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Annual General Meeting May 9th, 2010 Educo Site What is an Annual General Meeting? As a non-profit Society, Educo Canada is required by the BC Society Act to hold an annual general meeting (AGM) of our membership. The purpose of the meeting is provide our membership with important information about the past yearʼs business, and to present information about where the organization is going for the year ahead. Another important function of this meeting is perform an election of our Board of Directors, who will represent the membership in governing the society. Our members vote on important decisions in our AGM, including voting in the election for our Board of Directors. Quick facts: “Educo School” is the our legal name, and we are registered under that name as a Society with the BC Registrar of Companies (Certificate of Incorporation Number: S-0008788) We are also registered under that name as a charity with the Canada Revenue Agency (Registration Number: 11889 4518 RR0001)

Who is the “membership”? Anyone who has filled out our membership form and submitted it to us is a member of our society. The annual membership fee is $2.00 for an individual and $5.00 for a family. Once you are a member you are welcome and encouraged to participate and vote at our AGM. It is important to note that only members “in good standing” (that is, have paid their membership fees for the year) are eligible to vote at the AGM.

How do I sign up to become a member? If you attend the May 8th and 9th clean-up weekend, you will be able to become a member in person. Before the AGM begins at 10am on May 9th, we will have membership forms available and will accept cash or cheque payments for the membership fees.


If you are unable to attend the weekend and AGM, please call the office or email us and we can send you a membership form by mail or email to fill out and return to us.

Who is on the Board of Directors? The Board of Directors are members of the Society that have been elected by the membership at an AGM to serve on the Board. Any member can be nominated by another member to serve on the board. Currently, Educo Canada is seeking members that have a strong understanding of an aspect of business, believe in Educo始s work, and want to be part of a team of people working to make Educo even stronger. We have a list of 10 nominees for this years AGM. To learn more about who they are and their background: click here! If you, or someone you know wishes to stand for the Educo Board and would like to add their name to the list of nominees, please call Executive Director Stuart Clark at 604-346-5558, or email him at

What will happen at the Educo AGM? The 2010 Educo AGM will follow this basic format: May 9th, 10:00am, Educo Site 1. Welcome and Agenda by current President of the Society, Brian White 2. Adoption of Minutes from 2009 AGM - Brian White " "

- A review of minutes from last year and the membership votes for them to be accepted as a formal record of the previous AGM

3. Report on Year-end Financial Statements (for Year ending Oct 31, 2009) - by " the current Society Treasurer, David Critoph 4. Annual Report by the Executive Director, Stuart Clark " "

- Highlights and challenges of the previous year, and outlook for the year ahead

5. Election of the 2010 Board of Directors - Brian White


a. All 2009 Board members officially step down b. Nominees for the 2010 Board announced c. Call from the floor for any other nominees d. Membership votes to accept the slate of nominees ~10 minute break~! During break: 2010 Board selects Officer positions (President, Vice-president, Treasurer and Secretary) 6. Announcement of New Society Officers for 2010- Brian White 7. Meeting Adjournment - Brian White (Approximately 11:30am)

Need more information? If you have any further questions about the AGM, the Board of Directors, or anything else about the Educo organization, please get in touch with us! Contact: Stuart Clark, Executive Director 604-346-5558

For the list of nominees for the 2010 Board of Directors, please click here


Educo 2010 AGM General Information  

Everything you need to know about the 2010 Educo annual general meeting scheduled for 10:00am on May 9th at the Educo site. Hope to see you...