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EF San Francisco 2748 Hyde Street San Francisco, CA 94109 Tele: (415) 409-0800 Fax: (415) 409-0801 Emergency phone: (415) 703-7372

EF San Francisco  Amazing SF location  Fisherman’s Wharf  2 floors of Modern building  17-50 years old, avg. 23 years old  300 - 600 students at EFSF

EF San Francisco – City  Many museums and Universities  Great Nightlife  Close to many California tourist destinations  Population: 808, 976 ppl  Mediterranean Climate – Mild all year  Incredibly diverse culture  Best suited for an independant student open to new experiences

EF San Francisco – School Director  Mike Serangeli  11 administrative staff  15 teachers

EF San Francisco – Location  Fisherman’s Wharf, SF  Airport access by taxi (approx. $50), shuttle ($25), BART ($10)  Transport through city and across Bay is easily accessible by foot from school  15 min from city center

EF San Francisco – Location  The school and residence are surrounded by many cool bars, shops, and cafes Within walking distance of 24 Hour Fitness Gym San Francisco has many universities, art colleges, and technical schools throughout its 49 square miles

EF San Francisco – School Facilities  Activities Office with library of books, board games, and DVDs to borrow  UP Lounge  LSP Lounge  Internship office  Wireless WiFi  Lunch room  Student lounge with TV, DVD, Stereo, Wii, and Pool Table

EF San Francisco – Academic Facilities  Academic office  Large classrooms and with Media rooms  2 iLabs  Range of Efekta materials

EF San Francisco – Academic info.  Popular SPIN classes  Advanced Diploma in Business and Digital Marketing  UP programs offered  Volunteer work  Cambridge prep/testing center

EF San Francisco – Volunteerships  Studio EU-US (Sustainable Architecture)  Zen Den Web Design (Graphic Design)  SF City Guides (Tourism/Marketing)  Link TV (Media)

EF San Francisco – Accommodation  EFSF has approximately half of its students in host families  Average travel time to school: 1 hour  Average cost a week commuting: $15-25  Residence – Hostelling International City Center 685 Ellis Street San Francisco, CA 94109

EF San Francisco – Hostelling International City Center  Located in center of downtown SF  Travel time to school: 20 min  Average cost a week commuting: $15  Single, Twin, and Triple rooms  Bathrooms en suite  Industrial kitchen for students  Continental Breakfast served every morning  **Alternate housing available upon request

EF San Francisco – Activities  Outlet shopping  Exclusive EF parties at a local night club  Sporting events, including Baseball, Basketball, and American Football  Biking the Golden Gate Bridge  Bonfires on the Beach  Wine Tasting

EF San Francisco – Activities cont. Excursions:  Trips to Los Angeles, including Disney or Universal, 3 days and 2 nights with hotel and guided tour = $350)  Trips to Yosemite National Forest  Day trips to Napa Valley’s famous wine country, including wine tastings; As well as trips to Monterey/Carmel to see California’s beautiful coastline and famous Monterey Bay Aquarium

EF San Francisco – Essential info  Daily travel costs $4-8  Cost of lunch at school: $5-10  Cost of a mobile phone: $40-70/month  Cost of a gym: $29-35/month  Average rent: Studio: $900-1500/month 1 Bedroom: $1600-2300/month

School Presentation San Francisco 2012  

School Presentation San Francisco 2012

School Presentation San Francisco 2012  

School Presentation San Francisco 2012