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Emerging Leadership Cafés Emerging Leadership Cafés are community dialogue sessions focussed on fostering leadership awareness in communities, creating opportunities for youth to connect with older generations and professionals in the public and private sector, and building momentum around ideas and questions communities are facing about their future. The Emerging Leadership Café’s primary purpose is to support communities in addressing their own needs in a format that is engaging, youth-friendly and energizing. The original Emerging Leadership Cafes were sponsored by the BC Healthy Living Alliance Community Capacity Building Strategy.

What happens at the event? Emerging Leader Cafes are short (four to five hours long), fun and energizing discussion-based events around a meal in a community. It is fully facilitated, catered and free for participants. It can happen at any public space (youth centre or community centre) and is open to anyone in the community who is interested in and passionate about supporting "Emerging Leadership" in young people in all of its forms within the community. Participants will share food, stories, best practices, ideas and connections in a format that mixes and draws from the engaging aspects of the World Café, Open Space and other fun, community-focused event strategies. The purpose of the event is to support already existing groups (such as youth groups or community committees) mix with their community-at-large and together come up with provocative questions about how to create a powerful future for their community. Participants will gain insights and perspectives which will help ignite and develop people and organizations committed to shaping our world.

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Emerging Leadership Cafe