking comments, interpretation 04 CBSE Board Class 10 (b) One question in about 100 words to test evaluation and appreciation of characters, events, episodes and interpersonal Home Science 2011 relationships 06 CBSE Board Class 11 English Core 2008 CBSE Board Class 10 English Core 2009 Andhra Pradesh Board Class 12 Economics 2011 Previous Year Paper

ICSE Board Class 10 History 2008 CBSE Board Class 11 Geography 2008 CBSE Board Class 12 Chemistry 2005 CBSE Board Class 11 Physics 2005 CBSE Board Class 12 Computer Science 2008 CBSE Board Class 11 History 2011 CBSE Board Class 12 Computer Science 2011 CBSE Board Class 10 English Elective 2007 CBSE Board Class 12

Fashion Studies 2009 CBSE Board Class 12th Economics Previous Year Question Paper 2007 Syllabus

Political Science ICSE Board Class 11 Andhra Pradesh Board Class 11 Psychology Gujarat Board Class 12 Physics CBSE Board 12th Political Science Syllabus West Bengal Board Class 9 Syllabus For Social Science Gujarat Board Class 12 Biotechnology Gujarat Board Class 12 Home Science Maharashtra Board Class 11 Physics ICSE Board Class 9 Home Science ICSE Board Class 12 Physics

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